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So bitches, sluts, slaves, worm, screepies, kinkies, losersfaggots and ALL you hopeful worthless worms GET on your knees in Worship of MY Superior Self and get writing the application which WILL change your miserable lives forever and bring to you an excitement and happiness you DO NOT deserve!!! but I DO deserve. You WILL give your ALL and expect NOTHING in return, (and believe Miss you will get NOTHING in return for your efforts), but to be in MY Presence, to Adore and Serve ME!!

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7/26/2013 2:03:38 AM


The Miss Davinia Jade, just returned from a 3 day stay in the London Area to personally visit some slaves and administer justice to them for their failure to please ME, by dismissing some of them from MY circle of slave worshippers.  The other slaves who I let remain were heavily thrashed and abused (smiles) mmm That leaves the door open for potential worms to advance themselves into MY circle and turn their dreams into the reality of actually being OWNED!!!

It is hard!!! as I am Extremely Arrogant and very Demanding in MY way, and will stand NO nonsense, I am Uncaring and WILL dismiss slaves without Pity or Mercy, and MY decisions are Final and NOT open to discussion.

If you have the Balls to please ME then a very rewarding life awaits you SLAVE !!!!! a life of Total and Dedicated servitude to your MISTRESS.

1/22/2013 11:30:34 AM

Hiya cissys and male pigs!!!


2013 has had a very good start for ME, so good that I have decided to DISMISS 5 of MY stable of devoted cissy slaves, I shall shortlist 7 from my stable and let them compete against each other to see which 2 can stay with my other bitches!


This allows ME to seek out other devoted hopefuls and select 2 or 3 of them to Worship and Serve ME, The Miss Davinia Jade, Arrogant TV Superbitch, Superior and Demanding of YOU<<<<


mmmm I WILL enjoy the selection process, interrogating and then shaping them to MY way of thinking until they finally become MY cissified pansy slaves, begging to serve ME!!! hahahaha

5/8/2012 1:13:31 PM

Today, Miss had a really good day!!!  11 hopefuls applied and only 3 are still standing as Miss DISMISSED the others for not being able to Obey a simple Command, Instruction or Order, given by MY fair hand. !!!!   YES, as MY profile says - I am Very Arrogant and Demanding. !!!!!  Oh by the way, I have 4 good and very Obedient boys from across the pond and I Dominate them on Cam, one is halfway through a male to Female Training Programme that Miss set up for him/her.  Sooooo, little ones, no matter how far you are from ME, if you have cam and more important the DESIRE and DRIVE to serve then I WILL consider you for further Obedience and Humiliation Training. !!

5/8/2012 4:13:47 AM

haha so many useless hopefuls on here, but I do not mind as it makes ME feel good and warm to DISMISS them, or see them fall by the wayside and NOT return again to waste my time, it means another victory for ME!!!! 

It also says a lot for those slaves who HAVE placed themselves under MY Control and Authority and are prepared to work hard to please ME !! and I am very happy that sooooooo many useless lowlife males and faggots wish to serve The Hypnotic and Overpowering Superior,  Miss Davinia Jade, UK  TV Dominant SUPERBITCH!!!! welcome on board!!!!!

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