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Pan Female Switch, 33,  Chicago, Illinois
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The Interrogation Below

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I'm into many if not all fetishes and love to experiment. I'm also a huge exhibitionist and love being filmed. I am fortunate to be able to model, perform, and write for a large fetish website (
leads you there) which allows me the opportunity to live this lifestyle 24/7

Posted are some still photos from films I have been in or directed that feature some of my favorite bdsm players I've worked with at the studio

If you were on my friends list please send a re add request I recently deleted my old profile here. My friends know why:) Please do not feel bad if I do not reply to all your messages. I sort of have a fan base that has followed me here as I have met and worked with so many people from here. I can't always answer every message but if I like you I will find you:)

Also please do not copy and repost my pictures. Feel free to look and comment all you want (it turns me on) but besides loving this lifestyle it is also my means of making of a living. I'd hate to have to get a real job:)


I keep getting messages asking to see more pics and videos of me. Hopefully this is allowed. Here is a link to one of my videos. I do ask you DO NOT REPOST THIS VIDEO around the internet as it is copyrighted. And also ask that in the future please stop sending me messages just asking to see pictures and videos. If that's all you want from me and have read my profile you know where to find them.. Here you are and let me know what you think.

Featured Video Work: The Interrogation

Actively seeking both men and women who are interested in performing in front of the camera at the above mentioned website. This is not a cam site this is legit actual studio productions.

Heres a fairly short clip from a new video we shot a few weeks ago. Subscribe to my Journal as I will be adding more in the near future. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.












 Female Switch



 5' 6"

 135 lbs






Actively Seeking:

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Journal Entries:
3/2/2013 7:57:33 AM


"Knock knock"

"Ah, that must be her..." he said to himself. He'd been waiting for her to come over for about an hour. He was annoyed that she was late, but figured he would get even with her later.

"Come in!" he yelled, and she opened the door slowly and peeked in. She looked great. She was wearing a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt and a nice blouse. He knew because he had seen it before. But even dressed casually she looked really good, and what was underneath made his mouth water.

She walked into the living room slowly, nervous because she had made him sit around waiting for her, but trying to explain.

"I had a class that went overtime and then I was dragged off to do some work with my project partners, " she stammered, "and it took me forever to get away..."

He looked at her and melted, she was so sweet looking. But then he remembered, she had to be punished for being late. But not too much. Just a little torture to spice up the evening for the two of them.

"Strip!" he commanded, "but first come over here and give me a kiss."

She walked over slowly, nervously, trying not to show him how much she wanted this, because that was part of the game. You had to play your role to the hilt, or it would get even tougher. She leaned over him as he sat on the couch and gave him a warm kiss on the lips. Her tongue darted out and met his. They held it for just an second and then he broke away.

His hands reached out and grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and started tugging it up her body. She tried to learn back to balance herself, but he merely tugged harder, keeping her slightly off balance. As the shirt hem got caught on her breasts, and then continued, her nipples erected from the stimulation. She obediently raised her arms over her head, still leaning over him as he sat on the couch. As the shirt went over her head she was struck by the realization that it was much like having been blindfolded, the blackness just sucking up the light and muffling the sounds around her. Then he stooped tugging, leaving her bent over, with her hands out and her head muffled. His hands then started running down her sides, carefully avoiding her breasts, to her jeans. There his hands moved in, the button at the tops of her jeans. He slowly undid the button, then pulling the zipper down...down...down... the sounds sounding distant and far away because of the shirt around her head. All she could see was a little circle of light, and all she could feel was his hands on her body. The hands went back to their tugging, but this time they were tugging the shirt out of her jeans. The hands went to work on the buttons of her blouse, slowly caressing the skin that was exposed as the shirt fell to the sides. After a few moments he returned to tugging on the jeans, this time to remove them. Followed by the rest of her clothing. Then suddenly he pulled her across his lap, face down. As she lay face down in his lap, she started think think of what would happen. From previous "spankings" she knew she could expect anything, from just a light cursory slapping, to full, cheek reddening hits with a brush. She hoped it would be the first and not the second, though she remembered how he "made up" to her after that time too...

"Now for being such a late girl, I'm going to make you wait," he said, "and this will be quite interesting for us both." SMACK! The first blow of his hand landed right on the middle of her ass, the globes flattening from the impact of his hand. He could see his hand print for just a second, then it slowly faded away...

"Ouch!" She yelped, and tried to clench her cheeks together and move them away from his hands.

"That was for making me wait... now this is to make sure you can wait" he laughed. She felt his fingers on her ass, lightly tracing each globe. She twitched a little because it tickled and before she knew it, SMACK! As second slap on her ass.

"Ow! That hurt!" she cried.

"And if you make another move it will hurt even more" he replied as he continued to trace out the contours of her ass. "Every time you make a move, I'm going to spank you. If you try to get away, or stop me, it will just get worse. So just settle down and enjoy..."

With that he ran his fingers up the crack, and was rewarded with a twitch of her muscles. SMACK! She tensed at the spank, but said nothing, looking at the floor and trying to separate the feelings she was getting. First there was his hands, his maddening hands on her body. Arousing her, teasing her and tickling her. It was the hardest thing she had every tried, to lie still while his hands explored her. She could feel his finger slowly slide up her inner thighs, and slowly tickling her just below her pussy. She twitched, SMACK! And the hands kept moving, making her hotter and hotter, yet frustrating her even more because she couldn't give into the urge to clench her cheeks and keep his fingers there forever. She sighed, in both pleasure and frustration. Her nipples were hard and aching, waiting for stimulation, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the second, and her ass was getting redder and redder. As he slipped his finger inside her, she moaned out loud and squeezed involuntarily, trying to keep the sensation... SMACK! SMACK!

"Damn! That hurt!" she squealed, and tried to squirm off his lap. She fret his other hand reach around and get a better grip, keeping her securely on his knees. He just laughed at her, and kept moving his fingers. In and out, first one, then two, then three. Each time she was getting wetter, and hotter, and more aroused, as his fingers slipped out and traced their way up her crack. As the wetness reached her asshole, she twitched yet again... SMACK!

"Ha! Got you to move. I thought for a minute you'd conquered the urge to move..." he said. All the while his fingers were wandering, dipping into her dripping pussy, drifting over her cheeks, sliding between her cheeks, and back into her pussy, but only for a minute. "Now that we know you can wait shall we move on to what you were waiting for?" he smiled.

She moaned and rolled over. A contented smile on her face as she reached up to him for a kiss...


As she walked into the room she couldn't help but notice the changes he had made. Instead of a mattress on the floor he now had a four posted bed (of course) and there were metal eye hooks extending out of the walls in various places. The entire room had been carpeted and there were more eye hooks in the floor. The lights were dim, with pools of brightness scattered around the room.

As ordered she had changed her clothes in the outer room. Her jeans, sweatshirt and blouse were gone to be replaced by the tightest black spandex she could imagine. But there were pieces missing to the outfit such as material covering her breast and crotch. Both were totally bare. As she got a few steps into the room he suddenly grabbed her from behind. A leather cuff was placed on each wrist and she was quickly secured to two of the eye hooks on the wall. Two ankle cuffs were added and her legs spread wide before being attached to the wall. Next came the gag and blindfold. "Now the fun is really going to start" she thought to herself, with just a tinge of apprehension as she remembered her punishment for being late.

She could hear him moving around the room, opening drawers and moving stuff around. "I wonder what he is going to do first. I TOLD him I was sorry for being late" she thought. He started with a spritzing of cold water. Not much, it felt sort of like the density that comes out of a spray bottle. First her breast then her freshly shaven pussy. It was cold enough to cause her nipples to harden. That wasn't enough of a reaction it seemed. Soon she felt the lips of her pussy being opened and a long cold object filling her. "It's ice" she thought as she felt the first melted drip roll down her long legs. As he began to move the ice in and out of her, driving her berserk his other hand began icing her breast. When she was totally soaked, not just from the ice, he announced that he had a few errands to run but would return later. "Don't want you to get bored though while I'm gone" he laughed as he slowly pushed into her a huge dildo. Next to follow was a strap around her waist. From this he threaded a thick strap down between her legs, holding the dildo in tightly. "Oh, one more thing before I go," he chuckled as he hit a switch on the base of the dildo. The damn thing started to vibrate in time with his laughing as he shut off the light and left the room.

When he returned a few minutes later, she though she was in heaven. The vibrator had been going for what seemed like hours, but was only minutes. She had had at least three orgasms, each bigger and better and more total than the last. Her pussy cried out for relief. She thought she would die from the pleasure she was receiving. Her knees were weak and shaky, with only her tied arms supporting and keeping her from falling down. She felt as if she had turned into an orgasm. Her entire body was flushed, and her nipples were rock hard. He reached down and grabbed the dildo, pulling it out still running. Then he pushed it back in. Slowly he removed and inserted the damn thing until she came once again. She sagged a little more from the relief, but wishing it was still going inside her. Then he reached up and took off the blindfold, saying "I think you she see what happens next" as he grinned and brought the vibrator to her nipples. She spasmed! And arched her back to get away from that insidious device. He laughed some more and simply followed her every lunge and twist, keeping the vibrator to her breasts and nipples.

After a few minutes of this he turned off the vibrator and untied her from the wall. She sagged down and would have fallen if he hadn't caught her in his arms. She molded herself to his body in exhaustion. "That damn vibrator should be lost or destroyed" she thought as she lay in his arms, but her nipples continued to throb with enjoyment, to say nothing of her pussy. He carried her over to the bed and lay her down gently. She lay back and relaxed. "Now maybe I'll get a chance to do the same to him" she thought, but she was too late. Before she could recover, he had her arms tied up to the posts. Then her legs were spread apart and tied to the other two posts of the bed. She was totally vulnerable. And liking it... no, loving it!

He slowly started licking lips. Slowly, lovingly. Caressing her lips with his, as he traced his way around them. She replied hungrily, using her tongue to reply in kind. Their tongues met, slowly slipping and sliding around each other. She moaned with desire for him. Then his tongue started moving down to her chin and along her jaw. Little swirls and nips. Her neck arched reflexively as he worked his way to her neck. As he moved down her neck she started to squirm on the bed, wishing the ropes holding her down weren't there, so she could grab him in her arms and keep him forever. His tongue moved down her collar bone and to her chest. He breasts rose and fell with her breathing, the nipples starting to stand up, little red bumps on her generous breasts. His tongue touched the top of her left breast, swirling and licking, but not touching the nipple. She begged him to suck her nipple, but he just laughed and told he to enjoy it and to stop complaining.


The End

8/25/2012 4:28:45 AM



I suppose the best way to describe Mike is to say he's fair but firm. Most of the time our sex life is pretty tame. We experiment a lot with lovemaking in various places and various ways, and we both love it. But sometimes I'm just feeling bitchy or frisky and I try to make demands. When I get into these moods, my lover has to take control and put me in my place. Of course, I know where these demands lead me; right into tight ropes and pain!

It had been a wonderful day at the office. I'd finally finished a project I'd been working on for the last month or so, and for the first time I felt like I could really conquer the world. Normally Mike and I spend our nights together doing lots of home improvement on the place we'd just bought. But this was Wednesday, the day of Mike's "night out with the boys" card game. Nothing so exciting as poker or anything, but these guys could sure get worked up over a game of Bridge!

Seeing that I was going to leave work early, I telephoned Mike at his office and promised I'd make dinner so he wouldn't have to grab a quickie at the local McDeath's. On the way home, a really wicked thought occurred to me. I was feeling really good and I wanted to celebrate finishing my project. I figured to hell with his bridge game, tonight we would do things my way. With the benefit of hindsight it was a great idea, but next time I'll ask what he feels like doing before I go changing any plans!

When I got home I forgot about making dinner and instead called our favorite local restaurant to make a reservation. I was just drying off from a shower when I heard the garage door close after Mike's car pulled in. Quickly throwing on a nightgown and slippers, I bounced downstairs hoping for the beginning of a fantastic night. Wrong! It seemed today was as bad for him as it was good for me. When I got a perfunctory kiss at the door, I realized my plans for the night didn't match what Mike had in mind.

He was a little early and asked if we could just unwind a bit and chat while we ate. Tonight was a Bridge tournament and he wanted to be sure to get there on time. I guess I was being pretty bitchy when I told him there was no dinner ready and I wanted to go out tonight! He immediately caught my mood and decided tonight wasn't the night to play around with my whims.

Grabbing me by the wrist he yanked off my nightgown and pulled me into the garage. I'd been there before. We'd sunk some heavy duty eyebolts into the four corners and center of the garage door. I'd already had some wonderful whippings while tied spread-eagled to the four bolts. This time however, Mike wasn't fooling around for fun. He was pissed and wanted to let me know it.

Grabbing some rope from the top shelf he spread my arms and tied my right arm to the top left bolt. He was using many more turns of rope than he normally did but I didn't find out why until later. After my right arm was secure he proceeded to do the same with my left, fastening it to the other side of the door. I was stretched pretty tightly and complained about it... well whined about it is probably more appropriate. Mike had heard enough and told me that he wanted silence until told otherwise. I closed my mouth pretty quickly because Mike has come up with some awful punishments and I didn't want to provoke him into making things worse that they already were.

Meanwhile, Mike was working on my legs, one to each side, and again used lots of rope. But this time he didn't stop with the ankles. He wound the ropes up around each leg to my knees and tied the two ends together. My legs were held very tightly and I struggled but couldn't pull very far away from the door. Mike told me that I had one punishment coming already and that if I didn't stand still I'd get another. Standing there spread out, unable to move with my chest sticking out demanding attention, I figured that now wasn't the time for bravado.

Mike went off into the house, closing the door behind him. I couldn't see what he was doing, but judging from the sounds from the house, I guessed he was whipping up some dinner for himself. After awhile I began to realize my situation. I was tied tightly, arms spread as far as I could stretch, my legs and knees were pinioned tightly to the door and to top it all off, I hadn't eaten anything all day. The only consolation was that I'd found a way to get Mike to stay home for the evening!

Mike came back after a few minutes with a sandwich and looked at me from the door. Walking over he started rubbing my breasts with his free hand. my nipples enlarged under his hand and I strained my body towards him in the hope that he'd stop eating the sandwich and starting eating something else. His hand moved down my body and found it's way into the folds of my pussy. I was already so excited that just the light touch of his hand was almost enough to send me over the brink, but Mike knew my body completely and always stopped before I'd reached a climax. I squirmed towards him as far as I could, but he wasn't in the mood to cooperate.

Finished with his sandwich, he continued a job I thought was already done. He took some thick leather straps we bought for our bondage play and fastened one to the bolt behind my back. The other went over the tops of my breasts under my armpits, forcing my tits to bulge a little under the strap. Mike tightened the straps and when he was done I couldn't pull my chest or hips away from the door at all. I was readying myself for the whipping I was sure was going to follow when Mike went back into the house again and returned a moment later with his coat.

He reached down and took the slippers from my feet saying "Good night honey, I'll see you when I get back from Bridge." "What!" I said, "You're actually going! What are you gonna do, just leave me here?" He just looked at me and then I realized he was only joking. After all, the car was here inside the garage with me! "Sorry love, I can't miss the game, and in case you didn't realize it, you just broke silence".

Ignoring my protestations he told me that I wouldn't have to worry about speaking out of turn again and proceeded to gag me with a black leather pad gag we bought. As he strapped the leather band tightly onto my head and tied it to one of the hinges, he casually mentioned that he had figured out a way to take the car from the garage despite my bound body. I looked up in fear as he walked to the door and looked at me with an odd smile on his face.

Well, nobody ever accused Mike of being dumb! He first turned off the garage light, and then to my horror, he flipped the switch on the automatic garage door opener! For a moment my bonds loosened as the door made the ninety degree turn at the ceiling but they were immediately tighter than before and I found myself hanging from the door, face down into the room! Mike had planned it perfectly, my head, arms and neck were all supported by the many turns of rope he had tied tightly around my limbs, while the bulk of my weight was supported by the heavy leather straps around my middle and and chest.

He was pleased with the view! Walking under me he fingered me a little more, and then gave each of my hanging tits a good hard smack. I was hurting a little, but with the gag held deep in my mouth by the strap and the weight of my head I couldn't utter a word. Mike explained to me that the gag was merely because I had broken silence, my real punishment was still to come! He pointed out how unnecessary the slippers were in my current predicament and gave each of my bare soles a slap to drive home the point.

Climbing onto the hood of the care, he proceeded to give my left nipple a good licking. It quickly became erect with to the combination of his talented tongue and hands. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out something and held it up to my eyes. I quickly recognized one of the clips which we use with a weight to hold down tablecloths when picnicing outdoors. He had removed the weight and replaced it with a long string. He showed me that the end of the string was fastened to one of those five ounce lead weights used by fishermen to weight down their lines.

What could I do! I was helpless as he caressed my left breast and clipped the plastic devil into my helpless nip. The little moans and squirming brought on by the sudden pain failed to extract any sympathy from Mike as he performed the same operation on my right nipple. I was already having a hard time dealing with the pain when I realized that he hadn't let the weights down yet!

He gently placed the weights onto the front hood of the car and after tugging on the strings a little to test that the clips were firmly planted he gave me a kiss goodbye. Climbing into the car he called out that he hoped it wouldn't hurt too much when he pulled out and the weights fell to the floor. He said that he'd be back in a few hours and that he'd be sure to back out quickly so that the weights would swing like a pendulum for awhile. "Thanks" I thought to myself, "What a guy!". As promised, he started the engine, hit reverse and was gone.

I could barely stand the burning in my breasts when the weights reached the end of the strings and yanked at my already pained tits. As promised, the weights swung back and forth close to the floor of the garage. The pain was incredible and as the weights swung I could see my distended nipples swaying underneath my body. It's a terrible thing to have to watch, feel, and be unable to control. My only hope was that they would stop swinging soon and that the pain would settle down to a sharp ache instead of the agony I now felt.

Other than coping with the pain, I didn't really have much to worry about, Mike had thought carefully about this one! The weather was warm enough so I wasn't going to freeze, and our house is in the country with the garage facing a hill so I didn't have to worry about casual passerbys. He had turned off the garage light so I wasn't going to be moth'ed to death, and the swinging weights had left me something to think about. Pretty considerate all in all. There where a few things I was thinking about however. It was still early in the evening and the neighbors children were playing in the neighborhood. I could hear them running around and could only hope they wouldn't come through our backyard and wonder why the garage door was open.

Between the fear of being discovered, the pain from my aching breasts, and the strain of hanging from my limbs and middle, I was having a hard time at the beginning. But, as the night wore onwards and the local kids went home, I began to look forward to my tormentor's return. He's always nice to me after a severe punishment and I began to get excited as the minutes crawled by. As near as I could guess several hours had gone by and I was wet with the anticipation of the good, hard fucking I would get when Mike came home.

There was one thing Mike hadn't anticipated and I let out an involuntary moan of horror when I saw him come into the garage. It was Balzac, the neighbors friendly, playful kitten! I jumped a bit from the surprise of seeing something come into the garage, and the kitten's attention was immediately drawn to the weights hanging down in the center of the room. Praying that I could scare him away, I began to make as much noise and squirm around as much as I could. Not only did this fail to scare the creature, but he immediately ran to the swinging weights and reached out a tentative paw.

Well, kittens will be playful and in front of my terrified eyes Balzac took his paw and batted one of the weight as hard as he could! The pain was awful and after hours of a dull pain, the sharp feeling it evoked only served to remind me of how utterly helpless I really was. This small playful kitten had the power to cause me enormous amounts of pain and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. As the weights went swinging back and forth Balzac continued playing with more and more excitement. The ultimate hurt came when one of the strings caught in his claws and his entire weight came down on my right nipple. The plastic clamp was no match for this kind of strain and it pulled off my tit, pinching the nipple. I screamed as loud as I could but the gag was tight and nothing but a low moan came out. The tears were streaming from my eyes as I saw Balzac run out of the garage to be replaced by the twin headlights of Mike's car.

Mike had seen Balzac run from the building and was laughing as he drove under me, into the garage. He jumped from the car carrying the door remote control in his hand and without saying a word climbed up and rubbed the tortured breast. He carefully removed the other nipple clamp and I winced at the sudden pain. He asked me if I was ready to come down yet and when I almost banged my head nodding yes, he hit the remote control button and down I came. After my tits had recovered a bit due to Mike's kind ministrations, I was ready for a little post-punishment carnality.

Still helpless against the door, I watched as Mike peeled out of his clothes and came towards me. No casual fingering as he had done before! Now Mike used both hands and his tongue as he raised my already excited body to the fever pitch. With the gag still deep in my mouth, I communicated my needs by thrusting my hips towards him as far as my bonds would allow. This time he didn't deny me and with one thrust he sheathed his cock deep inside me and started fucking hard. I had orgasmed once and was well on my way to the next climax when all of a sudden Mike simply stopped thrusting.

Tied as I was there wasn't much in the way of humping I was able to do, I moaned my desperation out loud in the hope that my lover would take mercy on me. Mike reached back and took the garage door remote from the hood of the car and hit the button. I began to move upwards, still bound tightly to the door. I whimpered as I wondered what further tortures he had in mind, when he hit the button again and the door started back down. He held absolutely still as he punched the automatic control again and again and used the door to fuck me.

It gave the kind of long, slow, deep strokes that Mike knows I love, and after a few trips up and down I came as hard as I cam ever remember. Mike was right there with me and afterwards as I was hanging, exhausted, he reached behind me and undid the gag. After a few kisses and my promise to be a bit more careful about changing his plans for him, Mike started undoing the bonds which had held me so firmly.

Placing third in the tournament had put Mike in a great mood and he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom where we cuddled, shared Hagen Daz for my dinner and continued with a night of gentle lovemaking. Like I said, for the most part our sex life is pretty "normal", I wouldn't trade these nights for anything.

The End

8/17/2012 6:29:23 AM



I was traveling on business when my flight was laid over at O'Hare for bad weather. The airline put me up at a airport hotel and told me it could be as long as 48 hours before they could get me another flight. I took a cab to a bar the bellhop recommended and sat down for a few beers and watched the Bulls. When I got up to take a leak and noticed a lovely brunette sitting by the door. She was about 5-7 with nice tits and lecherous smile. I got back from the head and looked for the brunette. She was sitting on the bar stool next to mine.

"Hi, I'm Sandra, can I buy you a drink". I was a little shocked because usually I'm the one buying drinks. It seemed too good to be true and in retrospect it was. I'm not bad looking but I wouldn't be mistaken for a movie star. My looks are what you would call All-American boy and I stand about 6-2. My approaching middle thirties had added about 10 lbs to my 180 pound frame and I needed to get out from behind my desk and run it off.

"I'm Paul and I'd love a drink". Two beers appeared and we talked about Chicago and I mentioned that I was stuck here because of the weather. "I thought you were from out of town cause I hadn't seen you around before". I explained the layover and was surprised when she said "why don't you stay with me and my sister". I told her I already had a hotel room but she insisted I come over for at least a home cooked meal. I couldn't deny the growling in my stomach and my slacks and followed to her car. I had thought her tits were nice but I saw her ass was perfection.


We drove for about 20 minutes and she pulled in at a nice older house. When we went in she introduced me to her sister Amy and grilled a couple of steaks. After we ate, I helped clean up the kitchen and we talked some more. She moved behind me and pressed her tits into my back.

"Time for dessert" and she reached down and unzipped my pants. She led me to her room and sat me down on the edge of the bed. By this time my cock was straining to be free. She undid my belt and slid my pants and shorts down around my ankles. With no hesitation her mouth plunged down on my cock. I felt her nose press into my pubic hair as my dick enjoyed its warm tongue bath. She slid it in and out for several minutes but just before I was going to come, stopped.

"Why'd you stop" I exploded. "I'd like a little favor. I like to have mementos of my lovers and you have a great dick." I fell for it hook, line and sinker. My dick is OK at about seven inches long and 2 and half inches in diameter but I'm no John Holmes. She walked over to a large cabinet and pulled out two large blocks and some Vaseline. She removed my pants the rest of the way and rubbed the Vaseline around my cock and balls until the pubic hair was matted down. "This is so your hair doesn't get stuck in the mold. I wouldn't want to hurt you". The blocks were made to fit together and seemed to contain a warm viscous material like wet playdoh. She took me in her mouth again and sucked until I thought my dick was going to burst. She pulled off and stuck the molds around my dick and balls. "Want you to make the best impression" was her reasoning.

The warm material tightly gripped my cock and I felt myself get turned on by the sensation. After five minutes she removed the molds and carried them out of the room with the explanation that they needed to cure for a while. She came back immediately and stripped as soon as she closed the door. Her body was fabulous. Her perfect breasts stood out and had rose colored nipples. She was perfectly formed from her long slender legs to an ass that cried out to be grabbed.

She pushed me back onto the bed and started on my cock again. This time she didn't stop until I came in torrents down the back of her throat. I pulled her ass forward and gazed up to petals of her pussy spreading to show a deeper pink. She lowered herself and I immediately plunged my tongue as far up as possible. She rode my face as I licked like a wildman.

Sandra slid off my face and turned around over my crotch. "Fuck me before I come". She grabbed my cock and dragged the head back and forth from her clit to asshole. Slowly she slid me inside her moist cunt until her pubic bone touched my pelvis. I reached up and pulled her down so her left breast grazed my lips. She tightened around me like a vise and slowly slid on and off my now ready to burst cock while lightly moaning. I slid my right hand to her hip and tried to control the rhythm. She grabbed my right hand and moved it to cup her lower ass and whispered "play with my ass." I moved my hand lower and gathered her juices on my fingers while pistoning deep into her cunt. I slowly spread her juices over her puckered rose and then slid my middle finger up her ass about an inch. She moaned and pressed my hand farther inside her. I could feel her ass begin to spasm as she continued to ride my cock. She gave a small shriek, grabbed me, and rolled over with me on top. "Hold still a second and give me a chance to recover" she said. We lay there a minute or two and then her moving hips told me she was ready for more. I started moving in and out slowly while introducing another finger into her ass with my now trapped right hand. I heard the bedroom door open and looked back to see her sister Amy approaching the bed wearing nothing but a smile. "What the hell, I'm game" I thought. She lay down behind me and licked the underside of my balls as I kept up the slow thrusting into Sandra. Her tongue traced up that tender ridge of flesh between my balls and anus and I felt like my dick couldn't possibly get any harder without bursting. As she reached my anus she began licking my hole and running her tongue around the outside. I thought to myself " this is one for the book."

Suddenly I felt something grip my ankles and my left wrist as I heard a ratchet sound. Amy had put a pair of handcuffs around each ankle and Sandra had done the same to my left wrist. I struggled to get my right hand free from underneath Sandra but a tightening grip on my balls slowed me down considerably. "What are you doing" I shouted. "We have a few things we'd like to do, but you might not like them" said Amy. "I suggest you cooperate though or we might have to get rough". To emphasize her point she slid a thumb and forefinger up my ass while still holding onto my balls with her other hand. The brief, sharp pain that hit me pushed resistance from my mind quickly. Sandra rolled slightly to free my right hand and hooked a fourth pair of handcuffs to my only free wrist. Amy gripped my balls harder and shoved an extra finger in as my hand came free. Sandra slid out from under me and tightened down the braided steel cables connected to the cuff chains until I was laying face down and couldn't move more than a few inches either way.

Amy pulled her fingers from my ass and moved to the head of the bed. Sandra grabbed the back of my head and Amy slid her nicely trimmed muff under my nose. Amy said "Lick me good or else." "You didn't have to handcuff me to get that" I replied. Amy shoved my head down. I ran my tongue across her clit and proceeded do a reasonable job eating pussy considering I was thinking of escape. After five minutes, Amy slid up and rolled over. "Now do my ass". I balked. I don't mind fingering assholes but fingers don't have tastebuds. Amy said "get the pictures" and Sandra walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a photo album. Sandra said "these might convince you to change your mind". The first page showed various guys trussed up like me. The next picture showed a close-up of Sandra with three fingers in some poor guys ass. "Tell us when you change your mind". That changed my mind, "this is what they make mouthwash for" I thought.

Amy slid a pillow under her hips and spread her cheeks. Her asshole was a crinkled light brown and a least looked clean. I tentatively moved my head forward and then went all the way when Sandra shouted "one" and shoved a long finger in my butt. The taste was not good. Kind of bitter but not as bad as I had feared. The taste had just gotten washed away when Amy said "he's not sticking his tongue in". Sandra shouted "two" and added a finger. I pushed my tongue in and moved around the edges of Amy's anus getting more flavor than I wanted but not a terrible amount. "Show him the next picture" cried Amy.

Sandra removed her fingers from my backside and lifted my head by the hair. She had the album on Amy's rear and showed me the next two pictures. Sandra had four fingers in the guys ass in one and the other showed her fist halfway in his very stretched asshole. He did not look happy. Sandra said "look, you can end up like this and have to use diapers for a while, or you can do it right. Every time you fuck around this is just going to get worse." She moved the book away and pushed my head back in Amy's crack. I shoved my tongue up her ass like my life (or ass) depended on it. She rotated her hips and shoved her butt as close as she could get it. I had pretty much reconciled myself to the taste because I couldn't get that stretched asshole out of my mind.

After ten minutes Sandra said "his tongue needs a break and I need to get fucked again". My dick grew back from it shriveled little self with the anticipation of fucking Sandra again. Amy giggled when she saw my eagerness and proceeded to walk over to the cabinet while Sandra left the room. Amy pulled out a short piece of flesh colored rubber with three knobs on it and elastic straps. I couldn't figure out what it was until she pulled out a thin rubber dick and snapped it on one end of the rubber piece. She then snapped a larger dick in the center. Sandra walked back in the room carrying another dildo. Amy laughed and added it to the strap-on "Like my design" said Sandra "women can never depend on men". I watched as Amy eased the thin dildo up her ass and slipped the middle one in her cunt. She fastened the straps around her and now sported an erection I would be proud of. She waved it in front of my face and said "recognize it, It's yours". It was mine. I had just never seen it from that particular angle before. She prodded my lips with it and said "lick it, I want it wet for Sandra. Besides self abuse is not considered a sin anymore" she said with a laugh. I turned my head but Sandra grabbed it and pinched my nose until I had to open my mouth. Amy slid the dildo in and stopped as I started to gag. "What's the matter, can't deepthroat yourself" She withdrew a little and then hunched forward again and slid it deeper. She repeated this a couple more times and then took it out of my mouth. It was covered with my saliva and glistened under the light.

Sandra laid on her back and said "well you are getting to fuck me again in a way, just not the way you thought". Amy slid easily into Sandra and started pumping quickly. I could see the dildos in Amy's ass and cunt rocking back and forth. They kept it up for another five minutes and then Sandra groaned and came in several spasms. Amy complained "I wasn't ready yet

Ann's reply caused my ass to pucker "I know someone who hasn't been fucked yet". I felt a sudden surge of energy and tried to pull the handcuffs on my wrists out of whatever they were connected to. Amy jumped on my back and held my arms while Sandra shoved the picture album under my nose. "You're not going to get loose from this and we could give you worse than your own dick up there". She pointed to the picture of her with the fist and another of her sporting the big end of a baseball bat. Amy then moved forward and put the dildo next to Ann's fist. "See, you're much better off with your own dick and we promise not to fist you or use the bat if you cooperate". I pissed Sandra off by quipping "I didn't realize you had such big hands for a woman".

Sandra grabbed me by the balls and ass again and but some slack in the cables controlling my legs. They brought out a footstool and slid it under my chest. Then they strapped my thighs to the footstool. I couldn't move and my ass seemed to be open to the world. Amy slid between my legs and I felt the dildo rubbing up and down my crack. "We need pictures and he needs to see this" said Sandra. I instantly regretted the big hands comment. I saw her go over to the cabinet and get out a camera and video equipment.

Soon I saw my ass on a small color television with the dildo being rubbed up and down. The proportions did not look good to me. I heard the click of the camera shutter and saw Amy coating the dildo with K-Y and then felt (and saw) her rub some on my anus. The camera clicked again with a glob of K-Y glistening on my ass. I saw Amy move forward and felt the tip of the dildo wedge itself at the entrance. She pushed a little and I felt the K-Y allow the dildo to spread my anus. A burning sensation emanated from my rear and I lost sight as Amy slid farther in and blocked the camera. All this time I could hear Sandra in the background taking pictures and encouraging Amy to go farther. The pain diminished as she got past my sphincter and my asshole slid smoothly down the dildo. Amy said "see, I'm giving it to you gently unlike most men who just ram it up there". She then proceeded to shove the rest in until I could feel her belly on my ass cheeks and the rubber balls against the entrance to my ass. The pain was intense as she thrust in and out. After a couple minutes I could feel my asshole loosen up and I noticed that I started to get an erection as the dildo rubbed my prostate. "This is going to take awhile with Amy, so lets put that tongue to good use" said Sandra.

She moved the TV which now showed Amy's ass thrusting up into mine and got on all fours in front of me. "I need my ass licked and you better realize that we promised not to fist you but we've had mementos from some hugely hung guys. " She spread her cheeks and backed her anus onto my tongue. I rimmed her and found that Amy's continual butt pounding thrust my tongue farther up her ass. My ass was getting really dry and I stopped licking to complain to Amy. "Keep licking or get fucked worse" yelled Sandra. Amy did however slide the rubber cock out and recoat it with K-Y. When she did I felt my anus stay open and the air stinging inside. Amy took care of that by quickly sliding in to the hilt again. Soon I felt Amy's thrusts get more frantic and she suddenly shrieked and laid over my back. Sandra got up and moved next to Amy "poor kid, it takes her a long time, but when she comes it wipes her out." She grabbed Amy and pulled her back upright. Then she disconnected the dildo from the harness and laid her beside me on the bed. Sandra shoved the loose dildo into me all the way to the balls as Amy laid beside me with a dazed and sleepy look.

Sandra got up and walked out of the room. She came back a few minutes later with a washcloth and two glasses of water. She smacked me on my exposed ass crack and shouted "you've been defying me all night with your comments and lack of enthusiasm". I had managed to shove the dildo out of my ass while she was away. She ran over to the cabinet. She got another harness out and stuck a medium sized dick in the middle and a monster on one end. Somehow I didn't think I was getting the small end. This prick had to have been ten inches long and four inches in diameter. "You shouldn't have shown you had any muscle control back there. I'll take care of that. You're going to get to watch it too".

She set the TV back up and I felt her tighten the cables running to the cuffs on my ankles. I was pulled extremely tight across the footstool and I felt her unstrap my thighs. She yanked the footstool out from under me and instantly took up the slack in the leg cables. I felt one leg being pulled wide and then the other. On the TV my ass was open and red. She grabbed the dildo I had expelled and moved to the head of the bed. She grabbed my nose and forced the dildo into my mouth saying "this is my way of saying eat shit and remember that it's your dick that you'll bite into". The dildo filled my mouth and I couldn't spit it out. Sandra undid the cap on the K-Y and shoved the nozzle into my open ass. I watched as she rolled the end of the tube and squirted huge amounts of it into me. She threw the tube aside and rubbed some of it on the giant dildo.

My ass was still open and K-Y oozed out and onto my balls. She loosened the cables slightly and grabbed my dick and told me to raise up and lean to one side. She slid half under me and placed the head against my slick red asshole. Even open as it was, it still looked terribly out of proportion. She hunched forward and I felt my ass trying to expand to accommodate this new invader. The pain was terrific as my hole gave way and she slid in a couple inches. She pushed again and this time slid up until all ten inches were in. My asshole was a stretched beyond belief and gripped the dildo tightly as it moved in and out. I could see light streaks of my blood coating the surface as she rammed it mercilessly in my poor ass.

I could hear myself moaning in pain as my mind tried to distance itself from the pain. Suddenly I realized that the cuff holding my right wrist had slack in it. My thrashing had pulled my arm free. I quickly slid the cable connected to my left wrist off of the pulleys and gave myself more slack. I then pulled the dildo from my aching jaws. Sandra sensed that something was wrong and tried to slide out from under me but I slapped one hand over her mouth and another to her throat. I whispered furiously "you fucking bitch, get me loose or you're dead". I moved forward and with a groan pulled the dildo from my ass. I almost fainted as my asshole spasmed and tried to close but continued to hold Sandra by the throat with a tightening grip.

I watched carefully as she reached with one hand under the mattress and brought out a handcuff key. I shook her and told her to unlock my wrists. She unlocked both arms and the cuffs fell to the bed. I snapped one set on both her wrists and reached back with one hand to free my ankles. I then attached cuffs to each ankle and removed the slack. Quickly, I removed my hand from her mouth and replaced it with the rubber replica of my cock. As I climbed down off the mattress my first thought was to just get the hell away from there. As my feet touched the floor I nearly fell from the pain in my asshole. I literally saw red and turned to the sleeping Amy and grabbed her by the throat. She awoke with a start and started to scream. I slapped her across the cheek and shouted "shut up bitch, that won't help you".

I pushed her face down into Sandra and secured her wrists and ankles with the free end of the cuffs. At the head of the bed I reattached the cable I had pulled free from the pulleys. I removed the dildo from Sandra's mouth and said "you cunts are going to be really sorry when I call the cops". Her reply was "You won't call the cops. What are you going to tell them? That we overpowered you and that you didn't want sex. I don't think they're going to believe this is anything but consensual. Look who's tied up now". I realized she had a point, plus I thought of the embarrassment of anyone knowing I got fucked in ass.

"You may wish I had called the cops in a while" I threatened. I pulled the strap-on assembly from Amy's cunt and asshole and examined the attachments. The dildos were connected with what resembled a socket set attachment. I pulled both dildos off and walked gingerly over to the cabinet. Inside were the rubber replicas of at least 20 guys pricks. There was also the infamous baseball bat and a large molded fist. I grabbed the bat and the next biggest dildo and went back to the bed. I unhooked Sandra's wrist and ankle on one side and flipped her around so she was face down on top of Amy. After reattaching the handcuffs, I pulled her strap-on out and examined the huge dildo she had inflicted on my poor ass. Streaks of blood and K-Y coated it liberally. I replaced the center dildo with it and snapped the rubber replica of my cock on the front stud. I bent the strap-on section that held the anal dildo back at a 90 degree angle. I adjusted the video camera for a closeup of Sandra's ass hanging above Amy's and spoke "Girls, I'm going to fuck with you like you did with me".

I held the end of the baseball bat up for the camera and then pushed it up Amy's tight cunt. She gasped and squirmed but couldn't dislodge the wooden invader. I then grabbed and lubricated my replica prick. Amy's ass had tightened up with the bat in her cunt and I forced a finger in. It felt like it was in a vise. "Yea, we guys do just shove it in" I said and replaced my finger with the duplicate prick. She shrieked and thrashed but I pushed the dildo until only the balls showed.

"Just wait a bit you'll get properly fucked" and I turned my attention to Sandra's ass. To take care of Amy I had shoved Sandra forward. The monster prick wiggled tantalizingly against her spread gash. I grabbed her hips and slid her down over it. I had to stop and couple times to spread the lips of her cunt as they were being pushed inside her by the dildo. Soon it was in as far as it could go. The straps were fastened and I stopped to get a good look. A finger inserted in Sandra's butt showed she was ready and tighter than Amy.

I walked around to the front of the bed and told Sandra "You're going to suck my dick and then I'm going to fuck your ass with it. Do it good or I'll use the fist on it and my fist in you're cunt" She got a submissive look in her eyes and opened her mouth as I slid my growing prick over her tongue. Every time her teeth seemed to get too close I waved my fist in front of her eyes. It took a few minutes to get my prick good and hard because of the pounding I took earlier. I pulled from her mouth and moved behind her.

My prick rested in her crack and I rubbed it over her anus spreading the saliva over her tight bud. I reached down with my thumbs and pulled her back hole wide. She grunted as my dick slid into her back passage. I could feel my balls resting on the top of the strap-on. I grasped her hips and pumped her back and forth on my dick. Amy moaned on the bottom as she was buttfucked by the moving strap-on. I could feel the dildo in Sandra's cunt rubbing through to her anus and a wave of satisfaction came over me. We kept this up for 10 minutes and right before I felt myself coming, I withdrew and stuck my filthy prick in Sandra's mouth. She recoiled slightly but I forced her head down on it. I pulled out and sprayed her and Amy's faces with more cum than I thought I had. I walked over to the cabinet, got out another dildo and shoved it up Sandra's empty hole. I checked all of the cuffs for tightness and went in the bathroom to shower.

My ass was still really sore but I managed to get dressed. I grabbed the cassette out of the video camera and exposed the film in the camera. I searched Sandra's purse and took her car keys. Before I left I checked the cuffs again. I slapped Sandra across the ass and said "Hope this is a lesson". "Aren't you going to let us go"? "Not for awhile" I drove back to the hotel, checked out, and headed for the airport. Outside the terminal, I called the local cops and told them that I had heard screams from inside 2467 Ramon Street. I hung up when they asked who I was.

The End

8/11/2012 8:02:54 AM



As soon as I wake up in my coffin I know something's wrong. It's serious. The worst thing that's happened since five years ago. That's when they replaced my left upper arm with this plastic prosthetic. The forearm is still mine. I got extra hazard pay that time.

It's dark as usual. Always dark in a spacer's coffin. Soon they'll open it. Opened. It's light. A tech removes my body. It's against regulations to try to get up or speak. Medical and Security directives together are an unbeatable combination. They wheel me into a recovery room. What do I remember. Nothing. As always. A side effect of the space drive. Or is it Security again. Nobody knows. Asses on the line beyond the atmosphere and we don't remember a thing.

Debriefing. A leftover name from the old days. No questions asked. No answers. I get up carefully. An overhead speaker activates. A carefully neutral voice. Deviation from usual procedure. Accident during field duty. Full details to follow. Major modifications necessary. A standard surgical procedure. Dates from the twentieth century. Modernized and improved. Hormone treatment by implant. Most organs functional within obvious genetic limits. A man with my training should be able to cope. Psychological assistance available.

I stop listening. I know what he's talking about. I have no cock. I have no balls. I have big tits and wide hips now. I am not a man any more. I am now a woman. I am still a spacer.


When I get home the house is deserted. My things are still here. Ruth has moved out. I knew she might have gone at any time. For any reason. I play back the phone's messages. Only Ruth inviting me to dinner. To discuss. An address across town. I go. I meet her new lover John. He looks much like me. The way I used to look. We try to make casual chitchat. His eyes follow me. Suddenly I realize he is attracted to me. I am now a woman. He offers me a drink. I accept.

We get through dinner. John steps out. Ruth and I talk. She has known for six months. They told her even though we had no contract. Humanitarian reasons. Bastards. They would have told my parents instead. But they're dead. I don't even have relatives. I've been on my own since my late teens. Until Ruth and I got together. That was two years ago. Three. I've lost a year. Now she's saying it's over.

She tells me she thought it over carefully. She still loves me but can't accept me. Except as a friend. I say I understand. I say I can't accept myself either. I still feel the same. Not changed. I have new clothes from the agency. They fit. She offers to take me shopping someday. I laugh. Bastards.

Ruth kisses me goodbye. The way women do. I try for more but she holds me off. I'm still strong. Physically. As strong as I used to be. She gives me a phone number. A new friend of hers. Wants to meet me. I doubt it. A woman. I promise to call the number. I return home. If I were a woman I'd cry.

I call the number. She's another spacer. We arrange to meet for lunch. She says she'll recognize me. I guess so. My case must be all over the agency by now. Spacers keep track of each other. I could find out about her if I knew her full name. Ruth just called her Lucina. I get to the restaurant first.

I notice her before she notices me. She has no hair at all. No eyebrows. She wears goggles. Later I learn this is to protect her eyes. Instead of eyelashes. She finds me and walks over. I watch her. Great body. Sexy walk. Long super smooth legs. Naturally she doesn't need to shave. I love her already. She sits. She smiles. She takes off the goggles.

We chat. I realize I'm looking at her. She looks back. I've never seen a bald woman before. She just woke up that way one day. In the coffin. All hair inhibited. Naturally there are no reasons. There never are. I don't know how to talk to her. I haven't talked to any strangers. Since I came back. Any women. How do women talk. I don't know. I'm a man. When I make small-talk with a woman I'm always coming on to her. Or trying to distract her.

I want to come on to Lucina. Just looking at her turns me on. I still feel the same as I used to. Not so localized maybe. My nipples are hard. My crotch feels like it's tied in knots. I don't have my cock any more. I am a woman. We go on talking. The food arrives. We eat. I reach for the check and start to pay. She insists on splitting. She says I have a lot to learn. I don't want to learn. She leaves first. Her ass is just as cute as the rest of her. She undulates out the door.

She calls me the next day. Wants to meet me for dinner. I never heard of the address. Customer assistance tells me how to get there. In the old district of the city. It's down a flight of stairs, un modernized. Only a small sign by the door. Wood with black letters. It's a dinner and dance place. Lucina is sitting at a table near the front. She's gotten dressed up. I don't know why. I am a woman. I sit with her. The waitress brings a plate of appetizers unordered. Maybe she ordered them. It puts me off. There is no dancing yet, but there is a live orchestra playing softly. Ancient stuff. We sit. I don't know what to say to her. We have nothing in common except our jobs. Which we don't remember. And that she makes me hard. No. Wet. I actually feel more warm than anything. Maybe that's just an expression. I 'm hot for her. That's the way to think about it. Maybe it was just a fluke. Nothing will happen this time.

The appetizer is good. I don't know what it is. Looks like highly scented dog food. But I like it. The taste is better than the smell. Like oysters. It seems there are no menus. They bring food. More of the same with little vegetables for variety. We don't say much. There's conversation all round us. She starts off several times but keeps trailing off. I'm not much help. I spend the time looking at her face. Once I get used to it I see how stunning it is. I ask her what color hair she had. Blonde. I never liked blondes much. They used to get to me when I was a kid. They used to make me feel invisible. All women love to do that. They walk down the street showing it off. When you notice them or act appreciative they ignore you or bite your head off. I remember how it used to make me so mad until I learned to play. I'm glad her hair is gone. Now she's just a spacer. Like me. She's been on leave for the past year. She expects another six months at least. I never knew how much leave I was going to have. I still don't.

We finish eating. The orchestra music gets louder. Couples get up from the tables around us and begin dancing. I look around at them. They are all women. Everybody in the restaurant is a woman except me. No. We are all. Lucina extends her hands to me. I get up and help her out of her chair. We dance together. The music changes and we dance close and slow. Her dress is thin and her body presses up to mine. I feel my heart beating in my head and thighs. Her boobs mesh with mine. Mine are bigger. I am a bit taller. I breathe her body in. It knocks me out. I want to have her. My body always knows it's been away for months even if I don't remember them. I start to whisper to her. Then I remember what I am. I want to fuck her right here on the floor. But I haven't got anything. I am not a man any more.

Automatically I have been leading. She guides me to the back. Still dancing. There is an unlit stair. We climb it and get into a waiting taxi. She must have set me up. This must have cost. I can't talk. She pushes her hand under my standard issue sweatshirt. I still have no other clothes. I don't wear anything under it. She runs her hands over me and I almost faint. Over my tits. My nipples are aching. I need help. The taxi is in the air and the pilot's compartment is blacked out. No one can see us. She pulls up the sweatshirt and suckles my right breast. I lose control of myself. I don't remember anything clearly afterward until we're in bed.

She makes me forget the newness of my body. I have never felt anything so intense. Not with any woman. Everything works perfectly. All the right parts are there and they all work fine. They told me this at the agency. I don't have periods and I can't have children but that's all. I am a woman. When Lucina stops to rest I go down on her vigorously. I think I do it better than I used to. Before. I am glad. I still feel like the same person but I am better at some things now.

The next morning we order breakfast in. Lucina has money and spends it. I have money too of course. Somehow I never got in the habit of spending freely. Spacing is like not having a job at all. You just make money. Except when you're called. And even then it's just time out of your life. Not like real work. But very well paying. The risks are probably high or the pay wouldn't be as good. Nobody really knows except the bosses. Whoever they are. Bastards.

We make plans. She will move in with me. When we are not working we will stay together. Otherwise we are free. They will not care. It doesn't make us less effective in space and nothing else matters. I have a new woman. I am not a man but I am still the same person.


I am a dyke and I live in a dyke world. Except in the elevator and on the streets I don't see men. Lucina fills Ruth's space smoothly. She takes care of me and I take care of her. I find out what women do together. It's not like I thought. Outside our apartment there is a whole existence without men. We go dancing together. We go to women's bars. We go to dinner in women's restaurants. Lesbian theatre collectives. Lesbian films. When I was a man I didn't know this existed. I had no need to realize its existence.

We will not be exclusive lovers. Either of us could be called up at any time. Lucina assures me I will only be given short missions. I don't know how she knows so much. Perhaps she is an agency supervisor. I have never met one. Not since I joined. Only orders that come in the mail. And the techs that put you to sleep and wake you. They don't count. They never go to space.

After a few months leave I get my orders. Report at once. The usual. At most they give me different drugs this time. I wake up in the coffin with no changes and no memories. Only three weeks have passed. Perhaps when I wash I will notice a scar or two where I didn't have one before. Then Lucina goes out on a mission. I continue doing the same things alone for a few days. A week. I talk with the women I meet. I am shyer than I used to be. At an afternoon dance an older woman picks me up. About forty-five. When I was a man I always went for the young ones. Now I am the young one. Her name is Abigail. She lives alone in a big house. Her parents left it to her.

Abigail is a passionate woman. When we go to bed I am very hot to eat her out. Her pussy smells different from Lucina's. Much stronger. The pubic hair concentrates the smell. All Lucina's smells are very subtle. Abigail wants to put her fingers inside me. She says I am too tight. She promises to help me relax. I do. She is gentle. I am glad of the sexual variety she provides. We spend the afternoon and the night fucking. I have learned to still call it fucking. We are both tireless. She asks me if I want to try some of her toys. She shows me. I tell her that is not for me. She is not upset. She doesn't know my story.

In the morning we are both polite. It was very satisfactory. I will be glad to see her and talk with her again. I feel friendship for her. I have never felt this with a woman. I don't want to see my old friends any more. Abigail and I sit quietly over breakfast. Our desire for each other is used up. She says that is the usual thing. Perhaps one day we will want each other again. I return home and to my life alone.

Lucina is five months out. There are other women. Sometimes I am aggressive and take them home with me. I explain that my lover is on a long trip. I don't tell them much about myself. Sometimes I go for weeks without sex. It doesn't seem to matter as much as it used to. I miss Lucina's presence at night and in the morning.

I get another set of orders. By the time I return Lucina has also come back. We have a good reunion. I share the things I have learned with her. She tells me she has only two weeks' leave. Then she will be gone for at least a year. We spend the first week in a frenzy of socializing and lovemaking. The second week is quiet. We wait. Without orders she packs a bag and leaves. I don't know why she needs to pack. I don't know enough about her. She must be something more than a plain spacer like me.

For a few weeks I stay in the apartment except to eat. I suppose I am depressed. I consider going for that psychological guidance I was offered. The hell with it. I go to a straight bar for the first time and get drunk. A tough-looking guy comes on to me. I ignore him. When he gets me too mad I hit him on the button and he folds up. I am still the same person. They throw me out. I don't care. I go home and try to weep. I am not a man any more.

The next day I go to a dance. There are lots of new faces. There is a girl sitting in a corner by herself. Nobody goes near her. I get curious. She looks about seventeen. I don't think she knows anyone there. I pull up another chair and sit down with her. She is sixteen. She doesn't care for men. I listen to her story. There isn't anybody else she can talk to. She saw the address of this place posted on a street lamp. She's scared of the people. I take her to dinner at a gay restaurant. Her name is Anne. I get to pick up the whole check for once. I wind up telling her my own story. It's the first time I've told anybody. Ruth and Lucina knew already. She looks scared and maybe a little awed. We make a date for dinner tomorrow.

When we meet Anne looks a whole lot better. She must be a naturally happy type. She's only been sure about her feelings for a few months. Before that she thought she just wasn't ready for dating and boys. Last night she wore jeans. Tonight it's a simple little dress that looks just fine on her. At her request I buy her a drink. She is really cute. I inquire about her parents. She told her mother she was spending the night at a friend's. The friend is actually spending the night at her boyfriend's apartment. I smile. I hope her friend has a good time tonight. I intend to.

We have wine with dinner. We are both feeling good. Over coffee she tells me her secret plan. She is conspiratorial and little-girl wicked. She wants me to take her to a women's strip joint. I have heard of such places but have never been to one. They aren't Lucina's style. While Anne goes to powder her nose I quietly ask the waitress. She recommends a place not too far away. We leave the restaurant and signal a cab. There is a stiff cover charge and minimum. Anne isn't used to such high living. I tell her not to worry. Spacers always have money.

I get us a table for two in the second row. We can see everything. The audience is mostly older women alone or in couples. The strippers are not that pretty. I am disappointed. Anne seems to be having a good time though. She tells me that she's never seen a grown woman naked before. I think about later tonight and smile to myself. I take her hand in mine. It is soft and warm. Eventually the featured attraction comes on stage. A redhead. She is much hotter stuff than the other women. Her moves are great too. Watching her excites me. Anne's hand grips mine. When the stripper casts off her bra we see that the tassels are attached to her nipples. Some things are the same everywhere.

Anne and I hold hands in my lap. The strip will be total. The tassels rotate as she pirouettes and slowly discards her short skirt. She has no panties. There is only a G-string which doesn't hide enough. Her thick bush is a darker reddish color. I imagine that it is Anne up there I am watching. Her hand is now clutching my thigh. She is sweating and so am I.

Then suddenly in my imagination it is me up there performing for the crowd. They love me with their eyes and I love them back. The tassels fall off. The G-string snaps and we get just a glimpse of pink. The lights go down. The audience roars. They pound the tables, hoot, and throw money. Anne and I look at one another in agreement. During the confusion before the lights come up we escape.

When Anne and I get into bed I can hardly breathe. I turn on a soft rose light I have had installed but haven't used yet. By its glow she is intensely beautiful to me. There is fear in her eyes but also yearning. She tells me she was determined to seduce me tonight no matter what. I laugh softly. I begin to cover her body with gentle kisses. I want to be easy on her. She demands more. She seizes my face in her hands and pulls it up to hers. The yearning is redoubled. Behind it the fear still remains. She kisses my mouth and feeds me her tongue. Chills run through me. Anne does not make me swoon or lose myself. I want most of all to feed that yearning.

Her little hand is dry and smooth once more. She takes mine and guides it between her legs. I feel the heat radiating from her. Her bush is soft and springy. It is even denser than the stripper's. It occurs to me that we might have seen a fake. Anne is real. She is only sixteen. I start a rhythm on her clit and watch her face intently. Engorged with desire she looks quite different. Suddenly I remember Gloria.

I had Gloria years ago. Before I was a spacer. She was in her teens too. I never found out her real age. I'm not sure of her real name. She was crying in a cafe. I took her home. I was going to cheer her up. When I got her to bed she told me she was cherry. I was awed. I believed her. I showed her everything to do. I was still a man then. She bled on the bed. She swore it didn't hurt her. It was just a little bit of blood.

Now I remember her face. Like Anne's. Fear and lust together. When I slowly inexorably pushed my way into Gloria's young tight wet little cavity. It was her fear that excited both of us. When I shot off inside Gloria it drove the fear out of her. I made her a woman then. I didn't see her again but I knew she could never forget me. My mind switches back to Anne. She loves what I'm doing to her. Her body is going wild but the fear's just not there. It has gone underground and disappeared. When she comes down off the clouds I know it isn't the same. I made her feel good but the magic circuit didn't close. I let her get me off. She does me with great enthusiasm if a little awkwardly. It's good but it's not enough.

I sense somehow that Anne is still a virgin. Emotionally. There's nothing more I can do for her. We get together a few more times and then drift apart. She goes on to discover her own life. I need to discover my own. Being with Anne made me know I am also still a virgin. I move out of my apartment into another part of the city. I need a new life. I need to know men. I need to be a woman all the way.


I call Ruth and take her up on her offer. She's surprised to hear from me but still friendly. We go shopping. It's springtime. I tell her I want a new look. All the agency clothes go on the scrap heap. All my old clothes went long ago. My men's clothes. I am a woman. I have to start over with everything. I buy basic functional clothing mostly. The places Ruth takes me have clothes that fit me even though I am a big woman. By becoming a woman I have become much bigger. I like to look at my new clothes in a mirror. When I am wearing them. I have trouble with the new vocabulary I need to use. There are so many things I don't know. Things Ruth takes for granted. Explaining them to me isn't easy. I try to learn.

I have my hair done. The useless expense still bothers me but I push down my anxieties. I want something easy to manage. The hairdresser tries to oblige. Ruth supervises. She is pleased with the results. We start to experiment with makeup. A touch of lip gloss. Some mysterious pigments from jars. When I see myself I have trouble recognizing me. Even my hands and feet have changed. I try several nail polishes and settle on a faint pink. Ruth approves. When she's not around I try some wilder makeup experiments. The results are garish. I look like something from an old movie. The hell with this. I am still the same person. Or not that different anyway. Yet.

Ruth is married to John now. I still don't know him well. I don't think I want to. I have gotten over wanting Ruth. I think. Down inside myself it's probably still hiding there. I need to be a woman all the way. I call my old apartment. The machine answers. I tape a message for Lucina. I tell her I can't see her any more. Not for a long time at least. Maybe we can be friends later. It's a lot like the message Ruth left for me. Lucina knew I might go at any time. For any reason. All spacers are alike in that way. I would like to say goodbye to Anne but don't know how to reach her. I'm afraid to return to my old life even briefly.

I need to explore the straight singles scene by myself. Ruth can't help. It seems far more predatory. Men are hunters by nature. You aren't given a chance to get to know people. When men talk to me I still freeze up. I still see a competitor. Somebody who's trying to dominate me. I don't want to be dominated. I don't know how to see men as offering something to me. Right now all I see is people who want to take from me. I cannot give to them. When I was a man I took sex from women. Being a lesbian taught me about giving. The men I meet in the bars don't want me to give them anything even though they say they do. They want to take it. This isn't getting me anywhere. I have to find some other way.

It turns out everybody else is looking for the other way too. Outside the bars there are lots of singles events. The same thing but less intense. How did Ruth find out she was interested in me? I can't ask her that. Before I didn't care how. Now it's blocked off. Everybody has their blinders on in this world. They set up the limits and play the games inside them. I don't enjoy playing from this end. The gay world seemed so much looser once you were inside it. But it was a smaller world too. This can't be all there is.

