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I DONT BELIEVE IN ANY ONLINE SERVICE!!! Read my profile! View my interest! Read my journals! Then you may msg me if interested in getting to know the whole me! BREATHE I want to feel the soft flow of your breath across my skin. This simple yet under attempted pleasure is what I desire from you As you inhale my scent and exhale your mutual wanting of me Our rhythmic motions, pressing, and excreting the moisture of HEAT and rise of penetrating beings we are Just Breathe!!! LOOKING FOR LTR ONLY!!! DO NOT WASTE MY TIME!!! I am only looking for straight subs slaves for a monogamous FLR.

On this site I have talked to more Liars and fakes than I have in a long time.

I have no problem with people wanting to live out their fantasies in the safe confinement of online roleplay. I just happened to be a real woman in my dominating stature looking for someone that is real and does not mind being submissive. But it takes an alpha man to embrace his submissive tendencies and merge in that Mutual pleasure the BDSM lifestyle!!!!!!

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1/10/2024 1:23:00 PM

I thought I had found my person, my boy, my pet, my slave!!

In our process of communicating the only thing I asked of him is that he stayed in contact!!

Tell me how hard it is just to send a message in the morning, a message when you get to work, message me on break, if you get one, and message me when you get home!

I feel that's relatively easy, but the one thing that you do not do is give me a lame excuse for why it is that you could not message me!!

And then you want to send me messages out the wazoo the next day and tell me how much you miss me and want to hear my voice.........

This man is not a true submissive nor is he a slave! He has fallen into the commercialization of the lifestyle and is still pretending to be something he's not!!

6/15/2023 9:30:57 PM



Need me to rub your belly????

Feel the warmth of my lip and gentle flow of my breath

As I softly kiss around your naval

My breast slide over your penis. You feel the warmth of my breath

It's hard and pulsating


I can feel it throbbing

Tell me that you want me

I stand and allow you to undress me

I push you back on the bed

Leaning over you, looking into your eyes, I place a kiss on your head

So nice and hard

I must taste

Pulsating in my mouth

Leaking a juice so sweet

I crawl on the bed and pull you on top of me and tell you

Put it inside me now!!!

I am so aroused I cum quickly

Working on my next explosion

Grabbing you and pulling you deeper inside me

I am taking every inch of you

My breast are bouncing

And you gentle hold them down as you suck pull and bite my nipples

I tell you not to move

I just want to feel myself grinding on you

I cum again

So nice and hot as it squirts all over us both

I slap your ass and tell you fuck me hard

We repo to a scissor position

My knee bent to my face as you lean in for leverage

I rub my clit as you are pounding my pussy

I cum again

I tell you to take your cock out and rub my juices around my pussy and ass

I make you stand and I suck my juices off your cock and balls

I play with your cock rubbing sucking and stroking. Massaging your balls, so very hard

You moan and you want to grab my head and I tell you not to touch

Edging you and then easing off

I slow the licking and sucking down

You have some much sweet juice just leaking I allow drops on my breast

I rub the head over my nipples covering my breast with your juice

I think shall I let you cum?  

You say oh yes mistress plea

11/23/2022 1:12:50 PM

To all that celebrate Thanksgiving have a safe and wonderful day!

To all the rest have a wonderful Thursday and enjoy your family, friends, and just being alive another year on November the 24th💜

8/13/2022 4:25:41 PM

Hey all you so called subs, and slaves!!


There is nothing wrong with me as your Domina getting to know you as a person, prior to controlling you as my property!!! 

8/9/2022 4:00:23 PM

The imprint that I leave upon you after your initial inspection, will be one that will awaken such needs and desires that will be beyond your control


Everyday that you are away from me your subconscious will hunger to be by my side


Tell me are you ready for that initial inspection?? 

7/25/2022 6:02:55 PM

As I lay here in my bliss I can feel the softness of your lips. 


You start at my forehead and work your way down. 


Your essence flows over me. My body is throbbing with every touch. 


All of me says yes and you enjoy the thought of making me cream. 


You are driving me crazy and I just want to flow in your mouth and all over your body. 


I close my eyes tilt my head back and relax. 


Take me my lil slut! 

Make me explode! 


I know you want to clean up my mess. 


Every eruption much stronger than the last. Feeling me forcing me taking me........... WOW

7/22/2022 8:18:46 PM

It has been a week since your initial inspection


I have had you serve me daily. Your domestic skills are very good and you are quite the handyman 


You endure your daily spankings, but 

your limits need to be pushed as far as pain tolerance 


Today I have errands to run, prior to leaving, I blindfold you and lead you to the bed 


I assist you to lay on your side and place you in a fetal position


I bound your hands behind your back and your feet they found it together


I slowly pushed your knees more forward to expose your man pussy


I grab my favorite remote butt plug lube it up really nicely and slide it in


I kiss you on the forehead and tell you I should be back shortly and as I'm leaving out the bedroom I grab my phone and begin the wonderful stimulation of your man pussy


7/20/2022 10:36:35 PM

The goal of this new slave is to make me happy


But I need my slave to desire me and to think of me constantly


The initial and first ritual is that you will always be naked when in my bedroom


And in a kneeling position awaiting my command


There will be no eye contact unless I give you permission to do so


If you understand me, my pet! 

