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Pan Female Slave, 29,  Manhattan, New York
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very bubbly happy baby girl. A few folks have written me telling me I should rewrite this to reflect my most current situation/life and I totally agree. So here it goes, rewritten on 3/11/14. My name is Kristen I live in NYC. I work as an executive assistant/nanny for a family that is just so amazing. I love my life right now and couldn't be happier. I am learning to play golf and ski (kind of haha). I can assume that some might find my pictures, my lifestyle a little outside the norm (especially on this site since it doesn't seem to be that welcoming towards AB/DL's) so I will try and explain. From a young age I knew I was interested in two things regarding sex. One was submission and the other was diapers. I don't know where these desires came from but I can remember that the first time I masturbated and the first time I orgasmed I was thinking about myself standing in the corner in a wet diaper (yes, I know I'm weird haha). That being said I repressed these urges throughout high school and much of college until I met a woman who would be both my first gf and my first Domme. We were pretty tame, I mean it was my first relationship with a woman and my first kinky relationship but eventually I came clean about exactly how submissive I was and confessed my desire to be made to wear diapers. That relationship happened from the end of junior year of college and for almost 2 years following when we parted ways due to job opportunities and differences in opinion on some other things I won't get into. I have been in diapers literally all the time since 2009 I travel to Boston a lot as well as Jackson Hole Wyoming so if you'd like to get a drink some time let me know. With that out of the way I think I can go on to say that I am a very cheerful person. Very optimistic and have been very happy in the choices I've made. Thanks for checking me out!











 Female Slave


 New York

 5' 4"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Sub / Slave Male

Female Led Couples


 Lives For:




 Female Sovereignty (Expert)

 Skiing (Expert)


 Bar Hopping






 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Rear End Play



 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control

 Oral Service

 Sensory Play



 Coffee Shops

 Canes and Crops


 Libertarian Politics


 Walking (Expert)



 Corner Time



 Housework Service


 Administrative Professional

 Housekeeping Expert

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Journal Entries:
5/31/2017 12:18:37 PM
I am sitting in a coffee shop just having a really relaxing day at the moment and caught myself with my hand in my diaper bag (just an oversized purse that I keep extra diapers and plastic pants and wipes and lotion and powder in). I realized I was running my hand back and forth across the front of one of my folded up diapers inside. 

Does anyone else find that the implement of their submission or humiliation is also their comfort blanket sometimes? I just came to realize how much i love running my fingers across folded up diapers haha. 

5/27/2017 12:58:14 PM
It finally happened last night...I'm officially a cuck queen!

12/1/2016 11:27:37 AM
A friend asked me how I got used to wetting anywhere and get over the shy bladder thing when I was first training towards 24/7 this was my email response. 

"One of the behavior modification techniques Sarah used to use, which was instrumental in getting me to wet in all sorts of situations was this. She would fill me up with water throughout the day until I was bursting...I had to carry a gallon jug with me on training days. Then when I was BURSTING, she would have me lay down in the tub naked and wet in different positions. 
Laying on my back she'd tell me to pee and then stop. 
Laying on my belly, pee for a second and then stop. 
Sitting legs out pee and stop
Sitting knees to chest pee and stop
And so on until I was empty, then it was back into the diaper. Then later when I eventually had to pee again it was back into the tub for another session and more positions. I had so much water in me we usually got 4-5 sessions in that day. 
It is the most effective thing she did to get me used to wetting literally ANYWHERE."

10/21/2015 10:37:41 AM
I got to be the one wearing the strap on last night for the first time since I was a Domme last night. I haven't lost my touch...Sarah absolutely loved it! It was also the first time she denied me an orgasm. It was cruel and hot and such a turn on. We discussed a little cuckolding possibility. I don't know what that would be call...lesbian cuck? Anyway, we decided that some time soon we will look for another girl that she thinks is hot to bring home and have me watch them get after it. Sounds hot to me...I do get jealous easy though. 

4/16/2015 4:24:43 PM
Just ate mushrooms for the first time...can't wait to see how this goes. 