I think about a personals ad. I laugh. I don't know how to describe myself. I go to a video dating service. I find the questionnaire almost impossible to fill out. I cheat. I give myself a phony background. I listen to tapes recorded by men. I wonder how much they're cheating. I have no idea how such a thing could possibly work. I begin to get positive attention from men in public places. When I looked like a dyke I got flak but no admiration. Now men look at me and smile as well as leer. I am an attractive woman now. I try to imagine what it would be like to tingle inside when I see that I turn a man on. Now I am starved for any kind of affection. Not just for sex. I find myself wanting to talk to people on the street. I have to watch myself. I could get hurt. There are too many creeps out there.

Finally one night I attend a lecture on history at the library. I've always liked history. It's so solid and unchanging. I am the man with no history. The woman. In a way this sex-change is the first thing that's happened to me since I signed up with the agency. Afterwards the room breaks up into small groups of people discussing the lecture. There is wine and cheese and a party atmosphere develops. It is not a singles event. I find myself talking about the lecture to an older couple and a man about my age. When the couple leave for home I determine to take the initiative. I don't know whether I want to head off trouble or start it. I suggest we adjourn to a restaurant for some coffee. He agrees readily. Immediately I start to think about what he thinks I am thinking. Too late now.

We go on talking at the table. About the lecture and then about other things. He seems to want me to mostly listen so I do. When he asks me what I do for a living I hedge. I don't want to tell him I am a spacer. It handicaps me conversationally. There's nothing to say about my work because I remember nothing. Civilians don't understand about that. He probably thinks I am just a party girl or something. No interests of her own. I manage to convince him I was serious about the lecture at least. With one part of my mind I keep wondering what he is thinking about. With another I am pretty sure I know. I remember being where he is. With a third part I condemn myself for jumping to conclusions. Not every man was like me. It's hard to keep my mind on what he's saying. He seems to be serious too though. He certainly isn't just snowing me. That's reassuring.

He asks me to go to dinner with him tomorrow evening. I don't know what to say. I carry a handbag now. I make a pretense of searching it. Finally I give up. I tell him I accept. I have trouble getting to sleep and oversleep the next morning. I am at loose ends all day. I call Ruth and tell her I have a date. She comes over after work and helps me dress up. I put on a pretty dress. Ruth helps me as always. I feel so grateful to her. I have not felt so nervous about anything in years. She tells me that's natural. I know it is but it doesn't help. She kisses me as I go out the door. The way women do.

I get a little drunk at dinner. I'm so nervous I find it impossible to hear anything he's saying. I think it's very strange that he's never told me his name. I'm afraid to say anything except Yes and No. My voice would wobble too much. I am incapable of doing anything except wait for him to make his move. If he's going to make one. I don't know. I don't know what the signals are in a man. I don't know what kind of signals I'm giving out either. Finally he mentions his name in telling me what another man had said to him that day. A thought strikes me. He might be gay. Maybe he just wants a sympathetic ear to talk to. Perhaps I remind him of his mother. I can't find out. I have all I can do not to tremble visibly. Luckily he doesn't seem to notice.

My capacity for drink seems to be less than it used to be. By the time the check arrives I am feeling no pain. He scoops it up smoothly and signs for it. He must have an account at this restaurant. I wonder how many others he's brought here. I reproach myself for this thought. It seems natural for us to walk out together. Drink takes me in the head. My coordination is fine. I am more voluble now but I no more know what I am saying than what he is telling me. I vaguely hope it isn't too awful. Or too revelatory. Perhaps he is going to signal a cab for me. No. We are walking together. I catch myself just as I am about to enter a strange apartment building. Obviously he lives here. The world sways around me.

He thinks it is just the liquor. He asks me if I want to come upstairs and have some coffee or something. I say no thanks but go on walking forward. Drink never affects my legs. I make it upstairs and into a soft chair. I pass out while he is fixing the coffee. When I recover it is dark and I am lying on a couch. He has put a woolly blanket over me which I appreciate. I haven't felt so awful since I was young. Since I was a young man. There is a glass of water and two aspirins on the end table by my head. I gulp them and try to go back to sleep. Eventually I manage. I wake up to the smell of coffee. He comes in dressed in a bathrobe and carrying another. I remember his name now. Frank. I greet him. He offers me the bathrobe. I take it from him. The coffee quickly follows. We drink from matching cups.

Afterwards I take a shower and put on the bathrobe. It fits fine. I feel much better and sit one the couch. He is sitting in a chair nearby. He apologizes to me for having nothing better to offer me. I give him a friendly laugh. He apologizes again for never finding out what my name was. This is a problem. In the gay world I used my real name. They were used to women who used men's names. Now I need something more plausible. I pick a name at random. Elaine. It's not great but it's the only one that occurs to me. At least the initial is right. I don't have anything monogrammed or anything but it will make life simpler to have the same initials. From now on I will be Elaine. I resolve to see a lawyer as soon as possible.

I feel it would be appropriate to offer to cook breakfast. After all he probably expected to get more than that from me. I offer. Luckily for me he turns me down. I'm no cook. I can scramble eggs but that's about it. He cooks. He isn't any better than I would be. At least nothing burns. I perceive that he wants to take care of me. I feel sick enough that I find this notion bearable. He is being carefully impersonal. Or rather unintrusive. I know that the shoe is on the other foot now. He is wondering what I think of him. I wish I knew what to think. I like him. He would make a good friend. We talk and I can now listen without trouble. I find out he is not gay.

After several hours of talk I decide it would be a good idea to leave. He hasn't mentioned needing to do so. Perhaps he works unusual hours. I don't know what time it is but it must be early afternoon at least. I go back into the bathroom and put on my old clothes. They feel terrible. I decide to be female and give him a thank you kiss. On the cheek of course. He puts his arms around me. Later I am sure he only intended to give me a friendly hug. It is too much for me. Even though Frank's body is hard and angular I have not been hugged for weeks. Not even by Ruth. I can't blame her for that. I hug him back. The kiss becomes more intense than I intended. When we finally part I am wobbly again. He looks concerned. I assure him I am all right and make as sober an exit as I can manage. I walk home. It really isn't far at all. On the way I grow wildly excited. Once in the door I tear off my sweaty clothing and jump into my bed. As I touch myself I try not to think about him.


Summer brings a time of madness. I have seen the lawyer and wear my new name now. I become fascinated with everything I have lost. I am not a man any more. I buy magazines with pictures of naked men. Their cocks achingly remind me of what I used to have. I watch crotches. On the street. In restaurants. In elevators. I ride up and down in office buildings. There is a lot to see. All different. Men seem to go around with hard-ons all the time. Was I like that? I can't remember. Curiosity eats me. I no longer speak to anyone much.

I go shopping again. My new clothes are more daring. Short skirts. Low-cut blouses. I remember never to wear both at the same time. Thin summery things as well. Semi-see-through clothes are in just now. They reveal you in flashes as you walk. I go out wearing a long skirt that seems solid but opens at a different place with every step. The new technology of sexuality. I have my ears pierced. It doesn't hurt. I experiment with earrings that change color as the light changes. I learn to walk in spike-heeled shoes. I buy a multicolored midriff blouse with matching navel jewel. I don't have the guts to wear this publicly. I buy a full length mirror for my apartment and pose before it. I experiment with perfumes but can't settle on anything.

I take to riding buses to nowhere in particular. I walk to the corner and take the first one that comes. When the whim takes me I get a transfer and change to another bus. Eventually I return home. At first I just sit on the long seats and watch the people across from me. Men sit with their legs apart. Women cross theirs at the ankles. I do the same when I sit down. Slowly I wriggle on the uncomfortable seat. I move one foot forward and the other back. Now my knees are apart. My fellow passengers react. Women mostly look away. Some look at me with curiosity or resentment or desire and then I look away instead. Men get nervous. It is so easy to make them nervous. Secretly I enjoy it. I decide to advance to the next stage. I have become calculating.

During rush hour the buses are often crowded. I must stand. I begin to seek out the most crowded lines and I frequent them. I wriggle my way onto buses and move as far to the rear as possible. As more people and still more get on I am often unable to move. Trapped helplessly at full length between three or four bodies. Secretly I enjoy it. I try to pick out men taller than I am. They are not common but not rare either. One day I manage to align my rear perfectly with a man's front. I wipe sweat from my forehead to cover for rubbing up against him. Curiosity eats me. He swiftly stiffens and pulls back in embarrassment. Daringly I follow him with my body. I am glad I can't see his face. He tentatively brings his hands upward to clasp my waist. My body is filled with flames. We don't speak. His hands tell me he wants me to turn around. His erection is insistent. I refuse. I cannot stand to let him see me. I have gone too far. I must escape. I break free of his grasp and move toward the front. He tries to follow but can't get his larger body through the crush. I get off at the next stop and immediately get on the following bus. It is just as crowded.

Madness fills me now. I pick out another attractive man of about my age. I get close to him as soon as I can. I face him directly. My breasts are only an inch or two from his half-open shirt front. My nipples ache. I drown in the smell of his skin. I can waste no more time. My hand seizes his crotch. I fondle his balls. Then his cock. Like the other man he is silent. Too surprised to speak? Too shocked? I can't care. There is a small clear space below that is free of the crush of bodies. I unzip him and let him free. I clutch him fixedly. The fire in my body is washed out by the double amazement in my skull. First, that I can be so insanely incautious. Second, nostalgia. His organ feels as mine felt, grows as mine grew. Shoots as mine shot. I was once a man. It takes him no time at all. His whole load spills onto my dress. It soaks my belly and thighs. Suddenly the pressure behind me is relieved as several people exit via the rear door. Leaving him behind I stumble after them. He must take care of himself. I work my cab signaler frantically and manage to return home somehow. I shower and go to bed.

I repeat this experience again and again. It almost always goes according to plan. I am better prepared now. I buy a new and larger handbag and a collection of handkerchiefs. Plain white. I hold the cloth in my left hand and the man's cock in my right. Almost never do I need to actually pump them. Men all seem to be hair-triggered. I no longer get my clothes messy. Each time my inner reactions of lust, amazement, and nostalgia torch me. It is far better than ordinary sex. I no longer feel any need to masturbate. I learn about the variety of men. The large and the small. The young, the middle-aged, the old. The cut and the uncut. Curiosity eats me. Teenagers are especially exciting. They are so unsuspecting and then so eager. The occasional rejection doesn't stop me or even bother me that much. I just leave the bus and wait for the next one. The next man. When I was a man I used to dream of meeting a woman who did things like this. Now men must be dreaming of me. At the end of each day my bag is stuffed full of handkerchiefs. I glow with the power of the pleasure giver.

I return to the singles bars. The hunks who stand or sit nursing or guzzling their drinks have not changed. I have. They are still looking to take. I now have something to give them. One approaches. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He is tall and muscular. He wears a tight shirt with a fashionably deep vee neck open almost to his waist. We talk and drink. His name is Brian. He jokes about it. I tell him my name. When he makes his move I am ready. We go to his apartment. It is just one small room. The furnishings are sparse and neat. Only the bed is luxurious. Midnight blue satin sheets. He dims the lights and fiddles with the stereo. There is soft romantic music. We dance. I find it easy to let him lead. Meanwhile I plan. At last he begins to kiss me. Gently at first. Then more passionately. His hands explore me. I have no trouble returning all this. It's almost hard to believe how relaxed I feel. He is leading me gently toward the bed when I stop him. He is surprised but not angry. I tell him I have my period. A lie of course. He stops short. I get down on my knees and begin to undo his belt. He lets me. He makes no move.

He has been hard for some time. The back of my mind notes that he is of middle size with only a slight curve. I am now face to penis with a man for the first time. I save up saliva. I build up courage. I lick my dry lips. I begin to go down on him. First only his hole. It is like a little mouth. So was my own. Then the head. He is circumcised. I run my tongue over it. I know exactly where the tender spots must be. I lick them with special attention. He reaches down and puts his hands on my shoulders. Then on the back of my head. The nostalgia within me increases. This is just what I have done. With Ruth, with countless others. Live-in lovers. Short affairs. One-night stands like this one. Super-quickies with spacer groupies. Married women. All have sucked me. Now I am the cocksucker. I know how it's done. I do it. Deep and long and hard. Back and forth. He spreads his legs to help him stand. I slack off. I want to make it take a long time so that he will be totally satisfied. I torment him with pleasure. He begins to moan and cry out. I am lost in this coupling. I don't even notice when I slow up and he begins to pound his hips into me. My mouth needs to swallow him whole. To reclaim him. Finally he comes. It seems like a gallon of semen. I swallow as fast as I can. I do not taste it. My senses are reeling. My curiosity is satisfied.


I am ready at last. I give Brian my phone number but he never calls. It doesn't matter. There are other available men. To avoid trouble I watch their hands for wedding rings. Married men are safer. They won't demand commitment. By sheer chance my first fuck happens to be sensitive. Right away I let him know I've never gone all the way before. I tell him I've been saving it for the right man. I don't know if he believes me or not. He's flattered in any event. He goes down on me first and it is just as good as when a woman does it. I find I have missed having orgasms. I come this way several times before I make him take me.

He is careful. Too careful. I want him to force his way inside me. I use all the words I can think of to turn him on. I beg him to fuck me, hard. I know how to excite men. Finally he does it to me. Luckily he doesn't expect me to help. I I hope I am tight enough to make a convincing virgin. He has some trouble getting it in, so I probably am.

I am being fucked by a man. Even though it hurts me at first somewhat I don't feel invaded at all. Somehow it isn't as intimate as oral sex. It is less frenzied and more of an operation. Maybe that's just inexperience on my part. He varies his rhythms, trying not to overwhelm me. Finally the reality penetrates my brain. A man's cock is inside my body. I rock under him. We get caught in a crescendo which leads to his orgasm. I feel an emotional peak as he comes but don't climax with him. I feel his semen as a warmth within. He holds me for a long time. I feel warm and safe and wanted. When I was a man I used to roll off a woman right away. I'm glad he's different.

I see him again a few times but there is no commitment. I sample heterosexuality as I did in my teens. This time from the other side. I make mistakes and find myself sleeping beside real creeps. Some abuse me. I beat the hell out of one such. I have a few advantages other women don't thanks to my different upbringing. I learn that I don't have orgasms from intercourse. I resolve never to fake anything. Let them learn better. I think of men as "them" now sometimes. I am a woman. My experiments taper off.

I meet David in a cafeteria-style restaurant. He sits down next to me and we talk. I still have trouble making conversation. For over a year now I haven't done anything except move from one sexual number to another. No orders come for me any more. I wonder whether this is Lucina's doing. When I look at David's face I seem to see Lucina's face superimposed on it. They have similar bones. But David wears a beard. I have never slept with a man who had one. I don't want to tell him about myself. Or about spacing. But little by little my whole story comes out. He listens well. Nothing seems to shock him. Not the women or the men or the sex change itself.

We become friends. He tells me his life story. Just out of college and at loose ends. Working odd jobs to make odd money. We go places together. Movies, museums. Baseball games. I haven't been to a game in years. I can relax with him and not worry about what he's thinking. We go to bed. He is wonderful to me. His lovemaking style is also like Lucina's. I almost believe that somehow she sent him to me. Of course I don't tell him this. Although he is amazingly tolerant of my moods, he is easily wounded. He can both give and take. And he lets me do both as well. Perhaps it is because he is young. He has never grown the mask of cynicism that I wore for years and years. I think that I am falling in love with him. I don't really know what that means. It isn't like the puppy love I felt as a kid. And yet it is the same. I feel more myself when he is around me than when I am alone. I wear no masks with him. I want to spend all my time with him.

He moves in with me. It is a mistake. He feels obscurely defeated by my wealth. With me to pay for everything he no longer needs to work. His sense of self-worth disappears. He is depressed. We discuss the matter and he moves out. We remain friends and lovers but agree to see other people. We still spend several nights a week together. He introduces me to his other women. None lasts long. I feel I provide the continuity in his life. I love him. He tells me that I am his closest friend. He won't say it, but I know that he loves me as well.

Suddenly he drops out of sight. I no longer even hear from him. Weeks pass. I see him one day on the street with a younger woman I don't know. He is laughing his special laugh. Jealousy flares in me. I push it down. As a man I was never jealous. Perhaps I didn't care enough. Or didn't feel my own feelings strongly enough. At last he calls me. He wants me to meet this one too. We have dinner together. The evening goes from bad to impossible. She rakes me with veiled contempt. I don't have the training for this kind of competition. My unusual upbringing has its disadvantages too. David is trapped between two fires and unable to quench them. At last the meal is over. I pay for everything and run from the restaurant. I go home and cry myself to sleep. I never see David again although I do receive an invitation to his wedding. It is the same woman. I discard it fiercely.

As autumn turns to winter my mood changes to leaden depression. There are many days I don't get up except to read my mail. Nothing but junk and bills. I pay the bills morosely. When I go to bars it is to get drunk and be picked up. I spend a lot of time in strange beds with men I don't remember meeting. I don't even feel anything with them. I will never be a real woman anyway. I never bring anyone home. I hardly talk except for what's necessary. I wish something new would happen to me. I again consider seeing a psychiatrist. It seems like too much trouble. I discard all thought of change. I eat, drink, weep, and provide a receptacle for men who are doing the same. Sometimes I can get up enough energy to watch TV. I never remember afterwards what I have seen. News, old movies, documentaries, soap operas all leave no impression on me. Even the commercials don't bother me much.

Somehow I get through the winter. I have my meals delivered. Drinking alone is easier than going out. Nobody would want me. I will never be a real woman. Spring arrives tentatively. At last one day I notice myself in the full-length mirror. I haven't wanted to see myself. I look appalling. My housedress is dirty and torn. I don't remember buying it. It is ugly. My hair is a tangled mess of uncompelled knots. I haven't even bathed in several days. I stink of old sweat and alcohol. I am a disgrace. My eyes have trouble focusing on myself. A powerful shudder of horror runs through me. I decide to straighten up.

As a first step I stop drinking altogether. I wash. I discard most of my clothes and buy new ones. The clothes that aren't too bad I stuff in a closet and don't look at. I want as few reminders of the bad times as possible. I have the apartment redecorated. I consider frills and pink but decide against it. I go dancing sometimes. I feel energy beginning to surge in me. I resume masturbating. I experiment with new methods. Vibrators and running water. They work wonders for my body. I read books on technique and on female fantasy. Sometimes I fantasize about David. I dream mostly of his tongue on my clitoris. I know it's only a dream and it doesn't threaten me. Much. Sometimes in between licks my fantasy lover alternates between being David and being Lucina. Or David and Anne. Or Brian and Anne even. I imagine doing one sexual thing with one person and another thing with another. After each orgasm my depression threatens to return, but I chase it off with a new fantasy. At last I decide to act out some of them.

I buy my wildest clothes yet. Outfits so lewd I don't dare wear them on the street without a full-length coat to cover them. There is one scarlet number that is just three skirts: one around my hips, one around my middle, and one around my neck. It covers everything but my arms and legs, but every part of me is easily accessible to any passing hand. Another is molded plastic and stretch fabric above with a flowing full-length skirt below. The plum-colored plastic supports my bare breasts. I wear it with matching nipple rouge. There is a thin sari that covers everything and conceals nothing. A clingy body suit in dawn pink with the crotch cut out. I have my own crotch shaved at a beauty parlor when I buy this one. I'm afraid that if I do it myself I'll mess it up. The woman assigned to me is very gentle. She handles the razor most delicately and I trust her completely. The feeling of security turns me on to her. As a finishing touch she eats me out with professional thoroughness. It seems I am no longer threatened by women wanting me. I tip her very well and go home feeling fine.

More shopping trips follow. I buy a canary-yellow ultrashort minidress to be worn without panties. Or with see-through ones. I get out the midriff blouse and the navel jewel from the closet. I buy synthetic pubic hair held on by quick-release body glue. There is a tiny gadget which allows me to erect my nipples by flexing a rib muscle. After I try this for a day or so I discover it makes me too sore to wear it. A portable vibrator in the shape of a heart is more of a success. I learn to walk while having small orgasms. Sometimes I need to lean against a building. I decide that the coat should be mink. I have it made to order. I call customer assistance and make a list of group sex clubs. I start visiting them.

Bisexual women are in demand. I find I prefer small groups of three or four with no more than one other woman. Other woman: that thought is automatic now. I learn many new positions. I have a different name at each club. In one of them a balding man in his late fifties initiates me into anal sex. He uses lots of lubricant and goes slow, so it doesn't hurt too much. Apparently my prostate is intact somewhere in there: I come with him, which surprises the old goat no end. It's a very different kind of fucking. My body likes it but I don't. Or maybe it's the other way around. I can't decide. I keep trying to find out. I become even more in demand. At several smaller establishments I am given a complimentary membership. Apparently I attract extra business. I now sleep all day almost every day and spend the entire night club hopping. Life is busy and interesting rather than frenzied. I feel I have found a sensible solution to boredom. I miss love though.


At last I grow tired. I have had no orders in over two years. Have they forgotten me? I send in my resignation but receive no answer. I move to another city and change my name again. My mail will not be forwarded. I have never been here before. It seems a far less cosmopolitan place. Conservatism is the rule, at least in public. No one knows me here, and I have no contact with any of my past. Just for kicks I go to a church one Sunday. It is a different denomination from the one I was raised in. I haven't been in any kind of church since I was twelve. Afterwards there is a social hour. I introduce myself as new in town. I am as ladylike as I know how. I try to emulate the people I see. I surprise myself with the good time I am having. This is the first time I have talked to people without ulterior motives in a long time. Since David. In a way, since Lucina. Or even Ruth. I find myself thinking about Ruth a lot. I wonder how her marriage is going. I pick up the phone to call her but decide against it. I go back to the church repeatedly. I even listen to the service. The minister talks in a way that appeals to me. He sounds like a man who might know what he's talking about. And believe in it. I make friends there. Men and women both. I have never had men and women friends at the same time.

George is one of them. He is interested in me: I can feel it even across the room. Somehow I can tell he doesn't quite know it yet himself. I make a point of conversing with him. I watch him fall in love with me. There is nothing foolish or childish about it. I see that he is a man of great feeling. I have no desire to hurt him. I do not tell him about myself. But he bares his soul to me. I see him more intimately in our conversations than I have ever seen anyone. As I feel his feelings, I feel my own feelings stirring and growing. Womanly feelings. I too am falling in love. I long to be supported by his stability. When at last I am able to get him in bed with me, the power and maturity in his touch astonish me. His consideration for me is exquisite. Making love with George consumes not only my body but my heart. I experience sleeping with him as supreme tenderness. I have never been so loved since I was a baby. I have never loved so much myself. This is difficult for me even to think. But it is true.

I will marry George. He wants it and I want it as well. I will be a real woman at last. Complete. We will have children. Surrogate mothers are expensive, but I have told him I have a trust fund from my grandfather. In other ways he will want to support me, which is fine with me. I am a woman. The wedding will be in our church, of course. Perhaps one day I will tell him what I am. He is an utterly secure man and could accept me, I know. I cannot yet accept myself, however. I have accepted what I have become. I have not yet accepted what I was. I can only hope that that serenity will come to me as well.

The End

8/4/2012 3:22:24 PM


Dark Passion

She lay across the low padded bench, arms outstretched, chained bracelets holding her in place. Knees on the floor, lashed down to the sides of the bench, spread wide, her gown pulled up above her bottom exposing all of her pleasures. Her skin glistened with sweat from the heat of the firelight and her own trembling. Her hair was bound up on her head, showing the graceful curves of her neck and shoulders.

He had left her like this, after first forcing her to strip naked in front of him. He had put the collar and bracelets on her, his eyes holding her in a trance, attaching the chains of bondage.

At his command, she knelt before him. Her slender hands trembled as she reached up to part the folds of his robe. Her mouth slack, she wet her lips as her eyes remained fixed on his erection.

He had made her ask, made her ask to take him into her mouth. Finally he had consented and slowly her hands caressed him, chains faintly clinking, fingers wrapping around firmly, one hand cradling and gripping beneath, to draw him deep within, hot and firm within, as deeply as she could manage.

His hands drew her from him and he pulled her to her feet. He told her to put on her finest nightgown, and after the silken folds had settled over her figure, motioned her to the bench. He locked her bracelets together and grasping the chains at her collar, forced her to her knees, this time before the bench. He drew her down, stretched her out, arms first, across the bench and chained her into place. He bound her legs at the knee to the legs of the bench, drawing her thighs apart. Slowly, ever so, his hands raised the silken gown. Gently, it slid along her skin until the folds rested piled up on the small of her back. The same hands freely felt her, felt her silken curves and warm softness and discovered that she was very, very wet.


He said, "I am pleased." rose and left her waiting and wanting his return.

Silently, he crossed behind her, and with no forewarning, his hands spread her thighs and his erection slid deep within her. She made soft sounds at the feel of it, the pleasure stretched her with a slight edge of pain. Then just as suddenly he withdrew, leaving her for the moment empty and wanting, her breath coming quick and shallow.

His fingers closed over her hair and pulled her head up from the bench. His eyes again held her mind as the chains held her body, in bondage. His mouth drew closer as her lips parted in anticipation, then her mouth was covered with his, open to his forceful searching tongue. As he drew away, his hand came up to her face holding a leather whip.

The handle was dark, decorated with white ropework and brass rings. A cat-o-nine tails, it swayed gently in his hand in the firelight.

Her eyes widened slightly but remained fixed on the whip as he brought it closer. He caressed her face with it, drawing it across her cheekbones and down her throat to her breasts. She felt it's smooth softness and inhaled the scent, the touch of leather a velvet threat.

Slowly, lingeringly, the leather strands slid across her nipples, straining erect under the touch.

He stood, straddled the bench and with one hand guided his erect phallus to her mouth with the whip. He stroked deeply within. She was held fast, arms and legs contracting against her bonds. Her excitement flowed, hot and trembling, from deep with- in.

The whip lightly struck her bottom and remained there, the leather strips trailing across the sensitive skin. It struck again, lightly as he thrust hard into her mouth.

He stood back, moved around her, gazing deeply at every curve and valley of her bound figure.

Softly, a kiss where before the whip had fallen. A warm, wet tongue licked and kissed it's way to her wet heat, toward her center, stoking her trembling fire, almost to the breaking point, and then was still. He rose, and placing the head of his erec- tion at her entrance, was quickly deep within her, stretching her, filling her deep.

Within her, he played the whip slowly across her back and bottom. She felt the strands slide across her skin, the leather creaking softly as it moved in his hand. She felt the cold brass rings in the handle when he reached underneath to caress her stomach and breasts. The handle brushed across her nipple and pressed against warm softness in contrasting sensations.

He began. Long, slow strokes, hard strokes. Strong hands roughly grasping her hips, he pulled himself deep, driving her body into the padded bench. She shook with the force that pound- ed her body, face to the bench, arms straining against the bonds about her slender wrists.

The shock waves caused her hair to fall, soft about her face, covering her lips drawn back in passionate strain.

The force within and without was building, each thrust driving her higher until the peak came, and came, she clenched and straining, begging him please no more, but he did not cease until his heat had blossomed deep within her.

He released her from the bench and drew her to her feet. Her hands still bound, he led her to the bed, raised her arms up to behind her head and bound them to the bedpost.

She leaned back against the bedpost, body slack and open after her release. A drug-like trance filled her and deep mov- ing, trembling sensations flowed over and through her body. Slowly awareness returned and she saw him moving about the room in preparation, black silken robe flowing in the firelight.

Her gaze was caught by her own reflection in the mirror behind him. Slender arms bound in bracelets above her head, hair in wild disarray, deep shadows about her face. The flickering firelight danced and played about her breasts and strong thighs, casting her figure in sharp relief, a shadowed, sensuous lady in the night.

He sat back in the chair, legs crossed, sipping a glass of wine. His fingers played around the lip of the glass and his eyes slowly caressed her body, missing nothing. He covered her every inch, took in all.

Never before had she felt so exposed, so naked, and as her eyes dropped from his he softly laughed, enjoying her feeling.

He rose, lowered her hands and locked them together before her, and returned to his seat. "Now," he said, "Take one step toward me and turn around...slowly. No, do not cover yourself, let me see you. Let me look at every part of you, every curve. Show me...everything. Now."

The tension in her stomach grew under his gaze and as she fought to control her trembling hands she turned. Slowly, ever so, she turned, her awareness of his gaze intense, feeling the exposed side of her body like a summer chill.

As her eyes returned to his she saw the whip, slender dark and menacing in his hands.

He opened his robe. "Now kneel...and take me in your mouth." She did so, eyes closed as her bound hands reached for him.

He felt hot in her hand, and as she leaned forward doing as he wished, she again felt the whip, this time it softly slapped against her back and shoulders. She heard his voice above her head, softly, "Do well, my lady, for later you shall be well rewarded." His hands caressed her head, rubbing her temples and the back of her neck and shoulders as she took him deep. He lifted her head.

He put the whip around her neck and pulled her up to him. She closed her eyes as she felt the rigid heat against her be- tween her breasts. He leaned forward to kiss her, long and searching, his tongue moving in gentle caresses. Slowly, he kissed her, lingering on every movement, capturing her, surround- ing her, enveloping her with a gossamer veil as if time seemed to slow, flowing like honey. She lost track of time and space. A slow fire began to burn low down in her belly. Different from a quick flare of passion, this heat was slow-building and deep, the kind of fire that builds white-hot coals, a searing heat, a shim- mering white heat from a furnace of molten lava. The heat of a woman whose nerves are filled with flowing fire.

He released her, and as the tension in her body burned, he reached one hand up to her face and caressed her flushed cheek- bone. His hand felt cool upon her face. Her mouth hung slightly open. Her hands slowly ran up either thigh and met in the middle to grip him once again. She pumped once, twice, thrice before her head bowed once again and she engulfed him in her mouth, a wisp of hair hanging down over her forehead and across her hol- lowed cheeks. Deep she took him, drawing him down into her mouth, her hands running everywhere, sliding, gripping, kneading, fingers searching for ways to release. She was no longer her- self. She was a firechild, out of control, a berserker warrior- woman holding nothing back in the battling that was the cresting wave of the moment. Her soul wailed like a banshee flowing through her mind like the molten lava flowing between her legs.

He pulled her hands from him and placed them behind her head. Reaching down, he grasped her breasts, roughly, and lifted her to her feet. She could barely stand, but there was no need, for he lashed her to the tall bedpost, her hands raised above her head, the soft ropes crisscrossing across her chest and between her thighs, holding her open wide for him to see. She sagged against the ropes, the wet heat flowing out of her.

He reached into a small wooden chest and brought out two small clamps connected by a chain. She stared at them, thinking that he couldn't mean to do what her suddenly burning erect nipples told her he was going to do. He slowly reached for her nipples and squeezed them.

The End

8/4/2012 7:07:16 AM


The Humiliation Of Jane

Jane was going to make something of herself. At age 24, she was determined to get through law school and become a corporate lawyer. Nothing else matter to her. Other people were merely puppets that existed only to help her reach her goal. Her beauty was merely a tool that she used to get others, especially men, to do her bidding. Unfortunately for Jane, the tables were just about to turn on her.

Jane was like a hellcat around the law school library. She would make impossible demands on the library staff, and treated them all with contempt. After six months of this treatment, the staff was ready to strike back with vengeance.

"Where are the books that I asked to be put aside for me," screamed Jane, "You people are all morons, how will I pass my exam if I don't have my books?"

A young man who was the subject of her barrage remained calm though her tirade.

Tom was used to her tantrums. But today, it seemed like he was almost trying to upset her by not putting out her books.

"I have your books set aside in a special study carol," said Tom, "I did not want anyone else getting their hands on your books. Come with me, and I'll show you where they are."


"Let's just hurry up with this," said Jane, "I've got hours of studying yet to do tonight."

Tom led Jane into a small room in the back of the library. On the desk sat the books that she had requested.

"I think you'll find that this is a much more conducive place for studying," said Tom, "You won't have as many distractions here."

"I don't know why you didn't just tell me the books were here in the first place," said Jane, "Now just get the hell out of here. How do you expect me to study with you distracting me like this?"

"Sorry Ma'am," said Tom as he shut the carol door.

Tom left the room and went into the adjacent utility room. From that room, he could see Jane through the vent. He took out a small vial from his shirt, and then reached under the boiler to pull out an oxygen mask. He then smashed the bottle on the side of the wall next to the vent. Upon contact with air, the contents of the bottle turned into smoke which seeped through the vent into the carol where Jane was studying.

"What the fuck?," said Jane as she noticed the smoke coming through the vent. It was the last thing she said however, as the fumes quickly overcame her and she passed out. When Jane awoke, it was several hours later. As she looked up from her daze, she saw Tom.

"Wake up little Janey," said Tom, "You seem to have dozed off, the library's been closed for over an hour."

"Dozed off?," said Jane, "There was some sort of smoke in here, I'm gonna sue the pants off of you and the whole library staff."

"I don't think you'll be suing me, or anyone else for that matter, Janey," said Tom. "That was no ordinary smoke. It was a powerful drug that zapped that part of your brain that you might call your `free will.' From now on you will be at the mercy of anyone and everyone here. You will do anything that they ask you to do, no matter how humiliating. Otherwise, you will remain your usual disagreeable self."

"What the hell are you talking about," said Jane, "I might feel a little groggy, but I'm in full command of my abilities. I am going to report you to the Chief Librarian."

"I see that I'm going to have to demonstrate the full effects of this drug," said Tom, "Stand up!"

Despite not wanted to follow Tom's orders, Jane stood up.

"I was just about to get up and leave anyway," said Jane, trying to hide the fact that she couldn't resist Tom's request.

"Oh, you will be leaving here soon," said Tom, "but probably not the way that you anticipate. Take off your clothes, Jane."

"What! I'll have you up on charges," said Jane, "The very idea of even suggesting that will land you in jail mister!"

As she spoke, she started to unbutton her blouse.

"If you think for one second that I'm going to fall for your story, you're crazy!," said Jane as she removed her blouse and let her skirt fall to her feet.

"You knock me out, and then try to convince me that I'm no longer in control of myself. What a laugh!," said Jane as she undid her bra and let her breasts spring into view.

"There's as much chance of me taking off my clothes for you as there is me romping naked through campus," said Jane as she slid off her panties, leaving her totally naked.

"I guess your mind doesn't know what your body is doing," said Tom, "Nice pair of tits you have there Janey."

"How the hell would you know," said Jane.

At that point, Jane looked down in horror and discovered her nakedness.

"Oh my god, what have you done to me?!," said Jane as she tried to cover herself from Tom's intent gaze.

"Me? I haven't done anything," said Tom. "You took your clothes off all by yourself. Put your arms to your sides and stop trying to cover up like that. In fact, why don't you turn around and model a bit for me."

"You bastard!," shouted Jane as she slowly turned around to give Tom a better view of her body. "Why am I doing this?"

"You do seem a bit more open to suggestions than usual," laughed Tom. "Let's go into the main part of the library, there's some people there waiting to see you."

"What do you mean, you pervert," said Jane, as she followed Tom out of the carol and into the main section of the library where about ten people were sitting their awaiting her arrival. As Jane came into view, she was greeted by the hoots, hollers, and whistles of the men and women there.

"It worked!," said Sam, another member of the library staff," I can't believe that that stuff really worked!"

"I'll have you all fired," screamed Jane. "Wait until the head librarian finds out about this!"

"But I already know, my dear," said Sarah, the head of the law school library. "I've been fed up with your tantrums for some time. We sort of hatched this plot together. A friend of mine is trying to develop a drug that will help people to get more out of psychotherapy. The only problem with the drug seems to be a permanent side effect if large doses are administered. If the dosage is large enough, the drug actually permanently destroys the part of the brain that controls one's free will. Everything else remains the same, the person's personality and mind are left intact, yet they are very susceptible to doing whatever ANYONE asks of them. If my friend is correct, you are now at the mercy of everyone and anyone that asks you to do something. Let's test it out. Why don't you put on a little show for us. I want you to play with yourself in front of us."

"This is all a bunch of nonsense!," said Jane, as her hand gravitated towards her pubic area. "You can't get away with this!"

"Ah, but what are we getting away with, Janey darling?," said Sarah. "We haven't laid a hand on you, you're bringing all this on to yourself. Why don't you lie down on this table and spread your legs so everyone can watch as you rub your little clitty."

"My god! This is sooo humiliating," sobbed Jane. "Please don't make me do this in front of all these people."

"You didn't seem to mind humiliating my staff with your demands," said Sarah. "Why don't you cum for us now?"

Jane started rubbing her clit faster and faster with one hand, and squeezed her breasts with her other hand.

"No, no..let me stop, I'm cumming! Please, please, no more," said Jane as her body began going into the convulsions from her orgasm. "You bastards!, you'll live to regret doing this to me."

"Like you regret treating everyone here like scum?," asked Sarah. "Alright, you can stop now, I have some other things I want to try out anyway."

"Other things?!," cried Jane, "No, please, I'm sorry I treated all of you like I did. I'll be nicer in the future."

"A little late for that Janey," said Sarah. "There isn't an antidote to the drug you've ingested. I'm afraid that we couldn't change what you've become even if we wanted to. Anyone else want to plant a suggestion in Jane's mind?"

"I have an idea," said Sam. "I think you need a change in diet. From now on, you will be addicted to sperm. You will live for the taste of cum. They always say the best time to start a new diet is now. Why don't you sample some jism from my cock, Janey."

With tears rushing down her face, Jane went over to Sam and undid his zipper and pulled out his cock. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it, intent on getting from him the nectar she was now addicted to.

"Take your time, and watch those damn teeth," said Sam. "Otherwise, we'll turn you into a whore and make you screw the whole damn school."

"Please, please cum for me, I need to have your sperm," said Jane. "This feels worse than an addiction to heroin."

"OK, Janey, here it comes," said Sam as he squirted streams of cum into her mouth. Then, she rushed over to lick up a splotch of sperm that had missed her mouth and landed on the library floor.

"Tasted good, eh?," laughed Sam, "Well, if you're nice to me, you can come to me for a fix anytime."

"Well little girl, I guess we've had enough fun for one night," said Sarah, "But before you leave, I want to give you a little present that I had made for you. From now on, you'll wear it everyday."

Sarah laughed as she held up a T-shirt that had, "Your wish is my command.." written across the front.

"Put on your new T-shirt and your skirt and go on home," said Sarah, "I hope you get used to your new lifestyle soon."

"I said your t-shirt and skirt!," said Sarah, as Jane started to don her panties, "Leave the rest of your clothing here."

I'll figure out someway of beating this stuff," said Jane, "And when I do, watch out...I'll get even with all of you."

"We shall see, my dear. We shall see," laughed Sarah.


Jane woke up the next morning and thought that the horrors of the night before were all just a bad dream.

"Must have been that pepperoni pizza I had for dinner," thought Jane, "I've got to watch what I eat a bit more."

While Jane showered she thought back and what she thought was a very vivid dream.

"Gee, just thinking about that dream has must be getting me horny," thought Jane, "I have an urge to suck some poor guy's cock dry."

Jane left the shower and began to don her clothes. She recoiled in shock when she looked in the mirror and saw the words written backwards in her reflection, "You wish is my command..."

"Oh my god!," thought Jane, "Maybe it wasn't a dream after all. I KNOW I didn't have a shirt like this before. I'm really confused about all this. Maybe the assholes in the library drugged me last night, but there's no way that it could have done any permanent damage to my brain. I feel just fine. Those bastards are going to pay for what they did to me!"

Jane left her room, intent on reporting the events of the night before to the dean. She walked across campus and stormed into the dean's office.

"Can I help you young lady?," said the middle-aged secretary.

"Where is the dean?," said Jane, "I was drugged and attacked by the library staff last night."

"Oh dear," said the secretary," That's terrible, I can't imagine any of the library employees doing anything like that. I'll see if the dean will see you."

The secretary buzzed the dean and relayed Jane's message to him.

"He will see you now," said the secretary, "Just go in through that door."

Jane entered the Dean's office, and said, "Mr. Johnson, I was drugged and sexually assaulted by the entire library staff last night!"

The dean looked skeptically at Jane and said, "That seems a bit hard to believe, Miss. How exactly did they `drug' you, and what did they do to you?"

Jane proceeded to recount the events of the night before to the dean.

"So, according to what they told you last night, you are now addicted to sperm, and you no longer have to will to control your own actions?," asked the dean.

"Yes, but I think they just drugged me with something that affected my judgement last night, I'm sure its impossible to destroy one's free will like that."

The dean smiled and said, "I agree, it seems extremely improbable that a drug could have such a long lasting effect. Such a drug, if it did exist would make you extremely vulnerable to the whims of others. I do have a question, though. Why would you actually wear that T-shirt that they gave you, if something like that had happened to me, there is no way I would ever wear the shirt."

Jane looked down and noticed that she was still wearing the T-shirt emblazoned with the words, "You wish is my command..."

"I..I...I'm really not sure," Jane stammered. "It was sitting on my chair and I guess in my hurry to come here, I forgot to take it off."

The dean rubbed his chin and said, "Yes, I guess I could understand that." His facial expression became to change a bit. His concerned smile began to look more like a leer. "Well Jane, there is probably only one way to see whether the drug has affected your ability to resist other's wishes."

"What do you mean?," asked Jane.

"Well, why don't you come over here and sit on my lap?," asked the dean.

"What?," shrieked Jane,"You dirty old man! How dare you even suggest that!"

As Jane yelled at the dean, she stood up and deposited herself on his lap.

"Well, well," said the dean, "There might be something to this all along." He began to stroke Jane's hair and said, "In fact, if the drug does do what they said, you're probably ready for another `fix' of sperm." The dean smiled and said, "I'd be glad to help you out my dear."

"No, No, NO," screamed Jane, "This can't be happening!" She stood up and undid the dean's zipper, reached into his pants and took out his now erect penis. Soon she was sucking it with great abandon.

"Oh god....," cried Jane, "Why can't I stop doing this? I have to have your sperm. Please cum for me," she pleaded.

The dean began to moan from Jane's work on his penis. "I have a better idea," he said, "Take off all your clothes, and lie down across my desk."

"No, please don't rape me," said Jane.

"Rape?," said the dean, "This isn't rape. I'm not forcing you to do anything. I just asked you to screw me, and you're doing it. It's a situation of two consenting adults having a little fun."

"Fun?," sobbed Jane, as she finished removing her clothing and draped herself across the large desk,"This isn't fun, and no matter what you say, it's still rape. You know I can't help myself."

"I hear that from all the women," smirked the dean as he grabbed Jane's ass pulling it closer to him so he could insert his dick into her.

"You really are a good fuck," said the Dean, as tears ran down Jane's face. "I do feel bad that you don't seem to be enjoying myself quite as much as I do. I want you to cum for me Jane. I want you to have orgasm after orgasm until I tell you to stop."

At his words, ripples of pleasure began to flow through Jane's body. She became to convulse with orgasm.

"Please let me stop," yelled Jane, "I...I..I can't take much more of this."

The writhing of Jane's body further excited the dean, and a few minutes later he spurted cum into her pussy.

"You can stop cumming now," said the dean as he took out a handkerchief and wiped his brow. "I haven't had a good workout like that in years," he chuckled.

As Jane lay across the dean's desk, exhausted from the shear magnitude of her own orgasms, the dean's cum began to seep from her pussy onto the desk.

"My, my," said the dean, "We can't have that, can we. And you still have that other little problem of needing to eat sperm, don't you."

The dean handed Jane his coffee cup and said, "Here, sit up and squeeze the rest of my cum into this cup."

Jane sat up and proceeded to fill the cup with the juices from their encounter.

"Bottoms up Jane," laughed the dean, as Jane hungrily drank from the cup, "Good to the last drop, eh?"

The End

7/28/2012 1:35:46 PM

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BDSM At The Office

Some guys might not feel comfortable working in department where your the only man among seven women. But for me, I find it great. In fact, the positive far outweigh the few minor negatives. I get razed a little, and I'm the brunt of a few jokes, but it all makes up for it in the end.

I work in a large hospital, in a small data processing department. I have a woman supervisor, a great lady (as far as a supervisor, as a person, and how she looks) named Brenda. There are five other lady other analysts and a departmental secretary.

And that's about all I can handle, for I never had so much sex in my life, and it's the kinkiest you can imagine. Men dream of being in my place, but I'm living it and loving it.

Don't think I'm some over ego macho stud machine. I am a good looking guy and never had problems meeting attractive women. I've been told I look like a young Tom Selek. I'm twenty six, 6 feet 2 inches tall, and have a well toned body from working out.

I was married when I was nineteen to my high school sweetheart. But it only lasted two and a half years. We were both in collage, had little money and almost no time to see one another. Now we talk, even see one another sometimes. Buy twenty three, I was divorced and finally getting into the job market.


My first job lasted ten months. It was boring and routine. But I answered a newspaper ad about two years ago and got an interview here. That's where it all begins.

I met Brenda in her office. She's a great looking woman of thirty three. She has a trim, youthful body, with a great ass and the best legs a woman can have. She wore a business suit with a short skirt that day. Good thing she was behind a desk that day. I would have blown the interview if I could continuously seen those legs for the hour.

Well, I got the job and started a week later. Brenda warned me about being the only guy in the department. I'm glad she didn't tell me about all the good looking women she employees.

Out of the six woman here, one is older and not my type. The rest are younger, and mostly good looking. Besides Brenda, one is married and not interested in other men. One is a good looking woman named Susan, another is Leah, (a real babe) and Janet, our cute little secretary. All in all, a good look bunch of babes.

Being single and not into the bar scenes, the office was a great place to meet woman. I immediately went after Susan. The first time I saw her, she was wearing a short tight white skirt with heels. Her generous breasts were straining her blouse. She was receptive to my compliments and flirting. Within a couple weeks of starting, I had a date with her.

I picked her up at seven thirty on a Saturday. I was hoping for a sexy little outfit, but she wore a pair of black slacks and a nice blouse. I was a little disappointed, but hey, she can ware what she wants. We had dinner and good conversation, then went to a nightclub for some drinks and dancing. She danced really well, especially when we slow danced. She felt so good in my arms.

The date ended with a simple but memorable kiss at her apartment door. Though my groins were begging me to ask myself in, I respected her enough to just say goodnight. I called her when I got home, just to tell her how much I enjoyed the evening and looked forward to the next time I saw her. She said she had a good time and wanted to see me again.

Out next date was much better. Since summer was getting late, I suggested we spend an afternoon at a beach. This gave us a chance to be ourselves a little more, plus I could see her in a swimsuit.

The day way perfect, warm, sunny, light breeze. I picked her up around noon, and we went to a small lake. We brought a picnic lunch, complete with a bottle of wine. She wore a tee-shirt and a pair of shorts over her swimsuit, so I didn't get to she much of her form till later. For some strange reason, there weren't many people there that afternoon, so we found a perfect spot to have our lunch.

We decided to go for a swim before eating. She took the shirt and shorts off. My eyes almost few out of my head. She wore a hot pink bikini, which scantly covered the private areas. Her ample breasts were high and firm. Her waist was nice and slender and her hips were perfect. We got into the water quickly, which help hide the massive bulge my suit didn't hide very well.

The water was warm, and so were we. We swam a little, paddled a little, sat in the shallow water together. Then, we got friendlier, hugged a little, lightly kissed and cuddled. No grouping or pawing. Just romantic like. It was quite nice.

We got out of the water, dried each other off and had out lunch. The wine was chilled and we had a nice time. Soft kisses between bites, silly things like that.

After eating, we decided to sun a little. I couldn't help but keep looking over at her robust body. Those large, firm breasts were killers. We sipped our wine, which help her get a little loosed lipped. That's when I knew things were going to get good.

'Coming to this beach reminds me of a dream I had the other night.' she said.

'What was your dream about?' I asked.

'Maybe I really shouldn't tell you. I mean, it's kind of strange, and we haven't seen that much of each other to start telling fantasies.'

Now my curiosity was aroused. It took a minute of coaxing before I finally got it out of her.

'Well,' she started. 'I dreamed I was at a beach, something like this one. But I dreamed I was laying in the sand, face up. My arms and legs were tied to four stakes in the sand. The sun was shinning on me and the waves were rolling. That's all I remember. Kind of strange, hey?'

I told her that I thought it sounded exciting and fantastic. Then, just changing the subject, she started talking about a sailboat on the water. I guess she was a little embarrassed and wanted the conversation to end on that topic.

After awhile of sunning, I rolled over and kissed her deeply. That started a slow volley of affectionate necking. We rolled in the warm, soft sand together, out lips attached to one another.

After several minutes of that, we decided to leave our lake and head back into town. She put on her shorts again, but not her shirt, thankfully. Our ride lasted about a half hour, but it seemed like forever. She looked so good, and I was so hard.

We got to my place and went strait for the bedroom. I took off her shorts and her suit. Standing naked, her body was incredible. I stripped and we quickly got into bed.

Well, the next two hours were magnificent. Susan is a very giving, passionate lady. We caressed and cuddled, kissed and petted, explored and probed each other. She has great hands. I almost came when she stoked my hard cock. I kept away from her nipples at first. She liked when I kissed and sucked them, but doing it too much would loose the effect.

When we sixty-nined, I almost went out of my mind. She gave the best head I ever had. She came hard, her body quivered and shiver as she moaned very deeply. I came a few seconds later, pumping my load into her mouth. She swallowed like a pro, not loosing a drop.

We laid together, cuddling and kissing until we went at it again. I laid between her legs and brought her off two more times with my tongue before I crawled between her legs and placed my meat inside her tunnel. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me in further. She was so hot and wet, it was like fucking a sponge.

I came again, just has hard and much as before. Even as I went soft, I stayed inside her. I didn't want to pull out. We slept a little, about an hour before we got up and went for a bite to eat.

We came back to my place, strip out cloths, got some wine and went back to bed. We didn't jump right into it. We talked and caressed one another. Then she asked me something.

'Did what I tell you at the beach turn you off or anything?'

I said no and asked why she asked that. She said she didn't mean to make it seem like she was strange or anything. She just remembered it and wanted to tell me. I asked it there was anything else she meant by it.

'Well, to be honest, I never was tied up during sex.'

In so many words, the dream had an effect on her. She wanted to see what it would be like to be tied up during sex. The beach became fantasy of her. She said someday she wanted to make it real.

Now, if you were me, what would you do at this point. You would most likely do what I did. I asked her if she wanted to be tied up. She was a little surprised, and a touch apprehensive. But after a little gentle coaxing from me, she agreed.

I rolled over, open the bottom drawer of the night stand and pulled out some lengths of rope. My drawer is full of sex stuff. I've tied woman up before and was always ready to do it again, especially on a woman who never had the experience before.

I laid her on her back and gently tied a rope around one of her wrists. I then secured her hand to the bed post. Her other wrist received the same, tied to the opposite post. I spread her legs apart and anchored them to bed posts also. What a site, her well formed body stretched out and held that way by the white ropes. Her large, firm fleshy mounds. She looked fantastic.

For the next two hours, I kept her like that and explored her body. I covered every inch of her, from her toes to her fingers, from breasts to clit. She came at least three time, maybe more before I finally inserted myself into a dripping cunt and plowed her good. She came again a moment before I pumped her full with my jism.

After releasing her, she told be how great it was. I took her home about an hour later, a satisfied woman. I too was very satisfied. I had been a while since I screwed someone three times in one day.

That started the whole thing with her. From then on, sex had a whole new meaning for her. In fact, bondage plays a big part in it. She couldn't get enough of it. She would spend hours, even entire weekends, tied this way and that way. She gets so excited each time I bring out the ropes, and she comes countless times a night.

Well, sex between us has been great between us. When we get together, we have a nice evening, a movie, dinner, whatever. Then it's off to either her place (if her roommate is out) or mine. Out come the ropes, she gets tied up, I tease her and please her and we both have a great time. It's not everytime, for strait sex with her is fantastic too, but bondage plays a big roll in our relationship.

Buy the way, I made her dream come true. One warm evening, I took her back to that little beach. It was empty. I brought four stakes and four lengths of rope. She looked so captivating there, naked in the sand, her limbs tied to the stakes. What a night!

Susan was the first co-worker I got my ropes around. She is the more normal one of the group. With her, it's a date, a good time, a romance. She very passionate and very giving. I never push her too far, for I don't need to. I don't gag or blindfold her, for I love to hear her purrs and soft moans as I please her. Susan satisfies my passionate needs.

My next achievement was when I ensnared my boss Brenda in ropes. It was during a business trip. After six months of work, we went to an out of town training program that lasted three days.

We flew out Sunday night and shared a room at a hotel. I was surprised at that, for I figured we'd have separate rooms. We checked in and hit the pool. She didn't have the body of Susan, but she was still attractive, and those legs were fantastic.

Afterward we had dinner and a few drinks in the lounge. It seemed a little strange, for she was kinda getting a little friendlier that I thought she should. After that, we went back up to the room.

Brenda started talking about her husband a little. At first, it was strait, just about him and how he was. But then, she started about how much he traveled, and how little time they spent together. She even referred to him as being unimaginative in the bedroom. I knew what she was doing. She wanted to fuck.

It sounded like she was ready to try a little taste of sex my way. I made it clear that I was receptive to an offer. I also told her that he was wasting her, that he should be excited to try things on her, to us her, but not quite in those words.

Well, she took the offer. She came over to me and kissed me. Man, she could give a lip lock. I stopped her a moment later and told her if we were going to do this, it was going to be my way. She seemed enthusiastic by that. I got out the white ropes I brought along for just such an emergency.

Brenda smiled with delight and immediately stripped off her cloths. I told her to put on a pair of high heels. She complied, putting on a pair of patten leather black heels. Already, she was acting a little sheepish, a little submissive.

Imagine for a minute what was running in my head. We were all alone in a hotel room and she wanted me. I was about to tie up my sexy boss and use her for sex, anyway I wanted. Talk about fantasies.

Well, I told her to turn around and put her hands behind her back. She did and I tied them tightly together. I then bound rope around her elbows and pulled them close together. When I finished, she began to squirm around and test her ropes while I tied her ankles and her tights together.

Her nipples were very hard already. I began to play with them and she let out a rather loud moan. I warned her to remain silent or I would make her be so. She continued to moan, so I placed her own panties into her mouth and tied one of her own scarfs over her lips. Not the best gag, but it worked well enough.

I laid on the bed for a few minutes and watched her squirm around. I told her about all the things I could do to her nice body. That just made her squirm even more. She made a real site, naked and all tied up, her pussy getting hot and wet.

After a few minutes, I told her it was time to change her gag. I set her on her knees and opened my pants, letting my rigid cock spring out. She wanted it, for she rubbed her covered lips over it.

I pulled the scarf down, pulled her panties out and inserted my instrument. She went right to work, sucking and pumping my rod. She gave good head, not as good as Susan, but any blow job is a good blow job.

She moaned the whole time my cock pumped her face. So did I. I felt my load building up. I held it back, but soon, I was erupting inside her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but she couldn't quite keep up. It leaked out her lips and down her chin, but she never once choked or gagged. When I finished, she licked the come from my semi-rigid pecker and the extra that I wiped from her check with my cock tip.

I put my rod away, cleaned off her face with her panties, put 'em back into her mouth and pulled her scarf back up over her mouth.

I then picked her up and placed her on the bed. I decided to keep with the theme of using her own items to tie her with. I took two pairs of her pantyhose, ripped them apart and tied her spread eagle to the bed. The stretchy material allowed her to pull and tug on the giving restraints, but still hold her down.

I then proceeded to give her tits the teasing of her live. I must have played with them for half and hour before moving my tongue down to her clit and eating her soaked cunt. She came within a few seconds, screaming into the gag. I continued to eat her out until she came again a few minutes later. She was a real noisy one, for she was constantly moaning and groaning.

Well, I stripped off my cloths, mounted her body and fucked her pussy good for several minutes before blasting a wad of hot jism deep into her. After I finished creaming her insides, I pulled my pants back on, but left her tied to the bed. I turned on the TV and ordered a skin flick to watch. I told her that if it turned me on, I might screw her again.

It was a fairly good one, with a nice looking babe and a well hung guy. After a half hour, I untied my employer, and tied her wrists to her ankles so her ass was up in the air. I entered her pussy from the rear and banged away. She came a moment before I did. I blew another load of sperm into her, thrusting my exploding prick in as deep as I could.

Well, after that, I untied her and we cuddled for a few minutes before we both fell asleep.

The rest of the trip was similar. At the seminar, she hardly even talked about anything but the class and business. But at the hotel, she was my little sex slave. I tied and fucked her any way I could think of. I was sad it see it come to an end.

We continue to see each other. At the office, it's business as usual, no quickies or kisses in the closet. But when were alone, when her husband's out of town or we meet at hotel after work (she tells him she's working late), she's tied up naked or almost naked, fucking and sucking however I feel like. We both get satisfied.

Where Susan is romantic, and Brenda is submissive, Leah is different from both. Leah is my sex maniac, my little slut. But she's not just a nympho, she much more. She loves sex, but it's got to be different, unconventional, and not normal.

Leah is different but a very sexy looking woman, with shoulder length black hair, a great body and alluring, seductive, almost wicked eyes. She's 5 foot 5 inches tall with slender hips and waist and she has nice, long legs. Her chest is just the right size to fit perfectly in my hands.

She wares unconventional cloths to work like tight leather pants, very short skirts, body hugging dresses and low cut blouses. She has the highest spiked heeled shoes I ever see a woman ware and she even has tight high, spiked heeled boots.

Leah's very aggressive but she's not a bitch. She goes after what she wants. In fact, it was her that made the moves on me.

One day at work, she came into my office to discuss a request. I remember what she wore. Short, tight black skirt, low cut red satin blouse, black pantyhose, wide black belt and black spiked heels. She looked hot. After discussing the request, she eyed me for a moment.

'Let me ask you something.' she said. 'Why haven't you asked my out for dinner yet?'

I was shocked. I figured I was out of her league. I thought she would either have men dripping over her or that she just might be a lesbian. She fits either mold. I responded by saying that I didn't want to be turned down.

'Who said you would be?' she said giving me bedroom eyes.

So I asked what she was doing Saturday night. She said nothing. So we made a date.

Oh, what a night Saturday turned out to be. I met her at her place meeting her roommate Dee. Dee was a cute petite blond haired girl, about twenty four years old. She was a little over five feet tall with a cute ass and small breasts.

Leah came out of the bedroom. She was wearing a black leather miniskirt, white satin blouse, tan pantyhose and her killer heels. Man, what a fox. She looked so hot, I almost creamed my jeans.

