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Hetero Male Submissive, 53,  United Kingdom
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BrokenDownAngel - submissive

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Profile writing isnt my forte so Ill feel out this site for a while first before expanding it.Until then feel free to ask me anything

While not looking for an online relationship I do however have a miccam to verify and it would be nice if you had a miccam to do the same.

Im here looking for a Mistress as a partner NOT for sessions.

I am not afraid to dig a little deep to find your true dark side... We all have one.

Paradoxically Im an open Alpha by day a closet beta by night and enjoy both banter and intelligent conversations.

I frequently travel within Europe and often in SE Asia during the Euro-winter.

Honesty is the deal breaker with me. If you cant be (or dont want to be) honest with me online, then thats okay just be honest about it. Ha ha !

I can accommodate andor relocate for the right person

Are you a Shibari kinbaku enthusiast looking for a partner ?










Last Online:


 Submissive Male

 United Kingdom

 5' 10"

 80 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Friends Only

Online Romance

 Lives For:




 Scuba Diving





 Sky Diving




 Masks (On Partner)

 Wax play

 Romance Novels




 Fine Dining




 Curious About:

 Knife Play



 Hard Limits:

 Needle Play




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Journal Entries:
4/14/2018 6:22:45 PM
Broken dreams of Femdon interrogation and cages .... Hmmm what's that all about ?

3/10/2018 11:40:55 PM
Ooooo how exciting ! ! ! I've just found a new hobby.

12/13/2017 11:56:03 AM
Why - Bob Flanagan

Because it feels good;

because it gives me an erection;

because it makes me come;

because I'm sick;

because there was so much sickness;

because I say FUCK THE SICKNESS;

because I like the attention;

because I was alone a lot;

because I was different;

because kids beat me up on the way to school;

because I was humiliated by nuns;

because of Christ and the Crucifixion;

because of Porky Pig in bondage, force-fed by some sinister creep in a black cape;

because of stories of children hung by their wrists,

burned on the stove, scalded in tubs;

because of Mutiny on the Bounty;

because of cowboys and Indians;

because of Houdini;

because of my cousin Cliff;

because of the forts we built and the things we did inside them;

because of what's inside me;

because of my genes;

because of my parents;

because of doctors and nurses;

because they tied me to the crib so I wouldn't hurt myself;

because I had time to think;

because I had time to hold my penis;

because I had awful stomachaches and holding my penis made it feel better;

because I felt like I was going to die;

because it makes me feel invincible;

because it makes me feel triumphant;

because I'm a Catholic;

because I still love Lent, and I still love my penis, and in spite of it all I have no guilt;

because my parents said BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE, and this is what I want to be;

because I'm nothing but a big baby and I want to stay that way, and I want a mommy forever, even a mean one, especially a mean one;

because of all the fairy tale witches, and the wicked stepmother, and the stepsisters, and how sexy Cinderella was, smudged with soot, doomed to a life of servitude;

because of Hansel, locked in the witch's cage until he was fat enough to eat;

because of "O" and how desperately I wanted to be her;

because of my dreams;

because of the games we played;

because I've got an active imagination;

because my mother bought me Tinker Toys;

because hardware stores give me hard-ons;

because of hammers, nails, clothespins, wood, padlocks, pullies, eyebolts, thumbtacks, staple-guns, sewing needles, wooden spoons, fishing tackle, chains, metal rulers, rubber tubing, spatulas, rope, twine, C-clamps, S-hooks, razor blades, scissors, tweezers, knives, pushpins, two-by-fours, Ping-Pong paddles, alligator clips, duct tape, broomsticks, barbecue skewers, bungie cords, sawhorses, soldering irons;

because of tool sheds;

because of garages;

because of basements;

because of dungeons;

because of The Pit and the Pendulum;

because of the Tower of London;

because of the Inquisition;

because of the rack;

because of the cross;

because of the Addams Family playroom;

because of Morticia Addams and her black dress with its octopus legs;

because of motherhood;

because of Amazons;

because of the Goddess;

because of the moon;

because it's in my nature;

because it's against nature;

because it's nasty;

because it's fun;

because it flies in the face of all that's normal (whatever that is); because I'm not normal;

because I used to think that I was part of some vast experiment and that there was this implant in my penis that made me do these things and that allowed THEM (whoever THEY were) to monitor my activities;

because I had to take my clothes off and lie inside this plastic bag so the doctors could collect my sweat;

because once upon a time I had such a high fever that my parents had to strip me naked and wrap me in wet sheets to stop the convulsions;

because my parents loved me even more when I was suffering;

because surrender is sweet;

because I was born into a world of suffering;

because I'm attracted to it;

because I'm addicted to it;

because endorphins in the brain are like a natural kind of heroin;

because I learned to take my medicine;

because I was a big boy for taking it;

because I can take it like a man;

because, as somebody once said, HE'S GOT MORE BALLS THAN I DO;

because it is an act of courage;

because it does take guts;

because I'm proud of it;

because I can't climb mountains;

because I'm terrible at sports;

because NO PAIN, NO GAIN;



12/10/2017 10:50:15 AM
Keep a journal. Write down how you feel about your life for ten minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 3 months. Read through it at the end of each month. You will get bored of your problems and start seeking solutions faster. You’re welcome.-Miss C Di N.

12/9/2017 2:50:38 PM
Oh no not again !
Right Domme - wrong message.
Wrong Domme - right message.
The Gods must be crazy.
I was going to say Goddesses but felt that was too risqué.

12/8/2017 9:43:42 AM

Quidquid latine dictum, altumvidetur - Anything said in Latin sounds profound.
Meum non concordare possent strapon ...

11/26/2017 4:50:32 AM
Love has no limits but it does have a safe word.

11/14/2017 3:35:33 AM
OMG there are some filthy Mistresses on here and they've got me imagining bad things.
Ladies please can I give you what you are afraid to ask for.

11/12/2017 11:32:01 PM
To rule truly is to serve.

11/10/2017 11:04:03 PM
I feel like my shadow side is taking over and  spinning out into chaos again. Why is it so difficult to find a woman who wants to satisfying my need to be controlled ?

11/9/2017 8:39:31 AM
Now he's only a broken down angel
He's only a bird that's broke his wing
He's only someone, someone who's gone wrong
He's only a child that's lost his way.

9/16/2017 2:12:40 AM

I want to share the most intimate spaces of my desires with you, and it's not going to come about simply because you are graceful, charasmatic, curvy or cute, successful in your career or a dynamic mum with chic taste. You could be anybody out there. What my mind body and soul needs is a woman who can hold space for that one moment  of  ..... Ahhhhhh.

9/14/2017 5:16:15 AM
Sooooo I've been here for a couple of weeks now and so I'm slowly sussing out the way that this site works. Previously I didn't realise that I would be labelled as a fake in my life if I didn't send 'tributes' or cock pictures upon demand to strangers.

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