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Pan Female Mistress, 32,  New Windsor, New York
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I like the idea of being whoever I want to be.” Dita Von Teese
I have a lot to say so if you can’t afford to take the time to read/listen to it then its best for you to go on your way. I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past years, I’ve grown and matured. I realize that I can be whoever I want to be watch me spread my wings. If you don’t like it…well your loss others gain. The good stuff:
I am the Domme you may call Me Madame, Mistress unless you personally know me then first names are privilege. I live the lifestyle 24/7 I am poly, we have opened our house to a great opportunity to become enriched with more love and service then anyone could ask for. I have ADD, makes life a lot more interesting when you can skip around the world and then “oh hey look there’s a squirrel moment!” I am bisexual, I truly love all aspects of the human body, I thrive on the being sexual with certain individuals, but I’m not just going to go have sex with anyone out there. I have standards. Laughing is a must in my dungeon, noise is too! I’m a fun person I like to tease and play. I am a sadist I like to hurt people, see people in pain, and give pain for pleasure, although deep down with the right people I do like to cuddle and snuggle and those people can tell you. I have fell in love with myself, I have tried hard to get to where I am and I still have places to go I may not be a size 2 and may not be tone but rest assured that doesn’t mean I can’t beat ass and not look sexy as hell. I love to dress up: corsets are my thing, leather, silk, or my bustier; I love panties and bras too. In my dungeon I’m usually in a corset and pair of jeans with my kitten heels or boots on. I have an obsession with my tits, yes they are MINE, I enjoy looking at, taking pictures of and showing them off. But only those in MY chosen circle are allowed to touch them. My partners
My husband/boy: collared submissive/Switch, he knows his place in the house. He obeys my rules and is well taken care of. We have grown together over the last decade and have realized that we needed more in our lives.
My precious : OUR submissive we’ve grown to enhance our life with her bring her in and make her our own. Once the time is right she will be ours forever. she has made a big difference in our life, our journey will continue.
My stephanie: alas moving is hard, I didn’t want to leave. He is in good hands and we will share our stories together. No one could ever replace him. There is only one Stephanie for us.
My jamieltedy: even though we moved away we’re still protecting her. My first true female love and I will always be there for her.
This makes up my house: my boy and my precious. One day to be reunited with my stephanie. I have my tools that I love to use:
Other areas of play: ass play-CBT-breast/nipple torture-orgasm control/denial-bisexuality
Interests of mine:
Single tails (how to use them)-fire play-knife play-needle play-primal-puppy play-degradation and humiliation
What I’m looking for:
Someone(s) that can carry on an intelligent conversation in and out of the dungeon off subject of BDSM and vanilla.
Someone with an open mind, yes I love pain, I give pain for my pleasure as well as yours you’ll come to love it in my dungeon.
What I have found:
I have found that I can make many amazing friends and learn so many great things along the way. I have found that being in the lifestyle for almost 13 years has brought me strength that I didn’t have.
I enjoy a good laugh, whether it’s seeing someone squirm from me paddling their ass or just talking amongst friends and watching you tube videos on the TV about a stupid gummi bear (you know who you are) Are you still here?? The rules:
If you have made it through this entire profile and read each word and still are here then apparently I’ve caught you’re eye we’ve got some things in common.
1. Always be honest-I hate liars, if you’re not interested in me or my husband/submissive don’t hide it we’re here to make friends. Everyone has the right to know the truth.
2. Always be open-minded: I read my submissive(s) very well each of the scenes tailored to them, I will push your limits according to how I see appropriate. If something is truly bothering you, I will adjust accordingly.
3. Be respectful- My family comes first then the lifestyle, I have two small children we have to plan accordingly. My husband is my collared submissive, he switches while in our dungeon when I chose.
4. Don’t drop me a random friend request- without first introducing yourself, I won’t accept without first knowing who you are.
5. No Disease-Disease prevention is a big key role in everyone’s book. If you’re going to use it, wrap it up. If you have a communicable disease rule #1 applies that way everyone knows that is involved…I’m a nurse, I’m informed I know what things look right and what signs to look for.
6. NO DRAMA-I hate drama, I can’t stand it, and I am 100% real. I will tell you what I feel and how I feel it. I expect the same.
7. No Drugs-well illegal ones that is…everyone has their vices I have mine…coffee, chocolate, wine- what I don’t except are the ones that can get any of us put away for they are not allowed in my dungeon.
8. Be Safe, Be sane and Be consensual – nothing in my dungeon is done without going over it first. If you have something you’re not ready to try we will wait I’m not here to push you to fast, just push your limits and make you see the way into your subspace. I am looking for a serious pain slut for Myself. Only serious inquires need apply. This is a long process. I am 100% real.
I am also looking for serious play partners, that want to play. None of this I want to whack off to the thought of you bullshit.











