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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 47, Height: 6ft 6in (198 cm)
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Last on 12/8/17 at 4:46 AM

I am a sophisticated, private, and no nonsense gentleman with over 25 years of real experience who enjoys the company of mature minded intellectuals that hold themselves to a higher level in this lifestyle and vanilla life.    I understand and employ power dynamics on all levels (TPE). I enjoy intelligent and challenging conversations on various subjects inside and outside of the life.   I enjoy making new friends and honestly speak my mind.  You do not have to agree nor is it my purpose to sway you one way or another.  Truth is truth.   I surround myself with people who want to grow and learn about this life.  The internet and movies have allowed undesirables and ignorants to enter this life and hurt people.   I have Old Guard beliefs and enjoy empowering people to go to higher levels and not hurting people for sexual pleasures or a cheap thrill.    I am not interested in any interaction with brats or babygirls (who feel they should be entitled and/or spoiled) or big mouthed, nosy, pushy, no patience, hardheaded, and/or limited mindset people.    I do not have a photo on my profile for professional reasons. If I want you to have it, I will send it.  A pic should not deter  you from getting to know someone.   If you use the letter 'u' in place of the word you or any other illiteracy, do not contact me as that makes you lazy. It is not cute or intelligent.   If you believe naked pictures are going to get someone to talk to you on any kind of serious level outside of sex, you are sorely mistaken. No one is going to put serious effort into getting to know you.    If you are looking for money for bills or a sugar daddy in exchange for service, stop prostituting yourself.    I have zero interest in anyone below the age of 24 outside of mentorship or friendship. Any mature man who has an interest in women of that age or younger outside of friendship or mentorship is only in it for the sex.    A true Master should love his sub and knows when to be firm and when not to be firm. A true Master is also brave enough to release his sub or slave for their best interests. I am a man who loves intelligence.   To the CD/Transgender people, I have no interest outside of friendship. This does not make me a phobic of any kind. It is my preference.  I do not force myself onto you and I expect the same in return.    To the wannabe cuckholds, manners are always a good thing. I will not deal with half a relationship when one acts with honor and the other half acts a fool.    Yes, I love Lions & Eagles as they represent BDSM to the fullest.   If you are bold enough, feel free to engage me.   K.L.
Dr. M

I have seen significant growth over the last few weeks. I see the maturity finally coming to light and the balance that I knew was there. I see the items that I suggested, you have taken to heart.

I can say that not many people can make that kind of change for I hope the better, but you have. I have not seen too much reverting back, but it does happen. I do feel bad about my physical handicap at the moment, but thanks to some great direction, that handicap is going away.

Most Doms should listen to a sub or slave when they have more knowledge and experience that the Dom possesses. For that knowledge and help, I appreciate it more than you will know.

I am honored,

12/8/17 at 4:45 AM

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StraightFemale Slave
Age: 44, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 999 lbs.
Location: New York

Last on 12/8/17 at 4:43 AM

Sept 2017 I wouldn't say I was 'actively' searching, I'm pretty content even if I am feral.  But please, read further if you're interested.  I do realize there is a lot of 'I won't' or 'I refuse to', but if you read carefully, you'll realize those aren't things that impact my submission beyond refusing to live someplace I don't enjoy or be with someone(s) who cannot meet my needs. Included in that are things like one night stands, LDRs. You can beat my ass until I can't sit, I'm even into the occasional water sports, but the idea of moving someplace hot or offering me your weekend of hot butt secks while you pass through my area makes me use my safeword.  Still working on my tiny house project (I got the minty turd in April 2016, you gotta cut me some slack) and much as I'd love someone in my life that is tolerant of this project, I realize it scares a few off. But, think of it as a future portable poly palace, I mean, I come with (and hopefully in) my own rolling bedroom. ;-)    I identify as a brat, this will never change. I have slave inclinations, but those don't keep me from being mouthy, and very blunt in what I have to say. Don't bore me, and you won't see that mouth.    I'm mouthy, bratty, and smart enough to know exactly why. If I poke you, I accept there could be consequences.  I am demisexual, if you're not sure what that is, please look it up. I'm not especially interested in sex, it's alright, but I'm fine skipping it.   I'm about service, and humiliation, not getting fucked. Sex just happens to be the end result of some of this. I can enjoy sex, but as a service not as a pleasure for myself. I see an orgasm as a bonus, not my right.  None of that means I don't enjoy sex in the moment, with men or women, but it won't be me that initiates it.    Being 'local' isn't enough, if you're under 50, I'm just going to laugh, and delete it.  Not into younger guys in any way, shape or form, and I'm for sure not a puma or a cougar. I don't have 'kik' or whatever it is you kids use these days, and I'm not going to install it. If you can't chat up here for a while, that's on you.     So, if you got past all that, and still want to chat, send a message, if you're polite, I'm polite.
I do love being told I should change to "switch", this from a guy who has been told "not interested" several times of course. Because if you won't bow down to his repulsive ass, you clearly must be a switch. I mean, casting aside the fact you've said "no ldr" and he's over 8 hours from you, and you've said "I'm not willing to relocate" about 80X. Must mean you're a switch. I'll take "Shit that makes no sense out of people for $500 Alex".....
12/8/17 at 4:31 AM

YourWeekendBitch - View Full Profile   Send Message

BisexualTrans Submissive
Age: 40, Weight: 250 lbs.
Location: NNJ; will travel, New Jersey

Last on 12/8/17 at 4:45 AM

i have some actual pics available, but those will only go to people who are actually serious.  Yes, i'm fully aware i'll get significantly fewer views and messages without them but it will stop the legion of people who do nothing but move through pics and copy/paste the same tired response without bothering to read a word of the profile.  Sorry!   i'm a part-time submissive crossdresser that's still in the pre-planning stages of transitioning to a woman.  Either in early July or late August, i'm going to have some free time to serve someone and it would be nice to actually have a follow through this time. Will strongly consider traveling for the right Dominant!   First things first, i'm >>>>NOT<<<< quick to give out my cell number.  Been there, done that, and have a new cell # because  that's what i get for giving in when i knew i shouldn't.  Love them all hours of the day and night calls but no that comes in time.  Also no cam time.  At all.   And what am i looking for?  Someone to serve who understands how to be patient with someone who isn't in the lifestyle 24/7 and doesn't mind 'owning' someone for a few short hours up to a few days.  i'm open to be Your slave, sub, dog, wife, servant, bondage dummy, pack bitch, kidnappee, and i'm sure there are a bunch of other things i could list.   If You're interested, hit me up.  
Someone read the previous journal entry and called me on a literacy problem because they failed to properly comprehend it.  i'm completely down for Dominants being Dominant but holy fuck if You're going to call out a "literacy issue" but can't understand that the here/hear "mistake" was intentional than i do not know what to tell You.  i mean, there's a TON of literacy problems on this site because people keep wanting to meet now/soon or wish to know when i'm available despite all that information being in the profile.
12/8/17 at 4:30 AM

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