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If you are interested in corresponding with me, read my profile and follow instructions. &nb
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If you are interested in corresponding with me, read my profile and follow instructions.  While I am serious about building a stable I am equally serious about not wasting my time on people who cannot or will not read and/or follow directions.  This applies whether you make the first contact or I contact you.

Stable Trainer Seeks Slaves for Stable Community

I call myself a trainer because I love to work with people and develop their skills while helping them get rid of their roadblocks - having said that I want a D/s relationship so that I can use more extreme tactics than would be allowed in the "normal" world.  I chose the word stable in two uses of the word.  What I offer is stable - I am normal, I am sane, I am real - this is not a scene.  I want a stable environment for myself and as a byproduct of that I will be creating that for my slaves as well.  Stable is also used for a group of people who are "trained" by the same person so I thought it was fitting for me.  I LOVE horses, and I am a cowgirl/farm girl - but Stable Trainer does not mean pony play, etc.

The first thing I want all interested parties to know is that these positions are not for sexual slaves.  The only way you will ever have sex with me is if you are the blessed man who is chosen as my husband.

However, I will attempt to find mates for any single slaves I have.  If you are a woman I will seek a mate for you as soon as possible.  If you are a man you will have to wait until I have chosen my husband unless you are out of the parameters of who I would choose.

The second thing is that this is not a live-in position.  At some time I hope to acquire living quarters for my servants to inhabit (if you are a slave with adequate funds to purchase a house and are interested in helping build a community of service minded individuals please let me know) - until I have such quarters you will have to rent a place in close proximity.  You need to be able to financially support yourself, but I will also be financially supporting myself.  Yes, if the relationship develops I will control your finances but not so I don't have to work - just so your bills are paid, you are saving money and you are taken care of long term.  As a community we will also pool extra money that we have for projects that none of us could do on our own but again these will be mutually beneficial not me sitting by the pool all day while slaves do all the work.  Some will say this makes me a fake owner, but I don't care.  While you will work hard I want it clear that I am not lazy or unmotivated and unlike many people on this site I am not looking for a free ride.  I am not asking for or offering free rides.  You will work in the real world until we establish a business that is secure enough to provide your living, and I will provide my own income and know that even if all my slaves walked away I would still be financially sound and able to take care of myself.  That means for any of you claiming to have large sums of money that will take care of me - you still have to follow the rules and act respectful or I will cease communicating with you.  Money may talk in some places, but it gets you no special favors with me.
The third thing (and actually most important) is that I am a Christian and will train you accordingly.  You do not have to share my beliefs, and I will not cram my beliefs down your throat - but you will respect my beliefs and understand that this will have a large bearing both on how you are trained and how you will live.  You will never behave in a manner that makes the neighbors, my friends nor my family suspect that there is anything other than employee/employer, neighbor or friend relationship.  This means you will not be caged, chained or running around naked.  I do not currently have children, but I hope to some day.  I will also allow people in our community who either currently have children or wish to have children so you will never jeopardize our community by acting in a way that it is not appropriate for children.  We will have things happening that may not be happening in every American home, but we will have respectful and safe homes.  The punishments and any sexual behavior (between married slaves) will happen away from the public eye and where the children are not exposed to things they shouldn't be.

Do not be misled - because I am a Christian I will not be cruel, but I am a very strict taskmaster and a very serious disciplinarian.  I call myself a trainer and the reason that I chose that label is because I plan on putting each of my servants on a very aggressive and intense serving regime.

I do hope that some of these positions will be long term, but I also offer shorter term positions.  If you are seeking a romantic/marriage relationship and you are either outside of the parameters of who I could choose OR I choose my mate and you are not him I intend for you to leave my stable with solid training and references that you are a serious and capable servant if I cannot find a life mate for you.  Obviously because I do not have sex outside of marriage I cannot offer training in sexual areas and I'm not interested in straight kink so we won't be sitting around "playing" the scene, but I will test your sincerity, your work ethic and your ability to be obedient - and this should serve you well whomever you serve or mate with in the future.

Any messages that do not follow the upcoming  rules will be deleted without response.

Do not send me one line messages.  If you want to be considered for a position in my stable you need to either have a profile that is filled out enough that I can tell what you offer or you'd better take the time to outline in a complete and extensive message what you offer.  If you don't get my attention with your first message you will not get a second chance.  Even if you catch my interest now you may have to wait for me to respond.  I am building a stable to make my life easier - not to have it take my life over.

For people who want a detailed list of what you will be doing every day - I have no idea.  I am not looking for a person to do one specific job.  I care about your character and who you are the most - I can utilize any skills you have and help you develop the ones you don't have.

All chat and friend requests will be refused.  I am interested in people applying for stable positions in the manner I have asked for.  My social network occurs off this webside.