7/19/2022 6:43:31 PM

It was a rough day for this new slave in training

He was very willing and eager to please

We started out with his oral servitude which happened to be very subpar

I knew it would be because he had bragged about what an expert he was at using his tongue

I had to get him to understand that a slave never brags about what he can do because that is not his place

If I choose to acknowledge your talente in an area, I will issue that compliment and you may wear it as a badge of honor 

The ultimate goal is for you to make me squirt and then drink and lick up every drop

Are you going to be worthy pet for me??!! 


1/27/2018 2:57:18 PM
I real hope that the subs/slaves/pets read this and understand. I don't do online play because it serves no purpose to me. I am not looking for a live in or another marriage at this time. I want a man that can be Everything to me and is happy to serve me when it is convenient for us both. I also want that man I can share my vanilla life with so if this is you get to know me!

1/14/2018 11:01:11 AM
INSPECTION You text me to tell me that you have arrived. I tell you to come up the walkway and ring the doorbell...... My sister answers the door and escorts you to the bedroom. She announces you and I tell you to come in. My sister closes and locks the door as she exits... I am sitting in a room filled with candle light.......I tell you to remove all your clothing and come stand before me. Kneel and bow your head. I ask do you think you are worthy of serving me pet? You reply I will try my Mistress. I place a leather collar around your neck and connect the leash........I want to see how well you follow directions and respond to me. Any hesitation or lack of asking for clarification by raising your hand will require punishment. Understand Pet!...........yes Mistress. I grab your leash and bring you to a standing position. There will be no eye contact until I allow, nod if you understand. After you nod I snug up on the leash and pull you close. I grab your semi hard pussy cock and begin to slide my hand up and down the shaft slowly. Your body is tense and I can tell you are not at ease. I apply a small amount of oil to the head of your pussy cock and begin to stroke the head between my thumb and index finger while applying pressure on the balls. I spread my legs apart and pull you closer. I pick up my breast and slide them up and down you cock. I then let the head dart in and out my mouth. I then begin to lick around the head and underneath the shaft. You let out soft moans. I put a leg up on the bed and tell you to lay over my leg. I bring your cock back between your thighs. I spread your ass cheeks apart and drip some oil down the crease. As I slowly manipulate your cock, balls, and the circumference around your anal orifice. I ask you questions and get to know you a little better since we are now in the presence of one another. I tell you that I am going to insert a butt plug to further relax you. I insert the plug slowly with a twisting side to side motion. Take deep relaxing breaths pet. I tell you to turn on your back and then to a sitting position......."you may now make eye contact." I pull you to me with the leash and lick around your lips and then begin kissing and sucking your tongue while stroking your cock. I grab the humbler and place it across the front of your thighs and lock your balls in between. I stand in front of you and grab your leash pulling it between my thighs. I lean over, holding onto the arms of my wheelchair I pull your face to the crack of my ass. "Pet spread my cheeks and lick my pussy and ass until I cum"........you start to lick and suck like a good pet. I tell you to tongue fuck my pussy. I rub my beautiful ass up and down your face, pulling your leash so I can bury your face against me and telling you to make me cum you dirty little slut. I turn around after cumming several times. Your face is glistening wet with my juice. I kiss you sucking my juices off your tongue. I unlock the humbler and tell you to stand and lean over the bed. You have been a very good pet thus far so I need to see how you react to spankings... I take my leather wrapped cane and give ten licks. Your face turns red and that ass tenses up. Very good. I like how you absorbed that little bit of pain. 😘 I keep you leaning and I remove the butt plug and inset a 6 inch prostate stimulator. I slowly begin fuck your ass as I jack you off...........after teasing fucking your ass and stroking your cock....I ask you." Do you want to cum" you say yes please Mistress...............I respond "NO"...................................WOW!

1/10/2018 9:44:40 AM
Sometimes you just want to love and caress on your pet. It is important that my sub/slave is everything to me that a man can be. I am strict, sadistic tendencies but I am also very loving and sensual........... HAPPINESS I miss you much more.......you have no idea of the euphoric feeling you spread throughout my body and mind. Just the view of you makes my mound throb and release a rolling stream of warm soothing moisture. Cum to me, on me , around me, in me..........the warm of your shared arousal is a sweet taste of enhanced happiness. The way you approach my body makes me want to parish in the moment. That last intense spread, thrust and eruption. Your hands on my ankles, me pulling the sheets of the bed. I beg for more not knowing if I can take it........but I want it all! Pleases me, flood me, every orifices is your home. Cum in and explore. Let me give you a taste of my feng shui and so much more.........WOW

