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If you are a lifestyler, go to play parties. munches, demos, conventions and dungeons. If you have real time friends who are in the lifestyle who you hang out with. If you're a member of a bdsm group or dungeon then we have something in common.

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9/8/2023 2:35:58 AM

Her profile simply read Very experienced Dominant female interested in talking with experienced male or female natural submissives and/or sub masochists. I like nice people that I can have fun with, but I am strict about what I need in my life.  If you do not like a nice but strict Domme then you won't like me. My experience is in medieval torture scenes. Suspension, whipping, the rack and bondage w/ chains are my primary interests.   

My journey with pleasure and pain took place in her garage.  In Texas, that meant oppressive heat. It was August and there was time.  Time to finally experience what we chatted about for months and talked about for several months longer.  The session was simple, I show up, strip down to tiny bikini bottoms and put on my suspension cuffs and ankle cuffs.  I would go to the garage and wait.  I put my hair in a pony tail and stood near the far wall where I saw a short step ladder and waited.  The anticipation I felt was almost enough to arouse me.

She walked in and I saw her look me up and down with a smile on her face.  She had been waiting a long time for this as well.  I was told to climb the step ladder and attach my cuffs to two shorts chains attached to eyebolts in the ceiling.  I climbed up the ladder, three steps, almost three feet high, and I turned facing her.  I reached up and clipped my left cuff to the chain near the eyebolt.  For the right side I had to stand on tip toe to reach the chain for the other eyebolt.  With effort I was able to click the snap hook into place.  The eyebolts were installed for a larger man, about four feet apart. She was used to having her way with male subs, I was her first female. 

Im going to suspend you for awhile she said. I’ll come back later and check up on you. Ok I said.  She pulled the step ladder from under me and I was left to hang.  I was used to his pain and I was ready for anything.  She turned around and left me there.  I was suspended with my arms spread wide, hanging from chains.

Experienced practitioners of bdsm know this is something you never do.  Leaving a sub in bondage alone is a big no no.  But we had agreed this was something we both wanted.  I wanted to suffer and she wanted to make me suffer.  No safe words would be allowed. 

I could hear Her in the house, doing something in the kitchen.  Small sounds, familiar sounds.

After a few minutes I felt long sticky drops of sweat slowly creep down my body. The familiar burning sensation on my wrists began to grow.  My chest was spread wide and upward. I looked down at my feet.  The ankle cuffs were there but not attached to anything.  I can do this I said to myself.  Seconds turned to minutes.  I hung there in pain trying to control my breathing. 

30 minutes, not bad She said.  I watched as she approached my wet body.  She reached out her hands and ran them over my tits, my belly and over my hip bones, trailing down my flexed thighs.  She was pleased. Do you want to come down she asked.  I said, I want to suffer.  She grinned. 

Bending down She grabbed a length of chain and attached my right ankle cuff, spreading my leg wide.  I made a short g.  Then she attached my other ankle cuff, again spreading my other leg wide.  I was now suspended spread eagle in chains tightly stretched.  Lets see how you look after this! She said.

I was now in a lot of pain.  My wrists were burning and it was much harder to breathe.  My body was now covered in sweat.  My ribs were clearly visible now, stretched and pulled apart.  My belly was now pulled flat which made my hip bones stick out.  My thighs quivered from the pull.  I was being torture stretched.

She came in and saw my tortured shiny body and it pleased her immensely. You are amazing she said.  Its been over an hour now, you must be hurting so much by now my love.  She approached and I felt her hands run all over my stretched body. She tore off my bikini and began to tongue my clit, slow and then faster. 

I arched my head back, feeling the pleasure of her inside me.  The pain of the torture and her pleasuring me made me groan loudly.<span

8/19/2023 12:50:06 PM

When you are with me, I'm free

I'm careless, I believe
Above all the others we'll fly
This brings tears to my eyes
My sacrifice

Creed lyrics to my friend who's starting a new journey. 

7/31/2023 7:08:42 AM

I prefer chatting with people in the lifestyle. Why? Because the lifestyle is fun and it's awesome to chat with people who actually practice bdsm in real life. The bdsm lifestyle is designed to root out the game players and predators. We do things to promote safe sane and consentual play. We hang out with each other. We share ideas and support each other. So just because you've been tying someone up in private doesn't mean you're in the lifestyle. If you haven't gone anywhere or done anything in real life. Or you've never had a sub or dominant in real time you are not a lifestyler. Go waste years of your life someplace else. 

12/19/2022 6:19:35 AM

Argentina WINS!

12/31/2021 3:04:48 AM

20 to 30 play parties pre Covid, and now a few per year for a couple of years.  The real time bdsm community has taken a toll on peoples lives.  I still feel that going real time is the very best way to find like minded partners.  Being real time, you get to see and maybe participate in all kinds of play.  The following is what I’ve experienced real time.


Best kink display

Watching a 2 girl pony play scene.  Both girls were topless and wore matching gold and silver outfits, blinders, feathered head pieces, bits and those cool hooved shaped shoes.  They were pulling a chariot.  The spectacle of it was awesome.

Watching a flaming double flogger scene.  Awesome


Best outdoor scenes

Being chained spread eagle to a very large boulder in a remote area of a state park.

Doing a crucifixion scene at a kinky kampout.


Best group scenes


Being suspended and whipped by three dominants at once.

Being pulled apart by 8 people during a needle play scene.  There was a lot going on during this scene.  My tits were bloody and I fought like hell.  I felt like a captured Amazon.

Laying on a table with all sorts of treats and candy covering my body while attendees licked nibbled and tasted all the treats.


Most erotic scene


Being suspended spread eagle in chains for a femdom I knew.  When I started to complain she made me hang for another 15 minutes.  I struggled and moaned a long time.  When it was over I saw that she smoked 6 cigs. 


Most embarrassing scenes/moments


Hearing loud screaming during a scene.  When I went to see what was going on I saw a couple putting a clothespin on a newbies nipples.  I think you chose the wrong kink hun.

Watching a sub go to a play station.  Remove their clothes.  Put their restraints on.  Put out all the toys.  Tie themself up.  Then the dominant showed up. 

Watching a femsub pass out during a rope play scene.  Slowly slither to the floor and hit her head on the concrete.  Where was the dominant?  Talking to another dominant nearby. 

Watching a male sub offer himself during a slave auction and nobody bidding on him. 

Best dungeon moments.

Receiving a standing ovation from the staff and trustees of a dungeon when entering the dungeon.  They knew what I was there to do and everyone was very excited to see me.

Being suspended spread eagle in chains and whipped in front of 250 people.


Random stuff people have said to me at the dungeon.

Nice bikini.  Nice thong.  Would you want to have our baby? (wait what?) You’re a bronze goddess.  Nice tan.  Your body is made for torture. (gee thanks?) I like the way you wear your bikini.  Do you get oiled up to better endure the whipping? Your the girl who likes to be strung up.

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