Dinner was great, and we went dancing afterwards. She really knew how to move and arouse me at the same time. After a few drinks, she suggested we go to my place. I gladly responded and we took off.

We got to my apartment in record time. I poured us some wine, and she sipped it slowly. My couch never looked better with her sitting there. What a hot lady. I wanted to screw her right there.

After some small talk, she put her wine down and put her hand on my leg. Then she threw me for a shock.

'I've heard you like to have your women tied up while you fuck their brains out?' she said very directly.

I must have turned three shades of red. Somehow I stammered out a 'Yeah, I do.'

She smiled and placed her hand on mine. 'Have you ever imagined tying me up and fuck my brains out?'

I told her I'd had wanted to do that. I thought my cock was going to burst out.

'Well darling, then you should do what you want.' she said. It didn't take long for me to go retrieve a lot of rope and related items. She instantly turned submissive and did what I told her. Within a few minutes, I had her hands tied behind her back and her ankles and thighs tied together.

She struggled for a few minutes, commenting on how good my knots were. Then, she leaned her bound body over and kissed me. Fire shot through me. She then asked me if she could suck me off. Guess what my answer was. Within a few seconds, my hard prick was sliding between her soft lips and she was giving great head.

After blowing a large wad of come down her throat, I took her to the bedroom, stripped her cloths off (except for those heels), tied her to the bed spread eagle and spent the next hour exploring her body. She motivate me on, moaning and groaning, telling me what she liked and what really got to her. After eating her pussy into two orgasm, I plunged my rigid cock deep inside a her feverish pussy and fuck her long and hard. Later, after recovering from a great orgasm, I retied her face down and rammed her again from behind. I came again after working up quite a sweat.

I untied her and expected her to stay the night. Instead, she wanted me to take her home. At her door, she gave me a great lip lock and told me she had a great time. I was wondering if this was a one timer. But she said she expected to hear from me tomorrow, turned and went into the building. That started our relationship. I see Leah when she wants, which is around once a week.

With Leah, I have been able to do the stranger things. She loves sex, but she only likes when it's unusual. She has had lots of guy fuck her, even now. One guy only gave her oral sex, another liked to spank her ass before he screws her. For me, I get to tie her any way I want, then do whatever I want. Sometimes, she's fully clothed in some sleazy outfit while she sucks me off once or twice, then I finger her into an orgasm. She says it satisfies her. Other times, she dressed in some erotic outfit or maybe stockings and heels and tied (or chained or strapped or whatever) up for hours before I give her any attention at all.

She has also encouraged my to buy more items. We go to adult toy stores and buy bondage items and magazines for ideas. I've bought ball gags, leg spreaders, leather straps and cuffs, hands and anklecuffs. One night, she came over with a large present for me. It was a laceable leather arm sheath. She spent many hours in it that night, (and many more since then) with leather straps binding her legs and a black ball gag in her mouth.

Another night, she came over wearing her thigh high spiked boot. An idea came to me. I locked leather cuffs to her ankles and hung her naked (except for the boots) by her feet from a ceiling hook. I kept her hands behind her back with more leather cuffs and straps. It was great and really turned her on, especially when I licked her clit into an orgasm while grabbing her ass.

She also the only one who I scored actually in the office itself. It was a Friday, before a holiday. Except for Leah, myself and the secretary, the place was empty. After lunch, Leah came to my office and closed the door.

She stated that she was really horny and wanted to be bound and gagged while I did whatever I wanted to do to her. She pulled out several strands of rope and a cloth gag from a folder she was carrying and gave them to me. She said she had forwarded her phone to mine so we shouldn't be interrupted.

I couldn't resist. I had her strip to the waist and sit in a chair. Within moments, she was secured to the chair and a gag was between her lips. I let her sit there, struggling against the ropes for about fifteen minutes before I played with her tits. I then untied her and had her removed the rest of her cloths. I bound her to the top of my desk and played with her body for a while, fingering her into an orgasm.

Then, I untied her and bound her so she was bent over my desk. I opened my trousers, pulled my member out and rammed into her soaked pussy. I pumped her like mad, making sure to keep the noise down. After several minutes, I shot my load of come deep into her at the same time she came herself.

I left her bound for a while, enjoying the idea of having her tied like that, the come leaking out of her cunt. The thought of someone coming in and seeing turned me on. My cock became hard again within a few minutes.

Another fifteen minutes passed before I finally dropped my drawer and plowed her once more. Man, what a rush. Leah was coming again, and I joined her a few minutes later. I couldn't believe how horny this had gotten me. After coming in her again, I dressed and untied her. She dressed and gave my a long, lingering kiss, thanking me for taking care of her needs.

She has also given me the strangest night of my life. I went over to her place for the evening, bringing along some of my captivity items. She led me to the bedroom and told me to strip. After laying me on the bed, she started to tie my hands to the bed board.

'It's not fair that I'm the one who's always restrained.' she said.

I couldn't argue with that. After securing me to her bed, she took her cloths off to show me what she had on. A tight fitting red leather corset, red stocking and red spiked heels. She then straddled my face and ordered me to eat her out. I did it gladly, bringing her off quickly. She then me gagged with a scarf, mounted my rod and gave me a slow ride. After blowing a large load off, she dismounted my sperm covered cock and told me she'd be right back.

After several minutes, she returned, but she wasn't alone. She brought Dee in with her. Except for a white garter belt, stockings, high heels, Dee was naked. Her arms were incased in the black leather arm sheath, her ankles in leather cuffs with a chain between them, a large padded leather gag between her soft lips and a thick leather collar around her neck with Leah holding the leash.

'Dee said she wanted to experience a man while in bondage.' Leah said. 'I wasn't sure who was suppose to be tied up, so I decided to bind the both of you and give you two an experience you'll both remember the rest of your lives.'

Leah made Dee get on the bed, with her face at my crotch. The gag was removed from her mouth and she was ordered to suck my dick off. Dee did as she was told, Her sweet lips encircled around my rigid and wet cock and she slowly and wonderfully suck me into another incredibly huge orgasm. I came very hard and long, but she swallowed every drop before she was pulled away and gagged again.

Leah removed the chain from Dee's legs and help her to straddle my face. Dee's pussy was already very wet and tasted so sweet as she rubbed it over my face. I was ungagged and joyfully brought her off twice before she was pulled off me and I was gagged again.

This time, Dee was placed straddling my cock. Leah made her rub her crotch against my hard cock, teasing the both of us until we were both begging for it. Leah smiled, enjoying her domineering roll over the both of us.

Finally she took pity on us. I was slid into Dee's wet tunnel and she lowered herself onto me. She began bobbing up and down, fucking my rock hard cock. Her tits bounced as she fuck me like crazy. It took a while, and she had two really strong and loud orgasms before I finally blasted another hot load into her tunnel. This set Dee off into a final orgasm. Exhausted she collapsed on top of me. What a wild fuck it was.

After a moment, Dee was removed from the bed and her legs were chained again. Leah examined my limp cock, pleased she worn me out. I was untied, permitted to dress and escorted to the door, I caught a final glance of Dee, bound and gagged, with Leah holding her leash. I'm sure there was more instore for Dee that night.

Leah has given me more things to write about than imaginable. I have pictures and video tapes of her being bound while I do all sorts of things to her. She loves crazy and wild ordeals. I do my best, and she tells me how I satisfy her. She keeps my interest too, for I never know what's going to happen. I look forward to each time we meet, for I know it will be an eventfully time.

Finally, there's Janet. She started here less than a year ago. She nineteen, this being her first job out of high school. The best way I can describe her is she's very cute, kinda like a puppy. She's petite, with mid-back length wavy blond hair, green eyes and a cute little smile. Her pert breasts, small waist, a adorable ass and slender legs are splendid. No one thing is outstanding about her, but like I said, she's just so darn cute.

We became friends before I ever got my fetter around her body. I never really had intentions of getting into Janet's panties. At the time, I had my hands full, plus she was a lot younger than me. It just kind of happened by accident.

It started one day at lunch. Shortly after she started, I went to the cafeteria for lunch and saw her sitting by herself. I joined her and we began to talk. Over the course of several weeks, we be friends, even going out after work for a drink a couple times.

After a few months, Janet signed up for a computer course. She asked me if I would help her with her studies. I gladly said I would. So, over lunches and at nights, I coached her along.

Then, one warm Saturday afternoon, she was over at my place. We had just finished writing a computer program. I offered her another lemonade and we went to the living room to relax for a while.

When she sat down on the couch, something nudge her in the thigh. She reached around and pulled out a length of rope. It must have left there from the night before when I had Leah tied up naked and rolling around on the floor. I felt so embarrassed. She looked at it funny for a moment.

'What is this doing here?' she asked.

I took it from her. 'I don't think you really want to know.'

She looked at me kind of funny. 'What do you mean?' she asked.

I had to think for a moment. Do I make up some kind of lie or do I tell her the truth. I didn't know what she would say or think if she knew. But I decided to tell her. Sooner or later, she might find out what I do to her co-workers. Then what would she think.

'It's for bondage.' I said. What's that, she responded. So for the next few moments, I told her about bondage. I told her how I enjoy girls tied up. I also told her that they enjoy it too. After I finished, she took the rope from me and asked if that was for real. You bet it is, I said.

'I've never tied it.' she said. I then asked if she would like to give it a whirl. Surprisingly she said she would like to try it. So I took the rope, tied her hands together and began teaching her a new course of study.

For the next few minutes, she tried to get her hands free. She said she couldn't see much excitement in it. I had to explain that there was more to bondage than just the hands being tied. She said she wanted get the full experience. Got to admit, she is adventurous.

I went and got more ropes. This time, I bound her hands behind her back, tied her legs together and placed other ropes on her. Now she was restrained. She could move somewhat, but she couldn't get free.

She started to get into it, and said she was enjoying it. For the rest of the afternoon, I tied her this way and that. To chairs, sitting on the floor, standing, so many different ways. Later, I put a gag in her mouth. That's when she really go into it. She said she felt completely helpless then. It was a feeling she liked.

After a few hours, we finished. We didn't have sex. In fact, it wasn't for quite some time before we finally had sex together, and it was after a bondage session was complete.

Janet became my bondage model. I would try various way of tying her, different positions and different styles. I use varies gags on her too. She's so limber, (she's a part time dancer) that she can do things I can't do with the others.

She usually wares cute little outfits. Sometimes, it's shorts and a tee shirt. Other times, she wares a teddy, pantyhose and heels. No matter what, she looks so cute, with the ropes and such around her. She prefer ropes, but she likes the straps and arm sheath too. But for some reason, the ball gag is her favorite.

The first time we had sex, Janet was wearing a match set of garter belt, panties, bra, stocking (which I bought for her) and heels. We just finished a wonderful four hour session. She asked if I enjoyed our time together. I said yes, giving her a hug. Then, she looked up at me. I couldn't resist, I just had to kiss her.

Before I knew it, I had carried her to the bedroom and had removed her bra and panties, leaving her in her stocking and heels while she was busy removing my cloths. We got in bed and fooled around. Janet was great, responding to whatever I did to her. We sixty nined and she came quickly. She finished me off with a combination hands and mouth, letting my come gush on my belly. Later, I slowly screwed her as we kissed and fondled one another.

Since then our time together consists of several hours of ropes and such, then maybe finished off with a gentle session of love making. Sometimes, she bound, sometimes she not. It depends on our mode.

So that pretty much tell you about my ladies. They keep me busy, and I keep them happy and fulfilled. Leah knows about the others, but the others don't know about each other. I'm glad for that, but sometimes it hard to juggle them. My apartment is a good place to bring them, for I have my supplies there. But with the neighbors I have, I've got to be very discriminating in my activities.

I'm in the process of saving for a home. It will take time to save up for the down payment, but it will be worth it. Then, I will make little modifications to the place. Hooks in the ceiling here and there. Furniture that will accommodate having bondage devices attached to them. Things will be discreet, almost hidden.

But one room of the house will be turned into a fantastic playroom, where I'll install all sorts of securing items. A captivity rack, loops in the walls and floors. Pulleys and assorted hanging contraptions and, of course, a closet full of ropes, chains, gags, leather and other restraints. It won't be a dungeon, but a private place of confinement of the securing of lovely ladies.

You might think that I have all the fantasies I can handle. But I do have one that I think will never come true. You might be able to guess what it is.

I wish that I could get all four of my ladies together in one place and one time to have them all tied up for one long, wonderful weekend of bondage.

They'd come there one at a time. I'd get the first one in some kind of sexy lingerie or seductive outfit, tie her up and take her to a bedroom where she is to wait. Then the next arrives and I do the same until all four are in the room. Then, I bind them different ways and to each other. It would be wild. I would even have Leah help do some of the binding before she'd receive the same fate.

I figure that I'll soon start loosing my harem. Brenda is using me for a fill in for her husband. Soon, she'll start feeling guilty and cut it off. Janet will find some guy closer to her own age and start a relationship. I hope she continues her sessions in bondage with him. That'll be one lucky guy.

As for Leah, I figure she will soon grow tired of me and go on to something else. It'll take some time, for I keep coming up with new and creative ideas of trussing her, but it will happen some day. She might even marry, but that's doubtful.

That leaves me with Susan. She was my first, and she'll be the last. She's not the most exciting, but that doesn't matter, for I think she's the best. We have a normal relationship, and I really enjoy that. She likes to be with me for the simple reason of being with me. We have fun together, do things, go places together.

She a passionate, giving lady. I give back as much as I can to her, for she's one of a kind. Maybe one day, things will work themselves out so that we will be together for a long time. I don't want to loose her and I'd gladly give the others up for her.

But for now, I'm keeping all four of my ladies happy, bound as I see fit and keeping them sexually satisfied.

The End

7/15/2012 4:37:09 AM


A Bondage Story

I was at a rock'n'roll concert when I met them. I am 6'2" tall, and have been lifting weights for a few years. I think I'm in pretty good shape, and so did the two identical blonde beauties that had the seats in front of me. They were both 5'7" tall, about 120 lbs, with 35-22-33 figures. Both wore white jumpsuits, which really accentuated their wonderful figures. I passed them a joint and struck up a conversation. Before I knew it, we were on our way out together, and my buddies were very envious.

I had ridden with one of my pals, so Suzy and Sally took me back to their townhouse in their van. It was totally fixed up, with a raised roof, captain's chairs front and back, and one of the best sounding stereos I'd ever heard. As we parked out in front of their place and finished another joint, Suzy said to me, "I bet this is a dream come true for you, coming home with both of us like this, isn't it?" "I have to admit that I'd have been smiling all day if I knew it was going to happen," I said. "Some more of your dreams may come true, but you have to agree to play by our rules, or not at all. Do you agree?" "Sure. I agree," I answered, sensing even more that I was in for a really good time.

The inside of their town home was done all in white; carpets, couches, bookcases, lamps. It was really quite impressive, and I told them so. "We think you're pretty impressive, too, and we'd like to see you pose some of your muscles," said Sally. I happily obliged; flexing my powerful muscles." You're very strong," they both agreed, and I smiled. First one, and then the other gave me a deep french kiss. My seven inch muscle was so hard it throbbed, and as Suzy ran her hand lightly over my crotch, she said, "Remember your promise? Put your hands behind your back, and hold still." When I did as I was told, Sally handcuffed my hands together


"Now pull down my zipper, with your teeth!"

I gladly knelt down in front of her, taking her jumpsuit zipper in my mouth, and slowly worked it down over her body, loving the smell of her, feeling her heat. She had no bra on, and I playfully ran my nose between her twin mounds as I passed them, only letting go when the zipper reached its end at her crotch. I remember kneeling there, a huge smile on my face, her love box inches from my face, when my arms were pulled up sharply behind me, and a foot pressed against the center of my back forced me to crash face first on the floor, suddenly in pain. My arms felt like they were being pulled out of their sockets as Sally pushed them higher, and I cried out in pain, trying to get away. Sally quickly grabbed my balls with her other hand, and ordered me to be still. I laid quietly, and very still on the floor, very much aware of the perils I faced if I disobeyed her. My arms and balls hurt like hell.

Suzy laughed as she ran from the room, and in a moment came back and put a thick leather collar around my neck. Sally twisted my balls a little more as she let my arms down, only so that Suzy could attach the handcuff chain to a short chain dangling from the back of the collar. My arms were once again pulled up tight behind my back, and now I felt the pressure on my neck, also. Suzy quickly attached two ankle straps to me, and hooked their rings together with another short piece of chain. Only then did Sally release her death grip on my family jewels. I heard them both laugh above me as I struggled in my bonds, realizing how effectively these two relatively puny girls had confined me, and I was no longer sure I was in for a good time. "That's right," one of them said, "let's see you flex all those muscles." They both laughed again.

"We've both dreamed and planned for this night for a long time," Suzy told me. "I hope you're as strong as you look, because you're going to need every ounce of it." "Let me go!" I shouted, only to hear both of them laugh again, and then I was blindfolded. They made me crawl into the garage, which they had fixed up for their 'special' night. I felt a snap clip attached to the front of my collar, and I was pulled to my feet. They attached more chains to my ankle straps, and pulled my legs far apart, then hooked ropes to my wrists, unhooked the handcuffs, and pulled my hands far over my head. Then they took off the blindfold, and laughed again as I surveyed the room. It was an S&M heaven, with all types of restraining devices, tables, and chains suspended from the ceiling. I knew I was in trouble.

"If you let me go now," I told them in as masculine and powerful a voice as I could, "I won't hurt you when I get loose." They both just laughed at me. "Otherwise I'm going to beat your fucking asses when I do!" They laughed even harder. They each produced a pair of scissors from a set of drawers, and Sally said, "Let's see what we've got here." To my horror they proceeded to cut my clothes off of me. I tried to struggle, but I was helpless and they just laughed even harder. I watched as my shirt fell to the floor in shreds, then my designer jeans. I had worn sandals, and even these were cut off of me. Soon I stood in only my briefs and my leather belt. Unlike other stories I have read in your magazine, I didn't have a hard-on at all, I was much too frightened. As the cold scissors slid into my last stitch of clothing, I whimpered like a baby, afraid of what those scissors could do, and closed my eyes as my ruined jockey shorts fell to the floor.

"Not bad," I heard them say as they walked around me. I opened my eyes as Sally took my cock in her hand, stroking it softly. "He doesn't seem to be having much fun yet. Maybe we can change that." I couldn't help but respond as she expertly fondled my pride and joy, and her sister slowly stepped out of her jumpsuit, revealing her exquisite body, clad only in sheer white bikini panties. Then she came to me and rubbed her tits all over me as she kissed me deeply again, and took over where her sister left off, so that she too could strip. My cock stood straight out from my body as they blindfolded me again. They laughed as I winced, feeling my testicles pushed into a small leather sack, which was snugly tied at the top. "Ouch!" I cried as they attached a weight to it, pulling my helpless balls toward the floor.

"C'mon weightlifter, lift this weight," Suzy chided. "Don't go away, we'll be right back," she said, and they laughed all the way from the room. I stood there for what seemed an eternity, wondering what they were going to do to me, even if I would live. My balls didn't hurt, but the weight on them was a constant reminder of what had been done to me, as if my bonds weren't enough. I tried with all my strength, but I couldn't free myself from their chains. Finally I heard them come back into the room. When they took off my blindfold, I couldn't help but be impressed with them both. They were identically dressed, except Suzy wore red, and Sally wore black. They each had on a corset, laced tightly in the back, with half cups for their gorgeous tits, which stuck out firmly, their big nipples protruding from dark aureoles. At the bottom of the corsets were garters that held up their net stockings, and they had matching five inch heels. Both had snow white bushes on their pussies, and perfectly round asses. My cock jumped a little just at the sight of them.

"From now on," Sally told me, "you will address both of us as Mistress. You will not speak without our permission, nor do anything else without our express permission. But understand, you are here to serve us. Do you understand, fully?" I looked at my two beautiful twin captors, and realized I could be in for a really good time, after all. "Yes," I answered. "Yes, what?" she shouted at me. "Yes, Mistress," I said. "That will cost you," Suzy said. "Every time you displease us, it will cost you, do you understand?" "Yes, Mistress."

"Good. You must have noticed that we left your belt on you. We did that for a two reasons. First, we wondered why it was so thick, when it wasn't really even needed to hold up your pants. We wanted you to feel it against your skin. Second, you threatened to 'beat our fucking asses,' if we didn't let you go earlier. I think you would have used that thick belt on us, so we're going to use it on you, for just that same purpose. You will also learn who are the bosses, and who is the slave!" I struggled in vain as Sally shoved a ball gag in my mouth, tying it around my head, and Suzy unbuckled my belt. I watched in the full length mirror in front of me as Suzy stepped behind me, and began whipping me with my own belt! My ass and the back of my thighs were on fire as she used the full swing of her arm to hit me, and even though tears were coming down my face, my cock was growing hard!

"I think he likes it," Sally commented to her sister as she squeezed my hard-on. They then took out the gag, and made me promise to be their slave, and to do everything they said, without question. I didn't want to, but Suzy kept running the belt over my flesh as they told me what to say. They then attached another belt around my waist, and one at a time let my arms down, only to have them strapped securely to the belt. Then they freed my legs, and ordered me to my knees. First one, and then the other stepped in front of me and allowed me to lick her pussy, instructing me exactly how they liked it done. I have always loved to eat pussy, and both of these were juicy delights. I realized that if my slavery consisted of lots of this, I would be a happy slave. I had to bring each of them to an orgasm, using only my tongue. It was a pleasure.

When each had come, they ordered me to crawl over to a mat on the floor. They chained me spread eagle on it, then put a large blanket over my entire body. It had a hole in it, however, large enough for my cock and balls to stick through. They took the leather sack off my balls, and after threatening severe punishment, took turns riding my cock for their enjoyment. I'm not made of steel, and I try as I might, the feeling of their tight, hot pussies finally made me come. I cried out beforehand, and whoever was riding me quickly got off. They specifically didn't want me to come inside of them. My cock shot a long, hot load of come into something they put under it. Then they uncovered me, and told me they were angry I had come without permission, and that I would have to pay for it.

They had me crawl over to an old fashioned stock, which they put my head and wrists into, so that I was bent over at the waist, parallel to the floor. Then they put a four foot leg spreader on me, leaving me helpless. "When the settlers first arrived in Salem, this was how they punished their women. As you can see, you can't see behind you. Then at night those hypocritical men would come and have their way with her, and she would be as helpless as you are to stop it.

"Sally, didn't he say he would 'beat our fucking asses?'" "I do believe that's what he said," Sally agreed. Suzy stepped in front of me, and I started to protest loudly, seeing the nine inch dildo strapped around her waist, and knowing what she was going to do with it. She silenced me by forcing it into my mouth, making me 'suck her cock.' I felt Sally running her hands lightly across my buttocks, and in between the crack. She then stepped around in front of me, also wearing a 'cock' that I had to suck. As I did, Suzy stepped behind me, and greased my virgin ass. I pleaded with them to stop, but a moment later I felt the stiff rubber cock at my anus, and slowly but surely, she pushed it inside!

It hurt like hell at first, but soon I relaxed my sphincter muscles as my Mistress fucked my ass. Tears were running down my cheeks as they humiliated me, fucking me with one while I sucked the other. They took turns fucking me, then, and I wondered what kind of man I was, because I began to like it! Finally, Sally said, "Now we can really 'beat his fucking ass,' can't we?" I felt the riding crops slap down hard on my ass, and I shook my hips back and forth, trying in vain to escape it. They had left a dildo sticking deep inside me as they did to me what I had threatened to do to them. Although tears streamed down my face, my cock was as hard as it had ever been, and I was very excited.

They freed one of my hands, and ordered me to jerk myself off. They let the riding crops run up and down my legs, and across my back as I stroked my meat. I felt the dildo moving in and out again, and finally I cried out as the biggest orgasm of my life shook me, making me very dizzy and weak at the knees. When I was done coming, my Mistresses walked around in front of me holding my come from both orgasms in a bowl, and made me lick up every drop.

They released me from the stock, only to attach my hands to the belt again, and made me piss in a bottle. I was then tied back down on the mat, and the blanket was again put over me, with my cock and balls sticking through. I was told I could sleep.

For the rest of that weekend, my two beautiful twin mistresses used and abused me, making me wear girl's underwear as they took pictures, and teaching me that all my strength was nothing to them. They dropped me off in front of my apartment late Sunday night in a bra and panties, and luckily no one saw me run inside. They took my number, and I have gone back three times, each time getting better and better. Last time they invited seven of their girlfriends, and I had to wait on all of them in bra and panties, servicing their every desire, accepting every stroke of their whips.

I love both my mistresses, and I am their slave. Next weekend I have promised to bring an unsuspecting friend with me, and I know just the one. He is a real chauvinist, and I'm sure my mistresses will teach him the error of his ways, no matter how much it hurts him.

The End

7/14/2012 4:19:41 AM


The Clinic

My throat was dry as I approached the door to the clinic. I wondered what it would be like, would it be cold and clinical or warm and sensual, would there be a lot of people around, would I be alone, what would it be like.

I opened the door, and stepped inside, I was in a reception area that was empty except for a receptionist. I hesitated a moment and then she looked up from her work and asked me if she could help me. I told her my name and she looked in a book and said that the doctor would be with me shortly and would I please have a seat.

I sat down and picked up a magazine and leafed aimlessly through it, my mine racing on what lay ahead, I could hear soft music playing over the speakers, and the air was heavy with the usual scent of a doctors office. As my mind wondered I was startled to hear my name being called... I looked up and a young lady in the white uniform of a nurse was holding the door open and asking me to follow her. I stood, took a deep breath and followed her down a hall, walking past several examination rooms, finally she stopped, told me to go in,and sit on the table. She took my blood pressure, asked me a few questions about my past medical history, then said the doctor would be in shortly.

I sat there for what seemed like the longest time, when finally I heard a soft knock at the door, the door opened and in stepped a young man, in his early thirties. He introduced himself as Dr. Snyder, we exchanged a few pleasantries and then he asked me what I knew about the research they were doing, I said not much, just that the ad had alluded to research into feminine sexuality. He said that was correct insofar as it went. He said more specifically they were doing research into various methods of women achieving orgasm, and measuring the speed, intensity, and subjective feelings the woman was experiencing during the buildup to orgasm and during the actual orgasm. He went onto explain that the various methods they would be comparing were masturbation by the subject, masturbation using a vibrator, induced by the doctor using clitoral massage, plus a new method they were testing called electro-stimulation. He must have seen my reaction when he mentioned electro-stimulation, because he said, " I can see you have a question about electro-stimulation." I said yes, and that I had never heard of it before. He said it held great promise in their studies so far it appeared to be a very pleasant and efficient way to induce an orgasm. He told me that if I decided to proceed, he would explain it in greater detail to me at that time.

My mind reeled, what had I gotten myself into, it all seemed legitimate enough, and I had come this far, should I get up and head for the door, or should I stay, after all could it be so bad, getting paid for enjoying orgasms, but would I be able to come with some stranger watching me, touching me, in ways and places only special people had ever touched me before. I hesitated only a moment before I heard my voice saying, I guess I want to be a part of your experiments.

The doctor said he was glad that I had decided to take part, he said he would leave for a few bit and that I could put on a gown and lie on the examining table and he would return in a moment. He left and I began to undress, I slipped my blouse off and quickly unzipped and took my slacks off, I looked down at my breasts, wondering what the doctor would think of them, I had always thought they were cute breasts, medium sized with nicely shaped nipples, well no time to wonder now, I figured I had better get the gown on so I slipped my panties off, slipped on the gown and got onto the table. The table was cool on my back as I lay back. It seemed like only a few minutes before I hear the door open and the doctor returned. He stepped along side the table and did the normal physical exam, checking my heart, listening to my lungs, looking into my eyes, nose, ears and throat. Then he told me to put my feet into the stirrups that he was putting on the table, he took each foot and lifted it into place, then told me to scoot down so my bottom was right at the edge of the table, there was a video camera on an adjustable arm suspended from the ceiling over the table and a bit to one side, the doctor reached up and pulled it down and positioned it so it was right above his shoulder and aimed right at my genital area and as he did so I could see my lower abdomen and vulva appear in the monitor, the doctor turned on a light and adjusted it so it illuminated my genitals, the warmth from the lamp felt good.

He quickly slipped on a pair of latex exam gloves and I could both see and feel as he placed his fingers on the lips of my vulva and spread them apart. I had never looked at myself like this and was surprised by the moist pinkness of my inner lips, as he spread them wide exposing my vaginal orifice. His finger pushed upwards and my clitoris slipped from under its hiding place as his fingers continued to open and massage me as he examined every fold of my vulva. He took his fingers from my vulva and I could see him picking up a tube of lubricant from the table that was beside him, I know he was getting ready to examine me internally. I watched fascinated as he squirted a generous amount of lubricant onto his fingers and then before I had time to savor the moment I could hear his soft voice telling me to relax, at the same time I felt the coolness of the lubricant, as his fingers eased themselves into my vagina, I relaxed my lower abdomen and breathed deeply and I must confess it was a bit uncomfortable for a moment until I adjusted to the sudden intrusion, he placed his other hand on my abdomen and I knew he was checking my ovaries and uterus. Then as suddenly as they had entered his fingers were withdrawn, and I was empty again.

He wiped my lips dry with a tissue and stripped off his gloves and came around to the side of the table. He told me everything looked fine with my physical and if I was sure I wanted to proceed he would explain the details of electro-stimulation to me. Well with his ministrations during my exam I was sufficiently aroused that I was in no mood to back out now. I nodded my head that I wanted to go ahead. He said he would step out of the room and get the equipment and then he could show me the equipment as he explained the procedure to me. He left and in what seemed like only seconds returned with a small box and attached to the box by a electrical cable was what looked like some sort of probe.

He pulled a chair up next to the table I was lying on and started telling me about the electro-stimulation procedure. I listened with eager ears as he explained that the procedure consisted of inserting a small electronic probe in to the woman's rectum and which then delivered a small current to her uterus and entire genital region. He went on to explain that this caused the muscles surrounding the entrance to the vagina and the entire valvular region to contract slightly. And that the rhythmically pulsing of this current would cause a women to rapidly archive an orgasm. He went on to explain that the procedure had first been discovered and used in artificial insemination of cattle and sheep. They invented and perfected the equipment while researching ways to collect semen from bulls and rams. It seems that when the probe is inserted into the rectum of the bull or ram, and a rhythmic stimulation is given the animal develops an erection and then ejaculates quite readily. Apparently the animals would even look forward to the treatment as evidenced by their having erections before the collection was even started.

I wondered if he could see my breath becoming deeper as he told me about the procedure, if he did he certainly didn't let on. He held the box up in front of me and I could see that it had two knobs on it with a meter of some sort. This is the heart of the stimulator he was saying, this knob controls the maximum intensity of the stimulation, it is what is known as a step control in that there are ranges, each more powerful then the previous. And this knob enables me to gradually apply the stimulation and increase the intensity to the maximum allowed in each range. What we usually do is start out on the lowest range and deliver several stimulations at that range and then slowly increase upward through the ranges, depending on the subjects reaction. I guess he could see the puzzled look on my face at that statement, because he went on to explain that some women react much more strongly to the stimulator then others, some orgasm quite readily and others take a bit more teasing before they achieve orgasms. He said he could tell what effect the stimulations were having on the subject by observing their genitals, listening to their breathing, etc. Plus some women would verbalize what they were feeling and what they needed, such as whether they wanted him to hold the stimulation on a bit longer or wanted it a bit harder or a slower rhythm or a faster one. Then he showed me the probe, the thing was black about an inch in diameter and about 5 inches in length. and had two silver electrodes running the length of it. He said they inserted the probe into the woman's rectum with the electrodes positioned upwards so they stimulated her uterus and vaginal area. This minimized any stimulation of the spinal area which tended to cause the leg muscles to contract.

He asked me if I had any questions before we started, and I asked him what the contractions felt like, He said it had been described my most women as a tingling sensation, with an urge to bear down. He reassured me that anytime during the procedure if I was uncomfortable or wanted to stop all I had to do was say so and he would stop the stimulations immediately, but that all the women so far had been very pleased with the experience. He said well if you have no more questions why don't we get started. He moved down to the end of the table between my opened legs which were still in the stirrups, and seated himself on a stool, placing the stimulator on the table next to him. I could see him once again pick up the tube of lubricant and apply a generous gob to the probe. I heard his voice saying "I am going to insert the probe now, bear down, and relax". I felt his fingers spreading my cheeks apart and felt the coolness of the lubricated probe against my anus. "Breath deeply" I heard him saying and felt the probe pressing inward. I gasped a bit as I felt myself stretching to accommodate its size, I could see it slipping into me in the monitor above, it was about 2/3's of the way in and I had never been filled like this before. Just a little bit more I could hear him saying in his reassuring voice, "just breath deeply", then as if by magic I felt my anus clamp down over the smaller diameter of the cable and knew the probe was fully inside of me. I felt the urge to bear down, at the same time I hear him saying "you are probably feeling like you need to expel the probe aren't you." I gasped a "yes", and he said "just hold on a second and when I give you the first stimulation that urge will pass." I looked down, I could see my whole genital area in the monitor, my spread lips and the black cable disappearing inside of me.

"Alright I am going to deliver the first stimulation, it will be a small one just to get you used to the sensation, and to settle the probe in." No sooner had the words came out of his mouth when I felt a tiny tingle deep in my belly, and felt my anus contract, a small gasp escaped my lips at the suddenness and feeling associated with that first pulse. It started so suddenly and then as suddenly as it started it was gone, and the urge to expel the probe was noticeably lessened. "There that wasn't so bad was it", he asked in a way that I could tell he didn't expect a reply.

Alright now we will get started for real, are you ready? Just try to forget I am here, relax and enjoy your experience, if you want a stimulation to be longer or firmer or the interval between stimulations to be shorter or longer, just whisper to me and I will abide by your wishes, only you know what you are feeling. Or if you want me to be totally in control that is alright also, he told me. I nodded my approval and closed my eyes.

I lay there in that office, with a probe in my rectum, waiting for what lay ahead. Then it was upon me, I felt the tingle inside me, my anus contract, the stimulation grew in intensity as the doctor rotated the power dial, and I was aware of a tingling down the backs of my thighs. I felt my vulva swelling as a rapid sense of arousal rushed over me. Then the stimulation relaxed as he rotated the knob back. "Very good", I heard him saying, then I felt the tingle and the grip of the stimulation again. The slow rise as I felt the blood filling my tissues making them sensitive to the slightest touch. I could feel my lips spreading as my clitoris swelled and emerged from beneath it's hood, and my inner lips engorged with blood. I sensed a urge to thrust upward to intensify the feeling but I resisted, wanting the doctor to be in control, wanting to abandon myself totally. I fought to retain my slow breathing, and to keep my abdomen relaxed as I knew that would intensify the feelings I was experiencing.

Somehow I never expected it would be like this, happen so quickly, I was not worrying about the doctor being here watching me, I was just abandoning myself to the delightful sensations the probe was eliciting from within me. I lay there trying to relax, not to rush what I knew then was the undoubtedly the ultimate conclusion. There was no doubt in my mind as to whether I would be able to achieve orgasm through this method, with each stimulation the doctor administered I was moving farther along the blessed climb to the peak when I would slip over the edge. I could feel the intensity growing stronger, more insistent, controlling me longer, feeling my anus contract tightly around the cable, my lips, and clitoris swell as body reacted to the delightful rhythmic pulse. I felt so open, so wet, I was rapidly developing an empty feeling deep inside of me, an almost aching feeling inside my vagina, needing to be filled. I have sometimes got this feeling when I was masturbating myself, and had found that if I inserted my finger into my vagina and massaged the front wall it would result in my rapidly coming to a climax.

Something drew me to open my eyes, I wanted to see myself in this aroused state, and when I looked upward into the monitor I was not expecting to see what I saw, my vulva was swollen almost to the bursting point, my lips spread, my inner labia swollen and an almost fiery red in their arousal. A copious stream of clear lubrication was oozing from within me, I never dreamed I could produce so much lubrication, it was bathing my lips making them glisten in the examining light. Then I heard a slight click and another stimulation gripped me and I grunted as the peak grew quickly and surpassed the previous surges. My belly was craving relief from this torment and I wanted to orgasm, I waited for the peak to pass, but the stimulation didn't lessen, and I remained there, for moments till I felt the grip lessen. I knew I was close, the urge to thrust grew with each passing stimulation. I heard the Dr. whisper, "you can thrust if you feel the need to", and when the next stimulation came I let myself go and felt my buns contracting as my hips involuntarily thrust upward searching for the fulfillment of penetration. I almost shrieked at the sensation that flooded upward as I responded to the urge to thrust, my feeling were multiplied many times.

I remained there, legs rigid, hips thrust upward off the table as wave after wave of orgasmic contractions cursed through me, far stronger and more intense then anything I had ever known. I knew Dr. Snyder and the electro-stimulator were in control of my orgasm, accentuating the intensity, and duration of my contractions, and I hung there in that blissful state, a moan escaping my lips from the delightfully exquisite sensations I was feeling in my genital area. I don't know how long that orgasm lasted, but gradually the contractions lessened in intensity, and length, and I sagged back to the table, totally spent. I lay there, my breath coming in gasps from the tremendous orgasm I had just experienced, other then my breathing the room was quite. I was totally spent, I became aware of the doctor's voice telling me to bear down that he was going to remove the probe and to relax, I relaxed my sphincter and felt a tug as he pulled on the cable, then felt the probe slip free.

I lay there on the table recovering from my orgasm as the doctor busied himself making some notes on a chart. Finally he finished and by that time I had more or less recovered from what was one of the most wonderful orgasms I had ever had, and he turned on his stool to face me and we talked a bit more. He asked me if I would like to take the stimulator home with me to try on my own. To which I quickly answered with an affirmative "Yes", I could think of nothing I would rather do. He told me he would like for me to keep notes of my experiences and feelings, which setting and techniques resulted in the most pleasing sensations, etc. He also told me that on the way out to stop and make an appointment for a couple of weeks and we could talk about my experiences on my own and try another method.

With that he got up and said his farewells and headed out the door. I lay there on the table a bit, reflecting on my visit, then got up used a kleenex to dry myself a bit, then slipped on my panties, and dressed. I picked up my friend for the next two weeks, tucked him under my arm, grabbed my purse, opened the door and headed to the reception station.

I would like to tell you about my personal experiences with the machine, and my other visits to the clinic but that will have to wait until another time.

The End

7/6/2012 7:33:41 AM


The Belt

The flowering of our S&M fantasies has been one of the highlights of our sex life for Kathy and me. We began by using the telephone. I would call her at work and describe in vivid detail what I planned to do to her sexually that night. To my delight, I discovered that this excited her and she walked around at work all day with a wet pussy. Knowing this turned me on.

Gradually I began to smack her ass during sex play, as she sat on top of me or as she lay on her stomach sucking my cock. I would be on my haunches in front of her, and as she sucked me, I would raise myself up on my knees, hover over her and bring my palm down on her ass. At first they were exploratory smacks: light, but hard enough to make the rounded flesh of her ass jiggle. Soon, though, I was spanking her full-force, causing her ass to turn crimson with the imprint of my palm, and her pussy to turn juicy.

As the spankings increased in regularity, I was satisfied we were on the right path to living out our fantasies.

Then we devised something we call the CRACK BELT. Under her skirt or jeans she wore a thin belt around her waist with a strip of rope attached to the back of the belt, running down between her cheeks, snuggled tightly between the lips of her pussy, pressing on her clit and attached again at the front. The constant pressure on her clitoris and the continual rubbing of it while she walked kept her crack juicy.

The best part was watching her face when I knew she was coming in her pants and no one around her realized it. I also went out of my way to find long flights of stairs to walk up, because I knew thats when the rope and belt would make her pussy the hottest. There were times when I thought she was going to faint from the tremors of pleasure she was experiencing in her cunt. We always fucked immediately after taking the Belt off, and she was so wet that I could sink my cock in to the hilt without the slightest bit of trouble.

The Crack Belt got to be such a favorite for us that Kathy actually began asking for it, the first time being the night of our one year wedding anniversary. In celebration, we decided to go out for a nice dinner. After Kathy showered and put on her makeup, she walked out of the bedroom, naked, holding her Crack Belt. Softly, in a seductive little voice, she asked me if I wouldn't like fit her into the Crack Belt myself.

I fastened the small belt around her waist and then knelt down behind her to tie the cloth rope and pass it down the crack of her ass to be tied in front of her navel. But this time I felt something different as I was doing it: such important emotional tenderness on our anniversary. While kneeling behind her, I planted a warm, wet kiss on each one of her buttocks causing her to shiver.

All through dinner my excitement continued to mount. I found myself touching her, running my hand against her cheek, pressing my hand against her hip and lightly on her thighs. Beneath her dress I could feel the outline of the Crack Belt. The slow, sweet torture of anticipation tingled in my loins, and I looked forward to quenching my sexual thirst. Gazing at Kathy across the table, knowing her crack was wet from the Belt, I saw in her eyes the same tense anticipation I was feeling. We picked up our wine glasses and toasted out one year anniversary.

When dinner was over we went right home. As soon as we were inside the apartment, I took her in my arms and gave her a long, passionate kiss. I sucked on her soft, warm tongue as if it were giving me life and unzipped the back of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. My cock bulged and pressed against the front of my pants as I knelt in front of her and undid the Crack Belt. I pushed her back onto the couch and spread her thighs so that her soggy pussy presented itself like a target to me.

My tongue darted between her slippery lips and pushed into her hole. I tasted her sticky juices as I licked up the length of crack, stopping at her clit. Her back arched violently and a loud moan of pleasure came from her mouth as I sucked the fleshy button into my mouth and ran my tongue across it. Already she was about to have an orgasm, and she gripped the back of my head with both hands in preparation for it.

When it came, she pumped her pussy up and down on my face while still holding onto my head. I continued to suck on her clit as she screamed with pleasure. When the waves of her orgasm had subsided, I took my now juice-covered face away from her pussy and kissed her hard on the mouth so she could taste her own come. She again held me by the head and, kitten-like, licked my entire face clean of her juices.

I stood up and took my clothes off. My cock stood at rigid attention as I told her to suck it. Kneeling down, she took the whole of my cock in her mouth and cupped my balls in her hands. Her head bobbed back and forth, her lips sliding along the entire length of my cock, her hands gently squeezing my balls. Her tongue ran along member, pressing and stroking, toying with the tip. Sometimes she would pause with my cock head caught in her lips and massage it wetly with her tongue. I felt as if I were about to explode with excitement.

As the feeling grew in intensity, I gripped her head steady and began to fuck her face, pumping my cock slowly but deliberately into her now stationary mouth. I wanted desperately to shoot my load down her throat, but I decided to wait. I had other things in mind, and I wanted to maintain my sexual energy for a grand finale.

Pulling my cock from Kathy's mouth, I led her by the hand into the bedroom with my hard cock pointing the way. I watched while she put on black, net stockings with a black garter belt, elbow-length black lace gloves and a wide-brim, blue straw hat with a black band around it.

With my girl dressed this way, I could hardly contain my desire for her. Taking her own hairbrush from her dresser, I ordered her to face the full-length mirror we have hanging on the back of the bedroom door. She braced herself by putting her gloved hands on the upper corners of the mirror and then spread her long, stocking legs. As she stood with her eyes glued to her own reflection, I positioned myself behind and to one side of her and gently ran my hand across the smooth skin of her bare ass.

"Beg me to spank you, Kathy," I ordered.

In a meek voice, barely more than an excited whisper, Kathy said, "Oh, please spank me." And as she stood there spread-eagled against the mirror, I began to spank her ass with the hair brush.

As the power of the blows became stronger, her ass got redder and the slap of the wood smacking hard against her skin seemed to reverberate through the bedroom. Although standing stationary, she began lifting first one foot, and then the other as if she were doing a slow dance. Her head arched back as she continued her dance and I continued the spanking. With Kathy standing there in front of me dressed like something from a French whorehouse and with a flaming red ass, I felt as though no man could have it any better. I loved this woman, and I loved the sense of power over her that spanking her gave me. This was a gift from Kathy.

I ordered her to come away from the mirror and bend over. As she gripped the arms of an easy chair for support, I told her to spread her legs as far as possible and to lift her ass in the air. Lowering her head into the cushion, she did as she was told.

Kneeling behind her, I now had her plump, meaty pussy lips staring me directly in the face. I hope I never lose my fascination with the sight of a woman's cunt exposed this way and waiting for it to be administered to. Pushing her ass up in the air as far as I could go with one hand, I began to spank her again.

Moans of pleasure pain escaped Kathy's lips as her ass began to sway back and forth. My excitement was rising quickly. With each new smack my cock pulsed with the desire to fuck her until she screamed for mercy. Finally, I could wait no more. With one last perfectly aimed stroke of my hand, I elicited a loud moan from her.

Now standing squarely behind her, I placed on hand on her waist for support and with the other hand guided my bone-hard cock into her hot, sticky ass. Upon contact with the stretchy grasp of her hole, I gasped in relief for I knew the huge amount of come I had been holding back would soon spill out of my cock. And it did. I would have liked to fuck her longer, but the tight walls of her asshole wraped around my cock like a slippery, gripping hand and brought me to a violent climax. I threw back my head and rammed my cock as far and as hard into her as I could. And as I came with primal grunts signally the pumping of load after load of my come into her ass, Kathy came also, throwing her head back and squealing with joy.

The End

7/4/2012 5:02:26 AM


B And D Water Fantasy

As she came to, she realized that it would do no good to struggle. The leather straps that bound her were much too tight. As more of her senses returned, she became aware of the thick rubber dildo lodged deep in her ass. Tried to crane her neck she could just about see a long black rubber hose leading from her ass up to a large clear glass container suspended from the ceiling. At the bottom of the container was some sort of a chrome device bristling with hoses and fittings.

The feeling in her asshole had now fully returned. She squeezed her rectal muscles as hard as she could to try and push out that huge invader, but to no avail. Unknown to her was the fact that circling the coronal ridge of that massive ass stuffer was a fully inflated Bardex-like cuff. She would have to turn inside out before she would loose it from its tight, humid home.

By now, she was almost crazy from the pain. Her small, tight asshole felt like it was being ripped apart. She twisted and squirmed, chest heaving, screaming from the agony, desperate to free herself from the cold stainless steel table and the enormous rubber cock. Lost in her struggle to free herself, she didn't notice that a man had entered the room and was walking toward the her.

"I'm glad to see you're awake" he said. "I hope you're not too uncomfortable." He laughed as he surveyed the poor girl, who was helpless to react. "I hope you don't mind if I check my work." He chuckled as he reached between the cheeks of her cute young ass to wiggle the big dildo. 

"UUUNNNGH!!" she grunted as the movement sent fresh waves of pain rippling out from her tormented asshole.

"Oh! I'm sooo sorry. How insensitive of me!" He then burst into uncontrollable laughter, so much so that it brought tears to his eyes and he began to cough.

When he recovered from his little laughing fit, he began to work some controls beneath the table where she couldn't see. She heard the humming of motors and felt the center of the table rise while the table ends fell until her ass was a good two feet higher than her head and feet. At this angle, the tube in her bottom stuck out almost parallel to the floor. In addition, the strain in her ass was now doubled as the hard rubber cock pressed against the insides of her tiny anal opening. The straps that held her were now even tighter as she was stretched over the cold unyielding table and her soft skin was growing raw from the chafing of her bonds. Pitiful cries of suffering burst from her lips at this new bewildering turn of events.

"Oh shut up, you little cunt, you haven't begun to feel anything yet!!"

He then took another large container off a heating plate and took it to the one suspended from the ceiling. As he brought it over, she saw that it was filled to the top with a hot viscous liquid and now while she could no longer see it, she could hear it being poured from one container to another. When done, he moved back to the girl's ass and opened a small valve at the end of the black intruder, and released the air that was trapped in the line. As she heard the hiss of the escaping air, she could also feel the weight of the hot, thick liquid in the tube as it made its way down towards her vulnerable and stretched asshole.

"Now my little slut, you'll see what happens to bad little girls!"

With that he opened another valve and let the fluid begin to flow into her cute young upturned ass.

"Oh nooooooo!!" she cried, but the hot liquid had already begun its relentless journey into her, filling her. She began to feel the pressure build, and FAST. Her tummy was becoming obscenely distended as the thick fluid forced its way into every nook and cranny of her firm tummy.

She was openly sobbing now, begging for him to stop the almost unbelievable pressure and pain that gripped her soft insides like angry fingers.

"Oh stop crying! You've only taken about 2 quarts and you have LOTS more to go. But just to show you that I'm not all bad," he grinned, "let's see how you like this!"

He stopped the flow of liquid into her and reached down under the table she was bound to. He then removed a small piece of the table that was just below her crotch. Into this opening he fitted a stand holding a powerful 8" vibrating dildo. He adjusted it's position so that it just sat at the entrance of her tight young cunt. She tried to shift herself away from this new invader but by his raising the stand and lowering the table she found that she had nowhere to squirm and that almost all of her weight was now born by the dildo impaling her most luscious honey spot. When he was satisfied with it's position, he tightened the stand so that it would not move and turned it on.

The powerful vibrations were a shock to her at first and combined with the two quarts already in her guts and the huge dildos filling her most private openings, her mouth hung open and a thin strand of saliva dangled from the corner of her perfect lips. Whatever feeble powers of resistance she may have had began to give way to an almost traitorously rising tide of wicked lust. Her breathing became heavy and with each breath came a low moan as she writhed and twisted against her bonds; her now hungry cunt accepting that big vibrator, lost in pleasure and pain.

"Well I see you do like it, you little slut!" he said grinning. Without another word he once again let loose the flow of hot, thick fluid into her ass. A sharp cry sprang from her lips. She was being set afire with a great screaming pressure in her belly and cunt that now ached to be set free.

Her breasts heaved beneath her as she grunted and ground her now sopping cunt down onto the electric dildo, humping faster and faster toward her release. Her build-up grew like some great expanding bubble like the one swelling to enormous size in her belly causing her muscles to tremble uncontrollably in sexual frenzy.

"Oooooooohhhh... yesss, yesssss, YESSSS... YES! YESSS!! OH GOD YESSSSS!!!!" She screamed. And then screamed again, loud and shrill as she felt herself begin to cum. At that moment, just before her peak, he pushed a button that released the air in the inflated cuff on the massive cork plugging her bottom.

As the first orgasmic spasm ripped through her body, the nozzle, along with a thick stream of hot fluid, burst from her widely stretched asshole. She squealed again with tears of ecstasy and relief running down her face. With each wrenching orgasmic spasm, the cum-like juice spewed from her ass like from a high pressure pump. Her voice rose to a high pitched wail as she humped the big cock wildly now. This continued for some time as she grunted through wave after wave of thunderous orgasm. Many minutes passed and by now, the flow from her poor asshole only oozed from her, spurting out only when another wave wracked her sweating, exhausted body.

Little shudders now raced through her. As her loosened the bonds at her wrists and ankles, her limbs hung listlessly from the table. She was in a semi-numbed state as he turned off the vibrator and removed it from between her legs. It, like her legs down to her knees, was covered with her own sweet cream mingled with the fluid that had so completely filled her. Giving her tush a little kiss he left the room while another man entered.

He walked up to the table and took in the scene that was before him. Tenderly, he brushed away the hair that was plastered to her face and kissed her cheek.

She blinked and tried to return her eyes to focus. With a faint smile of recognition she said in a hoarse whisper, "That was incredible!" With that the man replied, "Just wait and see what I get you for your next birthday! I love you!"

The End

7/3/2012 4:59:52 AM


My Mistress

Looking out my window, I saw the Cal-Trans truck parked along the curb. Swell, I thought to myself, another fine day with my street closed. But then, I noticed a lovely female worker who stepped out of a truck in front of my sidewalk. She was wearing the standard bright orange reflector safety vest over her blue jeans and a work shirt. Even from across my front yard I could see that she was stunning, with long beautiful brown hair and a gorgeous young face.

All morning long, I peeked through my curtains and watched her working on my street under the blistering sun. I waited until 11:30 am to take her a glass of ice cold lemonade and introduce myself.

She thankfully took the glass and drained it in a single swallow. I explained that I had seen her working and thought she could use something cold to drink.

"Thanks, man. Hey, I'm just about to go on my lunch. Mind if I come inside for another?" Of course, I agreed.

She made herself at home in the living room while I went to the kitchen to get her some more lemonade. As I handed her the glass, she said, "Man, I saw you watching me all day." She must have seen the astonished look on my face. "Oh, don't worry about it, man. Actually, it was kind of cute. But I knew I'd just have to come in here and try you out", she winked at me, "if you know what I mean."

Standing up, she came over to me and took my hand. "Take me to your bedroom." I hesitated, things were moving just a little too fast for me. "NOW!," she yelled. The force of her command startled me, but I did as I was told. Once we were in the bedroom, she shut the door and turned to me. "When I see something I want, I take it," she said. "We either do this my way, or not at all. Understand?" I managed to mumble a feeble yes.

She ordered me to take off my shirt, then tied it over my eyes, making an effective blindfold. "I got to improvise with whatcha got here," she stated. "I ain't got my equipment." After she secured the blindfold, she told me to take off the rest of my clothes and kneel on the floor. I could hear her rummaging around my bedroom. I must have taken too long to get undressed as something hit my ass. "Hurry up, slave!" she yelled. "I ain't got all day." Hurriedly, I shed my remaining clothes and knelt on the floor, waiting for what might cum next.

My hands were roughly pulled behind me, and they were tied together. "Luckily," she said, "I carry a few necessary training supplies with me in my lunch-box." As I wondered what 'supplies' she was talking about, I felt her fingers on my left nipple, then a sharp pain as something was clamped onto my tit. I moaned in pain as she did the same to the other one. "Oh! You like that, don't you?" she laughed.

Grabbing a handful of my hair, she pulled me forward until I lost my balance and fell on the floor face down. I heard her move behind me, then felt her spread my legs far apart. I guess I knew what she was planning to do next, but I still jumped in surprise when I fell something hard and big being forced into my ass. By now, I was begging her to stop, but she only laughed and promised me more. Finally it stopped going in as I felt it hit bottom. I heard a snap as she strapped the object securely in place. I couldn't believe the feeling of totally being filled up that way, and it wasn't entirely bad.

"Stand up," she ordered. Somehow, I managed to get to a standing position without losing my balance. She untied my wrists, then lead me to the bed. Laying me on my back, she tied each of my arms and legs to the bedposts. As I lay there, her hands lifted my head off the pillow and I felt a strap being placed over my head. "Open your mouth", she said. I obeyed, and she strapped a giant dildo in deep in my throat. It stretched my mouth open completely and I could feel it pushing against the back of my throat. I tried desperately to push it back out with my tongue to no avail. "You better get used to things in your mouth, slave," she laughed. "That is if I decide to keep you!"

At last, she stopped, and I could feel her eyes on me, surveying her work. I felt her hands against my skin and I ached for her to touch me more as she reached between my legs to make sure the object that she had buried there was secure. "I gotta go back to work now," she said. "But I'll be back at the end of my shift so I can have some fun, too! Don't go anywhere!" Chapter Two I don't know how long I lay there tied to the bed. At first, I tried to escape from my restraints, but it was no use. So I waited. After what seemed like hours, I finally heard her come in. "Ah, there you are! Have you been a good boy?", she asked. I felt her hands on my head as the dildo was unstrapped and removed.

Rubbing my dry tongue over my lips, I tried to bring some life back to my dehydrated mouth. "Please," I begged, "let me go. I'll do anything you ask. Please!" She just laughed at me. "You're already going to do everything I say, slave boy! Now," she continued, "I'm going to untie you. But first, you've got to understand something. You will only address me as 'Mistress'. And you will not speak again unless I tell you to. You will do everything I tell you without hesitation, or face whatever punishment I decide. Understand?"

I nodded in agreement, being to tired to resist at this point. "Good," she said while releasing me from the bed. Removing the blindfold, she ordered me to stand up and turn around. I felt her checking the straps around my butt, making sure that the toy she had buried in my ass was still held in place. I now stood before her completely naked, and totally at her mercy. Sitting down, she ordered me to stand in front of her and masturbate. I was very embarrassed, but she was so beautiful that it wasn't long until my cock was rock hard. She watched intently, never taking her eyes off my cock. After being frustrated so long, I jacked off with real enthusiasm, even surprising myself. Soon, I could feel myself getting close to orgasm. But she was not going to allow me any pleasure so soon. Ordering me to stop, she once again led me to the bed. "Don't move," she told me as she left the room.

I almost fainted when she returned, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. With her was a man who she introduced as Bob, a fellow employee of hers. I had seen him outside earlier working with the woman who had become my Mistress. (I still did not know her name!) He had obviously been working all day as he was dirty and sweaty and smelly with stubble covering his face. He watched me with obvious amusement as my mistress grabbed my by my hair and forced me to my knees on the floor. For the first time, I noticed that she was holding a leather whip in her hands.

As Bob walked over and stood directly in front of me, she moved around behind me and said, "You know what to do, slave boy, so get going! And if you don't do it right, I'll be right here to make sure you do." She let the whip dangle before my eyes. I hesitated and was rewarded with a stroke from her whip across my ass. Tearfully, I reached up and unfastened his jeans, pulling them down to his ankles. An even stronger lash from her whip made me jump, and I reluctantly pulled his shorts down also, revealing an impossibly large cock before my eyes. Never before had I even looked at another man's cock, and hear I was with one only inches from my face. It must have been eight inches long, hanging there flaccid. Lifting it with my right hand, I leaned closer and brushed the purple head with my reluctant lips. Already it was stiffening, and I was rewarded with his strong hands on my head as he thrusted it forward deep into my wet mouth. I gagged on it, and tried to pull away, but he was too strong for me. I had no choice than to start sucking on it in self defense. The pungent smell of him was overpowering as I took it all the way in, his pubic hairs pressed into my face.

Quickly, I got into the rhythm of it. My mistress hadn't forgotten me as she watched the show. Occasionally she would let me know she was there by roughly pinching one of my nipples or twisting the vibrator that was deep in my ass. Wrapping my tongue around his hairy shaft, I continued a strong sucking motion with my head constantly bobbing back and forth along his pulsating tool. I could feel the heat from his cock against the walls of my mouth. Bob was obviously getting close to release and he started to wildly pump my face with his massive instrument.

