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Lesbian Female Dominant, 40,  Toronto, Canada
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British-born, Canadian-raised, Black LESBIAN. I live in downtown Toronto, but work for a UK company. Gotta love that 'trans-atlantic commute'.

I'm a relationship dominant. And kinky but also monogamous. I'm not really into BDSM as a ' fun lifestyle thing' (munches, pagentry, 'play parties', that sort of thing) although I have attended in events in the past, and may do so again. Still, to be clear, yes, definitely I am into BDSM on a day-to-day basis within a relationship.

I'm looking for a smart, sexy, lesbian who is interesting in and out of the bedroom. I'm not looking for someone who is into 'topping from the bottom'. That just won't work with me. Since I'm not a switch (each to their own), I'm not flexible on this point. Those who have tried it with me aren't with me. I'm strictly real-time/real-world, and I don't do cyber, so don't ask.

My profile is detailed about the activities I enjoy indulging in as a top, and experience now leads me to not really bother with people who don't fill out their profiles because detailed profiles save time, and cut to the chase.

Physically: I'm not too tall. Really should get back to working out a bit more seriously. These days, I'm playing "pickleball" quite a bit. I've got great teeth, and a little dimple in my right cheek. Skin's got dark patches, but hey that's what makeup's for, right?

I definitely received more than my fair share when it comes to certain, um, physical endowments and they're still 'holding up' well. I have used to have long hair (extensions), but now I have these cool thin dreads that are growing wicked fast.

I'm a journalist and filmmaker. I also write hard-core woman-to-woman BDSM stuff. I Love to play both Backgammon and Scrabble. And I'm learning to play Go, and still trying to figure out how to juggle.

Your age, race and looks are not important, but your personal habits are. I'm a non-smoker, and looking for same (or someone willing to quit). I'm not into drugs of any kind, or those who are. Social drinking is fine.

Clarification: Lesbian means definitely no men of any kind should contact me asking me to be their domme (or their submissive). This is a concept some guys on this site can't grasp because they read this declaration and still write, which I find ridiculous, and disrespectful. And to be even more clear: I don't hate men at all, on the contrary, but I have enough male friends, and I'm just not here to meet guys "that way".

Personal limits: sexually, I'm not into poop, pets, or kids - that's just plain nasty stuff as far as I'm concerned. As for my philosophy on a slave's limits: mine are hers. Someone's inexperience is not a problem for me. I especially enjoy exploring limits and then working to expand them. For example, if she's never done anal, fine, but it's something that I will initiate her into.










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Journal Entries:
11/28/2022 3:06:40 PM

ok, so you've listed yourself as lesbian, and you're posting looking for a lesbian domne. thing is, i've noticed your adam's apple, and the fact that you have a five o'clock shadow. while some women do have personal situations like that, i'm suspecting that perhaps you're not really female

4/1/2022 3:07:18 AM

What happened to my photos?!

7/24/2016 5:16:10 PM
so what the heck has happened to the checklist thingys for the profiles. personally, i found those VERY handy. both for using and for perusing. oh well. 

3/2/2015 6:11:15 PM
i'm thinking it's time for some nice new leather pants. custom-tailored. also considering chaps. haven't had those before, but i can see how they might be nice for wearing while fucking a naked slave.

9/6/2014 10:42:43 PM
hm, in her bio, she notes that she wants her clit and labia removed. in the past, i've had discussions about piercing a slave's clit, but removing it entirely? pretty radical. unless she can climax vaginally or anally, her days of being able to cum would be over. maybe that's what she wants. no more cumming. ever. i don't know though. i do like the ability to grant or deny orgasms. it's part of the power dynamic. 

7/12/2014 3:48:45 AM
listen up, you silly lesbian slaves and submissives:

if you decide to go with a female so-called domme who is also with a male, you WILL most very likely end up servicing him. whether you want to or not. she will trick or brainwash you into it, or he'll just straight up rape you. that's not BDSM, it's ABUSE.

so, if you are a lesbian, think very carefully before you agree to be with a woman who is also with a man.

12/2/2013 8:57:52 PM

Yo, mr passive-aggressive douchebag: no matter how many times you view my profile in 20 minutes, I will NOT be viewing yours or contacting you. Heh, heh!

12/2/2013 12:31:30 AM

In the last few months, I've either heard about or observed some odd behaviour around here. Some examples:


People with great profiles, all nicely filled out, a nice change as some are either too lazylot fill theirs out or simply don't think it's important enough to take a few minutes and click some check boxes. And I sometimes suspect that those who say to just ask them anything are basically into pervy chat. As in that's what gets them off. Talking about what they could easily have put down, but didn't. But I digress.


So these great profiles are like candy, a nice come on, pay attention. But not for the reason one might think, as in actually meeting a potential whatever. The point is to game play. And there's never a  intention to meet although there is that pretense. And the sexual orientation  keeps changing. One minute they are gay, then straight, then bi! Sometimes they are looking for a man, sometimes a woman, sometimes a man and a woman. 


I think this nutty game play is some sort of kink for the person or persons into it. Basically, manipulation. thing is, it's not really consensual. From what I've been hearing, it's very one-sided. I did actually note some changed profiles and I wondered about it, and then I started hearing about this/these behaviours. 


All I can say or advise is to stay vigilant, and be careful. 

10/22/2013 7:47:33 AM

You think I'm a guy? Really? Seriously? Good grief! And our chat was going so well. I can easily prove that I'm female, but now I think I'm turned off. 

8/11/2013 11:57:50 PM

just encountered someone here who seemed interesting, had some discussion which seemed to go well, and then she made an off-hand comment with a massive assumption, and before i could respond she blocked me. wow, just wow. and yes, i sent her my picture which she seemed to like. or at least that's what she said. and i do NOT look like Whoopi Goldberg! she also said that. this aussie chick is probably annoyed because i told her i'm not into K9 stuff, no way, no how! way too pervy for me.

5/27/2013 2:22:43 AM
BOOTED? by Brazen Bitch The domme relaxed on her buttersoft black leather couch and eyed the naked painslut kneeling in front of her, wrists securely attached to thigh cuffs, back arched perfectly - as she ?had been taught through a series of painful lessons ? so that her small tits were thrust forward to better present her over-sized teats. Already this evening, the slave had been strung up and subjected to a harsh flogging on her tits, belly and thighs, and then she had endured a severe cropping on her back and butt. In between beatings, her back hole had been fucked hard, although her cunt had been temporarily spared despite the harsh working of her enlarged clit as her master had filled her bung from behind with deep long strokes of her large strap-on dick.? Now it was time for something new, and the demanding top was interested to see how her little slave would react as she forced her yet again to submit to a painful round of use. Leaning over, she moved a short black stool - perhaps 8 inches high and 4 inches wide - between them and then placed her booted left foot on it. All this was avidly watch by the slave who was no doubt wondering what was going to happen next. ?Apply yourself to my boot,? growled the woman. Awkwardly, the bitch began to lean over. ?Not your mouth, not this time," came the clarification, ?use your cunt.? The slave shuffled forward - best as she could - until finally her dripping slit was over the shiny leather, and proceeded to lower her body until her dripping slit made contact with the proffered boot. When the woman wriggled her foot and rolled it from side to side, the slut ?closed her eyes in ecstasy. During the session the slave had been skillfully brought near to climax many times but had not been allowed to cum. ?Don?t move,? ordered the woman, ?I?m not ready for that yet, first there must be some adornment.? So saying, she picked up a 3 inch piercing needle, seized and brutally manipulated the left teat to increase its erectness, then quickly put the instrument through it vertically. Ignoring the pained gasp, she repeated the procedure on the right teat with the same cruel efficiency. She often needled these amazing teats which had become bigger and more sensitive from all that she had put them through.??Ok, fuckmeat, that?s so much better, don?t you think?, asked the woman rhetorically, ?Now, move those hips for me. I want this boot humped with some real enthusiasm.? Suddenly the slave?s head rocked back as her face was slapped hard. ?Arch that back!? Ordered the woman. ?Present those teats!? Seizing the firmly-embedded needles, she twisted them around roughly using both a clockwise and counterclockwise motion, causing enthusiastic movement and generating additional pain and discomfort as her tricked out beast rode her booted foot for all she was worth, her head lolling back as she moaned her combined distress and pleasure. The woman was thoroughly enjoying using her property in this way, and decided a reward was in order. ?Alright, this is great, really great,? she complimented, ?Good job, fuckmeat, so good that I?m going to let you cum. Raise your head, look into the camera lens, yeah, that?s it, open your eyes.? With only a few more tugs and twists on her raw bleeding teats, and a few more hip thrusts, the slut came hard and collapsed against her master?s leg, gasping for breath, barely conscious, her tits flushed a deep red. The woman removed the needles before standing up and lifting the now barely aware bitch and placing her across the couch. She had planned to make the slave lick her own juices from her boot, but the performance had so aroused her that she needed to seek immediate relief. In only a few moments, she had removed her boots and leather pants and quickly was astride a welted thigh with a bleeding teat firmly in her mouth and a hand around the girl?s throat. Alternating between tasty tortured teats, and savouring the coppery taste of blood in her mouth, she choked her slave with one hand as she fucked up against her. The girl?s back arched in agony and the gasps as she writhed beneath her master and tried desperately to breathe only served to heighten the woman?s enjoyment. Taking advantage of the nicely upthrust tits, she began to slap the closest one with her free hand. Finally, as she began to feel her climax approaching, the woman seized the teat in a brutally tight grip, twisted and held it. Her actions elicited yet another loud outburst which she muffled with a deep hard kiss, swallowing the pained cry. She reared up as she came, tightening the grip she had on both the throat and the teat, not releasing either as the ecstasy roared through her heated body. She screamed loudly as she came hard atop the writhing pain-wracked body. But it was not yet over. For several minutes more, she continued to work the position - clit pulsating, hips jerking - until she came again, the slut's choked cries indicating clear suffering made the domme?s second climax even better and she collapsed on top of her half-conscious slave, completely sated ? for the moment.?

5/27/2013 2:21:43 AM



Brazen Bitch 


"On your back," ordered the domme, and watched as her paintoy scrambled to obey her command which was made a bit difficult given that she had just cuffed the bitch's hands behind her. "Legs spread, knees bent. Present that cunt for use."


The woman knelt on the bed and moving between the slim legs, she entered the slick waiting snatch quickly with her large strap-on dick. Once completely buried to the hilt, she did not move in and out, but turned her attention to the waiting tits. 


They were not large, but they were perfectly sized for her intentions, and she began to slap the right one hard, using both a forehand and a backhand stroke until it was covered with bright red hand prints. Tears streamed down the gasping slave's cheeks by the time her master started on the left tit, giving it the same treatment as the right to get it into the same swollen reddened condition.


Without ceremony, the woman seized the left teat and worked it brutally with cruel fingers, ignoring the gasps of agony as she used it without ceasing for a full five minutes. It was huge, red and throbbing when she finally pushed a piercing needle through it horizontally. Next she turned her attention to the right teat, bending over so she could take it into her mouth, she sucked on it harshly before attacking it with her teeth and chewing it deliciously raw. Only then did she let tortured teat flesh slip from her mouth, but that was no reprieve as she swiftly attached a silver alligator clip to it.


Smiling slightly, the woman observed her property as it lay splayed beneath her. The red welted chest was heaving as the tits and teats throbbed in agony while the cunt streamed juice as it clenched desperately its invader. Even now the worked up slut was undulating her lower half to get some clit friction. Chuckling to herself, the domme withdrew from the heated snatch with a slick popping sound.


Before the girl knew what was happening, the woman was bending her legs against her chest - the thighs rubbing painfully on the clipped and needled teats - and securing her ankles to chains, leaving her plump dripping cunt and tight pink bung exposed. Seizing the slave by the waist, and using only the cunt juice on her dick for lube, the woman began to forcefully penetrate the waiting shithole; moving in and out with deep strong strokes, she enjoyed using the slave's bung for almost 20 minutes before withdrawing and removing her cock and harness.


She knew her piece of sex trash had been expecting to have her cunt fucked again, or perhaps fisted, but she had something entirely new planned for that oozing slit, and it would be nothing like the little slut had ever experienced before, and the woman did so relish introducing new experiences to her. 


With that thought in mind, she stepped back and picked up a plain black leather belt that was both wide and thick. Holding it in her left hand, she used her right hand to quickly enter the dripping cunt, scoop up some cream and slather it on the protruding clit which she squeezed and stroked into full erectness, bringing her moaning, writhing trick to the edge of a climax.


It was then she reared back and brought the belt down on the waiting cunt and clit with the full strength of her muscular arm. Cunt cream splattered all over, and the scream from the slave's throat was one of pure agony. She did not wait for it to die down, but swiftly laid on four additional strokes, each one producing an ear-shattering scream that was beautiful music to her ears. 


Unable to resist, she dropped the belt and put her face between the shuddering thighs to feast on the severely beaten fuckhole. Even the taste of abused teats could not compare and she enjoyed sucking, chewing and slurping as she dined on the swollen cunt and clit.


Finally, fully primed, she released the ankles of the barely conscious slave, letting the legs drop heavily onto the mattress before climbing astride the left one and situating her own rock-hard clit on the lean thigh which bore raised red welts from an earlier caning. Next, she removed both the alligator clip and the needle from the teats, actions which barely elicited a reaction from the now near comatose slut. Leaning over, she alternated gorging on the abused teats, sucking them hard, chewing and biting, as she began to ride the thigh gripped tightly between her legs. 


The slave came fully awake into more agony and writhed helplessly beneath her master as her body was used to provide intense gratification to the one who owned her. The woman grunted her pleasure as she reared up, her right hand moving to tightly grip the slut's throat while her left hand alternated between slapping tits hard and brutally twisting teat meat as she rode the bucking body to an incredibly hard climax, finally collapsing - boneless and completely spent - on top of her brutalized sex slave with a loud drawn-out groan of pure ecstasy.

