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Pan Female Dominant, 25,  Las Vegas, Nevada
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Read My entire profile before messaging Me. I am not interested in subs who are not local or at least in the area on a regular basis. I'm a BBW Domme currently looking for a bisexual or pansexual sub, switch, or Dom to be my bull in a cuckold scenario. I have absolutely ZERO interest in being dominated myself. The ideal man will be comfortable fucking me while my sub participates in various ways, up to and including having him suck the bull's dick and having the bull fuck him while I watch. If this interests you, and you are located in the Las Vegas area, please send me a message. You MUST be bisexual or pansexual, you MUST respect my boundaries, and you MUST live in Las Vegas or Henderson. Boys, do NOT send me a message that has been copied and pasted to every Domme or switch on the list. It's a waste of time, for both you and (more importantly) me. Either put a bit of effort into it, or get off this site. I live with my submissive boy (kazander on this site) and couldn't be happier with him. I do not believe that one needs to be obnoxious and rude to be a Domme (although I have been known to occasionally let loose that side of me). If you're looking to be a doormat or to be treated like an object, then you are not for me.











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Journal Entries:
5/8/2013 9:47:27 PM

So I decided to start a blog today, about my day-to-day life.  Anyone who's interested in reading it can find it at

10/2/2010 9:00:03 PM
So I'm back in Vegas, thank God. And I have a job. Apparently, jobs are pretty hard to come by here, so I definitely lucked out. Being paid is pretty awesome, I must admit.

3/23/2010 5:39:28 PM
Wow, it's been awhile.  Working 7 days a week sucks, just so y'all know.  I haven't had time for anything else.  The paychecks are amazing, but My social life has gone down the drain.  So, to avoid being a total hermit, I've triumphantly returned.  Oh, and Birmingham still sucks.  I can feel all My IQ points being drained with each passing day.  It doesn't help that most of My coworkers are scary-dumb.  I even caught Myself butchering the English language, Southern-Style, today.  *shudders*   

12/3/2009 6:35:33 AM
Okay, I really tried to stay away from the whole Dom vs Domme thing on this site, but this morning I had seven (SEVEN!) emails from different Doms, and after spending the morning reading other profiles and their rants, I was inspired to write My own (or something).

First of all, My profile says Dominant, not sub, slave, or switch.  There is nothing at all wrong with subs, slaves, and switches, but I am not one of those. I am now, have always been, and will always be completely, obnoxiously Dominant.  So when a Dom in Nebraska emails Me asking if I want to take a break from the "exhaustingness of Domination" and kneel at his feet, the answer is a passionate and emphatic no.

Two problems with this Dom's message.  First of all, "exhaustingness?"  Really?  Even if I were a sub, I'd never be able to serve this guy because I could never respect someone who is that illiterate.  I'm wondering if that's the problem he's been having, and since he can't get any sub girls to respect him, he's turning to Dommes half a country away in his desperation.

Secondly, (I repeat) I am a Domme.  If a Dom wants to message Me to talk and be friends (being friends with a Dom has never worked before, but I remain optimistic that there is at least ONE out there who is above that petty power struggle that always, inevitably happens) then great.  Awesome.  But when a Dom messages Me asking Me to kneel at his feet (which is a joke) or better yet "accept My true calling as his slave" (which is a bigger joke) then I beg him to come see Me.  I have the perfect gag to shut him up and the perfect strap on to take his little ego down a notch.

Now, don't get Me wrong.... there are some Dommes out there too who are just as stupid.  But the difference is that I know Dommes who are actually respectable and all-around decent human beings.  I have yet to meet a Dom I've been able to respect.  After a few failed attempts at befriending some of the local ones back where I used to live, I've kinda given up on the whole Dom/Domme friendship thing, anyway.

And AGAIN.... My previous journal entry applies to all the little Doms, too.  Quit sending Me friend requests.  I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but I'm neurotic and it is.  Deal with it.  If I don't know you, I'm not going to add you.  Knock it off, little boys.