1/8/2018 9:08:48 AM
MY MID DAY SURPRISE I am sitting in the living room watching TV and relaxing. I receive a text " would you like some company"? My mind goes into hyperdrive. I reply yes and up into my wheelchair and a brisk roll to the bedroom. I receive a text that you will be here in 20-30 min. I reply ok I will be waiting!!! It gets crazy.........my sister is taking a shower.........I yell hurry up my please, you know who is on his way. I pin up my hair and my sister is out the shower and I get in for a Quick 10 min shower.......... I baby oil all over my wet body.........then a soothing towel pat down to dry and absorb the excess oil. I throw on a purple t-shirt........take my hair down and a spruce of perfume........I sat on my bed and lightly lotion turn on the fan lay back on the bed and just relax. You text that you are here and I text come in. You walk in and close the bedroom door and say hello....... you grab me and lean me back gently......... kissing me like you haven't seen me in a very long time........ The taste of your tongue..........the quick yet smooth flicking movement the warmth and the suction so intense yet soft and sweet. Your hands gliding down my body raising up my t shirt I'm trying so hard not to explode.......... Your hand goes in between my thighs and I slide my hand on top of yours and redirect you to my breast......you grabbed my breast with both hands squeezing them together and a nice tender massage......you start to suck on my nipples one at a time and then both are in your mouth........I scream out I am cumming and you suck and pull on my nipples harder. You start to step out your shoes.......I raise up to unzip your pants and pull everything down to reveal that beautiful cock.......I kiss, lick and suck around the head while I squeeze and massage the balls.........I look up in to your eyes and tell you how much I have missed you..........l sat you down on the bed and stand to finish undressing you.........I then push back and let my breast flow down your body..........I get to your cock and tell you to fuck my big tits baby.......I squeeze some oil between my breast and let your cock slide in between them nicely...........the head of your cock darting in and out of my mouth..........you feel so good my pet. You turn around so that your head is hanging off the bed. I straddle your face so you can have all my pussy and ass sliding up and down on your face........I lean over to grab your cock..........stroke it.......... squeeze it.......... massage it.........as I am riding that tornado tongue👅.........make me cum...........WOW!!!!!!,💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

1/7/2018 8:47:23 PM
RANIY DAY PASSION I send you a short story expressing my need and desire for you. You return with a reply of your own a follow up to my short story. Very sensual romantic and just nasty sexual. I need you now I reply. You text give 30 to 40 minutes and I will be there but I can't stay long. I say ok!!!! I take a shower and light my candles to set the mood. The rain is coming down and I raise the windows to let the fresh cool air fill my bedroom. Nothing sexy do I don but my favorite purple panties and black wife beater. My nipples are very hard with excitement and the chill in the air. You text you are here and I tell you to come in. The front door opens and my heart begins to beat faster, and my pussy is throbbing. You turn the corner to walk down the hallway and I can feel the moisture and heat between my thighs. You lean in and wrap your arms around me. The passion of your kiss has me so quickly at the point of errupting, I spread my legs and allow my pussy to relax. You kiss down my neck with firm nibbles and bites. My body starts to tremble and I widen my legs and relax more. You pull my shirt up and grab both of my tits with gentle bites to each nipples...............Damn I explode. I grab your hand and put it on the top of my saturated panties. I begin to rub on to of your hand caressing my wet pussy as you continue to suck my nipples. Make me cum again baby, you pull my panties to the side and I spread my lips apart and you grabs my clit with your thumb and index finger pulling and rubbing making me cum several times. I push you you up and unzip your jacket, then I undo your buckle, slowly unzipping the pants and pulling pants and underwear down to reveal this hard throbbing beautiful cock. I lick around the head and underneath the shaft and on top of the balls. Back to the head and then swallowing that cock down my throat. I feel the pulsating of your cock as you fuck my mouth. You reach down rubbing pulling and twisting my nipples. I try hard not to cum again to no avail........Damn I lay you down and remove the rest of your close and take off my panties. I guide my breast over you cock and you start to fuck my tits. I love how that feels and I suck the head as it pops thru. You push me on my back and straddle my tits and continue fucking them and rubbing and pulling on my nipples. Oh baby your going make cum baby ..........oh yes oh yes oh yes I have no control. You turn so that I can enjoy sucking your cock and you dive into my pussy sucking up all my juices. That intense licking and smacking sound just arouses me more. I am sucking your balls your cock and licking your ass............i want it all.........WOW

12/13/2017 11:58:13 PM
I need a sub that can endure a great deal of pain in the areas of spanking and CBT.

