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Like water, I ripple, I change. I am consistently inconsistent, comprised of atoms in constant
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Like water, I ripple, I change. I am consistently inconsistent, comprised of atoms in constant motion.


Currently, I'm a university student in the health stream and working in the health services/social services. I find myself coming back to this site time and again, though I'm ambivalent about what I'm looking for. I'm dichotomous, contradictory, equal parts intellectually intuitive and common sense impaired. A little melancholic, I'm that introverted, nature loving, heart heavy poetic type. A little bratty, I'm headstrong and assertive. A little bit little, I appreciate the wisdom and experience of others, so long as they have new and intriguing knowledge to impart. I identify as a pagan, spirituality is a significant component of my life, and am an outspoken advocate of minority rights within feminism, LGBT, and racial inequities. About as socially awkward as they come, social nuances often seem lost on me. Being simultaneously a cerebral and emotionally complex individual, possessing a myriad of contrary qualities, it's always challenging to find people I connect with on many levels beyond the superficial.


I am not traditionally submissive in any sense, have no interest in toys or most protocol, but am irrevocably drawn to Daddy types and father figures. I always have been. A father figure is most likely what I'm looking for, though I don't relish any notion of being infantilized or prematurely calling someone Daddy. I'm me 24/7 so in that sense I don't turn my kinks on or off and they are ingrained in who I am, but as I'm not inherently submissive, identifying as being primal/kinky/a little little/bratty/a Daddy's girl does not mean I am interested in serving 24/7 or engaging in traditional gender roles, I am not. The kind of man (or more masculine identifying woman) able to engage me would intellectually superior to me in their accumulated knowledge and experience, humble without conceit, well versed in psychology and psychological ideologies and applications, open minded and non-judgmental, sober and spiritually intuitive, who would value health and a health lifestyle, without taking themselves too seriously. 


I'm hesitant to explicitly share my specific fetishes openly because of the number of trolls and silly men who, from the inception of messaging, attempt to claim some manner of ownership over a stranger, analyze who I am without consent or knowing me, or choose to focus exclusively on the kinks I specify as opposed to expressing any interest in the person I am or dynamic I'm pursuing... However, I can sum up my particular flavour as consensual non-consent, fight fucking, and choking. I include the last kink specifically because it's my Achilles heel. Although, within the right dynamic and context, I'm curious about some forms of control outside of a sexual nature (food, exercise regime, clothing, etc.). I also have a real soft spot for beautifully constructed mind fucks. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty smart. So someone who is able to mentally manipulate me (safely and with consent, obviously), is bound to maintain my attention. 


As an aside, although a lot of people don't appear to take this site very seriously in pursuing anything beyond sexual fulfillment compared to fetlife, I've met my two best friends through collarpsace (back when it was collarme!) and fetlife, so there are some really formidable perverts out there and I'm always happy to cultivate more friendships, I'm just looking for more commonalities in friendships than simply kink.


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