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\beacuse i get a lot of questions here is what i am looking for   I like a older abusiv
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\beacuse i get a lot of questions here is what i am looking for


I like a older abusive dominant man because that is what makes me feel special and sexy and safe and special. I was introduced to this by my step dad from a early eage till he and my mom broke up a coupe of years ago. Now i want it for forever. I want to move to be with a man and his property forever - not visit. I dont no who my real dad is, no my mom deoenst no. I am a Amrican citizen becuase i was born in michigan, i posted my fantasies and experiences here and on tumblr so i dont have to say them over and over again, i dont answer like more then one question at a time becuase typing is actually really hard for, my brian is like one that is hard to focus, i also want a man that is into what he likes and wants. I like older like 40 50 ir 60 and i like bigger body types to - like larger. If you ask me more then 10 questions in a row without talking bout you want then i am not really interested becuase you arent like in to what you want from me. I am done school i work as a waitress i live with my mom and i want to move like after i no someone better. I can chat on my tumblr account. i am attracted alot to dominent men who live like dominant life and i think about having a family with sons as masters slot to. i thik like patrirachy is like right and femisim is more like cancer, if this isnt something that you like alot and dont talk abiut - then we prob arent a fit - this is the type of old times  and nasty man that i am most attracted to.


Just rejoinging and looking for a dominant older man. I have some experience and I am looking to learn and grow in the lifestyle. The profile photo is not me - i am cute - i just thought is was sexy. The other two are me though


My name is brenna. I'm not very smart so I got help with this from someone who knows me:

I'm only 18 but I've been aware of this lifestyle for a long time. I do have some experience that I'll discuss with serious prospects but I will also need to be taught many things as well. I do know what I want, and I understand what I'm good for - serving and pleasing men with my body, my pain, my humiliation and my degradation.

I'm looking for a Daddy / Master to make me his daughter slave and own me utterly. I would like to be his wife and bear and raise his children, but also to be his property in every way, fully under his control. My only limits would be death or serious bodily harm.

I know my proper role is to be Daddy's brainless bimbo cunt. I expect to be mentally and physically transformed to please him. I expect to be slapped around, sexually used or taken in any way in any place at any time, used as a urinal, serve as a maid or to do or endure anything else Daddy wants. I don't particularly like pain or punishment but obviously my wishes are irrelevant and I will be on the receiving end of whatever Daddy dishes out at his whim.

I expect to be dressed as Daddy wishes, whether slutty, young, hot and sophisticated, or not dressed at all. I know I will be trained to speak, act, walk and behave as Daddy wishes. Daddy will own my tits, my tongue, my holes and all the rest of me; exactly the way it should be.

I know I am worthless unless I am serving and pleasing a Master. I want to be of use soon and am ready to relocate in the USor UK in order to do so. Warmer is better for me. However, I will not just obey anyone who wants me or tries to give me orders. Nor am I desperate or in a rush.

My search will take time. I expect my future Daddy to invest as much time as he will need to convince me I belong at his feet and that he is capable of keeping me there and supporting us and our family. I expect anyone interested in owning me to have a plan to make me his, accept me into his life, train me, and transform me.

Please find me, Daddy. My silly, sloppy cunt gets soo wet dreaming about all the ways you'll use your stupid slutty little bimbo girl. I want you, Daddy. Please cum find me. My tumblr is

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11/2/2017 7:03:18 AM
Serving a man with sons or giving a man a family is very sexy to me

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