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Honestly just here to explore     I'm not interested in male s
Female Submissive, 29,  Not sharing , Australia

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Honestly just here to explore



I'm not interested in male subs/slave or women.

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1/12/2017 7:00:49 PM
Women can't really win on here. No matter what we do we're accused of being 'fakes'.

If we don't want to share personal information, such as our workplace, photos, where we live (because no rational woman would worry about her information being used against her right?) we're fake.

If we do share photos we're fake-no one believes that someone with an average height to weight ratio would be on here, we must be stealing photos. (Unless you agree to send compromising photos while holding up a sign of their name that is).

If we want to role play- fake (because everyone doing that must be pretending to be a man for some strange reason).

If we don't bow down to every guy on here- fake, or 'not a real sub'

If we use Australian slang- we're fake (because no Aussie chick ever uses the word mate right? I must be a man in disguise).

If we have no desire to get married and be a stay at home wife- fake (because no sub would ever aspire to a career, right?)

I get that there are women on here who are not who they say they are. They are the ones trying to get you to log onto pay sites or send them money. I understand that there are men on here who have had bad experiences.

However, I do not have to make up for all your bad experiences. They are not on my head. I will not give you 100 points of ID or jump through hops to prove I'm 'real'. I don't care about your hang ups or insecurities. You trust issues are yours. If talking to me and getting to know me doesn't prove who I say I am, then I'm not the one for you.

10/12/2016 12:19:41 PM
Sorry but due to the large amount of emails, I will  not be responding to male submissive.

I also do not open links to other websites, so please do not send them to me.

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