8/5/2017 5:56:49 AM
COFFEE AND ME I Awaken to the gentle licks upon my labia what a way to start your morning! You assist me with my toileting needs.......you dressed me and then you take me to the kitchen..... you bring me my cup of coffee and a slice of raisin toast..... you get in position on all fours so I can put my feet up while I browse the net and enjoy my coffee and toast. I enjoy rubbing my feet on your naked body cross your balls and your lil pussy cock. You are very easily stimulated with my every touch. I do enjoy arousing you💦💦💦💦💦 I rub my foot under your belly and to the Head of your cock you are dripping my pet👅 I command you to turn over? on your back...... lying flat as I drip some butter near your navel.....I rub it through your thin hairy patch with my toes and then down to your cock with a nice even spread You like that don't you my pet....... I think to myself will I allow you to cum today....... spreading the butter? of your dick and feeling? it throb and get harder with my every touch makes me very moist......... I outline your lips with my big toe and then tell you to lick it........ I lean over taking the spoon from my coffee and rub it on your balls and I notice? your cock is so hard for me but I need you to relax so I give your balls a nice little slap with the spoon.......... you let out a moan. I run the spoon up your shaft to the head of your cock moving it slowly in a circle motion then back down the shaft to your balls with another 4 slaps I then lean back and relax and allow you to lick all the butter off my foot........ my nipples are very hard and I can't resist caressing them as you clean all the butter off my foot like a good pet......... your tongue sliding through each of my toes making my nipples hard..... I'm rubbing them and and my pussy is so moist got and throbbing........ I take my cup of coffee and I drip a little bit of the warm tasty liquid on my nipple and then I slowly lick and? suck it off........my pussy is throbbing and I know I'm about to cum........you sucking my toes and rubbing my foot like a good little pet....... make me cum...........WOW

8/4/2017 4:37:42 AM
JUST ME My desire to find my one is like an intense throbbing emotion. On edge and approaching overflow. I have encountered some very passionate pets. Ones that I would have at my feet and awaiting my command. I feel I am maybe too much for most with my daily needs and being a person that doesn't have to lift a finger for most things. My sexual taste often need to be tamed. My property, patient and ready to please. My pleasure is so simple at times. Hours of kissing, cuddling, and dry humping can make me cum several times. I do enjoy relaxing in bed being fed fruit, having my pet role grapes around my nipples with his mouth as I enjoy a good movie. The way my pet massages my feet and kisses and sucks every toe. Helps me to sleep better at times. The total oral care of the full body tongue bath. Lick me till I cum all over you and I then you enjoy the taste of my golden juice.......head tilted forward pussy on your chin and I rub her gentle until she flows and allows you savor..........WOW Then my pet that showers me. But I must have my ass tongued really well prior. And being a sensual domme I do love being fucked by my pet. Deep hard thrusting and feeling you erupt inside me.....WOW

7/28/2017 6:39:07 AM
Are You The One I have had my slaves, my subs, and my pets slowly walk down the hallway to my bedroom......I never have a plan for the inital interview cause I love to be spontaneous I have met some with lots of passion that desire to serve me. Others are slow akward and their approach is weak and unimpressive!! I have yet to find that one. The one to make my toes curl!! So if you make it to the second exchange........WOW things look promising........ You walk in and I tell you to close and lock the door. You joke is that to keep me in or others out.......I smile and tell you to get undressed and shower........I ask are you a hand or towel man........you say towel as you are getting undressed......as you pull down your underwear I see you are at attention.......I lean back on the bed and say I like that.......you ask if you can give me a kiss and I reply NO.......the towels are lying by the sink body wash in the shower, clean up well. I am lying back on the bed with my eyes closed.......I feel your hand on my thigh and your breath on my breast as you lay beside me.......I keep my eyes closed and allow you to touch and feel. You slide your hand up my inner thigh and my heart begins to race......I spread my legs and then I quickly sat up. You have been a very bad boy and need to be punished......I push you back on the bed Your cock hard and curved up your belly.......I can see it throbbing I lean blowing my warm breathe over your shaft while I run my face over your cock You moan.......I laugh and ask do you like that, you reply yes I mount you and let you feel the inside of me. Then I slide off running my pussy down your leg, your cock between my breast and then I lick my juice off your cock. I place you on the floor in a kneeling position back straight knees apart. I show you my purple flogger running it up your chest and down your back. I grab your face and kiss you sucking and biting on your tongue. I ask are you going to be my good little bitch......you say yes mistress I rub my flogger from side to side on your back I tell you to lean over the foot of the bed and begin flogging that ass. Your ass tightens up with anticipation. I move over to my wheelchair and you ask where are you going? I sat back in my wheelchair and run my toes between your ass cheeks and then down to your balls. I respond as deep ass I want while running my toe around your ass hole. Your ass is a little red and your cock is wanting to erupt........ I insert the biggest of my purple butt plugs into that tight ass hole, you gasp and moan.........I stand and lean over my wheelchair and tell you to lick my ass........I grind on your tongue and then tell you to tongue that pussy!! Fuck my pussy with your tongue you little bitch..........WOW Your face is wet and my scent arouses me as I kiss and lick your face.......I want to fuck you my lil bitch.......you will explode for me......I stand you up and grab your pussy cock and begin sucking and stroking it.......I grab your ass cheek pushing you deeper down my throat I push you back on the bed and continue to stroke your cock.......I remove the butt plug and insert my bright red vibrating stimulator you tense up and then.......WOW

7/16/2017 5:57:19 PM
I have found through conversing with a number of subs/slaves that I don't want one that have been overly used. If you have had too many owners, or orally served too many people you would not be the one for me!!