Journal Entries:
12/28/2015 6:32:53 PM
Someone came up with a profile stablerudest - apparently I didn't jump through enough hoops to satisfy a whiner, lol. I would assume people could tell it is a fake but if you can't - now you know. Bless his heart - he got his feelings hurt and had to pout. The funny thing is I have no clue who he is. I get dozens of messages and I weed through people pretty quickly and some of that is my deleting messages without responding - if you are obviously not what I am looking for or send me dumb stuff I don't answer. For any that thinks that means I don't want a slave - you are right - I would rather not have anyone than have someone who doesn't share my values and goals. Later hater, lol

6/18/2011 3:16:12 PM

I have not journalled in a long time.  Probably because I doubt CollarMe is ever going to match me with someone compatible. 


I don't know of a better vehicle to use to get where I want to go so while I understand I am different from many of the others on this site (not interested in a sex outside marriage relationship or a live-in) I stay here hoping someone also different from most on this site shows up (and I am not putting others' choices down just acknowledging we do not share the same beliefs or methods). 


So to amuse myself while I wait for slave Charming to appear I amuse myself by studying people's profiles.  Now don't think everytime I view a profile I am only seeking to make fun of people, because that isn't the case.  But at least one out of every three profiles makes me go - "seriously." 


So I was reading profiles the other night (hoping to find that special slave or slaves) and realized almost every profile mentioned "fake".  According to many this website is just a bunch of fakes.  I find people misrepresent themselves a lot, and I know most people aren't interested in a situation like mine (so when you send messages pointing out what I want is not the norm - hello, I knew that when I wrote my profile - that is why I put it in there.  If what I wanted was the norm - I would say "looking for just any normal slave" - just saying).  But what is a fake?  A fake diamond means it isn't a real diamond.  A fake or counterfeit bill means it isn't really money.  Both a diamond and money are easily defined and identified by people who know what they are doing.  So if I say you are a fake slave or you say I am a fake Domme then we are saying the other person isn't real.


But I am real.  I breathe, I eat, I feel, I sweat . . . you get the idea.  And I usually assume if you can type on a computer that you are real.  Of course to use my analogy of the diamond or the money we can also say a fake has no value.  But I do have value to someone and you also have value to someone. 


The issue is that you can't put a definate definition or description on either slave nor Owner.  You can't be a slave like they were in the South before the Civil War - those people were enslaved against their will.  I can't own you like they did during that time either.  It is not acceptable in our culture to enslave people.  I can't take you out to the farm, make you live in the barn and make you work like crazy growing and harvesting a crop that will make me enough money to pay for what it costs to have you.  There are better ways to grow and harvest crops and what it costs to keep you is much higher than it was "back in the day".


BDSM as far as I know has its roots in a sexual movement.  It is an alternate lifestyle.  There is no black and white - it is all in shades of gray.  One slave or submissive (and I would so give him credit if I could remember who it was) had the most honest profile I have read - he said here is a list of kinks or my wants and I want to see which ones you will accomodate. 


That is exactly what happens - people on both sides of the coin have expectations, desires, talents, skills, abilities, resources and they have to try to match those up with the other side.  So if you don't want to be a slave the way I want a slave - it doesn't make you a "fake".  By the same token (pun intended) if I don't want to express being an Owner the way you think I should - it doesn't make me a "fake" - it simply means we are not going to accomodate each other. 



5/9/2010 4:45:56 AM
Yeah, it's been awhile since I have "blogged" on here.  So now I have two seperate issues to vent.

First, Collarme is on my nerves.  I know technology is challenging and it is impossible for a website to be perfect but it seems like the glitches are increasing.  First I have a couple of profiles - two seperate interests and it seems better to keep them seperate (one for mentoring/reparenting and one for slave ownership), but I am honest about having both profiles and share that with people when they show an interest.  At least three times the people can't find the profile.  So I look like a fake when it is a glitch.  Now that I know it happens I can warn them and tell them to tell me if they can't find it and I will send them a message from that profile.

The latest glitch is not new to me but it just happened to me personally.  I knew that sometimes Collarme shows a woman profile as a man.  I had a lady interested in meeting me for reparenting and half the message she sent to me showed her as a submissive female and half of them started showing up as a submissive male.  I was annoyed when I first saw it and thought she/he/it was playing games - but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and when I met her she is all woman and wasn't doing anything to change her profile.  Well now my messages are doing that in someone else's box and it made her mad.  I don't blame her.  On a site with more deceptive people that genuine ones I can see how that would raise a red flag.

Now on to my second vent.  It cracks me up when someone with no experience doesn't like how I describe how I do things and then has the nerve to tell me that I don't know what I am doing.  The last person told me that I don't have enough details to be real.  I was honest with her.  Each relationship is different because each person is different.  There are a few very basic things that do not change no matter what but other than that it really depends on where the person I am disciplining is in his/her life and what we are working on. 

How is it I have eleven years of experience doing what I do and yet a "newbie" tells me I don't do things right.  Tell me you don't agree with what I say, but don't tell me I am not right.  The whole concept of "right" in this lifestyle cracks me up.  We have an interest in an alternate lifestyle but then we want to govern how people do the alternate lifestyle?  How is that freedom?

