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Pan Female Submissive, 35,  Detroit, Michigan
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AsphyxiationChic - submissive

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**If you are in any way offended by my pictures or profile thats awesome, because this is MY kink, not yours, so you dont have to give or receive anything so dramatic or rough. That being said, do not send me hateful emails about how scary it is or unsafe or how it is actually abuse. Read my profile douche, I like it this way**

Well, hey! I will try to keep this short, but the likelihood of that is pretty low.

FIRST, I am owned and collared. Make no mistake about this, however I am looking for new play partners, so please feel free to email me to chat and get to know me. I prefer dom men (not switches, as I will never top you and am only interested in men who are completely dom and controlling). I prefer men around 6 ft, give or take, with lots of physical strength, in good shape, that are not afraid to really throw a girl around and hurt her. It would be amazing if you have a Scottish or Irish accent and wear kilts. That would rock. I am open to domme chicks, but only if they are butch lesbians, especially black or Hispanic.

I am also on under the same name on . I have a better, more detailed profile and more pictures there. If you friend me there, please send me an email letting me know why you wish to be friends. It doesnt have to be a job application, but sending a simple email to let me know you and I exist in the same universe would be amazing. ) If you are a MasterDomDommeTop, please remember to be respectful.**So, what do I like?**( far as kink is concerned. Im sure you dont want to hear about bingo and chocolate-chip cookie dough, unless of course its eating chocolate-chip cookie dough while fucking in the bathroom of the VFW hall on bingo night!)I like **rough, violent, super physical sex**. I like to be physically assaulted and pushed around. I like to be hit, strangled, choked, bitten, jerked around, and terrorized. Rape, sodomy, violence, abuse... all excite me. Im also interested in branding, hanging, and drowning, among other things. When I say, I like it **rough** I mean it sincerely from the bottom of my sweet, (forced) submissive heart! ) Oh, the violence of it all makes me giddy. The fear makes my heart flutter. Will it go too far? Only time will tell! )

**I practice RACK, not SSC.**Of course, I also like a milder of the above in *casual* play.I have a soft spot for **biting, hair pulling, and (hard) face slapping**. There is just *nothing* like a brisk, unexpected slap across the face to put a girl in her place! I find the abrupt nature of face slapping very startling and erotic. I do have something of a face-hitting fetish and am curious about black eyes, bloody noses and (most of all) split or bustedbloody lips. I also like to be made to cry, through physical means, of course.Oh the uncomfortable fetishes!! I am very attracted to domestic violence and like the idea of being pushed around unexpectedly by my partner ... hit, beaten, shoved, raped, slapped, kicked, threatened and generally intimidated. I believe a womans place is *beneath her Masters boot* ... until told otherwise. I (heart) fear.I have something of a cute teeth fetish. I also adore kilts and accents, especially Scottish and Irish. *Swoon***Disclaimer!!**Now, please do not mistake my preferences for promiscuity.**Sex is a privilege, not a right, so dont expect it.**I have tried to be as honest as I can with myself and on my profile. I list out every thing I can think of that I like as far as the more extreme fetishes. No, not everything I like is listed, but it is not hard to find someone willing to do vanilla things. Many people are uncomfortable with my list of fetishes because they feel they are unsafe or too extreme or they just do not think I am serious. Obviously, as with anyone and their relationships, compatibility is based on the vanilla aspects of life, but it is also important that someone is excited about or craves the same or similar fetishkink related things. For example, if you are really into *watersports*, you arent going to get into a long-term relationship with someone who finds that unappealing, unless it really isnt that important to you.**I have deep needs and desires centered around physical and sexual violence, so I list them. They are important to me.**Although I understand this type of violence can not be sustained on a 247 basis, for me it IS important that it exists in the relationship.**What am I looking for?**Well, I am always looking for new friends, both in person (prefer) and online. I am also open to new play partners. I am **NOT** looking for any new relationships.**I am NOT for the faint of heart.**












