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Not really sure what to say here. I'm an active bdsm and literotica lover/writer from Virginia
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Not really sure what to say here. I'm an active bdsm and literotica lover/writer from Virginia. I've been reading and engaging in literotica for about 6 years now and have a massive collection and fantasy of fetishes and kinks that I have to try out. I'm seeking any dominant men women, or trans.My main fetishes are choking, facesitting, rimming, weight control, daddy/daughter, dollification, intense ageplay, toilet slavery, anal, slapping, latex, and much more. I also must include, I have a massive fetish for trans women. If you are, please feel free to message me. I'm physically mute as well, and whoever wishes to use me must be aware of that factor.


Thanks for reading,


Below is my slave and master contract as it is thus far, if you have any recommendations for addition that would be great. I've been working on it for a long time now, just have to find someone to sign it.






Whereas I,                                                 , hereafter called "The SLAVE", agrees to voluntarily give up all rights, personal and legal, and become the personal property of my master, hereafter called "The OWNER"; and, whereas The OWNER has accepted The SLAVE as his legally titled property, the purpose of this Slave Contract is to codify and enforce the property rights of the OWNER over the SLAVE.






Following the initiative and firm wish of The SLAVE and The OWNER, both parties pledge and agree as follows:


1. The SLAVE agrees to become the property of and to submit completely to The OWNER in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which The SLAVE may refuse to obey any wish or order of The OWNER. The SLAVE will never be given the option to act on its own desire, but will be trained to complete obedience by a combination of systematic humiliation and punishment. The SLAVE's status and duties are permanent and will be performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, each day of the year without any presumption or provision of leisure time for The SLAVE, independent from whether The OWNER is present. By execution of this contract, The SLAVE has surrendered her personhood to The OWNER at all times and for all times.


2. As compensation, The OWNER will seek to use The SLAVE, his property, for his benefit and enjoyment in any fashion he desires. The SLAVE will be at The OWNER's complete disposal to perform or submit to any task commanded by The OWNER. The SLAVE acknowledges that The OWNER is a committed sadist and dominant male, and that The SLAVE will be required to suffer pain, deprivation, degradation, and humiliation far beyond its endurance. The OWNER takes the slave as his property specifically wishing to humiliate, harass, torture and punish The SLAVE, without any mercy, respite, or recourse, by means of sadistic and mean orders and permanent obligations. Further, The SLAVE understands that The OWNER wishes to invent continuously new torments and cruelties to which The SLAVE will be subjected, and to enforce compliance by any punishment, torment or humiliation required.


3. The OWNER will endeavour to ensure that all orders for The SLAVE will be extremely mean and humiliating, forcing The SLAVE to do things, or do them in a way she never would be prepared to do under normal circumstances.


4. The SLAVE's will and psyche will be reprogrammed to complete obedience and servitude. The SLAVE's personal desires and sexuality are irrelevant and also become the property of The OWNER. The satisfaction of any and every of The OWNER's sadistic and sexual desires will be The SLAVE's highest duty; The SLAVE's only pleasure and arousal will come through her fulfillment of The OWNER's every desire.


5. The SLAVE will be locked in chastity that may include features for punishment of arousal. It is fully at the discretion of The OWNER to deny sexual relief to The SLAVE as long as he desires; The SLAVE does not have any rights to any personal satisfaction or gratification - it exists only for the betterment and pleasure of The OWNER. However, if in rare cases that The OWNER considers sexual rewards to the slave is appropriate, The OWNER will take care that it is combined with pain and/or humiliation and will often be ruined or be stopped just before orgasm, be it while performing enforced masturbation, or be it while The SLAVE is violated by The OWNER or one of his friends. The SLAVE will always be required to consume the OWNER's semen or that of any others required by The OWNER.


6. For the pleasure of The OWNER or one of his male or female friends, it is The SLAVE's duty to lick or suck them, or to submit to any sexual or personal use, at any time or place requested. Alike, at any time The OWNER can sexually use The SLAVE in any way, or ask one of his male or female friends to rape her. In any case, there will be severe punishment if The SLAVE's performance is not absolutely satisfying, even when being raped. If the slave unwillingly has anything exit from her body during these exercises, whether it be her own puke, urine, or shit. It will re-enter her body through her mouth at the owner’s discretion. Subject to V(6) below, the slave can only release her bodily excrements on command of the owner.


7. The OWNER will have the enjoyment of any male and female lovers he chooses. The SLAVE may be required -or denied- participation to enhance The OWNER's sexual experiences. The SLAVE can be expected to prepare The OWNER's lovers by orally satisfying them or by submitting to sadistic cruelties to arouse them. The OWNER may require The SLAVE to orally or otherwise enhance his lovers enjoyment during foreplay or copulation. Further, The SLAVE understands it will be required to clean and sooth the genitals of The OWNER and his lovers when they have completed their enjoyments. The OWNER may vest any lovers or friends with the right to give orders to The SLAVE and punish her according to their caprice.


8. The OWNER will take as long as necessary to train The SLAVE. Training will be harsh, and will by no means be fair. Such training will be delivered by The OWNER or by other Mistresses or Masters. The SLAVE may also be sent to a slave training facility that is documented for a most severe training regime.


9. The SLAVE will be provided a limited source of food and water at the OWNER’s discretion. However, at times, food will be used as both incentive and punishment for The SLAVE's performance and behaviour. The SLAVE's normal meals, even in the absence of The OWNER, will be dog food eaten from a dog bowl on the floor. Long periods of time will ensue when the slave will only consume that which comes out of the owner's body, his friends bodies, or her own body at his own command. This includes piss, shit, spit, and vomit. Rewards may include table scraps. These periods of time could last from several hours to days or weeks. It is completely at the OWNER’s discretion and is used to completely denigrate the slave.


10. The OWNER will take videos and photos showing The SLAVE in most humiliating situations. It is up to The OWNER's sole discretion to publish

11. Upon Meeting, the slave will present a comprehensive list of all immediate associations including friends, family members, former and current co-workers. The list will include names, phone numbers, email addresses, and anything further the slave has to offer. In the case that the slave acts out of line, the OWNER can at any time use that information to keep the slave completely willing to abide by its contractual agreement. 

Journal Entries:
2/9/2018 2:06:55 PM
I have a huge fantasy of being the kinkiest fucktoy a daddy could want in private. 100% subservient to his desires and kinks. And also being his daughter in public. Passing completely as his daughter in the public eye, but immediately upon entering any level of privacy, divulging in whatever sexual act his tastes decide for in that moment.

1/11/2018 4:22:53 PM
God I just want someone to fuck my ass. I hate getting horny so often

12/23/2017 9:12:34 PM
Fun fact about me that most people don't know. While not being born mute, early into my childhood I was diagnosed with an uncommon functional neurological symptom disorder that has made it very hard for me to speak. At my current stage in life I can make some variables of noise with my vocal chords but can't really put words together. That being said, I've always loved reading and writing and express what I can through it.

12/19/2017 10:03:20 PM
For those who continuously ask, the reason much of my interest sexually is anal related is due to the submissiveness of it. I feel more submissive when having my ass fucked compared to my pussy. If it were possible to make both the same, I would like them equally. However, one makes me feel far more submissive and I enjoy that feeling much more than the act of vaginal sex.

11/23/2017 4:31:53 AM
My interest in toilet play is extreme, and disgusting, and I honestly can't explain why I'm into it, but I am. It's one of those things that I just can't reason, but I want it. It's like choking to extreme levels, everyone knows you shouldn't, it's potentially dangerous, you shouldn't tell people you do it, buts it's so fucking hot.

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