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Pan Male Submissive, 30,  Upstate, New York
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Educated erudite well read submissive (switch on occasion) looking for a real relationship with real power exchange. I dont have a do me list or expect a domme to be a kink dispensary.












 Submissive Male


 New York

 6' 3"

 230 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Submissive Transgender

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Friends Only


 Bicycling (Expert)

 Martial Arts (Expert)


 Body Worship


 Breast Play




 Genital Punishment




 Orgasm Denial


 Sensory Deprivation



 Comedy Shows

 Intellectual Discourse (Expert)

 Nutrition (Expert)



 Football (Expert)

 Kick Boxing (Expert)







 Canes and Crops


 Massage (Giving)


 Pantyhose Fetish

 Speech Restrictions



 Psychology (Expert)

 Body Building



 Curious About:

 Anal Play


 Outdoor Bondage


 Vacuum Stimulation




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Journal Entries:
4/7/2018 7:33:00 AM
I think using money to establish a power dynamic is artificial and a shortcut at best. if you're a dominant asking why you should provide a service for free when you can charge for it, you're already on a different model. subs could theoretically go work for Handy or some such if they really wanted to clean and get paid for it. 

we do things for friends and lovers that we would charge strangers for all the time e.g. i listen to my friend or girlfriend complain about her day because i care, not because i could be a therapist and charge money for it. 

9/4/2017 12:53:33 PM
always happy to chat about a book I've read or something interesting (preferably not politics or the news). feel free to ask me about the last book I read

8/17/2017 11:31:47 AM
why do dommes bury the lede? you read an entire profile and it isn't until the last line or two where there's mention of tribute. often there isn't even a mention of tribute. often it's something vague like "my time is valuable" or some cryptic language about sessions. I'm not judging pro dommes (in this entry) just wondering why some seem so set on deception.  

8/16/2017 2:44:18 PM
it would be really nice if this site could label and filter pro-dommes. ugh...

4/19/2017 5:22:31 PM
take my money? that's easy anyone can do that. capture my loyalty or garner my respect, i dare  you

3/17/2015 12:40:35 PM
Ugh so bored at work

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