7/9/2017 6:02:11 AM
Good Pet You come over to massage my shoulders and gluts. Being the good pet and you promised to be on your best behavior. I set an aviance that relaxes and soothes me. Candle lit bedroom, light lavender aroma and some smooth jazz in the background. I slide into my blue satin PJs and lay back on the bed. I hear a knock on the bedroom door and tell you to come in. You walk to the side of the bed and then kneel. Hello Miss Sherri. I raise up and say good evening my pet. You may rise. I tell you to strip off all clothing. You ask if you may talk freely. I say yes you may. You ask me about my day and how my back is feeling. My usual reply is I am sure you will make it feel much better. As you stand there I notice you being semi hard. I give you two rubber bands and tell you to double wrap them around your balls. You ask if that's better Mistress? I look and say no! I grab the small ice chest sitting on the table. I command you to raise your arm straight out to the side. I don some gloves and begin to ice down your cock. It goes soft quickly. You will have be punished for your attempt at arousal you naughty lil slut! I lay you across the bed on your belly and pull your cock and balls back between your legs. I lay and ice bag against your nuts......I grab a leather paddle and my crop. I go up to your face grab your chin and tell you if were not such a worthless horny cunt I would be having my massage by now. I start with the paddle giving 20 licks on each ass cheek. You love that don't you! You whimper yes ma'am. I remove the ice pack and you have managed to get an erection. I grab your nuts and squeeze them and scream your are such a naughty bitch!!!!! I take the crop and give your nuts 10 strong wacks. Your nuts are swollen, so I release the rubber bands. I instruct you to turn over and scoot where your head is at the edge of the bed. I stand with your head between my legs and I lean forward and begin to rub your lil pussy cock. I pull my pj shorts to the side and squat and rub my wet pussy up and down your face. I ask you do you want to taste my pussy you say yes. I slap your cock and piss a little on your face. You don't deserve to taste my pussy! I grab your nuts and dig my nails in them while smothering you with my pussy...........WOW

7/6/2017 6:30:48 AM
Out on the patio having some family time. I am sitting out on the deck enjoying the light breeze and looking up into the stars through the thickness of the trees. I check the time since you said you would be by after work. I look up and my sister is escorting you out the door and introducing you to family and friends. You walk over and lean in for a lite kiss and hug. You tell me I look nice and I reply you look tired. You have a beer and we exchange some small talk. I ask if you are ready to help me to bed. You joke saying I think you can go to bed by yourself. I give you a little smile. You whisper am I going to be punished for that. I laugh and shake my head. Like a good pet you help me in the house, with me directing you every inch of the way. You say I am not good driving a wheelchair and I reply it would have be less painful to walk than let you drive me. We make it to the bedroom you take off my shoes and I hop onto the bed. You ask how is my back feeling? I am as good as I am going to be right now but I know you will make me better! I lay back on the bed and tell you I am ready............ You lean in and run your fingers through my braids and pull me towards you. A deep soft intense kiss. Running my hands over your shoulders and down your back I raise your shirt and I am shocked by what I feel. I asked what did you do. You laugh and say no one has noticed. I miss the hair! I got waxed a couple of days ago. I pull you closer dragging my nails up and down your back. No hair for me to pull! I bite you on your shoulder and grab your face. I kiss you deep grabbing sucking and biting your tongue placing your hand on my breast and the other between my thighs.. Feel my heat and moisture my pet!! Do you want it! As I run you finger between the lips of my pussy...... Are you hard for it! As I cuff your hand around my breast and squeezing my nipple..... I lean back on the pillow and look into your eyes. I place my hand around your throat and pull you down. I lean up to your ear lick around it with a nibble on your lobe .........Are you ready to put me to bed.............Wow

7/2/2017 2:39:06 PM
Today is a good ballbusting day!

6/27/2017 5:40:26 PM
My feet are cold. I need a face, a pussy cock or chest to place them

6/15/2017 6:42:21 PM
I need a massage

6/15/2017 2:08:51 PM
48 a widow with three grown sons I enjoy movies museums road trips board games animals music plays concerts art history Astronomy and relaxing at home. The wonderful generic info about me above. I am also a Domina loving the role since age 16. I love to tease torture and control my mate, my man, my pet, my lover. The common question is what I want from my sub/slave and I reply everything. If your are mines then giving me all of you is what I want. Don't be afraid to endure and fall in love with my passion as I will receive embrace and love your service.

6/14/2017 3:45:45 PM
Today is a hard day for me. This is the first anniversary of my husband/sub/pet/slave passing. My heart still filled and overflowing with all he gave me. He was one of the best and I love him just as much now as I ever did. RIP my white dumpling!!!!

