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        AS OF FEB 17 UPDATE: i havent been online in so long. I took som
Female Slave, 20,  Texas












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 Female Slave


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 4"

 128 lbs



 African Descent


 55 minutes

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A Poly Household


      AS OF FEB 17 UPDATE:

i havent been online in so long. I took some time away from the lifestyle and focused on my degree and my child. I am back and ready to serve asap I am hoping to find a good master with much experience. I am happy to be back. Nothing has changed I am still a three holes whore for my master 😁



UPDATE currently in texas i arrived this morning visiting family that I didn't know that I had. let me begin by saying that i have a 3 year old daughter. i was bred by my previous master. i ran away from home when i turned 15 because my parents were strict they wouldnt let me stay over any ones house or have teenage fun. i met a man at mcdonalds that took me in to his home. i remember it like yesterday. he had this great big house almost big as a mansion. he showed me around when we arrived. instead of giving me a room to stay in he offered me the basement which had a cell in it and toys that i have never seen a day in my life. When i asked him why would he offer me the basement he beat me, he beat me until i was laying in my own blood. He then ripped my clothes off and took my child hood. He wasnt gentle at all he fucked me in all 3 holes and he came all over me and he also pissed all over me. Calling me names like black slut, nigga, etc. After he took my virginity he explained to me that he was my master and i was to do as told. i was to ask him to pee, eat, sleep etc. I w as kept in the basement where i slept in a cell/cage with a small tv and forced to sleep on the hard floor. After months of being his slave he took me to different events where there were other slaves and masters. master didnt allow any other master to use me but he often used other slaves. i met a lot of subs there that ended up becoming very good friends to me. Ashley whom i met at the event became my best friend and often came over to 17th birthday i had my babygirl. yes on my birthday. i had no idea i was even pregnant until i was on the floor giving birth. after giving birth master allowed me to move into a actual room and out of the basemnt. we shared the room and whenever master wanted to use me he made sure babygirl wasnt around or was sleep. my daughter plays no part in the lifestyle and i will not allow any one to use her MY DAUGHTER WILL NOT BE USED IN THE LIFESTYLE AT ALL I REPEATED THIS FOR ALL OF YOU SICK O-S OUT THERE. i have never had a job becaue master took care of all of the bills and rent. he even bought me a 2016 off of the lot. master was a very nice man that cared about me. he left me a big lump sum of money that i will be recieving in 3-4 months. master was on his way home when a drunk driver knocked him off of hs motorcycle and killed him. it hurts because this man showed me a lot he is truely missed but i know that he would want me to move on. so 6 months later i am here trying to find a master. he must be white and able to take in me and my daughter asap not really into chatting over the net for months. i dont mind getting to know each other but id also like a trial period where we can get to know one another in real true and dedicated to the lifestyle . looking for a white master only no blacks please be serious and real

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11/8/2017 12:37:42 PM
I am looking for ONE person to call and pay my phone bill (which is $75) and I will gladly repay you with  a $500 reward once my bank account is squared away. Some one tried transferring 100,000 into their bank account so of course I closed the account and I am currently waiting on my check from the bank. Since I was told that I had to mailed a check to the address that they have on file. There ha to be some one with a good heart and also needs $500 my check should be here in -5-10 business days ANY takers? -signed the lady with all of the millions-

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