 Submissive Female



 5' 5"

 315 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Friends Only

Online Romance

 Lives For:

 Needle Play




 Anal Play


 Canes and Crops



 Hair Pulling

 Knife Play

 Masks (On Partner)

 Massage (Getting)




 Wax play



 Body Worship



 Electrical Play

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community


 Masks (Wearing)

 Massage (Giving)


 Obedience Training


 Public Play

 Role Playing

 Sensory Deprivation

 Speech Restrictions


 Breast Play


 Curious About:





 Fire Play




 Medical Play

 Mental Bondage

 Orgasm Denial

 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap

 Rubber Fetish



 Theatrical Scenes


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Journal Entries:
6/3/2011 8:09:27 PM


Into: "as close to a felony as possible" rape play

, "but i thought you wanted this"

, "don't make me take off my belt..."

(receiving), "hey baby how was your d--" *slap*

, "i will give you something to cry about"

, "i'm proud of you"

, "no matter what, you are mine"

, "no" means give me more

(everything to do with it), "oh i'm sorry, did that hurt?"

, "oh? you're pussy's sore? too bad!"

, "rawr" means 'i want to bang you' in dinosaur

, "sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up and listen to what i am going to say to you."

, "trust me, you will be crying your eyes out long before this spanking is over."

, "want to play rape? "no" "that's the spirit"

, "you're a filthy little slut, aren't you?"

, ((̲̅ ̲̅(̲̅c̲̅r̲̅a̲̅y̲̅o̲̅l̲̲̅̅a̲̅( ̲̅̅((>

, 1950s household

, 1950s housewife

, =^.^=

, a fistful of hair and a passionate kiss

, a good fucking to a well beaten ass

(receiving), a hit - a very palpable hit

, a house with a white picket fence and a dungeon in the basement

, a nice sore ass from hard anal fucking

, abby sciuto on ncis

, abduction

(receiving), abuse

, affection following violence

, aggressive men who like to leave handprints

(receiving), almah's awesome cooking

, altered states of consciousness

, always remember...youre my property

, anal

(everything to do with it), anal rape

, anal sex

, are you stalking me cause that would be super

, ask me what i don't's easier

, asphyxiation

, asphyxiationchic

(watching others wear), asphyxiationchic wanting to stalk me

(giving), asphyxiation_chick making muppet faces

, assfucking for attitude adjustment

, authoritative voice

(receiving), bare bottom spanking

(receiving), bare handed spanking

(receiving), beaten till you cry then fucked hard

, beating till crying and bleeding

, being 37 shades of awesome

, being abused

, being back-handed across the face

, being beaten into submission

, being beaten till i cry

, being beaten until fainting

, being bitten until i bruise

, being bitten until you cum

, being broken

, being caught off guard

, being choked out while getting fucked

, being choked until you pass out

, being choked while being face fucked

, being choked with a belt

, being conquered

, being dragged across the floor

, being fucked by a human femur

(watching), being fucked four or five times a day

, being fucked while getting cut

, being grabbed by the back of the neck

, being grabbed by the hair and kissed

, being held underwater

, being in me, being on me, whispering to me, making me a dirty girl

, being manhandled

, being pinned down

, being pinned down and fucked brutally

, being property

, being raped

, being ruined for anyone else but you

, being scared of a good way

, being slammed/pinned to walls

, being slapped across the face

, being slapped around

, being the coolest girlfriend ever

(everything to do with it), being thoroughly used as daddy's dirty little fucktoy slut whore

, being thrown around like a ragdoll

, being told "get used to it" while being raped

, being told i'm a good girl

, being told,"your ass ain't going nowhere!"

