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“ I have no interest in those ruled by fear, childish hive-mind behavior. They are worth
Female Dominant, 35,  South Carolina


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BisexualFemale Dominant
Age: 39, Height: 5ft 0in (152 cm), Weight: 115 lbs.
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Last on 11/18/17 at 5:39 PM










 Dominant Female

 South Carolina

 5' 2"

 112 lbs


 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

Submissive Trans

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only


“ I have no interest in those ruled by fear, childish hive-mind behavior. They are worthless pawns. What I seek is a rare fearless slave that pays attention to detail, loyal & can be molded into the perfect depraved creature”


I'm Mistress Sana, I'm a professional day trader, I do not answer e-mails about my work if I’m online I’m taking a break from work. I’m also a femdomme/findomme with 17 years experience. Don’t think become I’m a findomme I’ll go easy on you I work hard and play hard.  I have one live in human pet (Sakuya), eight servitors (not submissive), and a husband (not submissive) that I love dearly.  I recently purchased two lots of trained lifelong servants. I attend a temple (female-led, not fetish based though non-consensual slavery openly practiced). Through birth & hard work & determination, I hold two very high positions which I'm very proud of and take my role seriously. I’m openly asexual, and I openly practice non-consensual slavery (consensual non-consent is BS) and punish & live my life according to temple law.


"I only care for my inner circle, power, and money in that exact order. If you're not furthering the agenda then you're a burden and will be dealt with accordingly"


Think before you speak. DO NOT message me without asking for permission to speak. (Your message will be deleted unread) I do not need a live in slave & for my own personal safety; I will not meet you anywhere so don't even think of asking. I do not answer messages that say hi, hello, or how are you, you are beautiful, I wish... I'm not some chick in the supermarket you are trying to pick up. My journal is not written for anyone, in particular, it's just to give people a view of what's it'll like to own servants and pets. yes, it's sometimes fun but at times keeping track of everyone and everything can be stressful. All requests to meet will be ignored same goes for trolls & people who ask for a temple or party invite. Copy and paste messages will be blocked. On the weekends, I host private fetish parties. Parties are only for A-list Dommes/Doms, Pets & Subs/Slaves. No I will not skype with you. I only Skype with my husband & friends. Don’t like that don’t’ message me it’s as goddamn simple as that.


I’m into:



Anal & Urethra play/torture



Natural Harvest Subs/Slaves

Forced Bi

Sissies/Slaves who want to be forced into prostitution


My Fan page (I post task here)

My Twitter Page

Application to Become My Slave

I do not accept slaves who do not fill out an application & send a proper tribute. if you ask for orders without doing so I will either ignore your application or tell you I have no orders for you at this time.



*new* 2gISjH4kmQd9BHdopuWJ5qBVHK1RSUT/kSL1XU3XdoOoKrDIn/9cJ0xO4sacXg8QfOZ6s3506mxQmGMBeUO3yGXLDAaG7Lv6G0Qx1yLcayCBE9GpJHAyj/+5Iw+5wOhD (encrypted link to my private website, I live stream almost daily and post a lot of nonconsensual pics and videos here. It’s been encrypted & was moved to the dark web to keep out the wrong people) the password for my site is the one we serve & where roses go for peace & training)


Male Doms, female dommes, female subs/slaves, switches, subs, and slaves under the age of 30 & in foreign countries automatically go in my bulk mail folder where they will be deleted at the end of the workday 

Journal Entries:
11/18/2017 7:21:50 PM

There is nothing like having a slave sing, “I’m a little teapot” while he has a toothpick in his dickhole.

11/18/2017 4:07:39 PM
Posted a few pics and videos of me doing some pre-thanksgiving with Sakuya and my servants. For those of you who follow Luka on instagram, you can see the pic his fangirls are losing their shit over.

11/17/2017 5:58:48 PM
Two special Thanksgiving task for sissies will be posted to my fan page in the morning. I'm looking forward to seeing all the cute pics of those of who complete them. 😊

11/17/2017 1:47:13 PM
Servants are patiently waiting just in case I need their help baking 🍰. I have 4 cakes to bake for a family dinner. I can tell that they are shocked & bored so I'll let them clean the kitchen while I watch a movie with Luka

11/17/2017 12:12:24 PM

I’m still getting use to having servants because I spend most of my time in my office or in the sunroom which I’ve turned into my own private reading area, I don’t see them unless I want tea or a snack. According to Luka, that’s the mark of a good S-Class servant not being seen or heard unless their master calls them. I sometimes forget to give them daily orders but today I sent Vincent & Logan out to take care of some thanksgiving errand running, so I told Colombe (Colo for short) as my personal assistant for the day and she did a good job. She was awake before I was and didn’t seem to care that when she came into the office I was at my desk in my pajama’s. While she was pouring my coffee I told her while I was waiting for the US market to open up to try track down the 4 servants that are missing and make sure they are okay and not just slacking off, turns out they weren’t slacking off so all good. At noon I told her she was going to be my driver for the day & tomorrow, so turn on the shower, make sure my cherry blossom body wash and lotion was where I could find them (last night I could only find Luka’s lavender & almond oil). I told her while I was getting ready, put on her outerwear and make sure my car has a full charge (I have a tendency to forget to recharge when I get home). We were heading out a good bit from the house and I didn’t know if there would be any Tesla charging stations since I don’t normally head to that part of town for a lot of reasons.  Anyway, once we had finished shopping and running errands I told her to swing a certain restaurant so we could have lunch, and once we got there she said that she would wait in the car until I finished my meal. I shook my head and & had to order her to have lunch with me. I’m not use to having to order someone to eat. While we were waiting for our order, she had the look on her face that was a mix of discomfort & curiosity. I told her I’m not sure how long it’s been since she’s had a master and if her master even allowed her and the others to eat with each other or with her since I do know that her kind will only serve a female. She told me a bit about her former master but said that she was having trouble understanding the rules I put in place for them and why I gave them the option of not having a brand on the back of their neck. I told her the simple reason I made those rules to keep myself in line and to keep them safe from me. I would never forgive myself if I hurt them or allowed any of them to be hurt. Once I finished explaining she told me I was a “very strange master” but she added she would serve me faithfully. I was shocked she even thanked me for allowing her to visit her family after I purchased her, she had been missing them for a while. But I told her thanks why I made the Saturday & Sunday rule.

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