5/27/2013 2:20:36 AM
TAKEN by Her Master? for the First Time by Brazen Bitch Although petite, the girl was perfectly proportioned. Tanned and toned, she was near lush perfection, her waist was narrow and her stomach was flat. Her thick honey blonde hair was cut to shoulder length, and she had bright blue eyes. She had been placed on her knees on a two foot high well-padded sleeping platform, displayed in the position of a submissive, sex slave, and so she knelt, a sight to behold, ready and waiting to serve - naked, upright, eyes downcast, mouth slightly open, knees apart, hands clasped behind her, back slightly arched so that her small pert breasts, topped with impossibly huge and incredibly erect teats, were thrust forward. A muscular woman, a wonderfully fearsome sight to behold, clad as she was in an ornate silver studded cod piece, tight black leather chaps, and a beautifully-wrought silver-studded black leather vest, approached the waiting slave. Walking around the platform, she silently observed the slave in all her naked glory. Finally, she stood before her, reached out and seized the slave's large left already erect teat. The girl gasped, but didn't flinch. The woman manipulated the giant sex flesh harshly, and it responded well, growing even harder and more erect. "Look at me!" commanded the woman. The slave slowly raised her head, and the woman looked into her eyes with a blistering gaze. "You have given yourself over to me. You've signed the contract papers and they are now in my safe. You've agreed to explore your need to be a submissive sex slave. I am going to train you to service me. Your mouth, your cunt, and your bung are now mine to do with as I wish. To use as I wish. And I will use them all. Of that you can be certain. You will become a true 3-hole slave as you requested. Of that you can be sure." "Likewise your soft belly, bouncing breasts, throbbing clit and large teats", and here she paused, captured the girl's right teat between her cruel fingers, and began to twist both of the tortured pieces of sex flesh, "are mine now to use and abuse, And use and abuse them, I will. They are large now, but they will grow larger under my tender loving care. You will submit to the whip and the lash and any other instrument I chose to use on or in you. Do you understand?" The girl tried not to writhe and pull away, under the cruel and relentless torture of her teats; but she could not help herself, and she moaned loudly in her agony, unable to answer with words. "I can see that you have much to learn. And your lessons will be hard. You will not pull away when I am using you, and you will answer when I speak to you. Your first lesson in strict obedience and dedicated service will now begin." The woman removed the riding crop she had tucked into her belt. "You are going to feel the bite of my crop and the strength of my arm. Get on your hands and knees, now!"?She ordered.? The girl complied quickly, dreading what was coming, but knowing that it was deserved. She had longed to serve, to find a master and now she'd only been in service a few minutes and already she'd failed in her duties. She knew that she would learn and she scrambled into position to accept her punishment, secretly relieved that her teats had been released, at least for the moment. She was well aware that she'd won her service contract, in part, because of their astonishing enormity. She knew that they would be mightily worked and seriously abused and secretly she hoped that they'd be pierced. She'd often imagined silver rings or posts piercing her teats with a silver slave chain running between, and maybe sometimes weights hung from them. All coherent thought suddenly left her mind as the woman began to beat her, walking around her so that she could access all parts of her back, butt and the backs of her legs with the thick leather belt. The blows rained down unmercifully, raising welts, and the girl screamed out in agony each time one landed. She could feel the welts forming and she welcomed them. After 10 strokes, the woman stopped and admired the red welts she'd raised on the girl's pale golden skin. "Remain as you are, on your hands and knees, and listen to me very carefully." Ordered the woman. "You signed a slave contract. You said the words binding you into my service. Intellectually, you think you know what that means. But let me explain something to you. This is not a game. This is a real life situation. You wanted it and now you have it. You are a submissive, and more than that, you are a masochist. Now that you've surrendered yourself to my will, you need to truly understand that you are now a slave, specifically - a sex slave, and even more specifically - my sex slave. As I promised, I will use you as I wish, and you will obey me. Know this: you will be beaten for any infraction, and also when I wish to do so, even if you have done nothing wrong. This means that you may be beaten for your edification, or for my pleasure. I see that you mark well, and this pleases me. Sometimes I will allow you to scream as I beat you, and sometimes I will gag you and so muffle your screams as you submit to the belt, the crop, the paddle and the lash. And as for your teats, well, I have big plans for them. They are amazingly large and incredibly sensitive. I've rarely seen their equal, at least not before I had taken a slave's nipples and made them into teats such as yours. Since you come into my service with teats such as these, we have a major head start. As you will discover, I am a past master in the fine art of extreme teat torture. I will work them, bind them, clamp them, and eventually, when you are able to climax from having them worked, I will pierce them. You heard correctly! You will wear my rings in your teats with a slave chain running between them. I may choose to pierce you other places as well, including your clit, and put a variety of jewelry in the holes. I may bind you using these rings and posts. You will also wear my marking, whereever and however I chose to put it upon you - tattoo, brand... I will take you often, and hard, deeply filling your mouth, your cunt, and your bung. As you wanted, you will truly become a true 3-hole sex slave. You will come to know, indeed, you will revel in the intense extremes of both pleasure and pain. Do you understand all that I have said?" The girl nodded, but did not speak, tears in her eyes. "Out loud!" demanded the woman. "Do you understand all that I have said to you? I want you to verbalize your answer. A nod is not enough. You must speak." After a moment, the slave was able to respond, her voice, a bit hoarse, but low and respectful, "Yes, master. I understand all that you have said. I submit myself fully to your will, to use as you wish, and I thank you now for all that you will do to me." Tears of submission and surrender rolled down her cheeks. "Good. Now get on your back, and open your legs for me. Then spread your nether lips. I wish to take your cunt here and now."? She watched seemingly impassive as her slave lay on her back, opened her legs wide and spread her pussy lips apart as ordered, and waited to be taken by her master. The woman stared at the slave's cunt, appraising the full fleshy lips, and noting the giveaway glistening. She was pleased to note that the slave's clit was sturdily erect. Like her teats, it was oversized. Clearly the girl had spent long hours masturbating herself, probably pulling on her teats to help her to climax. All that self-service would stop now, of course, because her new master would be the source of all her climaxes in the future. She used her fingers to roughly and quickly explore the girl's cunt. This was not a time for gentleness, but full and complete domination. The girl was indeed sopping wet. With three fingers within her, the woman used her thumb to strongly work the berry-red blood-engorged clit, which had immediately sprang erect. Fingers slick and sticky with thick creamy cunt juice which she smeared on the girl's tits, she was satisfied the girl was ready to receive her, and now knowing the angle of her insides, the woman smiled and released her cock from its confinement in her silver studded leather codpiece. A magnificent tool, thick and black and ribbed, it had conquered many a slave. Now it would conquer this one. Positioning herself between her slave's widespread thighs, the woman placed the large head of her incredible cock so that it just touched the opening of the slave's beautiful wet cunt. Glistening with thick precum, her nether lips were full and thick and deeply pink. The woman rubbed her dick in the sex juice, lubricating it, and then slid it in slowly, so that the head was completely enclosed and the angle was correct. She then withdrew slightly and waited, staring into her slave's eyes. The connection established, she moved into the slave's cunt with one long, steady push, and buried her tool up to its hilt. The slave gasped, crying out in surprise, at the intensity of the intimate invasion, but her hips bucked up instinctively to meet her master's dick and take it more deeply and completely into herself. "That's it," said the woman, as she held her up, strong hands gripping her slim waist, "That is indeed the correct way to welcome me. Your body knows this and your mind will learn." Taking her hands, the woman cuffed her wrists together and secured them to a hook above the girl's head. "Let's get these out of the way. You must be completely accessible. Now, arch your back, and offer me your tits. I want to use your teats." The slave girl complied, while the woman remained still, her cock buried deeply within her cunt. She seized the girl's tits, slapped each one several times, and then grapped her teats and stretched them, so the girl was hanging, impaled at three points, the elastic walls of her cunt grabbing her master's shaft with a fierce instinct. "Turn your head slave, and look in the mirror," commanded the woman. The girl did as ordered, and saw herself, lying naked and beaten, legs spread wide, back arched, cum-smeared tits offered, with a powerful and muscular master between her legs, her thick dick buried deep in her slave cunt, completely impaling her, and holding her up, by her enormous teats. "Look at yourself. Do you doubt now that you are a slave, a sex slave, my sex slave?" The woman demanded. More tears of submission and surrender rolled down the girl's cheeks, "No master". The woman laughed, "Tell me what you are." "A slave, master." "What kind of slave?" "A sex slave, master." "Whose sex slave?" "Your sex slave, master." "Yes, you are my sex slave. And now I am going to use you." The woman began to fuck her slut, moving in and out of her cunt with deep slow strokes. Sometimes she held the slave's waist, and muscles rippling, moved her back and forward, and on and off her dick. Sometimes she played with the girl's meaty teats, rolling them squeezing them, pinching them, as she licked and slapped her tits ?intermittenly, using both a forehand and a backhand stroke. The girl cried out at each blow as she moved beneath her master, writhing in both agony and ectasy, her pain was pleasure, and her pleasure was pain. "After this, I am going to beat you again. You will remain bound as I have you now. I want to see how you respond to a thick belt across your breasts, belly and thighs. I want to mark you further, decorate you with welts." The woman easily thrust into the wet cunt hard and deep, as she spoke to her, "And after I beat you, I'm going to fuck your bung. I know that you have never been taken up the ass, but I am going to teach you to have me back there, to want me, to need me, to welcome me. Right now it is so sweetly tight. And virginal, like your cunt used to be. It is going to hurt you to have me there, and that is as it should be, but that passage will give way to me. And soon you will learn to offer your bung to me as you kneel, head down, ass up, cheeks spread, awaiting my entry." "This is one of many positions you will be taught to place yourself in so that I may use you. As I have promised, your cunt, your bung, your mouth, your tits, your clit and your teats will be used by me. You will offer yourself up on command to service me. I will take you as I please. Your orfices will be filled as I wish. Your mouth, cunt, and bung will receive my cock. You will learn the true meaning of 3-hole service." You will be beaten all over your body - back, belly, breasts, butt, thighs - with a crop, a belt, a lash, a whip, whatever implement I chose. Your teats and clit will be worked beyond your imagination. I will pay special attention to your teats. You will know true agony and you will always present them for more. Although they are large now, I will make them larger before I pierce them, larger than you ever thought possible, by working them, binding them, even beating them. I will hang weights from them. I will string you up by them. Although they are sensitive now, they will become like clits. Eventually, as I said, you will learn to climax when I work them. I promise you this. As her master filled her cunt completely, and toyed cruelly with her teats, promising even more and worse to come, the girl could only writhe about on her back, arching to offer herself up for more, her cunt clenching and unclenching around her master's dick, moaning with agony and mewling with pleasure. So overwhelmed was she, both with her immediate circumstance, and with thoughts of her future subjugation, that tears streamed down her face and she could barely think coherently. She had search all her life for this master and now she was here, her naked, beaten body being used harshly for her master's pleasure.? ? The sex slave began to cum in violent, out of control waves. Finally, she arched one last time, screaming in pure ectasy, the pain completely transmutted to incredible pleasure, holding position on the balls of her feet, neck muscles straining, cunt gripping tightly, clit engorged and pulsating hard, teats incredibly and enormously and painfully erect. Finally she fell back completely limp, dimly aware as she lost consciousness, that she had climaxed without permision, and knowing that there would be a serious penalty for her insolence. Her sex slave now unconscious, the woman finally released the reddened and abused teats which remained erect, and slowly withdrew her cum-slick dick from the girl's still tight snatch. She didn't bother to wipe herself. When the girl regained consciousness, she would learn, as promised, that her mouth was not to be spared. Soon enough, she would learn to accept its complete length into her oral cavity without gagging, as she tasted her own pugent sweetness, for the first time, from her master's tool, as she cleaned it with her tongue. The woman released her hands from the bondage above her head, rolled the girl over, and clipped the soft leather cuffs snuggly fit to her wrists together behind her back. She then bound the girl's legs to the platform, spread apart, so that her cunt remained accessbile. Then she straddled her, and sat on her on her chest. She could feel the slave's still-erect teats tickling her naked butt cheeks. She then moved so that her cum-drenched tool was touching her slave's lips. Reaching down, she squeezed her nostrils closed, causing the girl's mouth to open automatically, whereupon, she slipped her dick into her mouth. Slowly regaining consiousnessness, the girl jerked as she found her mouth full. Hand firmly in her hair, the woman bent the girl's head to a better angle as she continued her entry, the head of her dick seeking the back of the girl's throat. She did not stop as until she was buried completely, her cunt hairs tickling the girl's nose. She waited a moment and then withdrew almost completely. Completely awake now, the girl understood what was expected and sucked and lapped. The woman then entered again, as deeply as before. The girl relaxed her throat mucles, and did not fight, breathing as best as she could through her nose. The woman continued for several minutes, stroking in and out, cleansing herself. Finally satisfied, she withdrew. "Very good," she said, "You are starting to learn. Next time, you will kneel to accept me into your mouth, to clean your juices from my tool. Of course, you will now be punished for cuming without permission." And with that, she stepped back, and picked up her thick leather belt. She held it to the girl's lips. "Kiss it," she ordered, and the girl did. The woman walked around until she was standing between the girl's spread bound-apart legs. Rearing back, she brought her belt down squarely on the girl's shaved mound. The girl jumped and screamed. A few strokes later, including one that caught the girl's clit, the woman next turned her attention to the girl's inner thighs and laid a number of hard strokes on them. The girl was in agony. Then the woman walked around to the girl's right side and used her belt on the tops of her legs and on her belly. She also landed a several hard strokes across her breasts, even catching each teat once. By now, the girl could barely cry out as she was hoarse from screaming. The woman stopped after 10 incredibly hard blows. "That was punishment of cumming without permission. Do not forget what awaits you each and every time you disobediently climax before you are allowed to do so.? ? She them rolled a condom onto her dick and stated, ?Now it is bung time". And with that, the woman undid the girl's legs, she placed the girl's legs over her shoulders and bent her until her knees touched her chest, and she was displayed like a crab forced onto its back. The woman put her dick into the girl's cunt and lubbed it up by stroking in and out a few times before withdrawing. Holding the girl's ankles, she then placed the head of her cum-slicked cock against the iris of the girl's virginal bung and began to slowly force her way in as the girl's head thrashed from side to side. The angle was perfect for the penetration and she persistent in her possesion of the girl's tight bung. Eventually, she was able to completely bury her dick into the girl's asshole. "Excellent," she said, "this angle allows for really deep penetration, and you've now learned what your bung is truly for, my use." She was smiling. "First I took your cunt, then I used your mouth, and now I'm fucking your asshole. You're really a 3-hole slut now. And Let's work these babies." She took the girl's right teat into her mouth. She bit it and chewed it, before moving to her left teat. "Sometimes I will fuck your bung from behind, but sometimes, you'll be on your back like this, so that I can have your teats in my mouth." Then, she began to move in and out of the girl's tight hot shithole with deep strokes as she continued to bite and chew on her teats. ?I want you to cum again, so I am going to help you. As time passes, you will learn to climax when I fuck your ass, but for now, I will work your clit to make it easier for you to obey me. And just so you know, in the future, you will also be punished for failing to cum when you are told. Look at your teats. I'll bet you've never seem them so huge. I know for certain that you've never felt such agony in them. As I promised, you will also be trained to climax from teat work alone." As she spoke, the woman worked the slave's clit with her left hand. She also slapped her breasts a few more times. "You will be mine. You will be the one; I will have no other. I will train you to completely service me with your cunt, bung, mouth, clit and teats. I offer you my love and my protection." And then the dominant sadistic master kissed her submissive sex slave, full on the mouth. "Right now, I want to beat you again, this time with the lash, and for my own pleasure, but first you must climax, so get ready to cum for me when I tell you, my beautiful 3-hole slut. NOW!" As she spoke, the woman slapped the girl's left breast with one last hard stroke, then bit the girl's right teat hard, using her thumb to stroke her enorged clit all the while, as she withdrew her dick almost completely and then gave one last deep thrust hard into the girl's tightly stretched bung. These combined brutal actions served the purpose she intended and pushed her slave over the edge into a massive screaming full-body climax. The woman rode her slave as she came beneath her, using short quick strokes to move in and out of her clutching anal cavity, alternating between sucking and chewing both her agonized teats, thereby extending her climax, fully milking the cum from her, until she finally fell unconscious. Looking at submissive's tear-stained face, observing the reddened brutalized teats and noted the red flush across her breasts, the woman remained unmoving, her dick still buried deep inside the girl's bung. "My little submissive, know that this is just the beginning of your sexual slavery and your complete subjugation." She said.?

11/25/2012 6:07:49 AM
Just saw FANTASTIC animated gif of male slave being butt fucked from behind by male master who was yoking him with a leather belt, basically riding him like a bucking bronco. Now, that's control!

11/25/2012 5:52:40 AM
I know what I am seeking exists because I have seen the photographic evidence of three lesbian slaves here who are specifically like what I want in many ways. One has been owned for 10 years by her domme, one is currently serving a male (!), and one is poly and not into one-on-one relationships. And of course, there is plenty of evidence of true slave females serving male masters, not to mention true gay male slaves. Anyway, this one particular lesbian slave serving her female dominant is quite something. I should be so lucky to find one such as she. And I am very impressed with the slave mentality of the lesbian slave serving the male master. She was sold to him by her last female dominant. And although lesbian, she does service him sexually as she believes that is her duty. She's been an owned slave for almost five decades, completely dedicated, body and soul, to whomever her current owner happens to be.

10/9/2012 10:55:18 AM

Just heard from a "well-to-do" male/female submissive couple in my geographical area. Alas, I had to decline their polite and discreet offer. I just CANNOT do that sort of thing with those sorts of people, no matter how terrific they may be.


I am who I am and my sexual orientation is so not flexible, not even for nice people with money. I know some can go both ways, but I just can't. Judging by some of the offers I get, if I could bend a little, I could not worry about having a steady day job and could just freelance in my career. But alas, I can't be flexible that way.


Why oh why do I never hear from lesbian slaves offering to shower me with gifts and cash? I'm not looking for tribute unlike some of the greedy people around here. I am sincerely seeking something serious and long-term with a gay woman, but it wouldn't hurt if she was also "well-to-do" into the bargain. It would be like an added bonus, but definitely not the most important thing.

9/8/2012 4:50:41 PM
Yes I have male friends, and NO, i do NOT want to be "friends" with you. I am not here to make friends with guys. And in my experience, straight men never want to be just friends with women. Oh, they may say that, but it's never true. They always have an ulterior motive: having sex with her, getting sex from her. And if you really are just looking to make friends, why aren't you contacting the gay men on here? Could it be because they will probably want to get sex from you at some point, the same way that you want from women?

8/15/2012 12:41:53 AM
It's hilarious how straight guys come on here and pretend to be gay women. Usually it's for a couple of reason: 1. They are pervs (not the good kind) and like to type one handed while they jerk their weenies, 2. They are scammers looking to score some money. Either way, they have NO idea in either head what gay women are interested in or looking for. That's what often gives them away fairly quickly, their cluelessness.

8/12/2012 4:17:36 AM
Recently got offered obscene amounts of money by two different people to do some stuff that I really just can't do. One is a straight submissive guy who wants me to do all sorts of femdom stuff to him sexually. And the other is a bisexual dominant woman who wants me to submit to her and interact with her male slave. What part of me being a lesbian dominant do people just not get? A big payday is a nice idea, but I'm not not into prostitution, plus I'm not bisexual and I don't switch! Just the thought of both scenarios gives me the heebie jeebies!

6/30/2012 11:06:31 AM
Hm, a very intriguing woman may be available. Her profile indicates that she is now 'unowned' whereas previously, her journal - now gone - was detailing her situation. However, it seemed to be all online, and that's definitely not my thing. For me, if it's not in real life, it's not real.

6/18/2012 6:30:39 AM
Crazy little minx came back, tried to act all innocent and get me to talk dirty to her by telling everything she'd like me to do to her and what she thought I might like to do to her. Epic fail. Her manipulation attempt didn't work of course. I was male, my did would NOT have got hard, to put it crudely. e. She even tried the line about how learning how to satisfy my needs would be educational for her. As if! She's not a real slave, just a crazy passive agressve submissive little bitch. Been there, whipped and fucked that sort, no plans to ever do so again. Especially now that I can recognize them before we get naked. Heh, heh...

6/10/2012 11:52:24 PM
She contacted me again like I knew she would. Sent me a message from her device the very next day while sitting at Starbucks around 9 in the morning. Made a lame attempt at an apology. It was really a bad one, probably because she was really all that sorry. She tried a few times and the best that she could come up with was sorry for making me feel like shit. I said that she didnt make me feel like shit, rather she treated me like shit. I suspect she didn't get the difference, but she parroted it back anyway. She wanted a second chance and we talked about brunch and a movie. I also said she needed to send a proper picture. That's how I found out she was at the coffee shop. Said she' send it when she got home. Turns out she had arranged to meet someone and was waiting for her there and was basically just killing time with me! Then she asked me to talk dirty to her!! I asked her if she was serious and she says that dirty talk makes her feel wanted and sexy. Yup, it's all about her. She was totally clueless to the list of improprieties she'd just committed. I told her there was no chance in hell of she and I getting together no matter how her date turned out. Then the woman turned up so the idiot had to go. I just shook my head to myself. She contacts me a few hours later to tell me that the woman took her driving license and left her own soiled panties with instructions to show up at her house in a few hours because she was now owned property. Really? And since she now had some time to kill, would I please talk dirty to her, and can she and I still get together later? Seriously?