, being tortured while being fucked

, being your protector and your rapist

, being-brought-to-my-knees-by-my-hair

, belt spanking

, belt whippings

, belts around the neck

, bitch, you're done when i say you're done

, biting

, bloody lips

, body hair

(watching others wear), bondage

, boot prints

, boot stomping

, bound, gagged and raped

, boys who like to bend over and take it from girls

(watching), breath pl... fuck it... strangling :>

, breath play

, bruises

(receiving), brutal beatings

, brutal rape

, brutality

, butch girls

, buying astroglide on the company credit card

, cake sitting

, candle wax

, caning

, choke me while you kiss me

, choking

, consensual nonconsent

(receiving), controlling you with a fistful of your hair

, corsets

, crying

, crying doesn 't mean you have to stop...

, cute teeth

, cutting

, ċ͊̋̆o͚͇̘̫̲̠̙͊̄̏ͦ͞f̵͓͒͗̊̃ f̙̩̠̎ e͔̲̝̗ͨ͊͌͋̊͒e̥

, deep hard rough fucking

, dildos

, dip me in vodka and feed me to the lesbians

, discipline

, dn sı ʎɐʍ ɥɔıɥʍ ʍouʞ ʇ,uop noʎ ןןıʇun noʎ ƃuıʇɐǝq

, do as ur told ull b hurt. disoby ull b killed

(receiving), do i look amused to you?

, doggy style rough and hard

, domestic violence

, dominants who know how to get what they want

, dragging her into the woods and raping her

, drowning play

, duct tape

, edge play

, face fucking

, face slapping

, fear

, fear play

, feeling my control taken away

, feeling his cock harden in my mouth

, finger fucking her in a public place.

, fish hooks

, flogging

, follow-through on threats

, forced gangbang

(watching), forced submission

, forced underwater

, forcefully bent over the roll bars of a jeep

, forcing her down on your cock til she gags, letting her up for air, and then doing it again

, fuck me like you hate me, sir

, fuck your 2₵

, fucked-up bitches with dark, perverted minds

, fucking in a voting booth

, fucking so hard your body aches the next day

, fucking to nine inch nails

, fucking you hard with hands around your throat while whispering threats in your ear

(receiving), fucking you like you're property

, fucking you so hard you'll never leave

, fucking your ass and pulling your hair

, gagged/throat fucked until tears trickle down my cheeks

, gangbangs

(watching), gay sex

, geeks

, gentle caress before a harsh backhand

, genuine and deep submission, the heartfelt kind that comes from trust, respect, lust, and mental and emotional connection

, girls with scottish accents

, girls with tattoos

, giving good brain

, gunnutt's autocorrections.

, hair pulling

(receiving), hard face slapping

, harsh, strict, exacting, unwavering commands and demands and orders

, hattersteaparty

(everything to do with it), having pictures to remember it by

, having sex while nine inch nails music is playing

, heavy impact play

, him saying "you belong to me!"

, hit, strangled, choked, bitten

, holy shit! i'm fucking awesome!~

, hooded, gagged, collared and bound

, hurt me because you love me

, i am my own fetish. yes, i am that awesome.

, i can't believe the frogger fetish isn't made

, i own you, mind, body, heart and soul

, i wanna fucking tear you apart

(receiving), i want to do bad things to you

(receiving), i'm sorry, did that hurt? fuck you cunt!!

, if i kill you..will you tell on me!?

, impact play

, irish accents

, irrumation

, it's not rape if i gag you before you say no

, it's so fluffaaaaay!!

, kilts

(watching others wear), kneeling

, law enforcement

, leaving marks

, leaving marks for you to remember me by

(receiving), licking drs

(everything to do with it), lips-so-close-to-your-ear-you-can-hear-and-feel-every-little-movement-and-you-want-to-cum

, look bitch

, loss of control

, loyalty

, lying on his chest/feeling his heart beating

, making you do whatever the fuck i feel like, when i want it, how i want it, and you will like it because i like it

