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My last long-term Ds relationship ended more than a year ago. Lots of experience being traine
Bisexual Female Slave, 24,  Tennessee
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My last long-term Ds relationship ended more than a year ago. Lots of experience being trained to serve, submit and please without limits or reservations, totally for the pleasure, excitement and use of my owners. Im currently single but still very active when tempting opportunities and the right chemistry and situations arises.

As a senior in high school I was introduced to this lifestyle. I ventured more deeply when I left home for college and eventually becoming a full time collared live in slut who got used hard daily and I quickly grew to love and crave both sensuous domination and hard core slut or taboo use.

It taught me to openly embrace my true calling. All or most of my past owners, playmates or dom domme fuck buddies over the years have been White as well. In past I ventured off into adult group use play parties, I found myself very turned on and addicted to being a regular black sub slut fuck toy for a discreet white group, getting shared and used in every way imaginable.

It was consensual and something I wanted to experience on a deep, sexually depraved level and they pushed and gave me in abundance what I craved and was hungry to experience and explore.

No, shame or regrets. Some might judge or think negatively for what ever reasons, but I take full ownership of my life choices and experiences. I took pride in striving to be the best little slave slut possible when used as such.

I embrace life and all desires with a passion and vigor, while always allowing myself to enjoy the rewards and benefits of an open mind. Does that mean Im interested in every proposition or come on? Absolutely not.

Its both a reward and privilege to be able to connect and share new experiences with like-minded people. So many spoil, cheat or try and game the process under false pretenses or through deception. To this day I have never seen anything positive result from lies or bullshit, so why take that approach?

If you have an issue with racial diversity, free choice or tend to prejudge those whom dont automatically fit or fall in-line with your superficial preferences or prejudices, no problem, just stay away.

Journal Entries:
12/30/2017 3:48:11 PM
Some times you just want to freely enjoy raw, carnal pleasures and TPE of a mental, physical and sexual nature. Sometimes you just want or crave to be sexually ified and brutally used and fucked in every way imaginable.

So many here try to rationalize, put cute politically correct labels on their desires. When consenting adult willing engage in a relationship. Adult play or adult activities of their choosing, there should be none standing in judgement thereof.

Why start a relationship off under false pretense, down playing what you really want, need or desire. 

~  I have far more respect for a true pervert than a Judgmental prude  ~

11/27/2017 9:47:16 AM
My 3 hole slut all white gang bang party was by far the most kinkiest and sexually degrading that I have experienced in a very long time.

Arranged by a white Dom friend whom I had met and visited several times over this past  summer getting used and abused as his dirty submissive little slut fucktoy. Each visit always getting used long and hard by him and sometimes shared with his girlfriend.

I'm looking forward to his New Years weekend party that promises to be a long entire weekend of totally morally deprived use by an even larger group.

8/4/2017 4:46:46 PM
Got a pleasant surprise call on today from my previous Ms who used me regularly as her horny little black submissive slut when she lived locally.  I spent so many hours each week and weekends at her home naked and on knees pleasing and pleasuring her and was always the party favorite who was shared generously at all her private parties. 

I didn't realize just how much I miss and crave the taste delicious white pussy. How turned on I would get and how I loved seeing the proud look of approval in her eyes and how she would stroke my hair and whisper in my ear, telling me how much of a dirty little slut I was when I would be sucking and gaging on her boyfriend's big white cock or being shared by him and his buddies getting used as their 3 hole slut for hours.

Hearing her voice again brought back so many memories and desires. She invited me to visit and spend 2 weeks of uninhibited use. I'm looking forward to visiting her in CA at the end of the month.

3/6/2017 2:59:59 PM
So many negative and nasty e-mails from Black Dom / Dommes who take issue with a black submissive or slave having a white Master or Mistress. As well as White Dom / Dommes who take issue or send hateful emails when they see a white submissive with a Black Master or Mistress. 

Lots of shallow and racist comments from insecure males and females.

I think it's very hypocritical that so many who proclaim to be experienced, open minded and knowledgeable in this lifestyle are so shallow and such a bigot.  

Excluding or including a person or persons simply because of the shade of his / her skin. Race and diversity to those who are genuine and real, is a plus.  It's the shallow and simple minded who feel threatened by diversity.  

No BDSM or any D/s social site is not a license for anyone to foster hate, stereotypes or use racial slurs. Such tactics are the tools of the feeble, ignorant and assholes. 

The dynamics that fuels any relationship between those of opposite race or skin colors goes far beyond the superficial.  Bigots and assholes come in all different colors, sizes, shapes and income brackets.   Just don't be one!!!

1/18/2017 4:17:58 PM
I met a guy when I was out of town traveling. He was into humiliation and sexual objectification by using temporary branding or drawing derogatory names and labels on my face and body parts while I was being used. I've seen pictures of sub and slaves with dirty names stamped on their face, ass or pussies....etc. Never imagined or why or how it could be erotic or used effectively on me. I always viewed it as just visual props and of very little value for the sub or slave.

He and his friends wrote dirty names on my forehead as they used my mouth. Wrote derogatory names and words on my ass, thighs, stomach and above my pussy as they had me bound naked and spread. Made me watch and see myself in a mirror being used. It was almost hypnotic and as if I was compelled to earn and live up to the brand or dirty names that they had given me. I found myself aching and begging for more hard core use each time I saw a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It was as if my mind was causing my body to feign and fulfill the powerful use and cravings.

My mental and sexual drive to earn and live up to all the dirty names and titles that they had drawn all over various body parts was very strong and a natural high that I had never experienced.  Now I am anxious to explore and experience more.

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