6/7/2012 3:27:45 AM
She talked a good game but that's all it was - talk. She wanted my picture which I sent, but in return she sent me two postage stamp sized pictures which she claimed were her. When I noted their tiny size she said to enlarge them even though she well knew that would not make them more viewable. When questioned, she cited 'privacy' despite the fact that one picture displayed breasts and the other thong underwear. Then she tried to turn it back on me by saying I didn't trust her even though we were actually schedule to meet in two days! And just like that 'she' decided that we were no longer compatible and cancelled everything. All because I said it was odd she sent practically unviewable images. Looks like my instincts were correct, so watch out for a 39 year old alleged female slave from Toronto.

6/3/2012 8:41:31 AM
Waiting to hear back from the bisexual female member who planned to a poo-eating hung-via-meat-hooks-in-tits long weekend bonanza. Probably she's not yet recovered.

6/3/2012 8:10:15 AM
More royalty on CM - do enjoy the profile/pix/journal of new member fierce princess as I have no doubt she'd love a diamond jubilee; well probably just the diamonds.

6/3/2012 4:40:33 AM
check out the profile belonging to PrincessPinkLace as she's definitely the one for those who like to be financially abused if only for a month.

6/3/2012 4:22:31 AM
Was reading random journal entries via the link in top right hand corner - always a fun read - and came upon this one member who found a piece of sex furniture in a thrift store. Apparently they didn't seem to know what they had and he was able to make off with it for 45 bucks aka 12.5% of its actual value. I looked at it online and I certainly can see its many possible uses especially for BDSM. I keep complaining that everyone, except me, seems to find great stuff in these shops and it continues to be true, darn it! Check out his post here -

6/1/2012 9:31:50 AM
Well, from now on, I know where to refer submissive heterosexual OBEAH males who contact me. Lucky them. A lesbian OBEAH slave - is there such a thing - I'll keep for myself!

6/1/2012 7:27:22 AM
So this 'straight' guy messages me that he'd love my stud brother with the huge dick to come by and fuck him and he'd find the experience even more delightful if I'd watch him being 'raped' and perhaps I could 'order' my brother to do it. Okay dude, look I did email my brother to let him know of your interest. That was maybe an hour ago and he hasn't got back to me yet. And it's entirely up to him if he decides to take care of your request. As for me watching, that's more about your fantasy than mine. LESBIAN, remember?! Reminds me of the other straight submissive guy who told me his very elaborate fantasy of how I would drive by and pick him up on the street corner, then take him somewhere and have my nasty way with him. Uh, LESBIAN, remember?! Anyway, I'll let you all know what happens. P. S. guy says he's willing to pay my bro. Does that make me a Madam? Probably not. Unless my brother gives me a cut which he probably won't cause he's a bit of a cheap bastard.

5/28/2012 6:53:53 AM
So this silly little allegedly submissive straight boy writes to me and asks where I live specifically as he lives and works in my area and also he wants to know if I am currently working!!! He calls these personal questions "a conversation starter"!!! So here is what I wrote back: --- You're not doing very well here at all. 1. You haven't looked at my profile, even though I have done you the courtesy of looking at yours even though it really is a waste of my time 2. You ask a woman you don't know personal questions that aren't really any of your business 3. You either don't know or don't care that I am GAY, as in not straight and not bisexual 4. If you don't know, then you're an IDIOT 5 If you don't care, then you're an ASSHOLE 6. Maybe you are an idiot AND and an ASSHOLE 7. Perhaps you've already worn out your welcome with every straight and bisexual woman on this site, so you have to start hitting on the gay ones 8. You've decided that my sexual orientation is not important in the your grand scheme of things 9. Well, how about we arrange to meet at your place, hopefully you don't still live with mummy and daddy, although I bet you do 10. I will bring my big gay black stud brother so he can fuck your ass without lube with his 12 inch dick while I video as you scream during your reaming because guess fucking what? YOUR SEXUAL ORIENTATION DOESN'T MEAN DICK TO ME, you stupid straight disrepectful fuckfard boychick! --- So I send it off and before I can hit block, there's another email from him saying how he wants to worship my perfection and asking where does he belong. I told him in the hospital by the time my brother gets thru with his ass. then I hit the block. What is with these super aggressive and super stupid submissive males? Someone really needs to take these morons in hand and teach them some manners! Preferably someone like my brother who really is gay and really does have a giant dick. I bet he really could make these idiots squeal like a little girl.

5/28/2012 4:59:08 AM
Well this is potentially exciting: as usual, I was browsing the profiles looking for my dream slave while killing time, this time waiting to hear from someone else's slave about something we'd been chatting about. Anyway, There's two hardcore career lipstick femmes types on here who are NASTY to the core, and I mean these two are utter self-admitted pigs in the extreme. And you know, it's not easy to find someone in the best of circumstances, never mind what these two are into. So I thought to myself why not put them together? Besides being what I shall politely term "chocolate loving fiends" (yuck), they are geographIcally nearish to each other, close in age and size, and as I said, career professionals as well as stylish, well at least when they have their clothes on. Frankly, I'm trying not to visualize them doing their thing with their clothes off. Anyway, Who knows, maybe they've already seen each others profiles, and even gotten together already. But what if they haven't? Maybe now they will. Could get interesting. And dirty. Heh!

5/27/2012 10:34:21 PM
Now this lezslave has the RIGHT mindset! Too bad she's so far away. My mouth is just there for you to deposit your piss and cum. My pleasure and purpose comes from serving a Mistress. I have no purpose unless I am serving a Mistress. The purpose of my ass, pussy and tits are to please women.

5/27/2012 7:31:55 PM
Attention dudes who make fake lesbian profiles - a girl who is 5 foot 9 and 99 lbs probably wouldn't be on this site as she's likely in a hospital or her grave.

5/27/2012 7:18:38 PM
I always get a chuckle out of people who post this - or something similar - in their profiles on a PUBLIC website: Anyone using this site for studies, projects or other such purposes, does NOT have my permission to use my images or text featured throughout this site or any of my profile information and content. Any attempt to do so will be taken as an invasion of my privacy and will be legally pursued any caught using my photos? will be prosecuted. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this or you may copy and paste this one.

5/27/2012 11:42:39 AM
Just got this note from austinjames2813: I bet you are a guy just posing as in a fake, just trying to score a threesome, and probably have a needle dick No real picture means fake leave this site Obviously this insecure little twerp is not a very good detective. He didn't even look at my profile or my journal. Personally, I think he's projecting, especially about the needle dick. Could even be that pathetic "mr I like to have the last word with lesbians who reject me" using another of his fake identities. What a sad lonely person he is! Oh well, let him be miserable. And as someone pointed out to me, could be that sociopathic drug addict girl. Hadn't even thought of her at all, that's how far I put her out of my mind. I'm sure she'll bounce more a few times in the gutter before she's even close to getting on track if she ever does, but that's her problem not mine. Too bad though, would like to have popped her virgin bing cherry. I know, I know - that's oh so crude of me, but for a dominant devoted to anal, busting an asshole for the first time is just fantastic and oh so delicious!

5/27/2012 9:48:45 AM
Someone has just suggested to me that these jailbait profiles are probably made by guys who think that everyone wants to get with some hot young thing. Yuppers, she's probably right. Hadn't actually considered that, but it makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. So many pervy (in a bad way) guys, and not enough repellant spray!

5/27/2012 6:27:00 AM

Has anyone noticed the recent influx of 18 year old bisexual girls to this site? Myself, I'm not really attracted to seriously youthful, generally prefering 25 and up. What are the chances that the profiles are actually real, and aren't set up to scam or entrap in some way? I had one tell me that she was actually UNDER 18 and then proceed to try and get me chatting explicitly about what I'd like to do to 'her'. And I was thinking, "ok officer, I'd just love a jail cell." probably it wasn't a cop, just some con artist trying to set me up for a little pedo/hebo blackmail. So be careful people; don't let little parts think for you. And remember, if sounds too good to be true - true being some kid after your fat ass or sagging tits - it probably is!

5/27/2012 4:41:25 AM
So this loser let's me know that he has at least one additional account so he can "get the last word" with people he's been harrassing. Why is he so busy trying to get the last word. Well, it seems HE doesn't take kindly to LESBIANS who reject HIM for having a PENIS! What a whacked out freak! I asked him if he was seriously shocked if gay women didn't want to be with him because he was in fact not a lesbian or bisexual female. I'm always amused by people, almost always males, who do not respect the sexuality and sexual orientation of others, usually females. As an aside, I've also found the same to be the case with a great many male to female transsexuals who think that straight men should not have issues with them. Why do people who want to be respected so often fail to respect other people? Anyway, I told him that I too wouldn't be interested in him 'that way' either. That's when he got nasty and declared that I needed to 'open [my] mind' and he said that like 'most women' I was all about it being 'my way or the highway'. By that, I'm guessing that I am supposed to be willing to let him service me orally, his favorite sexual activity he says and that I should be willing to fuck him up the ass like he claims other lesbians have. What a sick, sad, pathetic douchebag! Perhaps he's annoyed all the straight women in the world, so now he's working down the list of gay women. What's that saying about lesbianism if he's the alternative? Of course I've blocked him, but he'll be back for the last word, which I'm going to let him have much in the same way I let my little dog have a treat. And by that I mean I won't bother to respond to his psychotic silliness.

5/23/2012 8:37:50 PM
Was trying to give some mentorship to a girl in her 20s who has a bunch of issues, including being a recovering drug addict. Anyway, I've had to give up on her as she just can't stop lying. I just don't have the time or inclination to waste energy on this little vampire who is not ready to really work on her recovery and becoming a better person. Frankly, I'm even starting to suspect that she's a bit of a sociopath!

5/23/2012 8:20:31 PM
Talking with a sweet little slave I have known for some time, years in fact, have watched her grow and expand. We're definitely interested in being together, but she likes living in Florida near her family, and I absolutely have no interest in living there or anywhere I don't have full and equal rights. Sigh.

5/22/2012 1:41:31 AM
Just read this on someone's journal. My neighbours are never this accommoding: well since I havent found Master yet. I have had to go to the neighbors house and get fucked.? It was good.? he had a friend with him and I had one in my ass and pussy.? They were so excited.? The want more.? Maybe i should give them more?

5/22/2012 1:25:32 AM
Think I'm liking that hide button. Just hid all the poo eaters who keep coming up in my search. Which reminds me: that little holiday get together would've had that too. The meat hook loving lady loved to snack on big piles of streaming poo. Even had I decided to attend, I would've had to step out during that section of the entertainment. I hope she had a great time. I have to wonder about what sort of medical after care she'll be needing. And how the hell does one explain those kind of injuries to the doctor?! Certainly would be helpful if the treating physician/nurse was a kinkster. And I hope to hell that's she's up on her tetanus and hep shots!

5/22/2012 12:43:53 AM

Just got this hilarious email from a straight male submissive who did actually look at my profile: I offer my balls for extreme busting and cbt. Castration is a possibility. Will travel for a right Woman. Also will take part in any ballbusting videos. With regards Does he think that because I am a lesbian I must hate men? Moron! If anything, straight woman have more reason to hate men. I asked him why he hell he thought that offer could have any posssible interest to me. Then I gave him he following advice: I did have a thought on this though. Why don't you contact the kink dot com people? They have some sites where men get dominated by women. Maybe you can be one of heir models for some ball busting videos. By the way, did you read sex advice guy Dan Savage's column last week? Had a letter from a dude into the same crazy shit as you. Anyway, it's suggested to freeze some sperm in case you ever want kids. You may not think you do now, but you may change your mind later. And don't forget that you can get paralyzed from this fetish. Good luck.

5/20/2012 12:44:06 AM
Got talking with a girl in the next city over from me. Seemed a possibility. She claimed to be a submissive, but I got a bit of a vibe off her and asked her if she was a switch. Of course she lied. Later, she also claimed to have 'broken' a domme online and turned her into a slave with just one conversation. Hilarious. Talk about sadly clueless! Just from what this silly girl was saying to me, I was pretty sure this domme was just playing with her. Kinda like a cat with a mouse. If they ever got together - doubtful due to the distance - there's no doubt this naive girl would've quickly realized she'd been had, and quite quickly have been subjected to some severe and well-deserved usage. Anyway, this girl can't admit that she lied to me, and is trying to pass it off as her being 'sneaky'. Hilariously, she's now decided, based on me explaining a few things to her, that she's not a switch afterall. She's probably right about that, but I'm not really interest in her that way any more. Nothing kills my ardour like a liar, most especially one who won't admit to being one after they've been caught. Way too sociopathic for me.

5/20/2012 12:33:38 AM
Had a very interesting offer for this holiday weekend. Had to mull it over for quite sometime before deciding to turn it down. I would have had the opportunity to inflict some severe abuse to a hardcore painslut, including flogging her tits brutally. She also likes to be strung up by her tits for extended periodss of time. Thing is that I would have just been doing it to do it and that's not really my thing. Also, she wanted meat hooks put through her tits. Very hardcore! Told her that was a bit far out of what I do, but she was ok with that as she had someone lined up to inflict that and I would just be a spectator. While it would have been a new experience for me, I'm not sure how much pleasure I would get out of something like that. She's also bisexual and her husband would've been watching. Not a turn on for me, but probably a good idea from a safety perspective. I must prefer my BDSM to be one on one and to have some emotional context. Still, I'm sure she's going to have a great time, and I wish her well. She mentioned that it takes at least a month to six weeks to heal from these sessions, and I can see why!

5/13/2012 5:46:25 AM
Has anyone other than me noticed that there seems to be a lot more people around here who apparently enjoy eating shit or shitting into someone's mouth? And then there are the people who apparently get off rolling around in it, especially when it's fresh and steamy, so to speak. It used to be that you'd encounter someone into that every once in awhile, but now it seems like every third or fourth person is into it! If they're not looking for a toilet slave, then they want to be a toilet slave. I enjoy a good satisfying shit as much as anyone, but I just can't see myself doing it into anyone's mouth, let alone anything else people into scat seem to enjoy. Providence alone know how that particular link gets ironed/hardwired into one's pysche, but somehow it does. And I heard a new name for this activity, at least new to me - 'hardsports'. Probably not a Scrabble word, yet. Personally, I think it's pretty nasty, but I guess I shouldn't be too judgemental so long as everyone involved is actually willing. And as someone put it to me: it's 'just recycled food'. Um ok, but I think I'll stick to golden showers, thank you very much! At least urine is sterile although I have to wonder about a bladder infection situation. Then again, someone with one of those is usually in too much pain to even consider peeing in or on someone. I had one once and I seriously contemplated smacking my head on the side of the bathtub so I could knock myself unconscious and be out of my misery. It really is like trying to piss out razor blades. The only other time I truly contemplated putting myself down was that time I stupidly ate the bad yogurt. And yes, yogurt can go bad. You'll seriously contemplate suicide if you ever eat some that's turned. The pain really is that bad.

5/11/2012 5:49:08 PM
Just got a note from a male slave saying that the girls looking for FGM are mostly fake and mostly male. Not sure how he knows that, but it's an interesting possibility. And it also makes some sense in a very twisted way. Maybe it's misogynists types who fantasize about actually doing it to some hapless young lady and jack off to the email responses they get detailing how it might be done. And the extra kick for them is that it's a female they're asking to do it to another female. Oh yes, very twisted, and NOT in a good way! note: came back and fixed last line, as in added NOT. Darn iPhone auto complete!!

5/10/2012 1:04:51 PM
Just saw a profile where the girl claims she's looking for a someone to remove her clit and labia! Oh, really? Doesn't she think she might miss them? Is this simply a fantasy or something she wants in reality? We're trying to rid the world of female genital mutilation aka FGM and here she is out looking for it.

5/10/2012 7:04:03 AM
Ever since some skanky gal stole my MacBookpro (last Friday 13th), I've mostly been accessing this site via my iPhone. All in all not a bad experience although I can't use the chat function it seems, and I also don't seem to be able to attach audio or video. And I do find it a bit annoying to keep getting randomly flipped over to the mobile site. It's great that they have one, but once you chose to be on the full site, you choice should be remembered! Some guy offered to buy me a new MBP if I was willing to provide him some domination. Thats probably the most expensive present I've been offered here so far by a man, but as usual, I turned it down. Was I tempted? No, not really. Not even a little bit especially as I really need a shiny new MBP? No, it wasn't at all. I so do not like guys in that way and I'm not about to start demanding 'tribute' from them. Let's see, what have I been offered? Swanky phones, a tablet, vacations, cleaning services, carpentry services, foot massages, pedicures - those last two seemed especially creepy - not to mention sex. Now what part of LESBIAN do these guys not understand? I'm also beginning to suspect that a few of them actually get off on rejection.

4/26/2012 5:41:04 PM

maybe it's just me, but there is something so hot about a broken/fallen domme.


there are two or three profiles i've read here which profess to be such women. one of them is a horsewoman (yes!) and i swear my temperature went up when i read her details. and so did my blood pressure. in a good way.


now she apparently lives for getting whipped, loves breast play, tolerates ass play, and doesn't much like being fisted. i have to say that flogging her tits unmercifully would be absolutely delicious. and if i were the one continuing her breaking, trust me, there'd be a lot of anal fucking and cunt fisting.


hell, just for something different, there might even be a little anal fisting, although i might have that done to her professionally after a small dinner party where the guests were lesbian dominants accompanied by their slaves. after all, she's now into humiliation as well. perhaps the only thing that could make it better is if it happened in front of a slave she had formerly dominated.


of course, i'm smiling wickedly, right now!



4/25/2012 6:28:55 PM
Said it before, saying it again: this isn't e-fucking-harmony so stop listing ONLY your vanilla interests because you're just wasting my time with such nonsense!

4/25/2012 9:21:15 AM
Some girl has stolen my new fully-loaded MacBookpro. Very upsetting!

3/3/2012 1:23:44 AM
I was kind of amused when this young girl on here try to play me, acting all coy and hard to get. Sweetie, straight girl tricks and flirty nonsense just won't work with me. I'm just not going to fall for that sort of silliness. And I sure don't go for attempts to manipulate me, let alone passive agressiveness. Been there, experienced that, not going to put up with it anymore, just not worth it!

