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Hetero Male Switch, 50,  Central, New Hampshire
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Last Online:


 Male Switch


 New Hampshire

 6' 0"

 215 lbs






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Journal Entries:
11/28/2004 6:31:32 PM
 Hi, Let me see, where to start, what to say.

 First of all I will not say too much on the big www.

 If at all interested in me I would rather meet you for a drink, or lunch or something and take it from there. Talking 1 on 1 on the on line is different, but still feel the same, much prefer to talk with a real person.

 I'm in a sexless marriage (health reasons) and want to remain totally discrete. No commitments, headgames, obbsessions, jealousy, nothing but fun and sex. CAN'T DO THE DATING SCENE, OR CLUBS whatever, so please don't ask. I'm not saying never, but please don't expect it. NO, I'm not going to meet Mom or Dad, and not much interested in your friends either, just you, with a 1 on 1.

 Long term is prefered, short term will have to do. Had a long term, it was so cool and exciting everytime we met. Friendship and respect is a must. So no man haters or angries please.

 I'm new at this, but do have some experince on being the dom, very little otherwise but willing to learn all.

 There's a lot more to me than what's here.

 If you want a sub, or need a dom or both, get in touch, otherwise stay in touch with yourself! Heheheheh, it's a joke, get it?

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