8/27/2009 11:49:18 PM
*Read this before adding Me to your Friends List*

There has been a growing number of little boys requesting to add Me when I have do idea who they are.  The slaves on this site who randomly add Dommes, hoping that a long friends list will give them some sort of special status are  not worth My time or attention.  The people on My friends list are people I respect and talk to on a regular basis.  If you add Me without speaking to Me first, you can expect your request to be unceremoniously rejected.  I will not be just another pretty face on your profile page.  I am better than that.  I'm worth more than that.  So save U/us both the waste of time and don't bother adding Me.  It's pathetic and annoying.

Knock it the fuck off.

6/2/2009 10:57:45 PM
you struggle,
Against the bonds that hold you tight
you shut your eyes,
Gritting your teeth against the pain
Crying out against the power of My anger
The hands that such a short time ago
Caressed and soothed,
Now turn to razor-sharpened steel
Biting and cutting into your flesh.

I am merciless
Viciously holding you down
Unfeeling and uncaring,
Indifferent to your screams, your cries.

you're begging for mercy
A mercy you know does not exist
Not today,
Not for you.

5/29/2009 5:45:52 PM

I caused those tears
Streaming down your face.
And I'll hold you in My arms and
Kiss them away.

I caused that fear
Shining in your eyes.
And I'll gently reassure you that you are safe.

I made those marks
Laced down your back
And you'll remember Me for days.

I made those marks
Laced across your heart
And they'll never disappear,
And you'll never forget.

4/8/2009 5:07:24 PM
I offer you freedom.
A world where your only concerns
Are to please Me, care for Me, obey Me.
And everything else melts away.

I offer you freedom.
A soaring, falling, flying type of freedom
No worries, no cares, save for serving Me
And the world melts away.

I offer you freedom.
To let you moan, let you writhe,
Let you scream, let you cry
And I become your world.

I offer you freedom.
A simple, beautiful, colorful world.
you don't have to make decisions
you just have to obey.

3/30/2009 11:28:58 PM

you want Me?  you want to be Mine?  Then listen closely.
I will own you, body, heart, and mind.
I will cherish you.
I will hurt you.
I will protect you.
I will expect much from you.
I will punish you, sometimes only for My own enjoyment.
I will cause you pain and make you cry, then hold you in My arms and kiss the tears away.
I will know you better that you know yourself.
I will trust you just as much as I expect you to trust Me.
I will honor you.
I will push you to your limit, then past it, so that you will see the infinite power inside of you.
I will hold your hand.
I will humiliate you.
I will be strong for you.
I will laugh with you and cry with you.
I will communicate openly and honestly with you.
I will put you in your place and make sure you stay there.
I will whip you.
I will spank you.
I will break you.
I will crush you.
When you're lying there, crushed and broken, I will build you back up, stronger than you were before.
I will take everything you have inside, everything you are.
I will keep what I have taken sacred and close to My heart.
I will not accept weakness.  you are not a weak person, and I'll not allow you to be.
I will allow you into My heart.
I will give you more than you ever thought you could receive.
I will mark you as Mine.
I will bleed for you.
I will love you.

3/21/2009 2:22:31 AM
I'm constantly amazed by the people I meet on this site.  As someone who spent the majority of My Domme experiences away from the rest of the BDSM comunity, I find it refreshing and wonderful to meet others in the lifestyle and see many different points of view.

That being said, I've also found that there are many on this site (as with any online community) who either don't know what they're looking for or are trying to play with people's minds.  It's not something new or unique to this site, there are nutjobs everywhere, but people can view this journal entry as a statement about who I am and what I'm looking for.  I am a human being and a Domme all rolled into one.  If you're only interested in either the Domme or the vanilla woman, then I have no use for you.  I'm also not into "One-night-stands."  If you're not willing to put in the effort to turn this into a complete emotional relationship, then I have no interest in you.  Move on.  I will never be a completely vanilla woman, though I don't necessarily make My dominance or My lifestyle known to everyone I meet.  Those who don't understand that are useless to Me.  I'm not going to defend My beliefs or the person I am.  There is a ridiculous number of subs out there looking for a Domme.  I don't need to waste time with someone who judges right away and has no desire to see life from a different perspective.

