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I enjoy submissive girls who make themselves known to me, express their interest, and ultimate
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 Dominant Male


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Submissive Female

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I enjoy submissive girls who make themselves known to me, express their interest, and ultimately ask to serve. Don't be shy, though your inbox is flooded.


I have an advanced education, have lived or traveled in a dozen countries, and have been involved in BDSM for about ten years. My experience varies from light bedroom play, to full-blown 24/7 live-in under strict authority. I'm here to meet prospective subs or slaves, and I'm open to casual talks in public places, as well as play sessions that don't necessarily involve sex. But ideally I'll find the right ones for long term TPE, under full Ownership.


My consideration is based on the overall package of what you offer that's useful or pleasing to me, and what you're prepared to consent to. If you identify as any one of these:  a dutiful assistant, loyal little girl, eager student, corrupted therapy patient, formal domestic servant, objectified showpiece, natural inferior, obedient pet, sexual toy, personal model, piece of property, or pain slave -- that will probably interest me. Some things I'm usually not interested in are: hucow, lactation, br33ding (as a fetish), permanent damage, illegal prostitution, animals, scat, blood fetish, children, diapers, excessive risk of disease, and heavy breathplay.


I do have a taste for aesthetics, besides an eye for potential, so if you're trainable for that it's a plus. But the most appealing attribute is an aspiration to total submission, without limitation. The more you surrender, the more I have available to me, and the more I can make of you. I'm also open to sub/sub couples, and have some experience with cuckolds, as well as girls who switch with others. Keep in mind however that I don't consider the internet to be truly private, although it's a good place to meet people for realtime connections.


If you're a prospective female submissive, age 18 to about 35, in average shape or better-- do approach, and let's talk.


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