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I am an experienced, sane dominant (NOT 'dominate'), and I am preparing to return to the lifes
Male Dominant, 63,  Northeast, Arkansas US

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I am an experienced, sane dominant (NOT "dominate"), and I am preparing to return to the lifestyle after a hiatus of a few years. 

I am always glad to make new friends in the lifestyle, and to learn and grow. I have been active in bdsm for over 20 years and it feels as if I am just getting started.


I began in the lifestyle in the late 1980's as a 24/7 slave, and began living as a dominant and slaveowner in the 1990's.  I suppose I am a switch, in that I have both polarities, but I prefer the dominant role.

I am in the first few years of my sixth decade.  My needs and my abilities have changed from what they were in my forties.  Mainly, at this point I seek to make friends, and get used to the company of lifestylers again.  I don't care about age (although big age differences make things more complicated), looks, social class.  I do care about hearts and minds.


Open to online relationships, but prefer real-life bonds.


Please feel free to say hello, if anything I have said here piques an interest.

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