I want someone who can function and excel in the vanilla world, but can also function and excel as a submissive.  If you can't do one or the other, then I'm not interested.  BDSM is a big part of who I am, but it's not all I am.  I have vanilla tastes, vanilla interests, and vanilla hobbies, and I expect My subs to have the same.  No relationship with anyone, whether sub or Dom/me, will be purely BDSM-related.

With the same token, I take BDSM seriously.  It is not a game for Me, it is who I am, and who I always will be.

3/8/2009 10:44:57 AM

I can't take credit for this... I found it on the internet... but it's something everyone in the lifestyle (especially subs and slaves) should know.  It's long, but important, and worth your time.  Read it.

1. Introduction

This is a public service announcement for the BDSM and kink community. It is especially directed at anyone relatively new, and extra especially at anyone who ever bottoms. For the benefit of everyone’’s mental health and safety, I would like to discuss the widespread phenomenon known as Creepy Dom.

Creepy Dom has many faces. He is almost always male, although I have encountered his rarer cousin, Creepy Domme, from time to time. Sometimes he seems only mildly annoying, at other times outright dangerous, but in general, he just gets scarier as you spend more time around him.

You all know this guy, or have at least heard of him. He’’s the one who got banned from the local S&M club. He’’s the asshole who just sent you a rude ""Submit to me now"" message on—— even though you’’re listed as a femdom. He’’s the guy who seriously abused your friend under the guise of ""D/s."" He might've even made the national news, but more likely, his victims have never reported him to the police.

Who am I to speak of Creepy Dom? Not an expert, by any means. I have, however, extensively observed this creature in all of its natural habitats, from internet message boards, to the dark corners of the local dungeon, to sleazy hotel rooms. My encounters with Creepy Dom have been many and varied, and started long before I was legally of age to enter the real life BDSM scene.

I found him first on the interwebs, preying on fourteen year old nymphets. Though I was young at the time (sixteen) I had a sense of responsibility for my community that not all of my fellow underaged kinksters shared, and I was concerned by what I saw going on. In an attempt to counteract the onslaught of Creepy Doms that plagued us wherever we attempted to gather in solidarity, I founded YouthKink, a small online forum that eventually drew about thirty members, specifically for those of us who were desperately kinky and too young to do anything about it. There, I and my co-moderators tried to disseminate information gleaned mostly from SM 101 and a few good websites.

The teens who frequented YouthKink were generally responsible sorts, determined not to do anything unsafe or illegal. But once in a while, we encountered this girl:

""my master says if ur a real slave u cant have ne limits!1111!!""

The poor thing was usually in an online or IRL relationship with a man old enough to be her father. This individual was her sole source of information on BDSM, and he fed her nothing but lies. My co-moderator and I would do our best to set her straight, sometimes with modest success. But all too often, the damage had been done.

When I entered the IRL BDSM scene on my 18th birthday, I was absurdly confident that my battles with Creepy Dom were over. The scene filters out all the bad guys, right? Everyone knows everyone, and so everyone knows if you're an asshole. I was so wrong. In fact, I fell into the hands of not one, not two, but three creepy doms that very first week. Two of them manifested their creep-ness immediately, one of them by asking that I immediately move to LA and become his live-in slave (!). One of them, however, hid his true nature from me for a long time. I foolishly trusted him, and was foolishly devoted to him. He eventually ending up abusing and raping me. All that my "true submission" got me was a disease, a broken heart, and a slew of psychological issues that remain, as of this date, largely unresolved. A cautionary tale.

After this, I became a bit of a connoisseur of Creepy Doms. In a time when I craved and needed sexual pain, but scorned true human contact, it occurred to me that the best people to prey on are the predators. If you're looking for trouble, Creepy Dom will always meet you halfway. One thing I discovered is that Creeps rarely pull anything really horrible on a first date, and better yet, you don't have to feel guilty that there won't be a second one. I learned how to spot 'em-- or rather, I learned that they would spot me. It was sort of a symbiotic relationship-- I got my needs met by allowing myself to be preyed upon in small doses.

I'm past that phase now, thank God. For several months, I lived virtually Creepy Dom Free, aside from the occasional, inevitable internet idiot. But just last night, alas, I had occasion to remember Creepy Dom, when we were approached by a prime specimen of the breed at Bondage A Go Go.