My mistress quickly pulled me away from him before he could come. She removed the vibrator from my ass and threw me face down onto the bed. Spreading my cheeks apart, she beckoned to Bob to take my virgin ass. Kneeling behind me, he roughly grabbed my ass and thrusted his giant cock deep inside me. It felt like he was going to split me open as tears formed in my eyes and I felt him hit bottom. Meanwhile, my Mistress placed her pussy in my face and I began to lick up her juices. She was obviously excited by what she was watching and she quickly responded to my hot tongue. Each hard thrust from Bob's cock made my whole body jump on the bed, and my face bounced around. As Bob worked his cock into my ass and I worshiped my Mistress's dripping pussy, I gradually became aware of how turned on I was! I could hardly believe it, but the burning pain in my ass was now turning into something else, a powerfully strong wave of pleasure centered around Bob's hard cock that thrusted deep inside me.

With building sexual excitement, I turned my attention back to my Mistress's wonderful steaming pussy. It was hard to keep my tongue on her vagina, but I did my best. She was obviously very excited as she was practically a river of juices, and I did my very best to catch every succulent drop. In this excited state, her glistening lips had swollen and her pink clit was quite visible as I leaned up to take it between my teeth. Slowly, I ran my wet tongue over it, then gently sucked it into my hungry mouth.

It wasn't long until my mistress began to pull my hair and scream, her whole body tensing up, her fingernails digging into my skin. Over and over again, her body was racked with spasms as I drank up her sweet juices. Finally she was done, and I felt Bob pull out of me. He flipped me over on my back and climbed up on top of me, shoving his cock back into my mouth just as he came. With astonishing force, his hot jets of sticky cum shot into my mouth, quickly filling it to capacity. I swallowed it all, gagging occasionally, until he was finally spent. He kept his cock in my mouth until it went limp.

"Very good, slave boy", my mistress said. "I think I'll keep you."

She allowed me to masturbate for my reward. With Bob and my new found Mistress looking on, I enthusiastically grabbed my cock and in only a few short strokes, I exploded with one of the largest and most powerful orgasms of my life. "God, what an animal," my Mistress laughed. "You really like being my slave, don't you?"

"Yes Mistress," I replied. My hand was now idly milking the last drops out of my cock that was rapidly going limp. On my stomach was a pool of my hot come, more of it than I ever remembered seeing. "What a mess you made slave! Clean yourself up," she ordered. On her instructions, I used my fingers to collect all of my cum and brought it to my mouth, where my tongue licked up every drop. I couldn't believe I was doing everything she said, but somehow I knew I could not refuse. Somehow this gorgeous woman had altered me forever and I knew I would do anything for her.

The End

7/2/2012 7:07:28 AM


The Dominant Wife

I love to be sexually dominated, and I am married to a very beautiful young woman who utilizes my obedience to the maximum. She knows that when I am sexually aroused there is nothing I won't do for her. She often makes me go a few days without coming, knowing that I will be that much more aroused and submissive. The other night I arrived home and found her laying on the couch wearing a short satin robe. As soon as I saw her I developed an immediate erection, thus becoming a slave to her desires. She ordered me onto my hands and knees and commanded me to crawl to her side. She then raised her foot to my face and said "Lick my foot slave!" I happily licked her foot as she rubbed it all over my face. She then pushed my face away with her foot and tossed a satin G-string at me saying, "Put on your uniform, and go draw me a bath slave!" I answered, "Yes Master." And went to the bathroom to change into the G-string and prepare her bath.

As soon as I finished readying her bath she entered the bathroom and told me to get on my hands and knees in the tub. I started to remove the G-string, but she told me to leave it on. I got on my hands and knees and she removed her robe to reveal her beautiful naked body.

She sat down in the tub in front of me and said, "Stick your head under the water and eat my pussy slave!" I stuck my head down between her legs and started lapping away. When I came up for a breath, she would count to three and then push my head back into her crotch. When she tired of this she had me wash her entire body. When I finished, she stepped out of the tub, dried herself off, and threw me the wet towel to dry off with. "I know you love to wear that G-string." She said. "So just keep it on slave, and go into the bedroom when you're done drying off."

I finished drying, except for the soggy G-string, and went into the bedroom. My raging hard-on was sticking out the top of the pouch on the G-string. She walked into the bedroom a few minutes later wearing a red satin camisole, garter, nylons and black patent leather pumps. She came over to the edge of the bed where I was sitting, grabbed my balls through the pouch, and told me to open my mouth. She then stuffed my mouth with a couple pairs of her panties and tied a scarf around my head to form a gag. She bound my wrists behind my back and tied my ankles together to insure I was fairly immobile. As she finished tying me up I wondered what she had in store for me this evening. She usually didn't tie me up, since I'm always very cooperative.


"Get up, slave!" She ordered. I stood up unsteadily and she pushed me toward the closet. We have a walk-in closet in our bedroom with a mirror on the door. I hobbled toward the closet as quickly as the bonds on my ankles would permit. She opened the door and inside was a chair which she motioned for me to sit in. Once I was seated, she securely tied me to the chair with rope. She reached down and seized my rock-hard cock in her hand and said, "Don't make a sound until I return. Do you understand?" I nodded my head. She walked out of the closet and closed the door behind her. I was left sitting in the darkness of the closet with a raging erection, not knowing what was next.

I sat in darkness for at least a half-hour before I heard anything outside the closet. I heard the bedroom light switch click and when the lights in the bedroom came on I was startled by the fact that I could see into the bedroom from within the closet. My wife had installed a one-way mirror on the closet door in place of the mirror that had been there. I could see the entire bed from where I was sitting and nobody could see me. I about died when my wife entered the bedroom followed by a young man I had never seen before. She was still wearing the lingerie she had on earlier, but he was completely naked. He looked to be in his early twenties and was probably a local college student. He had his hands all over her as he followed her onto the bed.

Soon this guy was banging my wife from behind with a vengeance as they moaned in ecstasy. I thought I would be jealous, but instead I was extremely turned on. The more my wife enjoyed it, the more arousing it was for me. My cock was so hard it hurt. They paused briefly to change to the missionary position and I heard my wife say, "You'd better hurry because my husband will be home soon." This guy didn't need any more encouragement. He started pumping like you wouldn't believe. My wife started moaning and trembling in orgasm as he continued pumping. She then reached around his ass and tickled his balls with her fingernails. That was all it took for him as he pumped a load of come into my wife's pussy.

As soon as his convulsions ceased, my wife told him that her husband would be home any minute and that he had better go. He quickly thanked her and left the bedroom to collect his clothes and leave. My wife remained on the bed with her legs spread, pointed her glistening cunt in my direction. My cock was so hard now that it felt like I was sitting on a steel pipe. My wife rose when she knew her visitor had departed and walked over to the closet. She opened the door and I thought I would soon be released from my bonds, But I was wrong.

She looked down at my raging hard-on with a smile and said, "It looks like you enjoyed the show." I nodded in approval. She smiled a wicked smile as she untied me from the chair and removed the gag. "The fun's not over yet little slave." She said. "Now go get on your knees at the edge of the bed." I hobbled, as before, over to the edge of the bed, not knowing what could possibly be in store for me now. When I got into position she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed in front of me. She then opened her legs and stuck her finger into her still sopping cunt. She then grabbed my balls with her other hand, eased her gooey finger out, and held it up to my mouth. "Lick it slave!" She commanded. I licked her finger like a lollipop until it was clean.

I could taste the come of the young stud that had just serviced her, mixed with her own sexual secretions. She giggled as she offered me another gooey finger to lick clean and said. "We've got to make sure we get every last drop, huh?" I nodded, and continued to lick and suck her finger. When she finished feeding me she looked down at my crotch and said, "I'll bet you'd like to relive some pressure." "Yes." I gasped, as it was all I could do to keep from coming at this point. She just giggled and said, "Well, I don't want you to make a mess all over so just wait here a minute." She then left the room and quickly returned with a box of plastic wrap. She sat back down in front of me and unraveled a couple feet of the plastic wrap. "This ought to do." She said, as she tore the wrap from the box. She then wrapped and sealed my engorged cock in plastic wrap, forming a reservoir at the top. "Now you won't make a mess." She said giggling. She then spread some K-Y jelly over the plastic wrap and began firmly pumping my cock. I immediately began to ejaculate, and I watched as I quickly filled the reservoir she had made. She kept pumping for a couple of minutes until she had drained every last drop of come from my balls. Leaving me in a state of splendid exhaustion.

The End

6/30/2012 4:11:17 AM


Nurse Bondage

Lee started here about a month ago. He's a doctor, about 29, over 6 feet tall, dark hair, and very handsome. He's everything a girl could want, smart, funny, and a real hunk.

Anyway, we both work what they call the late shift, from one to ten, when the clinic closes. Sometimes, things get hairy, but not often. Past nine o'clock, the place usually gets pretty dead. If they have a runny nose, or their back hurts, they wait till morning. As a result, there aren't to many people working past eight.

About a week ago, we were alone at closing time. The other doctor left early, and the senior nurse asked if I would help Lee close up. Of course, I excepted. Who wouldn't want to be alone with a handsome doctor.


Sure enough, after we had locked the doors and shut the place down, Lee started making passes and flirting. I responded enthusiastically. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me so passionately, my knees almost went out.

I was a goner. Within ten minutes, we were naked on an examination table doing a 69, with me on top. His cock was just like the rest of him, tall, strong and handsome. I hungrily sucked on it as he licked my clit. In about five minutes, I felt myself about to come and started to squirm my ass around and moan. He knew it and really went to work on me. I came really hard, almost screaming while I still pumped on him.

When I finished my climax, I moved off of him and continued to work on his cock. He laid back and moaned as my lips move up and down his hard shaft. It only took a couple more minutes before he told me he was about to shoot, and did just that. His come tasted so sweat, I had to swallow every drop. He came so much, I didn't think I could take it all, but I did.

After he stopped shooting, he pulled me up to him and rolled me onto my back. He then started to kiss me all over, paying extra attention to my nipples. Within a few minutes, I was excited again and he was hard. He slipped his dick into my wet crotch and started to slowly fuck me.

His stokes were slow and smooth. I found myself floating on a cloud. With each forward motion, my head spun around. With the passing moments, he moved faster and faster until he was pumping me like a wild animal. I wrapped my legs around her waist, and his manhood penetrated me even deeper.

Again I was about to come. I thrashed under him, moaning like a baby. He too, was about to come. Our moans mixed together, echoing through the clinic, as I felt his hot jism shoot inside me as I released my own climax. It was wonderful, coming together like that.

He rested on top of me for a few minutes, passionately kissing me. We then decided to get dressed. We didn't need for someone to come back, or a client drop in on us. We turned off the lights and went to our separate homes. That night, I had wild, exciting dreams about Lee. I came in my sleep.

The next night, we couldn't get the chance to do it again. The clinic was busy, and the other doctor locked up. But the following night, we again had the chance, but during office hours. We snuck into a empty office, and grabbed a quickly on a desk. It was exciting, and very sneaky, but not as fantastic as the first night.

It was almost a week later before we could chance anything again. The other doctor told Lee he would have to lock up the next night. Getting the other nurse out early was easy enough, since she like to leave early anyway. So we planned to have another encounter the next night, if all went well.

I went home and thought about how I could do something for him special. I didn't have to think long. Some exciting undies would well make it a night to remember. I picked out my outfit, and went to bed. I wanted to be well rested for a long night tomorrow.

The next day I got ready for work and put on my lingerie. It was a matching set of white lace bra, panties, garter belt and sheer white stockings. When I put on my uniform, you couldn't tell anything was amiss, except if I sat down and let my hem ride up my leg.

I packed a few things in a duffel bag, put on my little nurses hat, and went to work. Lee was there, and I could tell he was thinking about later. I was getting wet thinking about it myself. It was hard to work so close with him and not erotically touch him.

Finally, Ten o'clock came around. When everybody had left, I slipped into the back room, and traded my sneakers for four inch white high heels. Somehow, sneakers didn't go with garter belts. I looked in a mirror at myself. Normally, nurses walk around too much to wear heels. I looked like I was about to step into a porno movie about a horny hospital. But I didn't care, I was horny, and felt very sexy.

Well, I went back into the clinic and met Lee there. He had shut off most of the lights, and locked the doors. We were completely alone. When I walked in, his eyes almost popped out of his head. I stood in the doorway, giving him a very sexy pose, and asked him if he liked what he saw. He eyed me up and down for a moment, then told me yes.

I told him that tonight was his night, and I was his to do what he wanted with. That I was his to control. He looked at me slightly crossed, then asked if that I was sure that I wanted him to control me. I said yes. I didn't quite know what he meant at that moment, but I soon found out.

His attitude changed a bit, more authoritative. He told me to come over and sit down on a stool. We use them in the examination rooms for the doctors or family to sit on. I did as he asked, crossing one leg over the other, showing the tops of my stocking from under the hem of the uniform.

He then pulled out a black doctors bag and set it on the bed. He asked if I was ready to be controlled and dominated. I said yes, but wondered if I had said the right thing.

He opened the bag, reached in, and pulled out a bundle of white rope. I almost went into shock when I was it. I just sat there and watch him go to work. For a moment, I couldn't move or think. That was all he needed, for in a flash, my hands were tied behind my back, my ankles were tied together and tied to the foot bar on the stool.

I finally came to my senses and said I didn't know if this was right. He reminded me that, by my own words, he was in control, and that I was to do as he said. He wound rope around my knees and tied the ends tight. Another rope was wound tightly around my chest and arms, keeping them from moving.

He stepped over to a drawer and pulled out a pad and roll of surgical tape. I struggled in my ropes, trying to free myself. But he knew what he was doing, for all the ropes were too tight. He came back over to me. I said to him that this wasn't what I had in mind, and that he should release me so I could show him. He chuckled and said that this is what he wanted, and that soon I would learn to enjoy it too.

He said that slaves were meant to be seen and admired, not heard. He then shoved the pad into my mouth. Before I could spit it out, he placed a long strip of the wide tape over my lips. Two more strips help cover and keep it in there.

He sat down in a chair and watched me struggle in my ropes. At first, I was mad at the bastard. How dare he tie me up and gag me, especially since I did all of this for him. But as the moments went on, I noticed the huge lump in his pants, and how turned on it was making him. Before I knew it, I was getting hot between my legs, just waiting for what he was going to do next.

He then began to talk to me, telling me why we were doing this. He told me that for years he has a recurring fantasy. Ever since med school, he has wanted to placed a beautiful nurse in bondage, and do what he wanted to with her for hours, even days. To drive her wild with passion and lust, giving her orgasm after orgasm, then to use her for his own pleasure. Tonight, I would help him fulfill that fantasy. He then sat in silence, watching me wither in my bonds. His plan was working on me.

After several minutes, he untied my ankles and legs, and led me over to a recovery bed. He untied the rope around my arms and my hands tied, but kept my gag in place. He then unzipped my uniform, and let it slide down my body. I wanted to throw my arms around him and screw him on the spot. But I stood at attention as he walked around me looking over my lingerie covered body.

He then ordered me to kneel in the center of the bed. I did as he said. He then pulled my arms through a pull-up bar. A pull-up bar is a metal triangle that hangs over a bed so patients can pull themselves up to a sitting position. With my arms through the triangle up to my shoulders, he tied my wrists together and tied rope around my elbows, pulling them close together.

He then made me spread my knees apart, but crossed my legs at the ankles. He tied my ankles together tightly, crisscrossing the rope around them and my heels. He then tied my knees to the bed rails to keep them held wide apart. Thus, I became very immobile, and slightly uncomfortable, but plenty open and available for whatever he wanted to do.

He removed the tape from my mouth and pulled the pad out. Before I could say a word, he again gagged me by shoving a knotted cloth between my lips and tying the ends behind my head. I again had to struggle in my ropes in silence.

I found myself getting more and more excited. I could feel myself getting hotter and wetter by the moment. He could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and I couldn't do a thing about it. I knew that sooner or later, he would have his pleasure on me and fuck my brains out. The anticipation of when it would happen just made me more excited. He was right, I was learning to enjoy it. I fact, I was loving it.

For several minutes, he again watch me struggle. I couldn't move much, and I could only grunt and moan through my gag. He was getting really turned now, for the lump in his pants was growing even bigger.

He then came over to me and slowly caressed my body all over. His hands were wonderful, sending chills throughout my body. Then, with a flick of his fingers, he unhitched the hook on the front of my bra and slowly pulled it behind me. My nipples were standing at attention, excited from arrousement. He played with my tits for some time, holding, caressing, squeezing and pinching them. Now I was really turned on, and wanted to come so bad.

He then slowly untied my body, but again kept my mouth gagged. My arms were aching a bit, but it didn't matter. My crotch was wet, and I was hot.

He took me over to an examination table, and made my lay on my back. The head was elevated slightly, and there was a pillow for my head. He looped a long length of rope under the table, then, with my hands at my sides, he looped the cord around my wrists, then wrapped the rope over my body. The rope went around me and the table three times before being tied off. Each time it went around, my wrists were looped and knotted.

He slowly reached up and pulled my soaked panties down my legs. He sniffed them for a minute, and waved them under my nose. Lee then pulled the metal leg stirrups we use for examining maternity patients out from the table. He placed my feet into them, my heels through the openings, and tied my ankles to them.

The end result was my body was naked except of garter belt, stockings, heels and my nurses hat. My wrists were tied down and retained out of the way, my body was held down on the table, my legs were up in the air and spread apart, and my cunt was wide open. A really neat job. I wondered how long he had been thinking this one up.

Lee pulled something out of his bag, then came up to me, holding a wide black strap in his hand. He showed it to me. It had a small flesh colored thing on the one side that looked like a mans penis. I wasn't sure what is was, but I soon found out. He told me it was a penis gag as he pulled the cloth gag from my mouth, shoved the penis between my lips, and strapped the thing behind my head. It felt like a penis, and I immediately started to suck on it like it was a hard cock between my lips, about to come.

What he did then really surprised me. He went and put on a surgical gown and mask, and a pair of rubber gloves. At first, I thought he was going to operate on me or something. But then I realized, I was about to get the most erotic examination of my life.

He started with a thermometer. Instead of my mouth, he put it in my wet pussy. He held it there, while slowly playing with my pubic hair. He played it straight, while he was getting me really hot in the process.

After my temperature was taken, he next proceeded to give me a breast exam, listen to my heart beat (which was going a mile a minute), them my pussy, which he said was calling for relief.

Then finally he decided to probe me. First, he shoved one then two fingers up into my cunt, moving them around and fucking me with them. I started moaning like a baby, squirming around as much as I could. He then greases up a finger, and shoved it up my ass. I felt so wild, especially when he then played with my clit at the same time. I came within a minute, screaming like I was dying. My muffled scream seemed to please him, for he said he had found the problem.

When I had finished, he pulled off the gloves. He then raised the head of the table, so I was sitting at a 45 degree angle. He played with my tits for a minute, getting me excited and horny all over again. I continued to suck on the plastic cock, wishing it were Lee's real dick between my lips.

Again he probed my clit with his fingers, to find the right spot he said. He then moved down between my legs, pulled his mask down and dove in to eat out my pussy. He started out fast, getting me going. His tongue flicked over my clit and plunged deep into me. He sucked on my clit, and lapped up my juices.

Then, just when I was about to come again, he slowed down, knowing just how far to push me until I couldn't hold back. After a minute, he sped up again, getting me back to a climax level and holding me there. Again and again he did this. I thought I was going to die. I moaned and groaned, and the sweat poured from my body. But he just kept doing it.

At last, he took pity on me, attacked my swollen clit and brought me off. After having it deprived for so long, I exploded into the most intense orgasm I ever had in my life. I kept coming and coming, while Lee just kept lapping me up.

When I was finally done, and I thought I could take no more, he stopped and let the head of the table down, then pull the penis gag from my mouth. I laid there for a few minutes, breathing very heavy. He let me rest before we moved on to the final act of his fantasy.

Lee untied me from the table and led me back to the recovery bed. There, I laid flat on my back as he went to work. He pulled the bed rails up into the locked position. He then tied my right wrist to the bottom rail with rope. My left wrist was tied on the opposite rail. He tied a rope around my waist, then the ends were tied to the rails, to keep me from moving very much.

I figured he would do the same with my legs as with my arms, but he added a twist. My legs were spread and my feet were fed between the bars of the rail so that they were tied to the top rail on the outside of the bed. Thus my legs were up again, but spread wider that they would be on the inside of the bed.

Then the gag, but with a twist again. He placed a wadded cloth into my mouth. Then, over my mouth, he placed a oxygen mask and taped it in place. The tank just had air in it, which he opened the valve of the tank just a crack, so I had a fresh supply of air to breath. The wadded cloth was the real gag, the mask just helped to hold it there, plus add a different look.

He then turned off all the lights in the office. He then turned on the examination light that was hovering over me. I cast a single eerie beam of light onto my naked and trussed body. I couldn't see a thing outside the shaft of light, while the light didn't leave a single area of me uncovered.

I couldn't see him, but I knew he was standing there, watching me squirm in my bounds. I was driving me nuts, for I knew that sooner or later, he would plunge his hard shaft deep into my wanting cunt. I wanted him, like I never wanted anyone before. My moans and groans pleaded with him, and my squirming body called out to him. But he still didn't show himself.

Just when I couldn't stand it anymore, he appeared in the light, stripped naked, with his hard manhood standing before him. I looked it was bigger that the other times, and it seemed to be pulsating with power.

He said not a word, but climbed on the bed, positioned himself over me, and rammed his cock deep into my box. I gasped as he slammed it in, then moaned with each hard, fast, deep stroke he plunged into me. He worked like a machine, each stroke was just as hard and deep as the last, with a perfect sexual rhythm.

He pumped like crazy, slamming his hips against mine. I built to a climax, hoping he would explode at the same time. I came hard, moaning loudly into the mask, and my whole body tensing up with the thrill of my orgasm. Every part of me tingled, from my bound hands to my roped feet, especially my well stuffed cunt. It was even better than before.

Lee didn't miss a beat. He just continued to ram into me, his hard shaft filling me with each stroke. He continued for a few more minute before I knew he was about to shoot. He made a soft moan, closed his eyes, and gave one final thrust into me, forcing himself in as deep as he could. His hot come shot into me, filling me up with his sweat jism. He pumped gallons, and just kept coming and coming.

At last, his balls were drained and he slid out of me. He left the shaft of light on me for a few minutes while recovered. He then returned and untied my drained body from the bed, and removed the mask from my face.

He asked me if I enjoyed his fantasy as much as he did. I truly did, and told him so. To show how much, I pushed him down on the bed, opened his pants, pulled out his cock, and started to suck him off. The penis gag had made me want his cock in my mouth all night. He was hard instantly, and with ten minutes, he was shooting another load of jism down my throat.

I was allowed to dress again. We talked for a few minutes, and I told him how exciting the night had been. I asked him where he had gotten the ideas for all the position from. He smiled and pulled out a magazine. It was filled with woman, tied in various positions in different settings.

One set showed two girls tied up on a hospital bed with lots of rope. One of them was kneeling on a the bed with her arms through a pull-up bar, just like I had. Another set of pictures showed a high heeled clad nurse tied to a hospital bed, with a mask taped to her nce between me and her was that she was still wearing her uniform, but her chest was exposed. Another scene showed her tied topless to a examination table, with her feet in the stirrups, like I was. Too bad Lee didn't have a camera and take picture of me. I would have like to see how I would have compared.

As I looked through the magazine, there were other photos that were just as exciting. One girl was tied spread eagle to a bed, with ropes on her waist, chest and legs to keep her from moving. The caption said she didn't know why they tied her down, but she was glad that there were three men there, because it took all three of them to satisfy her. Another set showed two topless girls tied up, one on a wooden wheel, another hanging by her feet.

I must admit, it turn me on to think that Lee might have other ideas, or would like to try out a few of the one pictured here. I wanted to find out more, and try all sorts of things. But the night was getting late, and we figured we better leave. We kissed passionately, and he gave me a length of rope to remember the night by. I drove home a tired, but a satisfied and curious woman.

The next day, Lee and I met before work to talk about the prior night. We talked for about an hour. I told him how much I enjoyed the night before, and that I was curious to explore more about bondage. He told me that he really enjoyed the night before, and wanted to show me things, and try thing with me.

He then suggested that we spend the weekend together at his place. For the entire weekend, I would be in bondage. He could do whatever he wanted, however he wanted, whenever he wanted. He promised not to hurt me, nor do anything I didn't want to. I quickly accepted the offer, but made a condition that I would do it so long as he would also take some pictures of me while I was tied up. I was really interested in seeing myself all tied up and immobile. Lee agreed, saying he had a instant camera and a video camera too, to get all the action on tape.

Well, that's my story. Today is Friday. I have a bag all packed and ready to go, but there's not much in it. Only a toothbrush, makeup, hair items, and lots of lingerie and high heels. Lee likes it when women ware those kind of things. Of course, I'll be wearing my nurse's uniform too. So, I'm going to appeal to his desires. A whole weekend in bondage, at the hands of a handsome master. I can't wait. Should make for another interesting story.

The End

6/29/2012 4:12:34 AM


Food Fetish

The day is warm and sunny as I drive up to your house - perfect for the picnic we've been planning for weeks. I tap the horn, and you come running out of the house. As you cross the lawn, I take advantage of the opportunity to watch your breasts bounce and your body gracefully sway under the lightweight blue dress you're wearing. This is not without effect - when you reach the car, my cock is almost poking out the leg of my white shorts, and the bulge created by its length is plainly visible. We 
kiss quickly, and I slide the car out into traffic. 

The drive to the marina is only about half an hour, but seems to take forever. We even have a few near misses when my attention drifts from the road's hazards to your charms, but we eventually arrive safely to find my uncle's boat right where he romised it would be. It starts up on the first try, powerful engine roaring, and we skim out over the water, leaving a trail of churned white foam behind us. 

Soon we are out on the open sea, bouncing across the waves. Here, where there is nothing to hit, I'm paying more attention to you than to the boat. You are teasingly shifting in the seat to make your skirt slide higher up your thighs, and leaning over to examine the dashboard, not incidentally giving me glimpses of your tanned tits sliding inside your blouse.

All of this is giving me a monumental hard-on, a detail that has not escaped your notice. We spend the entire hour making each other hotter and hotter without a single touch. By the time we reach the secluded cove on the back side of Catalina, both of us are fantastically horny. I run the boat up to the shore, and help you out - not missing the chance to caress your soft breast and give the stiff nipple a quick squeeze. Handing you the blanket, I grab the paper bag and ice chest that hold our provisions, and we walk up the shore several yards to a grassy little area overhung by shady trees. 

You spread out the blanket and barely have it on the ground before I am holding you tightly, my hands squeezing your bottom, my groin rubbing against your belly, and my mouth locked to yours, tongues writhing and twisting together. Our embrace lasts for several minutes, just holding each other close and kissing hotly. Finally I raise my head and say, "Shall we eat?" Our clothes drop off quickly - I actually pop the button off my shorts in my haste to get them off. We hold each other again, enjoying the sensation of skin against skin. My cock is trapped between our bodies, and you can feel it throbbing against you. I move gently against you, feeling your soft breasts crushed against my chest, the hard nipples standing out like bullets. I lift you in my arms, carrying you across the grass to the blanket, where I lay you down. Reaching into the ice chest, I pull out a glass and a bottle of champagne. I hand you the filled glass, and with a wide smile kneel between your legs with the bottle. I hold it over your smooth crotch and begin pouring a slow trickle down, licking it up as it runs through your pussy.

The combination of the champagne and your own juice is delicious, and I lap rapidly at your cunt trying to catch it all. You are feeling incredible sensations, as the champagne tickles your sensitive pussy and I voraciously lick you. The champagne in your glass is not going to waste - dipping your fingers in it, you rub it on your nipples, which are quickly becoming as hot as your crotch. I begin concentrating on your erect little clit, and the pleasure grows. You know that orgasm is not far away. Then I abruptly set the bottle down and reach for the chest again, this time pulling out a bunch of grapes. Leaning back over you, I lick quickly at one champagne-flavored nipple and exchange a kiss before moving back down between your legs. Spreading and stroking your cunt, I begin pushing the grapes inside, one by one. Finally, they are all inside, and once again I place my mouth over your crotch, sucking them out. As each pops out and into my mouth, new shivers of excitement shoot through you, culminating at last in a raging, explosive climax that almost lifts you off the blanket. Lying back gasping for breath, you look down at my head, still buried between your thighs. "C'mon, I'm hungry too" you say softly as you sit up and I roll over to take 
your place on the ground. My cock stands up straight, stiff and hard, as you bring out the condiments - chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry for the top. Soon my crotch is a mound of chocolate and whipped cream, the cherry balanced precariously atop my rigid cock. You waste no time in lapping up the sweet mixture, my shaft quivering with each stroke of your tongue. A steady stream of fluid is trickling from the swollen red head, and you lick it off, swirling your tongue around and around the cherry still miraculously balanced on top.

Finally you slip me into your mouth, and after only a few moments in that hot wet grip, my cock lets loose, shooting it's own special sauce into your throat. Looking down at your chocolate-smeared face next to my still half-hard rod, I fumble behind me in the bag to see if there is anything left in our supplies. I find what I am looking for, and gently draw you up next to me. Sliding down, tracing a trail over your body with my tongue, I lie down again between your legs and taste your pussy. If anything, it is wetter than before, and a slight taste of the champagne remains. But then I take the banana that I am holding in my hand, and begin rubbing it up and down along the length of your slit. You moan with pleasure, and reach down to hold your cuntlips open, showing me your hot pink hole. The banana slides in easily, and you gasp as it twists inside you. Leaving it buried inside, I lick and nibble your clit for several minutes before pulling it out again with my teeth, eating it as it emerges from you. When it is gone, your body is hotter than you can ever remember it being. You are desperate to come, your body straining for climax. Your fingers are rubbing and digging at your clit, and you beg me to make you come. "We're out of bananas - I guess this will have to do" I chuckle, and shove my hard cock all the way inside you. Your scream and my shout at the sensation emerge at the same time, and for a moment I hold still inside you while we enjoy it. Then I roll sideways and pull you close, our sweaty bodies sliding together as my cock slides in and out of your quivering pussy.

Our hands are roaming over each others' bodies, stroking, squeezing, caressing, and we are kissing hotly, trying to devour each other with our lips and tongues. Your climax is first, even more violent than the last, and as your body shakes and quivers my release is triggered. For long moments we are held in ecstasy, rolling and bucking on the ground together. We finally catch our breath, and lean together against a tree, you sitting with your back to me between my spread legs, with my arms around your waist and hands idly stroking your belly. You turn your head and laugh as you say "Hey, you want to go into town and get something to eat?"

The End

6/27/2012 4:12:03 AM



Tina-Slave Tina had been having these strange feelings about her sexuality for years. She had always fantasized about things that would be considered "kinky" by most of her friends. Now, here she was in a situation that only a few months ago she could not have imagined. It all started when she and Marge had been talking about each other's fantasies. Tina had gone first and she had shared her innermost feelings. Marge was very intent, listening to Tina describe how she had always wondered what it would be like to be totally submissive to a man. 

Marge asked her if she had any experience in dominant/submissive relationships. Tina blushed as she described how she had once been tied up by an ex-boyfriend and how he had spanked her also. Marge asked if it had been exciting for her and Tina said yes. Marge smiled. Tina's face was flushed as she finished her story and demanded that Marge reciprocate. Marge smiled and said that her favorite fantasies were also about submission. Tina's eyes opened wide. Marge told Tina that only recently had she done anything about it and that she now knew a wonderful "Master". "Wow!, said Tina, "And he's always dominant?". "Sure", said Marge, "I get to live out my submissive fantasies totally with him. Tina felt herself getting excited and she shifted uncomfortably in her chair. "Would you like to meet him?", asked Marge.

Tina's eyes opened wide at the question. "What would I have to do?", she asked in a small voice. Marge just smiled, "You'd have to be completely submissive. If you want to meet him, he'll give you an interview and he'll find out if you're submissive enough for him. The interview was one of the most exciting events of my life. I was never so open or vulnerable as that day!" "What happens in the interview?", asked Tina. "I shouldn't tell you.", smiled Marge, "It would take away all the fun." There was a long moment of silence. Tina's mind was racing. Part of her told her to grab the opportunity and part of her told her to forget it. Finally she looked up at Marge. Her voice was quivering as she gave her answer, "I'd like to try it.", she said. "O.K.", said Marge, "You can expect a call in the next few days. The name is Sir Robert." 

Tina barely remembered the rest of the day. For the next couple of days, in fact, her mind couldn't get off what was going to happen to her. Her days were filled with the anticipation of waiting for "the call". Finally, 3 days later, it came. A woman's voice was at the other end of the line. "Is your name Tina?", she asked. "Yes.", said Tina, "Sir Robert has granted you an interview. I am to give you your instructions. Are you ready?" Tina's heart was beating a mile-a-minute. "Yes, I am.", she whispered. "Very well, you are to arrive at the Holiday Inn Hotel and present yourself at room 210 at exactly 2pm Saturday. Do not be late under any circumstances. You are to wear a light sundress. You are forbidden to wear a bra, stockings or panties.

You are to wear your dress and your shoes, nothing more. Do you understand your instructions?" "Yes I do.", said Tina. "You may say, Yes Miss.", said the anonymous voice sternly. "Yes Miss.", said Tina before she could even think about it. "Very well then, goodbye.", she said. Tina hung up the phone. Her heart was beating hard and her palms were moist as she sat down. She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. She let her hands glide down her body, feeling its heat.

She had never in her life imagined that she would do something like this and now it was really happening. She let her hands slide into her shorts and down under her panties. Her pussy was soaking. She started to play with herself, letting her hands slide into her pussy and rub the hot juices into her already hard clit. Her hips moved of their own accord as she imagined a stranger touching her, entering her, holding her open for his inspection. One hand moved up to her nipples and she pinched them tightly. The feeling was wonderful and she squeezed them harder than she would normally wondering if they would be punished also. Her orgasm was not long in coming and it was a powerful one. For the first time ever, Tina cried out loud while she was coming. The next couple of days passed in a blur for Tina as Saturday quickly approached. She couldn't keep the thoughts of what might happen from her mind and she seemed to be in a constant state of arousal thinking about it. And now, here she was, standing in front of a hotel room door wondering if she should actually knock or not! She had dressed early after carefully taking a long bath and cleaning herself from head to toe.

She was now in her yellow cotton sundress. It was a pretty dress that showed off her brown curly hair well. As instructed she was wearing no bra or panties. The feeling of traveling to the hotel with nothing under her dress had been a little unnerving. She kept looking at every man who walked past her wondering if he could see through her dress, wondering if he knew that she was on her way to a Master. Now, she stood in front of the door with her palms moist, her nipples hard and her pussy hot and wondered what would happen when she knocked. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she reached up and knocked on the door. It was opened a moment later moment later by a stunning blond woman. At first Tina thought she had the wrong room. She started to back away mumbling an apology when the woman said, "Follow me Tina." Startled, Tina moved into the hotel room. She looked at the other woman as she turned and closed the door. She was very tall, perhaps 5'11" and was dressed in a light summer dress that came down to about halfway to her knees. Her figure was perfect and her face beautiful. Tina looked at her face and saw that this was a no-nonsense sort of woman.

Tina waited expectantly in the entranceway for instructions. The woman took her by the arm and brought her over to the window. She was faced looking out of the full length window and told to remain still. The feeling of knowing that someone was behind her while she stood there was very unnerving. Suddenly Tina realized that standing this way made her dress almost transparent from the rear! A hot blush hit her cheeks as she stood passively waiting for instructions. She was made to wait for a couple of minutes, not daring to turn around before a deep male voice began speaking to her. "My name is Sir Robert, Tina", he said, "You may address me as Sir Robert or Sir." "Yes Sir", said Tina in a meek voice. Sir Robert continued, "I am going to be conducting your interview. I want you to know that you may not pass the interview and may be unsuitable for serving me. Now, before we begin I want you to spread your legs wide apart." Tina blushed again as she followed the instructions. She knew that whoever was behind her was getting a perfect view of her legs through the dress. It seemed silly considering that she expected to end up without even the dress before they were done, but, oddly, she felt more naked with the dress on. Sir Robert now began asking a long series of questions. They started off very normally, asking her birthday, her measurements. She was asked to describe the schooling she had received as well as the work experience she had. She found herself answering honestly and completely. The questions steadily got more personal. "At what age did you lose your virginity?", asked Sir Robert.

Tina told him that she had been 15. "Have you ever made love to a woman?", he asked. Tina stuttered on her reply that she had not. Sir Robert asked for complete history of what kinds of sexual experiences she had had and what parts of her body turned her on the most. She was embarrassed to describe how she masturbated and when Sir Robert asked if she had ever used her finger in her behind while doing so, she stammered out her answer. She answered a long series of questions on what types of submissive experiences she had enjoyed and what types of submissive fantasies she had. Finally, Sir Robert asked her the last question, "Are you now prepared to serve me?" Tina didn't hesitate. "Yes", she blurted. Tina heard some movement behind her and then felt the fingers of someone (Was it the woman or the man?) pulling her dress up. She raised her hands and in a moment she was naked. She was now standing in full view of anyone looking at this room on the 2nd floor of the Holiday Inn with absolutely no clothes on! Tina had never been so excited. She felt she would do anything for these people. "Alright Tina, now masturbate yourself." Tina jumped at the command. Her hand hesitantly moved to her pussy and found it drenched! Her juices were literally dripping down her thigh. She slid two fingers into her pussy and started moving them in and out. She was unable to stifle a moan. The woman instructed her to bend forward a little to give them a better view and Tina did so, her face and breasts were almost touching the glass of the window now. She was hotter than she had ever been in her life and her hand was moving furiously between her legs. She was breathing in short ragged breaths. She started to feel the beginnings of the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced when all of a sudden her wrist was grabbed by the woman and pulled away from her pussy. It was pulled back and quickly fastened to her other wrist behind her back. Tina moaned in frustration, "Please let me come?", she begged.

Her heat was incredible she was desperate to touch herself. "No, Tina", said Sir Robert, "You will come when I tell you not when you please." Tina moaned again, her hips were still writhing back and forth hoping to find something to rub against. Tina felt the other woman attaching nipple clips to her large brown nipples. They pinched her hard but were not really painful. The woman had Tina go down on her knees now and then bent her head forward until it was resting on the carpeted floor. She was instructed to keep her knees wide apart. She felt her bottom being stroked and the sensation was wonderful. The long cool fingers of the woman stroked the crack of her ass and then gently and firmly pulled her buttocks wide apart to completely expose her tiny rear opening. Tina moaned again as she felt herself opened. A finger cool with lubricant now slid into Tina's bottom and she gasped at the sensation. The finger moved slowly all the way into her and then slid out deliciously. She felt her hips move of their own accord as she pushed back against the finger trying to get more of it in her. The finger was removed and Tina moaned in frustration again. The next sensation was that of a small butt plug as it was inserted in her rear. Tina had never felt anything like this and she gave out a little whimper as the thick part of the plug pushed into her. The feeling of being held open like that was a constant stimulation for the already over-stimulated body. Tina heard Sir Robert chuckling at her. She felt a large manly hand reach between her legs to feel her heat. Two fingers slid quickly into her pussy and she cried out at the wonderful feeling.

They were quickly removed however. The two dominants now stood up leaving the hot submissive on her knees. Tina was hoping for relief. She moaned and whimpered as she knelt there with her filled bottom on display. "You are going to be spanked now, Tina.", said Sir Robert, "Are you ready?" "Yes Sir, please.", gasped Tina. Tina felt the leather paddle being rubbed on her smooth buttocks and then felt the rush of air as it struck her bottom. The pain was sharp but not unbearable and the heat that it generated added to her stimulation. She was moaning constantly and pushing her buttock back up to the paddle as it landed. The spanking stopped for a moment and she felt a large vibrator being slid into her soaking pussy. The vibrator was turned on and off intermittently. She was kept close to coming but whenever she was close, the action would stop and she would be kept quivering. Finally, the spanking ended. Her buttocks and upper thighs were hot and stinging. The juices from her pussy were now dripping down her legs and Tina was delirious with desire. She was ordered to turn around and suck her Master. She did so eagerly, now pulling his large manhood into her. The vibrator in her pussy was turned on and off. Whenever she was close to coming it would stop. She was kept in a constant state of arousal. Her tongue ran up and down it and she let him slide all the way to the back of her throat, something she had never allowed a man to do before. His orgasm was not long in coming.

She swallowed his come in large gulps, determined to catch it all and please her Master. Then Sir Robert ordered her to suck the other woman. She was sitting on a chair with her legs spread and Tina didn't even hesitate in leaning over to slide her tongue into the hot, wet woman. She quickly brought the other woman to orgasm delighting in the feeling of being able to please another person like that. "Now, I am going to let you come, my little slave.", said Sir Robert. "Oh thank you, Sir", said Tina. She was desperate to come.

The sensations in her nipples, her ass and pussy were indescribable. Every movement she made turned on a different part of her. "You will be entertaining more than just myself.", said her Master. "Go over to the window and move forward until your nipple clips are touching the glass." Tina did so, feeling the hot flush on her face of exposing herself this way. The vibrator was turned on again and she felt two hands reach around to grasp the clips on her sensitive nipples and pull on them. Another hand reached down to begin playing with the intruder in her ass and it was that last sensation that was finally too much. Tina's whole body began to shake as she let herself be consumed by the orgasm. It took over all of her and she would have fallen down if she had not been held up by the other two. Her ass clenched hard on the anal dildo and that sent her into another spasm of orgasm. It seemed to go on forever as one sensation after another triggered another peak. Several long minutes later she was curled up on the floor at her Master's feet, drained by the experience. It had been the most intense experience of her life and Tina knew that this was only the beginning.

The End

6/26/2012 4:09:02 AM


Her First Orgasm

It was a normal Saturday, I had gotten back from college the previous day and was preparing to go out with my girlfriend Kristen. Kristen and I have been dating for over four months now. Although we waited a while to have sex, our sexual urges had overwhelmed us after about 2 months of dating. 

We began to have sex, but, after two months of sexual activity, something special was about to happen... We started dating the first week in June. I had known Kristen before, she went to my high school. Although she was two years younger than me, I still didn't mind going out with the 'younger' ones, sometimes they are the best ones. Kristen had a huge crush on me in high school, but I never really persuaded a relationship with her. After I had gone off to college, we lost touch of each other.   I never forgot about Kristen while I was gone. It was nice having a girl fall head over heels for me. Time passed and I went through some rough relationships, never realizing that the summer of 1991 would prove to be one to wait for.

Spring semester was over and I had just got back from college. The first few weeks of summer vacation were quite boring, I would go to the bars with my friends, but never to get laid those nights. I'll never forget the day I saw her. It was week after high school graduation Kristen was no longer in high school and also no longer attached. I had just pulled into the parking lot next to where the tennis courts were. I was waiting for a friend to stop by so that we could play tennis. I remember looking up and seeing Kristen approaching me. At first I didn't know if it was her, sure enough though, it was. Two years definitely had changed Kristen, her braces were gone, and her breasts had developed nicely. After some small talk, I asked her out and she said yes.

That's how it all started...

Kristen and I dated a lot during the summer and we knew that someday our summer would end and that we would have to go off to college. The week before college proved to be the start of out now sexual activity.

I saw Kristen every weekend I came home. Although we went to different colleges that were far apart, coming home on a Friday proved to be a good end to yet another tense week at college.

Two months had passed since we started college. Every time we had sex on the weekends it just seemed to get better and better. Another Friday came and went, but Saturday was going to be something special.

I picked up Kristen at 6:00 that night. My parents had just left for a trip so I knew that I'd have the house to myself. My brother was gone off to a friends house so the setting was perfect. After some screwing around at the mall, we decided to drive back to my house. All night I had been thinking of the fun that was about to take place. Of course all of this thinking led to a hard on that lasted the whole drive home. I tried not to let my sexual desires get to me, but I couldn't help it. About 10 minutes after going home I grabbed Kristen's hand and led her upstairs to my bedroom.

We had done it before up there, but for some reason, I new that tonight... tonight... something special was going to happen. I had sexual experience and so did she, but I never managed to last long enough to make her cum. But something special was going to happen.

I gently laid Kristen down on my bed. I slowly began to lift her shirt off to get a chance to touch her beautiful breasts. Kristen had a nice set of tits, bigger than my hand but still nice and round. Slowly but surely I remove her bra. Sometimes she would wear bras that were a total bitch to remove. After some frustration, I finally had a chance to see her gorgeous breasts. I didn't want to move to fast tonight, I knew I had plenty of time to do what every I wanted.

I gently began to squeeze her soft tits. A light moan came out of her mouth as I did this. Knowing that squeezing too hard would hurt her I stopped. I then began to gently rub her nipple between by thumb and forefinger. I watched it as it slowly began to rise. After rubbing, I began to slowly moisten her left breast with my tongue running round and round her nipple in nice tight circles. Every motion across her nipple would cause a little moan to escape her mouth, and an occasional quiver could be felt at her leg. I knew she was wet and didn't want to wait any longer to be able to touch her snatch which was surrounded by sandy blonde pubic hair. Kristen was a true blonde, for sure.

I released my hand from her breast and slowly undid the belt that held her pants up. Kristen sure made it tough on me, three buttons held up her pants. After another episode of frustration, I finally got her pants down. Now all she had on was panties, I still was fully clothed. She slowly lifted her thighs so that I could take down her panties. Once off, I starred at the beautiful pussy in front of me. I could see the glistening of moisture off her lips below. The light made a nice spectacle of her wet pussy. I began to place my head towards her love tunnel, the sweet scent of her juices made my cock throb. I knew I had to wait though, that would come later.

I began to kiss her thighs and occasionally I would place my lips on her moist labia. She was going nuts, I knew she was enjoying every minute of it. But, this was just a start. At first a ran my finger up and down her slit, stopping occasionally to place my finger deep inside her, then I would take it out and rub her love button, only a little though, I didn't want to drive her insane right now, I had better things to come.

My tongue began to take over where my fingers left off. I would lick up and down her now soaking wet slit. The sweet taste of her love juices made my shorts feel a lot smaller. Faster and faster until I could feel her inner thighs start to press against my head. Concentrating on her clit, I would gently press my tongue against it, then I would stop, not wanting her to come, at least not yet.

I lifted my head up and Kristen said, "Why do you still have your clothes on?". She then quickly took off my shirt and rather viciously yanked my shorts off. I laid down on the bed next to her. She reached over to my now hard rock penis and gently ran her finger from the top to the bottom. She then asked me, "What's this?". I responded with "It's my cock, shithead!". She giggled then ran her hand down to my balls, gently squeezing them, which sent tingles down my shaft. She knew I liked it and wasn't about to stop doing it.

Occasionally she would kiss my penis, she didn't give me head much, I didn't mind, she was doing a pretty good job with her hand. By now precum started to literally drip out of my cock it had been building up inside me since I started eating her out. I wanted her bad, and I wanted her now.

My prayers were answered. She looked up at me and said my favorite four words, "Make love to me." I gently nodded. I sat up and laid Kristen down again. I laid between her legs, rubbing my rod up and down her soaked pussy lips making her groan. I knew this drove Kristen crazy. After a minute of rubbing she finally reached down to my cock and began to place it inside her. Although Kristen had sex before many times, she still was tight. I could feel her vaginal walls resisting the intruder. Slowly I moved my dick in and out of her, going deeper each time. Every time I went in her I could feel her warmness start to reach farther down my rod. Finally I felt her tunnel walls give free and let my cock go deep inside her.

I fucked her slowly at first, making her quiver each time I went in. Putting my dick in fast then pulling it out slowly sent sounds of moaning out her mouth. I could feel the heat of her hole, it was driving me crazy. Occasionally I'd look down and watch my dick come out of her hole glistening with moisture. I soon began to pick up the pace, for some reason I didn't have the sensation of cumming. Usually by now, I was squirting my liquid, but not this time, because this time was something special.

I continued to pump in and out of her more and more quickly. I looked at her face as I heard her breathing increasing and becoming more horse. Her hand reached down to grab my ass as if to put me even deeper into her or as to aid in my motions.

I began to watch her beautiful face, her gorgeous blonde hair was wet from the sweat of our love making. I watched as her teeth began to tighten, and her head begin to move wildly on my bed. The moaning turned into short loud grunts. Kristen was about to come. Her thighs began pressing against mine, I could feel her hands driving into my back. She could take it no longer, she let off a small scream and I could feel her juices all around my cock. This was too much for me to take. My cock began to tingle, I went in and out of her like a madman. She began to cum again, the squeezing of her pussy on my cock finally took its toll, I released a furry of semen deep into her, I moaned wildly, my breaths were short and loud. More pumping, more cum, when was it going to stop? Finally I relaxed. I slowly pulled out of her, to see the cum on my dick and her juices mixing as one. I laid next to her and held her in my arms, caressing her beautiful body... something special did happen that day... Kristen had her first orgasm.

The End

6/24/2012 4:50:51 AM


In The Ass

She was so hot. I just loved to look at her as she left her apartment. No matter when or for what reason she look very sexy. She had the kind of body that just screamed 'fuck me'. And that is what I wanted to do. She was kind of short but had those perfect legs that gave the illusion of going on for ever. She had that long, thick hair that was just perfect to nuzzle in too. I watched her everyday, and I knew her habits. On weekdays morning she dressed in a short dress type suit. All stiff and business-like, the type that made men and women equal in the workplace. 

Later she would come home and change for jogging. She wore some tight sweat pants and amorphous shirt. Because she had some huge breast she wore in of those tight jogging bras. Every day she came back all hot and sweaty making me really horny. Some would say, "If you wanted her so much why don't you get her?" Well for sure I wanted to but she always seemed to have another guy. And did she go through them. She never had one for more than a few weeks, and I wanted to be more than that. That is why I watched and studied her for so long.

I knew her in and out including her favorite sex positions, via a telescope bought for the purpose. As a matter of fact I finally decided that I would confront her with my love as soon as I found out one last bit of information. I didn't know her name. I vowed that when I got it, I would get her. One day she did not follow the usually routine. She went out to work did not come for her daily jog. I saw this as an excellent chance to figure out her name. I knew for sure that her name would be on her mail, which she usually picked up from her box before jogging. Inconspicuously I slipped down to the mail boxes.

The apartment owner either was a trusting soul or cheap because the boxes did not have locks. Lucky for me! I glanced and saw no one around. I quickly popped open her box and scanned her letters. Finally I say what I had been waiting for. Among the letters to occupant I found one addressed to 'Miss Betsy Bryant'. I am ready to make my move. I knew in my mind I was going to get this woman and I would start the next time I saw her. About 4 o'clock the next day I saw Betsy getting her mail. I slipped out of the apartment and came up the road as if I was going to the apartments. I walked up to her and pretended to ask her the direction to a friends place. When she was about to answer I said," Wait a minute? Aren't you Betsey Byrant? Don't you remember me?

I am Jim from school." This had her thoroughly confused and I moved in for the kill. I rambled on about some made up school career until she invited me to her place. I had never really seen her place except from the windows, and I was impressed. She had impeccable taste in decor that seems the mark of the successful women. After we got on the couch I admitted to really being her neighbor and used the school mate bit as a ploy to get in her apartment. Betsy was shocked and I was afraid that she would kick me out. Finally, at my urgings she cooled down, and admitted that she knew I was BSing her anyway. The she started spouting of info on me! She knew everything about me.

Of course I was surprised. It turns out that she used the computer at work to find out about me when she noticed me spying on her. "Well, I bet you don't know my favorite sex position," I finally said. "I bet I can find out," she said slyly. From there on it was smooth sailing. We had a few drinks, and she started to get really beautiful. I eased over closer to her on the couch and tried to kiss her. Betsy noticed by the tent my rod was causing in my pants that I was really in for her. "You know I don't fuck just any man. He has got to do what I say and enjoy it." I suddenly realized that maybe I didn't know all about her. What if she is one of those hard-core dominant bitchs. That would really ruin things.

But she is the ultimate prize and I would do anything to get it with her. "Well, what do you  have in mind?" First she said that I would have to shower. Next she said that I would have to shave off all my hair (except my head). Finally she said that she would only take cock in the ass because she was saving her cherry for marriage. Those rules were not to bad and the latter one explained here favorite position--doggie style. At the time I was hot enough to agree to anything so off to the shower I went. When I was done in the shower I was greeted by Betsy with one of those antique straight razors. "We are going to get all that hair off you quick," she said and away she went. She started off at my legs and made quick work of them while I looked down at the firm tits peeking out of her terry cloth robe. Next she shaved my arms and chest. Then I started to worry. Some men may not feel threatened by a girl shaving there dick with a 4 inch long razor but I do. "I'll get  he safety razor for this", she said, taking a lot of my mind. Back she came and away went my cock hair. Then I was rolled over and then the rest of the hair came off. I felt strangely clean and was dying to fuck her hard. "Now that you are properly prepared, you can shave my pussy." she said as she dropped her terry-cloth robe.

She was gorgeous. No sags on her. She had nice firm tits with big pink nipples. She had one hot looking pussy and I took little time shaving the sparse hair off of it. The whole time I was dying to nibble her hard clit that I occasionally saw during my little job. "I want you to  tongue me so long and hard that your tongue blisters," she announced. I quickly obliged her. She was so smooth and sticky, wet. Every once and awhile she start to pant and then give a little scream, which I suspected were orgasms. Finally my tongue gave out and I had to quit. "I got to quit. Look at my tongue," I said showing her my red tongue. "Ok, you were a good boy and I want to reward you." Quickly we changed positions and she started to lick me off. Boy was she good. She would slowly circle my cock head  with her tongue and then suck and pump it. Every once and awhile she would even deep throat it, but she looked like she would  gag so I didn't press it too hard. Finally I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was going to come like a beast. "Don't come in  my mouth. Shoot on my tits," she panted. I pulled out if her mouth and shot my hot load all over her firm tits.

She rubbed my  come all over her chest and then gave me a real tongue kiss. "I want you to fuck me now." she said after catching her  breather." Let me screw your pussy please" I begged but she grabbed my balls and let me know that I would be doing a rear  entrance. I had never fucked anyone in the ass before so I had her talk me through. I got me first look at her pretty bung hole. It looked pretty tight and even though I don't have a titanic cock, I had my doubts. "The trick is to go slow and to have lots of lubrication." I looked around and found a bottle of lube conveniently at hand. So I greased up my fingers and started probing that tight ass of hers. At first I could only get one finger in but slowly I got about three in. She was obviously enjoying her self and had some sort of vibrator on her clit. "Quick, stick your cock in my asshole! I need it! " she yelled. I got behind her and greased up my pole and placed my cock head on her now red anus.

I slowly worked it about a half inch and Betsy was going crazy. I pushed a little more and all most all resistance gave away and I slid in up to my now clean shaven pelvis. It was so tight.  For awhile I just had to sit there and get used to it. "Pump me now!" she yelled and I started off. Slow at first, but then I picked  up the pace. I started to finger her puss while I felt her hands on my butt pulling me in to her. I had never seen a girl so wild. She started to squeal and was scratching my butt with her long nails. Again I had that warm feeling in my balls and I knew this time I would have one of those once in a life time orgasms. "Fuck me harder!" she was yelling again. "I going to come," I replied. And she started meeting my cock with such force that she was smashing my balls against my thighs. I started pumping my hot come in her ass like crazy. I thought I would go soft but I guess the pain she was inflicted on my balls was keeping me hard. "Keep on fucking me you bastard!" With my load in her ass things were getting very lubed and very sticky. I was like a piston and I kept on till come leaked out of her red, raw ass and my cock could not take it anymore. Now was my chance to get my mouth of those big tits of hers. She laid back on the bed and I latched right on to those long nipples. Here flesh was so creamy and I could taste the saltiness of my come all over her globes.

Betsy winced as I rolled those nipples between my fingers. After a bit of this she gets up and says," You had your fun on my ass, it is now time for my turn on yours." Needless to say I was pretty worn out, but I remembered the agreement and warily rolled over. She placed pillow under my cock to allow her easy access to my ass. "First I need to get some 'toys'." She went over to a beautiful oriental chest and picked out an assortment of sex toys. I was apprehensive about the situation but she cleverly calmed me down. "Put this on." she ordered me as I was handed one of those cock ring vibrators. I slipped it on and felt waves of stimulation run up and down my cock. I next I felt a greased finger penetrate my virgin ass hole. This isn't too bad I thought, until she added a few more fingers.

My ass burnt but it also felt so erotic that I had to have more. "I am going to put a small butt plug in your ass so loosen up." I obediently loosened up to be rewarded with some of the most intense pain I have felt in awhile. I also thought I was going to shoot off right then. If that was the small plug I would hate to try the large one because I thought I was going to rip at the seams from the pain in my ass. "Flip over cunt licker, I want to suck your cock!" she snarled. I was in a pretty interesting position. I had this vibrating plug in my ass making my knees weak and a vibrating cock ring that was making my dick drip pre-come. Carefully I flipped over to have my balls harshly squeezed. I could not take it any more. I shot come all over my own stomach. This time Betsy licked it up running her tongue all over my upper torso. "What are we going to do now? You came before I got a chance to suck you off. For that we need to punish you." I thought what else could she do to me. To my dismay I say what she had planned. She had a butt plug the size of a small pair.

"There is no way you are going to be able to get that in my ass, bitch," I told her. "We'll see about that." And with that she went out of the room. I removed the cock ring and sat back to see what she was up to. I was sore, tired, and needed to fuck her pussy so hard to make up for all this weird stuff she was doing. Betsy came back into the room all smiles with something covered in a towel. "Show me your ass" she commanded and I did. When she yanked out the small butt plug out I would have come on the spot if I had of been hard. "This is going to take a little time," as she put the towel on the floor and greased up the giant plug. After a little stretching and a lot of pain the thing finally went in. It had a more hollow feel to it that made me think that something was afoot. "I am going to do something wild and then I want you to fuck my ass again." she said as she pushed my face into the pillows. Suddenly I feel a searing coldness in my ass.

From beneath the towel she had taken a glass of ice water and filled up the hollow butt plug with it. My cock had never been so hard in my life. I thought I would pop a vein or something. "What are you waiting for? Fuck my ass!" So again I grease up and work it in her raw asshole which was still loose so it took me no time to slide on in. The feeling of the cold pressure in my ass and the tight pressure around my cock was the wildest I had ever experienced. I did not last long and when Betsy tried to yank the big plug out of my ass I came like crazy. I did not even know that I had that much left. After a night of sex I was bushed. I think Betsy was a little tired too because after that last anal fuck she put up her toys and went to bed.

