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 My Name is Sasha and i am spoken for.  I am new to this site but not so much to
Female Submissive, 18,  Arkansas US

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 My Name is Sasha and i am spoken for. 

I am new to this site but not so much to the realm that is called BDSM.  I sort of stumbled upon it a couple years when I accidentally walked into my parents play room.  When I asked them about they hesitantly talked to me about it but didn't say no more than they needed to say to let me know what was going on.  What I found out was my mom was the Dominant, and dad was submissive to her.  Since then I sort of just did my own research on it over the last couple of years.  Now I know what some of you are thinking and no I did not ask nor did they offer to teach me in any sort of weird way.  What they did teach me was to ask questions and they would answer them as best they could without it getting weird.

A little about me, i am bi sexual with more of a preference towards girls, I am 18, live at home on a farm/ranch with my mom and 2 younger sisters.  Mom and dad recently got divorced and thats been hard on us, but we are getting by.  We are home schooled so we can help mom take care of the place (we meaning me and my 2 sisters).  I am in my senior year of high school.  I love the farm and outdoors.  We have quite a few animals to take care of around here; we have 4 horses ( 3 male 1 female) 2 miniature horses both males, 3 male pigs and 2 female pigs, 2 male and 2 female donkeys, 5 male dogs ( great dane, dalmatian, german shepherd, black lab, and an akita), 3 male goats, 1 male ram, and 1 male bull.



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11/19/2016 11:30:06 PM
To all the guys who keep messaging me saying things like too bad you are only into women, or only looking for women...etc.  I have nothing against men at all, but you are starting to give me a reason to.

I said that for something like what I am looking for I would prefer it to be a woman since that would be more humiliating to do than submitting to another guy.  For someone who has never been with another woman (not me someone else) having to submit yourself to her desires is very humiliating and causes something extra special to happen.

So please understand that its not that I don't want this to happen with a guy its that I need it to happen with another woman for the desired effect I am looking for to happen.

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