Last Online:


 Dominant Female

 New Windsor 

 New York

 5' 2"

 190 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Switch Women

Switch Men

Sub/Sub Couples

Femdom Couples

Friends Only

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Coffee Shops  (Expert)

 Shopping (Expert)

 Begging (Expert)

 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Body Worship


 Corsets (Expert)

 Electrical Play


 Genital Punishment

 Local BDSM Community

 Foot Worship

 Hair Pulling

 Massage (Getting)

 Munches (Expert)

 Plastic Wrap

 Sensory Deprivation



 Wax play



 Female Supremacy


 Bird Watching

 Fine Dining







 Anal Play


 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops


 Eye Contact Restrictions




 Housework Service



 Masks (On Partner)

 Massage (Giving)


 Orgasm Denial

 Strap-Ons (Beginner)




 Web Surfing


 Body Art (Beginner)

 Photography (Beginner)



 Diet and Exercise



 Alternative Music

 Country Music

 Electronica / EDM

 Pop Music

 Rock Music

 Bowling (Beginner)



 Amusement Parks

 Fishing (Beginner)

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales



 Aerobics (Beginner)

 Chastity (Beginner)

 Crossdressing (Beginner)

 Masks (Wearing)

 Obedience Training (Beginner)

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay (Beginner)

 Watersports (Beginner)


 Comedy Shows

 Historical Shows

 TV News





 Lifestyle BDSM



 Classical Music


 Nineties Music




 Cages (Beginner)

 Speech Restrictions

 Arcade Games

 Board Games

 Card Games


 Horror Movies


 Online Chatrooms

 Beading (Beginner)




 EMO Music


 Hip Hop Music

 Punk Rock Music



 Curious About:

 Musical Theater

 Renaissance Faires (Beginner)



 Horseback Riding





 Scuba Diving




 Corner Time (Beginner)

 Domestic Service

 Fire Play (Beginner)

 Knife Play (Beginner)

 Medical Play (Beginner)

 Mental Bondage (Beginner)

 Needle Play (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage (Beginner)

 Public Play  (Beginner)

 Queening (Beginner)

 Role Playing (Beginner)

 Shibari  (Beginner)


 Vacuum Stimulation

 Puzzle Games

 Science Fiction

 Alternative Medicine

 Candle Making




 Soap Making



 Old Guard



 Kick Boxing



 Bar Hopping

 Clubbing (Beginner)



 Dilation (Beginner)


 Online RPGs

 Conservative Politics



 TV Sports

 Hard Limits:

 Gas Masks

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Journal Entries:
12/14/2013 12:01:05 PM

As our new chapter begins and unfolds the bond strengthens. We are evolving poly household and in consideration under us is our new submissive precious. We are searching for a new pup for her to serve her. The pup must be local, have similar interests and likes and must follow protocol. All pup requests must be submitted through Me only serious applicants need to apply. No one over the age of 55 needs to apply.



11/29/2013 4:10:26 PM

A new chapter in our life has begun. We have taken on our first collared submissive as a couple we are ecstatic that she has begun this life journey with us. Being poly and loving the lifestyle. We can't wait to show her how much we look forward to training her and showing her how much we care about her.