Even though I was trying to sleep all through-out the night I would wake to her licking my cock. In the morning I woke up to a burning ass and no Betsy. I found a note. "Dear Ass Fucker, I hope you enjoyed last night. Tonight I will have a friend over and maybe we can have some more fun, if you got the balls. Signed Betsy B. Bad." I don't know if I will show up, but that will be another story.

The End

6/23/2012 8:08:23 AM



Bound by Fate Walking along Glebe road, I hunched my shoulders up, readjusting the strap to the day bag I carried. Once again, the 'car' was dead. Sitting 3 blocks away at the local Exxon station. It could have been worse, I thought to myself. Trudging my way along, kicking up an occasional spray from the puddles along the way, I thought how it's only a mile from my house. The light rain continued to fall, but undaunted I walked on. The rain isn't too bad, unless it's really cold out, or you need to keep the clothes dry. Looking, to make sure no cars would turn toward me, I stepped into the side street that crossed my path. Just as I was reaching the other side, a car came speeding along and as it's tires hit the puddle by the curb, I was drenched in the wave of water that rose up. "Shit" I muttered. The rain is one thing, but I was soaked now. Looking up, I was surprised to see the brake lights of the car, a light cream colored Volvo, as it pulled to the curb 50 feet ahead. Walking forward, I watched as the car slowly backed toward me. "Are you ok?" the voice said. A female voice, soft but otherwise unremarkable. "I'm really sorry, I didn't know that would happen." I laughed to myself as I leaned down, hands on hips, bag slung over my back, as I thought of the Bugle Boy Jeans. "Why yes

These are Bugle Boy Jeans" I started to say, but seeing her, I decided against it. In the commercials the gal always drove off. After the "Thank you" of course. "Yeah, I'm fine. No biggie." Grinning stupidly, I looked at her. Though not a beauty queen by any standards, she was what my friends referred to as 'doable'. Brown shoulder length hair hung over her shoulders. Soft brown eyes met mine and I tried to avoid my bad habit of looking at her chest. "Thanks for the concern though," I said and started to back away, catching the rest of her in my sight. A thin white blouse covering average to small breasts and a gray cotton skirt, reaching to her mid thighs, riding up on the seat. What she lacked otherwise, her legs more than made up for. 

Though I'm not normally a leg man, I could appreciate her long lean legs. I wanted to run my hands along them, but thought, under the circumstances it would be inadvisable. I pictured the outside view of the car, my legs hanging out the passenger window as I strained to pet those legs, saying 'thanks' and retracting myself from the car. Smiling I started to walk away, but she pulled up a bit and said "Let me give you a ride. It's the least I can do." My mind whirled with thoughts of seduction. I brushed them off though. Though some women find me attractive, I certainly don't posses the rugged charm that gets women to make propositions off the street. "No, really I only live about 4 blocks from here, and I'm soaked," she grinned a bit at my condition, being responsible. "Really, I don't want to ruin your car. Thanks again though." "Well if you are sure. Be careful." I stepped back as she pulled away and proceeded up the street. As I walked on my imagination wandered at the 'what-ifs'.

Cresting the hill I turned right on to my street, Woodrow. I live about 10 houses or so down the street, and was pleasantly surprised to see the Volvo at a house about 2 down and across the street from mine. I walked on and finally came to my house. After a warm shower and changing into some dry clothes, I crashed on my bed and dozed a bit. A knocking on my door woke me, and I got up and walked into the living room. Looking briefly out the window in the door, I saw the woman from the car standing on the porch. Surprised, I opened the door. "So you do live here!" she said. "I saw you walk past, and my friend said she thought you lived here." Standing there stupidly, I just nodded my head a touch. "Yep! This is where I live." I just grinned at her, unsure of what to do. Getting my wits about me, I invited her in, and with some embarrassment, cleared the newspapers from the couch. I don't spend any time in the living room, but didn't think it would do to invite her back to my bed room. Not that the thought wasn't appealing. "I just wanted to make sure you were ok. My name is Joanne." Smiling my stupid grin again, I assured her that I was ok and introduced myself. I offered her a drink, though the only thing I had was some Vodka and Tequila, and she accepted one of my roommate's beers. We talked a bit about little odds and ends.

On closer examination I realized that she wasn't quite as plain as I first thought. Her face rather pretty, with a small button nose, wasn't quite beautiful, but she was still rather attractive. I guessed at her age to be in her early 30's. Her body looked to be in good shape, and I had no intention of asking he to leave. As we talked, she asked about my walk, and I told her about my car. My cooling system was shot, and it would cost over a hundred bucks to get it going right. One hundred dollars I couldn't quite afford. And eat that week at least, but I didn't mention that. I don't like sympathy and don't coddle for it. "Would you be interested in some side work?" she asked. We had talked about some of the financial surprises I had had, comparing Utility costs and what not, and my work as a computer programmer. I found it very easy to talk to her, and realized I was discussing things I usually didn't with a woman I had just met. I said that I might be, and she told me that she had some 'stuff' that she needed picked up and brought to her house to be stored in the basement.

Laughing, she reached forward and taking my arm in a surprisingly firm grip and tested the firmness of my biceps. "Hmm..." she said "This stuff is going to be heavy. Think your up to it?" I smiled, something I found easy around her, and assured her that if a normal man could lift it, so could I. For my size, I am surprisingly strong. She commented that this would help matters. She left me a phone number and told me to call her Saturday morning and she would give me directions then. As she left, I thought what a shame that she didn't live in the house down the street, but oh well. Saturday morning came, and with some excitement I woke up around 8 am. Very early for a weekend to me. Calling Joanne at about 9, I was happy to hear that her offer still stood, and she gave me directions to her house in South Arlington off of Rt. 7. I got my roommate to give me a ride over, and tried to contain my excitement. When I got there, she apologized at forgetting about my lack of transportation, and promised me a return ride. She took me out front and gave me the keys to a Toyota 4 X 4, and handed me some directions for a glass shop in Reston. The store owner was expecting me, she said, and I was to pick up some glass squares she said, and that it might take 2 trips, due to the weight. I got in the truck and drove off, thinking about what was going on. Perhaps I was letting my imagination get the better of me, and she really just had work for me. Oh well, I thought and drove on, but I did remember the sight of her nipples jutting out under her light blue t-shirt as she waved good-bye. Not knowing what sort of work to expect, I had worn my favorite faded blue jeans and a black t-shirt from a George Michael's concert. "I want your sex" discreetly displayed on the front in small letters, and "EXPLORE MONOGAMY" on the back. Conflicting messages perhaps. Perhaps not. I arrived at the store, and after talking briefly with the clerk, was directed to pull the truck to the back of the store, where I backed it to the loading dock. Unfortunately the truck bed was a full three feet below the deck, so I had to lift each box and place it in the truck bed.

These boxes were heavy as hell! Each one weighed almost 100 pounds of pure dead weight. After about 15 boxes we decided that would do it for this load, as there were another 15 or so to go. When I got back to Joanne's house, I knocked on the door, and was greeted by an attractive dark-haired woman who let me in. Joanne was in the kitchen, and had made us some lunch. She introduced me to Marie and explained that they were good friends. My imagination wondered just how good of friends, but I kept my mouth shut. Occasionally, I would catch a dark look from Marie when Joanne wasn't looking. She was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a white tank top that did a good job at displaying her generous bosom. From the side, I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra, and from time to time she would reach for this or that, and I would catch a glimpse of the curve of her breast. Her long tan legs she kept close together and tucked under her chair. I grinned to myself at her apparent distaste for me. After some tuna-fish sandwiches, I returned outside and began carrying the boxes, one by one, into the house and into her basement. The sun was fully overhead at this point, and in my exertions, I found a light sheen of sweat breaking out over my arms and head. Cursing the choice of a black shirt, I eventually discarded it, and continued. Occasionally I would catch a glimpse of someone looking out the living room window at me, and I wondered who it was. After I stored them, Jo asked me if I were ok, and explained that she would have never guessed that I could manage them so easily. Of course they weren't as manageable as I made it seem.

Handing me a glass of iced tea, she walked around behind me and started to rub my shoulders. I repressed a groan as the tenseness and ache started to subside. My shoulders were killing me from the long duck walk with each awkward box. She laughed lightly, patting me on the back, and I mentioned that she better stop or I'd never get the other load. "For now" she replied. The second trip was uneventful, and the store clerk explained that Jo used the glass for some sort of shelving or display systems she sold. My curiosity was satisfied, and I drove back. After arriving, I began to unload the truck. As I was walking toward the stairs, I heard Jo and Marie's whispering voices. "I don't know Jo, are you sure about this guy?" "Yeah. He's strong as a horse . . . you saw him. Now the question is . . ." the words faded away as I reached the stairs and began to descend. My heart was thumping from the adrenaline that charged my system. I was surely reading into things, especially in light of Marie's obvious contempt for me. Perhaps it was jealousy, I thought, and hurried on to finish. After another 3 trips, everything was stored, and as Jo came into the room with Marie, I joked that I only dropped two or three boxes. She laughed, and Marie walked out of the room to the kitchen, and came back in a moment later with some more tea for me.

I was parched, but resisted the urge to gulp the whole thing down. My arms were almost shaking form the weariness in them, but I kept them steady, though at my sides when I could. "I'm gonna watch some TV" Marie said. Joanne went into the kitchen and returned a moment later with some bills in her hand and she walked up to me and tucked them neatly in my pocket. In a glance I saw that the top one at least was a twenty. "Hey!" I started "No, that's too much. . ." but she shushed me . "It would have cost me a fortune to have them shipped here, and some would have been broken for sure. I need them for tomorrow, so I had no choice. Thank you." Walking around behind me again, her strong arms came up and I felt her grip on my shoulders as she began to knead my sore muscles. I couldn't quite repress a groan at her exquisite technique. I usually can't find a woman that can give me a good strong backrub. Conscious of my increasing excitement as well as the sweat drying on me, I stepped forward and asked if she would mind if I took a quick shower. She said it would be fine, and showed me to a guest room with a bathroom off to the side. Handing me a towel, she winked at me and told me not to take too long, as my backrub wasn't finished yet. Smiling, I thanked her and closed the bathroom door. Trembling with excitement I quickly undressed and turned the shower on. After a moment of adjustment, the shower was a nice warm, but not scalding temperature.

Stepping into the torrent, I enjoyed the hard beat of the water against my tired back. After about 10 minutes of standing under the pounding water, I quickly shampooed what was left of my thinning hair, and rinsed off. After drying off, I redressed, putting on my jeans again. With the towel over my shoulder, shoes and socks in my left hand, I stepped out of the bathroom, and went into the living room. "No you don't! Back to the room!" I was surprised at the commanding nature in Jo's voice, and found myself turning back to the bedroom, my heart beating strongly. Jo had been sitting on the couch, close to Marie, though not touching. Grinning that same old stupid grin, I walked back and upon reaching the room, I turned and watched her stalk down the corridor after me, a mischievous smirk on her face. "Go ahead and lie down," she said sternly. I lay down on the bed, face down, and put my hands out and above my head. The bed creaked a bit as she stepped up on it and sat down on my lower back. Once again, I felt that powerful grip as her fingers dug into my back. Even stronger than before, with the increased leverage, she massaged me into a blissful carefree state. Slowly the tension eased out of me as she worked over every inch of my back and shoulders. As I relaxed, I began to drift off, as excitement gave way to contented relaxation. I felt a sharp pain on my face, and slowly tried to open my eyes. My super relaxed state made it hard to wake up, but a second slap, this time harder quickly brought me around. "Wake up scum!" I looked up in surprise to see Marie standing over me, her hand drawn back for another strike. I started to sit up, but found I couldn't move my arms or legs.

Tugging, I found that my limbs were tied to the posts of the bed with some soft material I couldn't see. For the first time in years I felt panic rise. I don't like being bound or restrained and have never allowed myself to be dominated. Pulling against my bonds, I felt the weariness in my arms and shoulders and got no more than a creak from the bed as my weight shifted. I was firmly bound, and looked quickly back at Maria as her hand came down again striking me across the cheek. If it weren't for my beard, there would have been a resounding crack in the room from that one, the hardest of the three. Against my will, my head rocked back and to the right with the force of the blow. I was surprised by her strength. As I shook my head I realized that I'd hardly ever been hit that hard by any men, much less a woman. Suddenly I wondered at the situation. Paranoia? I thought back to some of the 'women' that I saw in San Francisco that had turned out to be transvestites. But then I remember the swell of Marie's breast seen fleetingly from the side, and dismissed the thought. "You fucking creep, look at me." I had little choice as I peered up at her. "What do you want?" I asked softly. Her hand came crashing down again, and as I let my head roll away, absorbing some of the blow that my beard didn't bleed away, I saw, to my relief Joanne walk into the room. "What the hell is going on Jo?" I almost yelled. Looking at her hopefully, I was disconcerted to see her malicious smile. "Isn't it obvious?" Her soft gentle manner was gone as she climbed up on the bed and straddled my stomach. Pulling at my ties in vain, I struggled to sit up, and met with no success. She brought her hands down and ran them lightly across my chest, her medium length fingernails tracing down my chest, then back up. "Relax and don't resist or you might get hurt," as her hands came down again, her nails bit into my chest and scratched heavily into the skin. I could see a light trace of blood where two or three of the sharp nails bit into my flesh. Arching my back I bucked up in pain, almost throwing her from me. "None of that!" Marie declared, bringing her hand down again, this time not the open handed slap of before, but a back handed fist which caught me across the left cheek bone and I saw an explosion of light in my eyes and felt a sharp pain.

"That damn beard has to go," she added. "I don't know" Joanne said, turning to Marie "it may have it's purposes," she added, running the back of her hand across my chest. I could see the small traces of my blood on her hand as it came of to brush against my furry cheek, and she ran it back and forth over it, tickling her hand gently. "Ok, this is isn't funny! Let me go!" I said, quietly. Calmly. The two of them laughed at me, and Jo grabbed my head in her hands and pulled it up as far as my bonds would allow. "Not a chance buddy! Now are you going to be a good boy, or do we have to be drastic? And I don't think Marie is going to be that concerned about rope burns now." Pulling weakly with my arms again, I realized the hopelessness of the situation, and relaxed as much as I could. I suppose I should have been excited by the situation, but this was a little to real. A little to violent. I'm not used to be subdued or dominated even though I don't dominate. I like being in control of my own destiny, and at this moment, I wasn't. "Good boy" Joanne said, and arching up off of my stomach for a moment, pulled a scarf or bandanna from the front pocket of her shorts. Grabbing me by the hair, she roughly pulled my head forward, off of the bed, and slid the bandanna under it, and then pulled the ends up and tied them across the bridge of my nose tightly.

Then she spun the fabric around so the knot was at the side of my head, and the wide fabric covered my eyes, obscuring my vision completely. I almost lost it here. Bound and blindfolded, I was completely helpless. I didn't even thinking about yelling for help as I was sure the sound wouldn't escape the room. "Now then, let's dispense with these." I felt something cold touch my stomach over my left hip bone and heard a snip and this was repeated to my right. Suddenly I felt two hands grasp my jeans and tug. Only the fear of a sharp instrument in my pelvic region stopped me from bucking wildly as the fabric split as it pulled apart. This was done on both sides and once or twice a quick snip helped things along, and my ruined pants were quickly ripped from my body. My underwear quickly followed, leaving me completely nude and vulnerable. Despite my fear, I had no doubt about the state of my erection. "Just as I thought," he's loving this. A hand, I wasn't sure who's suddenly grabbed my prick and pulled wickedly and I let out a gasp of surprise. The hand moved slowly down and grasped my balls. Remembering the viscous slaps, I hoped it wasn't Marie's hand. The grip tightened slowly and I resisted a yelp as the pain increased till I thought I would pass out. Suddenly, as quickly as it had begun the hand released me and I lay there untouched. Breathing shallowly, I felt my cock throb. I don't think I'd ever been as hard or as excited. I heard footsteps leave the room, and waited. For fifteen minutes or 3 hours, I'm not sure, I lay there, uncomfortable as hell with my condition. I realized at this point that rationalizing with these two women would be a waste of time, and probably counter productive. Suddenly, without warning, I felt a hand grab my half-erect shaft in a firm grip and pull, lifting my ass off the bed. I winced at the pain, as the hand also had a number of stray pubic hairs as well. "You awake?" Jo's voice. "Yeah. When are you going to let me go?" No response. After a moment, I felt the bed sag as someone stepped onto the bed and then straddled my chest. I felt the smooth legs touching my chest. With some excitement I realized that whichever one this was, they weren't wearing their shorts anymore and any limpness I had was instantly gone as I felt her bush brush along my chest and the hair there.

The hand continued to squeeze, and I was sure this was Joanne, having not heard Marie, but this theory went out the window as a second pair of hands, the person's on my chest, grabbed my head, on either side, as she pulled herself forward, placing her pussy right against my mouth. Excited as I was, I couldn't move for a moment, and lay there dumbly for a moment as her hips rotated side to side, centering her slit over my mouth. A firm squeeze on my prick gave me a warning, and I tentatively flicked my tongue out and licked at the woman on my face. Tracing my tongue out and around I tasted her juices and wondered which one this was. Licking gently up and down, I cautiously moved my head back and forth slightly, and then centered in on her clit. I was rewarded with a sigh of pleasure, then she thrust her hips forward slamming my head back onto the bed. Grinding her hips against me she forcefully fucked my mouth, gaining momentum and speed as she rolled back and forth on my mouth. It was all I could do, under her weight to keep from biting my tongue and breath at the same time, but I tried my damnedest. The hand on my cock started moving slowly up and down, then rested at the base and held there firmly. I didn't think anything of it as I was being somewhat distracted by the vixen riding my face. Back and forth she moved her hips, quickly, grinding her pussy into my face, down on my chin, resting her nub on my tongue then up and I would thrust my tongue into her hot steamy hole as far as I could. As her pace became more regular, I began to get the hang of this, and she began to moan loudly. "Jesus! Oh JESUS!" she cried out. I couldn't concentrate enough to try to identify the voice, but I guessed, to my surprise, that it belonged to Marie. Licking up and down viciously, I received a loud moan of approval and then her fingernails dug into my scalp fiercely right as she was on the upstroke and I unconsciously thrust my tongue up and into her cunt with surprise and pain. With a loud gasp she stroked down, and I attacked her clit rolling my head around in a small circle as I flicked my tongue in and out and thrashed at her small button. Leaning forward, she bent over my head and I felt her dangling breast slap against my head then she rolled back, arching her back as she slammed my head into the mattress with her orgasm.

As she let out an earpiercing scream she ground her pelvis against my face, and it was all I could do to breath. After about two minutes her thrashings stopped and she lay back across my body, rudely crushing my prick as she flopped down carelessly on my stomach. I was panting quickly trying to catch my breath, when I heard the clicking and whizzing sounds. I didn't move, and a hand ran it's fingers through my hair, and I was disconcerted to hear the clicking continue. Someone was taking pictures! I was completely taken aback as I realized there must be more than two people in the room. "God!" a moan from my around my knees, "I've got to visit you more often Jo!" The voice was not that of Jo or Marie, and I was stunned. "No problem doll. Anytime. Was he worth the drive?" My mysterious friend said nothing but her trembling gave me all the answer I needed. She slowly rolled off me and moments later another body straddled mine. "You better be hungry asshole, or else!" Marie's voice, stern and commanding. "Come on! I need a minute and some water . . ." I began, but she grabbed two handfuls of hair and damn near broke my neck as she slammed me back to the bed and mounted my face. I groaned in frustration, but she reached back and grabbed my balls in a firm grip. I obediently began to feed. As my tongue arched up and out, she would pull her pelvis away, teasing herself, and me, on the tip of my tongue. Kneeling, with a knee on either side of my head, she lifted her hips off my face, and slowly rolled forward and back, dragging my tongue along her slit. I marveled at her sweet taste as her fluids trickled slowly down my face and mingled with my beard. She surprised me completely as she suddenly reached down and grabbed me by the throat and squeezed.

Pushing down, she moved my head and tongue away from her clit, thrusting me painfully to the bed. Tightening her grip, she slowly cut off my air supply and muttered "Eat you bastard, or . . ." her words were cut off, as I arced my neck up catching her nub with a strong stroke and she moaned appreciatively. Occasionally she would relinquish her hold on my throat allowing me to gulp in a few quick gasps of air. After about 5 minutes of this my throat began to ache, and I was relieved when she released her hold there. I felt a hand at my cock, encompassing it, stoking it. I was painfully hard when I felt something cold and wet being rubbed along my shaft. As the hand rubbed up and down, and I continued to nibble at Marie's box, I slowly realized that my dick was getting numb and was losing the feeling there. The feeling slowly spread to my balls and I think my upper thighs, though I couldn't distinguish where my senses ended. I was being a bit distracted. I felt hands running up and down my legs as well, a pair on each leg, long finger-nails tracing light scratches down my thighs and calves, playing with the hair there. My mind staggered at the realization that there must be at least four different women here. Marie gently lowered herself down and I nibbled softly on her clit with my front teeth, rubbing it between them and my tongue, dragging it back and forth. I forgot about the others completely at this point. She let out a cry of pleasure and her hands dug into my hair again pulling and tugging. Then grabbing my ears with either hand she pulled herself against my mouth roughly, and I sucked down on her cunt, as if trying to suck her into my mouth. I was rewarded with a loud scream of ecstasy and then I felt her begin to tremble. If only I had my hands free, I thought. As she rocked back and forth, I really went to work on her clit slamming my tongue back and forth, driving her on to a shattering orgasm. As she rocked back and forth, she began to drag her box back and forth over my chin and cheek bones, rubbing against my soft beard as I gasped for breath. I realized that one of the women was straddling my hips then, and slowly understood that someone was riding me. Even though I couldn't feel my prick, I could tell, by the way she was riding up and down, clearing my stomach by an appreciable amount, that I must still have the raging hard-on I felt earlier.

As Marie rolled off me, she slapped me again, across my right cheek, and with the crack of pain, I thrust my hips up, impaling my host, whoever she was. I heard a moan of pleasure as I rocked my hips back. Then I felt fingernails dig into my chest, scratching down and I suspected that I would see more blood there, but my thoughts were broken as I arched my back again, driving up into her. Thrusting my hips up and back, I continued to thrust into her waiting pussy. Though I couldn't feel anything in my prick, I could discern my effectiveness through her moans and from the fingernails digging into my flesh. Even though the pain was excruciating, my excitement at this was overwhelming. As I thrust up and back, I started rolling my hips from side to side, driving into her to the right and sliding out to the left, causing her to whimper in enjoyment. Then without warning I started slamming my hips up, pounding into her. I was beyond caring at this point as her nails dug into my side and I felt some of her weight shift to her hands as she began to grunt and pant with her impending orgasm. Continuously thrusting up, I drove her to the edge, and right as I felt I had her on the edge, I thrust up, and then stopped. Her gasp was loud and pronounced, and I slowly slid down. Painfully slowly. It felt as if her fingers were embedded in my ribs as her grip tightened. Slowly, I moved and she gasped out "Oh God! Jesus! Yes!" Back and forth three times I stroked, guessing at the breach point, then with out warning I jack hammered back up into her, moving my hips as quickly as possible up and down. "YES! JESUS YES!" she cried out, and as her body shook with her orgasm, she collapsed onto my chest and bit down on my shoulder. I yelled as her teeth bit in deeply, bucking my hips up, picking both of us off the bed and I held us there.

Slowly I sagged back to the bed, as her arms encircled my head her mouth meeting with mine, our tongues driving together entwining in an impassioned kiss. After a moment of this, as our hips slowed from the slow rocking I had been maintaining, hard as it was with her weight on me, we slumped to the bed in exhaustion. Laying there across my chest, gasping, she ran her fingers absently through my hair, muttering something unintelligible. I felt blood trickling down my shoulder and wondered where this would end. I woke up to the feeling of wet pressure on my cock. Not knowing, for a moment, where I was, I tried to sit up, but then remembered the bonds on my wrists and ankles. Then as the flame of pain ran through my shoulder and chest I remembered the bites and scratches. Laying back in pain, I became more aware of the warmth surrounding my dick, and realized that one of the women was once again riding up and down on it. Slowly, she moved up and down, and I enjoyed the feel of her tight muscles grip and release my cock. Tightening at the top she would slide down, and then loosening the powerful hold, slide back up. I had never encountered a woman with such a powerful 'grip', but then again, I had never met any women like these at all. I sighed with pleasure and pulled my hips back slightly, helping with the thrust. As she became aware of my consciousness, my unseen lover slowed her pace. If only I knew who was who, I thought. With agonizing patience, she rode up, and at the top of her cycle, I would pull back the slightest bit, so the knob of my shaft would catch in her outer lips, bringing a gasp from her. We continued this for hours it seemed, a slow leisurely pace. In my exhausted state, I was glad of this change of pace. Pulling slightly against my bonds for leverage, I thrust up slowly meeting her lunge for plunge.

One of the women, trembling a bit climbed across my chest, but this time facing the woman mounting my prick. Licking at her cunt softly, as it was arched back toward me, I heard her moan in pleasure and the two took up a mutual rhythm, riding my face and dick in synch. It was is they were dry fucking, but with me in the middle. The sounds of their impassioned kisses reached my ears, muffled as they were by my unknown facerider's thighs. Flicking my tongue lightly against her love hole, I played her like an instrument, and she let out little high pitched squeals of pleasure. It was infuriating not knowing who I was attending to. For a moment I imagined a petite blonde riding my face with her quick jerking motions, but these thoughts were disrupted as her gasps of pleasure intensified, and she leaned forward against her other lover and she began to grind against my face. Arching my head up and off the bed, I leaned it forward and buried my tongue as deeply in her pussy as I could and received a pleasant groan from her, and began to move my head from side to side, dragging it across her nether lips. Then I turned my head slightly and taking one of her lips gently between my tongue and teeth, I nibbled gently then slid along it to her clit, which I attacked voraciously. She screamed in a final gasp of pleasure and collapsed forward almost knocking the other woman from my hips. She lay there for a moment as I continued to lick gently on her nub and move my hips in the slow rhythm I had been maintaining, and I suspected that she had passed out.

After a moment, she slowly rolled off me and I heard her, or someone else slump to the floor. A couple low voices spoke briefly insuring that she was ok, but apparently they helped her from the room and as far as I knew I was left with my unseen rider. Gritting my teeth I concentrated on the sensations I was feeling from my cock, buried in this fuckstress. Slowly as my pleasure intensified, I quickened the pace gradually, and heard her responsive gasps and moans. She was someone used to being quiet I was sure, but the sounds escaped from her regardless. As we approached a bed rocking pace, I felt my impending orgasm, and slowly I approached the peak as I began driving quickly in and out of her hot cunt she literally bounced on the bed impaling herself on me. With a loud groan, she arched over, and I found a breast in my face, and immediately located her nipple and began nibbling on it's firmness. This seemed to send her over the edge, as she sat up and drove herself forcefully down on my raging hard-on. With a scream she began to tremble as she lowered herself on my cock right as I reached my peak and shot my cum deep into her. With a gasp and a whimper she mutter "Yes!" as throes of orgasm shook us both. Leaning forward, placing her hands and forearms gently on my shoulders, she began kissing me tenderly on the neck and throat. As I lay there, the after-shocks of my orgasm bringing small thrusts into her, I gasped for air. "Wake up" the voice said, and I recognized it as Joanne's. Groggily, I lifted my head and saw her standing in the doorway. "Put these on." Lifting my arms carefully I found that I was no longer bound, and a pair of new blue jeans, landed on the bed beside me. She turned and walked out of the room. Sitting up gingerly in the bed, I found a large white gauze pad on my shoulder where I had been bitten, and saw a dark red stain in the center. "Jesus" I whispered at the concept of such a viscous bite. Looking at my chest I was shocked by the number of scratch and claw marks, and could see a number of them lined with red where small scabs were trying to form.

Apparently, someone had washed me up a bit, as there was no blood otherwise. Looking down at the sheets, I wasn't surprised to see a spot below where my right shoulder was, about 5 inches across. A dark red matching that on my bandage. Groaning I stood up and started pulling on the pants. I found my wallet and keys in the pockets and the wad of twenties Joanne had given me. Walking to the bathroom, I turned on the lights and grimaced at the figure that looked back at me in the mirror. What a sight. A nice black eye was forming under my right eye and a number of light bruises and welts were making themselves evident. "Jesus" I muttered. On the hamper beside the toilet, I found my shirt, folded on top of my shoes and socks. Pulling these on, I turned from the room as a horn blew outside. Peering out the window into the darkness I saw a yellow cab. "He's waiting for you." Joanne's voice again. I turned and in a daze followed her out of the room. In the living room, I paused and looked at Marie, sitting in front of the TV. She turned and glared at me, and I walked out of the room silently. As I opened the door to the cab, I heard Joanne's voice say "Thursday night. 8:30. Don't be late." She walked back in the house.

The nerve of that bitch I thought, unconsciously placing my hand over my bandaged shoulder, wincing at the pain. "Hey buddy, let's go! I don't have all night." Of all the cab driver's in Northern Virginia, and I have to get one that speaks English. As I walked into my house, my roommate looked at me and muttered "Christ! What the fuck happened to you?" I just shook my head and walked back to my room, completely humiliated and collapsed on my bed nearly in tears. The weekend passed. It's Thursday night at 6:00. Do I go? My common sense says no, but the raging hard-on says otherwise.

The End

6/22/2012 2:33:58 PM


Hard In the Ass

She was so hot. I just loved to look at her as she left her apartment. No matter when or for what reason she look very sexy. She had the kind of body that just screamed 'fuck me'. And that is what I wanted to do. She was kind of short but had those perfect legs that gave the illusion of going on for ever. She had that long, thick hair that was just perfect to nuzzle in too. I watched her everyday, and I knew her habits. On weekdays morning she dressed in a short dress type suit.

All stiff and business-like, the type that made men and women equal in the workplace. Later she would come home and change for jogging. She wore some tight sweat pants and amorphous shirt. Because she had some huge breast she wore in of those tight jogging bras. Every day she came back all hot and sweaty making me really horny. Some would say, "If you wanted her so much why don't you get her?" Well for sure I wanted to but she always seemed to have another guy. And did she go through them.

She never had one for more than a few weeks, and I wanted to be more than that. That is why I watched and studied her for so long.

I knew her in and out including her favorite sex positions, via a telescope bought for the purpose. As a matter of fact I finally decided that I would confront her with my love as soon as I found out one last bit of information.

I didn't know her name. I vowed that when I got it, I would get her. One day she did not follow the usually routine. She went out to work did not come for her daily jog. I saw this as an excellent chance to figure out her name. I knew for sure that her name would be on her mail, which she usually picked up from her box before jogging. Inconspicuously I slipped down to the mail boxes.

The apartment owner either was a trusting soul or cheap because the boxes did not have locks. Lucky for me! I glanced and saw no one around. I quickly popped open her box and scanned her letters. Finally I say what I had been waiting for. Among the letters to occupant I found one addressed to 'Miss Betsy Bryant'. I am ready to make my move. I knew in my mind I was going to get this woman and I would start the next time I saw her. About 4 o'clock the next day I saw Betsy getting her mail. I slipped out of the apartment and came up the road as if I was going to the apartments. I walked up to her and pretended to ask her the direction to a friends place. When she was about to answer I said,"Wait a minute? Aren't you Betsey Byrant? Don't you remember me? I am Jim from school." This had her thoroughly confused and I moved in for the kill. I rambled on about some made up school career until she invited me to her place. I had never really seen her place except from the windows, and I was impressed.

She had impeccable taste in decor that seems the mark of the successful women. After we got on the couch I admitted to really being her neighbor and used the school mate bit as a ploy to get in her apartment. Betsy was shocked and I was afraid that she would kick me out. Finally, at my urgings she cooled down, and admitted that she knew I was BSing her anyway. The she started spouting of info on me! She knew everything about me. Of course I was surprised. It turns out that she used the computer at work to find out about me when she noticed me spying on her. "Well, I bet you don't know my favorite sex position," I finally said. "I bet I can find out," she said slyly. From there on it was smooth sailing. We had a few drinks, and she started to get really beautiful. I eased over closer to her on the couch and tried to kiss her. Betsy noticed by the tent my rod was causing in my pants that I was really in for her. "You know I don't fuck just any man. He has got to do what I say and enjoy it." I suddenly realized that maybe I didn't know all about her. What if she is one of those hard-core dominant bitch's. That would really ruin things. But she is the ultimate prize and I would do anything to get it with her. "Well, what do you have in mind?" First she said that I would have to shower. Next she said that I would have to shave off all my hair (except my head).

Finally she said that she would only take cock in the ass because she was saving her cherry for marriage. Those rules were not to bad and the latter one explained here favorite position--doggie style. At the time I was hot enough to agree to anything so off to the shower I went. When I was done in the shower I was greeted by Betsy with one of those antique straight razors. "We are going to get all that hair off you quick," she said and away she went. She started off at my legs and made quick work of them while I looked down at the firm tits peeking out of her terry cloth robe. Next she shaved my arms and chest. Then I started to worry. Some men may not feel threatened by a girl shaving there dick with a 4 inch long razor but I do. "I'll get the safety razor for this", she said, taking a lot of my mind. Back she came and away went my cock hair.

Then I was rolled over and then the rest of the hair came off. I felt strangely clean and was dying to fuck her hard. "Now that you are properly prepared, you can shave my pussy." she said as she dropped her terry-cloth robe. She was gorgeous. No sags on her. She had nice firm tits with big pink nipples. She had one hot looking pussy and I took little time shaving the sparse hair off of it. The whole time I was dying to nibble her hard clit that I occasionally saw during my little job. "I want you to tongue me so long and hard that your tongue blisters," she announced. I quickly obliged her. She was so smooth and sticky, wet. Every once and awhile she start to pant and then give a little scream, which I suspected were orgasms. Finally my tongue gave out and I had to quit. "I got to quit. Look at my tongue," I said showing her my red tongue. "Ok, you were a good boy and I want to reward you." Quickly we changed positions and she started to lick me off. Boy was she good. She would slowly circle my cock head with her tongue and then suck and pump it. Every once and awhile she would even deepthroat it, but she looked like she would gag so I didn't press it too hard. Finally I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was going to come like a beast. "Don't come in my mouth.

Shoot on my tits," she panted. I pulled out if her mouth and shot my hot load all over her firm tits. She rubbed my come all over her chest and then gave me a real tongue kiss. "I want you to fuck me now." she said after catching her breather." Let me screw your pussy please" I begged but she grabbed my balls and let me know that I would be doing a rear entrance. I had never fucked anyone in the ass before so I had her talk me through. I got me first look at her pretty bung hole. It looked pretty tight and even though I don't have a titanic cock, I had my doubts. "The trick is to go slow and to have lots of lubrication." I looked around and found a bottle of lube conveniently at hand. So I greased up my fingers and started probing that tight ass of hers. At first I could only get one finger in but slowly I got about three in. She was obviously enjoying her self and had some sort of vibrator on her clit. "Quick, stick your cock in my asshole! I need it! " she yelled. I got behind her and greased up my pole and placed my cock head on her now red anus. I slowly worked it about a half inch and Betsy was going crazy. I pushed a little more and all most all resistance gave away and I slid in up to my now clean shaven pelvis. It was so tight. For awhile I just had to sit there and get used to it. "Pump me now!" she yelled and I started off. Slow at first, but then I picked up the pace. I started to finger her puss while I felt her hands on my butt pulling me in to her.

I had never seen a girl so wild. She started to squeal and was scratching my butt with her long nails. Again I had that warm feeling in my balls and I knew this time I would have one of those once in a life time orgasms. "Fuck me harder!" she was yelling again. "I going to come," I replied. And she started meeting my cock with such force that she was smashing my balls against my thighs. I started pumping my hot come in her ass like crazy. I thought I would go soft but I guess the pain she was inflicted on my balls was keeping me hard. "Keep on fucking me you bastard!" With my load in her ass things were getting very lubed and very sticky. I was like a piston and I kept on till come leaked out of her red, raw ass and my cock could not take it anymore. Now was my chance to get my mouth of those big tits of hers. She laid back on the bed and I latched right on to those long nipples. Here flesh was so creamy and I could taste the saltiness of my come all over her globes. Betsy winced as I rolled those nipples between my fingers. After a bit of this she gets up and says," You had your fun on my ass, it is now time for my turn on yours." Needless to say I was pretty worn out, but I remembered the agreement and warily rolled over. She placed pillow under my cock to allow her easy access to my ass. "First I need to get some 'toys'." She went over to a beautiful oriental chest and picked out an assortment of sex toys. I was apprehensive about the situation but she cleverly calmed me down. "Put this on." she ordered me as I was handed one of those cock ring vibrators.

I slipped it on and felt waves of stimulation run up and down my cock. I next I felt a greased finger penetrate my virgin ass hole. This isn't too bad I thought, until she added a few more fingers. My ass burnt but it also felt so erotic that I had to have more. "I am going to put a small butt plug in your ass so loosen up." I obediently loosened up to be rewarded with some of the most intense pain I have felt in awhile. I also thought I was going to shoot off right then. If that was the small plug I would hate to try the large one because I thought I was going to rip at the seams from the pain in my ass. "Flip over cunt licker, I want to suck your cock!" she snarled. I was in a pretty interesting position. I had this vibrating plug in my ass making my knees weak and a vibrating cock ring that was making my dick drip pre-come. Carefully I flipped over to have my balls harshly squeezed. I could not take it any more. I shot come all over my own stomach. This time Betsy licked it up running her tongue all over my upper torso. "What are we going to do now? You came before I got a chance to suck you off. For that we need to punish you." I thought what else could she do to me. To my dismay I say what she had planned. She had a butt plug the size of a small pair. "There is no way you are going to be able to get that in my ass, bitch," I told her. "We'll see about that." And with that she went out of the room. I removed the cock ring and sat back to see what she was up to. I was sore, tired, and needed to fuck her pussy so hard to make up for all this weird stuff she was doing. Betsy came back into the room all smiles with something covered in a towel. "Show me your ass" she commanded and I did.

When she yanked out the small butt plug out I would have come on the spot if I had of been hard. "This is going to take a little time," as she put the towel on the floor and greased up the giant plug. After a little stretching and a lot of pain the thing finally went in. It had a more hollow feel to it that made me think that something was afoot. "I am going to do something wild and then I want you to fuck my ass again." she said as she pushed my face into the pillows. Suddenly I feel a searing coldness in my ass. From beneath the towel she had taken a glass of ice water and filled up the hollow butt plug with it. My cock had never been so hard in my life. I thought I would pop a vein or something. "What are you waiting for? Fuck my ass!" So again I grease up and work it in her raw asshole which was still loose so it took me no time to slide on in.

The feeling of the cold pressure in my ass and the tight pressure around my cock was the wildest I had ever experienced. I did not last long and when Betsy tried to yank the big plug out of my ass I came like crazy. I did not even know that I had that much left. After a night of sex I was bushed. I think Betsy was a little tired too because after that last anal fuck she put up her toys and went to bed. Even though I was trying to sleep all through-out the night I would wake to her licking my cock. In the morning I woke up to a burning ass and no Betsy. I found a note. "Dear Ass Fucker, I hope you enjoyed last night. Tonight I will have a friend over and maybe we can have some more fun, if you got the balls. Signed Betsy B. Bad." I don't know if I will show up, but that will be another story.

The End

6/17/2012 5:01:19 AM



I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea. My wife and I are not always getting up to 'unusual activities' but we decided when we first got married that we should work hard to keep some sparkle in our sex life... hence the 'games'. About 4 or 5 times a year (it used to be more often) we act out our fantasies and really go to town. This particular event happened about 18 months ago and to the best of my recollections what happened was this... I'd got home from work about 7:00 and usual sat down to my tea. My son was already in bed and Carole (my wife) sat watching me with a permanent grin on her face. I finished my tea and went into the living room, my wife followed still smiling. "Ok", I said, "What's up?". "I wondered whether you were in the mood for a game?", she replied. "Whose turn is it? (to choose the plot)", I asked. "Mine", she said gleefully. "You've got something planned", I said. "What's the matter, lost your bottle?", she said scornfully. Bottle!, then I remembered, in our last game I'd forced her to take most of a half pint beer bottle up her cunt, she reckoned it had hurt her (anyone would think I'd left the top on) and she said she was going to get even.

"Well?", she asked. "Ok then", I said, "What's it to be?". "First you've got to promise not to go back on your word", she said. "I promise now put me out of my misery", I replied, wishing immediately that I hadn't said that last bit.  "Well first I want you undressed", she said.

"Where?", I asked. "Here", she said, "in the living room, by the fire". Well that sounded fair enough so I stripped off. "What now?", I enquired. "Now", she said wickedly, "I want to tie your hands behind your back and your feet together". "What for?", I asked. "Do you want to play this game or not", she snapped. "Alright, alright", I said, "tie away". From the bureau she produced two lengths of thick orange nylon rope. 'She's been cutting up my tow rope' I thought as she came over and tied my hands and feet firmly. Then she left the room for a few minutes and as I laid there completely helpless I wondered what I had let myself in for.

Presently the door opened and she entered wearing only a pair of long leather boots and a studded leather belt round her waist. Then I noticed she was carrying that beer bottle and a glass. "Like a drink?", she said pouring a little into the glass, IT WAS YELLOW!!. "If that's what I think it is, no thanks", I replied. "Well we'll have to see whether you're a good boy, wont we?", she said putting the bottle and glass on the coffee table. She came over to me and sat on my stomach facing my feet. "Call that a prick?", she said flicking it with her fingers. "Give me a chance", I said, "I haven't had a chance to get worked up yet". "I've seen bigger matchsticks", she continued, waggling it from side to side (Great sense of humor my wife, anyone who didn't know me intimately would think I only had a small one).

Then Carole reached over and squeezed my balls so hard I cried out. "If your prick isn't hard by the time I count to ten I'll squeeze them even harder", she said in a harsh voice. As she counted I closed my eyes and thought of Kim Wilde, she was naked and just about to close her mouth around my cock. "5...6...7, that's better", Carole said, "signs of life at last, but you'll have to do better than that". Now Samantha Fox had joined Kim and was just about squat over my face. "9...10", she continued, "well, its not as hard as I would have liked, but it'll do". Carole then reached under the sofa cushion and pulled out a roll of thread, which she proceeded to wind round my cock 5 or 6 times, leaving about 14 inches hanging loose (the thread I mean, not my cock). Turning to face me she said "Right, you sniveling little wanker, this is where I start to REALLY enjoy myself". Her face had lost all trace of humor and she looked angry and hard. Kneeling directly above my face she said "You can start by eating my pussy". Craning my neck I reached up and ran my tongue the length of her slit. She sat back on my chest and slapped me with all her might around the face. "You useless bastard", she snapped, "Is that the best you can do, LICK ME HARD". She positioned herself above my face again but not near enough.

I pushed up and forced my tongue deep inside her hot hole. As I did so she moaned and some of her juices ran down my tongue and into my mouth. My prick now was reaching its full potential and the thread was cutting into it causing me great pain. This resulted in a lapse in concentration and I stopped licking Carole's cunt. She sat back and WHACK, my face stung again as she slapped me. "You're a dirty little cunt-sucking fucker. What are you?", she asked. "The thread was cutting into..", I began, trying to explain. WHACK.. WHACK. This time I received a slap on each cheek. She had fire in her eyes and I knew I would have to obey. "I'm a dirty little cunt-sucking fucker", I said meekly. For the first time in a while she smiled, but it was a wry smile, she was really enjoying my pain. She positioned herself again and began playing with her nipples (her nipples are so sensitive she can bring herself off just by touching them alone).

I lifted my head to continue my service but she reached down and pushed it back to the floor with a thump. "When I tell you to.. not until". I was grateful that the pain had at least lessened my ardor and the excruciating pain I had felt in my cock. Moving her hands down to her cunt she teased her clit then opened the lips, causing several drops of juice to splatter onto my face. She looked down, smiling at her handiwork and said "Ok, now lick me really hard". I pushed up and licked her clitoris. "HARDER", she yelled. I tried but she just wasn't close enough. She reached behind my head and forced me hard against her cunt. "STUFF YOUR TONGUE UP ME.. HARD", she urged. I couldn't breathe I was dying!. Did she realize she was killing me?. I had to say the code word to make her stop, but all I could manage was "mmmpppppfffff". "Do it right or I wont let you breathe", she said. I forced my tongue out further than I had ever done and reached depths of her body I never thought possible.

"Ooooohhhh", she said with deep satisfaction and released my head. Her juices covered my face, in my eyes, up my nose, matting my hair and the amount that collected in my mouth as I struggled for breath took two large gulps to swallow. "That's the first time you've made me cum with your tongue", she said softly. "You nearly killed me there", I said, "I'm glad that's over". "OVER!!", she said, the harshness returning, "I'm not finished with you yet boy. I've been planning this for days there's lots more to do". I couldn't believe it, in the past she had always lost interest after she had cum. "What's next", I asked. "Well", she replied "you know how I like my areole tickled, I had planned that you were going to bring me off with your tongue up there but I couldn't wait. Still never mind, you can still tongue me". With that she turned round and squatted over my mouth.

Reaching behind her she parted the cheeks of her bum and told me to lick. "Ooohhh", she said as my tongue flicked up and down, "thats niccceee". She squirmed around then sat firmly on my face, I could just about breathe. "Push it up", she squealed, "I want to feel it inside me". I tried but she was too tight. She got off of my face and turned round. "Now you've disappointed me", she said with a wicked glint in her eye, "Its drinky time". With the she took the bottle off of the table. "Now thats going a bit too far", I said. The pain returned to my prick. She had grabbed hold of the loose end and yanked it. "Ok", I said, "You win". She squatted with her cunt just over my mouth and with one hand parted the lips. "Open wide", she said pulling on the thread to make sure I obeyed.

I opened my mouth and she poured the contents of the bottle over her clit, down her slit and into my mouth. It was LIMEADE. I hate the stuff I think piss would have been preferable. "You've got off easy this 
time", she said, "Next time You may not be so lucky". "Is that it?", I asked. "Nope", she said, "turn over. I want you to finger me". I turned onto my stomach and she positioned herself over my hands. "Rub my clitoris gently or its the strap for you". I turned to see that she had taken off the studded belt and was holding it menacingly over my buttocks. I moved a finger up and prodded her in a sensitive spot "OUCH" she said bringing the belt down over my arss. 'Snap' I thought no longer caring. "Can't you do anything right", she snapped, "I can see that you haven't learnt your lesson".

Believe me, trying to gently rub a clitoris with your hands tied behind your back, not being able to see where the damn thing is and with pain wracking your body is not an easy thing to do. It would make a doozy section for the Krypton Factor, better than those stupid puzzles they do. Another good one would be reciting a nursery rhyme while your face is inserted up a sopping chuff... where was I.. Oh yes. Well after a few unsuccessful prods Carole was really loosing her temper. "Rotten bastard", she said, "You're doing it on purpose. I've got just the punishment for you". I waited for the stab of pain but to my horror I felt the rim of the bottle top pressing against the rim of my ass hole. "NO", I yelled tensing my ass. "See how you like a bottle up YOU", she said pushing hard. I was fighting a loosing battle and my sphincter muscle was fading fast. Bit by painful bit the bottle went in till it reached the wide part. "Thats enough, it wont go any further", I offered. "I took a lot more up me", she answered and continued pushing. That was it I couldn't take anymore she was ripping me apart. I screamed the code word and she stopped. "Sorry", she said, "Have I gone too far?".

I laughed at the innocence of the question. "I can't take any more of that bottle", I said. "Do you want to stop the game?", she asked. "No", I answered, "I've come this far, I'll see it through. Just remove that bloody bottle". She removed the bottle and turned me over onto my back. "Just one more thing", she said. "What's that", I asked. "Where's my fuck", she replied. I looked at the pathetic limp object between my legs and said "No chance". "I thought of that", she said, "I've a little story for you". Carole does know how to tell a good sexy story. "Guess who I went to see this morning?", she said. "Who?", I asked. "Julie", she said. Now Julie is our niece, she was 17 and gorgeous and Carole knew I had the hots for her. "I got her out of bed. Did you know she sleeps only in a pair of knickers?. She's getting a very big girl, her tits are larger than mine.. and so firm and proud". It was working, my cock was finding a new lease of life.

She continued, "We chatted while she got dressed. You'd have loved to have seen what I saw when she took those knickers off. The cutest ass.. and that canny of hers.. it looked so sweet I wouldn't have minded a taste myself". I winced as I realized the thread was still wound round my cock, and it was starting to pull tight again. "Yes", she went on, "when she sat down and lifted her leg to put a clean pair of knickers on her cute little cunt parted and it was so pinky and moist. I even caught a whiff of it, most delightful. If only you could have been there and seen it, You would have creamed your jeans. By now I had a raging hard-on and Carole mounted it. "Arghhh", I yelled as the pain got more intense, "You'll do me a serious damage". "Trust me", she said, "Remember I'm a nurse". "Did they teach you this at college or did you pick it up on the ward", I quipped. "I nearly forgot the best bit", she said, "I brought back a souvenir for you".

Again she reached under the sofa cushion and this time she produced a pair of knickers. "I retrieved them from Julie's linen basket, they're the one's she was wearing last night, she'll never miss them". "Aaarrrggghhh", I yelled again as my cock reached bursting point. "And just look at these stains", she said showing me the crotch, "Looks as if Julie was a very naughty girl last night. Here enjoy yourself", she said placing the crotch over my nose and mouth. The conflict of pain and pleasure was indescribable. "Oooohhhh", Carole moaned getting more and more worked up, "Your prick feels just like one of those ribbed dildos" (I never even knew she'd ever experienced a ribbed dildo). Luckily Carole didn't need much stimulation and with a cry of "Fuck me, fuck me, ooooh yes, thats it, I'm coming, I'm coming, NOW, AAHH, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, AAAAHHHhhhh" (she's got a way with words). She climaxed for the second time that night and collapsed. "Please take that thread off", I whimpered. "Sorry darling", she said lovingly, easing herself off of my prick.

Soon she had released the thread and my bonds and looking up at me said "You just lick on those knicks babe, think of Julie's lovely little cunt and leave the rest to me. She then lowered her mouth over my aching prick. It didn't take long with all of those sensations taking control of my body and within seconds I had the most violent orgasm and shot so hard and long into Carole's mouth that her head jerked back with the force. Quietly she took the bottle and dribbled the spunk into it thinking I hadn't spotted her. Handing me the bottle she said "Here darling why don't you finish the limeade". "You don't catch me that easy babe", I replied, "But I think you forgot where that bottle's been when you put your mouth round it just now". I can still remember the look on her face.. and thinking to myself 'There is justice after all'.

The End

6/11/2012 10:16:50 AM


Bondage And Discipline

This can't be the right place, Jennifer thought as she parked her car. She checked the piece of paper Robert had given her. It  didn't say anything about a do-it-yourself storage place, but the address checked out. It took Jennifer a while to figure out that  Unit #S-11 was way in the back. She moved quickly through the rows of single-story sheds, the darkness only occasionally punctuated by dim naked bulbs hanging randomly over the garage doors. She didn't hear or see anyone else in the entire complex. This is truly crazy, she told herself. But she couldn't deny the excitement was close to unbearable. 

It had been more than a week since Jennifer had enjoyed dinner with her best friend Karen's husband Robert. After spending several hours hog-tied in his front closet, she had written a list of her most secret bondage fantasies as she had been instructed. She didn't recall anything about a deserted industrial park on the outskirts of town, but she didn't have much choice now. Here we, what's that combination for the lock? Jennifer threw up the garage door and peered into the blackness within. Gotta be a light switch somewhere...maybe by the door...aha! Fluorescent tubes flickered and caught as Jennifer hurried to pull down the door before anyone else could see what was waiting inside.

A hanger holding a black latex teddy with matching stockings and shoulder-length opera gloves dangled down from a solitary chain suspended in the middle of the ceiling. Underneath it was the oversized briefcase lying between two metal loops screwed into the concrete floor about three feet apart. Upon closer inspection, Jennifer noticed the short chains padlocked to the rings, and the big opened lock on the end of the ceiling chain. Otherwise, the room was empty. "Oh, my," she said out loud. She put down her purse and walked over to inspect the slippery-looking lingerie. Doesn't look like my size.

She felt a flush of titillation. Good. She began peeling off her clothes. Once she was naked, she opened the briefcase. On top were two set of three-inch wide cuffs made of polished black leather with gleaming silver hardware and four for each of the double straps. Underneath those was some kind of web-like contraption that Jennifer deduced was a harness designed to cover the lower part of her face with a single piece of rubber. Oh, and here's the ball for my mouth. Ewww. But all these devilish toys seemed positively benign compared with the shoes she found at the bottom of the briefcase. "He must be kidding," she said to the empty room as she inspected the long, supple calfskin boots. The heels were at least seven inches long. And the part for her foot looked like it was designed for a ballerina from hell.

At the very bottom was a bottle of talcum powder. How thoughtful. The cunning little scumbag. Jennifer shivered as she took the teddy and stockings off the hanger and tried to figure out the best way to put them on. After powdering herself, she sat down on the cold floor and began rolling the stockings into a thick ring so she could unroll them up her legs. After several minutes of exertion, she pulled them taut so their tops grazed the crease where her legs met her pubic region. Hmmm, nice. Now the teddy... She stepped into the leg holes and began tugging it over her hips, stomach and chest. She had to bend down to pull the straps over her shoulders, and when she stood up straight, she felt all the air being pushe d out of her body. that's...kinda...snug...she thought as the latex dug deep between her legs and squeezed tight against her torso. She became instantly aware of the inch-wide gash in the crotch as her pussy was pushed through the opening so its lips stuck out temptingly. It took Jennifer a little longer to figure out why the rubber was so constricting across her breasts.

Two slits had been cut into the latex, so she presumed she was supposed to pull her tits out through them. This wasn't easy, nor was pulling on the gloves. Jennifer arched a foot, slipped it into one of the shoes, sighed, and began lacing it up. When she had them both on, she stood up, and immediately started to tip over. Man, this is ridiculous, she thought as she regained her balance and tried to take tiny little steps around the room. It's like being trapped in a permanent pirouette. Time for the gag. The rubber tasted awful in her mouth, and it took her a while to figure out how the straps were supposed to be arranged behind and over the top of her head. When she was finished dressing herself, Jennifer felt a bit woozy from the erotic flashes. She looked down at her breasts poking out from the teddy like twin whales washed up on a blackened beach, and wished she had a mirror.

Oh, well. The cuffs would have to do. OK, put them on...whoops, don't snap both padlocks... attach to the chains... can't ... quite ... reach... there...shit. Jennifer stood splayed in the middle of the room and cursed her impatience. Robert had never said what time he would be meeting her here. And did he definitely say tonight? She was only a little thankful that most of her weight was hanging from her arms, because it made it a little easier to stand in the ballet heels. But still...maybe if I just... Nope, definitely not going anywhere soon. Where is he anyway? Damn damn damn... Time stopped for an eternity, then Jennifer broke the silence with a yelp when she heard someone working the latch on the garage door. She began shaking as it slowly rose noisily up its runners. Then her heart jumped when she saw someone duck under the door. It wasn't Robert. "Well, hi!" Karen! "How's it going? You look goooood." Jesus! "Surprised, Jennifer?"

She smacked her riding crop into the leather glove on her hand. "Me, too." Jennifer's eyes were as round as Frisbees. There stood Karen in leather breeches and thigh-high riding boots with a red jacket covering a white silk shirt knotted around her waist. She was carrying a large suitcase that looked like a larger version of the briefcase. "Robert's told me everything. We're like that as a couple. No secrets. Especially a juicy one like this." Karen strode behind Jennifer and gave her bare ass a hard pinch. "I especially like the list, Jen. So creative. And perverted. I never knew." She walked back around and stood in front of Jennifer's suspended body. "Man, I wish I had your tits." Karen reached out and grabbed one of Jennifer's nipples between her leather-clad thumb and forefinger.. "I guess I do tonight." She tightened her grip and slowly pulled her breast toward her. "Mmmm." Her other gloved hand jerked forward to slap Jennifer's stretched flesh. "Yes indeed. A fine pair of hooters." Jennifer couldn't believe it. How could Robert tell her? The crop became a blur as it smacked Jennifer's crotch. "I've always wanted to try being the master, but Robert never lets me."

Smack, this time on her ass. "But this is almost better." Smack, smack across her breasts. "Much better." Smack smack smack smack. "Oh, I like it when you moan and groan. Is that what I sound like? No wonder Robert likes it so much." By the time Karen put down her crop, the exposed parts of Jennifer's body were burning bright red. "Wanna see something cool?" Karen reached into a side pocket on her jacket and pulled out a huge plastic dildo in three sections of increasing width so it looked a bit like a Christmas tree. Reaching into the other side pocket, she pulled out a tube of K-Y and began squirting the jelly along the sides of the monstrous plug. "Don't be so bashful. After all..." Karen walked behind her captive and pushed the tip into Jennifer's defenseless hole. "You deserve it." Jennifer could do nothing to stop the intruder from its fateful journey deep into her resistant cavity. "There we go...hold on...let me just stretch the rubber over the base...ah...perfect." So's breathing turned into grunts. Reaching inside her jacket, Karen retrieved two long, thin pieces of metal with what looked like spurs from a cowboy boot on their ends. "I think they're for making pies or something. But look what we can do with them."

Karen pressed the sharp points of the wheels underneath Jennifer's breasts and drew them up over her nipples, then sideways under her arms. Jennifer's body tightened involuntarily, which caused a most unpleasant sensation in her lower abdomen. "Neat, huh? Try this." Karen ran the spurs around the bare tops of her thighs, then wheeled them lightly across the exposed parts of her pussy. "Well, we can save those for later. They work a lot better when you're completely naked." Jennifer stared at her friend with horror as Karen picked up her crop from the floor. Every strike made her ass contract into a deeper agony, but she couldn't do much more than wince. "That's enough for now." Jennifer hung limply from her bonds as she watched Karen open the suitcase. First she pulled out a long adjustable metal bar, then a shorter version with two wide cuffs on the end. Next came a few coils of nylon rope. Finally, she brought out a rubber arm binder that didn't look much wider than one of the gloves she was already wearing. "Hmmm, let's see...better start with the rope." Karen went to work harnessing Jennifer's upper body in hemp. When she was finished, she tied one end of a long line to the rope between  her breasts, then stood on the briefcase to thread it through the metal ring in the ceiling. After some deliberation, she knotted the other end to the rope between Jennifer's still-spread legs. What's with the slack, Jennifer wondered. Karen reached up and unlocked Jennifer's wrists from the chain.

