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Pan Female Submissive, 37,  Florida, Arkansas
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MY SON COMES BEFORE ANYTHING ACCEPT IT OR DON'T MESSAGEIf you send any mail please send more than one liners. I am seperated with 2 kids I can not travel alot . My oldest is living on her own in Missouri and my son is in high school.I have recently moved from Missouri to Arkansas to Florida. I like some pain but am unconditioned to extreme pain at this time.I have always been slave like but I am a babygirl only(little). If you don't think you can handle bipolar (me) or autism or mixed race (son) than I am not for you.Thank you and stay kinky.













 Submissive Female



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 6"

 280 lbs






Actively Seeking:


 Lives For:

 Lifestyle BDSM


 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales



 Rear End Play

 Hair Pulling



 Online RPGs

 Role Playing Games

 Romance Novels

 Science Fiction


 Pop Music


 Bar Hopping

 Coffee Shops







 Breast Play

 Sensation Play


 Card Games

 Horror Movies

 Body Art



 Country Music

 Hip Hop Music


 Rock Music




 Erotic touch


 Housework Service




 Arcade Games


 Paranormal Phenomena




 Latter-day Saints

 Curious About:

 Renaissance Faires

 Electrical Play

 Local BDSM Community


 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control

 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play

 Role Playing


 Suspension Bondage

 Wax Play



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Journal Entries:
5/10/2016 6:32:05 AM
Over the last week a lot of things have gone through my mind the main thing being I deserve respect as a person. I may be a little a baby girl but I am still a living breathing human being. I give respect always have. Yes this is a bdsm sex site thingy but that does not in title doms dommes.or submissive to be rude and think sex the moment you meet them here. Not everyone gives away sex like candy. Some respect themselves enoughvnot to. I may not be Barbie doll perfect,but I still deserve to be treated with kindness. If you even consider owning me you first need to know how to respect me. Sir' and ma'ams respect is the key to finding your sub.

5/7/2016 5:07:28 PM
Laying here in bed and still missing the one who doesn't want me anymore. Loving one who won't even look at me if they saw me on the street. Why is it that when you know you should let it go and not think of it at the weirdest times it pops up. You remember the God times and wish it was still that way. I will love him always but I know I must move on I can't let him do to me what was done to him and become obsessed over what can never be again but erasing it is near to impossible

5/6/2016 3:48:33 PM
After a lot of stress that still isn't over I lay in a bed and just think what it would feel like to just beheld while I cry I have a cold and feel icky and want only to be held while I cry out I'll my stress and tension to just take a day or two and relax and enjoy the moment to feel loved even if I am not to have someone tell me it is alright I am doing my best that is all I ask as I am I give and give never asking for anything so now I need it and will ask no one to do it bc it is my job as a submissive to care for them as a mother to care for my son and as a woman to be strong and fight on no matter the hurt or pain that I feel is this wrong of me but to want to beg to be held yet do I no I suffer in silence and just dream at night of what I don't have

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