This... gentleman... began by intruding upon a scene in progress. He proceeded to speak only to Dylan and Clint, completely slighting me. He said he could get them into a private party at Mr. S. He asked us where we usually hang out, and when Clint said "The Citadel" he reacted with suppressed scorn. Before any of us fully knew what was happening, he had grabbed Dylan (who was already subspaced out) and forced him onto his knees, without so much as a 'by your leave.' "You can always tell if someone's submissive by doing this," he said, digging his finger into a pressure point on Dylan's wrist. He pointed out the involuntary twitch of one of Dylan's fingers, then reached for my arm to do the same to me.

"I didn't give you permission to touch me," I hissed.

He laughed, and said something to the effect that "she," on the other hand, was not submissive.

"My name is Asher, I am not she, I'm a transman, and not letting you touch me has nothing to do with whether I'm submissive," I informed him.

Finding no fertile ground in me, he focused his attention on Dylan. Clint sat by, not quite sure whether to interfere, but not willing, either, to leave Dylan alone with this person. To me, at the time, it looked like the two of them were both eating up all of this guy's bullshit. I left in disgust to get some air, still shaking with endorphins from my rudely interrupted scene.

When I returned, Jackass was done with Dylan, who was sitting around looking spaced out and lost, but not in his usual happy way. Jackass was promising extravagant Mr. S goodies to everyone, and trying to get contact info. Before he left, he apologized, condescendingly, for touching me without permission. I pointed out that he had also walked into the middle of our scene. He smirked, and repeated, "I apologize for touching you without permission."

The incident was full of red flags from start to finish. The guy was absolutely a text book case. He exhibited many traits which, come to think of it, I have seen in one form or another in all of my encounters with Creepy Dom. I am inspired to make a list of these traits, as sort of a field guide, using examples from my own experience. Here are some of the things to look out for.

2. The Anatomy Of Creepy Dom

A. He comes on too strong, too fast

Creepy Dom is not just looking for something for one night. He is an abuser, and he needs someone to control over a long period of time. He will therefore come on very strong and friendly right off the bat, try to obtain contact info, and attempt to establish a more-than-casual relationship quite quickly.

Take the man from BaGG last night, who I'll call "Dave." He tried to instill a sense of gratitude or even indebtedness towards him with his "private party invitation" and offers of "Mr. S gift cards." Buying loyalty is a common Creepy Dom tactic.

Another guy, who I'll refer to as "Mitch," tried to turn a one night stand into a Dom/sub relationship by proclaiming that "he just knew this was the start of something really special." A Creepy Domme, "Liza," was talking about "our relationship" on the third date. Then there's the "Jake" from L.A. that I mentioned earlier, who tried to get me to move away from family, friends, home and school after barely knowing me for a week.

Creepy Dom wants quick commitment. In order to get it from you, he will try to convince you that you're really special, and you should feel privileged to have his attention. But if you've got a Creepy Dom pressing you for monogamy and/or submission, ask yourself why, if he's everything he says he is, he doesn't have someone on their knees before him already?

Creepy Dom is almost always alone. And there's a very good reason for that.

B. He's Consensuality Challenged

The laying on of hands without permission is a classic sign of a Creepy Dom. Almost every single Creepy Dom that I have encountered has done this. This is just one way in which one of his essential traits manifests: For all he may talk about being SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual), he doesn't care shit about it.

Creepy Dom may not negotiate, or not negotiate enough. He may even voice scorn for the practice of negotiation. He will do things without asking, or only ask after the fact. "Liza" demanded that I call her 'mommy' without first asking if it was all right. "Molly" asked that I address her as 'big sister,' similarly without preamble. Luckily for all concerned, I am not an incest survivor.

If you pursue a relationship with Creepy Dom, the consensuality issues will not go away. They will, in fact, continue, and increase exponentially in severity. A case in point is the man who repeatedly tricked or forced me into having unprotected sex, and later, slipped me a date rape drug.

