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'Willing to Relocate' is checked as I'm willing to relocate the right slave to ME, not the other way around (this should have be obvious).

Pictures available (if I contacted you and didn't include one, its likely an oversight, just ask).

I AM THE GENUINE, REAL DEAL. No games, no run-arounds, no bullshit, always honest. Ready right now, committed to finding someone, and able to take them in immediately. I expect the same in return if you're in or initiating contact with me.

If you're thinking about contacting me - do; if this profile is still here, I have not yet taken someone.

If you don't want to read everything below it can be summed up like this: I'm open to many kinds of relationship and will pick one after finding a few options, contact me to discuss. Include a picture if you do not have one in your profile (as I do when I contact someone else) - the picture can be completely vanilla, but needs to include face. Also include height/weight if not in your profile, just so I have a good understanding of your physical aspects.

My tastes vary, and I can ignore some forever if I'm satiated in other ways, which is another way of saying I'm open to a number of different 'kinds' of relationship. In the end I'm a dominant and a sadist, but I can just as easily be a mental sadist as a physical one, and can curb my domineering to the bedroom with ease, and can swap sadism for domination, and so on and so forth. My self-control is one of my best features and one I am very proud of.

You could be a cage slave or just a generally submissive person at home in private in the bedroom; both stand an equal chance of catching my eye.

I am only looking for one female at this time. Preference will be given to those girls who are open to there POTENTIALLY being another girl living alongside them (with obvious preference for an existing sub/sub couple), but it isn't a hard requirement and can be discussed.

I have very few limits myself, and expect any slave of mine to have none. That's right, none. Your only saving grace if you have some is that if its one or more of MY hard limits, you'll never have to worry about it coming up. My limits are the usual trifecta: bloodplay, scat, children. The reason you cannot have other limits is that you don't need them. I will know what you like and do not like, and if I do to or subject you to something I know is a limit for you, there's likely a reason for it beyond 'I want to ignore your limits'.

In the same vein, there is no safe word with me, but again, we can discuss.

As mentioned above, I'm open to a number of types of relationship. If you prefer a primarily bedroom BDSM, generally submissive at home, but equals when we go out - believe me, its a possibility.

If on the other hand you prefer 24x7 TPE, no outside life, and like to sleep in a cage - believe me, its a possibility.

As is everything in-between (and somewhere in between is probably preferable - again, contact me to discuss).

The few things that any potential slave needs to be prepared for are: regular oral sex (this is worth mentioning above any other sexual activity because you're going to have my cock in your mouth a lot - so be a fan of it or at least be prepared for it), house cleaning (incorporated into our play or just something you do while I'm at work, depending on what kind of relationship we have), going outside to normal public places as a couple (your actions in public in such cases will have to be restrained - but could vary from a totally equal couple when we're out in public to you wearing a tasteful collar and not speaking unless I direct you to - point is you won't be running around half-naked in public with a leash on, I'm not called 'AtHomeMaster' for no reason).

Also after a suitable period of time (likely years), expect to be branded with a tattoo or the like - exact design and location discussable, marking you as my property forever.

The exact details of our relationship can and should be discussed up front - and can change at any time during the relationship (I'm always open to change).

I am only looking for those interested in long-term things, whatever they may be. Life-long would be the ultimate goal, of course. This may be at odds with what you are looking for (perhaps you're looking for 24x7 cage play, but only for a few months) - if so, that may be fine, contact me to find out.

I am also open to and ready for actual children, so if you are or think you may one day be ready to be a mother, that's a plus (as I do intend to have children at some point - my genes being superior to so many these days, it would be a crime not to pass them on). It is worth mentioning that if children do come onto the scene, play must be restricted away from their eyes (so again if your desired relationship calls for something at odds with that, it would mean children are out of the question - again potentially fine, contact me to discuss) - it is fine for them to grow up knowing we're a D/s couple, but I will not force that value set on a child; and of course as previously mentioned will not INVOLVE that child in anything sexual.

I have SOME previous experience. I say some because I'm quite sure I haven't done everything (since I can easily imagine hundreds of things right now I've yet to try). I also may not be experienced in one or more aspects of what you're looking for; I am however a quick study and if you're curious if I have such experience beforehand, you have but to ask (remember, always honest).

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