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i hurt myself today,to see if i still feel.i focus on the pain,the only thing thats real.ok ba
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 United Kingdom

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i hurt myself today,to see if i still feel.i focus on the pain,the only thing thats real.ok back for a second time to try again.before we get any further, guys, i have an on-off boyfriend and have no difficulty getting regular male play-mates so im afraid your out of luck here.what i am seeking, and seeking, searching, desperately craving, is a dominant woman who knows exactly how to play with Her barbie doll. ive been messed about before on here, but call me naive (hell, call me any names You want ) ) im back for another try.hoping to meet a confident, dominant but 90 of time friendly DommeQueenGoddess who above all else adores to be worshipped, and pampered. size, shape, colour not important, longing to be smothered and squashed as i attempt to please.
Just putting some tag words in here facesitting rimming smothering ass-sniffing

Journal Entries:
9/29/2017 9:42:04 PM
Had a wonderful time this weekend with a couple off here (it does work!!) Gagged facesitting...thats a new way to smother! Thank you KinkyKouple2014 hope to play again soon ;)

7/21/2017 9:59:43 AM
When we agreed on watersports, I didn't expect her to turn up in a wetsuit wearing flippers..

7/20/2017 8:50:12 PM
Sooooo bored...

7/9/2016 11:38:04 PM
Desperate to kiss ass today.....

11/6/2014 8:40:16 AM
Dommes....if you are of similar build/weight to myself (or lighter/slimmer) then I'm afraid I probably wont be that into you. Prefer heavier. Just a personal preference, don't hate or give abuse if I bring it up. BBW admirer.

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