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Hello everyone ! Xoxo I have joined this website in hopes of finding a perfect Pay Pig/slav
Female Dominant, 24,  California US

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Hello everyone ! Xoxo

I have joined this website in hopes of finding a perfect Pay Pig/slave. My main focus is Findom and having older men either spoil me & take interest in me. I'm being honest! The fact that me being only 24 can have someone older & from the opposite sex take so much interest in me is so sexy !! Please message me anytime ! I tend to get very lonely and most of the time... HORNY!!!


If insiterested , I am able to verify my identity in case you are not 100% sure about me, I have Skype and I can also send photographic and video proof!

Aside frorm Findom, I do love LESBIAN action! I'm always horny for that. Any female willing to play online please contact!


In the real world, I am currently employed (MANAGEMENT) & I enjoy smoking weed, makeup, & travel


I am active on Twitter and I'm on there pratically 24/7 so please follow !

 Videos and photos are located on my Twitter account 


* Please do not message me if you're going to waste my fucking time. I don't have the desire or want to open some bullshit message . I know what I want and how do get it *

  - Hope to hear from you all soon! Xoxox

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