Can't...keep my balance oh... Jennifer fell backward until the rope went tight, leaving her suspended in a semi-sitting position.  "Ouch." Karen walked behind Jennifer and knelt down. "Give me your hands." Jennifer hesitated for a moment, but she knew  her fate was already sealed. "Very good." The gloves were replaced with the binder that fused Jennifer's elbows, as well as a  large section of her upper arms. "Wow. Now I know why I wouldn't let Robert use one of those on me." Jennifer closed her  eyes and tried not to think about what her weight on the rope between her legs was doing to the butt plug. Karen adjusted the  long spreader bar between Jennifer's ankles, then secured it so the chains holding her feet to the floor were taut. The shorter  one went between her thighs. "Almost done, girl." Jennifer felt something being attached to the end of the binder, then her arms began stretching down, down, down... "There," Karen said as she finished tying the end of the rope to the long spreader bar.  "That should keep you for a while."

Jennifer hung her head back and yowled into her gag like an animal caught in a trap. The  tension of the rope pulling down on her arms was beyond awful, but it was easily matched by the rope around her  breasts...between her legs...and the plug... "Oh, I almost wrote something about nipple clamps..." Karen pulled out  a pair of evil-looking pincers with metal tips and thick springs. Long chains trailed off from the joints where the handles crossed.  "Try these." Oh...oh...OH...OH... Karen stood on the suitcase again so she could push the chains through the loop hanging  down from the ceiling. Oops, too short, Jennifer thought when she saw the ends hanging maybe a foot over her suspended torso. Then Karen reached into her jacket and pulled out two metal balls with small hooks sticking out of them. "Found these in  Robert's grandfather's basement. Don't really know what they were for, but they sure are heavy." She slipped the hooks around  the last links of the chains, then let the balls drop from her hand. Jennifer though her tits were going to tear off her body. "Ah.  Perfect." Karen stood back to admire her handiwork. "Oh, stop whimpering.

You asked for this. Hell, you wrote it down."  Jennifer barely heard her friend's admonitions. "I think I'm going to let you think about this for a while. Oh, don't worry. Robert  should be here. Eventually. And once I'm sure you two are having fun, I'm going to give David a call and invite him over for  some friendly foreplay. Who knows? Maybe we'll even take a little drive out this way." Jennifer groaned and tried to arch her back. "Something about the punishment fitting the crime. But we can still be friends." Karen pulled up the garage door. "Or something." The fluorescent lights went dark. "And hey, nice shoes." Karen's laughter was cut off by the creaking of the door's wheels as they shot down their runners, then slammed shut.

The End

6/10/2012 5:06:24 AM

A Firm Spanking

He turns down the lights, so low my eyes search for him walking toward me, the soft glow of four candles and the fire now the major source of illumination in the room. Tori Amos sings her piano ballad over the speakers, my excitement grows with every note. The wine glass feels heavy as he stands before me, his chest and arms glistening in the soft light. My head feels light, possibly from the wine, but also from what I know is to come. I set down the glass as my heart pounds in anticipation. He motions for me to stand, and as I do, he takes me in his strong arms and carries me to the brass bed, and turns me over.

As my arms release his broad shoulders, he gently sets me face down over the brass railing at the foot of the bed, a large pillow already in place to cushion the hard railing. His large hands, so big and so strong, gently remove my camisole, exposing my naked body to the candlelight. He steps back, removes what remains of his own clothes and I turn my head to watch him undress. I lay amazed at his brown, shiny skin and the rippling of his muscles. Naked, for a moment he stands admiring my body, and I can see that I am beautiful in his eyes.

Already aroused, he looks like a Greek statue staring at what is to be his. Without a word, he moves forward and gently strokes my bottom. I shiver in spite of the warm fire, my juices running down my leg as he slowly, tenderly, massages my bottom and my thighs, his easy caresses belying his powerful arms. He stops caressing, holding his hand in place over my right cheek, and I know it is time.

He brings back his arm, and slaps my right cheek, cupping his hand and rubbing it after the blow. He moves to my left globe and spanks it, again rubbing the sharp sting away before moving back to the right one. After only two smacks, I can already feel the heat diving from the surface of my tender skin, through my body to the core of my sex. He brings back his arm again, and smacks my right cheek. The blow is harder than the last, but I know that they will get harder still. Moving back to the left, he brings his palm down again, his massive hand nearly covering the entire cheek. As he rubs my nate, the tips of his fingers explore the crack between, down, down, until he is almost touching... And then the right cheek again, his strength beginning to show. And the left, again. The heat becomes intense, and I start to moan, softly at first, then louder as the number and power of his strokes increase. Just when I think I can't take another, he stops, and I feel the cool air, my bottom hot from him. He walks across the room, and returns with a thin belt, no longer than a child's belt to be sure, but powerful in his hands. He asks me if I am all right and I respond positively. I trust him, whatever pain I feel will be short compared to the pleasure that is to come. He stands before me, his small strap in hand. He doesn't double it over, instead just letting it fall to his side. Again, he admires me for a moment, increasing my apprehension, my fear, and my passion.

He brings the strap back and then forward, lashing fire across my loins. I bite my lip to avoid screaming, but the pain brings my heat to a new level. Again, the strap snaps and this time, I cannot restrain my voice. I can feel the two stripes of fire independently. He brings it back and forward once more, the small end finding the crack between my cheeks, and I let out a small scream. And again. And again. And again. My screams compete with Tori and the strap, and once again, when I am sure I cannot stand another, he stops. Across the room again he goes, as I softly weep into the feathery pillow, the heat between my legs almost as great as my welted bottom. He returns and again stands over me, but rather than fire, this time his hands deliver ice as he squeezes the cream out onto my right nate.

He again massages my cheek, this time delivering the cool cream over the raised ridges of the strap marks. The pleasure joins with the pain, and before he finishes the first cheek, I burst, the fire consuming my body. The massage, as gentle as the wind, calms me, before the fire starts again, and again. Once more he lifts me into his arms, and like putting a small child to bed, he gently lowers me onto the satin sheets. For the last time, he stands, adoring me, and I am languid with anticipation, lounging on the silky satin, my head resting on the soft pillows. Finally, he leans over and kisses me softly, luxuriously, his lips and tongue exploring my mouth, salty from my tears. I tingle with anticipation, as I surrender to him. His hands, made soft by the cream, cup my breasts as I moan with pleasure. His kisses became harder now, his taste mingling with his masculine scent, as he explores my lips, my face, and my neck. His desire strong, and his control going, he is at once upon me, his chest flattening my breasts, his arms and legs holding my body firmly against the satin. I reach down to touch him, to encircle his throbbing member, but I'm too late, he is already inside me.  He rides me now, thrusting deep inside me, his control but not his power, completely gone. The pressure builds until the white hot shards of orgasm take us both into a world of complete and utter bliss.

The End

6/2/2012 10:55:37 AM

Hardcore Bondage

Robert unhooked my wrists, then sat comfortably on the couch and smoked a leisurely cigarette while I sat in front of him on the armchair with a towel under me and removed the rubber bands from my breasts. He had sent me into the bathroom to get the towel, and it was a good thing he had. I had never before gotten so much stimulation from touching myself, and my juices were flowing freely. When I finished, he told me to stand up and move to the center of the room. He reconnected my wrists behind my back and then reached into his case and held something up for me to see. "I assume you know what this is," he said lightly. Did I ever! It was a butt plug, a big one; what it gave up in length it more than made up for in thickness. It was only about five inches long, but from the rounded end it grew to about two inches in diameter right before the narrow neck leading to the T-shaped base. That Robert would have a toy like that with him was absolutely no surprise. I had told him in one e-mail that I had a plug up my butt while reading his story and intended to keep it in me all night, and in another message I had asked him about dilators and anal fisting.
You wanted intense, I said to myself, well, now you'll have it! He reached into the case again and brought out a tube labeled AnalEse.

"This is a water-soluble lubricant," he told me, "especially made for this purpose. It also contains a very mild anesthetic. Now bend over and grab your ankles." I did so, but slowly; that plug was quite a bit bigger than anything I'd used before, and I was a little worried about whether I could take it. Robert lubed both the plug and his middle finger, set the plug down, and very lightly touched his fingertip to my anal pucker.

I made a special effort to relax; I knew his finger wouldn't be any problem. He waited patiently until he felt the opening ease a bit, then thrust his finger into me abruptly. I gasped, but he held me steady with his other hand and I relaxed again as he worked his finger around inside me. I felt the familiar pleasant sensation of fullness, and I was disappointed when he pulled his finger out. But he immediately picked up the plug and placed it at the point of attack, so all I could do was try again to relax and accept it. He started a firm, steady pressure, and the plug slowly slid up my ass. I could feel myself stretching, but nothing came close to tearing and in just a few seconds it was firmly seated. My sphincter closed around its neck, and I knew the plug wouldn't come out without being pulled.  If I had felt full before, the fat plug produced a much more stronger sensation. I sighed softly, then straightened up at his  direction. "I'm going to string you up by your wrists now," Robert told me matter-of-factly.

I looked around the room and wondered how that was possible. I had as much as told him this was one of my favorite fantasies, but I had put it out of my mind as soon as I knew we would be playing in a hotel. There were no ceiling hooks he could use, or anything else that I could see. I followed along as he took me by the arm and led me to the doorway between the living room and the bedroom. When we got there, I saw that he had used two door-stops to hold the door in position halfway open. He unhooked my wrists, repositioned them in front of me with the palms together, and rehooked them. Then he stood me with my back to the door, facing into the living room, and told me to raise my arms up over my head. I did so, still mystified, and I heard two distinct clicks as he attached a pair of double-ended snap bolts to the link holding my wrists together. Each snap bolt had a length of rope attached, and he threw the ropes over the top of the door behind me.

Then he walked around the door and I felt the ropes tighten, pulling my wrists up until my body was fairly taut. He wound one rope around the doorknob on the bedroom side and knotted it, then looped the other around the center hinge on the other edge of the door and knotted it also. 'Brilliant!' my rational mind whispered triumphantly. 'What did I tell you about creativity?' Robert came back around the door and looked over his handiwork, then said, "Bend your knees. Let your arms take your weight." I did so, and the ropes stretched a bit, but I didn't move downward very far at all. "Good," he said approvingly. "You can stand up now. I wanted you to know that you can let yourself go without worrying about falling and hurting yourself." I smiled inside at his phrasing, because I knew he intended to hurt me himself. Yet his demonstration of my safety was reassuring; once again he had given me every reason to trust him. "Thank you, Master, for letting me know that," I told him. He smiled and said, "Just hang out there for a moment while I get some things." This time I smiled outwardly at his play on words, and he chuckled as he walked back across the living room to his case on the floor. He returned carrying two unusual-looking clamps, and my eyes widened in recognition. He had sent me a message once in which he told me that the clamps he had described in a particular chapter of his story were real. Now he had proven his statement. He said, "You recognize these, don't you?" "Yes, Master, You told me to read about them, and I did." "Very good," he told me. "Now you can learn about them for real." He manipulated the shaft on one of them, and, just as he had described in his story, what appeared to be solid metal was really a series of disks held together magnetically. He removed several of the disks, then held the clamp out sideways and brought it to my right nipple. I saw the set-screw that could keep the clamp from fully closing, but it appeared to be all the way out, and I shivered at the thought of how that clamp was going to feel. He slowly allowed the clamp to close at the base of my nipple, watching me carefully to gauge my reaction.

When I groaned and winced at the pain, he stopped the clamp and twisted the set-screw to hold it in that position. When he let go of the clamp, though, it swung down, pulled by gravity, again just as he had written, and it twisted my nipple a quarter-turn as it did so. I gasped again at this additional pain, but he merely repeated the procedure with the second clamp on my other nipple. This time the twist was in the opposite direction, but the result was the same. "How do you feel?" he asked me. I had to think about that for a moment. My nipples hurt, that was a given, but I felt wetter than ever and my clit was becoming more insistent about needing attention. "I think my body is confused," I finally answered. "They hurt, but I'm really horny too." He reached up and let one of the disks he had removed snap onto each of the clamps, and the added weight, though slight, was enough to make me groan again. "That's confused, Master," he corrected mildly. "Yes, Master, of course, I'm very sorry," I babbled. He reached down with one hand and stroked up my pussy slit, and without thinking I thrust my pelvis forward so his finger bumped my stiff clit. "Aaahhhhh," I moaned as the tingle in my groin intensified with the contact. "Naughty, naughty," he chided, and snapped another weight onto each clamp.

He alternated sliding his finger up my slit and over my clit with adding more weights to the clamps, and I alternately moaned and groaned as he did so. By the time he got all the weights attached I was writhing in frustration. My body really was confused, with the butt plug, the clamps, and my clit all sending conflicting messages, but I was so close to cumming I could taste it, and I was sure it would be an orgasm of monumental proportions if he would only let me go over the top. My last shreds of dignity went by the wayside, and I begged shamelessly for release. He stood there and let me run my mouth, and when I finally realized he wasn't going to respond to my pleading I quieted myself and hung my head in submissive frustration. Then he said, very quietly, "You seem to have forgotten why you are here, so I will remind you. You are here for my pleasure, not yours, and you must learn to be less selfish. Turn around and face the door." Oh oh, I thought, now what? I got the answer soon enough, when he swung his arm back and I saw, out of the corner of my eye, the tails of a cat heading for my ass. The heat from his earlier spanking had all but disappeared, but even though I somehow knew he wasn't swinging full force, the sharp stings of the cat landing across my butt made me cry out briefly. "Do you have something to say?" he asked me, and I knew he was asking if I wanted to safe word out of this predicament. I hesitated, mulling it over, and decided not to, not yet. "No, Master," I whispered. His reply was another swing of the cat, and this time I bit my lip and kept quiet.

The End

5/28/2012 5:40:20 AM


Barefoot Fetish

I guess I realized my fetish started when I was in high school. One weekend, a whole group of my friends went up to the lake to party and get some sun and water-skiing in. There was this really CUTE girl who I was seeing. Her family was rich and let her do basically whatever she wanted. So she asked to take her brother's speedboat out and of course they consented. I think that she had just learned how to drive but had been navigating her father's speedboat as well as some of our friends' ski boats for a while. I don't think she had ever taken her brother's boat out before. But what the hell, he was away at college and wouldn't care anyways. Right? Well, I remember a whole bunch of problems getting the boat up to the lake, but once it was there, the fun started. Valerie had long blond hair (being the California beach girl) and a really knockout tan slim body, with blue eyes and pouty lips. She was always wearing as little clothing as possible (to get more sun she said). The day after we got there, Val was wearing a red bikini and she had these cute dainty feet with red nail polish.

 I remember looking at her long tan legs and gazing downwards to her feet. She was a water-skier and had smooth, muscular, but not too muscular legs that saw their share of sunlight. Her cute brown feet were in white flip-flops, the kind that has the really thin stringy thongs which showed off her cute feet.

I got an instant hard-on. She pulled me to my feet where the group was sitting in the sand. We hadn't begun to ski yet so she told the group she was going to warm up the boat and get used to driving it by taking it around the lake once. She of course called me to go with her or this would be the end of the story. Her brother's boat was a fast jet boat that he sometimes used for racing. It had a bench seat in it big enough for only two. As she climbed into the driver's seat, she put her leg forward and as I was admiring her beautiful, nicely-tanned strong legs, I saw a big pedal shaped like a big bare footprint on the floorboard right in front of her. It had a raised ridge along the side of it and the entire gleaming footboard surface had raised bumps kind of like corrugated steel. The shiny metal pedal was at least 14" high and stood straight up.

I had never seen a pedal on a boat before and asked her what it was for. She said it was for the gas and that boat didn't originally come with it. But her brother liked the feeling of power at the touch of his foot so he re-wired the boat with it. The foot throttle was custom made to his liking and shaped to exactly match his bare foot: toes, raised arch and all. He said that it allowed him to get ofr because he could stomp on it and still steer with both hands. The raised edge and arch as well as the perfectly-fitting toes and raised nubs helped keep his foot in place as he dashed through the choppy waters. Although she said that she had seen him driving with aqua socks before. She had never driven his boat before.

She said that Mike (her brother) said it was just like driving a car and that to start it for the first time, you needed to give the jets a lot of gas. As she was explaining this to me, she put her cute thonged foot on the upright accelerator. It looked tiny against the massive pedal; her toes didn't even reach "his toes" of the foot throttle, only just above the arch of "his foot". As Val tried to put her heel into the metal heel cup, her foot slid 
out of her thong. "Dammit!" she yelled and tried to kick the thong out of the pedal. Mike's "foot" seemed to like her shoe and refused to give it up no matter which way she tried to move it.

Finally, I bent over and lifted her size 6-7 thong out of the pedal. The accelerator pedal must've pivoted about an axis where it touched the floor because she tried to give the pedal a mighty pump with her foot, but since her foot was small and her heel was in the cup, the pedal barely moved. She, however, flinched in pain as stomping on a non-moving steel pad must've hurt the knee and leg. She then sat way up in her seat and put her toes on Mike's "toes". She extended her leg as far as it would go and began pumping the pedal with her toes. She could press it down an inch backwards. She turned the key and cranked the engine while continuing her feeble ministrations. The engine cranked but never turned over. It had been a cool night and I guess the engine was cold. I slid next to her and told her to trade places with me. She did and I was now sitting in the driver's seat. I checked all the gauges and everything was fine.

Even the fuel was topped off. I kicked off my right sandal and placed my bare foot on the big pedal. I had learned long ago that it was impossible to drive with flip-flops on. The part of the sandal extending past the heel was always longer than the part  from the front strap to the toe. Thus if you slide your foot back to be equal with the bottom of the sandal, your toes always fall out of the straps. This was illustrated by Val nicely a few seconds before. My foot almost fit the aluminum casting. It was cold and corrugated with a lip running around it (obviously to keep your foot mounted on the gas). I pushed on the massive pedal with my toes and to my surprise it went back quite far. I turned the key again and held it in start. I began pumping the pedal in long strokes, pushing and extending my toes until it was almost horizontal and then letting it slowly come back. The engine sputtered and she grabbed my hard cock and squeezed tightly in anticipation. It coughed and started to die. She quickly put her left foot, still in her sandal, on top of my right and tried to pump the engine back to life.

Using the dashboard and my cock to balance her, she was making my cock harder while she stepped on the insole of my bare right foot. The engine caught on and was starting to sound like it would make it but it died again suddenly. I then got a really good idea. I told Val that maybe since the boat seemed to do better when we both worked at it, that we should do it together. She agreed but saw my wicked smile. I eased out of my swimsuit and slipped my right foot out of my sandal again. Then I released her bikini bottom. I told her that she had to sit on my lap for us to try to get this boat started. So she sat down, easing her way onto my shaft, moaning as she went. Now that we were one, I put my right bare foot onto the large pedal which had grown warm by the heat from our feet. Val then lifted her again-thonged right foot to the pedal.

Now that she was in my lap, she could reach it easily. She stuck her heel over my toes and let her flip-flop sandal drape over the back of the gas pedal. Then she moved her foot down until her foot slipped out of her shoe again. The white thong landed sloppily behind the accelerator. Her dainty foot, now on top of mine, tried to push on the gas but her thong had fallen at just the right angle to wedge against the back of the pedal and the floor. So I kicked off my left sandal and fished behind the large, wide pedal for her shoe. I was straining and moving my hips to reach behind the throttle and that was bringing her close to coming. I finally on a lunge got my toe looped through the thin straps of her thong and pulled it free. She reached forward and turned the key. She began pumping with her foot furiously, crushing my tender foot against the pedal again and again, rocking on my cock all the time. Her toes began to mesh with mine from the force of her pounding foot, spreading my toes wide while her painted toes interwove with mine.

I looked and saw the pattern of red nails alternating with my unpainted toes, peeking through from under her foot. The nubs on the pedal were massaging the bare soles of my foot, sending chills up 
and down my spine. My foot crashed the pedal again and again as she extended her cute foot and pressed on my toes. I watched this pendulating action, feeling the pressure of her sole on my instep, and the raised nubs on the bottom of my foot. My left leg involuntarily extended itself in the sensation, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. For what must have been thirty seconds, her foot pounded the gas to full throttle. She came and her right leg straightened and pinned my foot down on the pedal, holding the throttle wide open. Her dainty foot, though little and beautiful, packed a wallop of pressure! I couldn't move. But my foot between hers and the gleaming silver pedal couldn't feel anything anyway as I began exploding inside her. But that did it. The rush of gas from the fully horizontal gas pedal revved the engine and she let go of the key.

The engine started. From then on, every time I see a bare foot operating a pedal or engaging in other activity, I remember Val and our boat ride. (There's more to the story too!) And I get this massive hard on that wants release desperately. As Dave Munroe said, a girl in a convertible driving on PCH with the top down barefoot makes me go wild! The beach during the summer is the best time to see these sights! Cute girls in string bikinis with convertibles driving barefooted! But isn't there a law against driving barefooted (at least in California, not that anyone can see you do it)? If anyone has stories about pedals, tips or stories on seeing barefoot drivers, or has an answer to the driving barefooted question, please post to this group!!! Pedal to the Metal! (Barefooted of course)

The End

5/26/2012 9:01:37 AM


Pushing The Envelope

The night before we met for coffee, I dreamed about Gil. I woke up with my heart clattering against my ribs. The dream was vivid but it faded quickly. I tried to hold onto it, but all I had was impressions: cold porcelain and slick metal, breathing ragged as torn silk, the taste of Kahlua, the sweet smell of sweat and exertion. I couldn't hold onto it, and lay there in bed, looking at the ceiling and listening to Paul's soft snoring. It was nearly six anyway so I got up, and when I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, I discovered I was _very_ wet. Paul still hadn't moved--when he sleeps, nothing short of Gabriel's trumpet can wake him--and for a moment I thought about waking him up for a quickie, to take the edge off. And, I admit, as a bit of an apology for last night's argument.  

But he gets so grumpy when he doesn't make the first move that it's usually not worth it. I took a shower instead and got dressed, making a little more noise than necessary. It didn't wake Paul. I chose my yellow off-the-shoulder sundress which shows off my cleavage and hides that distressing bulge around my middle. I wasn't dressing to attract, you understand. It was just that Gil had looked so fit and trim that I suddenly felt old and dumpy.

That's unreasonable, I know--I'm thirty-eight, I've had three children, and I just can't expect to look the same as I did when I was eighteen. I shouldn't _have_ to; Paul doesn't look the same as when we met. Like Inez says, men have it easy. To prove I wasn't dressing to attract, I didn't open fresh pantyhose; I used an old pair with a hole on the inside of the right leg, just below the crotch.

The boys were already arguing when I got downstairs, so I got them quiet, fed, and off to the schoolbus on time. Then I left to meet Gil. Okay, I was fifteen minutes early. His hotel was a six-story fake-adobe affair sprawled over a block on the edge of town, and the coffee shop was mostly stucco and ferns, very airy. It didn't matter that I had an air conditioner blowing on my neck, my palms were so sweaty I had to wipe them with Kleenex. And he showed up ten minutes early. I waved him over. "You're early," he said as he sat down. "I'm always early. It drives Paul crazy." I took off my hat and ran a hand through my hair to fluff it. I get hat-head something crazy. "You're early too." "I was already up. I swim laps every morning." I had to smile. "Uh-huh," I told him. "So neither of us was anxious about this meeting?" He grinned that grin, and suddenly I wasn't thirty-eight any more. "Of course not. After all, it's been twenty years, what's another ten minutes more or less?" "You're right. You're absolutely right." We both grinned at each other like idiots, and might have for hours except that the waitress came to take our orders. The waitress was seventeen and pert, with a perfect complexion and a carelessly svelte figure; Gil, bless him, didn't look twice at her. He ordered the continental breakfast and I had already eaten with the boys. She asked if we wanted coffee, and Gil and I looked at each other and for no reason at all I was thinking about coffee breath. I hadn't even planned on kissing him. He laughed and nodded, and I said, "Hell, yes. Coffee. Bring a whole pot, if you want." She left and I shrugged and asked, "So what's new?" "You mean besides parting ways with Meyer and Betty and getting married and divorced and selling envelopes to your husband? Not much." "The longer the time, the less there is to say about it." I sighed. "Well. No divorce, and we have three kids.

Currently fifteen, thirteen, and nine, and obsessed with, um, girls, roller blades, and dinosaurs." "Nice." "Oh, don't take that tone with me. Kids _can_ be nice, but they can also be a royal pain in the butt." I paused. "In the ass. A _fucking_ pain in the _ass_." "A fucking pain in the fucking ass," he laughed. "Get it right." Our coffee arrived with his breakfast. When the waitress had left again, he said, "I love imagining Mom sneaking out to swear." "I don't get to swear at home. Besides the kids, Paul doesn't like it. It's not ladylike," I said. "And it's not like I know more words than they do. I caught Trevor, our oldest boy, saying `felching' last month. `Felching' is not in Webster's." "I know what it is, but you don't want to hear before breakfast." I set my elbows on the table and rested my chin on interlaced fingers. "You can't shock me, fella. I've been to Tupperware parties." He sipped his coffee, primly dabbed at his lips with his napkin and then said delicately, "To felch. Verb, transitive. To suck ejaculate from someone's anus." "Eccch," I said and shook my head. "And I thought `fuck' was daring." "Told you you didn't want to know." "I don't think I'll use that one at the next Tupperware party.

But `fuck,' `damn,' and `shit' are still delightfully wicked." "I wondered what went on at Tupperware parties. I always suspected they were a seething sea of passions and perversions." "Oh, please," I told him. "Inez--my friend Inez--once threw a Fuckerware party--" "A what?" "Fuckerware. That's what Inez called it. Basically it was a bunch of women from the neighborhood being terribly daring and modeling lingerie for each other. The sales representative also showed us different toys and lotions." "Interesting. Did everyone enjoy themselves?" "There was a lot of nervous giggling and double entendres. But mostly the party was dull. And it made _sex_ dull. Inez was so pissed off." I had to smile. She'd been hoping for some hot experience and she got...suburbia. She wanted cajun chicken and she got KFC. "And Cloris Mayhew, who's really kind of creepy, keeps calling Inez up to see when the next party is. _Cloris_ thought it was great, but next time, she thinks, we ought to have games." Gil looked blankly at me. "Tupperware games. Like for instance, whoever can make the most words out of the letters in `Tupperware' gets a prize." I shook my head. "We didn't have games." "I can't imagine Tupperware games helping. What would you do -- see who can name the most positions?" "We know there are at least sixty-nine." "Ninety-six--that would be lovers arguing." I winced. "Too close to home." He said, "You could ask them how many words they can make out of the letters in `felch.'" He smiled and tilted his head and suddenly I had this flash of memory, a whole scene: Betty's sweaty flesh stuck to the length of me, her tongue buried in me, my breasts squeezed heavy against my sides and my face wet from her, the taste of her something like watermelon and fresh-mown grass tight against the back of my throat. Gil was over my head, his nearly hairless balls starting to relax and sag after his orgasm.

I could see his cock softening and there was a ring of color around the base as it withdrew from Betty's asshole, I could hear the sticky pulling sound as it shrank away from her, I could smell the heady smell. As he pulled away, I tilted my head back to see his face tall above me. He smiled down at me, tilting his head just so. A bulge of his come oozed out of Betty's asshole and I licked the length of her pussy, finally catching his come on my tongue. "Oh, god," I said. "I've _done_ it. I've felched." He nodded. "I remember." "I haven't thought of that for years." I made a face and then swallowed, not sure if I liked the memories I had just evoked. "--You remembered?" He shrugged: _no big deal_. And that was when I knew I could sleep with Gil if I wanted to. "You were...eager and apt," he said. "You were ready and willing to do anything." "Jesus. I was, wasn't I?" I giggled. "And last month I turned down a chance to chaperone the boys on a school trip, because Reg Lewis keeps hitting on me and I was afraid it would look bad." I shook my head again. "What ever happened to that young woman?" He shrugged." She got married, had kids. She grew up. Every choice remade her until she was something she couldn't have imagined." I snorted. "She certainly didn't imagine _this._" I gestured at myself. "You don't have to tell me. I sell envelopes for a living." "Poor Kim," I told him. "She lied about who she was. She pretended to be someone else, and while she was pretending, she grew old." "You're not old." "Thanks."

I shrugged, suddenly depressed. "I feel like one of Robert's fossils. All the living stuff has been replaced with rock, leaving something that _looks_ like Kim but isn't really." I ran my fingertip around the smooth rim of my coffee mug, smearing the lipstick that had come off. I looked at the red stain on my finger. "And why? So Paul could marry a virgin." "It didn't matter to you, it did to him. That's what you said." "I know what I said," I told him as I scrubbed my fingertip clean with a tissue. "Except...except I think it does matter." I inspected my finger. It was fine. Unblemished. Born-again virginal. I looked past it, up at Gil. Awareness of him, of how _male_ he was, hit me like leaving a cool building for the summer sun. "I don't know what to think, Gil. What do you think?" "Kim," he said carefully, "I want to fuck you." My blood was roaring in my ears, I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly. "You said--" He nodded. "I know what I said. That doesn't change what I want. I may not be able to have it. I can live with that. It may be a mistake. I can live with that, too." He gave me a sudden smile. "It's not the most romantic proposition I've ever made, but it's the truest." It's funny how much stuff can go through your mind at a moment like that. I suppose I ought to have been indignant or flattered or just one emotion, but instead I was all of those and more: aware of the posturing so I would always be the _correct_ person Paul married, aware of the marriage-bed juggling (_too_tired_tonight_but_he_did_last_week_when_I_wanted_and_next_week's_my_ period_), proud Gil asked me, worried it was wrong, scared I'd forgotten how to _be_ anyone else, to be _with_ anyone else, and most of all I was desperately overwhelmingly horny! And I knew I'd said yes, even though I hadn't opened my mouth. Gil threw money onto the table and held his hand out for me to take. His hand was warm and his grip strong: he kept firm pressure on my arm as I stood up. I was glad, because my knees were shaking. Gil grabbed my hat and contrived to brush my breasts with the brim as he swept it to my head; it was so sudden, so unexpected, my nipples suddenly pressed against my bra. "Gil?" I said in a low voice. He stopped. "Yes?" "I'm going to wear you out." "I hope so," he said, and we started to the door.

We didn't speak. Once we were in the elevator, alone for a moment, he ran his fingers from the nape of my neck to the base of my spine, and I shivered. I stepped in front of him and pressed myself against his body, making small circles with my hips, feeling the contours of his trapped cock slide across one cheek, between them, across the other and back again. The elevator stopped on the floor before his and a maid got on; I stopped moving and we stood there, his cock straining against the base of my spine. It felt huge and delightful. I'm sure I was grinning like a mad thing. As soon as the elevator stopped, I walked into the corridor without looking back. As I heard the elevator hum off to its next destination, I felt the feather touch of a breeze as Gil came up behind me and then a wash of cool air as he unzipped my dress, laying my back bare to the world. I felt tremendously naked as I spun to face him. "You'd better tell me where your room is." He already had his key out. "Right here." While he put the key in the lock, I paid him back by reaching down and unzipping his pants, pulling the fabric away from the lump of his cock. I giggled, it was such a silly giddy thing to do. I could see the white of his shorts, a sideways eye in his cream slacks. He started to speak as he opened the door but I swept in after him, plastering myself against the length of his body, searching for his mouth, kissing his jaw, cheek, chin.

No aftershave, just clean man and a faint reminder of soap. He fumbled for a moment (removing the key, shutting the door) and then his attention was fully on me, like I was something new and different, like I was special and wanted and surprising. Strong hands sliding up the backs of my legs, cupping my ass, smoothing the muscles of my back, clutching my hair. He pulled away from a moment, just to look, and I liked it. He slid his hands down me again, the front this time: collarbones and breasts and nipples and stomach and hips. His hands had a touch of roughness to them--old calluses, maybe. "Pantyhose," he said, and made a face. "I didn't know," I told him. "Next time." I kicked off my shoes and knelt. I wanted to memorize his cock, I wanted to possess it. I wanted him in my hands, my mouth, my pussy, my ass. I undid his belt and let him step out of his trousers. His cock was sturdy in his pale jockeys, strapped to his belly by the elastic. I pulled his shorts down to free it; his cock toppled until it was pointing just above horizontal, the head an inch from my mouth. His wonderful masculine odor filled my nostrils and I kissed the head once lightly, just as a prelude. His cock twitched once and bobbed. The only hint of his foreskin was a slight fleshiness along the shaft. A stranger's cock. I took it in my mouth, sliding my lips over the soft-hard head, letting my teeth rest just behind the ridge of it.

He was mine now. I had him locked in my mouth. I ran my tongue over and around the smooth skin, tasting it, relishing it like the first plum of summer, reluctant to finish it off. It was hot and smooth. I drew my head back, dragging my teeth along it, steadied the hot hard shaft in my hand and leaned forward, surrounding his cock with my mouth, my tongue, my throat. Then again, deeper. There was a sudden roiling in my stomach: too far. I hadn't done this for too many years. I pulled my head back and looked at his cock, still connected to me by a line of saliva. I squeezed the shaft and pulled, watching the foreskin suddenly appear. He was so hard and tight I could only just roll skin up to the base of the head. I jacked him again, fascinated by it, and again. "Kim," Gil said in a low voice. I looked up. His face was drawn. "Do you want me to come on your face?" "Not yet," I told him. He'd peeled off his shirt while I was sucking his cock. Nice chest. His nipples were puckered brown pebbles. "Then you should stop. Just for a moment." I felt cheated and excited. I hadn't done anything, really, and he was threatening to come. None of the cues were the same as with Paul--it was all new, all exciting. I could do anything with Gil. He pulled gently on my arm and as I stood up, he slipped me free of one shoulder of the dress and one bra strap. Peeling the cup from my breast, he stroked my breast then pinched the nipple roughly. With his other hand, he hoisted my skirt around my waist and began to fondle my ass, finding the run on the inside of the pantyhose leg. One clever finger slipped through the leg of my panties and traced a wet path from cunt to asshole. I couldn't remember the last time my nipples had been so hard, and I was so conscious of my cunt, the heavy electric feeling of it... I felt delicious. I wanted to _see_ myself as a sexual animal, I wanted to see my breasts sway as this man fucked me from behind, see the lust on our faces. I started moving towards the bathroom, he followed me, leaving his pants behind.

The bathroom was cool and white in counterpoint to us. My hair was mussed, my breasts were bare and bulging from the twisted cups of my bra, and I had a naked man behind me. I leaned my elbows on the cool countertop, my nipples brushing my forearms. He rested his hands on my hips and our gazes met in the mirror. I gave him my sexiest smile--he smiled back and hoisted my skirt to my waist. I heard a low growling but I didn't know which of us it was. I tossed my head and twitched my hips. I hadn't wanted anybody this much in _years_. I loved the lack of words. I loved the obvious arousal on his face, in his movements, in the heavy wagging of his big cock. His cock felt like hot iron against my ass cheeks. He moved expertly with a minimum of fumbling and then the head of his cock was waiting at the entrance to my cunt. I inched backward just a bit, to feel it inside me, but his hands held me where I was. His cock rested there like a promise. I wanted him inside me. I wanted to fuck. I wanted to come. My hips twitched again without my willing it. I shivered though the room was not cold. Wherever he touched me was like fire: hands burning on hips, cock burning on cunt. "Fuck me," I whispered. "You're beautiful," he said and thrust forward. Like fire taking paper, like water quenching a thirst, he entered me. It took two more thrusts before his hips slapped against my ass and I was full. Full of cock, full of excitement, full of life. And even as I thought that, I also thought, God, you can tell I was an English major, can't you? And then there were no more words to describe. There was just the old-new simple-complex business of fucking and feeling good. I don't know how many times I came; I just wasn't aware. Not earth-shaking orgasms, just tiny ones that rippled through me. I watched us in the mirror, un-self-conscious and lusty and noisy and sweaty. I slammed my ass back against his hips and moved it in small circles, feeling him deep inside me. He leaned over me and gruffly handled my breasts and pinched and stroked my swollen nipples. It hurt delightfully. I stood up straight; he was just enough taller that he had to bend his legs, and his cock popped out. He knelt, spun me around and peeled off my hose and panties, then gave me a quick kiss on my clit. I leaned back, certain he was going to eat me now but instead he stood up, lifted me and set me on his cock.

I slid down and felt sparks as we ground together. I wrapped my legs around his waist. In the mirror, my skirt had fallen down again, but I got the occasional glimpse of bare thigh, hip, and a shadowy view of cock in cunt. That couldn't be prim Kim Murdock, with that strange man's cock in her. I laughed again and wrapped my arms tight around Gil's neck, striving for orgasm, pumping until I caught fire again, shuddering and weak. Gil felt it, and set me on the counter. He stood still for a moment. "Come in me," I told him after I don't know how long and he began to move again, slowly and picking up speed, just a third of his cock sliding in and out of me, until finally all his muscles clenched and his back arched, stiffened, and I felt his cock throb in my cunt. He thrust a couple of more times and then shivered. I slouched backward and pulled myself off his semi hard cock. A big gob of come began to leak from me. He reached down and caught it on his hand. I grabbed his hand and we touched palms, spreading his sticky warm come all over our hands. I held my hand to his mouth and he licked my palm, then sucked each finger clean. I did the same for him. We looked at each other for a moment. Then I saw myself in the mirror and giggled. "What a slut." I peeled off the rest of my clothes and hugged him. "What a joy." There was one awkward topic to bring. I stepped back and said, "I suppose I ought to tell you that I'm, uh, receptive. Since we didn't use, uh--" He picked me up and carried me over to the bed without putting me down. "I suppose I ought to tell you," he said gravely, "I've had a vasectomy." I laughed because nothing could go wrong today--and then shrieked as he dropped me onto the bed. I giggled. My stomach muscles and my thighs were quivering jelly. Gil lay down beside me and began to rub my legs. I lay there, enjoying his touch. "I haven't done that for a long time," I told him. "Just fucked. Total animals." "How do you feel?" "Great. Oh, you mean about cheating?" I thought about it. "Not terrible, surprisingly. Inez has been after me for years to have an affair. Says it would do me a world of good." I stretched and tousled his hair. "I guess she was right." After a while Gil finished rubbing my legs and tummy and stretched out beside me. I kissed him, teasing him with my tongue. "You know what I liked?" I asked him. "What?" "It was unrehearsed." "Good, I always get stage fright." "Not that, silly. Paul--does it bother you to talk about Paul?" Gil shrugged. "You're a married woman. It bugs me a little but that's because I want you all to myself." I nodded. I wouldn't want to talk about another woman he was fucking. "Anyway, Paul was a virgin, and I was _supposed_ to be a virgin, but it wasn't like he hadn't _read_ anything.

So he was very careful to be a full and tender lover, you know--tried to make sure I came once or twice or three times--except he's _always_ like that. Even when I want to _fuck_. And then it becomes kind of...mechanical. Like, when we have sex, there's some kissing, and then some caressing, and then some general body licking and touching and then he goes down on me and then we fuck." "You don't--?" He lifted his eyebrows. "I didn't notice your technique was rusty." "It is kind of unfair of me, isn't it? No, we fell out of the habit. I guess for the first year he just put me off because he wanted to fuck instead of coming in my mouth. And Paul's got a bit of control freak in him. Going down on someone involves controlling them, and Paul's not really one to give up that control." He nodded and reached out to touch my cheek. "It's tough to give up control." "You'd come in my mouth." He chuckled. "I'd come anywhere you wanted. I'd felch you if you asked." "Mmmm. Next time I want you to fuck me in the ass. I haven't been fucked in the ass for a long time." "Sure." "With a dildo," I said. "I used to like that stuffed feeling, a butt-plug in my ass and a cock in my cunt." "I don't actually have one with me. I could buy one, though." I made a pillow of my arms, remembering things I used to do. "I could tie you up, that would be a control thing." He lazily stroked one breast. My nipple hardened. "I can see I'm going to have to make a list," he said. "No," I said, "I'll make it." I went to the writing table where a box of Gil's business cards sat.

I picked one up and looked at it, then took his pen and scribbled on the back of it: _Fuck_my_ ass_. I set it aside and picked up another one and wrote, _Butt-plug_ and set that one aside. _On an overnight train_ was next, then _Let_me_tie_you_up_, then _You_and_me_and_a_ girlfriend_. Ideas and situations tumbled into my mind and I sat down and started writing. On a couple of them, the business card wasn't big enough, so I wrote the description on a piece of letter paper, frantic to get it all down. Maybe Gil spoke to me, maybe he didn't--I wasn't listening to anything but my torrent of fantasies. Eventually I stopped. There was a stack of cards and papers, maybe forty of them. Gil touched the top one with his forefinger. "You want to do all of these?" I nodded. "I'm only in town for a month." He picked up the stack and started to read them--I covered them with my hand. "Not in front of me. Please." "If we're going to do these--" I squirmed while he read through them. Finally he set them down. "I can see I should finally take that back vacation." He sat on the edge of the desk. I noticed his cock head was completely shrouded in foreskin. None of my fantasies had turned him on. "Kim, we're having an affair. I haven't had an affair in years but I remember the rules." "Rules?" Gil nodded. "I am not to assume you are going to leave your husband for me. We leave the rest of our lives outside that door.

Our time together is precious, and stolen. We don't squander it. I don't take sides in arguments you have with your husband. You don't invite me to family functions so we can have a quickie while your husband is around. And last and hardest, when it's over, it's over." I nodded. "Doesn't seem very romantic." "It's not." He shrugged. "In some ways, I'm not a very romantic guy. Sorry." I pointed at the pile of cards. "Did you want to do any of those?" "I want to do all of them, Kim, plus a couple you didn't write down. But we only have a month. Pick your top dozen. Or we'll each pick six. We can do three a week. Can you arrange to meet me three times a week?" I hadn't thought of an affair as something to be _planned_. "I guess." He looked stern. "Yes," I said. "How can you be so calculating about this?" "Two reasons." He held up a finger. "First: it was a poorly handled affair that finally broke up my marriage." Another finger. "Second: I'm crazy about you, Kim. I mean crazy in the teen-age sense--I'd sit on the curb across from your house for six hours just to see you taking out the garbage. You need those rules to keep me from trying to take up all of your time. I need those rules for the same reason." "That's kind of scary," I said. He nodded. "And it's the most alive I've felt in years." "Me too," I said. His cock was starting to lengthen again, the head now a third uncovered like a cautious turtle. I touched the velvety skin with my forefinger. He groaned. "A month," he said. "We have a month of this kind of living." "So make love to me now," I told him.

He pulled the other chair next to me and kissed me tenderly and deeply. I closed my eyes. Nothing touched except our lips and tongues, but I could feel the heat of his body. I knew his hand was on the back of my chair, beside my shoulder. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, still surprised by how he tasted. After a while, he pulled away and I felt his kiss on my right nipple. I sagged back in the chair and let him touch me. He stayed there for a long time, caressing and teasing it, gradually working away from the nipple so he was also kissing and touching the rest of my breast. It tingled. He kissed his way to the other breast, this time working his way in to the nipple. The wet neglected right nipple was cool and hard. I reached up and played with it, something I'd never done with Paul. He touched my shoulder and I opened my eyes. His cock was fully hard now, and level with my eyes. I stroked it with one hand, and then opened my mouth for it. He slowly moved the head in and out of my mouth, letting me fondle it with my tongue. Finally he said, "Let me share," and led me over to the bed. We lay on our sides, his cock by my mouth, his face between my legs. I felt a sudden surge of electricity when he licked my asshole, and I had to stop licking his balls when he slid a finger into my cunt. His tongue moved rapidly over my clit, strummed it almost, and he slid in another finger and then another. I felt so _full_. I lay there, one leg cocked so he could get at me, feeling a delightful orgasm build while he moved his fingers in and out. Then his thumb rested on my asshole and pressed and I came suddenly, flopping onto my back. Gil held me until it subsided and then he clambered around and kissed me again. I could taste myself, the heavy flavor I have when I'm fertile, and I kissed his face clean. Somehow during that he slipped his cock into me and I gasped as he filled me. We fucked gently: long slow strokes, his body on mine, our mouths glued together. I was full of his cock and his pelvis was a soft pressure on my clit. Eventually I couldn't wait any more and I told him so. "Harder." He picked up the pace. His hips slapped against mine and every thrust squeezed me so I grunted--"Uh. Uh. Uh! Uh! Uh uh uh UH!"--as I came, a wonderful floaty orgasm that suspended me in warm time. While I was still floating, Gil whispered, "Now," and his body clenched so he pulled on my shoulders while pushing himself into me, like I was a bowstring and he was the bow. His cock twitched several times and he sighed, almost hissing, as he relaxed.

His cock was still hard, so he continued to slide in and out of me for a few minutes until it softened. I held him tightly and we kissed some more. We lay there together for a while and then I looked at the clock--our breakfast meeting had lasted three and a half hours! "I have to get dressed," I told Gil. "I know," he said, but he didn't stop kissing me. I giggled and pushed him away. There was no awkwardness about parting, just the desire to meet again. I left him naked at the door. I felt so good, so sexual, I didn't mind the hassles that went with having sex with Paul. If he wanted sex tonight, I was willing. After all, it would keep me ready for next Monday.

The End

5/24/2012 4:51:38 AM


The Glory Hole

You follow dutifully behind your Mistress through the long narrow passageway leading to the Mistress's Dungeon. Concrete walls flank both sides of the passageway, with oil lamps hanging at regular intervals providing the only light, meager though it is.  

As you walk in and out of the shadows, you watch her hips sway beneath the short black leather skirt, her black heels making a staccato sound in the empty hallway. A series of chains crisscross her back, and you remember how her breasts looked beneath the chains, her nipples pink and erect, as if eager for your touch. 

You glance down at your naked body, at the leather band around the base of your cock, and at the chain leading from the leather band to the Mistress's hand. With every step you take, the chain moves against your body, making a small clinking sound, reminding you that you belong to the Mistress, that your body, your cock, are hers.

The realization makes your cock stiffen in anticipation as you wonder what her plans are for you, what the night will bring.

You look at her skirt again, aching to smooth your hands up her thighs to explore what's underneath--though you already know, because you know your Mistress. You know she's wearing nothing ...... because she always tells you that she wants nothing to stand in the way when she wants to fuck you.


You feel a tug against your hard cock with the cock chain, and you glance up as you enter a large room. A group of people across the room watch as you step inside, but you keep your gaze straight toward your Mistress, slightly down, as you've been taught. You can feel their eyes on you, and you know they're looking at your naked body, at your erect cock, at your Mistress as she leads you through the room toward a door. It's strangely erotic to be this vulnerable, to be this exposed. But you know it pleases her, and because it does, it's a pleasure for you too.

As you reach the center of the room, you notice a movement against the wall to your right. Though the room is dimly lit, you can see several people kneeling in front of the wall, but at first you can't tell what they're doing. Your path brings you closer to the wall, and you glance in that direction once again. An erect cock protrudes through a hole in the wall, and a woman is stroking it, while a man leans over to lick the head. You watch as the man takes the cock in his mouth and starts to suck it, deeper and deeper with each movement, while the woman reaches up to rub the exposed balls. The cock begins to move in and out of the hole, fucking the man's mouth, while the woman moves between the sucking man's legs to take his stiff cock into her mouth.

Your own cock throbs powerfully at the sight, at the sheer erotic of the scene, and you glance back at your Mistress's skirt, aching to ram your swollen cock between her legs, thrust it deep into her moist pussy, to fuck her until neither of you can move. Your cock hardens even more. As you get closer to the door, you glance back at the couple, and your eyes spot another hole in the wall, an empty hole ..... and your cock pulses as you stare at that magnificent hole.

Your Mistress and you step into a long narrow room, bare of furnishings except for a couple of oil lamps placed on tall, round tables in the far corner of the room and one leather-padded stool. Only one person is in the room, a man who's arms are roped together and tied above his head, securely attached to a hook dangling from the ceiling.

He's facing the wall to your right, the wall with the two glory holes, and he's moaning and pressing his hips firmly against the wall as he's being eaten from the other side. You watch as his hips move back and forth, his ass tight and firm, and you glimpse his hard cock with each powerful thrust in the hole.

You glance down at your own erect cock and see a drop of cum on the head, beginning to drip down your shaft. But your Mistress has seen it too, and you watch as she leans in front of you and licks the cum off the head of your cock, then presses her body against yours as she kisses you, thrusting her tongue deep inside your mouth so you can taste your cum.

You hear the man cry out, and you look in his direction, your mouth still on hers, as he rams his hips hard against the wall, his body shuddering as he cums. He lets the ropes above his head support his body as he struggles to catch his breath, his body still jerking in and out of the hole.

You feel a swift tug on the cock leash, and you realize you've kept your Mistress waiting. You thrust your hips against hers, your hard cock against her belly as she kisses you, as she pulls against the cock chain to bring you as close to her as you can get. You watch as she lifts her skirt to tease you with her bare pussy, then rubs your cock against it, between her legs, over her moist pussy lips, against her clit ...... back and forth. She guides the head of your cock inside and you moan, eager to thrust your aching cock deep inside. Then she immediately takes it out. 
She tugs on your cock chain to pull you in front of the second glory hole, and she raises your arms and secures the chains to a hook dangling from the ceiling. Then, she kneels in front of you and takes your cock in her mouth, tasting her pussy on it, and sucks it deeply a few times while her long nails dig into your ass. As she stands up, she positions your body against the wall, and places your powerfully erect cock through the glory hole. She shoves the cock chain through the glory hole too, and you hear the chain clatter and clang against the floor as it falls. 
Reaching up to your lips, she once again kisses you, sliding her tongue deep inside your mouth. Her lips still moving against yours, she slide one nail down your chest, moving it over your electrified skin until she reaches the base of your cock, which she grabs tightly as it sticks through the hole. "Trust me," she whispers. 
You watch as she walks toward the door, then stops and looks back at you. She raises her short black skirt to expose her pussy and begins to rub her clit, her gaze never leaving yours. As you watch her, you feel someone grabbing your cock, someone beginning to stroke it, someone on the other side of the glorious hole. 
You close your eyes for a moment and enjoy the sensation, and when you open them again, your Mistress is gone.   Hands are stroking your cock, moving fingers down the length, rubbing nails over the head, against the hole at the tip of your cock. It can't be just one hand--it feels like hundreds of hands stroking you, stimulating you. You press your hips against the wall to give them every inch of your cock. 
The hole in the wall is large enough for your balls to fit through as well, and you feel someone tugging them through the hole, then licking them. You feel the coolness of the wall beneath your hips, the smooth surface of the hole every time your cock rubs against it, and the dampness of the tongue against your balls. 
You stare at the wall just inches in front of your face and wonder why this whole strange scene is so hot to you, so damn erotic. Is it because you have no idea who's playing with your cock on the other side of the hole? Is it because you don't know whose tongue is licking your balls? Is it the vulnerability of having your cock exposed on the other side of the wall to everyone in the room, for them to watch how hard you are, how turned on you are for your Mistress and this scene? Is it because you're doing her will, doing something that will please her? Because you're serving your Mistress? 
Your cock is pulled further through the hole so that your hips fit snuggly against the wall, and you feel someone suck in the head, teasing it with their tongue. Unable to help yourself, you moan. The tongue runs down the length of your cock, while another tongue moves over your balls, sucking them. Though it's far from warm in the dungeon, a drop of sweat slides down the side of your face. 
You're dimly aware of the other man in the room, the one who'd just cum in the other glory hole. His body is turned to face you, his face damp with perspiration. You glance down his naked body, noticing his cock as it begins to harden once again as he watches you. 
Your cock is sucked deeply then, powerfully, as if the person were sucking your entire length into their throat, and you forget about the man once again. Pressing your hips against the wall, you offer your full cock to the sucker, and you begin to move your hips in time with the sucking. As soon your cock leaves the mouth, you ram it back inside again, over and over again. Someone's hands are playing with your balls, caressing them, rubbing them. You feel someone biting them, which only intensifies the feelings in your cock, in your whole body. 
Your cock is engorged, so ready to shoot cum into the mouth of the sucker. The feeling is building, escalating to the point of no return. Then you stop. Your Mistress hasn't given you permission to cum. Where is she? As you struggle to regain control, you're dimly aware of movement in the room. Someone steps behind you. You try to turn your head to see them, but your hips are pressed so tightly against the wall that you have very limited movement.

The person on the other side of the hole releases your cock from their mouth, and all of your attention is drawn back to the glory hole. Almost with a will of their own, your hips continue to rock back and forth against the wall, hungry for the mouth to return to your cock. Then you feel fingers against your ass, a hand smoothing over your body. It moves down your ass between your legs and back up again. As you relax into the feeling, someone on the other side of the hole begins to play with your cock once again. 
You feel fingers opening your ass, moving against your opening. Teasing it, opening it, until you feel a finger slide inside and begin to stroke in and out. Under the haze of feelings, you hear what sounds like furniture being moved on the other side of the wall. You feel a slight bump, as if someone or something banged against it directly on the other side of you. 
The person stroking your cock stops the movement and just holds it. You feel it being tugged, pulled, oh gaud, your cock is being guided into a pussy ........ The pussy is hot and wet, coating your cock, making it easy to slide in and out. Her hips are pressed tightly against the hole to enable you to ram your whole cock deep inside. 
You fuck the pussy with your entire body, wanting so desperately to cum, but you can't ..... gaud you haven't been given permission. As you ram your cock in and out of the pussy, the person behind you slides a finger in and out of your ass. The stimulation is unbelievable. You're fucking a pussy on the other side of a damn wall, and you've never been this turned on in your life. 
Your hips bang back and forth against the wall, fucking the pussy with everything you've got. You feel her body move against your cock, taking it deep inside. You're so ready to explode, to fill the pussy with cum. Picking up the pace, you fuck even harder, even wilder. Sweat drips down the side of your face. 
You feel the pussy muscles tighten, clenching your cock tightly. Then you hear a cry of pleasure, feel the body on the other side grow stiff as she cums. You struggle to keep from cumming because you want to please your Mistress. You've come this far, gaud you have to hang on a little while longer.

Then you feel a tug on the chain that's still secured around your cock, and you explode into the pussy immediately, your body rocking back and forth as you cum. The person behinds you rams their finger even deeper into your ass as you explode. With the chains holding your arms and supporting your body, you fill the pussy with cum, shooting over and over again deep inside. 

Your legs can barely hold you up as you lean against the wall, struggling to catch your breath, your body dripping with sweat. You feel the pussy releasing your cock, and the finger sliding out of your ass. You hear what sounds like furniture being moved on the other side of the wall again. But you can barely move. 
You close your eyes and relax into the chains supporting your body. You awake to the sound of your arms being released from above your head. You look up to see your Mistress standing in front of you while another slave moves your body away from the wall, supporting you while you regain your balance. 
She's not smiling. She's just watching you closely. Oh gaud, were you wrong in assuming that the rattle of your chains meant that you could cum? Have you displeased her? You watch as she sits on a stool near you and spreads her legs. "Eat me," she says as she motions for the other slave to help you kneel between her open legs

The End

5/23/2012 5:26:57 AM


The Perfect Bitch

I have you dressed in a tight, black sports bra, leather miniskirt, and knee high boots, nothing else. Your hair is braided down your back. I walk over to you, put my hand up your skirt, and start rubbing your newly shaved pussy. You bite your bottom lip, both embarrassed and excited by me doing it. Your pussy starts to get wet as I slowly run my finger along your pussy lips. As you start to get wet, you gasp a little and start to follow the rhythm of my stroking. I get hard watching you ride my finger and decide to slide it inside of you. You tense at the sudden intrusion and close your eyes, biting your lip again. I slide it in slowly, then move it around the sides of your cunt. Your hips move with every rotation of my finger. 

I like the fact I can control you so easy. I take my hand away from you and put my finger with your juices on it in front of your face. I smear the juices on your mouth and lips. You simply looking at me, panting a little from your heated pussy. Your mouth lips are coated in your cunt juice. I tell you to lick your lips. You hesitate. I give you a smart slap across the face and tell you to do it again. Your tongue snakes out of your mouth and licks your lips, tasting yourself on them. I smile. I walk over to the stereo and put a song on. I tell you to dance to it, move your body to the music.

I tell you to feel your body while you do it, as if you were making love to yourself. You start off slowly, unsure, but soon you lock into the groove of it and sway slowly. Your hands slide up and down your body. You twist and snap your body in time with the music. Your hands run over your breasts and stop between your legs. You turn and bend, your body a living instrument of hidden passion. When the song is over, I'm more than ready to continue with the night. I tell you to lift your skirt and play with yourself while I watch. You do, almost shyly. 

Your excitement at this point is winning over your fear of what's happening. Your fingers slide over your pussy, wet and slick due to the lack of pubic hair. You spread your lips and your fingers run over your clit. You keep one finger there, circling around the hard little nub that feels so good. You start to whimper and moan as you do it. I tell you to lick your fingers clean. You look up at me, timid from the memory of my slap, and hesitantly start to lick and suck on your own juices again. Without even touching you, I can degrade you by making you do it to yourself. You are truly a slut in the making. I walk over to you and give you another slap across your face for not obeying quicker. I then put a pair of handcuffs on you from behind. I walk around in front of you and start to feel and squeeze your tits. The very feel of the soft firmness of your breasts almost makes me cum right then and there. I take one in each hand, now grabbing on them hard, making you whimper in pain. You try to pull away and I slap you again, telling you not to move. You look up at me with pleading eyes, but you'll get no mercy from me. I take you by the arm and lead you to another room, where a woman is sitting dressed just like you. I have you stand in front of her, then hit the back of your knee with a riding crop so you instinctively kneel. You find yourself face to face with her pussy only inches away. 

You shake your head, saying "No, Never!" I push your face right into her cleanly shaven pussy. You try to fight, get away, put I hit your ass with the riding crop, stinging your tender ass. You scream out in pain, momentarily forgetting anything else but the feeling of your ass cheeks. At that moment, the other woman pushes your mouth onto her pussy, holding your head there by clamping her things around it and putting her hands in back of it. You try to keep your tongue from touching her wet cunt, anxious for you to taste it. She holds you there firmly, grinding her crotch onto your face. Another cracking of the crop across your ass and you end up tasting another woman's cunt fore the first time in your life. "Lick it, bitch. Lick it like it were your own," I tell you!  I keep slapping your ass with the crop until the other woman says you're doing it. Your tongue traces along the outside of her lips, spreading them to dive deeper. 

