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*This is pure fantasy, never happened but something like this Im looking for!*Miss has texted
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*This is pure fantasy, never happened but something like this Im looking for!*

Miss has texted me the details of our meeting, where it would take place, what i should wear etc.
We had texting for a while, and finally came to conclusion that we were a good match and I should come to an audition.
Classy look i was told, a dress of some sort with heels, no underwear, a bit daring but I was excited..well excited and nervous! - The black dress, to the knees, would want to seem slutty to miss, and matching black heels.

I arrived at the adresse I was giving, the details was clear "knock on the door two times, then just enter and come upstairs into the living room. knock...knock..

Inside, i look around for a bit before going to the stairs, feeling a bit of sweat on my neck going up the stairs, heartbreaking, legs feeling a little weak.. peaking into the living room, hearing the voice

"Hello Maria, you may enter"

Going in, there she is... miss sitting in a chair, nodding to a spot in the middle of the room, I remember this from the text, standing on the spot.

"thanks for seeing me today miss" giving a little nervous smile
she replys: hopefully it wont be a waste of my time, you followed my instructions?" nodding at my dress

I slowly pull my dress about hips for her to see, no underwear..

I see a smile on her face "good girl, pull off that dress, you wont be needing that"

Ouch, that wasnt in the details, feeling somewhat exposted already, head running at max speed.. I hear miss tap her finger on the chair. Just her aura of dominas is so strong..

Dress is pulled off, naked.. I cover my parts a bit with my hands..

Miss nods over at a wardrobe "your new clothes is over there Maria, go dress"

I walk over to the wardrobe and open it, inside on the button a maid uniform lays, looks to be my size , wondering how she knew... I put on the uniform, so damn tight on my body, so short...

I go back to my spot, still nervous, taking deep breath

Suddenly miss stands up and walk toward me

"now the real audition begins Maria..."

(sorry about the crappy english=

Journal Entries:
1/28/2018 4:34:39 AM
Why do some people think they can make orders or demand shit when we havent even talked and know each other? lol. 

Im a newbie, but even I know thats stupid as fuck

1/28/2018 2:50:17 AM
I was gonna let the story in my profil be open ended, but after request I do think about writing a bit more to it :) 


1/17/2017 9:54:50 AM
breasts are 75F.. now you dont need to ask :)

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