C. He "Has Connections" and is "Experienced"

Creepy Dom is, in his mind, Uberdom. Regardless of his level of experience or involvement with the community, he will tell you that he is a highly skilled dominant and has lots of well-connected friends. "Name dropping" is common-- he'll make sure you know about all the organizations he's involved with, and all the well-known players who are supposedly his buddies. He usually doesn't know any of them quite as well as he wants you to believe.

I once inadvertently assisted a Creepy Dom in the middle of an attempted name drop. He was trying to say something about a "well known rope top-- Jay Whatshisname."

"Jay Wiseman?" I asked. "Wrote SM 1O1?"

"He wrote SM 101?" Creepy Dom gawked.

Later that evening, he mentioned, to a new acquaintance, his friendship with "Jay Wiseman, author of SM 101."


Rule of thumb: If you need to say you're a master, you probably aren't a master. Be wary of any top who brags excessively about his "experience" and "scene cred."

D. He "Essentializes" Dominance And Submission

Creepy Dom has a theory. He thinks dominance and submission are innate personality traits that manifest, not only in a scene, but in all walks of life. Dominance is a tao, to him. He may talk about "true dominance" or "true masters," "true submission" and "true slaves." He thinks he can spot people who are "naturally" submissive because of superficial traits. Shyness is a popular sign of "true" submission. So is indecisiveness. For another example, see 'Dave's' pressure point test.

Some Creepy Doms have a strong New Age twist, and these tend to have the most amusing and infuriating theories of D/s of all. One guy, 'Mitch,' simply characterized dominance and submission as "masculine" and "feminine," which is a rather Gorean way of looking at it. Another, one of the more unpleasant internet Creepy Doms I've encountered, assumed right off the bat that because I was "submissive" I must have been "abused in childhood." (When I rejected him, he immediately wished me post traumatic flashbacks.)

Now, some truly decent people hold similar ideas about the innateness of dominance and submission, so this can get tricky. Don't use this sign alone to spot a Creepy Dom. But most Creepy Doms will hold forth extensively on this topic, because it ties into my next point--

E. He Manipulates Your Desire To Be A Good Bottom

A Creepy Dom will try to draw you in with praise, saying he knew from the instant he saw you that you were a "true submissive."

For example, 'Dave' flattered Dylan when he proclaimed the results of his little 'pressure point' test. Dylan was clearly submissive, and even his unconscious reflexes said so. This was a big pat on the back.

On the other hand, the moment I rejected 'Dave,' I was proclaimed to be "not submissive." Obviously anyone who has the ability to draw boundaries does not have the "natural gift of submission."

This is the main method of Creepy Dom. Obeying him is rewarded with praise, and especially with the affirmation that you are a "true submissive," a "real slave." On the other hand, limit setting is labeled "topping from the bottom" and leads him instantly to the conclusion that you are not, in fact, truly submissive.

Case in point: "Lily" was a Creepy Domme who found one of my friends on Craigslist. She took him to the now-closed Power Exchange, tied him to a chair, and left him there for an hour. While she was gone, another couple sat down close by and starting going at it. My friend was unable to move away, with the result that he got a stranger's body fluids all over him. When Lily came back, he was on the verge of a breakdown. The next day, when he tried to tell her that what she did wasn't OK, he was reprimanded and told not to "top from the bottom."

The man who really hurt me badly talked about innate dominance and submission a lot. He convinced me, for a while, that because I was "naturally submissive" I "needed" a dominant to "mentor" me through life-- and of course, he was just the man.

A related point-- Creepy Doms generally know how to induce subspace quickly, and also know how to take advantage of it. Dylan was unable to refuse 'Dave' last night because he had literally been put into an altered state. "It was a weird subspace," he said later. "It didn't feel as happy as it [subspace] usually does."

Hearing him say that brought back not-so-fond memories of how a "really deep subspace" can be turned almost seamlessly into Stockholm syndrome.

F. He's Usually Doing Something Wrong

Of course, the most important sign of a Creepy Dom is that he's actually saying or doing something fucked up. He usually shows his true colors pretty quickly, but he often does so in small, excusable ways. Make no mistake-- these guys are often pretty charming, and seem so confident in their "experience" and "scene cred" that it can be hard to call it like you see it, even when what he's doing is really wrong.