4/16/2013 1:30:27 PM

I want to paint on you, paint on you with my hands. The strokes you feel with your mind, body and soul.

 Make you feel the emotion s that I have within me, the energy that my body holds. I want to have you here laying before me, begging for more.  

You’re putty in my hands now, I see, my blank canvas from white, to a lovely shade of pink. My hands pressing down on you, you’re unrestrained, gripping you firmly, my breath lingers on your skin as I whisper “let Me in.”

Let me in your brain, let me take over. Forget the world around you. I’m here with you, I’ll take over.

Shades of pink turn to deeper pink, your muscles turn to jell-o, I continue to paint, I can feel myself growing wetter, and your moans let me know I’m getting deeper in your head.

I run my hands down your back across your ass, down your thighs. You arch your back in anticipation, craving the unexpected.

I run my nails back up your thighs, over your ass and your tenderized back. I tug on your scrotum, letting you know that I’m still there. I hear that soft groan of yours again, and can’t help but giggle since I know that means I’m even deeper than before.

“please Ma’am.” The silence is broken by your whispers, “take me over.” I already have, you’ve let me, your mind, body and soul has let me capture you and take over.  I’m here with you, that is all you have to know.

I slide myself into you, my strong sturdy self, not knowing how much you can take; I go slowly after all you’re jell-o. I thrust into you as you moan for more, you can’t take the urge and plead not be given the pleasure to cum. I smirk and oblige, I stop, my thighs are soaking wet but I’m not quite done with you yet. You may not want to cum, but I am going to. I lay you down on the table, blindfolded and restrained to prevent you from touching any unwanted parts.

I take out my magic friend and sit down beside you and whisper as I cum “did I take you over?” I see your cock hard as a rock the humming from my friend is making me get close. “Let me in is all said.” As the juices flowed from me, now you must cum without touching yourself just by letting me in and on 1..2..3…you let out a long moan, yet it wasn’t the orgasm you thought, you physically felt it let go, the endorphins ran through your body, let me in, I took over and mentally your brain felt orgasm a different way than anyone else ever has…

All I said is Let Me In…

3/18/2013 3:28:43 PM

The silence is broken by the beats of the music in the background, you can’t help but wonder if I’ll follow them or find my own rhythm.

I left you alone again in that cold dark room, stark naked nothing but the strips of leather from the cuffs, collar and harness covering your body.

Kneeling there on the floor your head bowed waiting, anxiously awaiting to hear Me.  What seemed like hours was only minutes, once the click of the door unlocked.  you heard Me walking across the room wondering what could be wearing. I touch your back with the tips of my fingers and instantly feel the goose bumps rise on your skin. I slide down the blindfold to heighten your senses, after all that’s what makes it so intense.

“Well boy what do you have to say?” I ask. “Good day Ma’am, how may i serve You?” your response was quietly spoken. I pull you to a standing position, grinning ear to ear, “oh I will show you how you can serve Me.” I giggle.

I guide you to the table and turn you to face me. you’re going to very well today I can already sense it your body language is telling Me you’re ready to give in to Me. I rub my hands down your shoulders, over your arms through your fingers. Interrupting My thoughts you break the silence “Ma’am may i ask permission to touch you before i serve you today?” you quietly ask.

I lean in and whisper “Yes, but you have to describe every detail that you experience.” “Yes Ma’am.” you respond.  I slide your hands to my bare shoulders. “Now” I command “tell me what you’re feeling.”

