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Hetero Male Submissive, 48,  Northridge, California
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heterosexual Male looking for a
Dominant Woman

I am new to the lifestyle. I have submited to a woman once and I would like another one to Dominate me. I am looking for a woman who is, 5'4" and taller, Average, Busty, Full-Figured or Ample who will dominate me. I would prefer a monogomous relationship where I would cherish and adore her and would like her to have a healthy sex drive(sex is very important and hopefully can be mixed in with or after BDSM). I prefer her to be proportional in shape and I most certainly love BBWs.

I don't smoke and am drug free. I drink socially.

As for interracial relationships, I have had a few and I like black women so I would be delighted to be with one. The thought of black and white skin mixing together is a hot one for me. I prefer women who are top heavy.

I would like a vanilla relationship in most things and a woman I can talk to, BUT in the bedroom, she takes charge and she is the DOMME and I submit.

I enjoy bringing my woman to a powerful orgasm through oral. I need to start a vanilla relationship with a woman before I can get into D/S. I would make for a good oral slut(except on the lady's period)

HARD LIMITS--NEVER want any shit or piss play. As in someone shitting on me or pissing on me. Also no spitting. Definitely not into diaper play. No children nor pets. No needles either. ALSO, no forced bi, I am purely heterosexual with no bi tendencies at all. No smoking fetish, my mouth is not an ashtry and no cuckolding. I am not into chastity devicesAlso, I am definitely not a sissy and wont be made into one. Not into crossdressing nor orgasm control. There is an insert that dommes use into the penis. It's a rod of sorts. I was told it's called a "sound" and that gives me the creeps. Lastly, no cameras during play.

It is a very exciting thought for me to have my Domme, showing deep cleavage, order me to strip naked, come to her and lie across her knees and than spank me.












 Submissive Male



 6' 2"

 210 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

 Lives For:

 Historical Shows (Expert)


 Antique Shows (Beginner)


 Fine Dining


 Renaissance Faires (Beginner)



 TV News



 Alternative Music

 Blue Grass


 Classical Music

 Eighties Music


 Nineties Music

 Pop Music


 Rock Music


 Art Galleries

 Coffee Shops

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales

 Going to the Opera (Beginner)


 Musical Theater (Beginner)



 Scuba Diving (Beginner)


 Body Worship

 Massage (Giving)


 Web Surfing

 Intellectual Discourse

 Opera Music



 Masks (On Partner)

 Curious About:

 Anal Play



 Canes and Crops


 Eye Contact Restrictions




 Masks (Wearing)

 Obedience Training

 Role Playing

 Sensory Deprivation


 Theatrical Scenes




 Bar Hopping

 Outdoor Bondage





 Hard Limits:




 Domestic Service

 Housework Service

 Needle Play

 Public Play





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Journal Entries:
5/4/2010 7:23:13 PM

Voodoo Dick

There was this businessman who was getting ready to go on a long business trip. He knew his wife was a flirtatious sort, so he thought he'd try to get her something to keep her occupied while he was gone, because he didn't much like the idea of her screwing someone else. So he went to a store that sold sex toys and started looking around. He

thought about a life-sized sex doll, but that was too close to another man for him. He was

browsing through the dildos, looking for something special to please his wife, and started talking to the old man behind the counter. He explained his situation, the old man "Well, I don't really know of anything that will do the trick. We have vibrating dildos, special attachments, and so on, but I don't know of anything that will keep her occupied for weeks, except !!!" and he stopped.

businessman "Except what?"

old man         "Nothing, nothing."

businessman "C'mon, tell me ! I need something!"

old man         "Well, sir, I don't usually mention this, but there is the 'voodoo dick.'"

businessman  "So what's up with this voodoo dick?" he asked.

The old man reached under the counter, and pulled out an old wooden box, carved with strange symbols. He opened it, and there lay a very ordinary-looking dildo. The businessman laughed, and said "Big fucking deal. It looks like every other dildo

in this shop!"

The old man "But you haven't seen what it'll do yet." He pointed to a door and said "Voodoo dick, the door." The voodoo dick rose out of its box, darted over to the door, and started screwing the keyhole. The whole door shook with the vibrations, and a crack developed down the middle. Before the door could split, the old man said  "Voodoo dick, get back in your box!" The voodoo dick stopped, floated back to the box and lay there, quiescent once more. Businessman "I'll take it!" The old man resisted, saying "it wasn't for sale", but he finally surrendered to $700 in cash.


The guy took it home to his wife, told her it was a special dildo and that to use it, all she had to do was say  "Voodoo dick, my pussy." He left for his trip satisfied that things would be fine while he was gone. After he'd been gone a few days, the wife was unbearably horny, she thought of several people who would willingly satisfy her, but then she remembered the voodoo dick.


She got it out, and said "Voodoo dick, my pussy!" The voodoo dick shot to her crotch and started pumping. It was great, like nothing she'd ever experienced before. After three orgasms, she decided she'd had enough, and tried to pull it out, but it was stuck in her, still thrusting. She tried and tried to get it out, but nothing worked. Her husband had forgot to tell her how to shut it off. So she decided to go to the hospital to see if they could help. She put her clothes on, got in the car and started to drive to the hospital,

quivering with every thrust of the dildo On the way, another orgasm nearly made her swerve off the road, and she was pulled over by a policeman. He asked for her license, and then asked how much she'd had to drink. Gasping and twitching, she explained that she hadn't been drinking, but that a voodoo dick was stuck in her pussy, and wouldn't stop screwing.

The officer looked at her for a second, and then said: "Yea, right. Voodoo dick, my ass!"

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