She gasps and thrusts onto your face even more. You try not to gag as you do it, humiliated and degraded to be used this way. Forced to suck another woman's cunt. I get so hot watching it, I get behind you, kneeling, and lower my pants. My cock is rock hard, hot and ready to fuck. But instead of your pussy, I spread your ass cheeks and put the head of my cock at the entrance of your anus. You feel my twitching cock head at your asshole and freeze. Fear overcomes you, despite what you're doing. You try to squirm, fight, get away, but between your head trapped in the woman's thighs and hands, your hands cuffed behind your back, me holding firmly onto your hips, and you on your knees, you have no chance of escape. I slowly enter you, loving the feel of your tight, virgin asshole. The feeling of intense burning in you!

Your ass makes you scream into the pussy you're eating. The fact your first ass fuck will be a dry one excites me even more as I try to go deeper into you. Your body involuntarily reacts to this new intrusion and you tremble all over. You also notice your pussy tingling again and starting to get wet, in spite of yourself. Every move I make in your asshole sends your body into convulsions. When I'm in all the way, I slowly pull out. The sensations are even more intense. Your juices are starting to run down the inside of your thighs. After a long while of this, you get used to the feeling. You also lick and suck on the other woman's pussy with less force needed. 

The only thing on your mind right now is getting off. Your cunt is on fire and hasn't been touched in over a half hour. The woman tells me she feels like coming. Now it's time for you to explode. I slide my hands from your hips to between your legs, where I almost think I'll burn my hand touching you there. You moan like a wounded animal as I touch your neglected hot spot. I start rubbing at your pussy at the same time I start ramming into your asshole hard. Your mind is a burst of pure white energy, and your tongue is fucking the woman's cunt better than any dick could. Then, in a flash, your whole body goes into wave after wave of multiple orgasms. 

You ride my dick like a bitch in heat until I shoot out load after load of cum into your tight little asshole. The woman explodes on your mouth, making you taste and swallow her juices whole. I still rub your pussy hard, getting you off again and again, and me getting off on the feeling of your asshole spasming around my dick. When we're finished, you collapse on the floor and sleep for a few hours, exhausted from your ordeal. I smile to myself, knowing I'll make you a perfect bitch-slut by the time I'm finished with you.

The End

5/22/2012 8:13:32 AM



Mike snapped the rubber glove on and dipped his finger into the Vaseline. He spread Linda's cheeks apart again and gently touched his finger to her anus. He felt Linda shudder at his touch and he smiled. He began to circle her backdoor with his finger smearing the Vaseline all around. He prodded her anus lightly and began to push his finger in. Linda was very tight but she could not hold him out as he plunged his finger into her rectum until it could go no farther.  

Linda moaned as she felt his large finger enter her, she could feel herself getting even wetter as he explored her rectum. He began to slowly finger fuck her ass, rotating his finger in all directions, thoroughly lubricating her backside. Linda raised her hips a bit to better feel his finger in her. She reached down and grabbed onto Mikes ankle and the leg of the chair to steady herself as she felt herself on the verge of orgasm. Mike sensed that Linda was getting very close to coming and held still, his finger still embedded deep in her rectum. “So, you like laying over a man's lap with your panties pulled down... having your temperature taken like a little girl”, “Imagine what your friends would think if they could see you now, like this!” Linda groaned at the thought and turned a bright shade of red. Mike continued...

“Have you ever been given a rectal exam like this?”, “When you go to the doctor, does he make you lay across his lap and pull your panties down to take your temperature?”, “Does he also put you across his knee to give you your rectal exam?”...Mike emphasized this last question with a wiggle of his finger in her rectum. Linda was beet red as she listened to Mike talk. She could feel his finger punctuating each question. If she could, she would get up and pull her panties up in embarrassment, but Mike continued to hold her firmly down as he questioned her. She felt like a little girl in this position. Mike finally pulled his finger from Linda's rectum and stripped off the rubber glove. He began to massage Linda's backside before starting to spank her again. He began slowly, methodically, smacking each naked cheek lightly, watching it wobble and turn pink under his hand.    

Linda was taken by surprise by this new spanking, she had felt a certain empty feeling when Mike had pulled his finger out of her and wasn't prepared for the renewed smacks. She yelped as each cheek was swatted  in turn. She knew that Mike wasn't spanking her very hard, just enough to cause a light burn and tingle, but it was enough to cause a new flood of tears. This time she knew not to try and reach back and protect her  bottom, she lay across his lap and accepted his spanking, just like a small child.    

Mike gave Linda about twenty well placed smacks before stopping and letting her lay over his lap crying, exhausted. He calmly sipped his beer as she calmed down. Only when she had stopped crying did he allow  her to get up off his lap and pull her panties up. She turned away from him embarrassed at what he had just done to her and the way it had made her feel. She reached back and gently massaged her burning bottom.  Mike stood behind her and turned her to face him.  “From now on, you will behave yourself and do as I you understand?” Linda couldn't look him in the eye, but nodded as she stared down at her feet, her hands still massaging her bottom. “I will decide when you need to be punished, and when I think you need it, I  will put you across my knee, bare your bottom and give you a good old fashioned spanking”, “From now on, I will take your temperature rectally, over my knee like a little girl”, “and I also will give you  your first enema tonight”. 

Linda blushed even redder as Mike told her how life would be like with him. Her pussy was dripping into her panties as he told her he was going to give her the enema she so long imagined. She followed him  obediently into the bathroom and watched silently as he prepared the enema equipment. Mike began assembling the enema equipment he intended to use. He knew exactly what he was doing, he'd done this before. He selected the 2 quart red rubber bag. He filled it with warm water and a packet of castile soap, the hose was long with a large diameter for a nice flow. The clamp was a nice white plastic piece that could regulate the flow or stop it altogether. The nozzle was yellow and tulip shaped with four holes near the tip. He hung the bag up on the shower rod, letting the hose and nozzle hand down into the bathtub.    

Mike sat down on closed toilet. “Because this will be your first enema, I want you back over my lap. That way you won't be able to jump up and run whenever you feel the need. I find I can control young ladies more  easily when they are face down over my knee” he smiled at her. He took a towel and folded it carefully across his lap. “Just incase” he told her still grinning.  Linda was having second thoughts as she looked at the enema bag hanging from the shower rod. It seemed very large now. “Uh...I'm not sure I really want to go through with this” she said calmly, backing up a bit. “My dear” Mike stated loudly, “you no longer have a choice, I am now in  control. remember, and it's time for your first enema....and I am not leaving until you receive it!”... “Now if you don't want me to take my belt off, I suggest you get your butt over here now” he emphasized this  last statement by reaching down and unclasping the buckle on his thick leather belt.    

Linda hesitated only a moment before stepping up to Mike and awkwardly placing herself over his lap. She knew she never wanted to feel his belt colliding with her naked bottom. Mike adjusted Linda so that she  lay to his liking, her bottom stuck way up, her head hanging down at his left side. He pulled the back of her t-shirt up and out of the way. “These will have to come off” he said and reached under the waistband of  her panties. He stripped them down over her now red bottom and down her legs before pulling them completely off and dropping them on the floor He rubbed her bottom with his right hand, massaging each red cheek, traveling down her thighs. “I want you to spread your legs for me Baby” he said as he ran his hand down her legs. Linda moved her legs apart a few centimeters. Mike smiled, knowing the humiliation she was feeling this first time. He had seen it before. He knew she wanted this almost as much as he did but still, he also knew that for a lady to have her panties pulled down and then be put across a man's lap was very  embarrassing. They wanted to be treated like a little girl again secure in the knowledge that their father would take care of them, but to do so for real was very scary. 

Linda felt Mike grasp her left knee and pull it towards him then push her right knee away. Her legs were now spread like a wishbone, her anus and pussy in full view. She wondered what she looked like back there.  She watched as Mike reached over and took the enema nozzle. It had seemed awfully large to her. She gulped as she imagined it being pushed into her backside. The nozzle disappeared from her view but she soon felt it gently running up and down her crack, she felt the hose resting on her back, it seemed heavy for some reason.  Mike greased the nozzle with Vaseline until it glistened in the glow of the florescent bathroom light. “I'm going to insert the nozzle now Baby, when you feel it pushing against your bottom I want you to bear down, like your trying to make poop, it will go in easier that way”. Mike held the end of the nozzle up to Linda's anus and began to gently push it in. The slender tip slipped in a little but when the wider part began to make  it's entrance Linda cried out.. “No stop!!, It hurts...” “Bear down Baby, like I told you” Mike instructed. Linda grunted and bore down... The wider part of the nozzle disappeared with an almost inaudible “pop”.  Mike continued to insert the nozzle until only the very end of it remained peeking out from her bottom.    

Linda sighed heavily as Mike finished inserting the enema nozzle. It had gone in a lot easier than she had thought it would. But she now could feel it taking up every inch of her rectum. She squeezed her anus  around it and felt a tingle in her pussy. She felt Mike grip her waist and hug her tightly to him, he ran his hand over her spread cheeks. “Are you ok Baby” he asked gently. “Yes” she managed to squeak out, she  liked it when he called her “baby”.  “I'm going to release the clamp now, you're going to feel the warm water  begin to enter you, you'll also feel some cramps at some point, when you do tell me and I'll stop the flow for a few minutes, but remember you are going to take the entire bag”. Mike released the clamp and watched  as the enema hose stiffened with the flow of water. He also watched and waited for Linda's reaction. It didn't take long before she pleaded with him to stop. “I have to go!!” she wailed. He clamped the hose  tight, but held her securely down over his lap. “Lay still Baby” he told her as he ran his hand over her naked bottom intentionally brushing up against the nozzle buried deep in her ass. 

Linda groaned out loud as first her rectum then it seemed her belly filled with warmth. She felt the first little inklings of cramps and cried out. Mike, true to his word had clamped the hose shut and let her adjust to this first flow of water. Her cramps disappeared after a few seconds and she calmed down. She felt Mike's hand on her bottom, soothing her. She heard a “click”. Mike released the clamp and watched once more as the hose stiffened letting him know that the water was flowing down into Linda's waiting bottom. He took hold of the end of the nozzle and held it securely in her rectum. His dick was getting very hard now, it strained against his pants and pushed up and into Linda's belly. When Linda began to complain again about cramps Mike was slower in clamping the hose. He knew that Linda was just over-reacting to her very first enema, she would be able to take the entire bag if he made her do so, and he intended to do just that.    

Linda soon realized that Mike would not shut off the flow of water every time she complained. Only when the bag was half empty did he clamp the hose the second time. Her stomach gurgled and her anus gripped the  nozzle tightly to prevent “an accident”. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead. She felt a familiar tingle deep within her pussy.  Mike picked up the hairbrush that had been resting on the bathroom counter. He turned it so it's stiff bristles were pointing out. He brought it down sharply onto Linda's left cheek, raised it again then  brought it down on her right. He smacked each cheek five times. “Are you ready to take the rest of your enema now?” he asked.. Linda cried out as the hairbrush contacted her naked bottom. She had never been spanked with a hairbrush before and imagined her bottom with millions of little red dots left behind by the bristles of her  hairbrush. “Please, I'll take the rest of the enema now!!” she cried out from the pain. She was rewarded with a new flow of water into her bottom. Linda gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she lay still over Mikes lap. She lay still as the enema bag collapsed, it's water gone.  

Mike continued to hold Linda down once she had taken the entire enema. “I want you to hold it for a few minutes Baby” he told her as she squirmed on his lap. He loved the sight of a naked female bottom laying  across his lap, an enema nozzle and hose dangling from her rectum. He loved holding her down, forcing her to take her enema or spanking or just taking her rectal thermometer. Mike continued to hold Linda down once she had taken the entire enema. “I want you to hold it for a few minutes Baby” he told her as she squirmed on his lap. He loved the sight of a naked female bottom laying across his lap, an enema nozzle and hose dangling from her rectum. He loved holding her down, forcing her to take her enema or spanking or just taking her rectal thermometer. Linda was finally let up off Mike's lap, but she found herself standing bent over grasping her stomach as Mike continued to sit on the closed toilet. The enema nozzle remained in her rectum, it's hose still connecting her to the enema bag overhead. She danced from one foot to another straining to hold in her enema. Mike watched her in her torment and calmly placed one hand on her distended belly, the other on her backside slipping the nozzle between his fingers and holding it in her. He jiggled the nozzle a bit and Linda moaned. He reached up under her t-shirt and grasped her left nipple and gave it a gentle squeeze. He was not surprised at all to find it swollen and enlarged, not unlike his penis. He pulled her between his legs and made her hold the enema in while he played with each of her breasts. 

Linda found herself dancing between Mike's spread legs, one of his hands holding the enema nozzle securely embedded in her rectum, the other kneading her dangling breasts. Her pussy dripped it's juices down her  inner thighs, making them slip past each other as she danced from foot to foot. She moaned as she struggled to hold back the water that wanted out. Mike took the bottom of the t-shirt and pulled it up and off her,  leaving her naked before him. He unzipped his pants, releasing his swollen penis, it stood up, red and swollen. Mike spread Linda's legs apart so that she straddled him, facing him then roughly pulled her down until his penis impaled her sopping pussy. He held her tightly to him as he rose, her legs wrapped around his  waist. He turned to face the toilet and flipped the lid up, he lowered himself to his knees, Linda still wrapped around him. He positioned himself so Linda's ass hung over the bowl, then reached behind her and  pulled the enema nozzle free. He came as he listened to Linda release the pent up water, his penis buried deep within her warm wet pussy.    

Linda hung tightly to Mike, her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms wrapped around his neck, her pussy wrapped around his large dick. She felt her ass touch down on the now open toilet seat and the enema nozzle  pulled from her rectum. She came as the enema water spurted from her sore, red ass. When Linda was finished squirting out most of the water, Mike's cock was lubricated with Vaseline by Linda and she was ordered to stand up, turn around and bend over at the waist, and placed her hands on the toilet seat. Mike then pushed his hard 8" cock slowly into Linda's bum and after she opened her poop hole up he buried it deep within her tight little poop chute, and slowly pumped her bum cheeks while Linda begged for a FLESH enema. She really loved it when Mike came in her bum, and knew the time was soon. Mike, however, wanted Linda to enjoy the sensation of the fullness and submissiveness of this ass fucking and for her to beg for this every time they were together . They remained in that position for quite awhile........both knowing that the fun had only begun.

The End

5/21/2012 9:33:25 AM



Megan was still asleep, and I had been watching her for nearly twenty minutes. Her blonde hair cascaded in waves over the pillow and her face was peaceful and content. I smiled as I watched her breathing, her chest slowly rising and falling in rhythm with her breaths. The sheet had fallen down around her waist, leaving her chest exposed. I slowly moved my hand over to her breasts. They were still asleep, just like the rest of her, but I had made up my mind to wake them up. I slowly began tracing her nipple, barely touching it, very carefully circling her breast. The nipple sprang to life. I increased the pressure a little bit, rubbing the nipple until it jutted out from Megan's breast like a hard little rock. It was only then that Megan stirred.

She moaned a little, then stretched her arms up over her head and yawned. Finally, she looked over at me and smiled. "Good morning, gorgeous," I greeted her. She looked down to see my hand begin to squeeze her exposed breasts. She smiled at me, happy for this early morning gift.

"Hmm, mmmm, that feels so good." Megan closed her eyes and prepared herself to feel every sensation that I chose to give her. She arched her back a little, moving her breasts closer to my waiting hands. I smiled at her eagerness and began groping her. Her breathing became quick and shallow as she let herself be taken away in my gentle caresses. Just when she was beginning to feel really good, my touch stopped. 

Surprised, she opened her eyes and moaned in protest. My face was solemn and my eyes told her that something was wrong. "Have you forgotten about last night, my slave?" Her stomach dropped. She had hoped I had forgotten about her transgression last night, but I never forgot.

It had started out so innocently. The two of us planned on a quiet evening at home together. Megan had laid down on her bed, eagerly awaiting my return from work. She knew that once I was home, I would prepare her for my pleasure. She would be bathed in pleasant-smelling oils and her hair would be brushed until it shone like the sun. Then, I would apply the wax to her pubic area and under her arms and slowly, agonizingly rip the hair out, one by one, prolonging the pain as much as I could. I would attach the leather collar around her neck and fit her ankle and wrist cuffs on. Finally, I would attach the little bell to the ring that I had placed on Megan's right labia. Megan knew that it was only then, when she was clean and prepared for me, that she would be able to serve me. She had looked at the clock.

She still had at least an hour until I got home from work. Megan couldn't wait any longer. Moaning softly, she began to caress her bare breasts and her fingers slowly moved down to her pussy. Thoughts of me rushed through her head as she began to rub herself. She wasn't allowed to masturbate without my permission, but she had figured that what I didn't know wouldn't hurt me.

Just as she orgasmed, she heard someone clear their throat in the doorway of the room. She had looked up to see me staring at her, disapprovingly. "I see you don't need my company tonight, slave," I had said. Megan knew better than to protest. She sat up from the bed and hung her head in shame. I had gathered my things and told her that I wouldn't be back until much later. "Where are you going, Master?" she had asked, tears running down her face. She new she had failed me. "That is none of your concern, Megan. I will deal with this in the morning."

When the door slammed and I had left, Megan had cried. She hated to disappoint me, and she knew that she had been a disobedient slave. All our plans for a romantic evening had been ruined because of her.

Now, the morning after, Megan remembered that she had slipped into bed after midnight when I still hadn't reappeared. She had cried herself to sleep and she had been too exhausted to hear me return at two in the morning. Now, she knew she had to face punishment for failing her master.

I had slipped out of bed and stood in front of her, tall and imposing. "I want you to do everything I say, Megan. Don't ask any questions and don't hesitate. Prove to me with your obedience that you are sorry and that you desire to be a slave to me." I smiled secretly when I saw her lower lip pop out and the tears begin to fall. I didn't really mind Megan's disobedience. It excited me that she was such a sexual creature. However, rules are rules, and nothing excited the two of us like a punishment session.

I tried to hide my amusement and instead said in the sternest voice I could muster, "Get out of the bed." Megan rose, her head hung low. She knew she had to take whatever I would give her, and she would do it gladly. She wanted me to see that she was sorry and that she could take anything I would dish out. "Go over and face the wall, slave. Stand with your legs spread far apart and your hands on the wall over your head." She did as she was told. She knew I was watching her every move, seeing if she would hesitate. She stood before me now, bracing herself against the wall, waiting for my touch. I stood behind her.

"Megan, I put up with a lot from you. I don't ask for much, but you continue to disobey me, and I can't stand for that." She heard me rustling around in a drawer for something. "You need to learn a lesson. Prepare yourself for a punishment." Her stomach tensed in anticipation as she braced herself. She felt her whole body tense up, knowing what was coming. I put a hand on her back so I could get leverage and brought the flogger down across her ass as hard as I could. She jumped. No matter how many times she was whipped, the first stroke always startled her. She brought her hands down to her butt instinctively, trying to rub out the damage done by the lash. She heard me sigh at her from behind.

"Slave, you know the rules are that you are not allowed to move yourself from that position against the wall unless I gave you permission. You moved your hands. That just brought you more punishment." She quickly returned her hands to the wall. "Now, slave, can you hold position or do I need to tie you?" She shook her head. "No Master, I'm sorry. I won't do it again." She knew the punishment would be much worse if she were tied. She was determined to get through this as quickly as possible so that she could continue serving her master in the way that I deserved.

I waited for Megan to brace herself again, then once again brought the flogger down across her ass. She groaned a little, but held position. "That was much better, slave," I told her. I increased my rhythm a little, landing four strokes across her thighs as quickly as I could. She cried out and bounced a little from the pain, but her hands did not leave the wall. Smiling, I knew that with the next stroke, she would have no choice but to disobey. I swung my arm all the way back and brought the flogger up between her legs, landing a hard stroke right on her mound and her clit.

My hand, softly cupping Megan's pussy...just before I bring the lash once more under her...mmmm...soothing Megan's reddened ass with my hands...caressing...softly smoothing her pained flesh...roaming under her wet cunt, I move under her, tongue tasting the saltiness of Megan's groin while her juices are flowing...and letting her pussy continue responding to my hand while her hips are unashamedly moving her clit to rub against me, as I hold my hand still for Megan to moan...and then...withdrawing my hand so she knows...the lash...about to....*whack*...and Megan again jumps...with her slick juices now dampening the grip pulling her hair back roughly so she now looks up at the ceiling.

..I tell her..."You must learn to be obedient to be a good slavegirl for me..." I bite into Megan's neck, teeth marks my hand returns to her hot cunt...her pussy rubbing harder now...then...*whack*...again...again...again...up under her legs she feels the lashes...jolting her entire pussy up into the my strokes are brutal...meant to hurt...and cause tears and pain now... "Is my pussy wet, a bit...slave?", feeling the heat rising into her nipples...her face flushed with some degree of she feels...a lash again...she feels my hand once again also...guiding my hard, throbbing...dripping cock to her wet and brutalized now telling Megan,

"Tilt your ass...up on your toes...slavecunt...grip this cock inside your lips...and hold it there" As I take each nipple...rubbing her cunt juices on them to slicken them as my fingers twirl...and pull them to pleasure ... enough to make Megan acknowledge the inescapable orgasm begin building inside her errant pussy. As my cock is held so carefully...I bring my lash back down HARD on her back legs...causing Megan to impulsively squeeze her pussy so hard she pops the head of my cock...out. "Ohhhhhhh....bad slave!...very, very bad slave!'ve failed me...AGAIN!!"

Now...I turn her to face me, grabbing Megan's shoulders, so limp now in my hands, daring not to show one sign of I tie her arms tightly above her head..."Never ever find anything more important than my needs and wants...serving and servicing these things...are your become the perfect slave to me!!"

I know you well, slave you want this so at times, then you feel trapped...and like a wild animal, you have to get away at any cost, but come back...because you want, but it's much more than just a "want"...without it you would surely die...for I am more than just a part of you...I am your life...and you know I know that, so you want it as I can give it to you won't take it from anyone else, could never imagine your life with anyone not only love this...but as it became an expression of your life, have fallen in love with me, your master...

"You don't want anyone else knowing how you really want to be...need to be you really are, Megan...afraid to trust anyone else to be able to give what you need...and then...let you also be as you need...without it at times...but with it much much more than you ever can be without sadistic domination of your you ask for and need to be punished...for bolting from me...for any reason whatsoever, if I choose or doesn't live for my attention, no matter how I dispense it...gently and lovingly...or like this"...

"You do know you're to be punished, Megan"

"Yes I know Master"

"You need to be show that you're aware of being wrong...being bad... needing to show me you're willing to take what I give you'll try harder next time to please me. Also pretty slave, you do this because you know I enjoy seeing you in pain like that...don't I?...and you enjoy feeling that pain...for me, don't you? You'll do anything for me, won't you?

"Yes Master."

"I'd love to see you arching your back now...on your hands and knees...pushing that red lil raw pussy up to me...asking me to fuck you...hard and rough. You do love me to fuck you hard...don't lil cunt bitch? You love to be punished...but you need to be can't get my cock in you now...Megan, my bad lil cunt nasty lil dirt-rubbing pussy...I'd have you begging I have you on your hands and fuck you...rape you hard and oh, so that'll be your leave you lying in the dirt...all night...cum...squeezing out of your pussy. You better beg me...whore slut...or I'll make you wish you were never born!"

"No, I don't want to beg."

"Then...find out what I do to bitches who think that they can refuse me!!" Laughing in some maniacal tone, I jerk you up by her the floor..."No cunt of yours is going to entice me to fuck it now...whore!"...dragging the wall...taking each arm... tying it wide to the side, parallel to the ground...with gravel toned voice telling Megan to spread those cunt lips by having her feet outside this 4' wide board...never bringing them closer."


"Oh my gosh!!!!...Megan, you foolish lil idiot bitch!! I grab her cunt...squeeze it so hard she has tears flowing freely...her lips trembling... can't breathe it hurts so my nails dig into Megan's cunt...squeezing it like a foam rubber ball...over and over again...I grab it...hard...harder...even more harder now, with fingernails tearing into her soft smooth skin...looking into her squinted eyes, closed so tightly...teeth if anything she could do now would avert my tempestuous lust to devour her impertinence... "You like this, bitch? feel like cumming for the lil dog whore you are?" I squeeze these cunt lips so hard...and bite on her nipples, watching her eyes as she looks and sees her nipples pulled outward between my eyes drilling into Megan's soul, this aggression she brings out in me..."You better cum for me loud and the whore fuck you know you are to me...bitch slut!!" 

Megan did...screaming a most terrible primal burst of energy...screaming from both the pain and the exquisite orgasm she finally was allowed to have ripping herself apart from within...her body...likewise bucked and contorted as if volts of searing electricity possessed her totally...god was she so gorgeous right at this very moment... "Now look what you've done to my hands, you sorry little fuck slut...all wet and slimy with your cunt juices!!!...Fucking whore!!!!...lick it off...kiss my hands...tell me you love me to hurt you...want to be punished like the filthy slut fuck you are."


What a mistake...and she knows what it does to me to ever have anything negative shown to me by any slave...ever... "You think you can defy me, don't you, Megan?...even now?" "Fuck you" I slap her tits now with my lash...20 times...each tit...crisscrossing, under and over...directly over the areola, the nipples...refusing to soften...

"Stop it you fuck head...let me go!!"

Over and over again...I bring my lash over her tits...hurting, stinging...ripping...taking a gag now...ball it into Megan's mouth to stop those stupid driveling words of hers..."You are so foolish" I rip her legs now wide open...tying them through iron rings to weights, now off the dungeon she can hardly move them...before they stretch that cunt open so wide it feels like she'll tear in two. ...I love to watch her struggle, her erotically arousing to me... Megan knew the game we played. She lived for it - punishment as deviously as I chose, each time a bit different, maybe not more severe or intense, but it was how she enjoys body-shuddering orgasms like she has to have. Addicted to it, to me, she is very good at "asking" me to use her body and mind as my erotic tool, my sexual instrument for bringing pleasure to her. She'll immediately deny that this is her drug, her aphrodisiac, but she knows that I know her better than anyone on this earth. What she confides in me, during times of confession, relaxed intimacy, is not only her way of letting me know her past and the particular "sexual imprinting" that sears her soul, but also her unique recipe for pleasure.

The game increases now in tempo. "You pathetic little whore!!! You deny me and then think you can defy me??!!" She was spread as tight as a banjo string, her legs gradually giving up their resolve to remain anything but closed, away from me. The double-stacked plastic milk crates already are mashing her reddened ass into a lattice-work of pressure points. Her arms are shackled above her, sadistically chained and now wrapped into her braided hair, more knotted than braided, but I did not care at this point for her delicacy in alluring me to her...yet still Megan is beautiful and still smelling so fragrant from her dedication to always present herself to me as my willing sex slave. What is about to happen, unbeknownst to her is the struggle to not only keep her legs and pelvis from dipping into an excruciatingly tortuous angle below horizontal, but if she does not now pull up with her arms as fiercely as she can, her gorgeous blonde hair will slowly be drawn so severely, she might rip it out - an event she never expects. But not willing to damage this exquisite creature, she also doesn't know that above her wrists, another short chain is also attached in that maze of webbing so she can only sink a few inches. This chain itself tightens to the support, keeping her aloft with only the sensations of needles piercing her scalp.

To you, the reader, this seems so sadistically cruel, but I do this not for me, but for her. She only orgasms when she masturbates alone, and when she can relive the torture - and the more fiendish I express this to her, the more intense pleasure her orgasms build. What a totally vulnerable sight this hard-bodied professional model - now sex slave is. Tears run down her porcelain smooth face. Perspiration drips from her breasts. Teeth try to clench inside her gagged mouth as snorts of air plunge down her nose. Her eyes shut so tight. The exertion on her legs, facilitated by the unforgiving 50# weights looped through rings and then tied to her ankles, cause even her outer labia to open, revealing her wet, swollen clit. Pondering the moment, "Should I bring you more despair, my gorgeous little girl?", as I flick her rock-hard nipples, twist them as I lick the saltiness from between her heaving breasts. She only moans.

"Really? More? Then allow me to help you really learn what your defiance earlier has purchased." Wide-eyed I step away, move behind her to place a wide nylon strap under and around her thighs, ratcheting this momentarily up, then kick the milk crates out from under her, banging them across the slate floor. Whispering into her ear, "Now my sweet, your legs are spent," as I bring the flogger down fiercely at the juncture of her magnificent legs...again, and again, and again, and again...directly onto her swollen cunt. Her arms grab hard to pull herself...where??...away from me?? I laugh until I almost choke.

"No, no, no, no, noooo precious girl. Your situation gets much, much worse now." The ratcheted nylon strap was only as supportive as I choose. "Oh, pretty baby, now I'm going to relieve you of this burdensome old thing," and I slowly let the clacking of the reversing ratchet loosen the support. Not only her wearied legs give completely out to the demands of the ankle weights, and her perfectly rounded ass begins its inevitable descent below horizontal, but she also feels the incredible tension now on the roots of her hair. Snorting with terror-filled eyes, she pulls hard on the support above her head, knowing I'll really leave her...until it does rip her hair. (But we know I've already planned to avoid such a senseless waste...shhhh). Her arms tremble and shake from the hideous demands I make on them. The loose ends of the chains tinkle like a wind chime. Her tears flow freely, dropping off her exquisite cheek bones.

"Darling, let me give you something to take your mind off of this mean old predicament." I attach clamps to her shuddering nipples, so wet they slip off the first two times I try to close them on her buds. Then I smile into her eyes so sweetly as I pull her wet outer lips of her precious cunt and do likewise. Muffled screams. I can almost hear the pain sear through the gag as she writhes, the weight of her entire body easily too much for even her toned arms to prevent for long. It's only when her absolute desperate terror of immolation is certain, that she's saved from losing her hair by the sadistic exactness of my predicted slack.

"My pretty girl, so ready to say 'no' again to me? To use profanity in my presence, and directed towards me?" She looks with eyes begging, constrained mumbling rushing from her gagged mouth. "No? I don't think you do either", and I release her hair by unclipping my snap-link, letting it drop onto her back, rivulets of sweat now running down and dripping of her pointed ass.

"But precious girl, I have a new instrument I created and I do think now is the perfect time to 'give it a test run', what ya say?" Now Megan is sure her careless words will never be uttered again. It doesn't matter. She's mine. I don't care. With her mouth already crammed full of the foam rubber ball gag, she watches as I bring a swimmer's nose clip in front of her eyes. I love to see how wide these incredibly gorgeous blue eyes can spread. With her hair released, she now shakes her head violently away from me as I shush her, stroke her matted hair...then grab a vise-grip full of it and jerk her face to within an inch of mine.

"Why do you still resist me, precious, when you know it only buys you more of the...same?" I kiss her dewed little nose, so cute...then let the clamps snap her nostrils shut - completely. I didn't realize what an inverted angle a woman's legs can really spread into, as my unfortunate sex slave demonstrates. She bucks and screams as if she can shake the nose clip loose, and gradually, gradually she surrenders to the laws of nature...and passes out. Her head droops forward. Attentive as ever, I lift her chin softly. You'll remember that I really do adore and cherish this creature of my pleasure. First, taking the nose clip off and then removing the ball gag, she begins to draw into her parched lungs full breaths of glorious air...still unconscious. Kissing her sweetly, she stirs, then groggily awakes to see me where I left inch in front of her face.

"Please oh, please!!"

"Shhhhh, precious girl; you will either be totally silent or I'll again have to let my gag and clip silence you - understand?" She is so very smart, one of her more attractive allures to me. She nods, lip poking out as renewed tears descend.

"Good girl", and I step back to reveal my latest invention of pleasure. Megan stares in wonder, as I slide it towards her. A wheel fastened with, what looks like eight inch leather straps - obviously a whipping machine. "No darling, I wouldn't just create something so one dimensional. What you don't see is the air compressor which supplies pounds of air that not only propel this wheel to turn at any given speed, but with this valve here, I can choose the amount of air that fills these industrial-strength balloons that are encased by the two dozen sheaths of leather. And, by the way, they are well oiled with hypo-allergenic topical cream that makes them so very soft or turgid as any human tongue...or, given my whim, as taut as any eight inch lash you've ever imagined. Care to see?" "You know, I was thinking of you when I devised it, my little pain/pleasure slut. Now here, let me get it right at the juicy little cunt of yours, so neglected but so very, very wet."

Allowing first the desired amount of pressure to make caressing tongues, I begin the revolutions of the wheel to create for her an ingenious degree of the best oral sex a woman could ever care to experience. Flipping from under her pussy, I make sure it does what I intend. Her clit is also totally lapped over and over and over and over again ad infinitum as Megan begins to feel such total pleasure, only momentarily disturbed by the always surprising jolt of pain when I remove the clips from her pussy and nipples.

"If you care to be a good girl to me again, Ms. Megan, I'll place that wide strap back under these tortured little legs and raise you up ever so slightly so you can relax and get tongue fucked with only delicious pleasure in mind. Care for me to do that?" She nodded. Very, very smart girl - didn't' I tell you? Being the indulging Master that I am, I not only comfort her pained legs by fully supporting her weight with the straps, but I also recheck the angle of the wheel to maximize the surface area along her sopping pussy. Gently increasing the speed of revolutions, Megan begins to show all the signs of a deliciously, blossoming orgasm.

"Now precious, I'm going to get some refreshments and I just want you to spoil yourself with the new toy. Just sound...and I'll be right back." She nods with a look of complete rapture as she gives herself completely over to the ministrations of the tongues. What she doesn't know is that cameras and listening devices, along with a remote control for the wheel will, unfortunately, make sure she can't keep her promise. (Told you I was devious.)

Megan's tight cunt begins to throb as the spasms engorge her womb, contracting her uterus, sending waves of complete pleasure flowing throughout her entire body and mind. Relentlessly the tongues lap...lap...lap...lap her shuddering cunt as she once again strains against her chains, this time in abandoned ecstasy. All of this I'm watching on my monitors, listening for that inevitable moan. I did not have to wait long for my sweet, too vocal slave. "Unnnnnnnhhhh.....Ahhhhhhhh......Mmmmmmmmm!!!", she so tries to suppress, but I only smile, my cock alerting inside my pants.

"Poor Megan, what am I going to do with you", as I witness a truly wondrous display of her sexuality. Her entire body convulses, her head wavers from side to side, back and forth. Her teeth bite down on her lips, but I only raise the volume of the microphones, as I touch the dungeon's outer door so she too will know...She did it again...tsk tsk tsk. As my feet reverberate down the stone steps, all that is heard is the rapidity of the wheel's tongues...increased even more now, slapping a wet little naughty cunt that is the bane of my poor Megan. Her eyes meet mine as I stride toward her, tears again so precious and so sweet as I flick the machine off. Her nose running now, eyes red with free flowing tears, my pitiful creature's lips tremble as she so realizes how awful her plight continues to be.

"Don't feel so much self-pity, my sweet," as I hold a soft cloth for her to blow her red nose. "You do know what I know, so we won't dwell on it, okay; we shouldn't make this any worse than it already is, now do we?" Her eyes...gosh they are sooo beautiful, look up at me like an expectant child's, so ready to hear the good news.

"Well, darling girl, if I just 'let this go' for once, and...'just keep it between me and you', would that be all right?" She nods so cute, making her very best effort to show me she's learned her lesson. I gently stroke her tear-stained cheeks and lean down kissing her soft hair, inhaling her feminine essence.

"But, know pretty Megan...if I did may lose respect for me, thinking your sweetness could just manipulate me some other time. Then...where would I be, baby?...Just a mockery of my former self, who I am?" That look of impending despair sweeps over her totally, realizing I am fair, firm, sometimes even gentle, but always honorable to my own integrity. "No prettiest girl ever...I think I'm going to have to show you the other feature of this newest toy...and I was so hoping to have a good reason to do so...with you...tonight. And, with you being such a sweet, adorable little slave slut...well, you've been more than wonderful in allowing just that!! Aren't you proud of yourself, now?" That gorgeous little bottom lip...immediately pokes out as the first tears drop by. "Now, now, now...behave for me, my pet. I really did mean for you to moan you know. Here, let me just show you what my machine can do besides lapping your little pussy into a frenzy. If I reverse the wheel, it will come over in a downward motion...AND...the other sides of the leather straps have the grain going...hmmm, shall we say...against you, not with you, if you catch my drift. So where the one motion was like a delicious tongue, this time when I pump more air into the leather, your soppy, wet, nasty, crusty cunt is going to be whipped incessantly till there's no more of anything left - and it won't stop, you know, until I make it!!"

As I start the medieval torture device, I bend down to whisper, "Now precious, I'll be good and won't make it hurt...too fast...too soon. I have to go back upstairs and leave you once again, because I have to meet a very special visitor. Hmmm...someone you know, in fact!! Your younger sister has been exchanging e-mails with me the last few months, and she really thinks this idea of being a slave is just what she wants too. I invited her here to the sanctuary where I do intend to "give her" everything her young heart desires. Bye for now, prettiness. You know I'm as close as the nearest monitor." Tears/Panic/Hyperventilation...just when she thought she may, at some time, be nearing the end of my perversity. Her sister...mmmm...much more than I expected for one so young...but, do wait for that story in the near future...

***Later, some hours pass...that same night...when Megan's strength is totally spent...the devious invention set to perform varying regularities of speed and intensity...never allowing her to know when, how much, for how long...totally and desperately be a victim of some lifeless contraption...used...only for my desire...even if I'm not there to witness her depravity...her body finally and hopelessly droops as much as this tautness allows... Absorbing this erotic scene in my heart, I silently creep back down the dungeon steps...Carefully assuring myself of her safety, it's only then I slowly allow my darling girl's limp body to seep to the comfort of the soft furs I have arranged below her...In her sleep, she is so incredibly delicious still to she always is, truthfully...even as the imp she loves to be... I cradle her in my arms, as my precious little girl...with the mixtures of master/lover/mentor/father all playing upon my heart...stroking her softness, her curled that she's had such a moment of exertion...and whisper into her ear..."Megan, Megan...I love you darling girl...I love you so very, very you have captured my heart like no other...and have found your place within my soul...where you are always needed...always wanted...always...loved." And with the last words breathed into her...those gorgeous eyes, that make my entire being rejoice, open up and I fall so deeply into them, into she reaches for me to hold us together in a kiss...that lasts from the time I scoop her up into my arms, until I gently lay her down once my bed...where she will be cherished and adored...for the balance of this night...and even longer into the following day.

The End

5/11/2012 3:19:39 AM


A Night At The Club

"I've been watching you all night.  You've been dancing for hours, moving your little body relentlessly in time with the music.  I've seen the delightful sight of your perky tits pressing against the flimsy material of the crop top, and ogled the sight of your gorgeous bare legs disappearing up into the short skirt you're wearing.  Your pert, shapely ass has had me mesmerized, wondering what it would look like in the flesh.  The club is hot, and sweat covers the naked parts of your body, adding to the horny spectacle. 

You've looked at me and smiled, but I presume you think I'm gay because of my appearance.  I'm stripped to the waist, sweat covering my body, my tattoos and the piercing in my nipples and navel on display for all to see. On my bottom half are a pair of tight black PVC jeans, clinging to every curve of my ass.  With the shaved head completing the image, most people also think I'm gay.  

I smile at you again, the look disguising the lust I am feeling, just before a cloud of smoke engulfs the heaving dance floor and our bodies.  Being unable to see, bodies knock into one another, and I a suddenly feel a female body bump into mine. 

Soft hands reach out to steady the person they belong to, one grasping my hip, the other pressed against my chest, touching a nipple and the attached ring between two fingers.  Instinctively I react to catch the person falling into me, just as the smoke begins to clear. Through the haze I see that the person I am steadying is the sexy creature I have been lusting after all night.  

You look up at me and smile, but this time there's something behind those eyes.  Rather than remove your hands immediately, you slowly stroke them across my body, the hand over my chest causing my nipple to become immediately erect.  You bite you bottom lip seductively, as if to say look what I've done', while the smile on my face indicates that it was not an unwanted action.  

As we part the eye contact remains, each of us trying to read the others thoughts, our eyes burning lustfully into each others bodies.  After a few minutes more you decide to leave the dance floor, and as you do so you glide your hands over my PVC covered ass.  One of your hands touches mine as you move away, briefly clasping it and giving it a gentle tug as if to say follow me'.  I turn and see you disappear for the stairs to the balcony, and decide that this is definitely a come-on.  My heart is beating fast and my cock has started to swell in anticipation at what could lie ahead.  I make my way to the stairs and follow the path that you had previously taken. At the top I see you leaning over the balcony and I come up behind you.  You sense me behind you and glance behind, smiling invitingly. As I move closer behind you, one of your hands reaches behind and grabs my ass, pulling me close to you.  My cock is rock hard by now, and as I press up against you I feel it pressing between the pert cheeks of your bottom.  My mouth comes down on the back of your neck and I begin to nuzzle you.  You are becoming more turned on, and writhe around as I do this, your hips and buttocks rotating and grinding into my groin.  My hands feel their way over your bare stomach, caressing the soft skin, before moving over your covered breasts. 

I can  feel your nipples are already as hard as bullets, and my hands roam all over them, alternating between squeezing the fleshy mounds and pinching the erect nipples.  One of your hands grips the balcony railing tightly, while the other squeezes my buttock tightly and encourages me to grind my hot, throbbing cock into the reciprocating ass.  

My cock is straining for release against the confines of the PVC, and my hands continue to work on your tits while I bite the back of your neck.  I slide one hand under your crop top and am delighted to discover that you are braless.  I stroke the soft skin of the underside of your breast, before eventually rubbing my fingers over your erect teats, delighting at the difference of the two textures.  As I do this I feel you gasp with pleasure and your hand roams from around my buttocks to between our two bodies, anxious to feel my hard prick.  I slide my other hand down your body, over the waistband of your skirt, and down towards the parting between your legs. You open them wider as, through your skirt, I rub my hand over your mound. Back and forth I slowly rub the palm of my hand, before curling my fingers to push the skirt into the waiting pussy below.  Your body jerks forward to meet my hand, and I press it hard into the soft yielding space between your legs.  I can feel the heat of your pussy through the skirt, and even more so, can feel the dampness spreading through the thin material.  

Your hand meanwhile has found my cock through my jeans and has gripped the rigid shaft tightly, attempting to rub it through the shiny PVC.  My cock is red hot, and your caresses spur me on.  Your tiny dress is becoming soaking wet, and I move my hand underneath the edge, my fingers inching their way up your inner thigh. The skin there is as soft as your breasts, making me feel even hornier, and I instinctively jerk my hips into you.  Ever so slowly I inch my fingers up your legs to the gorgeous pussy that is awaiting, and discover, once again to my delight, that you are not wearing any knickers. Your skirt is around your waist by now with your bare cunt completely exposed.  I glance down on to the dance floor, and though it is dark I can see a couple looking up at us.  Through the railings they can obviously see the sight of your skirt around your waist and my hand delving towards your pussy.  The sight has obviously made them horny, as I see the hand of the girl slide into the unbuttoned fly of the boy's jeans and start to fondle with his cock, before they both move into the darkness for some privacy. Meanwhile my hand has now reached your outer lips.  However, you have become so wet by now that even your outer lips are covered with your juices.  My fingers slide over them, spreading them apart and rubbing your hard clit, before sinking one between your slippery lips.  Your pussy is extremely hot as my finger delves inside you, before I withdraw it and begin to caresses the full length of your pussy again, circling your clit and teasing your pink, fleshy lips.  My other hand is still fondling your gorgeous tits, pinching, squeezing and fondling them in unison with the movements of the hand between your legs.  

Somehow your manage to get your hand to unzip the fly of my jeans, and your hand reaches in to feel the hot throbbing cock inside.  The feeling of your hand against my cock is amazing, and it jerks towards the hand that envelopes it. I am consumed with lust and plunge two fingers deep into your pussy.  I am fondling your cunt quite frantically now, alternately rubbing the hard bud that is your clitoris and thrusting my fingers inside you.  You gasp loudly but the music drowns out your sounds.  I remove my fingers and bring them up to my mouth, licking the sticky juices off them.  "You taste delicious" I whisper into your ear, "I can't wait to get my head between your legs to give you a good licking and sucking."  This seems to drive you crazy, and you grab my hand and thrust it hard between your legs.  My fingers slide inside you in one easy movement as the palm of my hand presses hard against your lips and clit.  Your hips start to shake and I realise you are starting to come.  You hold my hand tightly against your pussy as you buck your hips forward, an orgasm overtaking your body.  You shriek out something unintelligible against the noise from the sound system, and I feel the walls of your pussy convulse and contract around my fingers.  After what seems like an eternity your body slumps back into mine, breathing deeply as you regain your composure.  

You turn around, releasing my cock which you had been gripping throughout. By now it is sticking out of the zip, it's purple head engorged with blood. You bend your head down and slide your lips over the head, grasping the shaft with your hand.  The feeling makes my balls tighten and I feel my cock may explode there and then. You slide your mouth back up to the top and then trail your tongue around its rim. Still holding my cock in one hand you stand up again.  "Let's go.  I want to do this properly. I want to feel your tongue on my clit and this cock hard up my pussy".  

I put my cock back into my jeans and we leave make to leave the club.  As we pass the dance floor we get a number of knowing looks and smiles from punters who had spied us.  Nice show' one says.  Come back for an encore' says another.  In the corner we can just about make out the couple who had spied us, the guy's face in ecstasy while kneeling on the floor between his legs the girl is delighting in devouring his hard cock.  

I live only minutes from the club, so we quickly walk to my home, attempting to keep our hands off each other as we do so.  You climb the stairs to my apartment ahead of me, and as you do so I run my hand up from your ankle to your calf, to your thigh and finally up to your still hot pussy.  I want this' I say, as I once again slide a finger easily inside you.    We make our way into the apartment, and you quickly find your way into the bedroom.  By the time I have managed to get there you have already removed your top and skirt, and are lying on the bed, legs spread as you part your pink fleshy lips.  The sight is delicious, and I would just love to put my cock inside you there and then.  Instead I climb over you, allowing you to remove my shirt.  "I don't remember giving you permission to remove you clothes" I say.  You look back at me somewhat bemused.  "If you do things without permission then you deserve to be punished" .  Before you have a chance to reply I flip you over onto your stomach, your pert buttocks looking like a ripened peach. You are about to say something, but I quickly pinion you down with an arm and a leg, holding you tightly in place.  You haven't notice, but attached to each corner of the bed is a long cord, ending in a velvet cuff.  The cuff attaches to itself with Velcro, and within a few moments I have you restrained, face down and spread-eagled on the bed.  Though you are quite secure, you are not uncomfortable, and wriggle helplessly trying to escape.  

"I think the correct punishment for girls this naughty should be a spanking".  "You bastard" you say and with that I raise my other hand and bring it down sharply on your buttocks.  "And that's just for swearing!" I reply.  The blow has obviously stung as your buttocks begin to glow red where my hand landed.  I raise my hand and bring it down on each buttock alternately, giving six strokes to each one.  With each blow your buttocks contract to try to move away from my hand, though you refuse to cry out, burying your head in the pillow.  However, as the spanking continues I notice that rather than just try to move your buttocks away from the blows, you are actually grinding your hips and pussy into the bed.  Your buttocks are glowing bright red by now and I can hear you whimpering slightly. Suddenly your buttocks get another shock, but this time it's in the form of cool, soothing body lotion being poured over them.  My hands begin to massage it gently into them, easing the stinging and causing you to gently moan as the gentle caresses ease the pain.  I glance down between your spread-eagled legs and notice that your pussy is so wet that it has caused a damp patch on the sheet directly below it.  

I stand up and remove my clothes, my cock springing to attention as it is released from its PVC prison.  Though restrained, you can move your head and manage to look behind as I strip.  You look lustfully at my cock, and I expect you to say something.  Instead you think better of it, wondering if speaking will warrant another spanking.  

You put your head back down on the pillow and I climb over you.  Straddled across you body I nuzzle your neck, allowing my nipples rings to brush over your back.  I dip my body into yours, allowing a little more of our flesh to touch each other as my lips gently brush against the skin of your back. Your breathing starts to get heavier as I continue to tease your body. Gradually I lower my body even further until my cock is position in the groove between your buttock cheeks.  You press your buttocks upward to meet my cock and the feeling is wonderful as finally the length of our two naked bodies touch.  

Gradually I slide down your body, my tongue tracing a line down your back and along your spine.  Inch by inch I move my mouth further down your back until it is at the base of your spine and just between your cheeks.  I run my tongue down the groove, gently probing as I discover the pink bud of your anus.  I run my tongue around it causing your hips to jerk spasmodically, before continuing my way a little further.  By now my face is inches away from your lips and I breathe in the aroma of your pussy.  Your pink lips are covered with juices and are begging for attention, and I let you feel the warmth of my breath on them.  

I quickly move off you and to your surprise release the bonds that hold you captive.  I turn you over on to your back and you look up at me in desperation. "For fucks sake lick my pussy.  I've got to come."  The atmosphere is electric and I know I can't wait any longer ­ I have been wanting your pussy for the past three hours and I can't wait any longer.  

I climb between your legs and move my mouth to your pussy, tracing my tongue along one side of your lips, around your clit, and then down the other.  You thrust your hips forward so that your pussy is pressed hard against my mouth.  My tongue explores your crevices, and I lick and suck you clit and lips, my face becoming covered with your juices.  You taste absolutely delicious, and I relish in tasting every inch of your beautiful cunt.   As I continue to tongue your pussy, your breathing increases rapidly and I sense you are close to orgasm.  "Oh god" you scream.  "That's it!  Suck my pussy! Make me come".  Your juices are flooding out now, and I lick frantically at your clitoris. This is it.  You know that you cannot hold on any longer. You are going to come and no one can stop you.  You scream out and grab my head with both hands, pulling me violently into your pussy.  "I'm coming" your scream, and your body begins jerking uncontrollably, your legs clamped tightly around my head as an orgasm wracks through your body.  

This is too much to take.  My cock has been rock hard for hours and now I have got to fuck you.  I pull my head away from your pussy, and move up your body. I plunge my cock into your awaiting pussy in one easy movement and we both cry out as it slides deep inside you, my balls slapping against your beautiful ass.  The feeling of the silky, tight wetness of your pussy around my cock is mind-blowing,.  My cock starts to twitch and I can feel that I am going to come soon.  Sensing this you tighten the muscles in your pussy around my cock, squeezing it with indescribable pleasure.  This is too much for anyone to resist, and my cock starts to explode inside you.  This orgasm has been waiting for a very long time and, with legs shaking, I frantically pull my spurting cock from your pussy.  Instantly your hands grab hold of my pulsating shaft and direct it towards your face.  With your lips parted your hands milk my throbbing cock expertly, and I pump what feels like gallons of spunk over your tits, on your face and into your eagerly awaiting mouth.  

Gradually the jerking from my cock subsides and I collapse exhausted on top of you, our bodies glistening with sweat.  After a couple of minutes we regain our composure, and I lean forward to kiss you, my tongue probing its way into your mouth, tasting the salty spunk that has just landed there. I look down at you and realize that you are still holding on to my cock. What's more, it's still hard!  "Well I still haven't had a chance to suck it properly, have I?" you astutely point out.  Somehow I don't think we're finished yet.

The End

5/10/2012 4:36:16 AM


The Virgin

It started as any other typical day at work, I sat at my desk, toiling at the paperwork that stared me in the face.  My reddish-brown hair needed to be cut, my miniskirt needed to be washed, and other errands needed to be done.  A typical day, until he walked in the door.  It was his first day, and my supervisor introduced me to him. "Beth, this is Chaz, he'll be working with us. "Hi," he said with a smile.  All I could do was smile back at him, with a slightly nervous "Hello."

My immediate thought was, "Oh my GOD he's so CUTE I can't stand it!"  I had to calm myself, and started to concentrate on the impending paperwork.  But how could I?  The cubicle next to mine was empty, and they were going to put Chaz there, I just KNEW it.  God, he was so cute.  He had dark hair, brown eyes, medium build, and he looked like someone famous but I wasn't quite sure who.  I wondered what he thought of me, did he think I was pretty?  I had considered myself attractive, straight hair down to my shoulders, cute face, brown eyes, full, red lips, a figure with all the curves in the right places including a quite slender waist, and great legs (or at least my last boyfriend told me so!)  I'd never felt like such a schoolgirl!

But, duty called, and back to the grindstone, shuffle those papers... The next day, I dressed a little dressier, perhaps a little sexier.  I put on a silk blouse I received as a gift upon my graduation from college just  a few months ago. It shimmered and it's snug fit showed off my bosom.  Then came another miniskirt (I was quite fond of them) that accented my waist, hips and buttocks.  It was cut above the knee, and showed off those "great legs."  I walked into the office, sat down, noticing Chaz hadn't arrived yet.  It was one of those offices where you could name your hours and he named his a little later than mine.  About a half hour later he came in.

He seemed like a shy boy, which is what attracted me to him in the first place, since I'm a little shy myself.  Lunch hour arrived, and I decided to be a brave little soldier.  "Hi, Chaz." "Oh, hi, Beth."  He was a little startled. "I'm sorry, did I scare you?" "It's okay." "Lunch at your desk today?" "Yea, these deadlines are ridiculous." "Tell me about it, I've been dealing with six months before you came here!" "They hired you right out of school?" I nodded.  "Yep, this was the first place I applied to." "Gads, you're lucky, I had to look for months before I got here." His voice, I don't know what it was about it, but it was... enchanting, deep and powerful yet gentle and sweet.  He MUST already have a girlfriend, I KNOW it!  It's a shame that all the good ones have girlfriends. "So," I said, "how old are you?  Don't mind me, I'm just being...nosey.  Heh."  That was a stupid question, he didn't have to answer.

"24," he replied, "I graduated college two years ago, but I had some unfortunate circumstances after graduation, so here I am now." "That's too bad."  Maybe he would open up to me later and tell me what troubled him, that is, if he didn't already have a girlfriend! This was too frustrating, I'm not about to steal someone else's man away, but if he was unattached, I wouldn't feel so bad about flirting a little with him.  I had to know! "Oh," I continued, "I'm 22, just in case you couldn't figure it out!"  we let a little laugh, then went back to work.

Days passed, and I was waiting for him to put a photograph of his girlfriend on his desk.  He didn't.  That looked promising.  But I had to be sure. "Chaz?"  "Yes, Beth?" "A group of us are going out later for pizza, want to come along?" "Sure, sounds great." The day crawled until quitting time.  Seven of us went to a pizza joint around the corner from the office, a bit dingy, but nice.  At the round table, I made sure to sit next to Chaz.  Even if he did have a girlfriend, I could be near him and imagine, couldn't I? The topic of relationships came up in conversation, one of the  guys, Ned, piped up and asked, "So, Chaz, got a girlfriend?" "Well, I used to, but it all went to hell in a handbasket.  It took me a long time to decide whether or not the relationship was worth continuing.  In the end, it wasn't." "You mean, 'no'?  Heh heh!" "Aaah, yea, no, Ned," he smiled.  But I thought his smile was a mask, to hide the hurt that he felt after his breakup.  I wanted to comfort him, I wanted to make things better, I.. wanted.. HIM!  Right there!  My prayers had been answered right then and there!  I had to excuse myself to go to the powder room I was so excited. I took a face check in the mirror, and everything was in place. That haircut I got cut off more than I wanted, but other than that, everything was okay.  I quickly re-applied my lipstick, then returned to the table.

I had to do SOMETHING.  Anything.  Anything to let him know that I was there for him, and how much I loved him.  Ordinarily I don't believe in "love at first sight" but I thought, or rather WANTED, this to be different.  What could I do?  What could I say? It was time to leave the pizza joint, at the entrance was this long stairwell.  Normally, I have no trouble maneuvering on these things, but... "Chaz, can you help me down these stairs?  These high heels make me uneasy on these steps."  I hoped he'd buy the bluff. "Okay." Yes! I gave him my hand, which he took in his.  We walked down, hand in hand, while I pretended to concentrate on my footing.  "Careful, Beth, we have to go to work tomorrow."

"Thanks, Chaz!"   "Anytime!"         I could only hope!  Anytime, anywhere... Weeks passed, and I could sense that Chaz was interested in me. Maybe it was the way he looked at me, the way he smiled at me, or a  combination of things.  But I wasn't quite expecting this...       "Beth?"        "Oh, hi," I smiled a startled a smile.  "Sorry I scared you."      "It's alright."  We tended to do that a lot. "I have an odd question."  "Ask it..." "If I were to ask you out, would you be interested?" "Well," I paused, not that I needed to, I just did it for dramatic effect, "Yes, Chaz, I would.  In fact, I'm surprised some nice girl hasn't snatched you up yet." "A few tried." "And failed?"  "Miserably." "Like your last girlfriend..." I said with caution.  "Well... yes, like her.  See, I thought she was THE one, the one and only, until I actually got to know her and came to the realization that our huge  differences would get in the way." So that was it.  "That's a shame," I replied. "Not really, she gave me more headaches than anything."

"I'm sorry... Anyway, to answer your question, yes," I said, quite calmly.  Inside I was bursting with anticipation.  A burning sensation was inside of me, a burning I had never felt before.  "So, um, how about it?"  "About what?"  I lost my train of thought. "You know, you, me..." "Oh," I laughed, "I'm sorry, you probably think I'm some sort of  ditz!"  "Actually, I think you're very cute." I blushed.  I hoped no one else would see me as I turned a deepening shade of crimson. "So, um, before you explode, what do you think?" I smiled and said, "I'd love to." Plans were made for that evening.  We went to this nice bistro, and we talked about everything under the sun!  Work, weather, the ocean, our likes and dislikes... which turned out to be quite similar! He drove me back to my apartment building, and we stood at the doorway. "Well, this is it," I said, "It isn't much, but it's home."  "It's nice." "Would you like to come up and see my apartment?" "Sure, I can stay a minute." This was almost too much, Chaz in MY apartment!  I was so nervous I nearly dropped my keys.  Well, actually, I did drop them. "Here, let me," he said, picked up my keys and handed them to me. "Thanks, sweetums!" Sweetums?  He said, "You're welcome... sugarbuns!" Sugarbuns? 

