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I heard you missed my old pic so I added a new one ha. Experienced, controlling and self-possessed dominant woman seeks smart, witty and self-aware submissive gent for a female-led longterm relationship.
I have been kicking around the BDSM scene long enough that my kinks are well-defined and established. I am thirtyfourh everywhere except real life. Hello old friends and greetings to new strangers.

I am open to new friendships with all kink orientations, learning experiences with all genders and romantic entanglements with s-types. I am not into monogamy but have become increasingly interested in an mmf triad with two submissive men

I am very into erotic breastfeeding, body worship, bimbofication, boys in panties, doll making, tease and denial, chastity, orgasm control, and leaving bruises (both inside and out) these days. I am also intensely sadist and would like the opportunity to learn more elevated techniques.

Vertical Line

 Age: 29
  New York