2/21/2012 10:01:12 PM
I've been considering which is more pleasing as a domme - flogging a slave who relishes the whip, or one who hates (and perhaps even fears) being whipped. Which pain is more satisfying to inflict, I wonder? It's a real toss up, don't you think? And which is more fuckable afterwards? I must say that It's a real conundrum trying to figure it out. I go back and forth on the various possibilities.There are very persuasive arguments for both scenarios. Perhaps it's dependent on the domme's nature generally or her mood at the moment.

2/3/2012 1:14:33 AM

if you're too lazy to fill in your fucking profle, don't bother writing to me. how unclear is that. 100% of the time when i have chatted with someone with no profile, it was a waste of time. and i was reminded again of why i don't like to chat without a starting place. sending me 10 pleading emails that you're for real and not bogus and if i could just agree to chat with you is NOT going to work, but it will get you ignored and blocked. how much clearer do i have to be? usually, it's idiot males typing with one hand as they jack off with the other as they pretend to be lesbian slaves looking for a lesbian dominant and would just like to chat. idiots and morons. 

12/1/2011 12:59:07 AM
Got a message, just not the one I was hoping for. Oh no, I get to hear from some demented male sub who likes to do bad things to his penis with a ballpoint pen. Let's just hope that he doesn't break it off in there. And that reminds me: my mom used to work in the emerg dept, and some of the things she saw and the excuses she heard boggle the mind. Of course I'm talking about foreign object being stuck in various holes. And if you thing that there are only 3 orfices in the human body, well let's just say that you'd be mistaken. Or so she indicated, but didn't elaborate.

12/1/2011 12:14:27 AM
Don't be so desperate that your judgement becomes impaired and you end up compromising your safety! Seriously people, work on your judgment when it comes to a potential 'hook up' or meetup. Don't throw caution to the wind.

11/26/2011 6:36:14 PM

there are two incredible straight female slaves on this site that make me wonder why i just can't find their lesbian equivalent. neither one is full of shit because they have posted pictures to go along with their journals, or have sent me pictures with their emails. they are truly joyful in their submission and slavery, and very intent on pleasing their masters completely. actually, one is bisexual, and has served a female owner previously. she's been a 24/7 slave for 40 years.


there are also two intriguing lesbians here, one is a slave in Europe, and one is a submissive in the States. the European is older and simply amazing, and way too far away, unfortunately. she's a real pain slut and her body modifications are amazing. the younger one is in Florida and also very incredible. both seem to be quite poly, and not really into monogamy. actually, from our communication, i think the one from Florida is leaning towards slavehood, and being with one dominant on a regular basis. i'm sure she'd still like to be loaned out and continue being used at parties. 


now, if only i could find a lesbian slave of this sort of calibre.

11/26/2011 6:25:12 PM

a new lesbian member claims to enjoy financial domination. intriguing, but i suspect that she's going to get a lot of attention, and not the 'good' kind.


it's one thing to get off on giving away money, but quite another to be taken extreme advantage of b ne'er-do-well types many of whom will be posing as lesbian and female and who will be neither. i wonder if this woman is well off, and can afford it, or if she's a regular type person who would even give away her rent money and leave herself in trouble.


you know. i could make quite a bit of money, if i were so inclined, from straight men who write to me all the time. as if they have a chance with me, what with my being a lesbian. i suppose i could just take their money, even though i have no interest in them at all, but i'm not into being a so-called 'tribute domne', how ridiculous and mercenary. i've also been offered gifts as well, again by straight guys. if i was seeing someone, someone female that is, and was given a present, that would be an entirely different thing.


it's too bad really, because i certainly could use a new macbookpro, not to mention a few other pricey career-related items to do with what i am taking in school, and which would come in handy as i freelance. oh well. scruples, what a pain!

7/13/2011 6:33:17 PM

too bad i'm not bisexual, so many male subbies/slaves, so little time. actually, it's not the time, it's the interest. in the abstract, it's cool, but the reality is that i just don't swing that way. pity. 

7/13/2011 6:20:22 PM

my goodness, i'm away from the site for a few days, and i have tons of messages. thank goodness i'm all caught up now. 


what have i been working on? sadly, not a slave, although i did have a very interesting online conversation with one before i left. however, she didn't do her 'homework' and email me what i requested. is she being passive-aggressive? possibly, but she'll find out that doesn't work with me. 


no, i was working on my 'j-school' application. that's journalism school for those not in the slang/lingo know. it's not 4 years, thank goodness, no just two terms as it is what is known as 'post diploma', so you do it after you've graduated with a degree in something or they'll let you in if you're experienced, but lacking in credentials. 


journalism is dead or dying, you heard? not quite, but it is changing. the only place when newspapers are growing in circulation is India and China. in some other countries in the west, they're still doing ok, but in North America, and most especially the States, the industry is definitely hurting, at least the print part, as in newspapers and magazines. 


The internet, and technology like smartphones and tablets, have changed the way news is consumed. and now consumers can be part of the creation process if they choose. even the venerable New York Times has changed from being solely a newspaper to being a news organization. 


so, i'm going in for an update, going to learn some new skills and also brush up on the ones i have. i expected to be in documentary school this summer, for 14 weeks, but that fell through. and maybe it was for the best. with any luck, i'll be doing 8 months of j-school instead, and will learn a lot of the same stuff i was going to do, only more indepth. 


it looks like i'll be getting my tuition covered, fingers crossed, by a government grant. yippee. i hope to be approved, but it's looking good at the moment. i'll have to cough up some dough myself for a nice shiny macbook pro, and a camera. i'll probably do a little fundraising aka 'crowdfunding' with friends and associates. basically, everyone gives a little (say 20 to 50 bucks) until i get enough (probably about 4 grand or so). in return, they'll get a credit on one or more of my films, and perhaps a little gift, like a postcard or a dvd of my work. 


and don't think i haven't thought about doing a documentary on BDSM. 


6/12/2011 9:55:18 PM

here in Toronto, we've had a lot of rain the last three months, a ridiculous and apparently record-setting amount. still, summer is coming, not quite here yet even though it's already June, so it means i need to get pumping my iron. i did slack off a bit this winter. i don't wear short sleeves that much, but i do have a lot of linen shirts, and i like how my arms show in them. i've also switched to lighter and more frequent meals, and i should probably be eating more chicken, baked of course, and without the skin. 

6/12/2011 9:47:11 PM

gosh, i just love bung fucking a naked slave from behind especially when i have her tits roped and her teats clamped and am playing with her clit. sometimes i like her gagged, other times i want to clearly hear her as i take her. sometimes i let her cum, other times not. and afterwards, i like to whip her tits, and then use her body to make myself cum. 



6/12/2011 8:39:11 PM

ladies, if you are indeed a dominant, why are you posing like a submissive/slave in your photos? maybe your body is ahead of your conscious mind. seriously! when is the last time that you've seen a male dominant, straight or gay, presenting himself as if he was a submissive or a slave. the answer is NEVER! 

4/3/2011 7:08:02 PM

a quick note to say why i haven't been around much in the last while. i've just been accepted to documentary film school for the summer. it's an intense program, and i'm pretty excited as i've wanted to go for a couple of years. anyway, it hasn't started yet, but after concentrating on getting myself in, i'm now concentrating on getting it all paid for. lots of paperwork and some anxiety, but it'll be all worth it when it comes together. more details later. even though it's Sunday evening, i'm actually working on my grant application. got a meeting with the facilitator next Thursday at 9am and she's expecting me to walk in there with all my homework done, and it's a lot of homework, but i guess if they're giving money away, one should have to work hard to get it and not just expect it to fall into one's lap without an effort.

1/3/2011 1:50:18 AM

i have noticed a number of profiles from submissive/slave females who are ovr the age of 50, and even some over the age of 60. all indicate that they've been involved in BDSM for a long while. of course, i am interested in lesbians, but from time to time, i do check the profiles of straight women as well. mainly i find those by checking out people on friends lists. and don't ask me why - human sexuality is weird - but i find male-on-male BDSM to be quite hot, especially when the top is older and the bottom is younger.


anyway, to get back to the age thing: these bottoms seem incredibly secure in their identities. a straight one indicated that she'd been in service for over 40 years, and seemed to be loving every second of it. she's actually a 24/7 slave. her master builds BDSM furniture, some of which she is apparently photographed on. i spoke with them awhile back, and clearly they are devoted to each other. lucky slave. lucky master. i'm a bit envious, i suppose. in a good way. true role models are hard to come by in BDSM.


i have also chatted a bit with a lesbian slave who is over 60. what a dynamo. and she has the pictures to prove it - multiple hardcore piercing, many of them extreme. too bad she lives in Europe as she has an incredible depth and breadth of experience that i'd love to try out. still, she inspires me as to the expectations i'd have of a slave. in other words, she's a yard stick by which to measure.





12/29/2010 2:47:17 PM

i am always amused by the sheer number of bisexual women on this site. unlike some people, i don't believe that there is no such thing as bisexual. of course there is. but honey, if some dom dude is making you have some sort of sex with a woman, that doesn't mean that you're actually bisexual. it just means that you're obedient.





7/13/2010 7:55:04 AM
i just love these people who never look at my profile before sending me emails asking me to train them online, or if we could meet in person for me to train them. they're usually male, although once in awhile they claim to be bisexual women, and are always 'willing to relocate'. of course, if they'd read my profile, they'd know i am not into straight guys, women who used to be guys, allegedly bisexual girls, or other dommes who claim they're willing to switch just for me. and i'm certainly not willing to cough up thousands of dollars to some stranger in Nigeria or Sri Lanka to come and be my slave, as if they actually were doing anything other than trying to scam me and others. save your time and pixels, you criminal scum.

4/21/2010 5:41:49 PM
so, according to the urban dictionary, 'shrimping' is "to suck on someones toes for sexual gratification" - well, the activity not's new to me, just the terminology and apparently some people have been calling it that for a long time. and i guess that toes can look a bit like shrimp in the way that they curl. i wonder if there are also people who exclusively enjoy licking people's heels. probably. i know someone who gets off on smelling the insides of shoes, no idea why, but it's completely harmless so why not.

4/21/2010 5:38:01 PM
just came across an intriguing bio where it says that she likes 'shrimping' and i'm wondering what the heck that might be. besides the obvious (commercial fishing for shrimp from a boat, for those who haven't seen Forest Gump). i've been around awhile, and i guess i'm about to learn something new. wonder if it's on Google. 

4/2/2010 4:09:53 PM
hm, just saw the term 'lesbianized' in someone's profile. intrigued to know what she means by that specifically. was she straight before and 'got turned' and won't be going back? or is she talking about something else entirely? i'll have to ask her because her profile is definitely interesting. wonder if she knows what a smutty bdsm dyke area she's living it. girl i know told me that the state they have in common is just smouldering with nasty girl-on-girl bdsm action.

3/31/2010 2:31:42 PM
so has anyone other than me noticed how many people want to keep their 'activities' completely in the online realm? i'm finding that going on a lot. for me, if it's not in person, it's not real, but for others apparently it is. i find that more than a bit odd, quite frankly. pretending to whip or get whipped is just plain ridiculous as far as i am concerned. until you do it for real, it's not real. it's just pretend. then again, maybe that's all some people can handle. not sure if they really should call themselves dominants or submissives or switches as it's really just make-believe. oh well, each to their own, but don't be contacting me to say that you find me intriguing and want to involve me in imaginary situations. that's just too much nonsense for me. heh!

3/4/2010 2:23:12 PM
i'm sure that there are many reasons why people don't fill out their profiles. however, it's been my experience that the people i've spoken with who can't be bothered to do so mostly end up being a total waste of time. this is something i've learned the hard way during my time here. i made a rule for myself that i wouldn't get into deep conversations with people with empty profiles, but i broke that rule many times and EVERY TIME it was a mistake. if you're too lazy or stupid to fill out your profile, that's it. i've had enough playing 20 or 200 questions. your profile tells people some of your interests and let's them know if there are any possibilities for compatibilities. and people who only fill out the parts which have nothing to do with bdsm are being stupid as well. this is not a regular 'dating site'. it's for bdsm. so, for example - if you hate anal sex and would never do it, someone who likes anal sex and wants to do it all the time is not going to be compatible, etc. in other words, your profile is a STARTING place. it's an introductory tool. it's not hard to make, so make one. it also occurs to me that some alleged submissive might be trying to exert control by forcing a dominant to not have a starting place. either way, no way for me.

1/31/2010 9:45:50 PM
some alleged 30 year old lesbian slave from the Philippines keeps sending me one word emails. after telling not to do that as i did not find it interesting or intriguing, she did it again. on the off chance that it was a language barrier, i expanded on my explanation and also said that it was time wasting nonsense to keep sending me one word emails, so she sends back something like 'what nonsense' so now we're up to 2 words. i told her to stop the stupidity and she's 'what stupidity'. so clearly she's bitch playing games trying to manipulate, but i don't go for shit like that and rather than attempt to continue to be nice on the off-chance she's not full of shit (male, straight, scammer, not in Philippines, etc), i blocked her worthless ass, just like i warned her i would. most people wouldn't give her 5 or 6 chances like i did.

1/25/2010 4:01:29 PM
ok, just had a very interesting message from a straight male slave. he wanted to know what i thought of someone who referred to themselves as an 'it'. ok, let me give that some thought. well, if a person is a slave, and is completely satisfied by being completely dominated, submitting completely to someone else's will, if that's what makes them happy and fulfilled, that's a horse of a different colour, i think. there are people who search for a dominant who will take full control of their lives. this is not crazy, they just have a soul-deep need to turn over everything to someone else. once they say yes the first time, that's it as far as they are concerned. would i like someone like that in my life (biologicaly female and full lesbian, of course)? someone who wants to be my 'it'? hm. another interesting question. it's about trust and commitment. and it's a lot of responsibility for a dominant, but it can be incredibly rewarding for all parties involved.

1/25/2010 3:46:44 PM
ok, why are all these subs/slaves/bottoms referring to themselves in the third person aka 'this girl xx'? do they not realize how demented it sounds? and at least 75% of the time 'this girl xx' also feels the need to mention, sometimes stress, that she's NOT a doormat. ok. got it. never thought you were. anyone who expresses such a sentiment to you should be ignored. they're not the one for you, but do you have to keep trumpeting your 'non-dormat' status? and while i'm on this subject: you're telling me how 'feisty' you are and demonstrating how mouthy you are - not attractive, not interesting. all it demonstrates is insecurity, not to mention that it tends to indicate that you're somewhat passive-aggressive.

1/25/2010 3:38:23 PM
i am mystified by all these profiles from submissives/bottoms/slaves which i can only classify as sex-negative or even sex-phobic. for some reason, they think that sex isn't or shouldn't be part of a bdsm relationship. and if the dominant/top/master wants/expects it, then that person is some sort of twisted perv, and i don't mean in a good way. these so-called subs/bottoms/slaves are screwed up to the point of idiocy. i say go get a job in a motel or something because if you want to 'serve' without servicing, then that's a better place for you. you can dust, make beds, clean toilets, etc and get paid for it rather than being here and acting like an ass. if you think that a dominant is not going to fuck your body, then you're fucked up. it's very unlikely that your holes will not be filled in some way, shape or form. in fact, i've never met a single dominant female or male, gay or straight or in between - who has NOT fucked/used their sub/slave/bottom in some sexual way, shape or form so get over your moronic self. some super stupid bitch wanted to get with me but tried to tell me that there would be no sexual activity. as if she was the top, not me. now, in some bdsm relationships there might be some room for negotiation as to which acts are expected, but 'no sex at all'? i think not. and that's from my perspective as a lesbian dominant. i bet straight male dominants are laughing and going "no sex? what the fuck is with these dumb cunts?" i bet gay male dominants don't put up with 'no sex' shit either. i bet the topic doesn't even come up! gay boy slaves probably know better than to be such stupid boyholes asking to get their fool head slapped off. the best chuckle i got was from someone who said they were female but claimed that their genitals were 'deformed' so i could never look or touch 'down there'. right. i bet if i did look/touch 'down there', i would have found a real-life nicely-shaped dick/balls set on this supposed 'woman'. so, anyway, all kidding aside, if you want a no-sex bdsm relationship, i'm not the dominant for you. don't waste my time. or yours.

