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Hetero Male Dominant, 40,  Memphis, Tennessee
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Hi, single black male, professional, tall dark and twisted very kinky. I discovered the wonders of bondage and discipline while in college. Coeds could be seduced so easily with a few firm jerks, light slaps and using a demanding voice. Rude and crude of course, but effective at the time....

Since they my personal journey and interaction with several intelligent sensual women has shown me so much more about what make a submissive or slave-to-be ready to melt at ones feet and pledge undying respect and loyalty.

So ladies beware, I know what most of you like, what most of you need and what most of you fear. I dont have all the answers butI am able to get my arms around the situation.

If you have ever broken a wild horse, you will now there are many similarities.

Personally, I like a woman who knows her place and accepts it. Im good at training because Im patient, but I dont want resistance every day. I like a woman who revels in serving her Master and can do so with grace and a smile. I like a submissive that wants to improve everday, knows she is not perfect, but wants to be so for her Man. I like women that are attractive and confident in public, those who make nice arm candy, can be that perfect assistant at a party or professional function.

Physically I like a submissive that can use lots of make-up for a night out, or go without and feel comfortable still. I like a woman who is comfortable with body piercings and the use of plugs, clamps and assorted toys. I like a submissive that will seek my approval for her make-up, clothing,nail polish, how her brows are finished and her pubes trimmed.

Sexually I like exploring the imaginary line....that one that separates pain from pleasure. Every woman has it, few have found it. I like to push boundaries until I am standing right on it, the sub not sure if she is in pure bliss or punctuating pain....having to mentally process it before she can understand it. A sexual fuck can be accomplished physically but also mentally. The mind fuck. A powerful tool to use in training, teasing, treating and wetting a sub. Typically under-utilized but with patience, very effective.

After sex there is the mental, emotional and intellectual aspects of BDSM D-s. Each has its place, one no more important than the other....and when they all do harmonize and blend perfectly, well, we call that nirvana!

So if you have a common interest, or want to ask a question, come by and say hi.











Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 6' 1"

 225 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

Online Romance

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