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Hetero Male Dominant, 32,  Springfield, Missouri
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Live hard, die hard, and love hard in between; because tomorrow isn't promised and today is slipping away.....   I find myself somewhere between a Dom and a Daddy. I have always been a natural leader, strive for improvement in myself and others, Taken control of the situation I find myself in and improve it. I have several goals in my life. Ideally I want to find a sub into the 1950's style household. Someone who can serve as well as be my playful little girl and sexual little deviant. Someone who I can, love, care for, provide for and direct as gentle yet firm. I am looking for very long term.... but until I find who I am looking for, I am definitely willing and looking to have some fun... I am absolutely insatiable sexually and am very aggressive












 Dominant Male



 6' 5"

 225 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female



 1950s Lifestyle


 Female Sovereignty

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Journal Entries:
5/20/2015 10:54:36 AM
Any asshole can yell. Anyone can tie someone up. Anyone can have rough sex and slap someone around or get rough. Being a Dom has nothing to do with that. Now granted, everyone is different and every relationship is as well. If all you do for someone is spank their ass, flog them, blindfold them and fuck their throats and you are both happy with that, great! More power to you. But being a Dom means, at least to me, caring for someone subservient to me! YES I SAID CARING! Their minds, hearts, spirits and BODIES! Yes I even care about their body! A Dom should be just as much IN SERVICE to their subs as their subs are to them. If not more so! A Dom should lead, inspire and set the example. They should guide, motivate, teach and help their sub be more successful! And if you are failing in that area, SAY YOU ARE SORRY AND UNFUCK YOURSELF!!!! yes a dom can say they are sorry and/ or wrong! We do fuck up too! I know, it seems to be blasphemy and unheard of, but it's true. After all, if you can't see when you make a mistake and fix yourself, then how can you fix or help someone else? If you claim to be a Dom then people should be in a better place after meeting you not just more bruised! Inside or out. I have literally had people on here ask me if I am really a Dom because i don't demand they call me Sir upon first contact, or even ask why half of their message is Sir this and Master that.Those titles serve their purpose and have their place. But they should also be EARNED. Not because someone demands it or claimes some bullshit title on the drop down box, but because someone DESERVES it! So yes. I AM A DOM AND I AM HERE TO SERVE. Maybe not everyone. I will help anyone i can, but i am here to serve the sub that i am LUCKY enough to call mine....

7/9/2013 11:36:47 AM
I want to fuck you hard ...push your legs up, shove your head down and plunge into you. Fuck you silly, until you are shouting words that are nonsensical. Fuck you until I have to cover your mouth so you don't wake the neighbors. Fuck you with my hand on your throat, squeezing as you cum, sending you into a tunnel of bliss. Fuck you through so many orgasms that they crash into one another and start to hurt. Fuck you until you are so sore you think of me when you move. Fuck you from behind, yanking your hair as I thrust into your pussy and ass. Fuck you hard, removing your sensible clothing and smearing your meticulously applied makeup. Fuck your throat, shoving my cock in until you gag. Fuck you in ways that would make the nice folk blush. Fuck you like there is no tomorrow and all we have is this moment. Just fuck you.

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