1/4/2010 3:02:57 AM
some guy keeps looking at my profile. what a stalker. DUDE, MOVE ON. i'm a gay female dominant, you're a straight male submissive. you have NO chance with me. some submissives are anything but; in fact, often they can be very aggressive. not attractive. and that's not a gender thing. some so-called submissive women can also be this way.

and some other allegedly submissive guy told me how much money he has - owns 3 houses, etc - told him i don't care. maybe some people are flexible with their sexuality, i'm NOT. no amount of money is going to make me have sex with some guy. and i mean no amount. just the thought of it makes me physically ill. plus, i'm not a hooker.

i also told him - like i tell all the assholes in this category - that if he thinks my sexual orientation is not important, then his must not be either, and would he like to meet my gay brother who has a giant dick? i mean, really, it shouldn't matter to him right who he gets dominated by, since it doesn't matter to him whom i dominate.

i've never quite figured out how a real lesbian can bring herself to have sex with men, talk about fucked up. like all those gay men and gay women who get married and don't vomit during sex. they must really hate themselves to put themselves through that sort of mental and emotional torture.

i've also never figured out how someone - male or female - doesn't know that they are GAY. must be some of the stupidest fucking people on the planet. and then there are the also stupid people who think an opposite sex marriage will 'cure' them of being gay. are they right on the bottom rung of the moron sexuality ladder?

plus also, they're selfish assholes too. male or female. they're just going to ruin someone else's life. and not just their husband and wife, but any kids born into the marriage. i've heard all the arguments about society and its expectations. don't buy them. so what if people think you're gay. you ARE gay. if you don't want, you don't have to tell anyone, you can sneak around or even be celibate. just stop screwing up other people 's lives so you can pretend to be someone you're not.

and by the way, when your wife find out what a lying cheating sneak you are - and gay men never are faithful to their wives - and is REALLY UPSET at being deceived all these years, you have NO right to be upset or angry. she's not the asshole. you are. plus, why the fuck can't you use condoms when you're out cheating behind her back? how come you have to bring home sexually transmitted disease just to be an even bigger asshole than you already are? hell, how many men have killed their wives with AIDS. i'll tell you how many - a lot.

for some odd reason, gay women who lie and marry straight men don't sneak around and cheat the same way the guys do. oh no, they do it differently. they hang in there, not cheating, but then all of a sudden, 5 or 10 or 15 years in, they meet a woman and fall in love. and 'confess' to husband - as they are leaving him - that they're lesbians. ok, yes, they are and always were lesbians, but they're also lying bitches.

gay people who are married are NOT bisexuals. you actually have to be enjoying yourself, not bearing with it, to be bisexual when sexually active with both genders. it's not about sexual behaviour, but sexual orientation. you can change behavior - even if it sickens you - but you can't change sexual orientation. and that includes trying to 'pray away the gay'.

of course, there's one category of non-idiotic gay people who enter into hetero marriage even though they know they're gay. they live in countries - quite a few unfortunately - that rape, imprison, flog and even execute people who they think are gay, even if they're not. that's survival.

with any luck they'll find a gay person of the opposite sex to marry. some of these countries are our allies and we turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. ugh. if i was a praying person - which i'm not, don't get me started - i'd send my prayers their way. too bad it's not the future already where such shit doesn't go on.

12/28/2009 11:34:09 PM
i recently heard from someone who identified themselves as a lesbian who was writing to let me know that she had been enjoying my journal entries.

after reading her profile and journal, i sent her a note of thanks, and also something of a warning. i had noted that she had served a female/male couple, but said that she had no sexual interaction with the male.

how many times have we heard about girls being sexually abused by the straight male half of a female/male couple? of course, that's not how he'd term it. to him, it was some girl there with his wife that he felt like using. probably it was even more fun for him to force himself onto someone who identified themselves as lesbian.

sure when the girl went into it, she was promised that only the woman would interact with her sexually, but often that's not the way it turns out. sometimes even, the girl gets psychologically manipulated into have sex with the man. that's incredibly damaging on all levels to the girl. not only has she been forced into sex, but she's been betrayed by a woman she trusted.

i've heard planning and chuckling by people at events, so i wouldn't put it past some people to actually do crap like this. it wouldn't be a shocker to learn that the so-called dominant female and her male partner had planned all along to lure some girl into their lair with false promises when they had always planned to both use her. be smart ladies, don't put yourself into potentially dangerous situations. better to be a bit lonely than end up used/abused horribly.

12/9/2009 1:38:28 AM

so, some people can't be bothered to make any effort to fill out the no-brainer 'likes/dislikes' thing. i've heard so many excuses from people on this. all of them are basically bogus, and it really comes down to 1. sheer laziness, 2. scammers - and even scammers tend to fill them out, all the better to lure in potential victims.

and then there are the people who put only non-sexual shit such as walks on the beach, eating out and going to amusement parks. in my books, that's equaliy stupid. "this aint no fucking", ok? don't be a damn idiot. this is and you're not here to exchange recipies or knitting patterns.

do yourself a favour. put some real stuff about your kinkiness (needs/wants) in your profile. or don't, but then don't bother to contact me. empty profile = empty head. ok, maybe not, but that's the impression. 

12/9/2009 1:26:35 AM
so this one domme says "where in my profile does it say that i am looking for a guy? a male slave...". well, since your profile says BISEXUAL, are you REALLY suprised when a man contacts you? of course, some guys contact lesbians too - and not just to talk - but i'm just pointing out that if you have 'bisexual' in your profile, don't be all up and shocked if some dude emails you.

12/8/2009 10:25:04 AM

some asshole wrote this to me:

I know i am far away and that i could be a turn off for You especially since i am a male but i just wanted to let You know that i could travel and even relocate if the compatability is there and if we good be a good match but before doing all of that we could surely get to know each other a little bit, please....

I am very serious in my search and will prove it very rapidly especially since i need to be controled by a Strong Black Lady who will impose Her lifestyle on me and who will guide me with strict rules.

May i ask You why such a need ?  Maybe with Your experience You could tell me more.

Of course, i am much more than that and please allow me to let You know.


so i wrote this to him:

why do i have a need for a woman? why do you? since you think my sexual orientation does not matter, may i introduce you to my big gay black brother who has a giant dick he'd love to shove up your stupid rectum? go look up 'compatibility' and 'lesbian'.  


i mean really, since he thinks me liking women doesn't count, why should his not liking men count? you know what would be fun? letting him come for a visit, chaining him up, gagging him, and then letting my big black muscular gay brother - who really does exist and really does have a GIANT dick - have his way with the jerkass' virginal shit-hole.

just saying. not that i'd ever do such a thing, but it bears noting that one day it's going to happen to some straight male asshole who thinks that the lesbian domme he's been harassing and disrespecting really has changed her mind and wants him when she was clear that she has no interest in him, or his kind, that way.


12/6/2009 1:07:35 AM
i SWEAR, practically the hottest lesbian slave on this site is

i may have mentioned her in an earlier posting. anyway, the woman is so hot i don't know why the clothes don't just burn off her when she's walking around.

have a look at the pictures on her profile - i LOVE when she adds new ones (which she doesn't do often enough as far as i'm concerned) - and always drop her a line to say thank you.

and before you all think it's about the size of her breasts - which are magnificent - it's not. from the pictures, her body clearly demonstrates her serious committment to her slavehood. this isn't someone playing a game. it's heartening to see a non-fake lesbian slave on this site. gives me hope that maybe there are others. and hopefully just as committed and seeking a dominant woman for a relationship.

one thing that thrills me about the pictures is something physical, i will admit: her teats are large and pierced. my fetish for oversized nipples is major, and in a long term relationship, my slave's teats will be brutally worked - in order to enlarge and sensitize them - and also professionally pierced. it's non-negotiable.

12/6/2009 1:02:03 AM
unfortunately, had to cease communicating with that straight male dominant. i always refused to talk about sexual matters with him as it could only get purient on his end, but we did talk generally about women and matters of a non-sexual variety. one thing we talked about what passive-aggressivity - which he displays in spades - and why it's not a good thing.

also, explained to him the difference between being a dominant and being domineering, quite possibly an eye-opener for him. as i've said before, not everyone who holds themselves out to be a dominant is, in fact, a dominant. many people are confused about whether or not they are submissives, and some of them think that being a submissive is somehow being weak, a common error.

still, people of all stripes go through life lying to themselves, something i don't get, but have come to realize is true. you'd think that inside one's own head/heart, it would be impossible to hide the truth from oneself, but apparently not. look at all the people who think they are straight for 50 years and then finally come out of the closet. like hello, what did you think it meant what you got hot for people of your own gender. people who are straight are not 'confused' about whether they might be gay (or bisexual).

well, this guy isn't gay (that last paragraph was just one example of how people lie to themselves that i've notcied), but he also isn't a dominant, but he is domineering - which, by the way, isn't a good thing to be. great way to alienate people, and also be alone.

11/21/2009 7:28:09 AM
i had no idea how many people read my journal. ok, maybe it's not a lot, but they all seem to be on now. i don't usually come on at this time, but here i am. just got a HILARIOUS note from a straight male dominant:


Dear Madam,

I just read your journal entry.

I have been sending out rude notes to lots of women.  Are you saying I shouldn't be doing that?

If I had known I was causing offence I would not have done it.

Him not reading your profile does actually make him sound quite dommy to me.

But then again you are looking for submissive women.


ok, that's FUNNY! i stopped by his profile and looked at his journal, and there's some really good stuff there, ESP about the evil chairs he got from Ikea. i've got stuff from them too.

you know, just cause we're into bdsm doesn't mean that we don't have a life outside of that. and it's nice to run into some geniune people here, and also ones with a sense of humour, including ones that we don't have an interest in 'that way'.

11/21/2009 7:05:38 AM
ok seems that SarfLondonDom is a big fat loser. he NEVER looked at my profile, just sent me a note saying it was all caps, and THEN he sent me a really rude note. i guess he's threatened by female dominants especially lesbian ones who would have no interest in him. i definitely got a nice chuckle out of it. oh well, there's a lot of sad people about with too much time on their hands. you know, what's REALLY funny? at first i thought his name was BARFLondonDom! i don't tend to judge people by their pictures, but you know, the one he has up now where he has that WIDE eyed psycho stare, probably shows his real personality. ladies, beware!

11/21/2009 6:58:29 AM
just got a note saying that someone is seeing my profile in all CAPS which is odd because it's not. anyone else seeing this? can anyone send me a screenshot? thanks!

11/21/2009 6:50:05 AM
so here's a tip that i've learned after being on this site for sometime: if you get contacted by someone with a new profile, be a bit cautious. someone just joined and they're coming on hot & heavy? good chance they're bogus or up to no good at all, looking to bullshit and/or take advantage. it might even be someone with whom you've had contact previously looking to hook you, reel you in and score for whatever psycho reasons they have going on inside their bizarre little head. i've been hearing more and more about this going on, and i've even noted it somewhat myself after paying a bit more close attention. don't dismiss a new account out of hand, just exercise a bit of caution. you know, common sense.

11/19/2009 3:28:37 PM
and while i'm on the subject of idiots who contact me - what about the ones who don't bother to read my profile first. LIKE MORONS.

and i don't just mean the straight 'submissive' guys looking to hookup with a dominant woman who is gay. they're a whole separate category of stupid.

one asshole of that type wrote to me a couple of times about how i'd come by and pick him up off the streets of downtown Toronto, take him somewhere and have my way with him. AS IF. i'm a gay girl, you're a straight guy, you stupid fuck.

actually, i'm pretty sure he was typing with one hand as he was writing his fantasy. and a big part of that fantasy was having a black lesbian dominant suddenly be interested in his super-pasty chubby white straight male slave ass.

dream on, skanky dude. hope some mean dominant, maybe a super butch male one since you don't think sexual orientation matters. maybe he'll split your rectum with a big ungreased fist. i know more than one which would be delighted to oblige.

11/19/2009 3:22:05 PM
ok, you know, if you have NO profile, that's a problem for me and a lot of other people around here. no picture is one thing, but no profile? that's sheer laziness.

it's not like you have to think hard to do make one around here. it's not like say, writing a journal entry. you get to pick stuff from checkboxes, so if you can't even do that, well it doesn't say much about you.

actually, let me rephrase that - it says you're a lazy idiot and not worth talking to. is that unfair? possibly. but you know what ONE HUNDRED FUCKING PER CENT of the time when i've been contacted by someone with no profile (cause i won't contact that sort of moron), it's been a complete waste of my time.

it's always the same excuse from them: "i never know what to put". what a line of bullshit cause it's CHECKBOXES, so they're stupid AND lazy. great combo.

each time i tell myself not to start talking to people who have no profiles, but each time i tell myself that maybe it will be different this time, but it never is. lesson really learned. finally.

and for those not lazy, it's someone jacking off as they try to get you to describe smutty stuff. so, that's nasty behaviour too. and again, not worth my time.

11/11/2009 11:47:26 PM
wow, just wasted almost 20 minutes explaining to a young lady the difference between being abused and having a dominant put her into pain. she really didn't get it. she mentioned that her friends had told her she was involved in abusive situations, and after listening to what she thought was BDSM and how she was getting her 'fix' of masochism, i told her that her friends were right, and that i'd go one step further and say that she was going to end up getting herself killed. truly a sad, pathetic and stupid girl. probably will be reading about her snuff film death in the next while if she doesn't get a clue soon.

11/10/2009 1:37:55 AM
it's funny when someone contacts you not realizing that you've chatted before, sometimes extensively. memory like a sieve!

when we first talked this one hot girl in my own town - who calls herself a slave - told me that she wants her domme to be 'crazy jealous' over her. also used term 'insanely jealous'. hon, this ain't no romance novel. in my world, you don't dictate such nonsense to me.

she also tried to get passive-aggressive with me while we were chatting. this wasn't just once, but over the course of several conversations so it's part of who she is, and PA is not shit i put up with. another red flag was her inability to communicate and her avoidance in answering questions about her experience and expectations.

i have no issues dealing with someone who hasn't been in service long or previously. that's not a bad thing at all. what i do have problems with is someone who tries to bottom from the top, and also tries to silly manipulations games.

11/4/2009 9:35:40 PM
I posted this a few days ago over at another site with the initials FL:

I've decided to fill out this section to save a little time, both my own and potential partners.

I am a gay woman and I have NO romantic or bdsm interest of any kind in men. This also includes having one as any sort of a slave or submissive. Some people say their BDSM is not about sexual matters. If that's the case - yeah right - find, good for you. It's not my case. For me BDSM/sex are wrapped up together and intrinsically intertwinned. So, even if the potential male partner claims they don't want such a relationship to be sexual - pretty much always a lie - and just want to 'be of service', that's not going to happen.

I also am only into women who were born biologically female and remain as such. This means - for those who really don't get this and it's a lot judging from the contacts I get - if you have or ever had male genetalia, we're not going to be compatible 'that way'. No amount of explantions from you on how you are a 'real woman who just needs a chance' - including that you now have breasts and no longer have a penis - or attempts at charm can change who I'm attracted to.

I'm not trying to diss women in this category. Heck, you've been through a lot. I'm just not attracted to you. How do I know this? Been there, done that, realized the truth about my attractions. Anyway, it's really cool that you've figured out who you are on the inside (female not male), and while there are many kinds of women out there, you're not my type of women. But guess what? You're someone's type, look for that person, don't waste my time or yours.

Also, if you're passive aggressive, and/or think that 'bottoming from the top' is the way to go, keep going. I've learned to recognize this sort of behaviour - from some painful experiences - and I don't put up with it. No exceptions.

So now, that I've got all that stuff out of the way - wish I didn't have to state the obvious, but unfortunately, I've learned that I have to be super-clear - if you're a gay woman (and not bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, etc) and think we might be compatible, please do drop me a line. Especially if you actually have a filled out profile.

I don't care about things like race or social status. And I'm not big on looks - I'm average myself although I do have nice eyes and near perfect teeth - as everyone can't win the genetic lottery, but good hygiene is very important. I don't smoke or use illegal drugs or abuse presciption meds, and I'm not interested in being with someone who does. I'm not much of a drinker, but I don't mind someone who drinks moderately/socially.

I'm not really concerned about body type, but I must admit that I'm not attracted to someone who is seriously underweight or seriously overweight. I have no problem with someone who's a bit 'chubby' and 'chubby' is relative. There's a huge difference with carrying around an extra 20 lbs - which I don't mind - and an extra 200 lbs - which I do mind.

11/4/2009 8:41:28 PM
have any of the lesbian dommes here noticed the sudden large influx of supposedly gay girls aged 18 and 19?

i certainly have. and their skimpy profiles are almost always accompanied with porn-style pictures and come hither looks. some actually have their fingers in their mouths. oh, and they usually live overseas.

frankly, i'm pretty skeptical that they're real people. looks like they're setting up a scam. and being clueless, they make these accounts in a way that will appeal to straight men, rather than lesbian women.  what appeals to straight guys doesn't usually appeal to gay girls. not usually. just because we both like females doesn't mean that we have the same way of being attracted to them. men and women are different afterall.

maybe the guys around here have wised up to some of these fraudsters so they're now targetting a different market in an attempt to suck money from new victims.

11/3/2009 2:34:28 AM
so VERY tired of all these girls with shaved cunts. i do NOT want to be with a child. real women have pubic hair. doesn't have to be a giant bush, nothing wrong with trimming/taming it, but please HAVE SOME. sheesh!

8/21/2009 8:20:56 AM
stopped by the other day, first time in a few years. still as skanky and pathetic as ever. saw this one room for dominants & submissives, male/female. nothing odd about that, right? well, the so-called male dominants posted rules stating that ALL women entering, INCLUDING dommes HAD to kneel because men are 'superior'. right. talk about stupid and insecure, not to mention disrespectful. a secure male dominant is not threatened by a female dominant. i pity the poor straight female submissives having to deal with creeps like this. darlings, guys like that are clueless, and you're probably facing abuse on all levels. run away. run away fast. there ARE real male dominants who aren't crazy insecure sexist assholes.

8/14/2009 10:40:26 PM
is there anything better than giving a full body whipping (tits, thighs, back, butt) to a slave before seating her in my lap, facing away from me, bung impaled by my dildo, hands cuffed to her thighs, as i work her clit and tweak her teats - all of which are hard/erect - while she gasps thru a gag and tears stream from under her blindfold?

