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Honestly I am just here to role play.    My favorite scene at the moment to explor
Female Submissive, 29,  Not sharing , Australia

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 Submissive Female

 Not sharing  


 5' 8"

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Dominant Male

Honestly I am just here to role play. 


My favorite scene at the moment to explore is daddy/dom and little girl role plays, but I also enjoy being a first time escort and I have an interest in chastity and enemas.


I like people to talk to me before just jumping into a role play and to outline our likes and limits. 


I will admit I am choosy with who I role play with. Role play is a two way street and I am not going to role play if it is not something that I am going to enjoy, nor do I expect someone to role play with me if they are not into the same things that I am. 




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8/18/2017 4:23:43 PM
There are so many pseudo psychiatrists and psychologists on this site it is not funny. Lets establish some ground rules. 
1) If I say I enjoy/dislike something it is not based on some underlying trauma. Sometimes people find things fun,because they are fun there is no deep seated meaning. Sometimes people dislike things because they have tried them and not found things fun or the very thought of them makes them want to hurl. Like feet for example. The thought of a foot fetish make me sick, this is not because I have been traumatized by feet. It is because I don't understand or want to understand people who find feet attractive. I''m sure there are things that I enjoy that equally make people feel sick. That's fine. But don't assume there is a deep seated meaning to everything. 
2) I have never been raped, abused, or been in an incest situation. I have never fantised about my biological father.  Accept that I have never had anything except fun consensual sex with men my own age, usually within a long term relationship. And even though I enjoy daddy/dom and little girl roleplays, that does not mean I am interested in old men. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the daddy/dom and little girl dynamic. Which can be practiced by couples of any age. 
3) If someone doesn't want to share something with you, then it is probably because they don't know you or are not interested in having the same conversation that they have had a million times on this site. You are not entitled to information about anyone. If they don't want to share, them move on. 
4) Even if you feel yourself qualified to psychoanalyses someone-don't. Real experts know that the patient relationship take time to build trust and that it is unethical to go around offering their opinions to friends, family or people in the street. Think of this like a street, no one wants your opinions.

10/12/2016 12:19:41 PM
Sorry but due to the large amount of emails, I will  not be responding to male submissives or females. 

I also do not open links to other websites, so please do not send them to me.

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