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I'm looking for some one sensible, realistic, down to earth, intelligent, articulate, fun, fun
Male Submissive, 31,  Southampton, UK


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I'm looking for some one sensible, realistic, down to earth, intelligent, articulate, fun, funny, fit and healthy. I'm looking for some one who is interested in meeting fairly early, for a coffee, tea, or whatever, if an initial rapport is there, and to see if that extends to being in each others presence.


Ultimately I'm looking for some thing exclusive and long term - a partner. THAT SAID... my PhD is taking up a lot of my time, and unless someone comes along who's absolutely amazing (which would be nice) I will just see what happens here.


My dominant side has popped up now and then, but it is so rare I would ever be compelled to act upon it - I don't think it's me at all.


I don't enjoy submitting to just anyone. I want to know a bit about the person, to be able to converse with them and to genuinely respect them. I'm a bit in awe of why people who write in ALL CAPS and can't spell correctly should have my respect. For me, that isn't how it works.


I'm a PhD student, and this is important to me. As in any friendship or relationship, people have (or should have) room to do their own thing. I don't want my study impinged upon by someone.


I do not define myself entirely by my submissiveness. I am undoubtedly a dirty pervert, but I am also a lot of other things.


I like to know a bit about who I'm talking to, as much as they might like to know a bit about me. You simply "being dominant" is not enough to form a connection. This is a game - subs consent to be used/owned/whatever one wishes to call it. By applying a label to yourself on a website nothing is proven, so I prefer to chat a little first.


I've had experience, and from that I know I enjoy pain, though wouldn't say extreme, but more than mild. I like to push myself and to be pushed. CBT, anal, nipple torture, spanking, slapping, spitting, teasing, getting a little messy.... I love feet and I adore ass worship. Most importantly I'm openminded - I want to try new things, continue learning more and so on.

So far I've talked to some nice people on here, and hope to find a few more too.


If you'd like to chat, see a picture or anything more, just say hello.




Some additional bits:



I don't write "copy and paste" messages.


If you are dead keen to chat on cam then hopefully you can also verify; both of us have just as high a chance of being fake. I am always happy to do so.


Further to this, I hear a lot of "verifying removes the power" arguments. If the only power you have as a dominant is being anonymous, that's quite bad.


I am polite, I bet you can be too.







Journal Entries:
2/28/2018 8:03:10 AM
Right, here we go again: if you want me to go any further with anything that exchanging a few messages, you will probably have to verify who you are. There are loads of ways to do this without giving out a phone number (I understand personal safety is a thing). Talking to people who are unwilling to demonstrate they are a human is becoming very tedious.

12/29/2017 6:40:58 AM
Come on everyone, unless you're American or singing a song, don't say 'ain't'.

2/24/2016 1:46:07 AM
The many contradictions here are a joy to behold! I have no problem with findommes existing (at least, proper ones who haven't just suddenly realised 'oh, I can go online and get some money because I'm female') but it's great to see dominants describe themselves as 'classy' and then start demanding money. That is very classy. (I don't even like the word classy, because of the social connotations, but these users have no social conscience so it's ok).

They also have a weird habit, when I say 'no sorry, not interested but thanks for the message, good luck' of beginning to try and negotiate with me. I'll do you a one-off deal, despite you saying you won't pay me any money, that gives you the chance to pay me some money.

They are amazing and I love talking to them because they can't confess to any flaw in their logic, let alone their spelling.

7/3/2015 8:08:16 AM
Stop writing such fucking dreaful poems everyone! Stop it!

3/29/2015 5:52:26 AM
My profile is too long, they tell me.

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