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There is no Palin Pass on any Masters question. Answer a Masters question, as HE asks it, fully and honestly

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About ME. Master Robert - 64 (1955), 295, blue, thinning light brown hair shaved head. Shoe size 10 12 D (US) only relates to the size of MY feet. There are no naughty pics of Me on this or any site.

With regrets to more than a few hot gar-boys, I am a non-smoker

Pics here are of ME. Most recent is the main pic, done in early 2010.

MY Family Co-Master August 71, boy logan 62,

Last major update 04-14-2013

Last upload for age progression and for TOS compliance 02-11-20 12-13-2019.


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Journal Entries:
5/20/2017 7:26:53 AM
▀▄▀▄▀A few checklists that may help identify a persons interests and limits.  Also a contract generator.▀▄▀▄▀

Create a free account

BDSM tools link

Specific Checklists: To make each work well, make a selection for all 3 elements for each topic of interest.  I do recommend that each topic have a response, other than "not applicable". 

Sexual Preferences -

Roleplay - 

Kinks and Fetishes - 

Bondage Preferences -

Sadism and Machoism - 
Power Play - 

BDSM Contract Tool: Use this to create a template for an individual interpersonal arrangement. Keep in mind that no template will cover all aspects that you may want or need to record.


You are not able to save your results on the site, but you can print your results andcreate a PDF of your results.

2/5/2015 3:51:42 AM
Interesting reading

"Slave Safety" series

From "What A Proud Slave Likes"


1/1/2015 10:36:17 AM
Black is MY Leather: What is most important Master / slave?

A question that was recently asked: What is most important in a Master / slave relationship?

The problem with this question is that it is not just a question. It is two questions. Or rather a question within a question, and unless the response addresses the question asked and the question inside, the answer is lacking. Not as a show of disrespect, but for simplicity, I answer in the context of what I know, of a male Master and a male slave.

So, lets answer this first – What is most important in a relationship? In a word – trust, but to give a more complete answer, it is trust and all those things leading up and follow on to trust. Among those that come to mind are -
  • There has to be communication among those in the relationship.
  • Those in the relationship must be honest in what they say, and how they respond in their actions.
  • There needs to be commitment to the relationship, and to those in the relationship.
  • Those in relationship need to respect one another and themselves. For what each brings to the relationship is a unique contribution.
  • There needs to be a fulfillment of the needs and expectations. At least a valid and valiant attempt to be and do what is needed and expected. 

These all are important, leading to trust, and they all apply no matter what the relationship is:
  • Between friends,
  • Between lovers and spouses,
  • Between the government leaders and the citizens that they govern. 
The list can go on.

When there is a lack of trust, because someone was not honest, or did not communicate, or did not do all that was expected, not even try, then because trust is lost friends drift apart or worse
 the homes that lovers and spouses attempted to bring together break up

The Master / slave relationship today is no different.

Both Master and slave must communicate honestly about who each of them they are, what each expects, and what both are prepared to do to fulfill the respective obligations each to their chosen role in the Master / slave dynamic. To build trust.

And both Master and slave must trust the other, the Master trust the slave, not just as a life partner, but also to do what the Master provides for the slave to do, to act responsibly, to be that which obeys, willingly, to present a pleasing appearance in the slave. Likewise the slave trust the Master, the Man that, at times, quite literally holds the slave's life in His hands, to provide for the common residence, to give the direction on the running of the home, to have the absolute protection that absolutely comes being an Owned Person, that focus of concern to only one, the slave's Master. Each trusting, relying, needing the strengths of the other, each to their own chosen role.

Trust - and all that leads up to that. This is the answer to the question asked.

But secondly, the question within the question: What is important to make a Master / slave relationship? To coin a phrase - adamant certainty.