We got in, I turned on the light.  It was a little messy, needed dusting, and the dirty laundry was in a neat pile in the corner of the  room.  He asked, "I like it, who's your interior decorator?" "Ha ha, very funny," I said in a deadpan tone. We took off our coats and I sat on the couch as he pause to use the lavatory.  I sat, legs crossed, miniskirt to the thigh, blouse with top button undone.  "Come, sit, relax." He sat, next to me on my left, and breathed a heavy sigh.  "I had a great evening," he said. "So did I, perhaps we can do it again sometime."    "Perhaps," he said as I slid my left hand into h right.  I cuddled next to him, leaning on his shoulder. "I don't want it to end," I whispered.  He put his left arm around my waist. "This doesn't bother you, does it?"    "No," I said in hushed tones, "it's been a long time since I've been this close to anyone." "Me, too." I kissed him on the cheek, then he turned to face me.  Our lips  met, and we kissed.  I felt so much joy at that moment.  We kissed a little more, kissing deeper, our tongues probing in every direction. My hands explored his back, while his did the same to mine.  It was at that point, I lost all inhibitions, took my right hand and slowly undid his shirt.  He pulled out my blouse and felt my bare back, feeling higher and higher to my bra strap.  I had his shirt entirely unbuttoned, and my blouse was completely untucked from my miniskirt.  We continued kissing passionately, our lips and tongues dancing  all the while, and we moved off the couch to the floor, on our knees. His right hand unzipped my skirt, while his left made its way to my breast.  We crawled on our knees to the bed, where we paused.  He lifted me and put me gently on the mattress.  I looked at him, smiled, and said, "I love you." "I love you, too."  He removed my skirt, revealing my  white, lacey panties.  He then took off his shirt while I removed my blouse.  I motioned him to come toward me, and I grabbed his waist.  I unzipped his pants and pulled them down.  He then laid down beside me, embraced me, put one leg around me, and kissed me deeply.  He undid my bra and my bosom was free from all restraints.  My breasts we full and uninhibited.  The bra was tossed aside near the dirty laundry.  The rest of our underthings were removed and somehow got kicked in the opposite corner of the room.  In between kisses I let out little moans of pleasure, moaning "I love you" and he replied "I love you, too."  He massaged my breasts, and they became stiff.  This was a feeling I had never felt before, but I didn't want it to stop.  I felt something pumping from within my vagina.  I was actually beginning to cum!  Never had I felt THIS feeling before!

"Be gentle..." I cooed.  "I will..." he responded. "This is my first time..." "Mine too..."  More kisses.  He positioned himself underneath me, tongues continuing to probe.  I was beginning to get very wet, and I wanted to feel his manhood inside of me.  "Do me, baby," I whispered. I raised myself with my arms and parted my legs.  He inserted his fully erect penis into my sugar walls.  I gently lowered myself, there was a little pain, but the cum eased it.  We moaned.  I began to pump him in me, up, down, up, down... I moaned on each down stroke.  I felt my love walls grip him tightly, as he also moved in rhythm to me.  In, out, in, out.  "Oh, God," I moaned, "Oh, God, OH OHH" He moaned louder, I knew he would cum any minute now.  "I love you," he said, gasping for the breath to say those words that meant to much to me. "I love you, too," I moaned, as I continued to pump him relentlessly.  I arched my back and prepared for the wave of orgasm to  hit us.

My juices flowed relentlessly, as he came inside of me.  We screamed in pleasure as I felt him throbbing and squirting inside of me, it felt SOOO GOOOD, and lasted for what seemed to be an eternity. The time had passed, and we gave each other little kisses as the whole world subsided.  We whispered "I love you" to each other thousands of times, or so it seemed.  I never knew making love could be like this.  His manhood was still inside me, but grew limp.  I fell asleep on top of his warm body, my head on his chest. Our relationship grew.  Eventually, we got married, and had two beautiful children.  That night we spent together, so long ago, Chaz knew that I was his one and only.  The feeling was the same for me, too.  We knew that nothing could come between us, neither one of us would be alone ever again.  We'd have each other for ever and ever and... 

The End

2/10/2012 9:33:58 AM


A Bondage Story

Such a pretty face...pity to have to cover it with so much leather. But we can change that later. The night is young, and we have many alternatives at our disposal. She kneels before me on a coffee table, her thighs lashed tight to her ankles and her collared neck tied down to her knees. I love watching her fingers claw desperately at the knots holding each wrist to its opposite elbow so her arms make a triangle behind her back. I settle into my armchair and admire her long blonde hair. It has just enough wave to give it a flowing texture as it cascades over her shoulders from underneath the straps of the gag that's holding her mouth permanently open for my pleasure. 

At first, I thought I would show some compassion by leaving the rubber plug out of the metal shower drain that's wrapped with electrical tape and jammed between her teeth. But I couldn't afford to let her complaints wake the people in the rooms below my suite. I imagine her large brown eyes trapped behind the darkness of the blindfold, open wide with fury and trepidation. Or perhaps they were closed in silent resignation to her fate. After all, she didn't complain when I first slipped the handcuffs around her wrists more than two hours ago. No, she had been exceptionally willing to do whatever I asked of her. Greed will do that to most people, especially those who get paid on commission.

And she had smelled the kind of payoff that gives an inexperienced sales associate instant respect both at work and at the bank. It was random luck that I chose the restaurant where I first saw her; this is my first visit to this particular city and I'm not well-versed in its local cuisine. She was vivacious and pretty, a flaxen dynamo who talked a mile a minute as she explained the intimate details of her work to a friend. Cocking an ear toward their table, I was able to determine the name of her employer, the kind of product she sold, and just how hard a time she was having landing a big account. I also found out her name, but that's not important any more. That very afternoon, I placed a call to her office and described myself as a potential client from overseas who needed a large quantity of the company's product in a very short amount of time. When I was patched into the sales supervisor, I asked for a meeting with one of his reps the next day. I also indicated I was talking to his competitors, and I would be making my decision no later than the following morning. When he told me he would set up an immediate appointment with his top rep named Jim, I hinted broadly that I might be more favorably disposed toward negotiating with someone a little easier on the eyes.

Yes, yes, of course, he said brightly as he mentioned the name of my charming young prey from the restaurant. Dear, if you stop wriggling your arms so much, that rope digging into your lovely bottom might be a bit more bearable. Of course she showed up early for our four o'clock meeting at my suite high atop the overpriced hotel I was sure would impress her. I was pleased to see her boss had been forthright about my thinly-veiled expectations. She delivered herself to my door in a fashionable red business suit with a noteworthy hem line, topped off by a sleeveless white turtleneck that clung to every delicious curve of her waist and cleavage. I could easily make out the shape of a quarter-cup bra boosting her ample bosom, the large nipples standing tall and erect as they pushed against the tight material of her shirt. Her legs drifted down in a gauzy black cloud, from bands of elastic and lace to a pair of open-toed high heels that are as fetching as they are slutty. Their dual straps around each ankle conveniently eliminate the need for special locks to hold them on her feet now. After she made a lengthy presentation , followed by a heated discussion of terms, I announced that I couldn't continue another moment without first eating. She happily agreed to join me, so we dined extravagantly, laughing and talking about nothing of consequence while consuming a healthy quantity of spirits. At the conclusion of the meal, I invited her back to my suite and pretended to negotiate further. I could see her desperation increase with every rebuff, but it wasn't until she stroked one of my thighs with the tips of her blood-red fingernails that I knew I had her hooked. I can wait no longer, so I untie the knot around her knees, lift up her head, pop the plug out of the gag, and lower the open hole over my stiffening member. She moans softly as she pokes at the intruder with her tongue. Slowly, I caution her. It would be a grave mistake if it were to somehow fall out of your mouth. 

She signals her understanding by treating my manhood as if it were the sweetest lollipop she had ever been privileged to lick. When I am satisfied, I tell her she can sit up. She does so gladly, as the movement greatly increases the slack on the rope running down her stomach and under her crotch that tugs insistently on her severely-bound breasts. I had been so pleased to discover she had the kind just heavy enough to allow tying them tightly from behind. Sensing another round of irrelevant objections, I pick up the plug that's dangling on a chain from the shiny rim around her mouth, and push the stiff rubber firmly back into place. What was she going to say? I wish I hadn't shimmied out of my dress quite so quickly? Or maybe I shouldn't have told you to "do whatever you wanted to me" with quite so much conviction? Surprisingly, she continues to fight her bonds, twisting and turning her body as she kneels on the table like an offering to an angry god. Much as I enjoy the show, I know this cannot continue, lest she fall off and cause unwanted damage to herself and my plans for the remainder of my stay. While unbuckling the many straps holding the gag against her head, I bribe her with the promise of water if she keeps completely quiet.

She complies, so I allow her to swallow the contents of a tumbler. I can't held admiring the perfect features of her face, even when they're contorted in a hateful glare. With more time, perhaps I could train her to maintain permanent silence, but that won't be the case tonight, so the tube in her mouth will have to be replaced with an oversized penis gag that buckles around her head with four straps. I tell her it's time for a new position, and spin her on the tabletop so she faces away from me. I rebind her arms so her wrists and elbows are pinned together against her back with a half-dozen coils each. Once her legs are freed, I rearrange her limbs so she's lying face down on the table, her compressed breasts squashed even further between the weight of her torso and the hard wood below. I tie together her ankles so they are crossed, then pull them all the way back to her wrists, bending her knees at sharp angles and exposing the delicate regions between her still-stocking legs. 

To further accentuate the view, I tie a line around her ankles and attach it to the hasp on the back of the gag. This forces her to stare straight ahead unless she wants to pull her legs up even further, a difficult chore I doubt she will want to attempt. I pick up the remote control for the large-screen television at the other end of the room and preview the selection of pay-per-view movies, finally settling on one that promises 90 minutes of nonstop fornicating by attractive starlets. Although I doubt any will measure up to the beauty of the pinioned damsel lying in breathless apprehension before me, it could nonetheless prove inspiring. Settling back, I reach down under the chair and find my riding crop. I graze its lash along the insides of her thighs, across her buttocks and between her moist folds. Before long, temptation gets the better of me, and my wrist snaps smartly when she least expects it. By the time the film ends, we are both aching for relief. The shower curtain rod makes an excellent spreader bar as she stands against the coffee table with her heel- encumbered feet separated by a yard of steel and excessive amounts of nylon cord. Her arms are bound together at the wrists and ankles, then tied down to the table so they support her weight as she bends over at a 90-degree angle with her ass pushed back just ever so slightly. A simple ball gag completes her imprisonment, which leaves her standing all too accessible to the whims of a man with dark desires. I see no reason not to take advantage of both choices offered to me, and proceed to do so with vigorous and surprising stamina. 

Finding myself a bit heated at the conclusion of my explorations, I decide to pop downstairs to the bar for a nightcap. Not wanting to be thought a bad host, I arrange a few diversions to occupy my guest during my absence. I seat her in the center of the coffee table, and start by cinching her elbows together behind her back. Then I tie her ankles in a crossed position again, only this time I lash them to her thighs in a pose that suggests meditation. I bind her wrists and attach them with taut lines to her ankles so they're suspended helplessly at her sides. I feel I have been neglecting her breasts, so I circle them individually with several tight windings, then pull the rings of rope together until they are separated by nothing more than a knot. This creates an effect not like those marvelous new Wonder bras I see so many of the young ladies wearing today. I remove the ball gag and substitute a wide wedge of rubber that fits over her rear molars and her tongue.

This in turn is held in place with a leather trainer that covers her face from nose to neck. At first she resists, but I feel the tension in her jaws dissipate as I finish securing the laces, leaving her mouth incapable of any function except getting used to the taste. I push her onto her back, but only long enough to slip in an anal plug that compensates for its diminished height with a spacious circumference. When she's upright again, I ensure its permanence with a piece of rope around her waist and between her outstretched thighs. Due to the flatness of her nipples caused by the constricting effect of her breast bondage, it takes an extra moment to properly position the tweezers-like clamps, but once engaged, I am confident they will remain in place until decided otherwise by anyone save her. Long pieces of twine soon trail up from the ends of the clamps to the arm of a ceiling fan directly over her head. I pull the chain three times to set the motor at its slowest speed, then stand back to admire the way her bulging breasts mimic the rotation of the blades as they are pulled back and forth in never-ending circles. I cannot bear to see her look at me with such irritation, so I slip on a padded blindfold that permits a better appreciation of her predicament without visual distractions. When I return, I find she has surrendered to her torments as she's practically bouncing on the table. Alas, I feel the evening must now come to its conclusion so I can guarantee my safe departure. I remove all her bindings except the rope around her breasts and the gag, and lead her to the elegant brass bed in the second room of the suite. 

She lies down gratefully on the bed, until I flip her onto her stomach, cross her wrists behind her back, and wrap them and her fingers in several yards of duct tape. Rolling her onto her back, I tie long lines to the top of the loops around her breasts and run them back to the opposite ends of the headboard, pulling her luscious globes far apart and up toward her shoulders. I hate to lose such a lovely vibrator, with its clever piece on the bottom that can be positioned to stimulate the user's clitoris, but it seems only fair that she receive an adequate reward for all her exertions on my behalf. Unfortunately, I also have to abandon the butt plug due to some ill-timed disobedience on her part while I work the thick shaft of the vibrator into her other cavity. Once implanted, I wrap a very long piece of rope around the top of her waist, then knot it behind her and pull the ends over the wide circles of plastic where the two openings used to be, the middle of her triangle of trim fur, and finally over the top of the waist line. From there, the ends travel their separate ways in a V to her ankles, which are bound so her legs are bent at a slight angle, then they are tied to the brass posts at the foot of the bed, leaving her pinned and spread in just enough discomfort to pass the coming hours productively. I don't want to lose the gag as well, so as I fill her mouth with her panties and seal her lips with more duct tape. When I am finished, I tell her she's been a delightful playmate, and express my deepest regrets that we cannot continue our entertainment. 

She writhes in silent disagreement, intensifying her efforts as she watches me insert the plug trailing off the vibrator into an electrical socket on the wall. She soon decides that thrashing her legs only drives the intruders deeper into her quite-filled orifices, so instead she chooses to stare at the ceiling in quiet submission. As the machine hums its happy song inside her, I pack my belongings and include all her clothing as a treasured souvenir. Don't worry, I call out as I prepare to take my leave. Housecleaning will be here no later than noon. Oh, by the way, I took the liberty of having some new business cards printed for you. See, I say as I hold one in front of your eyes. They have your name, your work number, and a little drawing of a woman tied up in a most provocative pose. Here, let me leave some on the bedside table, and maybe a few in your purse. The staff here is no doubt exceptional, so I'm quite sure the maids will call the manager before attempting to free you. Do you think he'll get the wrong idea when he finds this pair of vinyl hot pants and matching halter on the floor? Who knows, maybe he will want to avail himself of your services as well. As I depart, I notice the sign is still hanging from the exterior doorknob. I decide my charming young friend requires no further disturbing this evening, so I leave it as a silent sentry to guard against any premature interruptions. It's been a pleasure doing business with you, I say when I turn off the lights, but a stifled scream is my only thanks. You're most welcome, I reply with a smile.


The End

1/20/2012 10:48:50 AM



The first time was with Ginger, and I still feel a little guilty about that. I'm a married woman, but throughout the five years of my marriage I have had to have sex with other women from time to time. I just couldn't keep my sanity without it. I remember when it happened. Don was at work and Ginger was over at my house. We'd been making love most of the morning. 

I had just met Ginger, a tall, lovely blonde, at the supermarket two weeks before this, and we were still at that stage when you just can't get enough of each other's bodies. I was sitting on the edge of the pool and Ginger swam over and started fooling around. Pretty soon she had my bikini bottoms off and was eating my pussy while I sprawled beside the pool, the sun beating down on me, my legs dangling in the water.   

Something about doing it outside like that made me twice as excited as usual, and I could feel the juices flowing inside my cunt. Ginger's tiny littlehands were busy on me, rubbing my clit while she thrust her tongue deep inside me tickling my asshole, finally dipping into my cunt. She got a finger in, then two, three, finally all four. She was stirring me inside, touching me in a way I had never been touched before. Ginger knew just how to bring me to a climax, working her fingers inside my cunt and her tongue on my clit.

When I started to come she would freeze, letting the spasm shatter my body while she withdrew her tongue and held her busy fingers still for a few moments-then it would all start again. "OH, GOD, GINGER," I begged, "STICK YOUR FINGERS UP MY CUNT. YESS...YESS! THAT'S IT! OH YES, I'M COMING! DON'T STOP, PLEASE DON'T STOP! EAT MY CUNT, EAT ME 'TIL I COME. I was so wild that I'm sure the neighbors could probably hear what was going on but I really didn't care. All I wanted was her tongue and her fingers working deep inside me, stirring my cunt to a fever pitch. I kept pushing myself down harder and harder on her probing hand while she bunched her fingers together and fucked me with them, pumping them in and out like a giant cock. Then the impossible happened: Ginger thrust hard at the same moment I was rocking my pelvis onto her hand, and her entire fist slid into my pussy, up to her wrist and beyond.

I gasped, seeing what had happened, feeling myself filled as I had never been filled before. I had heard of fisting, but it had certainly never happened to me before. If I thought of it at all, I simply thought of it as something that would undoubtedly be painful beyond belief. For a few seconds I waited for the pain to shatter my vagina, but there was no pain. I moved experimentally, and Ginger began fist-fucking me, and then I really went wild! "Ginger, honey, your whole fist is inside my cunt," I moaned. "YES, YES, FUCK ME WITH IT. FIST-FUCK ME, AND LICK MY CLIT TOO!" Ginger's busy tongue was lapping my clit like crazy and I couldn't get enough. I must have come a dozen times while her little fist worked in and out of my pussy. 

It went on so long that I barely had time to get my bikini bottoms back on and catch my breath before Donnie came home. Donnie was wondering that night why I wasn't particularly interested in sex. For a moment I thought about telling him that it was because I had spent the whole afternoon being fist-fucked by Ginger, but somehow I had the feeling that Donnie might not understand. Ginger and I continued seeing each other for a couple of months.

After she moved away, I dreamed of being fist-fucked by Donnie, but I thought his hands were too big for my tight little cunt. Ginger had wanted me to fist her, after all, and we had tried it with half a dozen different lubricants, but my hands are much larger than Ginger's and, though I could get four fingers inside her pussy, we could never go further than that. Anyway, Donnie and I were just getting into anal sex, and that was enough of a thrill for me for a time. I found initially that it hurt a lot more for me to take his cock up my ass than it did to be fisted by Ginger. For maybe four or five months, I was too busy with the joy of having Donnie's big prick plunging in and out of my asshole to think about anything else. Once I had gotten so I could take it easily he would sneak up on me any time of the day of night and lift my skirt, (Donnie has always insisted that I not wear panties around the house) and just start fucking my ass off! I remember one evening when I was doing the dishes and all of a sudden I felt Donnie's strong hands on my ass. I knew what was coming. I braced my hands on the sink and spread my legs wide apart. 

Donnie had already lubricated his cock and it slid into my asshole easily. I moaned and bent farther down over the sink and pushed my ass back into his groin. Finally my legs were too weak. I could feel them giving way so I turned and Donnie gradually eased me down onto the kitchen floor, never for one moment stopping the steady,. deep thrusts into my ass. There on the kitchen floor he butt-fucked me doggie style. I ripped the buttons off the front of my dress so he could play with my swinging tits, and begged him to fuck me harder. "Donnie, your cock is so hard in my ass! I can feel your big balls hitting my clit! Yessss, like that, FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS, DONNIE! Ohhhhh, YES, BUTT-FUCK ME DONNIE! I WANT YOU TO SHOOT YOUR LOAD! I WANT IT! Mmmmmmm, SPANK MY ASS AND THEN SHOOT YOUR HOT LOAD OF COME UP MY ASSHOLE! SHOOT YOUR COME IN ME! Ooohhh, DON'T EVER STOP FUCKING MY ASS! I WANT YOUR COCK UP THERE. I'M COMING RIGHT NOW AND I FEEL YOU SHOOTING IT! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, I'M COMING SO HARD!"

Once I had gotten used to being fucked like that, there was nothing I wouldn't do for Donnie. I would strip for him, play with myself, whatever. But still wondered from time to time whether or not I could get his fist into my cunt the way I had taken Ginger's. I wanted him to fist me and but-fuck me at the same time! Finally I got my chance. We were spending the weekend in the mountains and we fucked so much that Donnie just couldn't get it up any more. He had me so hot, however, that I couldn't stop, so I got him to go down on me and eat me out until he could hardly move his tongue anymore. 

He was fingering me with three fingers then, and when his tongue stopped moving fast enough to bring me to another climax I told him to put in another finger. "I want you to fist my cunt," I said. "Let's try it. Just hold all your fingers tight together and see if you can get them in." Well Donnie's hand was a whole helluva lot bigger than Ginger's. Donnie tried to work his hand in, but he couldn't get it past the knuckles. I told him finally to just hold still and that I would see what I could do. He did as I asked. I worked my pelvis back and forth, all Donnie's fingers working me to a frenzy, my cunt getting wetter and wetter. I was playing with my nipples, pinching them between my fingers. I came twice like that, but I was frustrated. I wanted Donnie's whole fist up my cunt. 

Finally it was as if something gave way. I felt myself opening and suddenly Donnie's hand was in so far that he was fucking me halfway up his forearm! My God, What a sensation! Believe me ladies, if you've never had a fist up your twat, a man's big hairy fist, well you just haven't lived! At that moment I was in a sexual dream land. Donnie wasn't tonguing me at all, just ramming that big fist in and out of my pussy. With his other hand he got two fingers up my asshole, and I have never been totally fucked like that in my life! 

If there was one thing I would have wished for at that moment it would have been another man whose cock I could suck so all my orifices would be taken care of, but Donnie was giving me plenty! "Your hand's like a giant cock!" I told him. "It feels wonderful! MAKE ME YOUR WHORE! I'M A WHORE WITH A WIDE OPEN CUNT! YES...AND YOU'RE FUCKING IT WITH YOUR WHOLE FIST! Mmmm, YES, FIST-FUCK MY PUSSY! FUCK YOUR LITTLE WHORE WIFE HARDER! CAN YOU FEEL HOW WET MY PUSSY IS? CAN YOU FEEL MY CUNT JUICE ALL OVER YOUR FIST? WELL DO IT TO ME! DO IT TO ME HARD LIKE THAT! NOW I'M COMING! And I exploded, coming like a crazy woman. After that I was never the same. I could never get enough of being fisted. The best part is, unlike his cock, Donnie's fist never get tired. Now we have the perfect Relationship!


The End

1/6/2012 12:06:54 PM



The Party You are left for nearly thirty minutes to recoup from your ordeal. Finally two male voices announce they are going to have you at the same time. One from the rear and one from the front. You are pulled up from the floor and hooked to the ceiling chain again and pulled upright so your feet just touch the floor. A spreader bar is placed between your ankles. You feel the warmth of a body press to your front, slowly the fingers tease tenderly, lovingly at your nipples, then pinch them lightly. Another body presses to your back. You feel his hand guide his firm cock into your pussy from behind you and it easily slides into you. He pulls in an out three times then pulls out completely.

The person in front of you reaches behind you and pulls your burning ass cheeks open and you feel the man's cock enter you from behind. He holds it there and waits to move until the man in front of you pushes forward into you pussy. You feel stuffed with both cocks pressed into you. They thrust in and out of you in perfect timing now. Neither cares if you are satisfied, that is obvious, for they merely use your body to bring themselves satisfaction.

Their pounding increases in speed and hardness, you feel the one in your ass explode inside you and shortly the one in your pussy fills your inner walls. The hot cream flowing into both your sex holes. They pump into your several more times then finally withdraw.

You have not reached orgasm, though you are close, but they walk away from you not caring. You are left hanging there in your agony to be satisfied. The next person to come to you is another woman. She announces to the crowd she wants to give you an enema, then make you hold it inside yourself while she brings you off and then you bring her off. They don't even bother to move you from the room, they instead bring the necessary items into the room. You are released from your hanging position and placed over the seat of a chair.

Slowly she teases you with the end of the enema nozzle then thrusts it into your ass. This is different from the nozzle you are used to, this one is long and thick and spread your puckered hole open wide. Slowly the water enters your bowel, more and more water flows into you. You feel the pressure building in your stomach and forcing it outward with bloat. Now it becomes painful, as she releases more water into you. At long last, you hear one of the original captors say, I don't think she is accustomed to that much, I would stop if I were you. She does. You are very uncomfortable now, your attentions are drawn from your pussy to your discomfort caused by the water pressure inside you. Slowly the water flow stops, you feel the nozzle being pulled from you and replaced with a thick, short butt plug.

She rolls you over on your back now and buries her head between your legs and begins to work on you. You can't concentrate on your pussy, you are in so much discomfort, almost pain. Her hands reach to your nipples and slowly rub them then pinch them hard and pull on the breasts, while her tongue works your clit fast and feverishly. Finally you hear her say, "If you don't cum slut the water stays in and I flog your ass for the next fifteen minutes without stop. Make up your mind cunt." Then she buries her head back between your legs and works on your clit again. Soon you find yourself reaching the peak inspite of your pain from the water held within you. Her tongue continues to lick your clit while her fingers move inside you. First two fingers then three then four and you realize her entire fist is inside you working your over used hole. You scream with the orgasm that rushes through you as your hips buck up and down in response to her fist thrusting in and out of you. She then moves to your face and straddles you. You need not be told what to do and your tongue reaches out to her hot, dripping pussy and begin to work in a frenzy to bring her to orgasm so you can be relieved of the water forced to be held within you. Finally you feel her jerk then rock back and forth on you and your tongue probes her flowing hole faster and faster to push her further over the edge. She falls off you and someone quickly picks you up and carries you down the hall to the bathroom. The plug is released from you and finally the water flushes from you. You are then taken back down the hall to the same room. The rest of the night is spent using you in any fashion the group desires. You are laid out on a table with your legs pulled up and spread wide so you are in the position you would be if laying on an examination table at the doctors. Each person takes turns pushing and shoving either their cock or tongue or fingers into your opened holes. Nipple clips are attached to your nipples and while they are on someone slaps at your nipples and breasts with a leather strap. Your mouth is forced open to take a cock and suck the owner until he creams in your mouth and you are ordered to swallow every drop. You do so, as best you can. When some of it escapes your lips someone else quickly pulls you to a position so they can slap at your ass again and again.

They tease you for nearly three hours, bringing you close to orgasm then leaving you hanging on the edge. Again and again they bring you to that level then stop. Finally someone pushes a 12 inch dildo into your dripping pussy that is at least three or maybe four inches in diameter. It feels like it will split you open but doesn't and instead brings you to wave after wave of orgasms. You finally collapse and pass out from the over use. When you wake you are laying on a bed. A sheet is covering your body. Your hands are loosely tied to the head board so you can roll over easily. Your feet are the same. You roll over and fall back to sleep quickly. When you awaken, it is because someone is touching your pussy. They must have been working it for some time because you can feel your juices dripping and flowing easily from it. You moan as they probe inside you. They stop and you feel your hands been released as well as your legs. Some hooks your hands together in front of you then pulls you to your feet. You are led down the hall to the bathroom again and permitted to relieve yourself. An enema follows, but instead of a shower the bathtub is filled and you are placed in it. The warm water surrounds your aching body, soothing you. Hands begin to rub a washcloth over your back then your front and slowly over your entire body. The touch is gentle, yet firm.

A pitcher of water is poured over your head and your hair is washed. You hear water running again and then another pitcher is poured over your head, then another after the first. Slowly you are pulled up by your captor and lifted from the tub. A towel is wrapped around you and the person begins to soothingly dry your skin. Another towel is placed over your wet hair and secured there. When you are completely dry, you feel something being rubbed on your skin. It is cold at first, but then warms as the hands rubs your body thoroughly. You can smell the liquid now and recognize it as a perfumed body oil. Slowly it is rubbed over your body, until every inch is covered. You are then pulled to the sink and a tooth brush is placed to your mouth, you open and your captor brushes your teeth tenderly and gently. You are then forced to sit on the closed toilet and your captor begins to rub your hair with the towel. A comb is pulled through your semi-long hair again and again.

You are then taken to the kitchen. Once there you are seated in a chair, that you can only describe as a high chair. Your hands are secured to the arms of the chair and your feet are placed on a circular bar foot rest then secured to the outside legs of the chair. A strap is placed under your breasts and your back is pressed firmly to the back of the chair when the strap is connected behind you. You can smell bacon and coffee and you realize how hungry you really are. Suddenly a cup is placed to your lips and you part your closed mouth eagerly to take in the coffee you can smell. It is hot, but not that hot and you drink willingly. Slowly you are fed bacon and eggs with toast, sipping coffee and orange juice in between the food. Finally your hunger is satisfied yet your captor presses another bite to your mouth and you take it without objection. You are left alone now while your captors sit at the table near you and eat their breakfast. Nothing is said the entire time. The house is very quiet now. You assume your captors are the only ones there now and the other guests have left. They did leave late during the night or very early in the morning, all except one that is. The one who stayed was the bitch with the long finger nails.

As you sit in silence you hear her come into the kitchen then feel her finger nails touching your nipples. Quickly they become firm and extended and she pinches each gently then sucks on first one then another. "Want some breakfast?" one your captors finally says. And the long finger nailed woman draws away from you after biting at each nipple lightly. She says yes then you hear a chair being pulled over the floor and then silence fills the room again. "What have you in mind for her today?", you hear the woman ask. "Almost anything, maybe something different today. But we have to take her back late tonight, so enjoy whatever time we have left using her." One of your captor's says. "Good, I would like to use her, treat her like a child and I'm her mommy," said the woman. "That's fine," said one of your captors, "you want her to play a little school girl or something?" "Sure," the woman said, "I'd like to have her be a little school girl who comes home with a bad report card or having gotten into trouble in school and deserves a sound spanking. Then gets another when daddy comes home." "Sounds good to me," says one of the captors. "Let's put her in a little ruffled dress without panties and bra and get her into the proper frame of mind for her role." You listen closely as this discussion goes on and much to your surprise your pussy is responding to the words you hear. It has already begun to drip with your juices. You are taken from your chair and moved back to the bedroom. The woman dresses you in a short ruffled dress. The hem of which barely covers your bare ass. You feel her, after forcing you to sit on the edge of the bed, put socks on your feet, they come up to your ankles, then shoes that strap over the tops of your feet. She tells you to go down the hall to the front door, guiding you in that direction, and open then close the door as if you just came home from school. She pushes a piece of paper into your hand and instructs you to bring it home to mommy. You are left at the front door now, your first opportunity of the weekend to escape, but for some reason you don't even think about escaping. Instead you open then close the door and yell out as you were instructed. "Mommy I'm home." "Good, did you have a nice day?," you hear the woman's voice speak as she walks towards you. "Yes mommy, I had a nice day." you answer sheepishly.

"What is this," she says taking the paper from your hand. "Your report card huh little girl?" You bend your head before her, inspite of the fact you are still blindfolded and can't see her then say, "Yes mommy." You hear her open the paper as if reading your report card then finally she says, "This won't do at all little girl. These grades are very bad. Plus your teachers say you don't pay attention and are rude in school. I told you the last time you got your report card that if it wasn't better you would be punished by me and daddy, didn't I?" "Yes mommy," you respond with great difficulty. You are so excited now you can feel your pussy dripping your juices down between your legs. "Well little girl you are going to be soundly spanked and when daddy comes home he will spank you also. Come along with me." She reaches out and grabs your hand firmly and pulls you behind her as she walks into another room. She leads you into another room and tells you to stand there until she says otherwise. You stand with your hands at your sides, feet spread apart slightly. She moves around you lecturing you, sounding just like a mother then finally says, "I think the ping pong paddle will do nicely to warm up your bare bottom and teach you to behave better."

You feel your stomach muscles twitch and the excitement flows easily through your pussy now. You are so turned on and excited you can hardly wait. You hope she will take you across her knees and play with your clit a little before and during the spanking. Instead she pulls you to a table and presses you over it with your bare ass sticking up into the air. She folds the ruffled dress up so it lays on your back and the coolness of the room brushes against your bottom. You can almost not contain yourself now. Her hand presses to the small of your back and with a forcefulness the paddle strikes your bared bottom firmly. "You will count child," she says and you somehow contain yourself to say one. Again the paddle slaps at your tender bottom and again you say, "Twwwwooooo", as the pain rushes through you and finds your wanting pussy. Again and again the paddle strikes your bottom until you have counted twenty five. She finally stops. The tears run down your cheeks from underneath your blindfold. Each paddle struck your bottom in almost the same spot, right at the sit spot. "Stand up child," the woman says sternly. You do so and she quickly removes your dress and then leads you to the corner of the room. "You will stand in this corner with your reddened bottom on display until your daddy comes home and warms it up again." She presses you to the corner and then leaves you. As she walks away she tells you that if you touch yourself she will thrash you soundly with a strap. You so want to touch your pussy and bring yourself to orgasm. You are wanting and the craving inside is almost overpowering. You somehow manage to restrain yourself and stand there shifting your feet back and forth. It seems like forever.

Finally the front door opens and you hear someone come through the door. "Hi hon, I'm home, I brought Uncle Joe with me." Your captor says. "Hi hon, hi Joe. Hon we have a problem. Seems our little girl has been very naughty in school. Here is her report card." the woman says. "Have you punished her for this?", your captor says after a long silence. "Yes hon, I spanked her, but I think she deserves much more than just that. I told her she would be spanked by you also when you got home. Since you brought Joe with you, perhaps he should spank her also." You are listening carefully to this conversation. You are so excited you can hardly contain yourself. You can feel your hips thrust forward then back. You never dreamed, before this weekend, that a spanking could turn you on so much and yet you are so excited your entire body is electrified. "Well that sounds good to me. Where is this naughty little girl?" "She is standing in the corner in the living room, waiting for her daddy's hand." "Come on Uncle Joe, let's take care of this disobedient, naughty girl." You hear them walk up behind you. A firm hand reaches out and touches your burning ass cheeks, then squeezes them determinedly. "So, little girl," you hear your captor say, "you've not been a very good little girl have you?" "No daddy," squeaks from your mouth. You feel timid now and in the total control of your captors. You shift your weight slightly in anticipation of what is to come. "Stand still," you hear your other captor say, then slap at your bottom with his opened hand. "Well daddy is going to blister your bottom, then Uncle Joe will do the same. Come here now, and lay over my knee."

You are pulled from the corner, led across the room then slowly pulled over your captor's knees. He slides his fingers over your sore bottom then orders you to spread your legs open. You do quickly, wanting to feel him inside you. His fingers move through your slit and linger on your opened pussy, then slowly moves to your clit and rubs it, bringing you ever so close to orgasm. When you squirm on his lap he stops rubbing your clit then lets you lay there for a moment. "Tell daddy now little girl, have you been naughty and rude?" "Yes daddy," you respond. He slaps your bare buttocks with his hand, "Say it then you naughty little girl." You have trouble getting the words out of your mouth, but finally you hear yourself say, "I've been very naughty and rude daddy, and deserve to be disciplined." "Good, then we all agree on this point little girl." He positions you a little differently on his lap now. Your pussy pressing into his knee. He wiggles his knee around a bit to grind it into your wanting pussy. "I think the short leather strap will do the job nicely here. Would you give me that leather strap mommy?" You hear your captor say. The anticipation now is beyond you. Your heart is pounding hard and fast and you can feel your stomach muscles twitching and contracting with the excitement flowing through you. You decide to add to this little play and suddenly blurt out, "Please daddy no, please daddy I won't do it again." "No," your captor says harshly, "you said that the last time and you didn't obey. You deserve a spanking and you will be getting it." You can feel his manhood pressing into your stomach now.

This is exciting him as much as you. Suddenly you feel the thrash of the strap hit your still hot ass. Again and again it whacks at your tender bottom. Before you comprehend the full force of his blows your body jerks and shakes with a mind blowing orgasm. He does not stop while you go through this but instead strikes at your tender bottom harder and harder. Again you are brought to the highest point when the spanking stops and your captor presses his fingers deep into your soaking pussy. You shake again with orgasm. He holds you firmly on his knees waiting for you to calm down. When you do, he helps you up to stand before him. "Now your Uncle will spank you also. Are you ready little girl?" "Yes daddy," you say with some restraint, because your bottom burns from the punishment you have received so far. "I'm ready for Uncle Joe to spank me." "Good, then Joe, how would you like her?" "I want her on the floor, with her legs spread wide and her head down on the floor and her bottom up in the air." "You heard him little girl, now get down there." Slowly you feel your way to the floor and take the pose he described. His fingers slide in and out of your wet, dripping pussy now, as he moves behind you. He dips his fingers deep into you then pulls them out and presses them into your wrinkled puckered hole. Your ass wiggles around in the air as he thrusts in and out of you. You feel someone at your side, their fingers reach for your hanging breasts and begin to play with your nipples. Slowly the fingers tease the nipples to become hard and firm. As the first opened hand smack comes down on your ass the fingers on your nipples pinches hard then pulls the nipples out from your breast.

Again and again this action takes place until you collapse on the floor, your body jerking and quivering with orgasm. You don't want it to stop, but you are so tired you can hardly bring yourself back to your kneeling position. Somehow you do and the spanking continues, as does the pinching of your nipples. Finally you are placed on your side. You feel a hard cock enter your ass then another one enter your pussy. Both pumping in and out of you quickly. You feel the heat from a pussy being pressed to your face and your tongue slides from your mouth and presses deep into the wet pussy. You lick and nibble at the clit then thrust your tongue deep into your female captor's hot love tunnel. You are filled in all orifices now and have never felt so fulfilled either. The hard penis in your ass suddenly thrusts forward, pushing the one in your pussy deeper inside you, then you feel the cream of his penis flood your bottom. Within a few moments the one in your pussy shots its cream deep within you. Your tongue continues to work on the pussy pressed to your mouth until you feel the juices flow from it and the woman's body shake, then jerk then her juices flood your mouth. You all lay there in a heap for several minutes. No one says anything, nor do they move. You are used over and over throughout the day. Periodically someone spanks you or pinches your nipples making you cry out. The woman takes a birch stick and ties you down and gives you a sound pussy whipping. You have had so many orgasm since Friday night and your initial capture you can't imagine how many. Finally you are given a bathe by the woman and a hot oil massage is given to your tired, sore body. Someone dresses you in the clothes they took off you in the van and you are taken from the house and driven back to your home. You are escorted into the foyer and someone tells you not to remove your blindfold for at least one minute and then shoves a note into your hand. You wait a full minute, perhaps even longer then slowly remove the blindfold you have worn for nearly three days. You give yourself a chance to adjust to the light your captors have left on in the other room off the foyer.

When you begin to focus again you slowly walk to the living room and sit down on the sofa. Your ass cheeks touch the couch and the pain whirls through your body from the spankings and harsh treatment they have received over the last few days. You notice, though, your pussy responds immediately to the pressure on your tender ass cheeks. You look down an find the note that was pressed into your hand and open it. It is a simple typed note that says, 'We'll be back again to get you next month sometime, be ready.' Your hand moves to your panty clad pussy and slowly begin to rub your clit through the panties. You lean back, squeezing your ass cheeks tightly together causing another flush of pain to rush through you and wonder what will happen next month when they come for you. You bring yourself to orgasm as you reflect on all the sensations your body has felt in the last three days. You'll be ready, you say to yourself, ready and waiting for them next month, ready to be taken to the heights of ecstasy.

The End

12/31/2011 11:13:50 AM



I suppose the best way to describe Mike is to say he's fair but firm. Most of the time our sex life is pretty tame. We experiment a lot with lovemaking in various places and various ways, and we both love it. But sometimes I'm just feeling bitchy or frisky and I try to make demands. When I get into these moods, my lover has to take control and put me in my place. Of course, I know where these demands lead me; right into tight ropes and pain!

It had been a wonderful day at the office. I'd finally finished a project I'd been working on for the last month or so, and for the first time I felt like I could really conquer the world. Normally Mike and I spend our nights together doing lots of home improvement on the place we'd just bought. But this was Wednesday, the day of Mike's "night out with the boys" card game. Nothing so exciting as poker or anything, but these guys could sure get worked up over a game of Bridge!

Seeing that I was going to leave work early, I telephoned Mike at his office and promised I'd make dinner so he wouldn't have to grab a quickie at the local McDeath's. On the way home, a really wicked thought occurred to me. I was feeling really good and I wanted to celebrate finishing my project. I figured to hell with his bridge game, tonight we would do things my way. With the benefit of hindsight it was a great idea, but next time I'll ask what he feels like doing before I go changing any plans!


When I got home I forgot about making dinner and instead called our favorite local restaurant to make a reservation. I was just drying off from a shower when I heard the garage door close after Mike's car pulled in. Quickly throwing on a nightgown and slippers, I bounced downstairs hoping for the beginning of a fantastic night. Wrong! It seemed today was as bad for him as it was good for me. When I got a perfunctory kiss at the door, I realized my plans for the night didn't match what Mike had in mind.

He was a little early and asked if we could just unwind a bit and chat while we ate. Tonight was a Bridge tournament and he wanted to be sure to get there on time. I guess I was being pretty bitchy when I told him there was no dinner ready and I wanted to go out tonight! He immediately caught my mood and decided tonight wasn't the night to play around with my whims.

Grabbing me by the wrist he yanked off my nightgown and pulled me into the garage. I'd been there before. We'd sunk some heavy duty eyebolts into the four corners and center of the garage door. I'd already had some wonderful whippings while tied spread-eagled to the four bolts. This time however, Mike wasn't fooling around for fun. He was pissed and wanted to let me know it.

Grabbing some rope from the top shelf he spread my arms and tied my right arm to the top left bolt. He was using many more turns of rope than he normally did but I didn't find out why until later. After my right arm was secure he proceeded to do the same with my left, fastening it to the other side of the door. I was stretched pretty tightly and complained about it... well whined about it is probably more appropriate. Mike had heard enough and told me that he wanted silence until told otherwise. I closed my mouth pretty quickly because Mike has come up with some awful punishments and I didn't want to provoke him into making things worse that they already were.

Meanwhile, Mike was working on my legs, one to each side, and again used lots of rope. But this time he didn't stop with the ankles. He wound the ropes up around each leg to my knees and tied the two ends together. My legs were held very tightly and I struggled but couldn't pull very far away from the door. Mike told me that I had one punishment coming already and that if I didn't stand still I'd get another. Standing there spread out, unable to move with my chest sticking out demanding attention, I figured that now wasn't the time for bravado.

Mike went off into the house, closing the door behind him. I couldn't see what he was doing, but judging from the sounds from the house, I guessed he was whipping up some dinner for himself. After awhile I began to realize my situation. I was tied tightly, arms spread as far as I could stretch, my legs and knees were pinioned tightly to the door and to top it all off, I hadn't eaten anything all day. The only consolation was that I'd found a way to get Mike to stay home for the evening!

Mike came back after a few minutes with a sandwich and looked at me from the door. Walking over he started rubbing my breasts with his free hand. my nipples enlarged under his hand and I strained my body towards him in the hope that he'd stop eating the sandwich and starting eating something else. His hand moved down my body and found it's way into the folds of my pussy. I was already so excited that just the light touch of his hand was almost enough to send me over the brink, but Mike knew my body completely and always stopped before I'd reached a climax. I squirmed towards him as far as I could, but he wasn't in the mood to cooperate.

Finished with his sandwich, he continued a job I thought was already done. He took some thick leather straps we bought for our bondage play and fastened one to the bolt behind my back. The other went over the tops of my breasts under my armpits, forcing my tits to bulge a little under the strap. Mike tightened the straps and when he was done I couldn't pull my chest or hips away from the door at all. I was readying myself for the whipping I was sure was going to follow when Mike went back into the house again and returned a moment later with his coat.

He reached down and took the slippers from my feet saying "Good night honey, I'll see you when I get back from Bridge." "What!" I said, "You're actually going! What are you gonna do, just leave me here?" He just looked at me and then I realized he was only joking. After all, the car was here inside the garage with me! "Sorry love, I can't miss the game, and in case you didn't realize it, you just broke silence".

Ignoring my protestations he told me that I wouldn't have to worry about speaking out of turn again and proceeded to gag me with a black leather pad gag we bought. As he strapped the leather band tightly onto my head and tied it to one of the hinges, he casually mentioned that he had figured out a way to take the car from the garage despite my bound body. I looked up in fear as he walked to the door and looked at me with an odd smile on his face.

Well, nobody ever accused Mike of being dumb! He first turned off the garage light, and then to my horror, he flipped the switch on the automatic garage door opener! For a moment my bonds loosened as the door made the ninety degree turn at the ceiling but they were immediately tighter than before and I found myself hanging from the door, face down into the room! Mike had planned it perfectly, my head, arms and neck were all supported by the many turns of rope he had tied tightly around my limbs, while the bulk of my weight was supported by the heavy leather straps around my middle and and chest.

He was pleased with the view! Walking under me he fingered me a little more, and then gave each of my hanging tits a good hard smack. I was hurting a little, but with the gag held deep in my mouth by the strap and the weight of my head I couldn't utter a word. Mike explained to me that the gag was merely because I had broken silence, my real punishment was still to come! He pointed out how unnecessary the slippers were in my current predicament and gave each of my bare soles a slap to drive home the point.

Climbing onto the hood of the care, he proceeded to give my left nipple a good licking. It quickly became erect with to the combination of his talented tongue and hands. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out something and held it up to my eyes. I quickly recognized one of the clips which we use with a weight to hold down tablecloths when picnicing outdoors. He had removed the weight and replaced it with a long string. He showed me that the end of the string was fastened to one of those five ounce lead weights used by fishermen to weight down their lines.

What could I do! I was helpless as he caressed my left breast and clipped the plastic devil into my helpless nip. The little moans and squirming brought on by the sudden pain failed to extract any sympathy from Mike as he performed the same operation on my right nipple. I was already having a hard time dealing with the pain when I realized that he hadn't let the weights down yet!

He gently placed the weights onto the front hood of the car and after tugging on the strings a little to test that the clips were firmly planted he gave me a kiss goodbye. Climbing into the car he called out that he hoped it wouldn't hurt too much when he pulled out and the weights fell to the floor. He said that he'd be back in a few hours and that he'd be sure to back out quickly so that the weights would swing like a pendulum for awhile. "Thanks" I thought to myself, "What a guy!". As promised, he started the engine, hit reverse and was gone.

I could barely stand the burning in my breasts when the weights reached the end of the strings and yanked at my already pained tits. As promised, the weights swung back and forth close to the floor of the garage. The pain was incredible and as the weights swung I could see my distended nipples swaying underneath my body. It's a terrible thing to have to watch, feel, and be unable to control. My only hope was that they would stop swinging soon and that the pain would settle down to a sharp ache instead of the agony I now felt.

Other than coping with the pain, I didn't really have much to worry about, Mike had thought carefully about this one! The weather was warm enough so I wasn't going to freeze, and our house is in the country with the garage facing a hill so I didn't have to worry about casual passerbys. He had turned off the garage light so I wasn't going to be moth'ed to death, and the swinging weights had left me something to think about. Pretty considerate all in all. There where a few things I was thinking about however. It was still early in the evening and the neighbors children were playing in the neighborhood. I could hear them running around and could only hope they wouldn't come through our backyard and wonder why the garage door was open.

Between the fear of being discovered, the pain from my aching breasts, and the strain of hanging from my limbs and middle, I was having a hard time at the beginning. But, as the night wore onwards and the local kids went home, I began to look forward to my tormentor's return. He's always nice to me after a severe punishment and I began to get excited as the minutes crawled by. As near as I could guess several hours had gone by and I was wet with the anticipation of the good, hard fucking I would get when Mike came home.

There was one thing Mike hadn't anticipated and I let out an involuntary moan of horror when I saw him come into the garage. It was Balzac, the neighbors friendly, playful kitten! I jumped a bit from the surprise of seeing something come into the garage, and the kitten's attention was immediately drawn to the weights hanging down in the center of the room. Praying that I could scare him away, I began to make as much noise and squirm around as much as I could. Not only did this fail to scare the creature, but he immediately ran to the swinging weights and reached out a tentative paw.

Well, kittens will be playful and in front of my terrified eyes Balzac took his paw and batted one of the weight as hard as he could! The pain was awful and after hours of a dull pain, the sharp feeling it evoked only served to remind me of how utterly helpless I really was. This small playful kitten had the power to cause me enormous amounts of pain and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. As the weights went swinging back and forth Balzac continued playing with more and more excitement. The ultimate hurt came when one of the strings caught in his claws and his entire weight came down on my right nipple. The plastic clamp was no match for this kind of strain and it pulled off my tit, pinching the nipple. I screamed as loud as I could but the gag was tight and nothing but a low moan came out. The tears were streaming from my eyes as I saw Balzac run out of the garage to be replaced by the twin headlights of Mike's car.

Mike had seen Balzac run from the building and was laughing as he drove under me, into the garage. He jumped from the car carrying the door remote control in his hand and without saying a word climbed up and rubbed the tortured breast. He carefully removed the other nipple clamp and I winced at the sudden pain. He asked me if I was ready to come down yet and when I almost banged my head nodding yes, he hit the remote control button and down I came. After my tits had recovered a bit due to Mike's kind ministrations, I was ready for a little post-punishment carnality.

Still helpless against the door, I watched as Mike peeled out of his clothes and came towards me. No casual fingering as he had done before! Now Mike used both hands and his tongue as he raised my already excited body to the fever pitch. With the gag still deep in my mouth, I communicated my needs by thrusting my hips towards him as far as my bonds would allow. This time he didn't deny me and with one thrust he sheathed his cock deep inside me and started fucking hard. I had orgasmed once and was well on my way to the next climax when all of a sudden Mike simply stopped thrusting.

Tied as I was there wasn't much in the way of humping I was able to do, I moaned my desperation out loud in the hope that my lover would take mercy on me. Mike reached back and took the garage door remote from the hood of the car and hit the button. I began to move upwards, still bound tightly to the door. I whimpered as I wondered what further tortures he had in mind, when he hit the button again and the door started back down. He held absolutely still as he punched the automatic control again and again and used the door to fuck me.

It gave the kind of long, slow, deep strokes that Mike knows I love, and after a few trips up and down I came as hard as I cam ever remember. Mike was right there with me and afterwards as I was hanging, exhausted, he reached behind me and undid the gag. After a few kisses and my promise to be a bit more careful about changing his plans for him, Mike started undoing the bonds which had held me so firmly.

Placing third in the tournament had put Mike in a great mood and he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom where we cuddled, shared Hagen Daz for my dinner and continued with a night of gentle lovemaking. Like I said, for the most part our sex life is pretty "normal", I wouldn't trade these nights for anything.


The End

12/16/2011 12:04:26 PM

The Abduction


I had just got home from work, about 10:00 pm on Friday night, and was looking forward to a long, hot bath and getting to bd. I parked my car in the carport and as I turned away, I felt myself grabbed from behind, and held by a strong arm, a hand across my mouth. A low male voice told me not to scream and not to fight, or I'd get hurt. However, the man told me that if I cooperated fully, no serious harm would come to me and he would let me go when he was finished.

He asked if I understood and I nodded. Slowly he lowered his hand from my mouth and told me not to turn around and not to say anything. He told me to take off my glasses and hand them to him, which I did. He took my purse from me and put my glasses in it. He put a blindfold around my eyes and told me to kneel there in the carport. I did so.

I heard a car being opened and then closed. Then, he was back and helped me to stand. He led me a few feet, and I heard the should of a car door opening again. He helped me inside a van and told me to sit. He got in, closing the door after himself. He reminded me not to fight or resist in any way, and then he started opening my blouse. I was shivering from cold, fear, anticipation. He pushed the blouse down off my shoulders and slid it down my arms, until it was completely off. He told me to kneel, and as I did so, he unfastened my skirt and slid it down my hips, to my knees. He started peeling my pantyhose down over my hips, and then told me to lie down on my back. After I did that, he finished removing my skirt and pantyhose, leaving me lying there on my back, cold and frightened. I was thinking that I should just keep quiet and let him have sex with me, and then he'd let me go. I felt the van rocking a bit as he moved around in it. I gasped as he took my leg over to the side, and secured the rope to something, and repeated it with my left ankle. He kept talking in his low voice, reminding me that I had agreed to be cooperative and he had agreed not to hurt me - much. My wrists he bound together and ran a rope up between them, pulling me out straight. Then he put a cloth in my mouth. He told me he couldn't take any chances on my making noises. I felt him leave the van, and heard a distant car door slam. Soon I felt the weight of someone as they got into the driver's side of the van and the motor started.


I don't know how long the drive lasted. It seemed like hours, but it might only have been a few minutes. I may never know where I was taken. He played a radio low, but didn't talk to me again during the drive.

When the van stopped, so did my heart. I felt now that he was going to rape me. I heard him come around to the back of the van and open it. For a long time, I felt him staring at me. Then I heard a small "pop" and around the edges of my blindfold I saw a flash of light. He was taking pictures of me spread open, tied and helpless in his van. Then I felt his hands at my ankle, and the rope was loosened. He released my other ankle, and gently rubbed each one, restoring the circulation which had been slightly impeded. Although he released my wrists from being bound over my head, he kept them tied together as he sat me up and helped me slide out of the van. I was outside the van, nude and blindfolded, with my wrists tied in front of me and a gag in my mouth. I felt cold cement under my bare feet, but I couldn't tell if I was in a garage, or a carport, or out on a public street. I listened carefully to see if I could hear any sounds at all which might help me identify the place later. By now, he was leading me slowly. He kept walking, guiding me until we came to three cold cement steps, which we climbed, and through a door I heard him unlock and open.

I now felt a carpeted floor under my feet, and a warmer temperature, so I knew we were in a house or building of some kind. From somewhere I could hear the faint sound of a clock ticking, and I wondered how long I'd been his prisoner. Still he guided me further, and I heard another door softly open. Now he told me there were some steps, and as he went before me, helping me down the steps, I lost even the sound of the clock ticking away in the distance. After 11 steps, we were again on a flat surface and he guided me only a few feet further.

He pulled my bound wrists upward, and attached them to a rope which was already hanging down from the ceiling. Warning me not to make a sound, he pulled the cloth from my mouth, allowing me to breathe deeply and to wet my lips with my tongue. He ran his hands down my body, cupping my breasts and tweaking the nipples. Down over my belly, to my thighs, and between my thighs. Again, I heard the pop and knew he was photographing me from every angle. After awhile, he stopped touching me and photographing me, and I think he just stood there and started at me for awhile. Then he told me that he had some things to take care of, and he'd be back later. He told me not to go away. Chuckling, he left the room and I heard a door close behind him.


I didn't know if he was still in the room or if he had really gone. I didn't know if there was a window or some way he could keep me in sight. So I just stood there, with my arms over my head, trying not to cry or struggle. After a long while in total silence, I knew I couldn't take it much longer. I didn't care what the penalty might be, I tried to free myself. I had tried holding my breath, to see if I could hear other breathing in the room. So I tried to work my wrists free. It almost seemed as though the rope was stretching a bit. My wrists and my entire body, began to sweat wit the exertion of this attempt. I was able to use my arms to push my blindfold down, so I could see my surroundings. I was standing on my toes, trying to reach the knots with my teeth, trying to pull my wrists through the ropes, anything I could think of to free myself. Nothing worked. Exhausted, panting, I gave up and stood there wearily, wondering what was going to happen to me next.

Looking around, I could see that I was in a fairly large room, no windows, only one door. The walls and floor were covered with soft beige/gold carpeting. There was a fireplace and in front of it a large comfortable looking chair. So far, so good. Then I looked behind me. In one corner of the room was what looked like a jail cell, or a cage. It was about four or five feet square, and about six feet high. Black iron bars. On the wall near it I saw an assortment of whips, belts, leather straps which I later learned where collars and cuffs of all sizes and types, blindfolds, handcuffs, and many more items. I'd already figured out this guy wasn't just going to rape me and let me go. But now I was really terrified.

Again, I began to struggle, to try to free myself. My wrists were beginning to be scraped and bruised from trying to get loose. I wasn't concerned about my wrists. I was frightened that if I didn't get away, this guy might really hurt me or even kill me. After totally exhausting myself, I finally gave up and just stood there, waiting for whatever was going to happen to happen.

Odd though it sounds, I may have actually dozed off for a few minutes, when I felt a slight draft and heard the soft sound of a door closing. Startled, I looked up, right into the face of my captor. Since I didn't have my glasses on, I couldn't see very well. I could see he was tall, with dark hair and a mustache. And he was grinning! Alarmed, I realized that he would know that I had defied his warning not to struggle, since obviously, my wrists were red and raw, and my blindfold had been pushed down around my neck. He approached, and with arms crossed across his chest, he looked me up and down in an appraising way.

He told me that he had been watching me for the past three hours on a remote video display, and that my struggles had been recorded for posterity on a video tape. He said that everyone has to have a chance to try to escape and realize it is futile. Once it is "out of your system" he said, a captive becomes much more eager to please and more resigned to the situation.

Now he told me that he had a few rules that we were going to discuss. He said he had done this many, many times before, and that I was not going to get away. He promised that if I was obedient and pleasing to him, he would release me after 48 hours. If, however, I was disobedient or failed to please him in any way, my captivity would continue indefinitely.


The first rule was that I was not speak unless asked a question or told to speak, and that I was not to ask him anything about himself - his name, occupation, age, NOTHING.

The second rule was that I had to know that for the next 48 hours, everything I said and did would be recorded and video taped. I would have to be cooperative and eager to please in every way. I would be expected to answer any questions fully and without hesitation, and I would be required to actively participate in the activities in which I would be involved for the next two days.

He told me that now he was going to untie my hands, and I would be given a chance to shower and make myself presentable. After he freed my hands, I rubbed them and he walked over to a door I hadn't previously noticed, and opened it. Inside was a full bathroom, with a shower and a sunken tub, a toilet, a washbasin, etc. He pointed out a new toothbrush, still in its package, and toothpaste, my favorite brand. I wondered if it was a coincidence, or if he somehow knew what I liked. On the dressing table was a hairbrush, cosmetics, even my favorite cologne. By now I was beginning to suspect that this man knew more about me than I could have imagined. He told me to shower, and get totally cleaned up for him, inside and out. He pointed out a razor and told me to shave completely for him - underarms, legs, and pubic areas. He told me he expected me