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Pan Female Switch, 34,   , Texas
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Friends only. Im in a full time relatiionship. I attend play parties all over just for the fun of it. I like chatting with other real timers and sharing experiences.












 Female Switch



 5' 11"

 145 lbs






Actively Seeking:


 Lives For:



 Art Galleries


 Outdoor Bondage

 Suspension Bondage (Expert)

 Science Fiction

 Body Building



 Amusement Parks

 Flea Markets









 Local BDSM Community

 Hair Pulling


 Public Play

 Role Playing


 Horror Movies



 Lifestyle BDSM



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 Accounting Professional

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Journal Entries:
12/19/2022 6:19:35 AM

Argentina WINS!

12/31/2021 3:04:48 AM

20 to 30 play parties pre Covid, and now a few per year for a couple of years.  The real time bdsm community has taken a toll on peoples lives.  I still feel that going real time is the very best way to find like minded partners.  Being real time, you get to see and maybe participate in all kinds of play.  The following is what I’ve experienced real time.


Best kink display

Watching a 2 girl pony play scene.  Both girls were topless and wore matching gold and silver outfits, blinders, feathered head pieces, bits and those cool hooved shaped shoes.  They were pulling a chariot.  The spectacle of it was awesome.

Watching a flaming double flogger scene.  Awesome


Best outdoor scenes

Being chained spread eagle to a very large boulder in a remote area of a state park.

Doing a crucifixion scene at a kinky kampout.


Best group scenes


Being suspended and whipped by three dominants at once.

Being pulled apart by 8 people during a needle play scene.  There was a lot going on during this scene.  My tits were bloody and I fought like hell.  I felt like a captured Amazon.

Laying on a table with all sorts of treats and candy covering my body while attendees licked nibbled and tasted all the treats.


Most erotic scene


Being suspended spread eagle in chains for a femdom I knew.  When I started to complain she made me hang for another 15 minutes.  I struggled and moaned a long time.  When it was over I saw that she smoked 6 cigs. 


Most embarrassing scenes/moments


Hearing loud screaming during a scene.  When I went to see what was going on I saw a couple putting a clothespin on a newbies nipples.  I think you chose the wrong kink hun.

Watching a sub go to a play station.  Remove their clothes.  Put their restraints on.  Put out all the toys.  Tie themself up.  Then the dominant showed up. 

Watching a femsub pass out during a rope play scene.  Slowly slither to the floor and hit her head on the concrete.  Where was the dominant?  Talking to another dominant nearby. 

Watching a male sub offer himself during a slave auction and nobody bidding on him. 

Best dungeon moments.

Receiving a standing ovation from the staff and trustees of a dungeon when entering the dungeon.  They knew what I was there to do and everyone was very excited to see me.

Being suspended spread eagle in chains and whipped in front of 250 people.


Random stuff people have said to me at the dungeon.

Nice bikini.  Nice thong.  Would you want to have our baby? (wait what?) You’re a bronze goddess.  Nice tan.  Your body is made for torture. (gee thanks?) I like the way you wear your bikini.  Do you get oiled up to better endure the whipping? Your the girl who likes to be strung up.

10/23/2021 2:27:06 PM

10/23/21 My beloved cat Pepper passed away.  Im bummed. I spent all day crying. Her presence is everywhere. She leaves seven kittens. Peace be with you.

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