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Hetero Male Master, 44,  Missouri
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BigBearDom55 - photo 2

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Hello all sub/slaves, I am looking for sub/slaves who want to progress into total slavery. Wish to do BDSM, be control in every part of your life, to be a real slave, owned dominate told what to do, be humiliated degraded, whipped tied up cage, punished hard. no freedom. Slave must be willing to be used whenever and wherever and however I want to use slave, be used for sex, domestic and labor work. Slave is willing to try real pain, be pushed, beyond any limits you may have. You want to be pushed and trained, you want feel hard use and heavy pain and reach a state of mind and go into sub space that it will over take your whole body and mind. Slave is willing and ready to give her heart and soul, mind and body to me as my entire life property without return, with no limits, no taboos, no say, no choices, no free will, no rights, real slavery for life be owned. Slave will put Masters desires, wants and wishes, commands, and training before her own. Slave will accept the wishes of her Master, and slave is ready to serve and obey at anytime or place, ready, willing serve master in all desires he has without question or hesitation. Slave, will relocate and begin new life to become a real and true slave to serve a strong and demanding Owner for life with no escape or chance for release for slavery. Slave must be willing and seeking to live in slavery under a proper life contract signed and dated sign life away to become real slave for life. Real trust is having true faith in the heartfelt belief that Your Master/ Owner dose what he dose because it is the best thing for you, rather than the best thing for his self. Most slaves are not a masochist, but for the right kind of loving encouraging guiding structured presence of the right kind of man were a slave can feel safe and cared for she will probably do things she did not think she would within safe limits. ? I do not take no for a answer, I take and get what I want for a slave at anytime or place I want. I am someone who can balance care and compassion with brutal, and debasing. I am very demanding and live to control every part of slaves life, to get the most out of slave. I do what is best for slave in order to get most for her and to see the happiness and joy from slave in her service to me, from making me happy. I will always cherish, protect and care for my slave, after all she is the most valued piece of property to me, and will be one to bring me much happiness and joy. I have been and lived as master since I was 18 and have much experience in many things, and have done a lot, some thing;s I like most and want are pain slut slaves and ones who love to be used and abused and seeking rough torture and pain. I want have a small heard of hucow's to train use and milk that will live as real cow be milked and some that will be bre ed, I will even take in cows who cant be bred or have young but can be made into good milk cow. I'm single never married and have no kids I live in country. I'm an open book if you want to know more do ask I have nothing to hide. i do live poly life will own more then one slave. If you want know what i look like ask i will send yu a pic. One last thing be real and serious not here for games, fakes or ones who seek money to support themselves or to pay bills. I will help one to relocate but it will be after we have talked and I get feel you are non of what I just said. I'm tired of the fakes and wannabe.










Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 5' 11"

 345 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

A Poly Household

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