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Hi I am Collared slave to my Mistress who I love and cherish.   I'm here looking for a
Male Slave, 22,  Texas US

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 Male Slave



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Dominant Female

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A Poly Household

Hi I am Collared slave to my Mistress who I love and cherish.


I'm here looking for a slave/submissive/partner for my Mistresses husband who is a Dom. Your interactions with me once you become their slave will be minimum, unless that is something you and Sir want, then my Mistress has to allow it and after that I must also agree. Just because we are slaves doesn't mean we don't have any rights.


He is very generous and more into mental domination. My Mistress is bi and can get involved in dominating you if that is what you want. ( she really wants a female slave but if your not bi its ok.)


Safety is number one with them and me.


They are looking for a live in slave, Sadly I'm not a live in slave currently because of my job and college. Hopefully ill be able to move in with them next year.


Sir will provide for you a place to stay, pay for community college, there is one close by while also giving you a personal allowance.


What he requires from you is Honesty, Trust, Servitude and above all else Absolute Loyalty.


The reason they are not on the website is because of fakes and flakes. So how it will go will be I will talk with you for a little bit here and get to know you, Then we will talk over the phone so I know your real. Once Your ready I'll have you talk with my Mistress over the phone. She will decide if you are good enough for Sir. If its a yes then you will meet both of them at a public location mostly likely a restaurant to get to know each other and see if yall fit. (Thats how my interview process with them went).

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