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  i am a submissive boy, searching for life as a slave to a Woman for
Hetero Male Submissive, 55,  Pittsburgh, Indiana
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i am a submissive boy, searching for life as a slave to a Woman for a Female Led Relationship.


Life is good... a good career that allows the opportunity to work nearly anywhere in the United States. i love traveling, dining in -and out... playing guitar or photography.

in the past couple of years i was a real life slave for nearly a year. Locked in chastity most of the time i learned that sex is for a Woman. i was responsible for cleaning, often cooking, laundry, and especially taking extreme care of Her heels, panties, and leather.... clothes and toys. i was also responsible for helping with bills and providing entertainment on Her terms and when She wanted that. Daily training, discipline and punishment when She felt i needed that.


Direction from a Woman is something i dream of.


To live a life centered on being good for a Woman is everything i've ever hoped for.

For the right Woman, i'll completely give myself -to be what and who She wants and expects.... to live a life of, about, and for Her.


For the right Woman, i'm very open to eventual total power exchange.


Trust is very important, and recognizing that life is about a Woman is even more important.


may i please give myself to You? 

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