6/12/2017 10:53:23 AM
IT HAS BEEN TO LONG!!!! I text you good morning and ask how are you doing? You reply so so. You ask me how I am doing and I tell you good. We have not seen each other in several months but our need for each other is like fire. You ask if you can come by but you only have 30 minutes. I reply sure. You come in and I am sitting on the bed I look up at you and say you look like you have been and not even able to get all my words out my mouth it is taken over by a passionate strong kiss. You bite down my neck while lift my shirt and telling​ me how much you have missed me and my body. With every bite, suck, lick, pull you have all of me. No other lover knows my body so well. You lick and kiss me from head to toe. My orgasams rippling off like the shuffling of cards. I can't control them don't want to control them. You kneel before me on the floor caressing my breast and sucking my nipples. You began to finger me replying about how wet I am. You say are you ready for me and I reply yes my pet. You stand lift my legs straight up and slide into me with that first thrust I cum and my body shivers and becomes stiff and then relaxes at the same time. The music of our skin connecting in an overflowing of my moisture I then drop my legs and turn you over. I slide down and enjoy the taste of me off you sucking, lick and feeling you throbbing in my mouth. I look into your eyes and tell you I want to feel you cum deep inside me my pet. You turn me on my side and put your hands on my hips and slide in me from behind as you grab my pussy from the front squeezing and stroking my clit. You then rotate me on my back and lean all the way in as my knees are close to my ears and you are sucking my nipples. You eject your cock and rub it up and down my pussy, I reach around and grab your ass and tell you to cum deep inside me my little bitch...........Wow

5/25/2017 5:47:33 AM
ORAL BLISS As I lay here in my bliss I can feel the softness of your lips. You start at my forehead and work your way down. Your essence flows over me. My body is throbbing with every touch. All of me says yes and you enjoy the thought of making me cream. You are driving me crazy and I just want to flow in your mouth and all over your body. I close my eyes tilt my head back and relax. Take me my lil slut! Make me explode! I know you want to clean up my mess. Every eruption much stronger than the last. Feeling me forcing me taking me........... WOW

4/18/2017 1:14:14 AM
DEEPER The arch of darkness slowly moves in. As the brisk air blows softly over my skin Head tilted back and the arch sharpens Each movment without hesitstion Drip, drip, drip the moisture is building to a flow Deeper, yes deeper PENATRATION I can feel all of you I grab your ass squeezing pulling you deep I rotate my hips fucking you as hard as you are fucking me Bodies wet breathing shallow I love it so Moan for me as I thrust my mound upon your pole, groan for me as I rotate around and around deeper and deeper. What is at the end of this bliss.? Mouth open I take all of you Knowing that you will be forever my good little bitch...........WoW

12/30/2016 1:11:10 AM

I am sitting in the living room on the sofa awaiting your arrival.....yes to meet my pet for the first time.....you ring the doorbell and my niece answers the door as she is leaving. I say hello and introduce you I motion to you my pet with a hand gesture to come closer......I then tell you to have a seat.......you sat on the opposite side of the sofa......I tell you that is nice to meet you in person after our many text and calls......you agree without making eye contact........I am taking all of you in my pet and I see you are quite anxious......I tell you to relax and you say you are and I tell you no your not.....you reply it is normal to be nervous meeting someone for the first time and I say is it as I smile and let out a little laugh........I reach over and sliding my hand over yours.....you say my hands are cold......I tell You I will warm them up.....as I stroke your hand and tell you that it is okay my pet you can look at me.....our eyes meet and your breathing is more relaxed as we look into each other's eyes We talk and go over things we had discussed on the phone and in text msgs......I see you are getting more and more relaxed You move closer to me and you are reading my body without me saying a word I continue to rub your hand and up your forearm and you get more and more relaxed I have your hand lying on my lap and you are right next to me now.....I lean in for a gentle kiss......you feel my warm breath on your lips.....inhale all of me my pet.....I lift your hand towards my breast and you began to caress them....I ask you have you been my good boy.....you say yes ma'am.....I slide your hand between my legs rubbing the back of your hand up and down squeezing my thighs around our rythmic motion and my moisture is building......you can feel the wetness on the front of my shorts......I am rubbing my face over yours......I want you to feel my desire.....I know you want me My pet....I take your index finger and pull my shorts to the side and then between my lips and over my clit I rub your finger I let out this deep sigh and then I bring your finger up to my lips and suck on it slowly tasting my juices I tell to get on the floor and kneel......I grab your face and slowly kiss you and suck on your tongue and then I allow you to kiss down my neck and then to my breast and then to my.......I stop you and lean you back......I ask you again have you been a good boy as I begin to rub your cock over your pants and squeezing the head.....you say yes ma'am......I grip your cock firm and pull it to me........HAVE BEEN A GOOD BOY.......YES MA'AM......I continue you to pull you back to a kneeling position......I lean in and lick and kiss your cheek and then into your ear I ask do you want to taste me.......you say yes ma'am please let me taste you.....I scoot my hips to the edge of the sofa and pull my shorts to the side......I part my glowing wet pussy lips and run my finger over my clit, and then.........WOW

12/25/2016 1:10:52 AM
Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

12/24/2016 5:30:23 PM

12/19/2016 2:51:31 PM
Chistmas is coming!! Christmas gift is something I desire..... A look from you gives me a sense of tranquil bliss......... my breathing is slow an deep as you move closer......not a moment of eye contact lost.......your hand on the middle of my back and the other caressing my face....a gentle kiss with eyes open.....your intention is clear......no orifices tonight of mutual partners will be untouched.......love overflowing with every thrust.......you kiss me deeper and the moisture builds......I sat upon my wetness and the warmth spreads........my juices flowing feels so intense.......I whisper to you........Acclimate yourself to me my pet........you lay me back.......my body relaxes as you give me a bath with your tongue......I errupt over and over with ever lick my ultimate present.......and then you give me more the rubbing of your verticle appendage from my lips.....to my breast and then below....you tease me and I love it so.....I feel you getting harder.....but I am not ready for you to explode.......I lay you on your back my pet and I kiss you.......I lick down you chest as a sat up on you and rock real slow.......our connection is met and I feel you throbbing inside me......my juices flowing all over you......I am loving the ride.......I stop and slide myself over your feet......then I lick up my juices.....such a tasty treat...........Wow

