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Hetero Female Mistress, 31,  Orlando, Florida
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Advis04 - Dominatrix

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 5' 11"

 175 lbs






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There's nothing quite like an eager pet waiting for you to come home from a long day's work. I'm looking for that and more. I prefer discourse to blind obedience. I even like a bit of a fight as I'm a very physical person by nature.

I've been in the lifestyle since I was 17. It's always seemed more natural and easier to navigate than the serpentine tongues of vanilla dating. Over the years, I've had several subs, but none that fit quite right. I learned something new about what I want with each of them though. I'm still looking for someone to wear my collar permanently.
My demands boil down to three things: Loyalty, Obedience , and Honesty. In return, I'm Possessive, Violent, and Creative.

I want someone to wear a chastity belt for me 24/7. I want to control someone at that level: where the slightest quiver of sexual tension leaves you desperate, gasping heap aching for my attention. But I also want you to have your own opinions and a bit of fight. Struggle is half the fun.

I play in private and like to think I'm sane. I leave welts and bruises as souvenirs to the willing. I make my own cuffs and collars and customize each to the pet they'll be used upon, so I don't take in pets easily.

Outside the bedroom, I'm a nerd: I read, I write, I play video games. I like to hike and kayak. I'm a good cook but I hate dishes and window washing - hence the need for a pet to take care of those things!

I'll end this with my favorite quote as warning: "Terrible things happen to good people every day. I am not a good person. I am a terrible thing."


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Journal Entries:
2/18/2018 8:33:36 PM

When training a new pet, expectations must be set up front. Introductions make a first impression, but those may only be retained and enforced by consistency of action and clarity of intent.

When you return to me, you’ll be reminded of your proper place and function. Strip and strut, little slut – you’ll get used to that in no time. Just inside the doors, you’ll find a box with the basics of your uniform: cuffs for wrist, biceps, thighs, and ankles. Your collar and a shiny metal ball gag to match the belt that’s been locked onto you since our introduction. The metal gag will remind you that you don’t have the right to keep anything to yourself any longer.

The chastity belt doesn’t come off much, but a few things have been added since the introduction: those thigh bands add to the security and a nice bulbous metal butt plug to go with all those other shiny accoutrements. The lube needed to work that plug into your own aching hole will also be in the box. You’ll learn to enjoy that too.

The clothes which you stripped out of will be put into that box once you locked everything I left for you into or onto yourself. You’ll lock your outside life and thoughts of freedom into that box where they’ll remain until I let you leave again. All dressed up in your Sunday best, you’re free to come and find me – in the den or the office, in the bedroom or waiting for you in the dungeon. Walking around in nothing but your chains for a few minutes will remind you of how very owned you are. Savor it.

When you finally wonder into the right room, I’ll put those cuffs to use by locking your elbows behind your back as close as they’ll come and securing your wrists to the back of your belt. Just a few more locks to tie your ankles to your thighs and each other, leaving you free to struggle and fight until you find the peace you seek. There is solace once the urge to fight has fled.

Fight as long as you need. The shackles won’t give. You’ll come to understand how helpless you are eventually. My fingers in your hair and the warmth of my lap under your head will be there to ground you as you work through the anger, frustration, and other negative emotions which gathered while you were outside my care. I am a patient monster, and I like to watch you squirm.

Once the fight is gone from you, then I’ll take the keys and let you stretch and speak again. I don’t want a doormat. Tell me about your day or tell me about something you read lately. You’re allowed to be as much a person as a pet. I like to talk and to listen.

I’ll add ten inches of chain between the cuffs on your wrists and the waistband of your belt, so you can even continue to struggle as you do your chores and tell your tales. You’ll learn to enjoy the struggle as much as I do one day.

10/22/2017 9:28:37 PM

When we start, there will be an inspection: Strip and strut, little slut. You'll need to shave, so into the shower, you'll go. Tying your wrists to the towel bar and spreading your legs will become second nature. It's time for your first enema under my tutelage. You probably won't like it, so I'll introduce you to your new gag. You'll be old friends in no time!

You might even learn to like the stretch and the feeling of fullness from having all that water forced inside you, or maybe you'll cramp and whimper and squirm. Either is fine with me. Eventually, you'll learn to enjoy the feeling of relief when I finally let you empty your bowels.  It'll be the only release you'll experience for a while, pet.

Next, you'll get the hook. Once you're clean and dry, that needy ass of yours will get teased and stretched until it's left gaping wide and ready but empty for now. The hook will be attached to your collar with a short length of chain, causing your back to arch in order to relieve the strain of the collar choking you and hook stretching you. Such a nice little predicament for a new slut to find himself in.

Now, it's time to introduce you to the cage your cock will strain against until a proper belt can be made to your measurements. I may have to abuse you for a while to get you soft enough to fit through the ring. I'm sure we'll both enjoy that. I'll take my time locking your sex away. You'll hate it at first and might even panic, but I can always cuff your hands to the collar at your throat. Every time you pull against it, the chain running down your back from collar to hook will be pulled tighter. The more you fight, the more you ache. I like that predicament.

Once your cock is locked up tight and ass gaping, I'll put you on your knees and tie your ankles to your thighs. You'll be able to walk on knees and elbows, gaping ass in the air for all to see. Next, I'll clip on your leash and walk you around the house: room-by-room explaining your new duties.

Once the tour is over, I'll stripe your gaping ass with a cane until you're a quivering mess. Then, I'll use you as a foot stool, prodding your aching hole with various objects for a few hours until bed time arrives. Only then, will I remove that awful hook so you can breathe more easily. I'll also let you stretch your legs since blood flow is important.

When you're good, I'll tie you to the posts of my bed at night. When you aren't, you'll be left tied to a wall. You will be kept desperate and needy. It'll be tons of fun.

Eventually, I might even stuff your ass, but I may never let you orgasm...


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