8/1/2009 11:33:46 PM
a lot of people ask me what i'm looking for, and what i'm not looking for. well, i thought my profile was pretty specific, but maybe not, or perhaps they just want some clarification. anyway, i've been thinking more on that. i guess my profile says more about what i'm looking for, and not a lot about what i'm not looking for, so here goes, let me expand a bit on that.

i'm looking for a girl who was born female and not male. if you've had a partial or full sex change, i'm still not interested 'that way'. i'm a lot more flexible in my non-sexual/platonic friendships than i am in my sexually and emotionally intimate romantic relationships.

and for those wondering, i actually have dated and had a sexual relationship with someone who was born physically male and had reassignment surgery. and since that time, some women who previously were male have been attracted to me, but the simple fact is that i am not attracted to them. and it's not a crime either way. we like what we like. and it's not hard to say 'no thank' you politely.

i'm also not interested in straight girls or bisexual girls. while we're all females, and might sleep with girls, there is a difference between straight girls who try out the 'girl-thing' for fun, and bisexual girls who genuinely enjoy being with men and women. it's all cool, and each to their own, but while there is some overlap, the head/mindspace is different. especially on an emotional level. so, for a long term relationship, i'm interested in a girl who has no interest in men, 'that way'.

i'm not sure why girls who are attached, either to men or other women contact me after reading my profile. no way, no how. that's just not going to happen. i'm so toally not into threeways, especially WITH a dude whether he's watching or not, let alone trying to join in. and yes, WAY back, tried it (my first actual sexual experience with a female was actually a threesome), won't EVER again. ugh.

now as for the type of girl i do like, well, i've also learned that i really don't care for mouthy chicks who describe themselves as 'fiesty' and flat out feel the need to tell dominants that they are not a 'doormat'. never thought you were a doormat, sweetie, and i don't need you to tell me - or anyone else - that you're not one. doormats are for doorways, not my bed.

i also don't need her trying to bottom from the top. you're a submissive? well, that behaviour is actually trying to be dominant, in case you didn't know. i'm not a switch and i'm not going to put up with that. you're into being passive-aggressive? sorry, darling, keep moving along. i've no desire to engage with you and get pulled into your ridiculous attempts to game and manipulate and manipulate me.

8/1/2009 10:41:51 PM
it's always very interesting to see what sort of equipment people have set up in their homes, be those houses or apartments.

mstrgrndrgn96 aka SYR T

has a great setup to enjoy a hapless slave

for sure that's some very handy board and rope work.

7/19/2009 7:35:41 PM
so, i get a message from this submissive/slave. she's about 90 minutes from me on the Canadian side of the border. she's not sure if she and i have spoken before (we have) but she'd like to definitely explore possiblities now.

it seems she's sent this email before reading my profile, but then again, since we've spoken before, she has a good idea of what it says, if she remembers looking at it, even though she might not know if i've updated. anyway, as i'm reading her message, i note that she's viewing my profile, so it becomes a moot point.

i look at hers and i see that she's still listed herself as bisexual. for me, this makes a difference in some circumstances. if i was just looking for a bit of fun, i wouldn't care, but since i'm looking for something long term, it's something i have to talk about with a potential partner.

some bisexual people are with whoever they are with, and no one else; other bisexual people like to see both a man and a woman at the same time. and other people - gay, straight, bisexual, whatever - are full on poly. they like to be with different people. none of this is right or wrong, so long as everyone involved is in agreement. in other words, if you're into one on one, don't be with someone who isn't.

for something long term, i'm going to strongly prefer to be with a woman who defines herself as a lesbian - meaning that she has no current interest in men - we just have a lot more in common as gay women, rather than having some things overlap as a woman who's gay with a woman who's bisexual. and also, she needs to have been born biologically female. i don't dislike people who fit into other categories, but for me - based on my personal previous experiences - that's what works best for me. people who lie about who or what they are also don't do well with me because the truth usually comes out.

one thing i've learned for sure is to ASK questions, and not assume that someone is biologically female or a gay woman. it's very disconcerting to find your allegedly lesbian partner with a man, or to be told that your allegedly lesbian partner wants to spend some time sexually with a guy. and it's really disconcerting to find a penis in the panties of your allegedly female partner. i mean, when i had that little surprise, there was an odd vibe there, but i figured it was because she was from another part of the country, not because she was concealing that sort of secret.

anyway, back to this girl: her idea of service is non-sexual. in fact, previously in her profile, she listed that she was tired of tops into 'kinky sex'. and from what she said, it seems that what she considers kinky is quite a few things. she specifically mentioned oral sex and guys always wanting it. it's been my experience that most guys - gay and straight, top or bottom - like getting sucked off. good luck to her if she wants to find a trainer who doesn't want a blow job from her. speaking of which, while i am not into guy/girl porn, i recently saw an incredibly hot video clip of a master whipping his slave as she performed oral sex.

very hilarious was her attempt to backtrack on her bisexuality. look, you listed it, silly girl. were you lying? because most gay girls don't wanna get bothered by straight guys (although guys around here don't seem to get the meaning of the word 'lesbian'), so no way will they be listing themselves as bisexual if they're not.

she wanted to rub my feet and give me a full body massage, neither of which i am into at all. what she was describing, well, that's her fantasy and more power to her. my brand of dominance/submission involves sexual activity. it's not all kissing and cuddling (although i've been known to enjoy that too). more power to her for knowing what she likes, but she also needs to realize that insulting doms/dommes isn't the best way to get what she needs/wants. and she's also probably going to have to give a little.

the sort of dominant i am is not going to be the sort that is going to put up with her sort of submissive. by that i mean her piss-poor  bad attitude. i don't deal with passive-aggressives or bottoming from the top. been there, had that happen, and it won't go on again. girls who act like that need a good whipping to cure them, but they can get it from someone else cause i'm done with dealing with psycho crap like that.

anyhoo, i told her that her attitude needed adjusting, just before i blocked her. 5 or 6 emails from her was enough. plus, i'm not looking for a maid or a masseuse.

6/27/2009 9:36:59 PM
reading profile of this bat shit crazy alleged lesbian dominant. seems she contacted a bisexual male and he noted she was a lesbian and wondered why she was contacting him, and she thought it was an odd question.

given that she has more than one profile here, i'd say she was contacting him to milk his wallet. she claims also to be a 'pro domme', more like a scam artist. she calls herself a 'high Domina', yeah, she's high on something alright.

this is straight from her journal:

I contacted a Bisexual Male Switch with the hopes of expanding my Family.

He said: "Why do you contact me you are a Lesbian."

I said: "What a strange question! But then it dawns on me that you think BDSM is about sex. I take people Flying and allow orgasms for health reasons. I am looking for alpha people who will compliment My Family and Victorian Householding. Clearly we don't see the Scene in the same manner. I see people. You see Genitals. Blessings I hope you find persons who also see things your way."

CRAZY BITCH. and rude too! what she needs is to be stripped naked, strung up, and taught a lesson in manners with a bull whip. she's not even really a dominant, but an insecure posturing submissive who thinks that there's something wrong with being submissive so she's taken on this persona.

6/27/2009 7:21:38 PM
well, already got some feedback on my 1st audio post. you know, it was kinda fun, definitely will be trying it again.

heck, might even read one of my smutty short stories. maybe, but likely in the morning when my voice is a bit deeper. actually, might not be a 'morning' thing. it's more accurately a 'when i first wake up' thing.

and speaking of my smutty stories: working with a WONDERFULLY talented artistic male submissive who is creating some illustrations for them. that's DEFINITELY very exciting for me.

i'm also working on a new sort of story - new because i usually only write nasty woman-on-woman bdsm stuff - probably will be a 'one-of', but you never know. it's about a male athlete who gets kidnapped and sissified, right up to being gifted with a very nice set of 'ta-tas' oh my! and you should see the incredible illustration the boy's already done for that.

6/27/2009 6:13:37 PM

6/27/2009 5:48:57 PM
- this hot slave is 73, and has been in full service for 42 years (3 Doms, 3 Dommes)
- it must be amazing for her to be able to really be herself all the time

6/27/2009 5:40:40 PM
my 1st profile: babygirl005
- she and her master have been together 4 years
- looks like an amazing and satisfying situation
- loving her journal entries, esp 6/22/2009 and 5/25/2008
- sounds like he's helped her thru an emotionally heavy past
- also, looks like he's explored her limits, and expanded them
- now why can't i meet a gay girl like this?

6/27/2009 5:06:26 PM
kk, i think i have figured out how to post images here. this is fun. let's try some more.

6/27/2009 4:24:31 PM
i think i may start featuring a few of my fellow collarme peeps, top and bottom, that i find interesting and/or hot. i've wanted to, ever since i saw that person with pictures and videos in their journal.

now this guy - SlaveTransportCO - is providing a VERY helpful service -

6/27/2009 3:30:21 PM
goodness gracious, there are SO many straight male slaves and submissives on this site. it's like a frakking smorgasbord. white, black, big, small. tons to chose from, some guy for every taste. who are all these dudes? a lot of them are in shape too and definitely make it to a gym on a regular basis. that's not to say that a slightly chubby hairy dude doesn't have an appeal in some circles. but wow, if i was a straight female dominant, i'd be in heaven around here. but alas, i'm one who's for ladies only. 

6/27/2009 3:10:13 PM
note to scammers: don't tell me you looked at my profile when you didn't.

and a picture of a girl with big tits and hooker heels won't do it for me. things that turn on straight guys often don't turn on gay women. now, as it happens, some guys might look at a picture like that and drool, but i won't. and after they're done drooling (cause most of them are visual types), a lot of guys might also notice you didn't look at their profile either.

also, as a gay woman, while i might not rule out bisexual girls immediately (although i do most of the time on here, at least and with good reason), i'm not that interested when you write to me and tell me how you'd like to submit to a male dominant, given that i'm not a guy, and don't want to be.

6/17/2009 7:11:30 PM
you know, i am fast losing my respect for some people around here.

hey girl, if you have a cock & balls, don't get all up in my face if i personally don't want to get with you, ok? you may feel like a girl, hell, maybe you are some sort of a different kind of girl, BUT you are NOT my type of girl.

you may not want to 'label' yourself as transgender, and you may feel that you have a 'birth defect', and that sucks for you, but your issue is not my issue, so stop trying to make out like it is.

i find it somewhat hilarious, but also somewhat disturbing that the people who loudly demand respect for their sexuality aren't willing to be respectful of other people's sexuality. a straight man should not have to find a dick & ball sack where he's not expecting one, and neither should a gay girl.

try some fucking honesty, ok? and yeah, we all hear that some people get a bit unpleasant when unpleasantly surprised, so don't tell them in person. use the phone, use text messaging, use email. whatever, just stop with the fucking lies, ok?

what i find even more bizarre is that there are people out there who like girls who have or used to have dicks. it's their 'thing', and they like to get with that sort, but somehow - and this is the bizarre part - to girls who have dicks or used to have dicks, these sort of admirers are not acceptable. somehow their acceptance is 'inferior'. talk about bullshit.

it seems to me that some girls who have dicks or used to have dicks just prefer the drama and the trauma. pretty fucking sick, actually.

and ever notice how dudes with pussies are so much more sane? and usually more HONEST, and respectful of others, and the sexuality of others.

6/16/2009 8:03:03 PM
heard from yet another straight guy offering his services, but this one was FUNNY! - "i think you should keep me in your bathroom as your lesbian toilet". sheesh. i'd hate to think what his tongue would be up to. nasty. still definitely a hilarious offer.

6/15/2009 3:20:22 PM
had a frustrating chat with someone who is being used by someone in a bad way but doesn't get it because she is thinks that that's how it's supposed to be. kinda sad. saw another profile which indicated same sort of set up. i wish slaves/submissives would get a clue that bdsm is NOT about being exploited, even if they like to get whipped and pissed and shit upon.

6/15/2009 2:55:33 AM
so, this gay male dominant i am acquainted with has met a fantastic gay male slave who is apparently the stuff of his dreams, and who is unfortunately, sort of attached to someone else on a part-time basis.

that's the slave's description of the situation, not the leather daddy's, and given that, this man is thinking of tempting away this boy so that he can have him on a full-time permanent basis.

usually, that's not something he'd do, but he's thinking that the other dominant shouldn't be letting this one run around like that with no committment even though the slave is longing for a lot more, specifically an ongoing seriously relationship, and not to be just some plaything on the end of a string.

so, a bit of a dilema, no?

6/15/2009 2:29:00 AM
hm, PrettyNYkitten and XRoxanneX have same photos in their profiles, one is allegedly submissive, one is allegedly dominant. yeah, right. i bet this shit goes unnoticed a lot as tops look for bottoms, and bottoms look for tops. not often a lot of crossover.

well, it seems that PrettyNYkitten is allegedly a 'professional' dominatrix or 'domina' as she likes to be called, and she's got the XRoxanneX profile going to reel in 'so-called' dominant men so she can mock them. she also hates people into 'poly', calls them pathetic.

i'm a gay woman, and i don't hate men, straight or gay. i just don't want to have sex with them. it must be really hard to be a straight woman and hate men like this pathetic excuse for a woman seems to. i mean really, how inconvenient, although in her case, she seems to be trying to make it profitable.

also, i'm monogamous, and not into being with lots of people, at the same time, but you know what? some people aren't monogamous and like to party. hopefully safely. and i say that if you can find a bunch of adults who like what you like, then go for it, hopefully carefully (no drugs, no unwanted pregnancies, and no diseases transmitted).

what a sad nasty cunt she is. hating so many. what this unpleasant person needs is some serious punishment time hanging from the ceiling and at the mercy of a bullwhip. any volunteeers for the shift after mine?

6/12/2009 2:15:35 AM
still finding it amusing when 'slaves' ardently declare that they are not a 'doormat'.

also got an email from a bisexual girl in my area who wanted to get together for a little fun, not sure where in my profile it says i am looking for casual sex with someone who is in a relationship WITH someone, let alone in a relationship with a guy.

not to mention the safety issues. like hello, great way for a lesbian domme to end up trussed up, raped and gosh knows what else by some nasty couple.

and if 'crushedmind' REALLY is a lesbian, and only wants to be with a woman, and really does NOT want men contacting her, then WHY THE FUCKING HELL is she posing naked with a GUY holding her in a submissive position (no woman has forearms that hairy, it's a guy). way to send a wrong message. like DUH. no wonder some guys around here get confused about what women want.

6/11/2009 6:49:34 AM
how come i never meet the lesbian version of slv2degrade -

6/4/2009 2:32:57 AM
WOW!!! check out journal of MissZara - - she's got embedded photos and youtube videos in it. well, now that i see it can be done, might be having all sorts of fun shortly. VERY COOL. 

6/1/2009 5:32:03 PM
kk, listen up slaves/submissives. most of you are of at least average intelligence. meaning that you can think and reason. and it should mean that you don't get so desperate that you think it's a good idea to listen to every sleazeball who says they are one thing, but are really another, and proceed to treat you like shit. if you don't honour and respect yourself, no one else will.

5/13/2009 10:50:25 PM
so the last few people who have contacted me have been idiots, and probably female. one of them said one word 'hy'. didn't even spell it correctly.

another one just sent her email address. and a 3rd one only asked if i wanted to talk on the phone, not even a hello. i saw her online and sent a chat request. i thought we could maybe chat for a few moments before immediately getting on the phone. and somehow, that made me a guy.

i said i wasn't a guy and that i was just grabbing my bluetooth headset. i mentioned that my skype voip plan let me call land lines and mobile phones all over usa and canada for really cheap.

suddenly she leaves the chat and sends me a message: "it's ok, i know you're a guy". so stupid and bad manners. or just very suspicious. i give her another chance, and she sends me her number. i call her, and can't get through. i call a few more times. it asks me to 'input an access code'. starting to get suspicious. she messages me that she needs to get off the internet before my call will go through. duh. if you knew i was calling, why didn't you get off> never mind, try again. call goes through this time. 

turns out she doesn't really want to talk about anything non-sexual. she tells me the sound of my voice is making her 'horny', and she very clearly starts playing with herself. she asks me what i expect in a relationship, but of course, she is speaking of sexual matters, not other stuff. i expand on things i have in my profile without getting truly smutty.

she tells me she is cumming. so she's basically having phone sex, not exactly with me. "i don't even know you," she says, but you're making me cum, and i say, "actually, not really, you're doing that yourself. anyway, i'm glad you seem to be having a good time, but that's not really my thing." i suspect she has no idea what i mean. oh well.

"call me any time," she said, to which i respond, "i think not".

5/12/2009 3:40:36 AM
got 2 near-identical emails from clearly straight guys pretending to be gay girls. pretty sure they were Nigerian scammer types too.

tried to sink the hook and reel me in. only they tried to use the same bait they'd use on hetero men. describing themselves as if they ultimate goddess with stripper-like proportions who had no limits, and were willing to be 'whored out' to guys as part of the whole master/slave kinky thing.

and since they want to relocate pretty fast to spend the rest their lives with me - on their knees of course - i'm pretty sure that they'd soon be needing money for overseas plane tickets, immigration fees, cash to pay off corrupt officials. this is how they scam nice guys who are desparate. naturally they never show up.

tips: don't say you've read my profile when you haven't, guess you didn't notice that 'who is viewing me' feature. we've never even spoken, and already to want to devote your life to me? that come on is a bit too thick. and while a 'no-limits' slave is somewhat appealing on an intellectual and/or fantasy level, most dommes/doms don't want to be able to beat their slaves to death.

also don't try to tell me that you have double-d sized breasts, because while we do tend to like breasts, most gay women don't care about ones that have been super-sized medically. and speaking of gay women, we don't tend to want to 'whore out' our girlfriends/slaves/submissives to straight men, probably because we are LESBIANS.

i told them i suspected they were scammers, but i didn't block them. i waited to hear back from them, for my own entertainment. i just loved the wide-eyed innocent routine that was tried.

5/4/2009 10:25:59 PM
so i'm reading the profiles again, and i come across an 18yr girl from MN who claims to have been 'serving' her apparently very strict MOTHER since she was 14. that's DISGUSTING. phew, phew - throwing up in the waste bucket beside my desk - ok, not really but i almost feel like doing that.

and just today, this girl is thanking someone she visited who whipped and waxed and clamped her - cool - and also had her dog fucked - yuck, Yuck, YUCK.

oh, and she's also into eating shit. watersports is one thing (piss is sterile when it leaves the body), but SHIT? i mean, who doesn't like taking a nice poop, especially a few hours after a big meal, feels good dumping that, but eating shit? more YUCKY. and dangerous health-wise.

so, that hits tons of my 'hard limits' - no kids, no incest, no pets, and no shit either. i swear, kids today!

i know, i know, it's probably a fake profile and fake post, but you know, what if it's not? there's a lot of pervy people around, you know, hell, i'm one, and if you're here reading this, then you're a perv too, but there's levels and levels of pervhood, and well, some places, i just won't go to.

