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I have been on this search longer than I can and care to remember. I have made great friends,
Hetero Male Dominant, 43,  Anniston, Alabama
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I have been on this search longer than I can and care to remember. I have made great friends, left behind great experiences, but still have not found my great love.

I could claim to be everything from Master to Daddy to toe headed pigmy from the North Pole. In the end though the only thing I truly claim is my Dominance and open mind to the world. As I enter the mid-life years I have come to realize that I dont have to keep up with anyone other than keeping up with myself. I have good career, a good IQ, and a good amount of education. It all came with effort and debt which is also in a good place. The sum of what I state is a relationship takes effort and a willingness to know each other and appreciate the differences. I work, I sleep, I read, I occasionally play a game, I travel, and I watch and listen.

I am a listener, I do not shout my Dominance at the top of the mountain nor do I whisper it in a thousand ears. I simply look, watch, listen and see where it takes us. I am listener and a gentleman, I was raised to say please, thank you, yes Sir and no Maam. I open doors and nod when I say thank you. Im sorry is part of my vocabulary not out of weakness but as a sign of respect. The only thing I dare control is my tongue and that is due to work. If I cannot say what I need in a stare then the conversation was never worth the effort.
What I seek is someone who is willing to talk, willing to submit, willing to speak, willing to be themselves without changing me. If you simply play at life it will eventually get tired of the game and walk away. I seek a Smart Ass and Sarcasm with a mind that knows when to shut off and enjoy the moment. I seek foreplay and hours of holding and enjoyment. I seek comfort in ones own skin. I seek a dreamer.

My flaws, I am sure there are many to list but the top five should be enough for someone to make a decision to go further or not. I snore, the chainsaw kind, not the adorable type. I read graphic novels, not because I am a child but because they entertain and enlighten me. I am OCD on many things and expect it to be understood as part of who I am. I have a job and work for what I have, I am not a sugar Daddy. Finally I will never have six pack abs or bouncing biceps and pecks. I have lived a life of trial and error as such I have scars and plates under the skin.

In the end I simply seek one to call my own, to own in every way and explore life, love, sensuality, and reality with.

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