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welcome to my circus, i'll be your ringleader and you will refer to me as Miss Harley Queen. Y
Female Dominant, 20,  Chicago, Iowa US

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welcome to my circus, i'll be your ringleader and you will refer to me as Miss Harley Queen. Your new obsession and your ultimate downfall comes in the form of a twenty year old goddess. All though a good magician never reveals her secrets, there's a little bit i can tell you about how you're going to fall deep into my rabbit hole. I'm into obedience and sacrifice, especially when they're done for me. The more i'm made to feel like i'm the only person in the world the happier i am with a sub. No back talk or sass, just lots of begging. Also a big fan of ball busting, degradation, foot worship, ass worship, tit worship - any kind of body worship really, manipulation, humiliation, blackmail, tease and deny play, and most of all findom. The hottest girl you'll ever speak to in your life is waiting so come get ruined, pig.

Journal Entries:
5/7/2017 11:23:48 AM
I'm feeling devious and evil. I've got 4 tasks, each one more humiliating and degrading than the last... you think you can handle them all? We'll see about that. subscribe to to try them out anyway ;)

5/6/2017 3:51:50 AM
beg me to let you max out that credit card on me, kitten. you know you NEED me spending your money.

5/4/2017 3:57:49 AM
all i care about is money and hurting men. i love making them whimper and cry for me. calling out my name, begging for both release and a fucking break from me. little do they know, neither will be available for a very very long time.....

5/3/2017 1:08:11 PM
i had the best sex with a real man last night, you losers could only imagine hiding in the closet & stroking your loser dicks to my cries. i'm worn out now, for obvious reasons, and i wanna be spoiled by a loser while i tell him all about it.

4/22/2017 8:51:38 AM
I love playing these mind games with your weak psyches. its so easy for me & so detrimental to you 😂😂😂 honestly. my favorite pass time. especially when the sub is a good little slut.

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