, manhandling

(receiving), masochism

, masturbating at work

, masturbation

, men who are possessive and protective

, mental intimacy & an impenetrable bond

, military

(everything to do with it), military uniforms

, more pain than you can handle, scream for me

, muppet stink eye

(giving), murderous rage

, mutual masturbation

, my lifestyle friends being fucking amazing

, my love is pure, i surrender to you

(giving), my ♥ beating faster when i talk to you

, needle play

, ninjaperving

, no mercy, no remorse, no hesitation

, no no no no no no no no no... oooh cookies :)

, no safeword play

, not asking for permission

(receiving), oral sex

, orgasms during acts of violence

, outdoor sex

, pain

, pantyhose/stockings

, physical abuse

, piercings

, pinning you down and brutally fucking you

, play rape

(everything to do with it), power exchange

, predator/prey

, predicament bondage

, pretty little finger shaped bruises on my neck

, pursuit, take-down & capture

(receiving), rack

, rack not ssc

, random acts of sexual violence

, rape play

(everything to do with it), rape/knife/gun play

, raped while held underwater

, red blood on pale skin

, restrained while sleeping

, rough body play

, rough pussy penetration

(receiving), rough sex

(receiving), rough sex that leads to her being unconscious

, rough sex to the brink of death

, rough take-downs

, rough violent fucking

, rough, violent, super physical sex

, sacrifice

, sadism

, sadomasochism

, saying to a dom "that all ya got?"

, scottish accents

, scream, bitch. it'll be the last time you do.

, sex hard enough to make you cry!

, sex in a cotton field

, sex in dressing rooms

, sex in public

(everything to do with it), sex in videostore porn rooms

, sex that look like wwe smackdown/raw

, shackles

, shoving your cock down her throat til she makes cute little gurgling noises and drools!

, shut your mouth before i fuck it

, single tail whips

, sitting in chocolate cake

, slapping your face hard as i come inside you

, sleep assault

, sleeping while restrained

, soirée cinéma à la maison de hatter's

, spanking to tears

, spankings that last well beyond tears

, splitting the seat of your jeans with a knife before i ass rape you.

, ssc without the safe and sane part

, stalking c_i's fetish list for new fetishes!

, strangulation by hanging

(everything to do with it), strap-ons

, struggling until beaten into submission

, supporting the straw paw movement

, sweet kisses/brutal blows

, taking her for a nice little walk in the night, naked, while she's gagged, her knees hobbled together to slow her down, and her wrists secured to the back of her collar while i prod her along with my electric fly swatter

, tens unit

, the energizer subbie

(watching others wear), the sound of a belt being removed.

, thinking of fucking while i'm supposed to be working

, threesomes

, torn skirts, ripped stockings and smeared lipstick

, total power exchange

, toys

, truth in advertising

, ultra harsh canings

, uniforms

, unnecessary roughness

, unnecessary violence

, vibrators

, violence

, violent sex

, violent sex..because i will fucking own you

(receiving), viva la straw paw

, voyeurism

, wanting to fuck some of my nds

, wax

, whips

, whispering softly in a low, menacing voice this close to your ear and making you so hot you can't stand it any longer

, women who love to eat pussy

(everything to do with it), writhing in his arms and struggling as he whispers everything he's going to do in my ear

, you making me so nervous i can't breathe

, you only think your body is yours.

, you want to stick the awesomeness where?

, your life with me ... i own you, period.

, ~hearing you whisper your mine bitch~

, ˙˙˙ǝןoɥ ʇıqqɐɹ ǝɥʇ uʍop ƃuıןןɐɟ




Curious about: 2 cocks in 1 hole

, 24/7

, abrasion

, art erotica

(everything to do with it), artistic cutting

, ass beating with a drumstick

(receiving), being beaten with drum sticks

, being called a "stupid worthless cunt"

, being dommed and totally humiliated by a group of dommes

(receiving), being dumped in the woods 2 b "hunted"