12/15/2016 11:24:49 PM
Candy As you kneel at my feet I feel your breath Shallow yet deep awaiting my command, my touch, my approval I run my hand over your head down your face and under your chin I raise your head and you hesitate to make eye contact It is okay my pet........ I run a finger over your lips My feet come up your thighs and around your waist to your cock A gentle massage with my feet as I hold your face You smell me as my moisture begins to flow and I inventory my pet You will give me what I desire my pet My legs spread and I move your head between my thighs I allow you to sniff You can feel the warmth My juices are flowing Do you want to taste You say yes mistress I stand up as you are kneeled down on the floor I turn placing my ass in your face.......I spread my legs and slow bend over rubbing my bottom up and down on your face I reach around and spread my cheeks you see that moist dark pink candy.........Taste Me My Pet.........Wow

12/10/2016 1:08:48 PM
Honey it's cold outside I am out on the deck and feeling the wind on my face and seeing my breath drift away....my thoughts keep me warm......yes I miss you and I know it goes without saying I make my way back and I lay across the bed.....I hear you call my name and I turn and look into your eyes......you kneel to give my a kiss and ask if I need anything I turn over throwing back the blanket covering my naked very warm toasty brown body.......I need you my pet! I pull you in bed and while we are so engaged in a kiss I unbuckle your pants and slide my hand in to rub, massage and stroke what's mines.......are you hard for me my pet and you whisper yes.......I grab your balls with a little more force and ask you again......are you hard for me my pet........yes yes yes ma'am I am.......I kiss down your neck and unbutton your shirt........I motion for you to slide up so I can pull your pants down.....As I lay to the side of you and your cock slides between my very warm big breast......I grab the cheeks of your ass and pull you closer to me.......the passion of kissing you and you fucking my breast has me errupting..........WOW

12/10/2016 12:52:37 PM

11/30/2016 1:59:58 AM
I don't sleep all night very often.....I cycle sometimes. Being young and retired gives me a lot of time.....I say that with a laugh because some days seem like my world has just ripped apart.....I do so miss having my pet to balance me out and make everything in my day relaxing if not perfect. I am very passionate and sesual. This is also a flavor I put in my step by step training or punishing of my pet......not to mention when I allow my pet to make love to me. I am still looking for that pet that I am not only attracted to but we have a wonderful chemistry

11/27/2016 2:19:52 AM
One of those nights that sleep is just not the thing to do!!

11/18/2016 9:21:01 AM
Verticle You look at me my pet and I sense your vertical state of mind. Your appendage follows me I know you want me My pet Have you been a good I walk over to where you are sitting and run my nails over you head and then a gentle massage of your scalp You let out a sigh of relaxation I lean and kiss, nibble and a lite lick and blow on your ear I whisper softly 'I need you My pet' As I stand behind you rubbing your shoulders and chest your vertical state of mind is pulsating and growing I walk away and tell you to follow I place you on the bed spread you Play with you from head to toe Teasing you with my tongue my pet Your are leaking and it is So sweet I lay beside you with my leg over yours? and I take your hand I run it over my breast and then down to my navel and then I cuff your hand and rub your fingers thru my moisture Warm stckiy and wet my pet I suck your finger and then I let you suck and taste Do you want more my pet.........

11/17/2016 6:23:35 PM
I am sure that my loving pets read my journal entries and think that I may be a little soft and sensual. I understand the balance one must have between the two worlds to have a long lasting relationship. I found it once on this site and I hope to find that loving and devoted slave, pet, friend, lover, maid, chauffeur and husband. I still love my deceased husband and always will.......

11/16/2016 6:05:09 PM
WHAT You walk into my bedroom and you kiss me immediately I feel your desire for me. It would be so easy to dismiss it as sexual but we both know that it is more I am free and could be with you 24/7, but you have the love and the dedication of your family at home I wonder what happens to the strong desire that two share that is lost over time for what ever reason I don't understand it cause I enjoy the mechanics of love making The joy of passion exploding with every touch It would be nice to find that one that is all mines Don't get me wrong. I am not looking to fall in love just yet I would love to fall in sexual like a lot With just one look you can cause my moisture to flow warm and slow You carefully inventory my body and catalog it's response to your touch Our rhythm is hypnotic I daydream the thrusts of penetration of your various body parts No I do not love you but I love what you do to me My mouth open and each breath deep and shallow my breast swollen and nipples tight my moisture dripping and flowing over all my holes Spread me, take me, enjoy me