5/4/2009 4:31:18 PM
so after my last journal i hear from this guy who tells me that he's a straight male dominant who has indeed been contacted male submissives who made him certain shall we say 'inappropriate' offers. heh heh. so funny. i suspect women are much better at handling such ridiculous offers. after all, straight or gay, top or bottom, online or offline we're just more used to having to fend off guys trying to get over on us.

5/4/2009 4:20:45 AM
i am HONESTLY trying to not be too negative, and i know all the guys around here are NOT stupid jerks, but this one who just sent me this email is a total twit: "my name is [deleted] I m a slut, pet. may i kiss your feet?"

this is what i wrote back: "do you write to straight or gay male dominants and tell then you're a slut and then ask them if you can kiss their feet? you'd have a lot more luck with them than you will with me."

5/4/2009 4:06:45 AM
so this straight supposedly submissive dude local to me writes and offers to give me a massage. he promises "i won't massage your pussy because i know you're a lesbian". yes, he actually used that terminology. now he's nice and polite and all - that's part of his routine - but that is just SO DISGUSTING.

i was polite back in declining his offer, and he wrote back even more politely to repeat his offer, and also to thank me for not taking his head off. i told him again that i found his offer to be distateful and i was well aware that it would clearly be an erotic experience for him. it's not about a submissive offering a service, it's about a horny dude trying to get over.

if it was about service, he'd be writing to male dominants and offering. and since he is trying to pretend it's not about sex, he could offer not to massage their cock, right? yeah, sure. in the last note he sent me - before i blocked his skanky ass - he noted that he got that i was creeped out (although he wasn't quite sure why), and mentioned he'd be creeped out giving a guy - straight or gay - a massage. so clearly his offer to me was sexual in nature.

you know, it's beyond creepy or nasty or just plain disgusting. it's also about being smart and staying out of dangerous situations as well. i can just see the headlines now: "Collar Me Killer" or something like that.

5/2/2009 1:40:16 AM
just saw journal post from 20 year old submissive lesbian, here's part of it: "lol so in the past week i have received a few messages from 2 pair of slave couples. one couple was a lesbian slave couple serving a straight man that i am assuming and the other couple was a MOTHER and DAUGHTER serving a straight man.:

i dropped the dear a quick note, here's part of it: "the people who contacted you telling you that they are 1. lesbian submissive couple serving a straight man, and 2. mother and daughter serving a straight man and saying that you should ignore gender are LYING. they are straight men trying to live out a fantasy and hoping that you are naive enough to believe their crap."

i should have said 'SKANKY straight men' because that's what these scammers are. they just wanna get their hands on some naive hot girl. and if she ever mets any of them in person, there will be sex, only let's call it what it by it's proper name: RAPE. 

5/2/2009 12:56:25 AM
hey nice decent straight guys, do me a favour and whomp the jackass male 'dominant' who just sent me the following message: "I do know what I read are You selling prostitution?". kk, what sort of question is that? where does it say in my profile - or journal - that i am selling myself to anyone, and most especially guys? what part of being a lesbian looking for a slave girls for a long term relationship screams 'hooker looking to hook up with guys for money? JERKASS.

4/19/2009 6:53:18 PM
well, besides all the creepy crazy guys around here, there are some very nice ones too. and guess what? they can't find any nice non-crazy non-creepy women. i was just reading this one guy's journal, he's a dom from Houston TX, and he was giving some very good advice to other straight male doms. he also noted that some of the straight female submissives aren't really that what they present themselves to be and that some of them are very mercenary. some of them seem to think that they hold the upper hand and have license to be rude and unpleasant. so when it comes to 'wackies', i guess basically, it's not a guy/girl, straight/gay dominant/submissive thing. decent people of any gender and orientation seem to have to sort through a whole quagmire. all i can say is that if one can do that and find someone terrific, then it's worth it. after all, a prize hard won is more much satisfying, isn't it?

4/19/2009 6:35:59 PM
so, i have met a very interesting young man here, someone i usually would not come across on a regular basis, but found through the new recent journals feature. have i said how much i like that? heh.

so anyway, this boy - a straight submissive - is an incredibly talented artist. now, of course, i know a number of people who can draw, but they're from my non-kinky life, and it's pretty hard to ask them to draw some seriously nasty smutty stuff to go with the seriously nasty smutty stuff i write.

this lad had a link to his portfolio and what a massive talent with all sort of stuff AND kinky art. i dropped him a line a few days ago to let him know what i thought of his work and we've been working together on some really amazing stuff. you'll all be AMAZED when you see the results of our collaboration.

4/19/2009 6:26:51 PM
more from that same 'prince charming':

[snip] Qoute of the day 'Every time a pimp slaps a whore somewhere out there I smile.' [/snip]

4/19/2009 6:15:57 PM
Hey, straight female slaves and submissives: do remember that you don't have to put up with assholes and scumbags, and that you do deserved a kind, caring and considerate dominant/master, so watch out for this 'prince charming', wow what a winner (heh, heh...):

[snip] Let's clear one more thing up while we are at it. What I hate are whores who fuck anything with a dick. that is what I am refering too when I say that I hate 95% of women. I am mostly refering too the one's in my age group as that is whom I mostly associate with.What I do not hate and respect are ladies who know there place. I will only enslave someone who I consider Loyal and obediant and knows her proper role in soceity which automatically disqualifies about 95% of you and possibly another 2-3% of you based on common interests and or attraction and relationship things.While I do consider myself a sadist I will only enslave and play with people I actually are on the same page with me.This does not mean I will 'Hate' my slaves. [/snip]

4/18/2009 1:13:05 AM
this new journal feature is going to make lying scumbags easier to spot. just saw two separate profiles with same journal entry:

"The men on here can't read because the minute they see those boobies, they instantly drop into a steroidal coma, and lose the capacity for intelligent thought.  They can't choose between immediately sending you a proposition note, or jerking off, so they do both at once, and the result is both a verbal and physical mess."

one is a 21 year old from Georgia, while the other is a 23 year old New Yorker. both have pictures of girls with big breasts, and both have recently joined the site. hey GUYS, keep your wallets in your pockets, then sit on your wallet. these girls are lying thieves and only want your money. probably those pictures aren't even theirs. and they may not even be girls.

4/17/2009 8:50:10 PM
kk, browsing through profiles that i wouldn't normally see, but found because i was using the recent journals feature. see my last posts on how interesting this is.

so i find this one straight submissive girl looking for a dom. she's got kids and can't relocate. she wants him to assume head of the household duties, but states that there won't be any sexual stuff with the kids or in front of the kids. good.

then she goes on to say that she wants it to be a 1950s household so that the girls will grow up 'naturally submissive' and the boys will grow up 'naturally dominant'. people are who they are. you can't force them to be one way or the other. oh, actually, you can, and guess what? it's a problem. and they are get unhappy,  rebellius, suicidal, and homicidal. will she punish - or expect the dom - a naturally dominant girl or a naturally submissive boy?

what a fucking stupid bitch. we all know how fucked up those 1950s household were, with all the repression, and often corporal punishment of the kids. men go out to work whether they want to or not, and women stay home and are housewives whether they want to or not. we've grown away from all that repressive nonsense, for the most part.

people are who they are. you can't force them to be one way or the other. oh, actually, you can, and guess what? it's a problem. and they are get unhappy,  rebellious, suicidal, and homicidal. i'd like to give her some 1950s style 'correction'. sheesh.

4/17/2009 8:36:02 PM
i'm loving this new 'Recent Journals' feature. basically, one can see all the recently updates of all the journals people around here are keeping.

when i look at profiles, i do it 2 ways: one search for lesbian slaves/submissives, and two, look at people on friends lists. this means that i often don't see guys looking for  guys or guys looking for women. i sometimes see hetero couples though. and if there are hot and/or interesting pix, i look at them.

so anyway, with the journal feature, i now see straights, gays, men, women, etc. and sometimes if the journal entry is interesting, i click through to the profiles, not necessarily to meet them, but to read more, especially if they are funny and/or profound. anyway, i found this one straight submissive guy, and he wrote how he and the "hot carpet munchers" (lesbians) have one thing in common. both "get approached by cock" they don't want to converse with. FRIGGING HILARIOUS.

he also said he knew he was quite a specimen, and i was thinking 'woah, what an ego', but you know, he was in pretty good shape and kinda cute. and those were very nice mini-bikini thong-style undies, and he wore them well.

4/17/2009 5:47:40 PM
so, as usual, looking through the profiles. and i find one which says: "This slave has a worthless gaping cunthole and asshole. Both of it's holes have been completely destroyed and must be plugged at all times."

wow, pretty extreme, and right out of a porn story. well, not out of the ones that i write. but yeah. it was all the more unusual since the person was claiming to be 18. shit, women have babies come down the tube and don't get that stretched out permanently. and people get anally fisted and don't sustain that sort of damage. well, not usually. one has to be rough and careless for years to have that happen. and really, when is the last time we've ever heard of such a situation in real life? exactly.

so anyway, i guess some people must have been writing to the person making this claim because she also posted "i don't have to prove a damn thing to anyone, who do you people think you are demanding things from me?" hilarious. i wonder if they have any idea how moronic an image they are projecting. oh wait, clearly not.

4/17/2009 5:40:54 PM
been getting a lot of feedback - from all sorts of people - on my last journal entry about the tragic Angie Zapata case.

for those needing to be brought up to speed: she's the young person who was living her life as a woman despite actually being biologically male. she met someone online and they talked for a long time, and also exchanged a lot text messages, but she never told him her 'secret'. when they finally got together in person, she gave him oral sex, but didn't let him touch her. and when he got suspicious and grabbed her genitals, he got an unpleasant suprise and beat her to death. he's on trial for killing her, with an added specification of a hate crime.

i said that no one deserves to be beaten up, or beaten to death like that, but i also noted that Angie should have been honest and upfront. is that blaming the victim? i don't believe so. it is suggesting that people need to be responsible and truthful. rightly or wrongly, some people react very badly to that sort of deception. this is a known fact. tell them over the phone or by messenger if you fear for safety.

it was also probably not a good idea for her to give attitude and say "i'm all woman" when he finally figured it out, knowing that she had a penis and testicles under her clothing, something he found out when he grabbed her crotch. what she should have said - since she failed to be honest upfront - is "emotionally, mentally and spiritually, i am female, but i was born with certain male (whatever word/phrase works)". and holy cow, why decide to go out with a guy who has no job and is a gang member and just got out of jail? like so many women - bio or otherwise - talk about bad taste in men!

and it just goes to show, on the internet, you never know who you're meeting: someone who isn't quite who they say they are, or someone who is volatile and may end up killing you. it's not the first case of a bad date going horribly wrong. hell, look at the straight guy in the States, 'slavemaster' who has been convicted and sentenced to death for killing women he met online. he stored their bodies in barrels, kidnapped one baby and sold it to a relative!

anyway, genitals don't necessarily determine one's gender. some people feel that even if a biological man gets a surgical sex change and has the 'right genitals' for a female presentation they still aren't necessarily a woman. that's a tough call, but actually, it's not that complicated really. they simply may not be THAT person's definition of female.

unlike many people, this is not theoretical for me. i've actually experienced the situation. i dated a woman who was biologically male. we did not sleep together immediately. like many people in her situation, she was sure that if i got to know her, i would not mind when the truth finally came out. i knew there was something but couldn't put my finger on it.

we just didn't mesh on a level where i always do with potential partners, but i couldn't figure it out. there was something different about her. not necessarily bad, just different. i had not experienced it before, and i haven't since. at least not with a biological woman. it all made sense when i put my hand 'down there' and found out the truth. imagine letting something go that far? and then hoping it wouldn't matter? now, imagine doing it to someone who is volatile and violent, which i am not.

now, what if i was with a biological woman who decided that she was really a man and decided to transition. this sort of thing actually happens. sometimes the couple is girl-girl, sometimes guy-guy and sometimes guy-girl, at least on the surface. the partner not transition may now find themselves in a different sort of relationship than they realized. maybe they were in a straight one, and now are in a gay one. or were in a gay one and are now in a straight one. so they were gay, are they now straight? or they were straight, are now gay? these are questions that i have heard and read that the non-transitioning partner begins to ask. it can be very emotionally and intellectually difficult, and even traumatizing. sometimes the couple is even married. sometimes, they stay together, but most often they split up.

when i was younger, there was a young lady who i was quite interested in. back in my more vanilla-acting days. she liked me too. we didn't really get around to dating. she told me that she was trying to decide if she was actually male. i moved away to school and never did find out what her decision was, and if she ever did make a change. however, had we gotten together, and she had decided that she was a guy, we could only have been friends. but you know what i like about that person? looking back twenty plus years? the HONESTY. she wasn't sure, but she let me know she might be a he.

4/16/2009 10:56:42 PM
kk, serious for a moment. you may or may not have heard of Angie Zapata - Google the name if you haven't. right now in the States, a young man is on trial for killing her.

you're thinking, hey guys - unfortunately - kill girls everyday. and yeah, for those obsessed with details, sometimes women kill men too, but not in the same numbers. anyway, this case is a bit different from the average one romantic partner killing another.

Angie was 18, and from the time she was about 15 she lived as female despite having been born male, and still having a penis. from all the pictures i have seen, she was quite pretty. a real 'girly girl', into fabulous hair, makeup, nails, high heels, tight skirts, etc. her family says they accepted this. don't know if that's true.

like many people today, she went online to get dates. nothing unsual about that, everyone of every age is doing it. however, she did not disclose that she was physically male. one young man she met online and they seemed to get along, at least well enough to meet in person. he says she fave him oral sex but would not let him do anything to her.

a day or so into the in-person relationship, while she was out at the local store or some place, he was looking around the apartment, and began to get the idea she wasn't who she said she was. when she came back, he asked her if she was a man, and she said that she was 'all woman'. then he grabbed her crotch area and felt her penis and was very upset. he beat her to death.

now he is on trial for 1st degree murder. if he's convicted, the local hate crime statutes are going to come into play and his sentence will be even harsher. i understand why hate crime laws are needed. and they are very important, but i don't think this was exactly a hate crime, even though it was hateful, and he should go to prison.

it's a very troubling situation. should Angie have mislead him, both online and in-person? i mean, it's one thing to be who you are, to have your friends and family accept you, but maybe it is quite another to be intimate with someone under false pretences. for sure it's a fine line, but it's definitely a good idea to tell the truth beforehand. if you're afraid, tell them via instant messenger or in email or on the phone ahead of time. see if they're ok with it. if they're not, well, someone else will be.

don't misunderstand me, i don't think that anyone deserves to be beaten to death - well, maybe child molestors, but that's a different journal entry - for lying or for being a bit different. but i do believe that it is of paramount importance to be truthful.

let me tell you from my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, that it can be quite jarring to put your hand in someone's crotch and find something entirely different than what you have been expecting. did i freak out and kill the person? nope, of course not, but i felt lied to and betrayed. i asked why she lie to me and she lied some more.

you know, while i have many different types of friends, and have really educated myself over the years about people who are transgender  and transgender issues (social, political, emotional, etc), it is still my right to determine who i go to bed with. if i prefer women who were born biologically female, that's my preference, and it's no one's right to try and deceive me. it won't make me like them 'that way', and it certainly might get me not liking people like that at all.

i was upset, and i had to really make myself remember that not all women who are transgender are lying bitches. however, now i do ask a bit more ahead of time. because i never again want to put my hand in the panties of someone and find a penis.

4/15/2009 12:21:14 AM
i keep seeing these profiles from girls looking for girls which say they have given up on men because they are pigs. and sometimes these girls contact me.

ok, here's my thoughts on this. some guys are pigs, just like some women are bitches. that means that not all guys are pigs, just like not all women are bitches. and there are various levels of pigdom, and few of them are as bad as level one of bitchdom.

it also means that i'm so not interested in this type of girl. i'm gay for real, it's not a  'fallback' position.
hell, they're not even bisexual. just flexible. it's ok to be 'flexible', but i'm not into girls who are into sort of bending. i've got enough to deal with trying to politely fend off girls who used to be guys. most of them are very nice people too, but again, it's just not my thing 'that way'.

4/15/2009 12:07:43 AM
so i'm cruising the site, and i see someone is viewing me. repeatedly. and it's a guy. a straight one. and he's looking at my profile a lot. and i'm thinking: "who is this freak?". then i get an email, and i'm thinking: "ok, here we go." PLEASANT SURPRISE: nothing nasty like "i'm a straight male dom and i can make you into my non-lesbian slave". just a regular guy saying hi, and sharing a chuckle. will wonders never cease? so easy to get jaded with all the cheats and freaks. hopefully, he'll stay interesting and cool, and not morph.

4/14/2009 11:33:40 PM
sometimes i find myself screaming with laughter upon reading some of these profiles.

there are people around here who wouldn't know the ass end of a whip if they were holding one and yet they claim to be tops/dommes/mistresses/etc. and then these so-called slaves/submissives who think that online experience is real. like, hello, it's NOT.

so then these silly tops offer a 'protection collar' to these ridiculous bottoms who think 'oh my, how fantastic'. or tops say to the bottoms 'you are under consideration', uh, excuse me, under consideration for what? a seat at the stupid table, maybe?

what's really amusing is when these bottoms let these tops take over their accounts and post really silly messages warning off other tops/dommes. such nonsense.

idiots, all of them.

4/14/2009 11:25:47 PM
some people around here are so full of shit.

there is this one gay girl who claims to be pregnant, and also to have been 'bred' another time by a previous mistress and had that child taken away from her because she was just basically being used as a brood mare. um, excuse me?

and here's this girl acting like it's really true and also that it doesn't bother her. that she has no maternal feelings for either child. we've talked and this is what she says, she might as well be talking about a hamster. actually, i know kids who have more feeling for their rodent than she expresses for this kid. and the last one.

let's say it is not a fantasy or a put on: i'm pretty sure that this is illegal. and also - i hesitate to say 'immoral', and that's saying a lot given where i'm posting. but let's make no mistake, being a kinky perv is far removed from doing something wrong like the situation she claims is happening now and has happened in the past.

is she lying? good chance that she probably is, but what if she isn't?