Try to step back and ask yourself if what he's doing is really OK. Did he intrude on a scene in progress? Has he touched someone without permission? Is he breaking the club rules, or the rules of common courtesy? Does he use his toys clumsily or unsafely? Does he neglect barrier protection?

Most of the Creepy Doms I have encountered were, in fact, almost constantly guilty of discourtesy, stupidity and deceit. One guy pulled me aside to suck his cock in a corner at a party where sex was prohibited. Another man bragged about fucking a woman so roughly that the friction of the carpet tore bleeding wounds in her back. Another guy talked to me at length about his scorn for predatory dominants who pounce on the newbies the minute they come through the door, despite the fact that it was the night of my 18th birthday and he was about to ask me to play.

Usually there are obvious red flags present from the beginning. But we let them slide. We give these men and women the benefit of the doubt. We believe in their supposed "scene credentials" and take them at their word when they say they always play SSC.


3. Conclusion

What is so intoxicating, and also so dangerous, about Creepy Dom, is that he does not distinguish between the scene and reality. This is why he thinks that dominant people are dominant all the time, and submissive people are doormats. This is why he doesn't negotiate or ask permission. This is why he has no regard for rules.

To him, it is not a game. He is not looking for a safe, sane and consensual relationship, with limits, safewords, and boundaries. He is a real control freak who wants to hurt you.

It can be really hot, at first, because let's face it-- none of us fantasize about negotiations and limits. We fantasize about some big rough brute coming up to us in the corner of a dark club and demanding exactly what he wants. And that's pretty much what this guy does. He makes it all real, and that is the source of his charm. That is also why he will destroy you.

Around him, there's no "off" time. Even when you aren't technically in a scene, he takes control of the situation. Although he may not say he's interested in 24/7, what he wants is complete power over you.

When all's said and done, Creepy Dom is just a classic abuser dressed up in leather. And that, my friends, is a lot less sexy than it sounds.


3/5/2009 9:31:20 AM
Geez... why am I up so gosh darn early?  When I become Queen of the Universe, it's going to be illegal to wake up before noon.  And for stupid people to breed.... yeah...... definitely no stupid people breeding.
Quick question: Why is it that I keep getting messages from subs that have just one word?  Let Me explain something to all the subbies out there.... There are like, 100 of you to every 1 of Us.  If you ever want a Domme, you're going to need to stand out from the rest of the herd of gerbils running round and round on their little exercise wheels.  Get in a chatroom.  If you want a Domme, go to the subs for Dommes chatroom... There are a bunch of awesome Dommes in there... Get to know them.  Talk to them.  If there's a personality you click with, then you've got a head up on the other gerbils.  But sending a Domme you've never met a message saying "Hi.  Can you use me?" is definitely not the way to go.  We get pages and pages of emails every day.  Come up with something better than that.

3/3/2009 2:50:18 AM

Life is an adventure.  Every day brings the opportunity to experience something new.  It's up to you to decide whether the experience is a positive or negative one.  And you'd be surprised just how often an experience that seems negative at first glance can blossom and bloom into something more beautiful and complex than you ever imagined.  It just requires a second glance and a deeper look.  People, and their ability to be good, surprise Me every day.  Every person you meet has the potential to change your life for the better, and My life is changing with each passing moment.  I'll wake up tomorrow wondering what joys the new day will bring and preparing Myself to experience them the way they were intended to be experienced.  My heart is filled with love and My life is filled with kind, open, loving and loveable people.  I own a beautiful, kind-hearted, caring sub, I have the privilege of knowing one of the most respectable, honorable, decent Women in the world, and have made friends just in the short time I've been on this site that can never be replaced.  How could anyone ask for anything more?

2/27/2009 1:22:37 AM
*Yawn* Well, My campaign for Queen of the Universe is going smoothly.  I've got a dedicated little sub working on My banners and fundraising.  Such a sweet little guy.
I finished My first speech... I'm so proud of Myself...  Here it is:

Four score and twenty lashes ago, I had a dream that today is a day that will live in infamy.  Ask not what your country can do for you, but what your subs can do for you.  Yes we can.  We shall overcome.  Yes we can.  Gynecologists will be able to practice their love with women all over the country.  Yes we can.  And one day, our subs will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the extent of their obedience.  Yes we can.