11/14/2016 2:01:00 PM
My Pet As I lie here amassing my thoughts and feeling a bit lost. I miss the service of my pet to take care of my need to command, train yet nurture I can feel your touch on my feet allowing every part of me to open up I tingle and can only smile at how focused you are I place my hand on yours and move it up my legs I tell you to relax my pet and look into my eyes You look up at me and the firmness of your hands changes on my leg I lay back and allow you to work your way up to my thighs The moisture is building and I feel so hot You reach up to pull my panties and I tell you no I grip your chin and tell you to lick softly on top of my panties You start as instructed and it is so soothing My nipples harden and my breathing changes with ever lick I begin to move my hips up and down as I hear you breathing taking in my scent My moisture and then exhaling You position your body between my legs with your arm under my thighs and you intertwine our finger and pull me closer to you My back arches as you grind your face against my wet pussy You lick and suck on my panties faster and faster You have me so hot and so moist Just before I explode you manage to pull my panties to the side and sucking my clit I can't hold on any more I feel myself squirt and pee at the same time........WOW

11/13/2016 3:45:25 AM
HEAT Tossing and turning. I just can not seem to fall asleep! I am hot so I get up and take off my t shirt. I am lying back in bed with the light beaming off my clock.......I am not worried about the time cause I can stay in bed all day today.....I try to deflect my thoughts from this apparent hot flash.....I drag the sheet down and an instant sensation is felt as it flows over my nipples........my back arches in response and I become very moist from that simple act......I push the sheet down over my naval and let it drop between my thighs........OH MY it is hot! I am aroused and I am not sure why......no other thoughts are on my mind except for me thinking about my body.......I turn on my side and the moisture has flowed between my ass cheeks........I rub my bottom and as I slowly spread my cheeks.......my pussy starts to pulsate and the moisture is thick and very warm......I slide a finger between my cheeks and run it around my hole.......so warm, so moist....WOW

11/10/2016 6:39:28 PM
Where are the pussy cock little slits that are worthy of my time. Don't be afraid.....just enjoy the pain of my pleasure!!!

11/10/2016 10:14:01 AM
PENATRATION As I walk around the bed looking at you! I can't help but desire your tree in the desert of heat and moisture! The poetic curves of a man. The individual, yet intoxicating steam I feel pouring from every pore when you touch me! Allow me to drink from your branch and filll every orifices with your sap! Desire......how I feel when I look at you.......WOW.....I am penetration!

11/10/2016 6:02:37 AM
As you kneel at my feet I feel your breath Shallow yet deep awaiting my command, my touch, my approval I run my hand over your head down your face and under your chin I raise your head and you hesitate to make eye contact It is okay my pet........ I run a finger over your lips My feet comes up your thighs and around to your pussy cock A gentle massage with my feet as I hold your face You smell me as my moisture begins to flow and I inventory my pet Caressing your pussy cock with my feet You will give me what I desire my pet My legs spread and I move your head between my thighs I allow you to sniff You can feel the warmth You can taste just once

11/9/2016 3:33:52 PM
JUST ME You text me to let me know you are leaving work early. I jump in the shower, flat iron my hair and pull it back, straighten up the bed and light the candles. I am lotioning my legs when you text that you are here. You walk in and I am sitting on the bed with a light blue tank and panties.....you tell you have missed me and grab and kiss me. The strength of your embrace and your kiss makes me cum. You lay me back on the bed and kiss my neck and my shoulders.....you pull my tank up and grab my breast, rubbing your face in them, telling me how good I smell.......You take both nipples in your mouth and I explode again.......you slide your knee between my thighs and press it against my pussy, moving your knee gentle over my throbbing wet pussy as you are sucking on my nipples and yes I cum again.......Damn my body is yours and you make it feel so good! You make me explode several more times......my pussy is sensitive, wet, and swollen the way you like it........you take off my my panties.......you go down and spread my legs then my pussy lips and flick my clit slowly........you kiss from my feet down my leg to my inner thigh....,,you ask me if I want you to suck on it......I say yes baby........you say are you sure while you are driving me crazy flicking my clit with your finger........I scream Yes!! You bend my knees to my ears.....I am spread wide open and you fucking lick and suck my clit until I squirt all in your mouth and over your face multiple times.......,WOW!......you stop and walk around the bed......you are standing over my head and I start to lick underneath the shaft of your cock while stroking your nuts.......you are caressing my breast and twirling my nipples......I cum again....you climb on top of me and start to lick my pussy again while fucking my mouth..........WOW

11/9/2016 3:16:30 AM
What is in the Taste I think about you every night I feel the motion of your tongue in the depth of a kiss The hardning of my bosoms with every touch, suck,and nibble The flow of your facial hair over my naval and between my thighs My head tilted back mouth open grabbing and pulling my nipples my back arches I want to taste you! Let me have it! I want all of you! You grab my hips and pull me to the edge of the bed and lift me on your WOW......I WANT TASTE YOU! In an out.... squeeze and release....our rhythm and passion...hearing the moisture You grabbing me.....I am grabbing you.....OH YES......OH YES I WANT TO TASTE YOU!!!!

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