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This is a submissive man in search of an alpha woman to relinquish power and control. A female
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This is a submissive man in search of an alpha woman to relinquish power and control. A female led relationship based on loving affection and sensual domination is what I am ultimately looking for. You'll be my leader and confidant, someone who loves me and cares about me, but also uses and abuses me for her amusement and convenience. What you get is loyalty, obedience and devotion. My role can range from being a vanilla partner to devoted servant, slave and toy. Submissive feelings towards women first emerged in my early childhood years. The desire to abase myself in front of a strong dominant woman hasn't left me ever since. Ideally, you are naturally dominant and used to assume the leadership role without the need of reverting to an angry attitude or harsh discipline. Instead, you'll rule my mind and kindle my passion and desire to submit with a sensual approach. Occasionally, if necessary, you'll treat me like a protegee, teach, lead and help me, take me in your arms and console me when I am in emotional distress. I hope this resonates with your notion of a female led relationship. As a child, I regarded my female classmates as heavenly beings. They were classy, elegant and sophisticated, whereas the boys were brutish and inept. Out of this deep admiration grew a desire to submit and abase myself. I craved a form of loving humiliation and an attractive female classmate of mine became the protagonist in my vivid imaginations. She took charge of me, played with my mind, and humiliated me in front of her friends, only to console and caress me afterwards, while telling me how much she appreciated my devotion and passion to submit. Unfortunately, over time, I never met the ideal woman to realize this power dynamic in form of a committed long term relationship. I came across talented, attractive, and incredibly bright women who had no kinky desires and no ambition to take charge of me. On the other hand, I also encountered women who were mean and calculating. But what I am looking for is someone with a strong dominant personality who effortlessly gets her way. She will take me under her wing and view me, first and foremost, as her beloved partner and protegee. However, when she feels like it, she will mess with my mind and play with my insecurities, use and abuse me physically and mentally. Afterwards she'll put me together again and help me back up, after pulling the rug from under my feet. properties: 5'9'' (175 cm), 35 years old, in reasonable physical shape, non-smoker, balding, dense body hair growth key words: LTR / possibly marriage, FLR, ANR, sensual domination possibilities to meet: I am prepared to travel within Europe and I visit the US roughly every other year. If there is chemistry, I'd be happy to travel more often. I do not use Skype, but I will gladly send you a personalized confirmation video after we've exchanged a few messages and we both feel it's worth pursuing this further.. Afterwards I'd love to talk to you on the phone and meet up as soon as possible. Face pictures and personal information are only available via email, I won't reveal my identity on this site. Thanks for stopping by and please get in touch if you see potential.

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