4/10/2009 9:10:46 PM
did you know that there is software that can send out a fake webcam feed? yeah, apparently. makes it easy to fake who you are.

also, there is software that lets you record someone else's webcam video and then repurpose it so that you can pretend that it is yours.

all this means that seeing someone on cam is not necessarily a guarantee of determining if someone is male or female. there are some people so stupid or nasty that they will go to those lengths.

hasn't happened to me, but after reading some profiles i see that it has happened to others. i have seen fake photos though. like that ugly asswipe guy in Brampton pretending to be to be a hot girl. i wonder how he planned to pass himself off as her if we were to meet up. and i wonder where he got the pictures.

of course, him pretending to be a lesbian who 'got banged for hours at a time by a really amazing master with a big dick' was a huge clue. hey lame-boy, real lesbians don't generally engage in that sort of behaviour, and they don't fantasize about it either. what a moron.

4/9/2009 2:24:00 PM
chick writes to me, says she likes my profile - way to get on my good side - then basically says how all the men on this site are jackasses. i say something along the lines of how some may be, but not all, and also that not every jackass here are male, that some are women.

so i get a sizzlingly rude note back from her. wowser, so much for good maners. you know,  it's ok to disagree, but one doesn't have to be disagreeable when doing it. anyway, that's what the BLOCK option is for, you passive-aggressive (jackass) biatch, and thanks so much for proving my point. sometimes ya just gotta chuckle at the knuckle heads.

4/8/2009 7:33:03 PM
i find it very humorous when someone who was born with a penis - and still has one but claims to be both female and lesbian - starts getting nasty about other people who were born with a penis - and sometimes still have one - who say they are female and/or lesbian.
listen up, you stupid bitches: those people you are disdaining and being rude to and about are actually your 'sisters'. you are NOT better than them, or more special (unless you mean little yellow school bus special) so stop deluding yourself and start minding your manners.

people born with a penis who still have one but feel they are female have enough issues  about acceptance and self-esteem without getting a  stilleto heel from someone in the same position.

this one skanky ho actually has the nerve to put 'i am not any kind of 'transgender' person in 'her' profile. um, yes, honey you are. and if you hate on people like you, you're really hating on yourself.

by the way, how exactly how do you expect a lesbian to react when you show up WITH your penis still attached? do you really expect that to go well? i mean, it's tough enough after you've had snip-snip/rearrange surgery, let alone before.

just because you think you're a woman  doesn't mean that other people will believe that you are. if they don't, move on. there's someone out there for you, but clearly not this one. we've all heard that sex is between the legs and gender is between the ears, and maybe there is some truth to that. and maybe not. what's important is to tell the truth about who and what you are, and not to get psycho when someone says, "good on you, darling, but that's not my cup of tea".

3/28/2009 6:42:29 PM
so i just got this crazy email from an alleged chick. no picture, but that's ok. they keep disapproving mine, so i just email one when a potentially interesting person asks. still, it's true that some women without pix are guys, but lots of women WITH pix are guys too!

so, anyway, the first thing she says is "time for me to vent". woah, way to make a good impression. then she says because she is tall, people think she's a guy. ok, if one is female, i can see that would be a bit annoying. she also doesn't like it when people send her a pix and then want to see hers. um, guess she's never heard of being reciprocal. oh well.

she went on to mention that even people using pictures that are really of themselves are using ones where they are younger and smaller. ok, possibly true, but the way she put it was in a sweeping generalization sort of way. basically, just more negative stuff.

then she starts telling me how her 'clients' are 'mature BBW', by that i guess she means older, bigger women. um, clients? is she a pro domme, not sure, but the implication is there. so why is she contacting me? well, as i read on, i get the idea that she thinks maybe i'm a pro too. um, no, i'm not. where in my profile does it say that?

and also, where in my profile does it say that i am into tricking for fun, and being in scenes with more than one person? cause that's what she brings up next. getting together for some fun, and it's ok if someone is watching. not that that is a bad thing for others, but my profile is specific and doesn't list that sort of thing as being my thing.

what next? OH YES - "i shy away from dykes and butches as they tend to be weak unstable people. besides most women have great bodies and would they wear mens clothes UG UG UG !!! men in ladies clothes are just clowns both are very boring." - HOW FRAKKING RUDE.

first of all, it's not true. talk about stereotyping people. both gay people, and anyone who wears the clothing of the opposite gender for any reason no matter their sexual orientation. sheesh.

and second, she has no idea if i am a butch person, or if i describe myself as a dyke. i'm not butch or femme, but in the middle (aka 'kiki' - a term not used much any more, some like to say 'futch').

personally, i prefer to describe myself as a 'gay woman', rather than a dyke or a lesbian. i just like that term better. i'm still totally gay though. i'm just me, and can go either way, in terms of appearance, but that means nothing. it's state of mind.

now, if i am wearing my leathers and strutting about, something i've been known to do, well, maybe some people might think i am butch. i am short, and appear a bit stocky, but that doesn't make anyone 'butch'. i could just as well put on a dress and some heels - haven't in quite awhile - but that wouldn't make me femme either.

anyway, i am digressing. it's just amusing when really stupid people write to me.

3/21/2009 7:53:35 PM
kk what part of my profile indicates i want to have casual encounters with a bisexual woman with a kid and who is married to a man that she is cheating on with any lesbian dominant that she can find?

this is the sort of person that gets bisexual people upset when they are trying to make a point about how they behave (not lying and not cheating on one gender with another) as people. stereotypes come from someone usually from people like this.

3/21/2009 7:47:50 PM
so i was reading a few profiles and i see this young white girl saying she's now the property of a black lesbian dominant who will not allow her to talk to white people because she is being trained to serve only black people. kk, what sort of stupid girl lets herself be dragged into racist behaviour? since she named the so-called domme, i went and looked at her profile too. pretty shameful nonsense. trust me, these people are really idiots. 

3/14/2009 1:11:07 PM
some alleged straight male dominant just sent me this email: "i want a women that is not too hurt and not too hard to trust again and can give himself to a wife to be loved and taken care of in a way that will bring a joy of life and an appreciation he will look forward to every day. There is a lifestyle of marriage in the Lord that gives life and purpose to being married and can really be enjoyed. I am looking for that quality of marriage and ready for commitment and everlasting can amil me or add me on yahoo..." before i blocked this illiterate jerk, i wrote back: "what are you? some kind of moron? hopefully you'll meet the wrong person - hopefully a big gay male stud - who will put you in a snuff movie."

3/8/2009 12:28:38 AM
as bad luck would have it, the one time i wasn't at my computer, i got a no-strings attached offer from a hot girl in my town to meet up for a little action. i got back and saw the message but by then it was too late. sheesh. of all the days to have a meeting! i wrote back to say thanks very much, bad timing. she was all, 'shucks, i was just looking to meet up with a woman who would piss in my mouth and send me on my way'. now how HOT is that? so i got to thinking. what would i have said had i been there to get the message? would i have accepted the invitation? a few  years ago, i'd have been all over it. now i'm not so sure. oh no! are my days of anonymous sex with strangers done? maybe. probably. i mean, i've always like to get to know someone a bit first, even it was a bar/event pickup, even if that is just an hour of conversation, or some dinner, etc. unlike my ultra hot muscular gay brother - not into BDSM - who doesn't even neccessarily need to know their name or see their face (dark bars, back rooms, etc).

3/8/2009 12:11:41 AM
so, had a chat recently with this girl claiming to be almost 8 months pregnant by a gang rape which her mistress ordered. right. said it was her 2nd pregnancy done like this and that 1st kid was taken from her and given away to be raised by someone. claims she has no emotional attachment to current child she's carrying. oh, and her mistress all of a sudden kicked her pregnant ass to the curb. ok. also says that her own mother raised her as a slave and gave her away when she was 8 to be used as a slave. highly illegal and really sick. adults who have sex with children need to be strung up and flayed alive, and that's just to start. anyway, i'm not making this sh*t up. but i bet she is. if she's even female. and then there was the girl who told me that she was 18 or so and living at home where her 3 brothers and cop dad had been gang-raping her for years. when she tried to run away her father used his police job to track her down and drag her back by her hair. oh, her mother is dead she said. yet somehow she's here on CM looking for a mistress, in between servicing her dad and her siblings with all 3 orfices. yeah, ok. really buying that story too. a 3rd one that i may already have mentioned is the 100% lesbian who said she found a male master here who 'banged' her non-stop with his giant cock for hours at a time. yeah, cause a real lesbian just loves to get a real dick in every hole. go figure. the absolute best part was when she forget to switch her chat avatar and showed that she was actually a real nasty looking skanky dude. what an idiot. maybe if he took a shower, shaved, and took off that  dirty ball cap he might find a real woman to tan his lame ass and beat his tiny meat. then again, probably not. where do these people come from, i wonder.

2/9/2009 4:37:04 AM
well, sent quite a lot of stories out as per various requests from a wide variety of people - female, male, gay, straight - great feedback, glad you peeps are enjoying it. now if only i could find an artist to do some illustrations. 

1/14/2009 12:07:13 AM
kk, maybe it's not just some of the guys around here who are sometimes act a bit idiotically. listen ladies, if you're a lesbian slave/submissive, maybe don't say you're searching for dominant men because they WILL come knocking. and no wonder that some guys get a bit confused. sure you have the ones who will harass just because, but you also have some guys who see that supposedly gay girls are looking for males tops/doms/masters, so then they wonder if maybe other gay girls are too, including ones who say they aren't. and some are into 'ask enough times, and one will say yes'. sort of like buying a lottery ticket. you can get lucky with persistent. and no, it's not all about the sex, sure some of you are here for the intellectual stimulation, but when have you ever met a guy - straight or gay - into this stuff who didn't want to have sex? especially AFTER he's got you all tied up?

12/27/2008 10:14:36 PM
screaming with laughter over 21 yr old from Aussieland who wants 'propper' English from anyone who writes to her. glass houses, and all that, darling?

12/24/2008 9:59:20 AM
had a nice long chat via YM a few days ago with a very interesting 30 yr old submissive. so nice to talk with someone who isn't crazy and not fake. must do that again. now, gotta answer all that email sent here. don't worry, i haven't forgotten and i'm only ignoring the email from wacky guys who don't know what the word LESBIAN means.

12/24/2008 9:38:34 AM
is it just me or are some of the people around here getting younger and younger? i keep getting hit on my 18 year old girls. of course, one of them wasn't a girl at all, just some sick sad pathetic guy. first clue was 'her' obssession with breast size (40DD or some nonsense like that). then her detailed description of how she was 'banged' non-stop by a well-hung older dominant male for over an hour and how he made her give all these big blow jobs and came all over her face. um, ASSHOLE - that's not lesbian behaviour (unless she really hates herself, and probably not even then). it's a straight guy's lame fantasy. 

12/24/2008 9:37:19 AM
so there is this new lesbian 'submissive' on here and i'm reading her profile. turns out she is pre-op male-to-female. kk, not my thing, but hey there's someone for everyone and honesty is a plus. reading further, i found it odd that this person has decided how dommes should do their pictures because as far as she is concerned their pictures are 'too revealing'. basically, she put them down by saying "a domme should demand more respect and not place themselves on exhibition like a common submissive or slave". everyone's entitled to their opinion, i suppose, but i can say that being hypercritical and rude in your journal is not going to win you friends, or the positive attention of a domme. and she also went on to say that way too many domme's are looking for sex and not real relationships. now this is something that i have noticed quite a few times in the journals/profiles of people who consider themselves to be female despite having male genitalia. sorry to tell you gals that some gay women - myself included - do prefer women who have female parts. and for many with that preference that would be female parts that they came out of the womb with, not ones crafted by a surgeon so even if you get surgical reassignment, that doesn't mean that most of these women will sleep with you. some will, but many won't. and just in case you think i am intolerant, i have dated pre and post MTF women before. and i won't do it again. there is a subtle difference. i am not going to say that they are not women, but i will say that they are not the sort of women i prefer.

12/6/2008 11:22:38 PM
so this 'slave' is talking to me, says she's  looking to be owned totally, and that she's been 'disappointed by many here' and that her slavery is 'based in service, not in kinky sex'.

she's not looking for encounters, or a 'play' situation, or something temporary or fleeting. no she wants the full real deal, 24/7. ok, no problem, but
exactly how clueless is this one? at that level, she thinks that her body won't be used to give pleasure to her top/domme/owner? doesn't she get that that is going to be part of it? and who is she to define 'kinky'?

twitcity, for sure. she's not interested in giving up control, she wants to be in control. definitely what she's trying to do is something i won't put up with, and that's trying to 'top from the bottom'. it may work for some, maybe they like the give and take, but not for me.

11/29/2008 3:26:10 PM
kk, another whacky one on here, completely photoshopped image. pointed it out and got some real strange emails in response. twidiot just couldn't grasp the concept of not using obviously fake images to sell herself. by obviously fake, i mean the head was partially off the body and the neck look like it had been injured. plus the body didn't remotely match the body in other shots supposedly of her. she's claiming that she's wearing a wonderbra, but no wonderbra is that wonderful. nothing wrong with having tiny tits, my dear, that's a huge turn on for some. the real images of you are hot, actually. what is a turn off for most people is the crazyiness. and your incoherence when emailing. best put down the meth pipe.

10/29/2008 5:06:49 AM
on the subject of fakes. couple of weeks back was talking to someone who contacted me and who lives only 75 to 90 min away from me (Barrie, Ontario so beware), seemed interesting, seemed compatible. we move to yahoo messenger to get to know each other. she sends me some pictures, pretty hot.

couple of days later, she seems to have an identity crisis and a different profile avatar. turns out she's a he, and i don't mean someone who was a he and felt that they were the wrong gender and decided to make a change (whole different situation).

i'm talking about a total asshole guy who was just pretending to be a hot girl. listen up fuck face, what exactly did you think was going to happen when you showed your hairy face? i'd forget i was a lesbian and whip and fuck your skanky ass? what a loser. makes decent guys look bad.

10/2/2008 3:29:16 AM
I did not expect to find a HOTTER f2m person than Buck Angel (who I met and can tell you is an amazing guy), but who knew that Transman40 was out there - - remember when Melissa Etheridge said of Brad Pitt that maybe there was one guy who could possibly change her mind? 

9/29/2008 8:58:04 PM
so there is this one on here claiming to be 'sub and sane' but actually, she is as as crazy as batshit. i'd heard this from a number of people and then experienced it for myself.

oh yeah, that one's bouncing around the belfry alright. hey, you gotta really weird fetish? totally cool, but playing coy about it, and all? totally stupid!

and then getting all nasty and psycho when it gets pointed out to you - after you've been continually playing a tease about it on messenger - that either say what it is or stop wasting people's time?

then again, maybe that's the fetish. and yeah, you're right, 99% of people have no time for that sort of foolishness.

9/28/2008 10:16:33 PM
kk, more bullshit about my photos not being approved. i see primary pictures on here that have faces blurred out, no heads, taken from the back, etc. i didn't send in anything like that. i sent in a close-up with my face clearly visible. so, we get to chatting and you wanna see what i look like? i'll send you a photo. sheesh. 

9/27/2008 6:49:57 PM
recently got contacted by some strange crazy ill-mannered person who claims to be female but is clearly not, but each to their own. if they can find a partner who is accepting of the gender they claim, fine.

my problem with this person is how rude they were (over 4 emails to me), how illiterate they must be (couldn't understand anything i said in response to their questions), and their general lack of functioning brain cells when it comes to reading comprehension (couldn't understand my detailed profile).

another really false claim in their profile is that they are a dominant. anyone that they are putting their hands on, or trying to mold is in serious danger as far as i am concerned.

the moral of the tale for submissives and slaves is to be careful about with whom you choice to go with. a wanna-be fake dominant could really hurt you on all levels in a BAD way, not a good way. don't be in a rush. don't be desperate. be careful. chose wisely.

9/27/2008 6:38:18 PM
have sent in some pictures, hopefully these ones should be approved unlike the last one i submitted. 

9/16/2008 1:06:55 AM
something someone wrote on their profile made me think to check my bulk folder for the first time ever.

and WOW, tons of emails from 'submissive' guys looking for me to get jiggy with them. guess they are confused over what a lesbian is. then again, i have seen a few profiles when 'lesbians' will take on male slaves so maybe that adds to the confusion, or makes some hopeful. i guess their motto must be "can't hurt to ask...".

ok, guys, THIS lesbian is not interested in you in that way. i will say that they were all polite. often that's not the case. some of the guys who have contacted me in the past have been real pigs, quite nasty and rude, so it seems some manners are improving. and since they were relatively nice, i was nice back ("sorry, darling, i'm strictly for the ladies..."), even to the guy who offered me money to whip his ass.

the craziest part was that several of them were from TORONTO. sheesh! straight male subbies and slaves tossing themselves at me, but no gay female slaves and subbies doing the same lately. ain't that just the way?

8/31/2008 3:57:51 PM
if you send me a chat request and i don't respond, i may well be away from my computer which is actually always on. so,  if that happens just drop me a note and we can chat later.

8/8/2008 4:42:55 PM
next up for editing is Belted (850 words), a story in which the slave experiences a whole new place to, well, get belted. 

8/3/2008 4:14:47 AM
I've finished editing BOOTED (800+ words), anyone (M/F, LGBTQ) can drop me a line if they'd like to read it. As per my usual work, it's hardcore woman-to-woman BDSM erotica. What's it about? Well, there's a leather clad domme, a naked cuffed slave, a leather couch, and well, some non-traditional boot polishing...

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