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*** Someone made me notice that my original profile was a disgrace and did not reflect at all,
Hetero Female Submissive, 25,  Miami, Florida
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*** Someone made me notice that my original profile was a disgrace and did not reflect at all, who I am. So I was asked to rewrite it, but to keep the original one to show how much it was untrue and misleading. *** I am a young girl who married for sheer convenience. I do not care at all about my husband, but he was useful, and still is, for my purposes and to grant me an easy life. I am a cheater and now a full service slut. I started for convenience, again. But now I do it for fun. I get turned on by being abused and degraded, verbally and physically. Plain vanilla sex has almost no effect on me anymore. The main reason for my presence here is that I also like to show off and take naked pictures of myself for the entertainment, amusement and enjoyment of whoever may ask for that, and in the hope to elicit offensive comments and filthy ideas. I was relatively naive, when I joined the site. But because of the many pictures, movies and sites which Doms have asked me to look at, I started to nurture depraved fantasies, and there is no way for me to go back, at this point. ***** here is the original profile ***** As my nickname says, I am a young wife. I married into a rich family, and in a sense that makes me, I guess, a "gold digger". But I see it as getting myself some security. True, I do not care too much for my husband, in sexual terms. He cannot satisfy me. However, I am not ready to meet other people. Maybe one day....? What brings me here is my kink for showing off. More exactly, I find the thought of someone getting excited by looking at my you-know-what's very hot. I also like dirty talk, which something my hubby never exposes me to, but it turns me on a lot. That said, please understand that I am not a pro, nor a sexbomb. Just a quite inexpert girl with a kink!

Journal Entries:
10/26/2017 7:43:06 AM
If you ever communicate with me, please remember that the fastest way to my soul (so to speak...) is through demeaning language. Extra points given if you speak offensively about hubby. That REALLY turns me on! ahahahah

10/26/2017 7:40:53 AM
I think I really was created to be a cheap whore! lol The twists of life led me somewhere else, but the street walker inside me keeps screaming to get out! :-)

9/28/2017 6:11:36 AM
I think I need to clarify a few things, here: 1) when I am here, chances are I am dealing with 100 messages. I may not be talking just to YOU. However, that may change if YOU manage to get interesting.... 2) I try to reply to all (at least all interesting) messages, but sometimes messages get pushed back. I do not "disappear". Just write back please.... 3) I do not skype, kik, cam, hangouts, email, phone, etc. I would have to spend my entire time doing that, if so. I only communicate here when I am here. Unless, of course, I meet :-) 4) I enjoy taking slutty pics, but I will not share weird pics or pics which would obviously give me away as a fuckpig (I am one, but not the entire world needs to know....) 5) Do not be vague or shy with me. Biggest turn off of all. Be yourself, and get to the point, and MOST OF ALL, know how to address someone like me. I was a rookie, like everybody. I am not anymore. Do not turn me off with stupid questions or going in circles around me. You will never see the ghost of me that way. 6) I am everything BUT an online sub. I can share pics as a side kinky hobby or, better, to be used to "recruit" for usage. But I do not "follow orders" online. It does not turn me on enough. In person... it's another story.... if YOU know what you are doing :-) 7) Please keep in mind that I am a sub and a slut, and I like to be treated as such, but I have my goals too. I am not just flying around to be a party favor for some undetermined activity of sort. I have been around here for more than a year, and I met only three times someone from here. That's how rare is to find someone who can actually articulate how they'd use me and convince me that they actually can. Even so, 2 of the three meetings were a flop. :-(

9/24/2017 2:45:22 AM
I am very proud of my progress in becoming a total taboo slut :-)

I think that being naked with my legs spread is my natural position lol

3/31/2017 2:59:52 AM
I wonder how people can be taken seriously if they do not even ask to see your face???? I am amazed at the number of mental masturbators on this site! lol

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