I am annoyed with Collarme over the goof up, but the language the person used when responding is enough to let me know that she isn't someone I would be interested in working with anyway.  But I hope Collarme straightens up so that if a truly quality person does come along that he/she won't be run off for Collarme making it look like I can't decide if I am a woman or a man.  I know that I am a woman - now Collarme just needs to reflect that - lol.

4/14/2010 5:26:18 PM
Today's journal is about planoslaveboy.  Watch out for him dominant women - he is just another liar who pretends to want to serve under any conditions and then gets rude when he doesn't get what he wants.

We had many pleasant chats - he wanted to proceed through the process quickly.  AFTER he commits to come visit with no strings or conditions attached he then wants to do cam.  I shared a picture with him - he knows what I look like.  But he wants to chat more and talk on cam.  He's had weeks to "talk" and didn't have any reservations or concerns.

So he thinks he has me all buttered up and we will cyber for a week and then he won't come anyway. 

Here is a clue losers - eventually you get found out and all your insults and babyish acts when you don't get your way just proves that you are not worth messing with.  Your hateful words and insults say far more about you than me.  It's amazing how I am beautiful when a guy is trying to be impressive and then not good enough, fat or ugly when I maintain the same boundaries I was always honest about.  Go figure. 

I am actually thankful to be done with him - I always felt he was "too good to be true" and was a waste of time and now I have that confirmed.

4/5/2010 6:04:16 AM
Yeah still venting.

I saw servantdsd's profile and was interested.  I sent him a long detailed letter of introduction AND referred him to my profile (shouldn't have to do that but so many don't read them).  My letter explained my need for my slaves to be discreet AND my profile spells out that it is not live-in AND that the "normal" people in my life will not know of the nature of our relationship.

He is all excited to get my message and promises to respond later.  So did he make this promise without reading at least my message - you would hope not.

When he finally does respond he tells me that my message conflicts with my profile because I adamantly deny that I want a live-in slave yet I say I want a slave to help develop my land.

First of all - what does he mean I admantly deny - it sounds like he is accusing me of not being truthful.  Kind of like the statement "he doth protest too much."  Well I am confused - how many people who landscape, mow lawns, garden, etc live with the people that they do this for.  If you sign up with a landscape service do you promise to house the worker? 

Duh!  Yes, I am a single woman and I have two acres and I want my slave to turn my two acres into something beautiful.  No, I do not wish nor will I allow my slave to live with me.  How are these two things contradictory?  Someone please tell me!

Then after going back and forth he then tells me "good luck with my search but he is not going to hide that he is a slave" - really?  so why didn't he tell me that the first time I contacted him.

I don't mind that he thinks that.  I think it is foolish, unrealistic and greatly lowers his chance that he is going to find someone to serve - but if that is his opinion fine.  But don't waste my time. 

It's like men expect for everything to be a negotiation.  I know you say you want . . . but this is what I think and what I want. 

Men complain constantly on this site that they can't find a dominant woman to serve.  Then they promise that they will serve a dominant woman in any way that she wants.  They go so far as to say they have no limits.  The only thing that matters is what the woman wants.  (And yes I realize that there are men who are more upfront in their profiles but I am talking about the ones who say the things I mentioned).

Then you start to talk to these men and they have ideas of what complete slavery means to them.  They have to be naked, they have to be caged at night, they have to be "forced" to perform orally, they have to be whipped twice a day, etc.  Seriously?  What happened to serving in the way the woman wants?  What most of these men suggest is more of a job than getting help (not to mention that some of it is very dangerous and puts the woman in a terrible predictament if something goes wrong).

How many women do you really think are in today's world that can afford to announce to the world that she owns a slave.  Do you think it is casual conversation in the neighborhood that you have acquired a slave to do your yardwork?  Seriously? 

I do realize there are many people in today's world that don't mind cohabitating.  But there still are people who don't want someone living with them and can't depending on different things they have going on in their lives.  If you have said you want to serve a woman in any way that makes her happy - why do you insist that you live with her and tell all her neighbors who you are.

I think there are plenty of women out there who could use a slave with a true servant's heart.  If what you claim is true that you will serve in whatever way the woman wants - the woman would be so into that.  But if you insist on doing that in a way that interrupts her life or makes her have issues with family, friends, neighbors and business associated people - you are making her life harder not easier. 

What happens behind closed doors is behind closed doors.  I will take control of a slave and work him to my advantage while taking him to the proverbial "woodshed" when he displeases me.  I will make him scrub floors with a toothbrush or move a pile of rocks from one place to the other just to teach him a lesson.  But when a neighbor knocks on the door - I expect him to stand up, hide the toothbrush and act like he stopped by to check on me.

Yes - you may find some women who have enough land, good enough fences or just don't care enough that you can walk around mowing the lawn in the nude or a costume - but most women are living "average/normal" lives that require certain precautions. 

Why shouldn't a woman with children be able to have a slave?  (and no I don't have children yet).  If you truly want to serve you can't serve while making sure you don't do anything that will harm the children's innocence or cause the woman to live her children? 

Get real people.  We live in the real world.  I don't see the US passing laws that it is okay to have slaves - so I think most people are going to need people to serve with discretion!

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