Possibly the best example of this type of attitude is found in the early scenes of the original James Bond film Goldfinger. Sean Connery, as James Bond is playing golf with Goldfinger. At one point, when Goldfinger is looking for his lost ball (don't go there), Bond remarks to his caddy that "He (Goldfinger) won't find it over there ..", And in response to the caddy's question as to why, Bond replies, "Because I am standing on it." It is not so much the answer but the force of personality that comes through when Bond makes that reply which best exemplifies adamant certainty

How does this relate to the Master / slave dynamic? Because a Master must know, believe, and undoubtably be a Master. It is a powerful declaration, of power, taken and used. No wanna be's wanted. Even early in HIS Masterhood, untried, untrained, unexperienced, and unfulfilled, HE believes the truth of who HE is. A Master IS a Master. HE believes the truth of this statement. HE knows the truth of this statement. HE acts as a Master because HE *IS* a Master. There is no doubt of this Man, who HE is, simply because of the force of HIS personality. HE Owns HIMSELF, in the majesty of simply who HE is. Master

Likewise, the slave must know, believe, and undoubtably be a slave. Be that person that gives up his mind, his body, his all to be a slave to his Master. No half hearted attempt accepted. The slave is dedicated, committed, undoubtably, without question, without reserve, without hesitation. his Master may Own him, but only because the slave has given himself, that completely.

There you have it. The whole of the truth. As I see it.

And when you see this dynamic, it will not because of that one wears His wristband on the left, that one wears a collar. Rather it is not in the attire, it is in who these MEN/boys are. You see the Power of the Man, the dedication of the slave, the adamant certainty of who they are because 
they trust.

Master Robert

4/15/2007 6:02:51 AM
I had put an entry on my 360 page, stating to ask ME a question. The one post there to ME was - "Imagine, you knew some Arabian Prince and he gave you a 17 year old slave as a "present", innocent and willing to learn anything, what would you teach him to do? :-)"

MY response --

[ I presume that this Prince, in considering this gift would make it a male slave .. knowing you as I do by your blog and profile, I am guessing this is the case .. and that the Prince would know a gift that would please Me ]

Respect - Respect for self, respect for position, respect for the slave's betters, respect for the slave's brothers in servitude.

Pride - Pride of position, pride of affiliation and being an Owned Person, pride of accomplishment

A proper and servile attitude both throughout the day and throughout the slave's life, without loosing the ability to carry out duties in the taking care of the House.

Devotion to the Master, to His House and to His Family.

Being a proper servant - household duties, from cooking and cleaning to laying out the next day's clothes

Relationship / companion - to be able to interact not solely as a slave, but as a member of a Leather Family, to be able to enjoy life, play games, participate in recreation, for the Master's amusement and enjoyment.

Protocol - From proper form of address of the slave's Owner, to how to act in the presence of other Masters / slaves / general public - to even which slave opens the first of a set of doors when going into a building.

Proper hygiene and cleanliness - of both the slave himself and the slave's duties for the Master.

To have the slave be secure in his position and in knowing that he is loved, and despite the turmoil of the world that surrounds Master and slave, he has the Master's protection. Being secure in his position, the slave is able to approach the Master about the needs of the House, and those within, including the slave's needs.

Intimacy sex and kink is listed last as that is a minority of what a full line slave is about. Not that it is unimportant, it is. However, with the others listed first, it makes more for a submissive to be true to himself. Starting with being comfortable with the slave's own self, his body, being able to accept the Master's touch, both gentle and harsh, to be able to eroticise whatever the experience the Master has for the slave, to be comfortable in minimal seasonal clothing [ have to put it that way, there has been snow on the ground for weeks here ] in public, and comfortable in nudity when with the Master; to know, accept and enjoy changes/ modifications to the slave's body that please the Master, from denuding, to ink and body jewelry. To be a good sexual submissive in oral and anal sex, more than just accepting it, taught to be able to enjoy it, to be able to eroticise the experience, perhaps even *need* it, if not already within the slave. Kink, from pleasing multiple persons in various roles to bondage, discipline, fire, wax, electro, hypno or whatever it would be within the slave's physical limits to please the Master, and accepting the Master's work to expand those limits.

Through all this, the slave will come to love the Master, perhaps even be in love with Him. This is inevitable. Being content that though the Master may love the slave, that the feeling is as strong, it is never the same in what the Master's love for the slave is. And this is okay too.


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