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Intelligent, Artistic, Sensual Female Pansexual Switch My,my... I never seem to know what
Female Switch, 21,  Washington DC , Washington D.C. US

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 Female Switch

 Washington DC  

 Washington D.C.

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Intelligent, Artistic, Sensual
Female Pansexual Switch

My,my... I never seem to know what to put for these things... Well let's start with the basics shall we..?

I'm a female, pansexual, and I identify as a switch... I am twenty-one years old and currently make my living as an artist and costume maker... But I'm certain you all want to hear the more interesting stuff...

I've been in the lifestyle for a bit over four years... In that time I've played every role from domme to sub and the gray areas in between... I'm versatile, due in large part to my unique take on my part in the community... You see for me it is not the position or title that matters... My interest is pleasure and that comes in many forms... I specialize in determining just what form my partner /needs/... For some it is a firm hand, offering structure and guidance... For other's a partner willing to bend or be bent to the others needs... For some it is as simple as a pet, someone to trust them, to really in them, to need them... It's something different for everyone, yet I have never failed to find out just what that something is...

My nature is sensuality and my objective satisfaction... Pleasure given is pleasure recieved... For me there is no greatest reward then seeing how my actions, my skills, can bring another satisfaction... I know it may seem odd, but I assure you it's worth it...

== Results from ==
97% Switch
96% Mistress
94% Dominant
92% Sadist
87% Experimentalist
80% Pet
79% Non-monogamist
78% Exhibitionist
74% Primal (Prey)
70% Brat
70% Masochist
70% Rope Bunny
69% Primal (Hunter)
68% Owner
63% Rope Bunny
62% Submissive
52% Slave
52% Voyeur
50% Degrader
49% Brat tamer
34% Girl/Boy
31% Degradee
23% Daddy/Mommy
14% Vanilla
12% Ageplayer

Journal Entries:
6/12/2017 8:04:01 PM
Every time I leave something keeps pulling me back... 😸💜 It seems I'm back in the FinDomme business again... How delightful... I almost forgot how much fun it was...

6/6/2017 7:53:42 PM
Man the way my inbox gets blown up I should just provide my services over the web for tributes... I mean why not... After all I don't have to touch you to make you feel... 😘

4/12/2017 7:02:33 AM
Recently helped an old friend with some training for his new maid... It's been so long I'd almost forgotten how fun it is...

2/12/2017 8:22:41 AM
I'm afraid I'm not feeling well. Running quite the temperature and feeling very lethargic so for now I'll be resting. Replies will be slow.

2/9/2017 10:47:47 PM
Lately I've found myself leaning towards a more maidly aesthetic. I've always had a fondness for certain domestic tasks like cooking and of course sewing. I even enjoy cleaning though that is more a hard wired stress relief. Perhaps it's nostalgia for me feline maid days back when I was no more then a year into the lifestyle. I wonder... If I could remember how my uniform looked maybe I'll make a new one.

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