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INTJ, if that means anything to you. I'm a complicated sliver of a venn diagram.My politics ar
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INTJ, if that means anything to you. I'm a complicated sliver of a venn diagram.

My politics are fairly conservative, and I'm into traditional households and gender rolls. I'd be socially conservative, if I weren't also for legalized weed and gay marriage. I'm religiously heathen (norse pagan), which complicates the matter a bit further.

In my personal life, I'm a huge nerd. My interests include philosophy, history, psychology, and tabletop gaming. I have a love of folklore. I'm fascinated by storytelling of all types.

I've been doing various forms of power-exchange relationships almost exclusively for the past decade. Every relationship is unique, but ultimately I want someone with whom I can enjoy the vanilla aspects of a relationship as much as the kink. I'm looking for something long-term, with someone I'd be proud to wake up next to every morning.

I value honesty and integrity above everything else. Trust is the foundation of all this. Communication is key. If I feel like I can count on you, I'll give you everything.

My last relationship burnt me pretty badly. We learn from our mistakes. Whatever I do next, I want to take it slow. For that reason, I'm just as fine talking distance as I am people nearby. Give me time to get to know you, and I'll do the same.

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100% Dominant
99% Degrader
99% Master/Mistress
99% Owner
98% Brat tamer
98% Rigger
97% Primal (Hunter)
96% Sadist
95% Daddy/Mommy
90% Voyeur
75% Experimentalist
56% Ageplayer
49% Non-monogamist
31% Exhibitionist
14% Vanilla
7% Masochist
2% Girl/Boy
2% Degradee
2% Switch
1% Submissive
1% Pet
1% Primal (Prey)
0% Brat
0% Rope bunny
0% Slave

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