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Hetero Female Slave, 40,  Los Angeles Area, California
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I really dont need the little boy Dom questions, such as, are those pictures of you. If you have the need to engage is such childish conversation, please take it elsewhere.

I literally just joined and have an inbox full of messages, considering I have no profile yet, they are obviously useless messages from desperate people. So, if your going to message me, make sure your message has some substance.

Okay guys, I know this site and most sites are full of fakes, Im not exactly new. I am also aware of the scams, actually they send them out to everyone, including me, so please, just get over it as I dont need to hear about it.

For those messaging me with nothing but questions, perhaps you should first give me a reason to respond to you.

For those wanting me to prove myself, well your internet pictures do nothing but tell my that you have lots and lots of un-lived fantasies, a complete lack of RL experience... Yes yes, I know, they are supposed to tell me what your interested in, unfortunately for you, they tell me that you dwell in fantasy without any real experience.

For those of you tell me about all the things you can do towith me, and then send me a picture of a naked woman that looks as pure as a virgin snow, it tells me that you also have no experience in what you claim.

So in short, those of you with all these great debauching, abasement notions and ideas, well they are great, but with all these demands of me, and no proof of your experience, well it just doesnt add up, and you fall into that category of a DOMMaster with a total sum of experience in fantasy land only.

Okay so I didnt give you a kik address, skype with you, send you more of my pictures, and you of course are unable to send me pictures exhibiting you have the experience you claim, well clearly I am the fake.

For those that can clearly exhibit their decadent debasing experiences, well, I am still here but dont expect me to be easy, unless of course you have me in bondage already.

I could use something like this for about 3 days and nights












 Female Slave

 Los Angeles Area 


 5' 0"

 98 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant male

 Lives For:







 Electrical Play


 Masks (Wearing)



 Sensation Play


 Housework Service

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