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Hetero Male Master, 45,  West Jordan, Utah
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Good Day. First, thanks for reading my profile. You may not be aware how uncommon this is.

I am looking for a lasting, long term relationship that is local to the Las Vegas / Henderson area.

I am in construction..... Specifically asphalt and concrete. If you want a business professional that wears a suit and tie; that is me only 10% of the time. Mostly I am in either hardhat, boots, and Carharts; or jeans and a polo.
I work alot. 40 hours would be a minimum, often 70 hours. Because of this dominant personality; I am always in the field, on the sites, or in the planning. I do know how to say "fuck it, it is what it is." and walk away.

What do I want from you? Well, I am flexible on that. Feminine, submissive, smart, affectionate, healthy. We will build from there.











Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 West Jordan 


 5' 10"

 225 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

 Lives For:



 Antique Shows

 Coffee Shops

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales

 Renaissance Faires








 Canes and Crops





 Hair Pulling



 Obedience Training

 Sensory Deprivation


 Speech Restrictions




 Vacuum Stimulation


 Historical Shows

 Role Playing Games

 Science Fiction

 Web Surfing



 Intellectual Discourse

 Libertarian Politics


 1950s Lifestyle

 Lifestyle BDSM

 Eighties Music

 Electronica / EDM

 Heavy Metal Music

 Rock Music


 Bar Hopping


 Fine Dining



 Musical Theater





 Anal Play


 Body Worship

 Breast Play

 Corner Time


 Electrical Play


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Massage (Getting)

 Massage (Giving)

 Mental Bondage


 Orgasm Denial

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play



 Wax play

 Arcade Games

 Board Games



 Online Chatrooms





 Conservative Politics




 Alternative Music

 New Wave

 Pop Music



 Art Galleries




 Masks (Wearing)

 Needle Play

 Role Playing

 Theatrical Scenes



 Online RPGs

 TV News







 Curious About:




 Local BDSM Community

 Domestic Service

 Fire Play


 Foot Worship


 Housework Service


 Masks (On Partner)

 Medical Play


 Pantyhose Fetish

 Plastic Wrap


 Simulation Games






 Amusement Parks




 Gas Masks

 Knife Play


 Rubber Fetish


 Card Games

 Comedy Shows

 Horror Movies

 Puzzle Games

 Romance Novels


 True Crime

 TV Sports


 Liberal Politics



 Political Activism

 Diet and Exercise

 Female Supremacy

 Goth Lifestyle




 Maid/Butler Service



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Journal Entries:
6/13/2015 12:52:12 PM
6/13/2015 New job.... about three rungs up the food chain. Building my own division with support from my GM, and the President. I get my own office when the GM takes the Presidents office and the Presidents new office is remodeled. I will still spend most of my time outside on the work sites or with my crews doing asphalt repair or concrete repair.

If I can get more equipment bought and crews hired.... Boom. Salary man. Operations manager.

They love my attention to detail and the control I politely exert over my division. Can't really explain how I come about that. :)

Feeling Alpha as fuck today, even after a 75 hour work week.

5/11/2015 2:40:03 PM
Lo and Behold....... New name, new management.... and I have a profile left over from the last iteration.

Frankly, I am just here to browse and talk. I have school and work.... now work for the summer and do not have the time to commit to a sub.

I will probably be on the forum side more sifting commentary for pearls of sage wisdom from yards of garbage.

Good luck and good times!

11/23/2013 8:36:11 PM

Lets us not concern ourselves with any expectations for a holiday, than those we make for ourselves.

Other peoples expectations are a bar that is set a little higher, or Lucy removing the football every time Charlie Brown is about to kick.

Bdsm related. What secret little thing can you to your sub, and still be in public or a family gathering? Something like a thumbtack in the brassiere cup, for 15 minutes or an hour? A touch of cinnamon oil on the nipples? Have your sub give you a flash on command when the family isn't looking?

What is some naughty public play for Thanksgiving?

Nothing is harder than planning for spontaneity. :)

11/21/2013 11:06:41 AM

Snow! Yay! Just enjoying watching the little flakes coming down.

Bdsm related...... Strip the slave and have her make some snow angels for me? I'll have to rent or borrow one.

11/17/2013 6:50:03 PM

As of 11/17/2013


Something wicked? Something profound? Not so much. I am liking this continuation of fall weather with bright sunny days and cool weather.

BDSM related....... I am looking to relocate to a new apartment. This one has thin walls. A sub really can't be herself if she can't cry and plead a little, right? I so like hear a little pleading. It is the promises of good behavior or to do better next time. In all likelihood, she won't do better  and that is how she ends up bent over the desk or the sofa to be paddled again.

Further BDSM related, I must update a "to do list" for subs. After all there must be a task to be performed; if it is to be done correctly or judged as incomplete or done incorrectly.


Unrelated to BDSM........ That soy eggnog was actually like real eggnog. Yay. Needs rum.


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