You slide your hands to my hair as you start speaking “your hair is soft and silky.” You lean forward scents of coconut linger in it. Sliding down my neck and shoulders your skin feels delicate, graze my bra straps “material feels smooth like your skin.” You follow it down to the tops of my breasts your hands glide over the tops of them they feel full and plump Ma’am my body is feeling aroused. I can’t help but giggle a little as I see the arousal in action. “the cups of the bra Ma’am are ruffled and teasing. Expecting to find a bare torso, your surprised to feel a silk bustier, it feels embroidered Ma’am, feels beautiful cinched in tight. Gliding over my hips for another surprise you feel straps?! Thinking to yourself what could those be, going down further leather mmm leather Ma’am such a sweet smell as you lean in to smell, your hands still roaming down my legs you feel my bare knees soft and supple legs it’s a skirt! Oh my Ma’am your legs they feel so sexy I can feel myself getting quite aroused still again I can see it growing with anticipation. My legs are damp from being aroused myself I won’t admit that to you though.

Sliding your hands back up my skirt wanting to figure out what those straps lead to, sturdy and polyester, there’s a metal ring in the center of your abdomen Ma’am, oh my this thing it feels like such a strong phallic object is that for me?” I can hear the excitement in your voice, yet I don’t respond.  You hurriedly go back to my knees and slide down to my shoes, to find that they’re not boots this time, kitten heels instead, still leather though Ma’am, and feels like a little strap across the top.” You kiss the toe.

As a good boy should you go back to your knees, I can see you trembling with anticipation.

“good boy, how did that feel?” I inquire, knowing all too well how it felt. “very good Ma’am, I hope I pleased you.” You eagerly respond.

“Now you may serve Me boy.” “Stand “I command.  As a good boy should you do as directed? Come here I grab your collar and pull you toward me.

“You felt what I had for you done you?” For being such a good boy and asking permission like I knew would. I say.

You shake your head yes. I pull your collar. “I can’t hear you!” I sternly command. “Yes Ma’am. You respond. “Well aren’t you the good boy you are.” I press myself again you. As I guide you to the table.

I lean you over the table, run my hands over your shoulders and down your harness straps, down over your ass cheeks. SMACK!  The crack of my hand is louder than the music making you jump and your knees quiver. I crack the other side and kick your feet apart. I press my breasts against the bare skin on your back.

You feel my cock touch yours; I slide my finger into your tight ass push down on that special spot making you feel rock hard and weak at the same time.

I bring my cock to your ass and slowly press it in, I hear the wind you slowly take in. “Good boy, just relax now. “ I say into your ear as I lean over.

My pussy is soaking wet as my nectar is dripping, I slide my cock in and out of your ass. Your urge is getting stronger, you’re dripping too. “you like being a good boy and asking permission? I ask breaking your concentration on the stimulation you’re receiving. “yes Ma’am.” You respond in a shaky voice, I slide deep in as I can, you moan, “Thank you Ma’am.” I giggle, and do it over and over, my nectar dripping more each time you say “Thank you Ma’am.” Deep inside me comes all my force, down my legs, in my shoes, my nectar that has been building up.

Quietly I slide out as I laugh, “Well look you’ve definitely been a good boy.” I cover you up as I myself out of my cock and lie down beside you, stroke your head and take off your blindfold so you can finally see my smile that you’ve been waiting for.

Now that’s what good boys get for asking permission.


3/12/2013 1:05:42 PM

Kneeling in the darkness you wait nothing but your harness on, listening for the sound of my heels to approach you.

The silence is deafening, smells around you are familiar; leather, vanilla, wax, hemp…you breath in deep, the door creaks the hairs on the back of your neck stand up immediately.

I say nothing as I enter the room, the sound of my heels across the floor, click is loud. You wonder what I’m wearing; your brain is running a mile. My hand brushes your neck I feel you shiver down your spine collapsing at my feet.

“Get up!” I shout. Pulling up to your knees by your harness still in pitch black darkness, you feel the denim of my jeans pressed against your face, your hands find their way onto my boots, roaming their way up finding they feel of soft cow hide, you drop down to the heel its sturdy 4 inches you feel the toe its pointy.

“Did I ask you to fondle my boots?” Sternly I question…without answering you back up and apologize “Sorry Ma’am I couldn’t resist.” “There is no excuse for not asking permission.”  As I rub my boot on your inner thighs. The soft cow hide supple from just shining them.  You moan, as I walk away in the pitch dark. I’m familiar with the surroundings in the dark; I place a blindfold on you so you still cannot see. Once I turn on the lights.