, being whipped till i bleed

, black eyes

, bloody noses

, boot blacking

, branding

, brutal anal penetration

, brutal ass rape, no emotion, only rage

, brutal dry anal fucking for punishment

, caned to bleed

, carving my name into your flesh

(receiving), cell popping

, chained to the bed and used as a fuck toy

, chastity devices

, clubbing

, crawling with a belt in my mouth knowing i'm about to be beaten with it

, deep impact play

, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

, electrotorture

, exhibitionism

, extreme brutal canings that draw blood

, figging

, fisting

, florentine flogging

, fucking machines

, getting beaten till you bleed or pass out

, getting fucked till i bleed

, group sex

, gunnutt pinning me to my wall by my face

, hanging

(everything to do with it), hatter-compatible submersibles

(everything to do with it), having a knife blade running across my throat

, humiliation

(receiving), making her wear my cum in public

(receiving), master/slave

, messy brutal throatfucking

, mind control

, obedience training

, old guard slavery

, psycholagny

, raped with a glock in my mouth

, red side blue side

, seeing you on your knees caged and collared

, sex with strangers

, sexual slavery

, smartassdaddy

(everything to do with it), spreader bars

, staples

, throat cutting

, tonight i break you

, triple penetration

(everything to do with it), using a glock as god intended

, verbal humiliation and degradation

, waking up bound and helpless wearing a gag

, watching you crawl slowly to me

, waterboarding

, waterbondage

, writing degrading words on bodies

, your name cut into my flesh


6/19/2010 1:29:48 AM
So, I hate to make myself out to be a real person, but I guess I will anyway! I am not all rape, anal, and ass-kicking, although...which part of that doesn't rock?? ;)

Anyway. I am a very funny person, actually one of the funniest on earth. Ask anyone who kows me in RL! I am smart, and few things get past me. I never miss an opportunity to toss out a well-placed "That's what she said." Man, that never gets old!

I have a wide range of interests from comedy shows (LOVE funny), concerts (i heart live music), road trips, moving, and travel. Of course I also like costumes, conventions, live sex shows (making sure you are paying attention!!), bingo, bowling, bars, roller derby, festivals, carnivals, cruises, the beach and anything else that is amusing to me at the time.

I am listed as a submissive, but I'm more of just a masochist. I am a forced submissive, because I really just do what I want, when I want, in all aspects of my life. I am a rule breaker and a challenger of authority of any type. I am something of a conspiracy theorist!

I like all kinds of music and respond best to music that moves me in some way or another. Please, I like anything I can sing loudly and embarrassing myself with! Hit shuffle and you will find NIN, Train, The Black Keys, Johnny Cash, Michael Buble, Dire Straights, Amy Winehouse, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, POD, Rob Zombie, and who knows what else!! I heart the 80's, and to be honest...they miss me too!

I also read. Right now I am working on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence and The Tibetan Book of The Dead. I read Seth, Kryon, and watch movies like Tuning In.

I love LOTR, Law & Order, Supernatural, Criminal Minds and NCIS.

And... I am an artist. I write, paint, draw, sculpt, make crafts, make costumes, and anything else artsy I feel like. Maybe I will paint a mural. Maybe I will write a dirty sex story. Maybe I will write a musical.

What do I want to do when I grow up?? -grins- Well, assuming that is possible... I am in the process of writing 3 musicals, 2 books, 1 dirty short story, and setting up my own website so I can blog and do podcasts.

I am so excited about life! Don't come to me looking for any dark complaining, woe-is-me bitch fest, or Scooby Douchery. Yes, I care, but there has to be more to it than that. I love people and life and no one's suck attitude is going to change that.

Also, don't message me looking to hook up randomly or do some cyber. Yeah I'm here, that's true, but that is because my whole "nailed to a sawhorse, humiliation, anal rape, watersports" conversation with a friend on yahoo chat didn't go over so well at work. It's nice to start out with friends at least in the same BOOK if not the same PAGE. Know what I mean?? And, I don't role play online or do sex chat. As a rule breaker, if I change my mind, don't expect it everytime and get all bitter betty when that's not our only conversation.

So, don't take all this so seriously! Life is a full-contact sport, and none of us get out alive!! :)

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