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��人和人之间的关系,本质上都是SM关系�。强势的一方永远拥有更多向外界扩张的自主权,弱势的一方在这段关系里斤斤计较,永远无法摆脱得失心的困扰。 听话的男人不用管,不听话的男人,要管也管不到。对你好的男人不用管,对你不好的男人,不会让你管。爱你的男人不用管,不爱你的轮不到你管。 �

A cuckold relationship can often throw up a number of challenges, and this type of lifestyle is not for everyone.A situation where a husband watches another man having intercourse with his wife is a lot more complex than it seems and shouldn't just be regarded as sexual fulfillment.There will be more components to a cuckold couple than just sex, and there will be a number of foundations on which the relationship is based on such as trust, loyalty, and devotion, which will take precedence over any sexual act.

Men are primarily programmed to chase and compete. They don't really care who they have sex with, it is the way the sexual encounter comes about. When a man sees his wife having sex with either one or more partners, he gets jealous and aroused at the same time. In turn this leads to competing for his wife and charges his sexual desire.

A cuckold marriage is probably one of the healthiest lifestyles because it is highly unlikely that the man will seek other woman for intercourse, while the wife will feel very satisfied.Her satisfaction is hugely based on her husband's constant effort to please her. If she handles the situation correctly their physical and mental relationship can go from strength to strength without anybody getting hurt.









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Journal Entries:
1/30/2017 2:44:17 AM
Maybe you weren’t as great as I thought you were. I am trying to understand that all pain is relative.I don’t want to be the one you lie to, and make promises you can’t keep.I don’t deserve someone who only loves me for what I can give,or only loves me for what I can fill.

1/29/2017 11:55:05 AM
Why should I be ashamed of my body?Am I promiscuous? Yes I am. I like to fuck, I like variety.Embrace it.

1/21/2017 8:26:32 PM
I will stand on my own feet. And maybe that is how it will always be. During the time that I was down and had no one to lean on,I truly did hope you would be there to tell me that I could make it through, even though I was an inch away from giving up.

1/13/2017 5:55:10 AM
I’m tangled up in you, but I don’t feel suffocated. You’ve become a piece of me. You know everything about me,I don’t regret telling you anything. I'd have never thought that I’d find someone that understood me .

12/19/2016 4:34:11 AM
I try to think about the fact that maybe I had created some fantasy . I wasn’t over him, to say the least.It swallowed me whole. I’m not good at being vague or smoke and mirrors. I have put his wants and needs before mine for far too long that  I forgot the most important part; how to love myself.And the torture of someone’s absence never fails to reveal the harshest truths about ourselves.

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