Lights are on, you’re still there kneeling. I’m standing there giggling in my knee high boots, jeans tucked inside them, my leather corset cinched tight I lean over you my breasts on top of your head my scent of soft floral, and leather surround you.  I run my delicate hands down your back tightly over your harness, pulling you in closer. “Now is there an excuse for not asking for permission to fondle my boots?” I question as I rub them through your legs, over your feet, up your ass and back again.

You arch your back and reply in a low voice “No Ma’am.” “What, I can’t hear you.” I say into your ear. “No, Ma’am.” You say louder as I run my boot back up your thighs up your ass again.  “Good Boy. Now you may fondle my boots.” I giggle I pull you forward with your harness as I sit down my legs spread; you’re still blindfolded seeing nothing you feel your way up my boots.

“Wouldn’t you like to see them, and all of me?” my whisper lingers in your ear. “You can only use your hands and only where I say.” I say.  Your soft moans only let me know that yes you want to. I pull you up, kick your thighs open to expose your manhood so I can see it grow as you touch each part without knowing.

Putting your hands on my torso, you feel the soft leather of my corset, rimmed with the steel bones is making my waist nice and tight, my breast heaving slightly over the top. My hourglass figures lingers on when you find yourself on my denim jeans, soft but rough over my hips and thighs oh those round thighs. I can’t help but hold back my laughter it tickles so you’re being so gentle trying to not to hurt me, your hands glide down past my knees and you find those boots once again, yes your mind wonders on what color they can be, you breath them in the soft cow hide wrinkles beneath your fingers as you slide down the entire length of my calf, to the top of that sharp pointy toe, you look up at me and plead “ may I kiss it Ma’am?” I giggle “why of course.” You kiss the toe of my boot then glide your hand back up to the heel sturdy and thick, 4 inches at most, you wish you could see.

You lean forward after you kiss my foot one last time. “Kneel” I command, you perch yourself back up on your knees as a good boy should. I walk back over and flip the lights off, walk back over to you slip off the blindfold expecting light you open your eyes only to see black. I kiss your forehead, one last time rub those soft cow hide boots on your thighs. See you soon, my good boy…as I walk out of the room.  You hear my heels leaving you there in the darkness, kneeling as a good boy should, maybe next time you’ll ask permission first.

6/16/2011 3:04:10 PM

LOL some of the most immature people think they can break Me down by saying rude and hateful things. Well I have to say RAWR because you're going to see a B8tch come out. you're words don't mean shit!

5/31/2011 7:14:43 AM

Went and got my new ink as most of you have seen :-). I was in ecstasy when they were doing it. I didn't realize that it would be so soothing to feel the pressure of them outlining and shading it in. I love it :-) I'm already thinking of another classy one to put on the nape of my neck. 

5/28/2011 11:48:59 AM

New ink :) Today I'm going to go get my very first tattoo :) I am super excited, I can't wait to feel the sensations. Would love to record it on video, and hopefully a good friend will assist in doing that. Now that she knows I'm a little "freaky" after licking my violet wand last night while teasing her and my boy and her boy as well :) 

I have been having so much fun in the last few weeks, I hate to see it stop and hoping to get more involved with the local play group here as well at least a few members :*

Even if the video doesn't come, I will be gladly to present all your eyes with my magnificent beauty and new tattoo. 