3/18/2015 8:46:36 AM

Here is a list of questions I copied and am answering to let other know a bit more about me.
Favorite Season - Winter
Vegetarian - Not in a million years
Morning Person or Nightowl? Both
Left-Handed or Right-Handed? Right
Cat Lover or Dog Lover? Dog, cats are creepy
Salty before Sweet or Sweet before Salty? Salt before sweet
What do you drive - Automatic or Manual? Automatic, however I can drive a manual
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate mostly
Socks or No Socks? No Socks
Favorite Position - Top or Bottom? Between legs
Zodiac Sign? Aquarius
Coke or Pepsi? Coke with ice
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant? Yuck
Favorite Color? Pink
Favorite NFL Team? Patriots

Favorite Fetish? Too many to list

Wear a diaper to work/school - yes
Wear just a diaper outside - yes
Wear just a diaper in front of someone - yes
Wear a diaper in front of a family member - yes
Told a family member you wear diapers - yes
Told your spouse or S/O that you wear diapers - yes
Told your spouse or S/O you like to wear diapers - yes
Told a close friend you wear/like diapers - that I wear, yes...that I like it, some
Have your diaper changed by someone of opposite sex - yes
Have your diaper changed by someone of the same sex - yes
Shaved your pubic area - yes
Shaved someone else's pubic area - no
Have infant print diapers/plastic pants - yes
Gone to a party wearing diapers - yes
Gone to a party wearing just a diaper or baby clothes - no
Wear disposables - yes
Own a cloth diaper(s) - yes
Own a pair or pairs of plastic pants - yes
Own and wear infant/toddler clothes (ie. onesies, rompers, shortalls) - yes
Own a pacifier - more than 1
Own a baby bottle - more than 1
Met with other diaper lovers for an afternoon/evening - yes
Spent a weekend/overnight with other diaper lovers - yes
Had a diaper leak in a public setting, that was noticeable - yes
Messed in your diapers - yes
Messed your diapers in public - yes
Had a picture taken taken of you in just diapers - yes
Had a picture taken outside in just your diapers - yes
Desire to stay in diapers forever - yes

1/21/2015 10:04:58 AM
My lovely Mommy finally makes an appearance on the profile. Albeit just her hands. 

1/6/2015 11:02:41 AM
I have to order more diapers every month in the winters cause its so cold my diapers get colder quicker and I have to change more often....I don't know why I'm writing this...I'm just annoyed my diaper is cold right now haha. 

10/26/2014 9:43:39 AM
I just want to hide under the bed and and and die. I don't even know what to do with myself right now. 
People are so cruel!
I was just coming home from brunch with one of the only friends I have left from childhood (almost all my other ones have abandoned me when they've learned about the life Sarah and I live). I was wet and I knew I should have asked if I could change myself at her house before I got on the train home but, for some reason I didn't and started making my way back to my house. 
I had been on the train for like maybe two minutes when I felt myself start wetting again and then I felt that dreaded drip drip drip on the inside of my thighs and immediately knew my diaper was leaking. It wasn't slow leak that usually happens which is manageable, this was somehow a total diaper malfunction and a large wet spot started appearing between my legs and down the inseam of my left leg. 
As that was happening the guy who I was standing in front of started laughing, pointing and loudly saying "oh shit look at this girl pissin herself". It was really mean, I tried to move away and hide my wet spot with my bag which was of no use because this asshole followed me laughing and everyone on the train was looking at me and no one said anything to this guy!
I'm so sad that I'm questioning the very life I've chosen to lead right now. Normally Sarah would be there to comfort me....this isn't the first time something like this has happened but she's away for family stuff and doesn't have service. I need mommy, I need Sarah, I need a friend who understands this right now. :(

9/18/2014 11:13:42 AM
From my journal on this past Monday, thought it deserved sharing. 

Last night Sarah was in a good mood and was holding me against her while her fingers were down my diapers, and she started whispering in my ear about doing shivery awful things to me, as Sarah sometimes does when I’ve really made her happy.

She whispered, “Little baby Kristen should spend the rest of her life in a punishment diaper.  Get a change, get a little come, then right back into a diaper.”

This sounds so scary, but it also made me moan so much, so after she was done playing between my legs Sarah promised me that she’d be stricter with my discipline schedule from now on.

So now I’m going to be fed my breakfast, while wearing a diaper that’s been on since yesterday at my afternoon change.  I’m also wearing my skirt with apples on it, a ruffly underskirt, and a tight yellow shirt that lets people see my nippies through my training bra.

Sarah says she’s put something in breakfast to make me have healthy potties, and while I have them, we’re going to the park. Sarah also says that she thinks these diapers can hold out longer. (they can't) So I am imagining a very humiliating walk home from the park OR to and from the park depending on how fast this stuff works. She thinks we're getting too familiar and that she needs to go back to a time where humiliation was a regular thing. 

Should be a "fun" day. 