2/25/2009 6:59:07 PM

Okay, My journal entries up til now have been silly and fun, but I've been thinking about this for awhile.
There's a reason I want My slaves to be who they are.  It's because, as long as I live, I will always have a deep, deep respect for all slaves and subs.  They can do something I can't.
Oh, I tried the "sub" thing once.  When one online sub gave Me all the information to his bank account and My real life slave told Me he wanted to legally change his name to the nickname I used for him, I was completely floored and flattered.  I declined both offers, of course.  But it started Me thinking.  What about being a sub could inspire that kind of loyalty?  I've been in vanilla relationships before (I'm in a vanilla marriage, now) and the difference is night and day.  I wanted to know just what made a sub that loyal.
That's when I discovered that the vast, vast, vast majority of male Doms are a joke.  Sorry to all you Doms reading this, but it's true.  Deal with it.
I approached Dom after Dom, in real life and online, and each one ended badly before they even began.  One particular Dom in real life went straight for My throat.  Needless to say, he spent that evening in the ER, and I spent the evening explaining why to the cops.
As a side note, how do women deal with that?  Is that something sub women crave?  To Me, there's a difference between Domming and straight abuse.  I use and abuse My slaves, of course.  But it's more than just beating the crap out of them.  And all the male Doms I talked to weren't Doms at all.  They just used Domming as an excuse to beat the crap out of women.
There was one, however, who surprised Me.  He was gentle, and affectionate, and I found Myself obeying him because I wanted to, not because he forced Me to.
In the end, I'm not a sub, I never was, and I never will be.  Even the thought of it makes Me cringe.  But We still talk and share ideas.  He's a good friend of Mine.
And that's why I have so much respect for My slaves and all subs out there.  They can do something I will never be able to.  They can give up control of their lives to another and allow themselves to be dominated.  I doubt I will ever understand what makes a sub so extremely and unwaveringly loyal, but I love it and I know what wonderful gifts a slave's loyalty and affection are.

2/23/2009 11:41:10 PM
Okay, I have found the cure for a cough.  Yes, you may all bow down to me now.  Here's what you do.  Tonight, go home, eat a whole box of Ex-Lax.  Tomorrow, you'll be afraid to cough.  Who wants to test that theory for me?

2/21/2009 9:05:07 PM
Okay, just a quick word of advice to all the subs out there.  I really appreciate your emails and your interest, but messaging Me and begging Me to take you as Mine when you don't know Me really isn't the way to go.  If you want to get to know Me, come talk to Me in the "subs for Dommes" chatroom.  Give Me a taste of your personality before you start coming on to Me.

2/20/2009 7:59:08 PM
Ahhh, blessed sobriety.... The meds have finally worn off, and I'm not seeing the Virgin Mary in my refrigerator anymore (that was a lot of fun, by the way).  So I'm back to my fun, normal self, plotting creative and sadistic ways to torture and humiliate subs.  Goodbye, Mary.  Tell Big Guns I said hi.

2/19/2009 9:37:23 AM
*Yawn* Good morning, A/all.  Another frigid 55 degree day in Vegas.  God, I hate winter.  I'm praying for the 120 degree heat to come early this year.
Well, I had a slight mishap this morning.  I was so upset at not being the center of attention, I threw myself down underneath two stampeding camels and dislocated my shoulder.  Again *sigh*
Okay, that's not exactly how it happened.  I was feeding the little brats, and I had a tube of Gogurt in my other hand.  Apparently, camels really love Gogurt.  Who knew?  Just a little piece of new knowledge to tuck away for you.  Anyway, the youngest one got really excited and forgot how big he was.  Do you have any idea just how big those things are, by the way?  I mean, wow.  Way bigger than a horse.  I'm not a small woman, and I have to look up at them.
Anyway, I just got back from the hospital, and I'm doped up on all kinds of medication that I can't even begin to pronounce, and I think I'm going to head out now and slip slowly into a drug-induced, completely baked, tie-dyed hippy dreamland.  Goodnight!

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