4/13/2011 6:23:59 PM

Looking forward to my new goodies coming in the mail to show off my figure a little better :) Still looking for friends in the Lafayette area, willing to get to know anyone, Dommes/Dom or subs. Been out of the circuit and looking for new ways to get Myself intrigued and have fun :)

4/20/2009 6:40:34 PM
Last night was so nice and intense. It began with inviting friends to watch us on cam. I started by paddling his tight little ass with My pink paddle brush and moved on from there. I enjoyed having my friends watch Me flog My sub he is such a nasty little pain slut. he thanked Mefor each one he deserved. he understands he is beneath Me and will not prevail over me neither in brawn or will.  he was thrilled when I put an electro plug in his asshole and started zapping away at his pathetic little prostrate. The joy I felt when I heard him moaning is something short of zen. There is nothing more than having a sub beg for more and thanking You once the recieve what they deserve being a pain slut.
I had him suck My weary toes after being in My 4in heels for too long. I flogged his nasty little ass till it turned a nice shade of red.
Once it was red enough I decided it needed a bit decorating, so I basted his ass with hot wax, boy that was thrilling to see all the molten wax dripping down his ass and thighs, I even got some on his asshole and well let's say it tightened up rather quickly causing Me to giggle with anticipation wanting to make it do it more.
Oh and how he loves the fearsome fingers he bought for Me. he thanked me for scraping them down his back and on his reddened ass, for scratching his balls with them he was willing for Me to do anything to him that I wanted to.
So all in all I had a wonderful experience last night and I am anticipating it will happen again soon. I love having My friends watch so if you're intrested just beep in and say hi and we'll see where it goes from there. Who knows maybe one of these days it could one of you out there.

3/23/2009 4:46:46 PM


Anyway, take a look at My subbie's journal listing for today. he left a nice description about what happened last night. Hope you all enjoy.

3/21/2009 8:44:14 AM
Awwww....what a eventful night of discipline.
My dear little worm disobeyed me two days ago, and as promised he got what he deserved. He wrote about our little encounter on his journal for all of my friends and yet to become friends to read. If you wish to enjoy in the humilation of what he endured last night stop by his profile and take a gander on what he wrote. Honoredcamslave is his title.
But oh what a relief it was to have him feel like the little shit head he was and is, he knows better now than to disobey his Madame.

3/20/2009 4:20:22 PM

My subbie better get working on this, or goodness knows whats going to happen to his ass!

3/19/2009 3:07:16 PM

I don't know what to say to this but my sub has pissed me off, upon arriving home this evening. He said a few things that irritated me so I drug him into the bedroom to make him apologize for the ruthless things he said to his prized Madame. Not only did he not apologize but instead put up such a fight that now I'm throughly pissed off and promised him a good ass whooping once the house calms down tonight.
What I need from any Dominant on CM is suggestions....
Suggestions on how to torture him tonight, I was planning on a little CBT, Ass torture, flogging maybe even a little wax play along with humiliation. I told him I was going to put in the tub and piss on him for pissing me off.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm open, we do have limited space, I do have the door jam kit still set up and spreader bars on the bed fulling waiting his punishment.
Thank you for responding if you chose to.

3/18/2009 12:08:16 PM
I am uploading some more photos they will be on soon, they all got approved so we'll se when they show up

3/17/2009 4:40:48 PM
Another good beating last night, his ass was nice and red.
Another one coming tonight, I hate it when people act fake and try and put off something that they're not.
 His ass will pay for what those ppl do. His cock and balls too.
Anyway just thought I would update.
We did take new pictures but the cam cord is still MIA at my job, will upload ones from last photo session as soon as I can.

3/10/2009 5:08:55 PM
My sub turned 29 the other day. He got what he needed a good lashing. Tonight comes more, we'll be updating tomorrow with new photos so check back if you're interested.

The other night was first time I actually bruised me, felt different, felt good. I loved seeing his ass nice and red and welted from the flogger and cane and crops.
Wax play may have to wait till next week we're leaving this weekend to visit family.

3/8/2009 5:59:14 PM
My subbie is 29 today, enema training and good ass fucking is to follow. :)

3/6/2009 6:06:32 PM
Two days ago my sub and I had a very connecting experience. I beat his ass till it was welted it was a first time thing for us. It felt empowering and made me feel more righteous than ever, I'm looking forward to doing it again, even if he doesn't misbehave.
Maybe tonight we'll try some mummification and neglect what do you think?

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