9/18/2014 9:01:31 AM

Sarah is very, very angry with me.  She saw my last post and spanked me hard with a ruler for being an ungrateful little girl.  Then she dabbed Icy Hot on my bottom hole and put me in a special punishment diaper.  This diaper is made from two diapers glued together, and the outer one is full of pushpins glued with their points toward my bottom.  Every time I move, the sharp pins poke through the thick inner diaper and pinch me.  But I know this is what I deserve.

Mama is putting me down for a nap, and then I have to write a new post showing how grateful I am, and then I have lots and lots of chores to do before I earn a diaper change.

I’m sorry, Mama, for being such an ungrateful little brat.

8/19/2014 8:44:39 AM
I wish Sarah would kiss me when we fuck. 

8/14/2014 1:07:43 PM
When Baby Kristen is Bad.....

Verbal Punishments Sometimes when a little ones behaviour is unacceptable it is important for the daddy or mommy to verbally chastise her, this form of discipline is important for setting and defining boundaries in the daddy’s terms, and for bringing the submissive back into line within the scene.

Verbal punishments should be belittling or humiliating, they should challenge the submissives status and apply threats of restrictions if the behaviour continues.

Time outs If the behaviour continues then the little one should realise that a more immediate way of curbing her behaviour is necessary, light restrictions like Time out should be the first port of call.

Stand the disobedient girl in the corner, facing the wall place her hands on her head, and talk to her, question her behaviour and make her think about what she has done. leave her to stand there for some period until what she has done has truly sunk in. this can especially humiliating if the play is in a group as the social isolation and ostracizing can leave your little one red faced as she returns to be judged by her peers.

In most cases she will probably receive additional taunting from her group, this should be discouraged after a brief allowance on your part, especially if you believe she will cry. After a time out the submissive will be more open to play and more adjusted and calmer.

Physical punishments. This will depend on the boundaries you will have set earlier and always remember to set a safe word. I feel it is entirely inappropriate for a daddy or mommy to cane or beat or mark their child. but the threat of physical punishment will help curb a bratty girls behaviour. We prefer bare bottom spanking over the knee, or resting on all fours or against a wall if necessary. A hand spaking is more personal and intimate and as you will feel each blow, you will know when you are smacking too hard. It is important to keep close physical contact with the spankee at all times, reassure her that it will be over soon, and make sure she understands fully why she is being punished, state the reason and the full punishment before commencing, so that there is an end in sight for the little one.

Sarah makes me count every stroke. Any resistance or forgetfulness to count along, means that you should start again, prolonging the experience for her. She leans very quickly that obeying her daddy or mommy is wise. Sarah prefers to use the palm of her hand and slap each cheek lightly until it reddens, then use the chance to apply some lotion and sooth your submissive with some kind words, making sure she understands that you love her very much and wish only for her obedience.

It should be clear to her that if she doesn’t want to experience a spanking again that respect through obedience should be her only option. If your little one is hardy even to hand spanking then a daddy or mommy may use a slipper in extreme circumstances. but you must explain to her, what she has done to deserve such punishments. Unwarranted punishments cause confusion in your princess, which should be avoided at all costs, all a Daddy or mommy's actions should be constant and predictable to help your little girl adapt and grow.

Restraints. This will depend very much on your individual little one, it is extremely wise to talk about this in great length about this before you begin to bring this into your play. restraints can be bed ties to your bed posts whilst changing, or fluffy cuffs from a high street adult chain store.

Skipping ropes can be used here or electrical tape, each one has a very specific function and suggest very different forms of bound play, some examples are as restraints to enforce wetting overnight or keeping them in place in their cot, or perhaps your little girl would like to wear lockable panties to stop changes during day hours when Daddy or mommy is away, you can use them as part of punishment this really depends on how your AB girls wants to be.

In my experience binding as well as blindfolding or gagging are usually high on an AB girls wish list, but again if you launch into something like this unannounced or unplanned, you will severely scare your charge and you will loose that vital trust that is so important to Daddy/AB play. So approach with caution.. but with an open mind!

I saw this on Tumblr and Sarah and I modified it a little last night. Thought it was very creative and very much in line with our own beliefs

5/9/2014 1:25:36 PM

I get so excited when the little ones I care for want to have a Harry Potter marathon!


Yay rainy days. 

3/28/2014 11:48:29 AM

Sarah is literally the best mommy. She knew just by the face i was making at lunch that I was going #2. I didn't need to say anything neither did she, just picked up my backpack and started walking towards the back of the restaurant where the bathrooms are so she could change me. 




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