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Hetero Female Submissive, 46,  Hudsonville, Michigan
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I new to this site.....just checking things out (03/04/2013).....Below you will find something that I often wish and hope to happen to me!

As I'm walking down a dark road, you pull up along side of me in you car and ask if I need a ride. I say "No thank you." You pull over and get out of your vehicle. You walk up to me and grab me by the hair on my head and force me to my knees while pushing my face into you crouch and say to me, "I think you need to take a ride a my cock, you fucking slut!”. You then tie my hands behind my back, tie my ankles together, gag me with a rag, put a bag over my head and throw me in the trunk of your car. You take me to a place unknown to me. You force me to where ever you want to take me and use me anyway you please. Tie me to a bed, stake me to the ground somewhere in the woods, or take me to your dungeon! Tie me, tape me, gag me, handcuff me and fuck me hard. Fuck my wet pussy and fuck my deep throat! And when your finished you decide to keep me and to use me whenever you want :)
And a second fantasy of mine (added 09/05/2013)
It’s a warm night and I can’t sleep. I decide to go to the local McDonalds that’s not far from home and to get a nice cold and thick strawberry shake. I decide to sit outside of the McDonalds at the table next to a place where big rig truck drivers can pull in and stay for the night. While I’m sitting at the table sucking on the straw that is inserted into my thick shake, I’m approached by a rather large man wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He says he has been driving his big rig all day and just stopped for the night and to get something to eat. Little did I know that I was on his menu of choice. We talked for a little bit and he states that he really needs to go lay down for a while in the cab of his truck. He gets up and stands behind me. He places his large hands on my shoulders and ask if I would like to join him. I politely turn him down saying that I really need to get home. He then push’s his body against my back. I feel his cock standing, large and hard against my back and something cold and sharp at my neck. He says politely to me, “Get up you fucking whore. You will lay down with me and I will be eating you for dinner, snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner again!” He forces me to his large big rig and into the nice large sleeping area behind his drivers’ seat. He bounds me tight, hands above my head with rope, legs shred eagle and duck tapes my mouth and blindfolds me too. He then slowly cuts my clothes off and teases me for what seems like hours but has only really been a few minutes. Well, he has more than just dinner! He fucks me every way he can and more! After several hours, he fells asleep, leaving me bound and gagged. When he awakes in the morning, instead of letting me go, he looks at me and says, “Just lay there you fucking whore while I drive you to the next truck stop. “ He climbs in the driver’s seat and pulls his rig out of the lot! He turns to me and says, “I have always wanted a traveling fuck toy for my long haul drives.” Are there any truckers out there that need a traveling fuck toy?












 Submissive Female



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 5' 8"






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 Amusement Parks

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 Scuba Diving






 Horror Movies

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