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    'Deep calls to deep ...'   This benevolent offer of arrangement is exte
Male Dominant, 64,  California US

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 Dominant Male


 5' 10"

 185 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female



"Deep calls to deep ..."


This benevolent offer of arrangement is extended to deeply submissive, enthusiastically obedient, authentic 24/7 slave candidates.


Please read that again.  


Respond only if you are female, and consider the above a true picture of who you are.


Respond only if you are willing to submit to a significant process of selection - which will include multiple interview sessions to determine compatibility, a medical clearance, proper vetting for mutual safety, a signed contractual agreement, and a period of probationary training and service at the estate before ...


Being formally accepted, and placed under the full protection, care and provision, of the Master.  


The objective here is long term, for serious women only.

Short term arrangement is possible in special cases, with thorough vetting. 


These are the three precious jewels of a consensual slave:  


*Heartfelt Respect


*Enthusiastic Obedience 


*Complete Loyalty


Enjoy polishing them every day.


Enjoy learning, and delivering excellence.


Integrity is an absolute must.


Christian background a plus.


Bisexual, and feminine a plus.


420 friendly also a plus.


Love of life, laughter, erotic arts, domestic arts, and possession of any special abilities or skills, are all marks of favor.


About The Master:


Mature 64 years old





Highly successful

Loving Dominant



Mildly sadistic

Well endowed




Well travelled

Well read

Strongly gentle

Excellent Mentor


If you are a woman who craves direction, protection, affection, (and sometimes correction), a woman who would be grateful for a beautiful place to learn and belong - and if you are honest, humble, sexual, and of good heart ... Then you are cordially invited to respond, and tell me why you feel that you should be considered, and why you wish to make this kind of an arrangement.


I will carefully consider a sincere and candid response.


If you are selected for further examination, a slavegirl will inform you of your success, and guide you through the next steps.


Good fortune to all others.


Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty,


Master of The Realm


P.S. Photos are blurred for safety and security.  

An exchange of clear photos will happen when adequate basis for trust is established.

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